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Marvel Universe 

Killer Clowns


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Mayhem Mekaniks, Spacewheel

First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #271 (1982)

Current Members:

Rocket Raccoon has pledged his life to defend the denizens of Halfworld against any and all who would do them harm. Judson Jakes, a greedy mole looking to exploit the people Rocket was determined to protect, tried to eliminate his archenemy at every turn. His chosen servants of destruction were the awesome androids called Killer Clowns – of different shapes and sizes galore. Jakes even had Uncle Pyko create a specialized group of Killer Clowns, dubbing them the Psycho Circus.

Enlarge Image
Judson Jakes and the Psycho Circus
This virtually endless army was outfitted with everything from rocket skates, to laser blasters, bombs and beyond. The relative intelligence level of the Clowns was average at best, but they were extremely efficient killing machines. The only real threats to them was Rocket Raccoon, his pal Wal Rus, and on one occasion, the incredible Hulk. Devoted to their last spark, the Killer Clowns gave their all and exterminated their targets with disturbing glee, but after the dread Toy War between their master and Lord Dyvyne, the futures of the Killer Clowns looked bleak. With their master defeated, and creator reformed, the cosmos may never see another Killer Clown again. However, some could have escaped to roam the universe with thoughts of murder still on their minds.

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