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Marvel Universe 

Lightning Lords of Nepal


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Somewhere in Nepal

First Appearance
Immortal Iron Fist Annual #1 (2007)

Current Members:
Three unidentified brothers

The year was 1928, and deep within the Himalayas, a battle took place between Orson Randall and the Lightning Lords of Nepal after Randall had murdered their father and stole one of the brother’s favorite horses. The Lightning Lords all possess incredible powers over electricity, but Randall’s martial arts prowess proved to be all he needed to defeat them. At least, that seemed to be the case until a bout of overconfidence led him to be blindsided by a powerful electric shock from one of the supposedly fallen brothers. The three pondered over what sort of cruel punishment they would dish out to their enemy until their ally, the Bride of Nine Spiders, arrived. She explained of the bounty upon Orson’s head, and wanted to face him in combat after he left the tournament in the Heart of Heaven. Randall refused and she ordered the Lightning Lords to kill him. The three vengeful brothers combined their powers to become the Super Lightning Lord, Electric Demon of Manaslu! A massive electrical blast by the demon left Orson badly burned and wracked with pain, and the Lightning Lords would most likely have finished him off if not for the intervention of Randall’s companion, Lucky Pierre. L.P. jumped on the horse they rode in on, grabbed Orson and rode to safety as the Super Lightning Lord expressed his anger over his horse being stolen for a second time.

Contributors: Acotilletta2

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