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Marvel Universe 

Mayhem Mekaniks


Marvel Universe



Lylla, formerly Judson Jakes (proprietor)

Points of Interest
Mayhem Mekaniks had extensive workshops were the toys and other automations were created

First Appearance
Rocket Raccoon #1 (1985)

Bordering the area between the robot and animal zones of Halfworld is the sinister looking structure known as Mayhem Mekaniks. The company, formerly owned by the parents of Lylla, was now managed by Judson Jakes until Lylla comes of age to take over the business. However, Jakes was using the company to produce Killer Clowns and other deadly devices to use against Rocket Raccoon and Lylla's uncle, Wal Rus. Jakes ran the company until his demise, and with Mayhem Mekaniks rightfully belonging to Lylla, it can be assumed the company’s more diabolical creations have ceased to be manufactured.

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