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Marvel Universe 

Larval Earth


Larval Earth (Earth-8311)


Big Bang


Arfgard, "Secret Furs" World, Shang Goo-La, St. Croix Trapezoid, Daily Beagle

First Appearance
Marvel Tails #1 (1983)

Home to such parodistic heroes like the Fantastic Fur (Mooster Fantastic, Invisible Gorilla, Simian Torch, and the Thang), Captain Americat (Steve Mouser), the spectacular Spider-Ham (Peter Porker), and the Punfisher, Iron Mouse, Goose Rider, Sub Marsupial, among others, this universe is also home to villains. Among them are Duktor Doom, the F.F.'s evil twins, Magsquito, Hobgobbler, The King-Pig, Raven the Hunter, Sandmanatee, Mandaringtail, Mad Stinker, and Kang Aroo. It also features suporting characters such as J. Jonah Jackal and Mary Jane Waterbuffalo.

The Earth of this universe met its first major threat at the hands of Galactypus. The Fantastic Fur met defeat despite consulting the Super Hero's Pocket Guide to Standard Comicbook Situations.