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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Lifeform, Punisher, Daredevil, Hulk, Silver Surfer

A bizarre virus evolved into the powerful sentient menace known as Lifeform.

Hired by A.I.M., George Prufrock attempted to steal the deadly Programma Strain Virus from Programma. The thief was discovered and accidentally infected himself while trying to escape, which began his transformation into Lifeform. Caught in the middle was the Punisher, who was trying to stop A.I.M. from developing biological weapons. During the course of his investigation, he stumbled upon George soon after his infection. He quickly realized his bullets were of no use against this new Lifeform and proceeded to escape the A.I.M. Installation. Undeterred, the Punisher followed his leads to the home of Jethro Prufrock and was soon surprised to find that Lifeform had followed him. During the battle Lifeform killed his own father Jethro. The Punisher ran to the estate's armory, where he found an anti-tank weapon, and used it on Lifeform. The blast threw him into the river. The Punisher left the scene believing nothing could have survived such a blast.

Daredevil encountered Lifeform shortly after his battle with the Punisher. His transformations brought about a dual personality and constant pain. His speech, at this point, started to wane and it became clear the only way to quench his pain was by consuming human flesh. He wandered the alleys consuming all those unfortunate enough to cross his path until, upon hearing their screams, Daredevil came to their rescue. Lifeform was actually scared of Daredevil at first, thinking he was a demon during their first battle. The fear caused him to run until he ran into Typhoid Mary in an alley. His dueling personas were torn between her beauty and his hunger. Eventually Mary convinced Lifeform to leave her alone and find other sources of food. As he left Mary behind Daredevil caught up with him once more. During their second battle the police arrived and filled him full of tranquilizers which, apparently, caused him to melt away. Thinking the menace of Lifeform was over, Daredevil headed into the night.

Further transformed and having survived his encounter with Daredevil, Lifeform ran into Mercy, who usually helped those who suffered by offering death. Sensing his dueling personalities confused her at first but reminded her of her encounters with the Hulk. She transported Lifeform to Hulk's location in the Midwest to face him. Mercy merged with the Hulk making a duplicate of Bruce Banner so that he and the Hulk could speak with Lifeform. All four personalities debated for awhile. Banner wanted to save the Lifeform, the Hulk wanted to destroy the Lifeform, Prufrock begged for death and the malevolent Lifeform persona wanted to destroy and eat everyone. Lifeform apparently killed Banner which caused the Hulk to become enraged and throw Lifeform into a fire. The fallen Banner was actually Mercy, who revived herself unharmed. As Lifeform renewed himself he was transported back to New York by Mercy. He begged for death but she refused and instead restored his humanity. It did not last though, slowly he mutated back into Lifeform.

George could not maintain control of his human side and transformed back into Lifeform. He started devouring everyone he ran into at the hospital. S.H.I.E.L.D. had been watching the room in which George was staying. When they lost contact with the hospital Nick Fury contacted Reed Richards to investigate. Reed acquired the help of the Silver Surfer, who had ventured to Earth to inform them of the apparent death of Thanos. Together they tracked the Lifeform to the East River where it was feasting on the marine life. By now it had grown to enormous proportions. Reed was quickly knocked out of commission leaving the Silver Surfer to battle the Lifeform alone. The Surfer analyzed the situation and concluded the amount of power needed to destroy the Lifeform would cause countless casualties. He decided to allow the Lifeform to consume him and he then flew it deep into space until he arrived at a planet Galactus had already devoured. Prufrock's mind re-surfaced as the Silver Surfer mustered the energy needed to destroy him. He begged for his destruction stating that the Lifeform could not die. Hearing these pleas the Surfer decided he could not harm an innocent. After concluding he could not separate the two entities he left the Lifeform on the uninhabited planet. Doing so caused the Silver Surfer to question if he too was a monster for leaving George Prufrock to his eternal fate.