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Marvel Universe


The Sword in the Star

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #140 (1971)

The planet of K’ai is an ancient world, once populated by highly advanced civilization. A cataclysmic event sank most of the planet’s landmass, nearly decimating the population. Those that survived learned the art of magic, relying on sorcery instead of technology.

K’ai was the homeworld of the warrior-empress Jarella. On several occasions she encountered the Hulk, who became revered as a legendary hero on K’ai for protecting them from the villainous Psyklop and Jarella’s jealous cousin, Visis. Jarella’s sorcerers allowed Banner’s mind to dominate the Hulk’s brain, and she offered the Hulk her hand in marriage.

Although, the Hulk defended K’ai, he also was indirectly the cause of havoc, as his transportation back to Earth caused massive geological upheavals and destruction. While accompanying the Hulk on Earth, Jarella was killed saving a young boy’s life. The Hulk returned to K’ai to bury Jarella and he took the powerful Soul Gem from the Gardener, an Elder of the Universe, to restore life to the devastated planet.

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