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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Fantastic Four #262 (1984)

Home World
The M'Ndavians live on the planet M'Ndavi, tenth from the sun of the B'Ibwo star system

Technology Level
They are most notably known for their complex legal system.

When Reed Richards was place on trial by the Intergalactic Council for having spared the life of Galactus, a M'Ndavian served among the judges, and the trial followed the legal laws of the M'Ndavians. Their presence at the trial was at Richards request. He ultimately won the trial after the testimony of Eternity, who was Galactus' character witness. Eternity revealed to all present Galactus' true purpose in the universe.

Later in the Hub home of the Intergalactic Council, Peacekeeper-General Mduul of the Charter greeted the cosmic Avenger, Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) and informed that the Charter had plans to include the Earth among its members. Mduul explained the Charter's history and future goals to Quasar. Mduul escorted him to his quarters for the night, but when Quasar awoke from his sleep, he found everyone on the Hub dead. Unknown to Quasar they were killed by a plague created by Votan of the Axi-Tun race. Mduul's body was returned to M'Ndavi containing a plague which was released from his body at the funeral, quickly infecting and slaying the entire planet's population. Lord Votan's people made it appear as though the Pheragots were responsible for the genocide.

During the event known as Maximum Security the M'Ndavian's legal system was employed by the Intergalactic Council to determine what should be done about the interference of humans of Earth throughout the galaxies. They utilized some sacred crystals to determine the fate of the humans. When the crystals all turned black, it was agreed to turn the Sol System into a penal colony for the worst offenders within the galaxy.

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