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Marvel Universe 

Mutant X (Earth 1298)


Mutant X Earth 1298


Big Bang


Points of Interest
opposite of Earth-616

First Appearance
Weapon X: Days of Future Now #1

While trying to stop his teammate Greystone from destroying himself in a time-machine, Havok was caught in a dimensional rift and sent to a different reality. In this dark world, the X-Men are led by Magneto because of a battle between Professor X and the shadow king which had left Xavier corrupt and evil,X-Factor has broken away on its own mission. Its members, now operating under the name of The Six, are twisted versions of their counterparts in our reality. Faced with a world, a team, and a family not his own, Havok must try to find a way home, while keeping the secret of his true identity. His Friends are Monsters, his wife is a witch, his son is not his own, everything wrong is right and everything right is wrong. Somehow Havok's spirit found its way into his counterpart's body and he awoke in the Mutant X Universe. He was the leader of The mutant team of heroes called "The Six", In time he came to cherish the relationships he had. The team endured many hardships together, including betrayal by the demon possessed Madelyne and Fallen, but they compensated with the arrival of new members Gambit and Captain America, in order to protect mutants from a deranged Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D.