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Marvel Universe 

Nile, Tana


Marvel Universe

Real Name
Tana Nile


Tana Nile adopts human form when on Earth, and the general populace of Earth is unaware that she is an alien


Place of Birth

First Appearance
Thor #129

Not yet revealed

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Tana Nile was one of the Rigellian Empire's most noted Colonizers, contributing to the designation and literal re-location, via Rigel's unique Space Lock technology, of planets selected for absorption into her race's multi-galactic empire. In her capacity as potential Empress of Earth, she familiarized herself with the planet while in Terran guise. She shared a residence with Jane Foster, the companion of the Asgardian Thor. After Thor dissuaded her superiors from inducting Earth into their Empire, Tana Nile returned to Rigellian space and became engaged to her government's High Commissioner. She and Thor again met during a failed terraforming experiment utilizing a portion of the living planet Ego. Later she accompanied the Thunder God to Earth, where she briefly resided after resuming human form. She accompanied Thor on trips to his home dimension and assisted him in dismantling the Vrellnexian/Sssth slave ring.

Tana Nile returned to her people following Rigel 3's destruction by the Rhunians. She led an investigation into the murder of several high-placed officials of the multi-galaxy Charter enabled her to assist the short-lived group known as the Star Masters. Her exposure to Earth standards may have ultimately contributed to her rebellion against the Rigellian way, as she attempted using discourse and resistance, to encourage the abandonment of forced colonization practices.
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Tana Nile and Star Masters
She was declared a traitor by her fiancé, the Grand Commissioner. Tana Nile returned to Earth seeking sanctuary with Thor's team of Avengers. She visited the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning maintained by subordinates of the infamous Charles Xavier. She was in the company of three juveniles, Franklin Richards, Artie, and Leech. The confirmed Guardian of the Nexus of All Realities the Man-Thing and the avian-based extra dimensional adventurer Howard the Duck were also present. She underwent a series of adventures in non-linear realms which proved to be constructs of one of her companions, Franklin Richards.

Following the destruction of over two-thirds of the Rigellian Empire by Thanos, Tana Nile was reassigned as an infiltration agent on a Skrull hubworld, there she allegedly witnessed Ronan the Accuser conspire with the Skrull Baroness S'Bak to overthrow the Kree Empire's current regime. After fleeing from the exiled and vengeful Ronan, Tana Nile found refuge on Godthab Omega with Gamora and her Graces. It was there that she fell victim to the Annihilation Wave when it assaulted Godthab Omega. She died before she could reveal her reasons for framing Ronan.
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Tana Nile slain by the Annihilation Wave

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