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Marvel Universe 

Lamprey (Earth-712)

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Real Name
Donald McGuiggan


Publicly known to the people of Earth-712

United States of America

Place of Birth

First Appearance
Squadron Supreme #5


Originally an adversary of Hyperion, Lamprey became part of the Institute of Evil that was formed by the Scarlet Centurion. The Lamprey and the rest of the Institute kidnapped the Golden Archer and used him to get information about the Squadron Supreme. Using the Archer's information Ape-X sent the Institute members to kidnap various family members of the Squadron with Lamprey himself kidnapping the children and husband of Arcanna. Successful in their individual missions the Institute then attacked the Squadron headquarters ambushing and behavior modifying Tom Thumb while the rest of the team were out on various missions. The Institute ambushed and behavior modified the Squadron members as they returned. Lamprey himself was responsible for attacking and defeating Hyperion. Only the Whizzer was able to escape, but he to was eventually captured. After the Institute returned to their base the Squadron eventually revealed that they could not be behavior modified and were pretending in order to learn the location of the kidnap victims, and quickly defeated the Institute members.

After they were defeated, the Institute members were all behavior modified to be well-behaved citizens and follow the commands of all Squadron members. After the behavior modification Lamprey and all of the Institute members were inducted into the Squadron Supreme. Lamprey was completely rehabilitated and was a fully functioning Squadron member helping them build Squadron City and even going so far as to play tennis with the Whizzer. Lamprey was present during the battle between the Squadron's Hyperion and the Earth-616 Hyperion, and verified the identity of the Earth-712 Hyperion. Later Lamprey was conscripted by Tom Thumb to travel with him into the future and steal a sample of the Scarlet Centurion's Panacea Potion and destroyed all other samples in the process. Lamprey was also present when Quagmire was thought to have died.

Later Lamprey was tricked by Haywire (a new Squadron recruit) into following him, and was ambushed and his behavior modification was reversed. After his behavior modification was reversed by Master Menace, Lamprey agreed to help Nighthawk and informally joined his Redeemers. Lamprey rejoined the Squadron members, acting as a sleeper agent until Nighthawk finally revealed himself. Showing his allegiance to the Redeemers, he joined them in their attack on the Squadron and drained the energy from the Blue Eagle's wings, which led to the Eagle's death. Lamprey was finally defeated when he attempted to drain all of Doctor Spectrum's energy and was overloaded causing Lamprey to explode into pieces.

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