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Marvel Universe

Large Magellanic Cloud

Shi'ar scientist

The Shi'ar Imperium

This weapon was created by the Shi’ar scientist from the cosmically powered Nega-Bands stolen from the tomb of fallen Kree warrior Captain Marvel. The Bands were created by the Supreme Intelligence. The Nega-Bomb was a destructive device capable of leveling the Kree Empire, which is said to encompass the area of space called the Large Magellanic Cloud. Horrified by the concept of the harm that could cause by the bomb Wonder Man, hid aboard the bomb during its launch, taking Vision with him, in hopes of sabotaging the device. Their efforts were valiant but, unsuccessful. The Shi’ar recently used Nega-Bombs against the combined forces of the Kree and Inhumans under the leadership or Emperor Vulcan.

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