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Marvel Universe 

Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)


Marvel 1602 (Earth-311)

Kept in a small gem by Uatu The Watcher

Created via the time-traveling of Captain America


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First Appearance
Marvel 1602 #1

In 1602, in the last days of Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, a man named Steve Rogers arrived from the future and began to destroy the fabric of the entire universe. Observed by the young watcher, Uatu, Rogers, then called Rojhaz, met up with the first American-born Englishwoman, Virginia Dare, and traveled with her as her bodyguard to England to petition the dying queen to invest in the struggling colonies.

At the same time, a war was brewing between the Grand Inquisitor Enrique, his rival Carlos Javier, the court’s spymaster Nicholas Fury, and the Latverian monarch Count Otto von Doom. This conflict would eventually end the reign of Elizabeth I, and would usher in an age of heroic, super-powered people, and genetic mutations-called witchbreed; all of which was due to the out-of-time American, whose presence ushered in the age of super heroes more than 300 years too early, as the universe tried to compensate for the imbalance.

The war was eventually brought to Latveria and Castle Doomstadt itself, where the witchbreed and others came up against Doom’s forces to decide the fate of the staff of Thor and the lives of the captive members of the ship, the Fantastick. Once decided, it was up to the growing band of misplaced heroes to travel to the New World and replace the future Captain America in the time rip before the universe itself unraveled.

Note: After these events, this universe parted from the standard reality and became its own pocket reality, kept in a small gem by the watcher, Uatu.