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Marvel Universe 



Marvel Universe

First Appearance
Wraith #1 (2007)

Home World
Exoteric Latitude

Technology Level
The Nameless possess the ancient technology and ships of the Kree


Physical Description
The Nameless are very pale skinned humanoid beings.

The Nameless are very pale skinned humanoid beings that dwell in a part of space that is known as the Exoteric Latitude. They were Kree explorers that were invaded by the Exolon which bounded to their bodies. The Exolon were parasitic entities that fed on the immortal souls of living begins. The Exolons are the black membrane that surrounds their bodies, this matter is called "Exolon Plasmoids" it gives the Nameless superhuman strength, accelerated healing, immortality and the ability to summon the Exolon to swarm.

While estranged from their souls, the host loses all sense of time and all sense of sentience. In the Exoteric Latitude aboard their generation ships of the ancient Kree is where the Nameless spend their immortal lives inflicting agony among themselves. In the indolence of the external life, self-inflicted pain is the only experience intense enough to loose the floodgates of memory. This is the only connection left between the Nameless and their souls. This is the last window to the living, feeling beings they once were.

The ability to summon the Exolon swarm is what drove fear into the Phalanx.

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