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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Deadpool Corps #7 (2010)

Home World
Kagan 7 located in an unnamed sector of the galaxy.

Technology Level
The Krook are known for the mining of their planet's natural resource of platinum.

They are governed by a dictatorship under the rule of one king

Physical Description
The Krook have the normal humanoid appearance of the humans of Earth, with the exception of their bluish skin pigmentation.

The Krook are the indigenous inhabitants of the resource-rich planet Kagan 7. For untold years the Krook served the Omega Confederation of Planets obediently by working the platinum mines of Kagan 7, and in exchange they received clothing, food and education that began to modernize of these primitive warriors. The Krook King took offense to the transgressions of the Omega Confederation towards his people and began to rebel against his oppressors. Princess Teela supported her father's ideas of rebellion against the Confederation, but she supported the modernization of their people. This made it easy for her to side with Deadpool, who initiated a plan that propelled the Krook into the galaxy's spotlight. Deadpool and Kidpool hired the intergalactic arms dealer, Broken Blade, to upgrade the Krook's weapons and train their army.

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