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Marvel Universe 

Kane, Garrison

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Marvel Universe

Real Name
Garrison "Gar" Kane

Weapon X

Known to Canadian & U.S. governments


Place of Birth

First Appearance
X-Force #2 (1991)

Cable: Blood & Metal #1-2 (1992); Deadpool #2 (1993)

Kane started out as part of Cable's mercenary team Six Pack, until one mission when Stryfe attacked the team and held Kane hostage in order to retrieve a disk that Cable had. Cable refused to give Stryfe the disk and battle ended with an explosion that destroyed Kanes arms and legs.

Cable then sent Kane back to the past where he had his missing limbs replaced with cybernetic parts by the original Weapon X program. For a while Kane blamed Cable for his pain. This blame was later redirected at Stryfe. After months of rehabilitation and work Cable reappeared to Kane and took him into the future again and joined Cable's fight against Apocalypse.

Kane eventually returned to the present where he retired and decided to settle down with his girlfriend Vanessa. However Kane was later employed by A.I.M. who at the time had captured Guardian of Alpha Flight. Wolverine, seeking his former teammate severly beat Kane and other A.I.M. lackeys before finally freeing his friend.

Kane then wandered America searching for ways to become stronger, faster, and better. The Director of the new Weapon X program learned of Kanes search and offered to make him more powerful than he ever dreamed. Kane agreed to the Directors proposal and underwent further bionic augmentation. To make sure that he was loyal the Director made Kane's first mission to kill his ex-girlfriend Copycat who had also joined the program and had her powers augmented. Kane agreed to perform the task and as he was about to kill Copycat, Deadpool managed to save her and planted a bomb on Kane. When the bomb detonated Kane was blown into tiny pieces. However Weapon X managed to reconfigure and reconstruct Kane perfectly.

Then Kane along with Weapon X members, Mesmero, Marrow, Sauron, Wild Child, Washout, Aurora, and Sabretooth went on several missions for the Director. Later When Cable's underground movement attacked Weapon X, Cable used his telepathic abilities on Kane to knock him out. When Kane awoke he saw the error of his ways and sacrificed his life to draw all of Madison Jeffries technology into himself, allowing the underground to further attack Weapon X.

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