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Marvel Universe 

M'kraan (Scy'ar tal)


Marvel Universe

First Appearance
X-Men: Emperor Vulcan #1 (2007)

Home World
formerly the planet M'kraan

Technology Level
The Scy'ar tal, possess highly advanced technology


Physical Description
The Scy'ar tal, have a normal humanoid appearance with two arms and hands with and four fingers and an opposable thumb, to eye in the frontal portion of their face. Their skin pigment color appears to be grayish green an encased in an exoskeleton.

Ages ago on the planet of M'kraan,a peaceful race existed, and they were known as the M'kraans. Their planet was invaded by the merciless Shi'ar Empire, and these peaceful aliens were brutally defeated and striped of their prize possession the M'kraan Crystal. The surviving M'kraan's fled deep into an unrevealed quadrant of space, where they dedicated the rest of their time to gaining revenge on their sworn enemy and regaining what was rightfully theirs.
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Their hate and rage grew to the point that they changed their name to the Scy'ar tal, meaning death to the Shi'ar. It appears that only one of their members has a true name, he is known only as the Eldest.

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