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Marvel Universe 




First Appearance
Keystone Quadrant Kops (Incredible Hulk #271, 1982); Loonies (Rocket Raccoon #1, 1985)

Home World

Technology Level
The technology on Halfworld is highly advanced due to the fact it was built by robots. Whether or not the departure of the robotic life forms has an impact on future technological advancements remains to be seen.

None (before cure); Unrevealed (after cure)

Physical Description

In an ancient time, an unidentified race of humans came to Halfworld with the hope of constructing a facility to cure those among them deemed mentally deranged. The psychiatrists created robots to take care of the patients needs and brought along animals for companionship and entertainment. The ancient shrinks worked hard and discovered much about the human brain until the day their funding was cut off, and they were ordered to return to their home world. With no other choice, they had to obey, but before they did, the psychiatrists built the Galacian Wall around the entire Keystone Quadrant to shield their patients from the sane society that hated them.

As time passed, the robots became smarter and outgrew their original programming. With each passing generation of insane human family, the robots continued to care for them, but they also began experimenting on their own – mainly with genetics. The robots enhanced the intelligence of the animals, enabling them to verbally communicate, and fashioned prosthetics to allow them to mimic human movement. Soon, the animals were left to care for the humans they lovingly referred to as the Loonies, and the robots retreated to the other side of the planet to start their industrial endeavors.

The Loonies were cared for and protected by those such as Rocket Raccoon, his first mate, Wal Rus, the lovely Lylla and others. This is not to say there weren't those among the animal society who couldn’t care for anyone except themselves – Judson Jakes, the reptilian Lord Dyvyne, and the dreaded Drakillars to name a few. The ancient shrinks left an account of their time on Halfworld in a sacred book called Gideon's Bible, and there were those who thought it held the key to untold power and would stop at nothing to obtain it. However, what it did hold, as the intelligent tortoise Uncle Pyko discovered, was the cure to the Loonies madness.

By sacrificing Gideon's Bible to the inventive genius of the robots, the Wonder Toy was created, and the path to sanity was near. Rocket Raccoon and Uncle Pyko along with their allies distributed the toys to every human on Halfworld, and what happened next was nothing short of amazing. The Wonder Toys manipulated the brains of the Loonies until the damaged portions had been repaired and they were no longer cursed with madness. Unfortunately, the despicable Judson Jakes and Lord Dyvyne had already taken it upon themselves to wage war against the inhabitants of Halfworld, so they may rule over all. Thanks to Rocket Raccoon, the robots, new allies such as Blackjack O'Hare, and the Loonies themselves, Dyvyne and Jakes were defeated, and the planet was safe once more.

The Loonies wanted to continue to coexist with the animals and rebuild their society, but even though some, like Uncle Pyko, stayed to help, others like Rocket Raccoon decided their task had been fulfilled, so they left for the stars. Now without the presence of the robots or many of the animal defenders, the Loonies are left to their own devices and for the first time in their lives, their future is what they decide to make of it.

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