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Marvel Universe 

Hulk (Ultimate Leonard Williams)

Hulk (Ultimate Leonard Williams)


Ultimate Universe

Real Name
Leonard Williams

Tyrone Cash

No dual identity (Williams); Known to a select few (Cash); Secret (Hulk)


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Ultimate Avengers 2 #1 (2010)

Ultimate Avengers 2 #2 (2010)

Professor Leonard Williams was working on a version of the Super-Soldier Serum when Bruce Banner joined his team. Like Banner, Williams hated his body, and like Banner, Williams had his own agenda for wanting to perfect the process. Once the serum was completed, Williams took it and went from Banner’s mentor to his predecessor as the Hulk. He killed several people and escaped from the university, and has been on the run ever since. He abandoned his old life, allowing everyone to believe he was dead, using his incredible intellect to evade capture for sixteen years.

He adopted the name Tyrone Cash and became a ruthless gangster, murdering and pillaging throughout Africa and Asia. He was living in South America when Nick Fury found him. He sent War Machine to collect Cash, but he would not go without a fight. Even with extra firepower War Machine couldn't take Cash by force, so he had to blackmail the man into settling down. He told Cash that he wasn't there to arrest him as long as he stayed away from American soil, but his family would find out he was still alive if he didn't join Fury's Ultimates.

Their target was the Ghost Rider with a bounty on his head. Cash was part of the investigating team, and his amoral behavior made him perfect for the job. When the Ultimates finally engaged the Ghost Rider there were two, and they hit the wrong one first. The real Ghost Rider's intended target, Bobby Blackthorne, sold his soul for the power to fight his would-be killer and was transformed into another Ghost Rider. The Ultimates mistook him for who they were brought in to assassinate and attacked. Cash fought Blackthorne hand-to-hand, but it would take more than physical strength to beat this supernatural motorcyclist. Cash's second attempt was no better than the first as he commandeered Ghost Rider's motorcycle, snatched Blackthorne off his feet, and drove into the pumps at a gas station. The resulting explosion only served to render Cash unconscious.

After the mission was over, it can be assumed Cash was returned to South America as promised.

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