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Marvel Universe 




Real Name
Jonathon Reed Richards




Place of Birth

First Appearance
Fantastic Four #406 (1995)

In an alternate future when mutant-hunting Sentinels devastated the world and interned many of the world's mutants and superhumans, Franklin Richards, a powerful mutant and son of Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman of the hero team Fantastic Four, had married Rachel Summers, a powerful mutant in her own right and daughter of Cyclops and Phoenix of the X-Men. The product of their union was the phenomenally powerful mutant Jonathan Reed Richards, who ultimately grew up to use his great power to take over the post-apocalyptic world he lived in, calling himself Hyperstorm. Eventually, he went on to conquer all the inhabited worlds of the explored space of his world, becoming a feared despot and heartless monster.

Having been told of the exploits of his ancestors in the Fantastic Four, Hyperstorm developed an elaborate plot to toy with them, without their knowledge of him. Learning of Hyperstorm's evil, Mister Fantastic's time-travelling father, Nathaniel Richards, tried to prevent Hyperstorm's coming into being by taking Franklin Richards into the future and raising him to become the teenage warrior Psi-Lord. Nathaniel hoped to help the team in various ways, such as showing the Invisible Woman new ways to access her power.

Nevertheless, Hyperstorm knew of Nathaniel's plan and allowed it to continue. Hyperstorm even rescued the villainous Tomorrow Man from being lost in the time-stream and set him to attack the Four, which would eventually lead to the team's alliance with their former enemy Kristoff von Doom. In his most ambitious move, Hyperstorm snatched Mister Fantastic and his archenemy, Doctor Doom, from the moment of their deaths after a battle with an unknown alien entity, imprisoning Doom and exiling Mister Fantastic to a time period without technology. Thinking that Mister Fantastic had died, the team was demoralized and Mister Fantastic's confidence was almost completely shattered.

Ultimately, the Fantastic Four were able to trace the Tomorrow Man to Hyperstorm's alternate future, confronting the villains directly. The Four were defeated and exiled, although this allowed them to rescue Mister Fantastic and return to confront Hyperstorm again. Doctor Doom had soon managed to free himself and tried to siphon Hyperstorm's power for himself. Instead, Doom was returned to his proper time period, and Hyperstorm revealed that he allowed all of this to transpire according to his own wishes, to the chagrin of a power-mad man such as Doom. Hyperstorm similarly sent the Four back to their time period, confident that they knew his power and would fear him.

Determined to defeat Hyperstorm, the Four set out to rescue Galactus, who was believed to have been nullified at the time, but was actually self-exiled to a dimensional void. Although Hyperstorm arrived to try to stop the ploy, Mister Fantastic was ultimately successful in reviving Galactus, who, hungry from his "resurrection," turned on Hyperstorm as a source of power to consume. The two battled, until Galactus was drawn back into the dimensional void again, taking Hyperstorm with him.














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