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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
(Y'Garon) Giant-Size Dracula #2 (1974); (Kierrok) X-Men #95 (1975); (warrior N'Garai) Uncanny X-Men #143 (1981); (super-evolved N'Garai) Black Sun: X-Men #1 (2000)

Origin: Marvel Comics Presents #145 (1993); Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22 (1976)

Home World
The dimension, the Demon World of the N'Garai, formerly Earth

Technology Level
Very advanced, (possibly due to their connection to the Elder Gods.)


Physical Description
They are demonic creatures, that appear to have a normal humanoid appearance of two eyes (red), two arms with two hands that consist of four fingers with an opposable thumb. and two legs and feet with toes with long talons. The N'Garai possesses a prehensile tail they use proficiently in physical combat. They range in height from 6' to 9' feet, and can weigh anywhere between 400 - 900 lbs, and very dense gray skin.

Note: The N'Garai Masters often appear in humanoid or other forms; they may be shapeshifters or possessing other beings.

The N'Garai, a.k.a. the Great Devourers, are children of the Elder Gods who were the first beings existing on Earth billions of years ago. Most of the Elder Gods degenerated into predatory demons, and the benevolent Gaea joined with the Demiurge, the sentient life force of Earth's biosphere, spawning Demogorge, who slaughtered the corrupt Elder Gods. One of the few Gods to survive was Chthon, who fled to another dimension where he created the N'Garai, sending them to their own realm with their own Kierrok the Damned ruling over them. Millions of years ago, the N'Garai colonized Earth. They were eventually defeated and driven back to their dimension approximately one million B.C., allegedly by the angel Lucifer prior to his fall from Heaven. The N'Ggarai returned to Earth between 100,000 and 20,000 B.C., using humanity as slaves, pets and food. Eventually, the N'Garai were again driven from Earth, and humanity liberated. During their two sojourns on Earth, the N'Garai made enemies of various other races active there. These included the extradimensional Undying Ones and other demon races, as well as the Deviants, other races derived from the Elder Gods, and a numerous pre-human races.

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