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According to his 'official' stats Wolverine is smarter than Reed Richards, stronger than Benjamin Grimm and better at energy projection than Johnny Storm. (It's not a stat, but he's also more visible than Sue Storm)

I haven't read a Wolverine comic in a while so maybe Galactus sneezed on him or something... but it might also just be a typo.


Wolverine's affiliations list on his bio can now be updated to include X-Force, I would have done it myself but the page is locked.

Captain Marvel was resurrected by Thanos whhile Thanos was in possession of the Reality Gem. (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1) The location of this Captain Marvel is currently unknown.

___ Wolverine's page has a few spelling and grammar mistakes, like full stops in random places. Also, the fact that Thomas Logan looks EXACTLY like Wolverine, and is possibly his father (given his affair with Elizabeth) should be mentioned, as well as some information on Wolverine's brother, who apparently manifested similar powers, given Elizabeth's "Not again!" cry upon seeing James grow the claws. - Angelus52

That, and did you not read Wolverine: The End?

As Angelus52 stated, the page on Wolverine has numerous grammar mistakes. Also, the section which describes Wolverine's loss, and eventual reacquisition, of his adamantium is awkward. The section goes back and forth from when his adamantium was taken from him and when it was reacquired. Chronologically, it is a bit confusing. -Jonbre

Also, I believe I read that "Wolverine: The End" is one possible future for Wolverine. As such, the canonicity of that tale might be brought into question. -Jonbre

It has been several months since the X-Men Legacy/Wolverine Origins crossover began, and it was in that story that we discovered that Wolverine decided to remain with the X-Men, not only because he liked Jean Grey, but also because he had been programed to kill Professor X. I think this article should reflect this recent revelation.

__ I saw an error on the page of Captain America, but it was protected. I hope THIS page is meant for making suggestions... My apologies if I misunderstood this. The spelling error is the following...

"As the passage of the the Superhuman Registration Act drew near, "


"As the passage of the Superhuman Registration Act drew near, "

SO... with just one "the" [Zigy, september 11]


This characters name is misspelled the correct spelling should be (Salomé). --ohitsme 06:31, 16 February 2008 (CST)

Captain America

Based on the Winter Soldier 'saga' (I really don't know what you would call those 14 issues), Captain America became acquainted with Bucky by means of a military assignment and Captain America's need/desire for a partner, and Bucky were only allowed to be his partner if he could 'pass muster'. However, based on the current entry, Captain America befriended Bucky and made him his partner only if he would keep his identity secret. I'd change it, but since the page is protected, I somewhat can't......just putting that out there.

--RtystclySpeaking 00:10, 22 May 2008 (CST)


Blade's strength needs to be raised to a 4 instead of a 3. He has superhuman strength which should be a 4, 3 is peak human with a 800lb. max. Also in the Civil War Battle Damage Report his strength listed as being able to lift 1 ton.


Unless I'm wrong, Spider-man has as much(if not more)experience in fighting as Iceman, but his official ratings show his fighting skills to be much lower than Iceman's. I suggest that Peter's fighting skills but raised to at least 6 and Iceman's fighting skills lowered to 6 also. also, spider-man's file should be updated to the most recent marvel event Spider-man:Reign. spider-man's offical stats have dropped for no real reason. They need to be boosted.

I agree. The stats and history of spidey (and many others) need to be updated.


Iceman's intelligence isn't as high as Reed Richards or Peter Parker's. And Last time I checked, he wasn't as strong as Ben Grimm either. Both official ratings should be dropped to at most 4.

OHOTMU:Data Corrections

Will these eventually encompass one-shot handbooks like Deadpool Corps: Rank and Foul?

Spidy207 16:57, 26 March 2010 (CDT)