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Marvel Universe 

Kane, Joshua


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Joshua Kane


Publicly known


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Werewolf By Night #4 (1972)

Werewolf By Night #4 (1972)

Joshua Kane enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and was always looking for the next big game. For over twenty years he hunted lions, elephants, gorillas, rhino and even men. He eventually lost the thrill and excitement because it was no longer dangerous for him. In order to get that thrill back, he decided to hunt a werewolf.

Kane was able to locate Jack Russell and tracked both him and his sister Lissa Russell. Kane took Lissa as hostage in order to get Jack to cooperate. At the time the moon was going down and during his transformation from a werewolf back to human form, it had left Jack unconscious. Kane was easily able to take the two of them captive at this point.

As Jack awoke, Kane told him of how he had lost the thrill of a hunt and in order to get it back, he would be hunting Jack in his werewolf form. If Jack didn’t cooperate, then his sister would die. Jack reluctantly agreed to Kane’s terms. Kane then took Jack to an old movie lot and released him. Kane gave Jack a ten minute head start before he would begin the hunt. Jack changed into a werewolf once the full moon had risen and then the hunt began. Kane tracked Jack down and fought with him throughout the night until Jack escaped one final time. Kane became so filled with rage that he had not noticed that the moon went down. By this time Jack had transformed back to his human form. Kane followed Jack into a room and as soon as he heard a noise behind him, he began firing his gun. The monstrous form would not stop and Kane collapsed from a heart attack caused by fear as a stuffed bear fell on top of him.

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