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Technology Level
Humans have achieved industrialization but have not achieved space flight in any large scale. Much of their technology causes pollution and its effects on the environment of their planet is a cause of concern to many members of the species.

Varies. Humans have not established a single government for their planet.

Physical Description
Adult humans typically range from between 4 to 7 feet tall. They are bilaterally symmetric, with two legs and arms terminating with feet and hands respectively. Humans' hands have four independently moving fingers each, which, combined with their opposable thumbs, have given them a significant evolutionary advantage over other animals on Earth. Their feet however lack the ability to lift and manipulate objects with any facility. Humans have large heads (compared to the heads of other species on their planet) and have two forward facing eyes, giving them precise stereoscopic vision. Humans typically are covered in short, almost transparent, hair over most of their bodies but exhibit thicker tufts of hair on top of their heads. (Human hair is a particular fixation with the species. Their hair tends to turn from colored to gray and human males often slowly lose the hair on their head as they age. To the amusement of much of the rest of the universe, much effort and consternation is spent grooming, shaping, and maintaining this hair.)

Humans are the dominant species (and are believed to be the only significant sentient species) on the planet Earth. While technologically backward compared to many of the other sentient species in the Universe, they are prominent nonetheless because of the disproportionately large number of super-powered beings their planet has produced.


Evolution and Early History

Humans first appeared on the planet Earth around 200,000 years ago and are believed to have evolved from ape-like creatures on the continent of Africa (although humans themselves have a number of different stories of their own creation and descent). Mainstream human civilization arose around 10,000 years ago in the fertile crescent area of the Middle East. However, humans have become industrialized only in the past few centuries, and have not yet achieved space flight on a large scale.

Appearance of Super-Powered Beings

In the last few decades, a seeming explosion in the population of humans with various super powers has occurred. Through a variety of means, including accident, design, and mutation, the super-powered population of humanity has exploded and is now estimated to be in the the thousands. Many of these beings, despite the relative obscurity of their home planet, have been highly influential in the larger affairs of the universe.


Unlike many of the other societies in the galaxy, humans do not have a central planetary government. The Earth is divided into over one-hundred arbitrary political units called "countries" which generally share a language, history, culture, and in some cases, ethnic identity. These countries have widely divergent forms of government. There is a central body called the United Nations created to help mediate disputes between countries, but its effectiveness is sometimes debated.


Humans exhibit a variety of cultural expressions and mores, although care of young, cooperation with ones own group, and helping others tends to be a common thread throughout all of them. Given their rather violent history, however, it is somewhat debatable how well they execute on their often high ideals. A central challenge for humans going forward will be their ability to get along with other cultures and live up to their potential as a species.

Human Subspecies

There are several offshoot sub-species of humanity:

  • Eternals and Deviants - These two subspecies arose as a result of genetic tampering by the Celestials
  • Inhumans - Arose from genetic tampering of humans by the Kree. Currently all Inhumans live in Attilan in the Blue Area of the Moon.
  • Atlanteans (Homo Mermanis) - The residents of Atlantis, this evolutionary offshoot breathes water instead of air.
  • Mutants (Homo Superior) - Mutants are a subspecies of human that carry the X-gene. They arose on earth only only recently, in the past few decades.