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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Power Pack #1 (1984)

Home World
Formerly Kymellia

Technology Level
The Kymellians are technology advanced race that sought to improve their lives through scientific accomplishments. It was their testing of the Matter/Anti-Matter conversion that destroyed their home-world.


Physical Description
Kymellians possess humanoid bodies bearing horse-like heads.

The Kymellians have existed among the stars for eons, they were humanoid beings possessing the heads of horses. They were very scientifically advanced, creating technological marvels such as the Smartship Friday and Matter/Anti-Matter convectors. It was during the testing of these converters that they destroyed their planet, although, by this time they had become a space-faring race, allowing their race to survive this catastrophe. Their greatest adversary in the galaxy is the reptilian like Snarks.

Contributors: Ohitsme

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