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Marvel Universe 

Medallion of Power


Marvel Universe

The medallion was broken into three pieces and given the descendants of the Kale family.


Formerly; Ghost Rider (Noble Kale), Ghost Rider (Daniel Ketch), Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Vengeance, Jennifer Kale

The Medallion of power has existed on Earth before the fall of Atlantis. During a time when man relied on the supernatural for protection and power, the medallion was coveted by the by the evil demon Zarathos. He sought to use the mystic powers of the medallion to fulfill his quest to conquer the Earth. He was opposed by the Blood, whose sole purpose is to safeguard the Medallion of Power. The along with the help of the Spirit of Vengeance, managed to imprison Zarathos essence within the medallion. This heroic action came with the sacrifice of the Spirits of Vengeance themselves, which also imprisoned with in the medallion. The Blood known as the Caretaker decided that the medallion was to powerful to possessed by any one person to wield, managed to shatter it into pieces. These pieces and the powers within were placed within the descendants of two human families.

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