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Marvel Universe 

Many-Angled Ones (Cancerverse)

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Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Realm of Kings #1 (2010)

Home World
The Many-Angled Ones are inhabitants of the space between realities.

Technology Level


Physical Description
Most of the many angled ones from the Cancerverse manifested themselves within their superhuman host as tentacle-like parasite.

The Many-Angled Ones are primordial cosmic entities that inhabit the spaces between universes. ISAAC reported they were just memory-echoes of the nightmares that plagued the first Daemons, but there are ancient, pestilential ghoul-worlds in dying realities still devoted to their worship. They were documented as the first beings ever to grow old.

One of the Many-Angled Ones crossed over onto Knowhere by hiding in the head of Luminals member, Massdriver, after Cynosure (Lena Sendak) led an unsanctioned exploration into the Fault. The creature exploded from Massdriver's head and took refuge in the body of Moondragon. The exchange was witnessed by the fanatical members of the Universal Church of Truth (UCT), who received the creature's telepathic aura as the god they worshiped. Acting out on their insane beliefs, the UCT kidnapped Moondragon and Cynosure who were handcuffed together, so they could witness the birth of their new messiah ("God Baby"). However, the unholy ritual was thwarted by the combined efforts of the Luminals and Guardians of the Galaxy, ending with the "God Baby" being contained and flung back into the Fault.

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