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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Silver Surfer #140 (1998)

Home World

Technology Level
Tenebrae appeared to have advanced technology and machinery aboard her ship.

Collective consciousness

The Mergence was an alien group mind/consciousness that traveled across the Universe consuming planets of all of its life essence. The Mergence was called unto the Earth by the man known as Coroner. It was his desire to become one with the Mergence, although it took the Mergence two hundred years to arrive to Earth. Through an undefined process the Coroner was able to survive the two Centuries in wait.

The Mergence sent a physical construct by the name of Tenebrae ahead to prepare for its coming. Tenebrae met with Corner, who feared that the Silver Surfer would foil the absorption of the Earth. The two managed to capture the Surfer, but Tenebrae refused to kill him, because she was secretly seeking singularity. The Mergence join with the Coroner in order to absorb the Earth, but the Silver Surfer attacked and caused doubt in the mind of the Coroner. The attempt to merge with him failed. This also separated Tenebrae from the group mind.

Coroner was given a second chance to become one with the Mergence. He then set his sights on killing Tenebrae, because if absorbed, she would corrupt the group mind with the taint of individuality. Tenebrae and her new ally Psycho-Man attacked the Mergence with Psycho-Man's psycho-kinetic emotion controlling energy. Their plan was to turn the group mind/consciousness of the Mergence against itself, killing the entire group mind. Their plan would have worked if not for the valiant efforts of the Silver Surfer. The Coroner was rejected from the Mergence and the Psycho-Man escaped back into Sub-Atomica, but the destiny of Tenebrae has yet to be revealed.

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