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Marvel Universe 




First Appearance
Hulk #33 (2011)

Home World
Unrevealed (destroyed)

Technology Level
The Norrak had mastered space travel, advanced weaponry, and advanced genetic technology


Physical Description
The Norrak were bilaterally symmetric, with four lengthy segmented legs terminating with claws on each end. Their heads had eight eyes in total, no visible ears and an elongated skull. Norrak had a brown exoskeleton, with a body type similar to an arachnid species.

The last of the Norrak species tracked the world-ender known as Omegex in deep space while it was traveling toward Earth, determined to destroy it for killing their home world ages ago; thereby fulfilling a vow their ancestors made to end its reign of terror for all time. Grown with incubators and armed with a massive battleship built specifically to annihilate Omegex, the Norrak attacked. Unable to defeat their foe, the Norrak sent out their final message in multiple languages apologizing for their failure and warning all those in range that nothing would stop Omegex from reaching Earth.

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