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Marvel Universe

The edge of the universe



Points of Interest
Other than the main hall and the marketplace, a major point of interest is the Continuum Cortex. It is built into the brain stem of the Celestial, and it can lead to anywhere in the universe as well as to any time. It is from the Continuum Cortex that those in Knowhere travel.

Knowhere is located inside the decapitated head of an unidentified Celestial. One important quality of Knowhere, and and of all Celestials, is that it is linked to all others of its race through Quantum Telepathy which means all Celestials are connected no matter where or when they exist.

First Appearance
Nova #8 (2008)

It is unknown who or what can decapitate a being as powerful as a Celestial, but its severed head serves as a home to many that have stumbled upon it. No one knows exactly how Knowhere came to be, but it is the last known place in all creation. It drifts closer to the edge of the universe until one day it will cease to exist, but before that happens, all different species from all different points in space and time come to Knowhere to study and observe the end of the universe from the closest accessible structure.

It was a generally peaceful environment until the Luminals came to Knowhere with an ominous looking box shaped like a coffin. Inside the box was the Luminals greatest enemy, Abyss, and the Luminals hoped to cast him out to the end of the universe where he would be destroyed forever. However, Abyss was determined to escape, and a sudden attack killed some of the inhabitants of Knowhere mutating them into zombies. Knowhere's Chief of Security, Cosmo, got the rest of the population to safety, but it wasn’t until the arrival of Nova that Cosmo had a chance of truly saving them. Together the two of them battled the forces Abyss set against them, and once Nova defeated the monster, all the zombies turned to dust and the residents could be returned to some semblance of normalcy. After Cosmo used the Continuum Cortex to send Nova to the homeworld of the Phalanx, a Phalanx converted Gamora and Drax needlessly slaughtered some of Knowhere's innocents in order to follow Nova through the Cortex.

Knowhere now serves as the base of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Since the Guardians have taken it as their home, Knowhere has been under attack by the Skrull, Shi'ar and Kree races. In the midst of the latest attack by the Imperial Guard and Inhumans, a being calling herself Starhawk abducted Star-Lord, Jack Flag, Mantis, Bug and Cosmo to her future. In that future, the Guardians saw the destruction of the universe caused by the War of Kings. The only individuals left alive was a conglomeration of heroes calling themselves the Guardians of the Galaxy, and the foul warrior race known as the Badoon. Upon discovering it was none other than Black Bolt himself who was the cause of all this destruction, the Guardians attempted to send a message back to their present using another Celestial to talk to Knowhere. The Badoon had somehow enslaved the remaining Celestials and used them as a cage around the sun in order to prevent the last vestige of the universe from dying. Infiltrating the Celestial Engine - as it was called, Cosmo spoke to one of the Celestials who, in turn, relayed the message to Knowhere. The message came too late, for Black Bolt had detonated his weapon of mass destruction and created The Fault that would one day destroy all life.

The creation of The Fault led to an uneasy alliance between the Guardians and the Luminals, but a grave mistake by Cynosure, new leader of the Luminals, resulted in one of her own being killed, and a deadly creature running amok on Knowhere. Moondragon allowed the alien from inside The Fault to inhabit her body to prevent any more loss of life, but the Universal Church of Truth wanted the beast for its own evil purposes. Moondragon and Cynosure were kidnapped, and it was up to Star-Lord and the Guardians of the Galaxy to get them back. In an ingenious maneuver, Rocket Raccoon figured out how to pilot the massive head, bringing it to where the Universal Church of Truth had run to, and the Guardians and Luminals were able to rescue the women and defeat their abductors. After the battle, Knowhere was returned to its original location.

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