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Marvel Universe 




First Appearance
Incredible Hulk #600 (2009)

Home World

Technology Level
Unrevealed, but they do possess something called Henge-Nodes which appear to be portals to other worlds


Physical Description
Individuals appear to be bipeds composed entirely of metal and technology

There is a place called Earth-01011010 where technology evolved before life, and on that Earth the inhabitants are known as the Mechclans. This race of technological beings grew and prospered since their emergence from the primordial ooze, but there are those among them who demanded tribute. The Cyber-Sidhe was an unpredictable and feared group because of a misunderstood force they wield called life. Phinn Mac Mram, a renegade Ciber-Sidhe Chieftain, sought to enslave the Mechclans, but instead he was banished to Earth-616 by their combined might.

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