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Marvel Universe 

Iron Fist (Li Park)


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Li Park



Citizen of K'un-Lun

Place of Birth
Presumably K'un-Lun

First Appearance
The Immortal Iron Fist #24 (2009)

The Immortal Iron Fist #24 (2009)

Li Park attended the School of Thunder under the tutelage of Lei Kung, the Thunderer just to keep an eye on his younger brother. Park was a pacifist by nature and spent his time using his vivid imagination to envision the world around him much different than it actually was, but his father wanted his sons to be warriors – not daydreamers. Li could simply not focus on his training which was something the Thunderer had constantly reminded him to do. Lei Kung's reminders would soon become etched in Park’s mind as fate had more in store for him than he wanted.

A horrible plague swept through the city of K'un-Lun and killed hundreds but affected thousands more. It was near the time when the mystical city merged with Earth, and K'un-Lun needed a champion. The Thunderer didn't have many students left to choose from to face Shou-Lao, the Undying in order to acquire the power and title of Iron Fist. Park, despite his opposition to the offer, was to be the one to face the dragon. Many, including Park, thought he would die that day, but in a brilliant stroke of genius, Park distracted Shou-Lao long enough to turn the tide of battle and gain a victory over the ancient beast. Li Park had become the Iron Fist, and it was his time to venture out into the world.

Li was thrown into the middle of a war where a Chinese general wanted to overthrow the dynasty of that time. His goal was to save a dying village, but his mistake was to think he could perform his task without resorting to violence. He met the soldiers head on and used the chi of Shou-Lao to cast an illusion big enough so all the soldiers thought they were getting their hearts desires and would stop fighting. The fantasy lasted only so long because soon the soldiers were fighting amongst themselves because they wanted what each other possessed. Once the chaos ensued, Park could no longer maintain the illusion, and what happened next sickened him. Half of the villagers were able to escape the village, but the other half was slaughtered. It was then Li Park faced the realization that sometimes the only way to solve a problem was through action.

Li chased after the escaping villagers and saved as many as he could from the pursuing army. Park then took all he could on a long journey, promising them a golden land where they would finally find peace. He promised to protect and fight for each and every one of them until they reached their destination, and he kept his word. Park finally delivered the villagers to the city of K'un-Lun, and in doing so he not only saved them from a horrific end, but he repopulated his home after the deadly epidemic devastated its population.

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