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Marvel Universe 

Immortal Weapons


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
The Immortal Iron Fist #13 (2008)

The Immortal Weapons were brought together during the tournament at the Heart of Heaven. Each member represents a different Capital City of Heaven, and each champion fights for their city's right to appear on the Earth once every decade instead of once every five. The oldest and most feared Immortal Weapon is the Prince of Orphans, and it was he who assembled the warriors together to face a common threat. The forces of Hydra, under the leadership of a man called Mr. Xao, were going to destroy the city of K'un-Lun. However, the destruction of that city would have led to the destruction of all the cities that made up the Heart of Heaven. Fearing for the safety of their cities, the other Immortal Weapons joined the Prince's cause. Fat Cobra, Dog Brother #1, Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter, and the Bride of Nine Spiders fought together to ensure Hydra's downfall. Only Davos refused the Prince of Orphans' offer to be a part of their revolution but came to his senses once he realized the error of his ways. The Immortal Weapons, along with Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, Lei Kung and his Army of Thunder, defeated the corrupt Yu-Ti, Mr. Xao and Hydra, guarantying their cities safety. After the smoke cleared, the Immortal Weapons decided to stay together on Earth to investigate Xao's claims of an Eight Capital City of Heaven.

The Immortal Weapons found the Eighth Capital City of Heaven when they discovered a map in an apartment once inhabited by the now deceased assassin, Zhou Cheng, leading to it. Accompanying Danny to the gateway, each of them focused their chi to open the portal, but once inside, they were captured by the monstrous citizens that inhabited the hellish place. Kept separated and tortured, the Immortal Weapons thought they would become permanently trapped until Iron Fist discovered a way to communicate and form a plot to escape. During a battle between Iron Fist and his predecessor, Quan Yaozu - the first Iron Fist and ruler of The Eighth City - Tiger’s Beautiful Daughter put their plan into action. She was the first to break her bonds, and then she released the others in turn. Fat Cobra saved Danny from being killed at the hands of Quan Yaozu, but Danny stopped Cobra from killing their tormentor. The Weapons returned to the doorway, prisoners in tow, reopened the portal and returned to Earth.

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