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Marvel Universe 

Midtown High School


Marvel Universe

Forest Hills, New York



First Appearance
Amazing Fantasy #15 (1962)

Peter Parker was a student at Midtown High School (also known as Public School 108) when he was bitten by the radioactive spider that granted him his powers. Despite being socially awkward, Peter was an academic success and the top student at Midtown High. His science teacher, Mr. Raymond Warren, the brother of Miles Warren (the Jackal), grew quite fond of Peter and became his favorite student. However, Peter was shunned by many of the students and bullied by others. Top on the list of his tormentors was football star, Flash Thompson, who gave him the nickname "Puny Parker". Another classmate, Flash's girlfriend Liz Allan, snubbed Peter but eventually grew attracted to him. Later, as adults, Flash and Liz became a part of Peter's small circle of friends. Other classmates included Sally Avril, who would later become known as the adventurer Bluebird and died tragically; Charlie Weiderman, a student even more bullied than Peter who later in life became encased in Vibranium; and Jessica Jones, a lonely girl with a crush on Peter who grew up to be a super hero, private investigator and wife of Luke Cage. Villains who have menaced the student body include the Living Brain and multiple Mysterios (Klum and Beck).

Peter returned to Midtown High to become a science teacher, but, in the aftermath of publicly revealing his secret identity, worked in disguise as "Ben Reilly," an assistant to Flash Thompson, who was coaching at the school. Peter ultimately left working at Midtown High.

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