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Marvel Universe 

Nine (Earth-691)



Base of Operations
The planet of Haven

First Appearance
Guardians of the Galaxy #8 (1991)

In the future reality of the 31st Century, the planet Haven was plagued with natural disasters such as ground quakes and volcanoes that spewed their ash and smoke into the air, choking the old, the very ill and the young as it coagulated in their lungs. But even worse than the natural disasters were the mutants. Their numbers dwindled down to just nine, and they resided in the emerald tower - smug in their superiority over the humans who waited for the Overmen to come from the stars and free them from their bondage. Rancor was the leader of the "Nine," and she proclaimed to be a descendant of the legendary mutant Wolverine. The other eight members, Bat-wing, Bear, Blaster, Blockade, Mindscan, Rhodney, Shaddo, and Side-step, served as her lieutenants.

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