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Marvel Universe 

Knights of the Moon


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Unrevealed; formerly secret laboratory, a private brownstone

First Appearance
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #25 (1992)

Current Members:
Hashim, several unidentified members

Also known as the Cult of Khonshu, the Knights of the Moon are a fanatical Middle-Eastern organization dedicated to serve the Egyptian god of vengeance. First under the leadership of Plasma, who claimed she was the rightful heir to the Living Pharaoh and wished to position herself as the world's foremost terrorist leader by uniting all the cults of the Middle-East, and then under the equally deranged Nepthys, who sought to replace Khonshu's avatar, Moon Knight, with his psychotic brother, Shadowknight. However, on both occasions where the Knights of the Moon crossed paths with Moon Knight, they were defeated by him and his allies, Ghost Rider and the Punisher.

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