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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Real Name

Grand Inquisitor, Brother Kray-Tor

The general inhabitants of the Earth are unaware of Kray-tor's existence.

Judan; currently Soulworld

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Strange Tales #180 (1975)


The early exploits of the Judan being known as Judge Kray-Tor are surrounded in mystery. He first appeared in the courtroom of the Universal Church of Truth, after the golden warrior Adam Warlock was dropped through a trap-door by the Matriarch. Kray-Tor presided over the trial of the heretic Warlock for his blasphemous actions against the Church. Warlock had a mouth-less lawyer and a jury selected solely by the Church. This hypocritical, atrocity of justice infuriated Warlock and he began brutally beating the courts attendees, leaving no one stand but the honorable Judge Kray-Tor.

Kray-Tor used his strange power to blast the floor beneath the feat of h golden warrior causing him to submerge into the floor. At that time Judge pronounced his verdict of the death sentence. The large Judge began to glow with a strange power that struck fear into Warlock. Sensing that his life could be extinguished by this being, Warlock absorbed the soul of the Judge into the Soul Gem. This caused a backlash of memories to attack the mind of Warlock that revealed the Judge was not acting out of any evil religious belief but a strong moral conviction that he was doing the right thing. Later when Warlock himself journeyed into the pocket dimension of the Soul Gem, Kray-Tor and Captain Autolycus were among of the group of inhabitants that welcomed him to this peaceful place.

During the event known as the Infinity War the Silver Surfer and Drax the Destroyer traveled to Soulworld seeking the help of Adam Warlock against the universal menace known as Thanos of Titan. Warlock showed very little interest in their plight, which infuriated Drax who began slugging the golden warrior. Kray-Tor and the other inhabitants of Soulworld managed to calm Drax down. During the defeat of Thanos, the Magus which was a fraction of Warlock's own soul was exiled into Soulworld, but since he was only a fragment of a soul none of the other inhabitants even notice his presence, both Kray-Tor and Captain Autolycus walked through his ghost-like soul fragment.

While battling the soulless Count Abyss from the dimension of Egolix-7, Warlock used the righteous soul of Judge Kray-Tor to torment the evil Count Abyss. The taint of a righteous soul caused Abyss to be unidentifiable by his master the Zalkor, which allowed Darklore and Warlock to banish the evil tyrant to an unknown dimension.

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