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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Hulk #29 (2011)

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Physical Description
The Kryihd are an arachnid-like species with six legs and two arms and have a humanoid head with two eyes and hair but without a nose or visible mouth.

One of two ancient civilizations almost as old as the Watchers, the Kryihd fell to their enemies, the Dargallans. To eliminate their foes they decided to approve a weapon once thought inconceivable and sacrificed one of their planets to create a red hole that absorbed only life force. After enough energy was pulled in, a creature called the Omegex was ejected, and its purpose was to destroy the Dargallans and their progeny. The Omegex was designed to return to the Red Hole upon completion of its mission to be destroyed, but the Dargallans altered the hole, ensuring the Omegex would one day return and wipe out its Kryihd creators.

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