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Marvel Universe 

Intelligencia's master stroke

Banner was rescued by A-Bomb, and the two of them fled to the place where Rick used to cage Hulk for the night when Banner was first affected by the gamma bomb that changed his life forever. While in hiding, Norman Osborn got word of Banner's predicament and sent Ares to find out if the claims were true. Between A-Bomb's strength and Banner's brain, Ares was defeated.

Bruce and Rick went their separate ways, leaving Bruce to start a new life without the burden of being the Hulk. His first stop: New York to trick Reed Richards and retrieve the Hulk's personal belongings when he was the Green Scar. Next on his agenda was to give those items to Skaar, his son, and begin his training should the Hulk return. Banner decided Skaar needed to learn all the things his savage childhood denied him. Aspects like teamwork, developing friendships, resisting temptation and so forth. To this end, Banner pit his son against several dangerous individuals: Juggernaut, Daken, Tyrannus and an impromptu battle against the new Harpy - Marlo Chandler.

Despite being rid of his monstrous alter-ego, Banner was still considered a dangerous man because of his superior intellect, and it was quite apparent how uncomfortable he made the attendees of General Ross' memorial service when he showed his face to deliver a farewell speech. Still, Banner was allowed to say his peace and leave without incident, but a secret meeting with his new ally, the Red Hulk, gave the appearance Banner may have been behind the general's death all along.

Banner was holding his cards close to the chest, without even his closest allies knowing his plan in its entirety, but when the Red Hulk came to him with news of a group called the Intelligencia, Banner had no choice but to act. Banner seemed to know his enemies' moves before they made them, including an attack on the Avengers by a Red She-Hulk and supposedly manipulating his daughter, Lyra, into joining them. He also knew better than to completely trust Red Hulk who was only now siding with him since the Intelligencia betrayed him.

The one crucial thing Banner did know about this group of evil geniuses was that they were holding his one true love, Betty, and he would do anything to save her. He assembled a team to infiltrate their main base, the Hellcarrier, as Amadeus Cho attempted to liberate Betty. Just as Banner was about to free several kidnapped heroes, all possessing superior intellects, he was captured by the Intelligencia who appeared to be predicting his movements as well.