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Marvel Universe 

Maximum Security


Marvel Universe

Key Characters
Shi'ar, Ego, Cadre K, Ronan the Accuser, Ruul/Kree, Supreme Intelligence, Avengers, Fantastic Four, USAgent, X-Men

At the meeting of the Shi'ar Intergalactic council, the Skrulls decided to file a complaint against the human race. This was due to the fact that Cadre K had been interfering in their work. The Skrulls were not the only race unsatisfied with the human race. It was revealed at this meeting that the time-keepers had been murdered by the Kang, and is enough for the council to condemn earth. However as the council adjourned the Ruul race offered Lilandra another option; they proposed using earth as an interglactic prison. This was agreed to. However, one of the alien prisoners was in fact a host for Ego, the living planet. Ego, then expanded at a dangerous rate, threatening to cover the entire planet. Multiple heroes attempted to stop the threat, including Iron Man, the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer, but they had little success. It was the revelaed that the Ruul were in fact a evolution of the Kree race, after they were seen using an Omni-wave projector by U.S.Agent.

It is then revealed that the supreme intelligence used the destiny crystal to evolve his people, and manipulated the council to stop Earth's heroes, as they has often caused him trouble in the past.

After a large battle between Kree and various heroes, Quasar managed to absorb Ego by a machine created by the Fantastic Four.

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