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Marvel Universe 

Iron Fist (Quan Yaozu)


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Quan Yaozu



Presumably K'un-Lun

Place of Birth
Presumably K'un-Lun

First Appearance
Immortal Iron Fist #22, 2009 (as Changming); Immortal Iron Fist #25, 2009 (as Quan Yaozu)

Immortal Iron Fist #25-26 (2009)

When The Eighth City was discovered, it was entirely by accident, but it was considered to be a new source of hope by the elders of the fabled city of K'un-Lun. This empty, brutal realm could serve as a prison for the many demons and monsters that had been a plague to the ancient civilization. The other Seven Capital Cities of Heaven also considered these creatures a threat, and gave aid in the form of their immortal weapons. A massive battle was fought, led by the first Iron Fist, Quan Yaozu, and the monsters were finally trapped behind a dimensional gate which could only be opened when all the immortal weapons focused their chi together. However, some of the demons were able to keep the doorway opened from the other side, and therefore, impossible to seal. Quan Yaozu took it upon himself to travel to the other side and close the doorway.

Quan Yaozu was eventually overwhelmed by the denizens of the Eighth City and subjected to cruel and unrelenting tortures. Still, he was content to suffer, so the innocents of K'un-Lun did not. The ruler of the Eighth City, Changming, attempted to break Quan's spirit on a daily basis by attacking his mind with false reports of a mourning mother and the telling of how the leaders of K'un-Lun abandoned their champion and have taken credit for his actions. Quan would not break until one fateful day when Quan beheld a sight he didn’t fully understand. A young girl he knew from K'un-Lun was bound in chains along with the other filth, but Quan didn't think this was possible. After all, he had sealed the gateway shut, and even if he hadn't, the Eighth City was only meant for those who were cruel and perverse. It was then he discovered his beloved city of K'un-Lun could be as corrupt as any other.

Soon after his revelation, Quan felt he needed to once again free K'un-Lun of the tyranny which had taken hold of his city. He began secretly training the prisoners how to fight, but they would have to overthrow their captors first. Quan surprised Changming and defeated him, assuming his role as ruler of the Eighth City. Quan had hoped one day the other Seven Cities would send their champions against him, and that would be the day he would enact his revenge.

The moment Quan had hoped for finally arrived after the tournament at the Heart of Heaven. A man called Xao attempted to destroy the legendary Seven Capital Cities of Heaven, then boasted of an eighth before falling to his death. Each champion, from every city, decided to stay on Earth and help the new Iron Fist find the Eighth City. Together these Immortal Weapons faced the servant of the dreaded Ch'i-Lin, Zhou Cheng, and found a map leading to the Eighth Capital City of Heaven. Together they made the treacherous journey and opened the portal once more. However, once inside, they were immediately captured and tortured for what seemed like an eternity, and their hopes of escape were diminished.

However, Quan had every intention of letting the Immortal Weapons getaway. He needed them to break out, so he could follow them with his secret army and exit through the portal in order to wage war on K'un-Lun. Quan forced Danny to lead them to the surface, but once they passed through to the other side, Davos was there to greet them with his mission of murder. Lei Kung, the Thunderer had sent his son to assassinate Quan Yaozu in the event he was still alive, fearing the ramifications his return to K'un-Lun would bring. Danny, reminding all present of his mission to liberate the innocents of the Eighth City, wouldn’t permit such an action and opposed Davos. Danny's selfless actions led Quan to believe K'un-Lun wasn't as far gone as he believed it to be, and he agreed to travel to his former home to negotiate instead of fight. Quan Yaozu and Lei Kung would have much to discuss, and where their talks lead them has yet to be revealed.

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