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Marvel Universe 

Kraven's Last Hunt


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Spider-Man, Kraven, Vermin

Sergei Kravinoff, a.k.a., Kraven the Hunter, knew his death was drawing near. His powers were beginning to drift away and he desperately wanted to complete the greatest hunt of his life, by killing Spider-Man (Peter Parker). He needed to prove that he was superior to the wall-crawler, so he began using dangerous techniques and jungle herbs to prepare himself for the battle. One night, as Peter returned from his honeymoon, Kraven ambushed him. Spider-Man was confused by Kraven's use of a rifle, something that was very out of character for the hunter. As Spider-Man struggled with one of Sergei's traps, Kraven shot and apparently killed him.

Kraven buried Spider-Man's body on the grounds of his own estate. The next step was for Sergei to become his enemy. Kraven dressed himself in a Spider-Man costume, and began patrolling the city. Although he did save lives,(including Mary Jane Watson's) he actually killed some criminals. Kraven bested Spider-Man's talents by capturing the villain Vermin, whom Spider-Man was unable to defeat on his own.

Two weeks after his defeat, Spider-Man awoke inside his coffin. He had only been shot with a tranquilizer, and was buried alive. An enraged Spider-Man broke free and began to hunt down Kraven. Upon discovering Kraven's location Spider-Man started attacking him. Kraven felt no need to fight back. It was over, and the Hunter had won. He challenged Spider-Man to have a turn with the Vermin, but he refused, and the villain attacked him. Kraven helped Spider-Man, and later ended his own life.

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