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Marvel Universe 

Maelstrom's Minions


Marvel Universe

Base of Operations
Formerly Island of Attilan; Stromberg Mansion, Long Island, New York; currently mobile

First Appearance
Marvel Two-In-One #71 (1981)

Current Members:
Gronk (clone), Helio (clone), Phobius (clone)

Maelstrom's Minions were dispatched to the Hydro-Base to steal the Anti-Terrigen Compound, which was developed by Mister Fantastic, and the Inhumans. After securing the compound and projecting it into the Atlantic ocean, Gronk, Phobius and Helio were engaged in combat by Thing, Gorgon, Karnak, and Stingray while trying to retrieve the compound for a second time. Gronk and the others were captured by the heroes. Falon, obtained the compound and returned it to their master Maelstrom. Deathurge was commanded by Maelstrom to kill Gronk and his counterparts.

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