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Marvel Universe 

Maximum Carnage


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Carnage, Shriek, Doppelganger, Demogoblin, Carrion, Spider-Man, Venom, Cloak, Dagger, Black Cat, Firestar, Captain America, Iron Fist, Deathlok, Nightwatch, Morbius

Breaking out of prison, Carnage collected several psychopathic supervillains out for blood and went on a rampage. Spider-Man and Venom came into an uneasy alliance to try and defeat Carnage. Eventually, Venom was captured and a few other players came onto Spider-Man's band of heroes, amongst them Captain America. With the aid of Shriek, Carnage persuaded many of the citizens of New York to go crazy and act irrationally, causing riots and shootings. Amidst the chaos, the heroes confronted the Carnage Family and defeated them. When Venom, who had been tortured by Carnage, heard that Carnage was gone, he was enraged and tried to kill Spider-Man. Carnage, however, was alive and well. Seemingly sacrificing himself, Venom defeated Carnage.