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All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#12: Ultragirl to Arnim Zola

Last Updated: 12/29/06


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Cover by Keu Cha


First Appearance and Origin: Ultragirl #1 (1996)
Significant Issues: Discovered super-powers & her mutant alien nature, became media sensation, wrecked Sentinel robot & kept its head as consultant, adopted Ultragirl identity & resolved to use her powers for good (Ultragirl #1, 1996); alongside New Warriors, vs Effex (Ultragirl #2, 1996); alongside New Warriors, defeated Effex, discovered her friend Amber & other locals were secretly Kree & that they expected her to serve as Kree messiah (Ultragirl #3, 1997); among New Warriors whose private lives were publicized on an anti-Warriors hate website run by ex-Warrior Hindsight, alongside Warriors & She-Hulk, confronted Hindsight & forced website shut down (She-Hulk #8, 2006); joined Captain America's anti-registration underground resistance (Civil War #5, 2006)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #150 (1966)
Origin: Doctor Strange #71 (1985), Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #22 (1990)
Significant Issues: Assumed rule over Dark Dimension, vs Doctor Strange & Ancient One, abandoned conquest of Earth due to Zom (Strange Tales #150-156, 1966-67); aided revival of Dormammu, revealed to be mother of Clea (Doctor Strange #6-9, 1975); during chess game between Dormammu & Odin, vs Thor (Thor Annual #9, 1981); began to assault Doctor Strange from Dark Dimension (Doctor Strange #68-69, 1984-1985); vs rebellion led by Clea, overthrown, banished (Doctor Strange #70-74, 1985); released from banishment, aided Doctor Strange & Clea against Dormammu, chose Mordo as consort, resumed rule of Dark Dimension (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #22-24, 1990); deposed again by Clea (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #48, 1992); helped Defenders defeat Dormammu (Defenders #1-5, 2005-2006)


First Appearance: (Unidenfitied, cameo) Excalibur #88 (1995); (identified, fully) Excalibur #90 (1995)
Significant Issues: Black Air used blood from captured Uncreated crew to develop killer anti-mutant viral weapon, crew seemingly destroyed by Shadowcat & Pete Wisdom (Excalibur #88-90, 1995); Uncreated destroyed several worlds in Shi’ar Imperium when they refused to abandon their religions, destroyed by Starjammers (Starjammers #1-4, 1995-1996)


First Appearance: Cable #79 (2000)
Origin: Cable #84 (2000)
Significant Issues: Undying arrived on Earth (Cable #81-82, 2000); Semijan possessed Randall Shire, compelled him to travel to America with intent to conquer world (Cable #82, 2000); Aentaros sought to stop Semijan’s plan, possessed human father, sought to assassinate Shire, opposed by Cable (Cable #79, 2000); Aentaros possessed Blockade, sought to kill Cable, defeated by him, forced Blockade to break own neck (Cable #79-81, 2000); Aentaros possessed Irene Merryweather, driven out by Cable, existence of two possible futures revealed to be dependant on whether Shire lives or dies (Cable #81-82, 2000); Aentaros possessed Domino, sought to assassinate Shire, defeated by Cable who prevented Aentaros killing Domino and subsequently discredited Shire, two possible futures destroyed as a result, third possible future created (Cable #82-83, 2000); Undying defeated by Cable & allies (Cable #84, 2000)

Undying Ones

First Appearance: Doctor Strange #183 (1969)
Significant Issues: Wars with Dark-Crawler revealed (Incredible Hulk #126, 1970); rule of Earth (Sub-Mariner #22, 1970); N’Garai conflict revealed (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #41, 1992); Ward located idol, Strange destroyed Creatures of the Night with exposure to sunlight (Doctor Strange #183, 1969); Strange & Namor located idol, drove off Undying Ones posing as Ward’s non-existent daughter Joelle & her cat, Strange trapped in their realm (Sub-Mariner #22, 1970); Van Nyborg sent Hulk & Barbara Denton Norriss to Dark-Crawler’s realm so Hulk would slay Dark-Crawler, battle destroyed his realm instead, Barbara freed Strange by taking his place in Nameless One’s prison, Dark-Crawler attacked Undying Ones, stellar alignment to gain access to Earth passed (Incredible Hulk #126, 1970)

Union Jack

First Appearance: (As Chapman) Captain America #253 (1981); (as Union Jack) Captain America #254 (1981)
Origin: Captain America #254 (1981), Knights of Pendragon #7-8 (1991)
Significant Issues: Visited Kenneth Crichton’s home at Falsworth Manor, learned of Baron Blood, donned Union Jack costume to help fight vampire (Captain America #253-254, 1981); alongside rest of Earth’s heroes, taken for Grandmaster’s "contest of champions" vs Death (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); stopped anti-establishment friends from defacing Falsworth Manor (Marvel Comics Presents #42, 1990); imbued with Pendragon power, allied with Kate McClellan & Captain Britain, failed to prevent Cam McClellan being taken by Bane (Knights of Pendragon #7-8, 1991); vs Bane in Ombi Corporation HQ, joined other Pendragons hunting for Holy Grail at Kitsford tumnus (Knights of Pendragon #10, 1991); confronted Bane in Spain, vs Iron Man, Pendragons formed Knights (Knights of Pendragon #11-12, 1991); alongside Jacqueline Crichton & Namorita, rescued Namor from neo-Nazis, vs Master Man & Warrior Woman (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #12, 1991); stopped Bane poaching hippos in Africa, encountered Mr Fantastic, Invisible Woman & Black Panther (Knights of Pendragon #14, 1991); alongside Black Panther, visited Hong Kong, killed by Dolph (Knights of Pendragon #15-16, 1991); awoke in Avalon, joined gathered Pendragons for battle vs Bane (Knights of Pendragon #17-18, 1991); public appearance at Stark’s Questworld, vs malfunctioning robots (Knights of Pendragon #1, 1992); received new armor (Knights of Pendragon #2, 1992); vs Magpie (Knights of Pendragon #3, 1992); tried to stop Cape Wrath Breeder Reactor overloading (Knights of Pendragon #4, 1992); armor evolved (Knights of Pendragon #5, 1992); traveled to Arakne, encountered Warheads & Spider-Man (Knights of Pendragon #6-9, 1992-1993); destroyed Baron Blood after he was revived by Mys-Tech (Knights of Pendragon #10-11, 1993); fought in Mys-Tech wars (Knights of Pendragon #12/Mys-Tech Wars #1-4, 1993); vs Death’s Head/Minion, Magpie & Earth-313 Lemurians, Knights disbanded (Knights of Pendragon #13-15, 1993); failed to prevent Baroness using Holy Grail to become immune to sunlight, failed to save Kenneth from vampirism & death (Union Jack #1-3, 1998-1999); tried to protect civilians from unnatural winds (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); protected Irene Merryweather from Hellfire Club goons (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #3, 2000); alongside Earth's heroes, fought against Earth becoming an alien penal colony (Maximum Security #2-3, 2000); alongside most of Earth’s heroes, held prisoner by Graviton until his defeat by the Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); spoke at Captain America memorial (Captain America #50, 2002); joined new Invaders, invaded Mazikhandar, vs Avengers (Avengers #82-83/New Invaders #0-1, 2004); with Invaders, battled Axis Mundi for the Interceptor (New Invaders #2-3, 2004); with Invaders, vs Baroness Blood (New Invaders #4-5, 2005); with Invaders, vs Meranno’s rogue Atlanteans to prevent world flooding (New Invaders #8-9, 2005); at request of S.H.I.E.L.D., helped search London Underground for Red Skull’s agents (Captain America #3, 2005); alongside Captain America & Spitfire, worked to prevent neo-Nazis & Red Skull devastating London (Captain America #18-21, 2006); alongside Sabra, Arabian Knight & USAgent, sought to protect London from Raid’s supervillains (Union Jack #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Men #8 (1964)
Origin: X-Men #8 (1964); Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #14 (1987)
Significant Issues: Details of childhood revealed (Official Handbook of Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #14, 1987); sought to join Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, with them, vs X-Men, powers enhanced by Beast’s gun (X-Men #8, 1964); teamed with Blob, posed as X-Men (X-Men #20, 1966); joined Factor Three, vs X-Men (X-Men #37-39, 1967); with Factor Three, visited Ogre at Mt. Charteris (Thunderbolts #33, 2000); alongside other mutants, briefly captured by Sentinels, released (X-Men #59-60/Avengers #103, 1969/1972); with Brotherhood, vs X-Men & Kruger (X-Men: The Hidden Years #11-14, 2001); with Brotherhood, vs Beast (Amazing Adventures #12-13, 1973); with Brotherhood, vs Defenders, reduced to infancy by Alpha (Defenders #15-17, 1974); infant Brotherhood kept at Muir Island (X-Men #104, 1977); after being reaged, with Brotherhood, vs Champions (Champions #17, 1978); vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual #11, 1982); vs Power Man & Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #90, 1983); powers out of control, with Blob, vs Hulk (Marvel Fanfare #7, 1983); believed killed from lack of oxygen (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #91, 1985); found alive in ruins of Genosha (New X-Men #132, 2001); led gang in Genosha, at odds with Xavier, Magneto, & their allies (Excalibur #2-4, 2002); led Appraiser & Stripmine to Genosha (Excalibur #5-6, 2002); at odds with Genosha’s mutants (Excalibur #7-9, 2002); in "House of M" reality, allied with Exodus in Australia (Incredible Hulk #83-84, 2005); powers altered, seemingly perished again (Son of M #5-6, 2006)


First Appearance: (Presence sensed) Doctor Strange #78 (1986); (fully) Doctor Strange #79 (1986)
Significant Issues: Captured Topaz’s soul fragment (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Update ’89 #7, 1989); located Topaz via portal in Doctor Strange’s Chamber of Extrospection (Doctor Strange #78, 1986); sent champion to battle Strange, contacted Topaz & transported Sanctum to Gevaltu (Doctor Strange #79, 1986); captured Wong & Topaz (Doctor Strange #80, 1986); fled from Strange extradimensionally with Darkhold (Doctor Strange #81, 1987); Darkhold transported away by Agamotto (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #9, 1989); allied with Jarakk against Pura-Shamutra, defeated & extradimensionally banished by Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #57-58, 1993)


First Appearance: (World War II team) Comedy Comics #9 (1942); (post-war team) Thunderbolts #27 (1999)
Significant Issues: Original V-Battalion aided Citizen V against Nazis (Comedy Comics #9, 1942); V-Battalion agents rescued Dallas Riordan from prison (Thunderbolts #27, 1999); Riordan quit V-Battalion (Thunderbolts #35-36, 2000); vs Thunderbolts at Mt Charteris (Thunderbolts #38-39, 2000); vs Thunderbolts & Sandman in Symkaria (Thunderbolts #40-41, 2000); conspired with Commission to create Redeemers team (Thunderbolts #45-50, 2000-2001); thwarted Baron Strucker's nanoprobe plot (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1-3, 2001); opposed Marduk, Collective Man & Flag-Smasher (Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #1-4, 2002); lost Vanguard (Thunderbolts #73-75, 2002-2003)


First Appearance: X-Treme X-Men #1 (2001)
Significant Issues: Raced X-Men in hunt for Destiny’s diaries, slew Psylocke (X-Treme X-Men #1-2, 2001); caught Gambit stealing from him, decided to let him live, revealed to have obtained one of the diaries (X-Treme X-Men #4, 2001); in Madripoor during Khan’s invasion, confronted Rogue hoping to forestall prediction she would kill him, defeated in combat by her, final fate uncertain (X-Treme X-Men #13-17, 2002)


First Appearance and Origin: Bizarre Adventures #33 (1982)
Significant Issues: Chose Dracula as his successor, killed himself (Bizarre Adventures #33); earlier life recounted (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #11-13, 1989-1990); resurrected by Marie LaVeau (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #18, 1990); vs Thor (Marvel Comics Presents #63, 1990); vs Conan & Red Sonja (Conan the Barbarian #244-245, 1991); vs John Blaze (Spirits of Vengeance #19, 1994); attempted to claim Bloodstorm (Nightstalkers #18, 1994); vs Blade (Blade #4-5, 1994); revealed to have attempted Ritual of Ascendance (Tomb of Dracula #2, 2002)


First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #13 (2005)
Significant Issues: Reunited with ex-girlfriend Meg Landry, taken in for questioning by Sergeant Harlan "Tombstone" Stone, nearly killed in building set on fire by Padre (Amazing Fantasy #13, 2005); learned sister was still alive & being held prisoner by Suicide King, caused car crash that sent Padre to hospital, made agreement with Stone to become fully authorized bounty hunter (Amazing Fantasy #14, 2005)

Venom (Gargan)

First Appearance: (As Gargan) Amazing Spider-Man #19 (1964); (as Scorpion) Amazing Spider-Man #20 (1965); (as Venom) Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10 (2005)
Origin: (Scorpion) Amazing Spider-Man #20 (1965); (Venom) Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #9 (2005)
Significant Issues: Confronted by Venom symbiote (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #9, 2005); bonded with Symbiote, joined Sinister Twelve, vs Spider-Man (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #10-11, 2005); jailed (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #12, 2005); alongside Spider-Man & others, sent to Battleworld, seemingly killed Spider-Man (Beyond! #1, 2006); on Battleworld, attempted to kill others for "Beyonder's" wish fulfillment, returned to Earth (Beyond! #2-6, 2006); agreed to register with government under Superhuman Registration Act (Civil War: Choosing Sides, 2006); revealed to be outfitted with electrical implants by government to keep in check (Heroes for Hire #2, 2006)

Venus Dee Milo

First Appearance: (Mentioned) X-Force #121 (2001); (seen) X-Statix #1 (2002)
Origin: X-Statix #1 (2002)
Significant Issues: Left Solomon O’Sullivan for X-Statix (X-Statix #1-4, 2002); confronted Bad Guy & fear of Jamal, started relationship with Mister Sensitive (X-Statix #6-8, 2003); went on shopping spree (X-Men Unlimited #41, 2003); found U-Go Girl’s diary (X-Statix #10, 2003); helped Dead Girl get revenge (X-Statix #12, 2003); helped Henrietta Hunter (X-Statix #13-18, 2003-2004); welcomed Vivisector back (X-Statix #19-20, 2004); vs Avengers (X-Statix #21-25, 2004); energy form dispersed battling armed gunmen (X-Statix #26, 2004)

Vernard, Kristoff

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #247 (1982)
Significant Issues: Orphaned, claimed as ward by Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #247, 1982); learned Doctor Doom's origins (Fantastic Four #258, 1983); became replacement Doctor Doom, destroyed Baxter Building, captured by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #278-279, 1985); escaped Fantastic Four, assumed rule of Latveria (Fantastic Four Annual #20, 1987); encountered Avengers, allowed them to depart Latveria (West Coast Avengers #35, 1988); submitted to return of real Doom, used as decoy against Mr Fantastic, seemingly killed (Fantastic Four #350 & 352, 1991); revived by Nathaniel Richards, became ally of Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #397, 1995); reunited with Doom, chose to aid Fantastic Four against Hyperstorm (Fantastic Four #406-409, 1995-1996); returned to Latveria, found Doombots in charge, tricked S.H.I.E.L.D. into driving them out (Tales of the Marvel Universe #1, 1997)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Fantastic Four #390 (1994); (seen) Fantastic Four #391 (1994)
Origin: Fantastic Force #14 (1995)
Significant Issues: Vibrasurge killed many, Vibraxas gained powers (Fantastic Force #14, 1995); alongside Fantastic Four & allies, vs Dark Raider (Fantastic Four #390-392, 1994); joined Fantastic Force, vs Klaw (Fantastic Force #1, 1994); with Fantastic Force, vs Zarathustra (Fantastic Force #2, 1994); with Fantastic Force, vs Seeker (Fantastic Force #3, 1995); saved Kim Po, with Fantastic Force, vs Batch-13 (Fantastic Force #4, 1995); with Fantastic Force, vs Dreadface (Fantastic Force #5, 1995); with Fantastic Force, vs Go-Devil, killed gang member (Fantastic Force #6, 1995); with Fantastic Force, alongside Fantastic Four & allies, vs Aron the Watcher (Fantastic Force #7/Fantastic Four #400, 1995); investigated youth’s death (Fantastic Force #8, 1995); with Fantastic Force, alongside Fantastic Four & allies, vs Morgan le Fay (Fantastic Force #9/Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2, 1995); with Fantastic Force, vs Zarathustra & Lord Moses (Fantastic Force #10-11, 1995); with Fantastic Force, vs Vangaard (Fantastic Force #12, 1995); welcomed She-Hulk as new teammate (Fantastic Force #13, 1995); cleared of crime, with Fantastic Force, vs Vibravore, denounced Wakanda (Fantastic Force #14-15, 1996); accepted job from Kim Po (Fantastic Force #16, 1996); with Fantastic Force, vs Diablo (Fantastic Force #17-18, 1996); with Fantastic Force, alongside Fantastic Four & others, opposed Onslaught (Fantastic Four #416, 1996); returned to Wakanda, met & became involved with Queen Divine Justice (Black Panther #25-29 & 31-33, 2001); helped rescue Queen Divine Justice from Man-Ape (Black Panther #34-35, 2001); alongside Queen Divine Justice & Man-Ape’s tribe, helped avert war (Black Panther #48-49, 2002)


First Appearance: Young Avengers #5 (2005)
Origin: Young Avengers #1-6 (2005)
Significant Issues: Nathaniel Richards as Iron Lad (Young Avengers #1-6, 2005); previous Vision android’s operating system & data files downloaded into Iron Lad armor (Young Avengers #2-3, 2005); Vision programming animated discarded Iron Lad armor, aided Young Avengers vs Kang, armor taken over by Kang, Kang slain by unarmored Iron Lad (Young Avengers #5, 2005); Vision took over Iron Lad armor again, helped ex-Iron Lad Nathaniel Richards return to his native time period (Young Avengers #6, 2005); examined & analyzed by Tony Stark, offered medical & emotional support to ailing Patriot, explained how he was more or less a mental duplicate of the former Iron Lad (Young Avengers #7-8, 2005); played chess with Jarvis, altered own appearance to make Cassie more comfortable around him, with Young Avengers, freed Tommy Shepherd, vs Super-Skrull (Young Avengers #10, 2006); with Young Avengers, vs Kree soldiers, learned Wiccan & Tommy were apparently the long-lost children of the previous Vision, alongside Avengers, vs warring Kree & Skrull forces, joined Young Avengers (Young Avengers #11-12, 2006); alongside Stature, captured arms dealers Boomerang & Ox but criminals were released on technicalities, vs Boomerang & Ox at GLK&H law office, thanked She-Hulk for making his existence possible by destroying the previous Vision (She-Hulk #1, 2005); with Young Avengers, opposed new superhuman registration law, captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. forces, joined Captain America’s underground resistance, vs Iron Man’s pro-registration forces (Civil War #2-3, 2006); pained while observing S.H.I.E.L.D. troops attacking Victor Mancha, with Young Avengers, sought to recruit Runaways into resistance, painfully entangled with Victor, hurt by Cassie’s interest in Victor, alongside Runaways, vs Marvel Boy/Noh Varr, lost arm (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-3, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Force #117 (2001)
Significant Issues: Joined X-Force (X-Force #117, 2001); decided to improve presence on team with Phat (X-Force #121, 2001); went on mission in space, admitted feelings for Phat (X-Force #125-128, 2002); briefly quit X-Statix (X-Statix #1-4, 2002); with X-Statix, vs Bad Guy (X-Statix #6-8, 2003); visited movie set (X-Statix #9, 2003); went to press conference with male X-Statix members (X-Men Unlimited #41, 2003); became infatuated with el Guapo (X-Statix #11, 2003); with X-Statix, vs Mister Code, helped Henrietta Hunter avenge her death (X-Statix #13-18, 2003-2004); lost powers, vs Doctor Finlay (X-Statix #19-20, 2004); with X-Statix, vs Avengers, battled Hawkeye (X-Statix #23, 2004); with X-Statix, killed in final mission (X-Statix #26, 2004)


First Appearance: (Unidentified) X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1 (2006); (identified) X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4 (2006)
Origin: X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6 (2006); Uncanny X-Men #477 (2006); X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4 (2006)
Significant Issues: Parents captured by Shi’ar (Uncanny X-Men #156/X-Factor #115, 1982/1995); born on Shi’ar homeworld after D’ken ripped him from his dying mother’s womb, placed in incubation-accelerator and aged years in only months, sent to Earth to work as slave for Davan Shakari (Uncanny X-Men #156/X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6/Uncanny X-Men #477, 1982/2006); worked as slave at Shakari’s hidden Earth base, cared for by Dai’andral, given book on Roman mythology, mutant nature manifested, accidentally killed Dai’andral, escaped facility, found a year later in New York sewers, taken to meet Moira MacTaggert, trained by her at the Muir-MacTaggert Research & Development facility, met Xavier & Cyclops, alongside other students, asked by Xavier to help save X-Men from Krakoa, mentally trained by Xavier to experience months of Danger Room practice in only hours, informed by Xavier of relationship with Cyclops just prior to venturing on mission to Krakoa (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4/Giant-Size X-Men #1, 2006/1975); with fellow students, arrived on Krakoa, freed Cyclops, revealed to him that he was his brother, went to rescue other X-Men, attacked by Krakoa, saved by teammates, bonded with Darwin, left comatose on inert piece of Krakoa in Earth’s orbit, Scott’s memory of Gabriel wiped by Xavier (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #6/Giant-Size X-Men #1, 2006/1975); reawakened by aftermath of House of M, returned to Earth, confronted by X-Men, captured Marvel Girl & Cyclops (House of M #8/New Avengers #16/X-Men: Deadly Genesis #1, 2005/2006); held Marvel Girl & Cyclops prisoner in MacTaggert’s old research facility, sought to prevent Banshee delivering information concerning his past to X-Men, killed Banshee with X-Men’s own Blackbird jet (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #2, 2006); confronted Cyclops with truth of his identity, vs Sentinel, killed its pilot Briggs, took Cyclops to Muir Island to find Xavier, confronted Xavier & X-Men, forced Marvel Girl to mindlink himself & Xavier with others to reveal truth, forcibly separated from Darwin by Marvel Girl, vs X-Men, escaped, left Earth to seek revenge on D’ken (X-Men: Deadly Genesis #4-6, 2006); journeyed back to Shi’ar space, destroyed Shi’ar vessels, commandeered one to traverse stargates, destroyed stargates after passing through to impede progress of X-Men following him, opposed by Shi’ar Imperial Guard (Uncanny X-Men #475-478/X-Men #189, 2006)


First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #23 (1975)
Origin: Power Man and Iron Fist #83 (1982)
Significant Issues: Flashing back to war, first encountered Iron Fist (Marvel Premiere #23, 1975); assassinated Atom Smasher (Black Goliath #3, 1976); employed by Hellfire Club Inner Circle to invade X-Men's mansion & place surveillance bug on Cerebro, trapped X-Men in their own Danger Room (X-Men #110, 1978); targeted Iron Fist, tried to kill himself (Power Man and Iron Fist #176, 1981); hospitalized Iron Fist, captured by Luke Cage (Power Man and Iron Fist #83, 1982); employed Ryking to save his life via experimental bio-genetic process, vs Maverick, Ryking killed (X-Men #10-11, 1992); worked as S.H.I.E.L.D. operative, attacked A.I.M. base (Wolverine #30, 2005)


First Appearance: New Mutants #18 (1984)
Origin: New Mutants #21 (1984)
Significant Issues: Met New Mutants (New Mutants #21, 1984); with New Mutants vs Shadow King (New Mutants #32-34, 1985); in Asgard, first merged with Ramsey (New Mutants Special Edition #1/X-Men Annual #9, 1985); with New Mutants, killed & later resurrected by Beyonder (New Mutants #36-38/Secret Wars II #9, 1986); ran amok in New York (Web of Spider-Man Annual #2, 1986); merged with Ramsey to save Psylocke (New Mutants Annual #2, 1986); with New Mutants, opposed & defeated Magus (New Mutants #46-50, 1986-1987); with New Mutants, encountered Impossible Man (New Mutants Annual #3, 1987); briefly joined Fallen Angels (Fallen Angels # 1-8, 1987); Ramsey revealed to be infected with techno-virus (New Mutants #53, 1987); reanimated deceased Ramsey (New Mutants #64, 1988); "killed" by Cameron Hodge (New Mutants #95, 1990); Ramsey seen as member of Phalanx (Uncanny X-Men #313, 1994); as Douglock, freed by Zero, met Excalibur (Excalibur #77-80, 1994); led defeat of Babel Spire (X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); attempted to embrace chaos, kidnapped by Margali (Excalibur #96-100, 1996); visited Ramsey's grave (Excalibur #104-105, 1996-1997); romanced Wolfsbane (Excalibur #112-115, 1997); met time-traveling Warlock (New Mutants #1-3, 1997-1998); bonded with Cable (Cable #40, 1997); saved Sidri (Excalibur #116-117, 1998); faced Phalanx nightmares (Excalibur #119, 1998); briefly amnesiac after experiencing alcohol (Excalibur #124-125, 1998); kidnapped by Red Skull, regained awareness as Warlock (Uncanny X-Men #371/X-Men #91/X-Men '99 Annual, 1999); rescued Hope (Warlock #1-2, 1999); allied with Psimon (Warlock #3, 1999); defeated Mainspring & Template (Warlock #6-8, 2000); defeated Magus (Warlock #9, 2000)

Warlock, Adam

First Appearance: (As Him) Fantastic Four #66 (1967); (as Warlock) Marvel Premiere #1 (1972)
Origin: Fantastic Four #66 (1967)
Significant Issues: Created by Enclave as a perfect being intended to conquer mankind, escaped life-cell tank where he was born & encased himself in cocoon, burst from cocoon as godlike being, left Earth apparently destroying the Enclave’s Beehive in the process (Fantastic Four #66-67, 1967); returned to Earth by Watcher, emerged from cocoon & kidnapped goddess Sif, vs Thor who was overwhelmed with beserker rage & fought fiercely, retreated to cocoon & fled into space (Thor #165-166, 1969); High Evolutionary found cocoon, created Counter-Earth but slept when humanity appeared on the planet, Man-Beast infiltrated High Evolutionary’s planetoid & allowed man’s naked aggression to manifest on Counter-Earth then fled with his lackeys to the planet, High Evolutionary planned to destroy Counter-Earth but talked out of it by Him who emerged from cocoon vowing to be the planet’s protector, High Evolutionary named Him "Warlock", gave him soul gem & sent him to planet (Marvel Premiere #1, 1972); drawn across time into Destiny War (Avengers Forever #12, 2000); found by David Carter, Jason Grey, & Eddie & Ellie Rogers on Counter-Earth, attacked by Rhodan & his Hounds of Helios, used soul gem to devolve Rhodan back to a rat whereupon he was killed by a cat (Marvel Premiere #2, 1972); met Prophet, attacked by Man-Beast lackeys Haukk & Pih-jonn, followed Prophet to his lair, Prophet revealed as Man-Beast in disguise (Warlock #1, 1972); tempted with power by Man-Beast, hallucinated that he destroyed the world to take it over but balked at killing David Carter, Jason Grey, & Eddie & Ellie Rogers overcoming temptation, vs Man-Beast, apparently devolved him into mist (Warlock #2, 1972); revealed that Man-Beast’s spirit entered Rex Carpenter & took control of his body (Warlock #8, 1973); vs Apollo, revealed to be evolved Warthog Triax the Terrible, Triax grabbed Eddie & Ellie Rogers (Warlock #3, 1972); Triax sensed that Man-Beast controlled Rex Carpenter, fled from him, hurled Eddie Rogers to his death, apparently fell to own death fighting Warlock (Warlock #4, 1973); Rex Carpenter became President, ignored Doctor Doom’s warning that a bomb test would cause a California earthquake, quake set off deathbird missiles stored in sealed cavern, Warlock stopped deathbirds, Carpenter declared Warlock a menace (Warlock #5, 1973); vs Brute/Counter-Earth Reed Richards, turned Brute back into Richards with soul gem, Richards became Brute again & sought energy to absorb at Counter-Earth’s core, energy siphoned from Brute by Doctor Doom cured Richards but killed Doom (Warlock #6-7, 1973); followers grew in number, marched on Washington, Rigellian Recorder Memorax began working for High Evolutionary, Warlock attacked by demons who brought him to President Carpenter, Man-Beast left Carpenter’s body, regained solid form (Warlock #8, 1973); captured & held in stasis tube, freed by Memorax, Hulk came to Counter-Earth, captured by Man-Beast, micro-transmitter inserted into his neck as Bruce Banner which resulted in betrayal of Warlock at "Last Supper", Warlock crucified by sub-sonic vibration, retreated to cocoon after death, Hulk placed cocoon in cave where Warlock returned to life changed & more powerful, Warlock devolved Man-Beast into wolf & left Counter-Earth (Incredible Hulk #176-178, 1974); learned of Universal Church of Truth, discovered Magus & he were same being (Strange Tales #178, 1975); radiated by Magus to attract In-Betweener, brought to In-Between realm, became totally mad in cocoon, burst free five thousand years in the past as the Magus, began his Church & started conquering worlds (Warlock #9, 1975); Thanos plucked Gamora from the future when her people the Zen Whoberis were exterminated by Church, raised & trained her to kill Magus (Warlock #10, 1975); captured on "The Great Divide", met Pip the Troll amongst the prisoners, vs Captain Autolycus, absorbed his soul, absorbed Judge Kray-tor’s soul while on trial on Homeworld, fell into despair, Pip met Gamora in Homeworld bar, Warlock forced himself to go mad to escape Church reconditioning, alongside Pip & Gamora, vs Magus (Strange Tales #179-181, 1975); revealed that Sphinxor of Prime Movers of Tarkus unleashed gem’s appetites (Marvel Two-in-One #63, 1980); Gamora’s assassination attempt foiled by Magus who successfully struck Warlock with beacon radiation, Gamora’s failure forced Thanos to appear, Magus & Thanos battled as life versus death, Warlock used Thanos’ time portal to diverge timelines apparently wiping Magus from existence, found himself dying only months in the future, absorbed his own soul into his gem at moment of his future self’s death (Warlock #9-11, 1975); Barry Bauman born without connections between his brain & nervous system, expanded his consciousness & became Star Thief, destroyed stars out of anger, Warlock detected him & traveled to Earth where he believed he had grown larger than the solar system, Star Thief killed by his nurse Tom Vocson while distracted by Warlock (Warlock #13-14, 1976); revealed that Sphinxor created illusion of Warlock’s expansion (Marvel Two-in-One #63, 1980); Stranger detected Gardener’s soul gem on moon & tried to steal it, Warlock arrived on moon & saved Spider-Man who was within a runaway rocket, Stranger thought he had detected Warlock’s gem & fought him, Gardener stepped in & joined his gem with Warlock’s to repel Stranger, abandoned his gem since it had been corrupted by battle (Marvel Team-Up #55, 1977); Warlock returned to Counter-Earth, subjected to illusion by Prime Movers that made him think it destroyed, blamed High Evolutionary & used soul gem on him to apparently kill him, Evolutionary escaped by becoming a disembodied intelligence (Marvel Two-in-One #62, 1980); Thanos claimed five of six Infinity Gems, combined them into one giant synthetic gem & began a plan to extinguish stars to show his love for Mistress Death, began with Earth’s sun, killed Gamora & lobotomized Pip, challenged by Warlock, Captain Marvel, & Avengers, mortally wounded Warlock in battle while Iron Man destroyed giant gem, Warlock’s past self arrived to absorb his soul into the gem, Warlock found himself in idyllic Soulworld with Gamora, Pip, Autolycus, Kray-tor & others (Avengers Annual #7, 1977); Avengers captured by Thanos who stole Warlock’s gem, Spider-Man & Thing arrived to free Avengers & release Warlock’s spirit from gem as Ultimate Avenger who turned Thanos to granite with a touch, Warlock buried on Counter-Earth (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #2, 1977); Enclave created Paragon who rebelled against them (Incredible Hulk Annual #6, 1977); Paragon emerged from cocoon as Her, sought Warlock as mate, discovered he was dead, traveled with Alicia Masters, Moondragon, Starhawk, & Thing to Counter-Earth, found Prime Movers stealing Counter-Earth which High Evolutionary allowed, gained permission to go to surface to resurrect Warlock but found only empty soulless shell when she raised him (Marvel Two-in-One #61-63, 1980); Mistress Death returned Thanos to life so that he would exterminate half of the universe’s sentient population, Thanos gained six Infinity Gems, placed on gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #1, 1991); Silver Surfer & Drax the Destroyer sent to Soulworld by Thanos, Warlock sent them out again but realized he must join struggle against Thanos (Silver Surfer #46-48, 1991); Warlock, Gamora & Pip inhabited bodies of people recently killed in Earth car crash, Thanos erased half universe’s population (Infinity Gauntlet #1, 1991); Counter-Earth destroyed, twelve people saved by Omega, fashioned into hate-filled army They (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #4, 1992); Warlock organized heroes against Thanos (Infinity Gauntlet #2, 1991); spurned Her (Quasar #27, 1991); used heroes as diversion, collected cosmic beings as allies, heroes lost to Thanos, Warlock sent Silver Surfer to steal Infinity Gauntlet but Surfer failed, Thanos defeated cosmic beings, took Eternity’s place, shed his body, Nebula stole gauntlet off his hand, reversed Thanos’ decrees & restored missing half of the universe, Thanos returned to his body & teamed with Warlock to oppose Nebula, Warlock returned to Soulworld, became one with the gem, caused Nebula to drop the gauntlet, grabbed it himself, became omnipotent (Infinity Gauntlet #3-6, 1991); subconsciously decided that pure logic could better shoulder his godlike responsibilities, expelled good & evil from himself (Infinity War #2, 1992); misused Infinity Gauntlet power, Doctor Strange forced him to look at his soul which brought Warlock to his senses (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #36, 1991); brought to trial by Eternity before Living Tribunal, Eternity claimed Warlock not mentally fit to wield Infinity Gauntlet, Living Tribunal ruled against Warlock who broke up the set of gems, created Infinity Watch, discovered he could not return to Soulworld since he was protector of the gem (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1-3, 1992); revealed that Counter-Earth was placed in an alien museum & that Thanos destroyed it when he held Infinity Gauntlet, Man-Beast saved twelve Counter-Earth residents who became his slaves, captured four of the gems, used them to create Infinity Thrall, Warlock maneuvered Infinity Thrall to smash engine of Man-Beast’s spacecraft, Infinity Watch teleported out, Man-Beast & Triax escaped (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #4-6, 1992); Infinity Watch settled on Monster Island, allied with Mole Man (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #7, 1992); Magus incorporated on crossroads of reality, acquired near-infinite power in five Cosmic Containment Units from five separate realities, set up fortress in barren region, gathered soldiers & altered them (Infinity War #2, 1992); Magus ordered Anthropomorpho to create dark doppelgangers of every Earth super-being (Quasar #38, 1992); Magus used Thanos doppelganger as servant, sent other doppelgangers to battle Earth heroes, Thanos sought Warlock’s help (Infinity War #1, 1992); Thanos summoned by Mistress Death while allied with Infinity Watch, asked to kill Warlock but could not bring himself to do it (Marvel Comics Presents #108-111, 1992); Thanos doppelganger prepared to betray Magus (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8, 1992); Warlock reconstituted Infinity Gauntlet but could not use it because of ban by Living Tribunal, Galactus & Gamora appealed to Tribunal to lift ban, Magus abducted Warlock, Thanos took Ultimate Nullifier from Galactus’ ship & gave it to Quasar to use on Magus (Infinity War #4, 1992); Galactus convinced Tribunal to lift ban but needed Eternity’s permission (Fantastic Four #369, 1992); merger of realities entranced all on Earth, Magus stole gauntlet, Galactus sent Gamora into Eternity who declared gems can work as one, Magus became "god", crucified Warlock, Thanos distracted Magus allowing Warlock to touch gauntlet, revealed that gauntlet was not complete since Warlock & Thanos forged fake reality gem, Warlock won battle of wills but entered coma, gems returned to Infinity Watch, Eternity again imposed his ban on gauntlet, Magus in Soulworld as less than nothing, Goddess stole Cosmic Containment Units (Infinity War #5-6, 1992); Eternity contacted comatose Warlock, gave him Eternal Orb, warned him of future events; Warlock awoke from coma (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #15, 1993); Count Abyss revealed to Warlock, sought soul gem (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #16, 1993); Maxam appeared on Monster Island with no memory, attacked Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #17, 1993); Warlock & Moondragon used gems to restore body of Silver Surfer’s lover Shalla Bal to life, Warlock defeated Mephisto to reclaim her soul & completely restore her (Silver Surfer/Warlock: Resurrection #1-4, 1993); Goddess recruited numerous Earth heroes, created world of Paradise Omega on far side of sun, gathered thirty Cosmic Containment Units into Cosmic Egg, broadcasted unique wavelength of telepathic energy across the length of galaxy, Mephisto offered to oppose Goddess for price of one Cosmic Containment Unit, Pip teleported to Egg, used its power to turn Goddess to salt, became king of the universe, Warlock traveled to Soulworld to seek Magus’ help (Infinity Crusade #1-4, 1993); Magus refused to help (Warlock Chronicles #4, 1993); Pip deposed by Silhouette, Goddess restored (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #20, 1993); Goddess apparently used Universal Will from her followers to create Rapture, turned sun & other stars nova, Warlock in spirit form entered Goddess’ subconscious & created galaxy-wide illusion of destruction so disciples could see her true intentions, discliples came to senses, Warlock’s spirit held the Goddess until Thanos could send her to Soulworld (Infinity Crusade #5-6, 1993); Warlock sought to get super-beings in his debt, agreed to join Silver Surfer to fight maddened Thor who gained Drax’s power gem, Doctor Strange joined group, Pip transported Thor to Thanos who trapped him in an energy field, group took Thor to Asgard, Warlock told Odin that he imbalanced Thor’s soul by grafting Don Blake persona to him & other spirit manipulations, Odin entered Thor’s mind & cured him, power gem returned to Drax (Thor #468-471/Silver Surfer #86-88/Warlock Chronicles #6-8/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #23-25, 1993-1994); Man-Beast as Senator Kyle Munson hypnotized Avengers to invade Monster Island, Vision & Moondragon broke spell, Warlock & Avengers confronted Munson at U.N., exposed him as Man-Beast, defeated him (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26-28, 1994); Milos Abyss traded soul to Zalkor in exchange for unlimited power within his dimension, sought soul gem, sent Maya to Monster Island with wine infused with love potion, manipulated Maya & Warlock into drinking wine & falling in love with each other, kidnapped Maya back to his dimension to force Warlock to follow, stole soul gem, drew souls out which weakened him, Warlock took gem back, sent Kray-tor’s soul in Abyss giving him a conscience & cutting him off from his power, defeated him, Maya became queen & married Master Darklore in spite of her feelings for Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #29-33, 1994); Zakatus the Life-Stealer extracted life-force runes for Lord Domitian who used them to gain power, realized Domitian’s misuse of them & rebelled, Domitian badly wounded Moondragon, defeated by Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #37-39, 1995); Gamora quit over Maxam, rejected her time gem, Maxam retrieved gem, learned he came from Magus-dominated future to kill Warlock before he became Magus, thought he killed Warlock thanks to Moondragon’s mind manipulations, returned to future, Monster Island devastated by rising of Atlantis (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #40-42, 1995); Rune stole Infinity Gems, battled Silver Surfer who was sent by Living Tribunal, lost gems in cosmic vortex, Warlock left Earth to search for soul gem, sucked into interdimensional singularity, appeared on Godwheel in Ultraverse’s past, vs Rune, killed by him, wove cocoon which was found thousands of years later in orbit around Saturn, brought to Earth, returned to life, vs Gemini, failed to redeem him, left Ultraverse without gem (Rune/Silver Surfer #1/Curse of Rune #4/Rune #Infinity, 1-3 & 6-7/Ultraverse Unlimited #1, 1995-1996); gem exerted uncontrollable bursts of emotion, Warlock sought help from Mentor & ISAAC, Elysius killed, Drax & animated corpse of Mar-Vell suspected, killer revealed to be Syphonn of Negative Zone allied with Annihilus & Blaastar, Warlock brought to Negative Zone, gem stolen by Syphonn but Warlock regained it, defeated Syphonn (Warlock #1-4, 1998); Warlock contacted by dying cosmic anchor Atlez, brought to pavilion in heart of darkness to tutor successor Atleza, Atlez fed information into soul gem driving Warlock mad, Warlock ended up in Corporation for Mental Stability on Degaitor in Hercules cluster, cured by Thanos, Moondragon, & Pip, succession opposed by still-nihilistic clones of Thanos but succeeded with Atleza taking deceased Atlez’s place, Warlock & Gamora remained as guardians (Infinity Abyss #1-6, 2002); Celestial Order discovered Heart of the Infinite, gained ultimate power & wanted to share, 18th dynasty mad pharaoh Akhenaten abducted by Celestial Order & returned to Earth possessed of ultimate power from Heart of the Infinite as agent of Grand Council, abducted world leaders, killed X-Men, Fantastic Four, & Avengers, Thanos stole Heart of the Infinite, eliminated Akhenaten & Celestial Order from reality, restored all on Earth killed by Akhenaten, learned reality had terminal illness caused by breakdown of life-death barriers, destroyed universe, Warlock emerged from pavilion, helped Thanos see he must sacrifice power to remake reality with new barriers (Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, 2003); Thanos remained alive & in hiding, Warlock driven by irresistible urge, found Thanos on old-Rigel-3, Thanos went to new-Rigel-3 to surrender to Grand Commissioner for crimes against Rigellians, agreed to go to Rigel-18 to battle Galactus who was mesmerized by other-dimensional reality vampire Hunger into using Infinity Gems to open portal, Thanos collided abandoned old-Rigel-3 with Rigel-18 preventing all but a tiny piece of Hunger from entering the dimension (Thanos #1-6, 2004); Champion conquered Skardon, challenged all comers, Warlock defeated Champion with soul gem but result was disqualified since he used a weapon, trained challengers along with Gamora & Pip that were all defeated including himself, died & reborn in cocoon, She-Hulk arrived & had Champion’s power gem ruled a weapon, defeated him in ring (She-Hulk #7-8, 2004); learned that Enclave was creating new female being, infiltrated being’s dreams under guise of Mr. Smith, cast being in the role of designer Janie Chin who witnessed imaginary birth of new male Warlock, made her realize she should break away from Enclave (Warlock #1-4, 2004-2005)


First Appearance: (As Thunderbird) New Mutants #16 (1984); (as Warpath) New Mutants Annual #7 (1991)
Origin: X-Force #-1 (1997); Classic X-Men #3 (1986)
Significant Issues: As youth, encountered Edward Martynec, saved by pet cat Coyote, reunited with brother John after he returned from military service, had fortune told by Destiny at carnival, met Ringmaster, followed John when he investigated Martynec’s lab with Michael Whitecloud, taken hostage by Martynec, saved by John, shot Martynec, escaped (X-Force #-1, 1997); after John’s death, stole his body to give him a warrior’s funeral, swore vengeance against Xavier, took John’s costume & codename Thunderbird as his own (Classic X-Men #3/X-Force #42, 1986/1995); as leader of Hellions, first encountered New Mutants, alongside Roulette, vs Sunspot & Wolfsbane (New Mutants #16, 1984); oversaw duel between New Mutants & Hellions (New Mutants #17, 1984); trained with Hellions, punished by White Queen Emma Frost for poor performance (Firestar #2, 1986); captured Banshee on Muir Island, used him as bait to lure X-Men to Cheyenne Mountain, with unwanted aid from Empath, Roulette & Firestar, vs X-Men, saved Wolverine & Kitty Pryde from neuro-toxin gas, confronted Xavier with intent to kill him, suffered crisis of conscience, made peace with Xavier (Uncanny X-Men #193, 1985); desire for revenge against Xavier revealed to have been fostered telepathically by Frost (Firestar #3, 1986); welcomed New Mutants into Hellions ranks (New Mutants #39, 1986); with Hellions, reluctantly sought to rescue Empath from New Mutants, swore to them he would keep Empath in line (New Mutants #43, 1986); with Hellions, attended gala at Hellfire Club, confronted New Mutants, agreed to settle differences with New Mutants via a contest to capture Viper & Silver Samurai (New Mutants #53-54, 1987); with Hellions, sought to capture Bird-Boy, opposed by New Mutants (New Mutants #56, 1987); with Hellions, trained against Magma (New Mutants #62, 1988); left Hellions & returned home, approached by Cable with offer to join New Mutants, found reservation massacred seemingly by Hellfire Club, prepared tribespeople for traditional burial, questioned by police & Bureau of Indian Affairs, accepted Cable’s offer (New Mutants #99/X-Force #42, 1991/1995); with New Mutants, alongside Shatterstar, vs Imperial Protectorate (New Mutants #100, 1991); with New Mutants, vs Alliance of Evil, investigated Genetech, vs New Warriors, alongside New Warriors, investigated A.I.M. warehouse, learned of A.I.M.’s plan to recreate Proteus, sought to warn Moira MacTaggert, alongside Muir Island X-Men, vs Harness, confronted by merged Proteus & Piecemeal, alongside X-Factor, opposed Proteus & Piecemeal, witnessed their apparent suicide (New Mutants Annual #7/New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); became founding member of X-Force, with X-Force, vs Mutant Liberation Front (X-Force #1, 1991); with X-Force, trained against Feral (X-Force #2, 1991); with X-Force, alongside Siryn & Spider-Man, vs Juggernaut (X-Force #3/Spider-Man #16/X-Force #4, 1991); reaffirmed oath of revenge against Hellfire Club (X-Force #5, 1991); trained with Shatterstar, with X-Force, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (X-Force #6-7 & 9, 1992); with X-Force, analyzed current threats (X-Force Annual #1, 1992); alongside other heroes, vs Infinity Watch (Wonder Man #13/Quasar #38, 1992); with X-Force, confronted Morlocks (X-Force #11, 1992); with X-Force, vs Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. (X-Force #12-13, 1992); with X-Force, vs S.H.I.E.L.D., commandeered S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel carrier, vs Crule, rescued Sunspot from Gideon (X-Force #14-15, 1992); with X-Force, witnessed attempted assassination of Xavier by Stryfe disguised as Cable, opposed X-Men & X-Factor’s attempt to bring them in for questioning over Cable’s whereabouts, defeated by X-teams, held prisoner in Danger Room, released after Stryfe revealed as culprit (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Factor #84/X-Men #14/X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Force #17/Uncanny X-Men #296/X-Force #19, 1992/1993); with Cannonball, alongside Firestar, traveled to Nova Roma to inform Magma & Empath of death of Hellions, mentally coerced by Empath into fighting Firestar, freed by Firestar, recovered file on Hellions from Massachusetts Academy, file destroyed by Firestar (X-Men #17/New Warriors #31, 1993); alongside Siryn, stole data from Xavier’s computers, with X-Force, received new costumes, teleported to Camp Verde by Lila Cheney (X-Force #19, 1993); alongside Boomer & Siryn, captured by Externals (X-Force #21-22, 1993); rescued by teammates (X-Force #23, 1993); with X-Force, recruited by Xavier to rescue Rusty Collins & Skids from Friends of Humanity (X-Force #24, 1993); with X-Force, reunited with Cable, encountered Exodus, traveled to Avalon, vs Exodus again, returned to Earth with injured Cable (X-Force #25, 1993); with X-Force, alongside others, attended Illyana’s funeral, opposed Magneto, witnessed Colossus’ defection to Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); tended to Siryn during her alcoholism, admitted feelings for her (X-Force #26, 1993); with X-Force, vs X-Treme, alongside X-Treme, vs Martin Strong (X-Force Annual #2, 1993); with X-Force, sought to rescue Henry Gyrich from Reignfire & MLF, vs Reignfire & MLF (X-Force #27-28, 1993); confessed feelings to Siryn, rejected by her (X-Force #29, 1993); reconciled with Siryn, accompanied her home to Ireland, learned full extent of Siryn’s battle with alcoholism, sought Juggernaut’s help in giving Siryn closure, witnessed Siryn’s confrontation with Black Tom (X-Force #30-31, 1994); alongside former New Mutants & Hellions members, targeted by Upstarts in "Younghunt" competition, with X-Force, vs Fitzroy, captured Bantam, confronted Shinobi Shaw, alongside New Warriors, vs Siena Blaze, defeated, Younghunt ended after Paige Guthrie confronted Gamesmaster (X-Force #32/New Warriors #45/X-Force #33/New Warriors #46, 1994); invited Empath to join X-Force (X-Force #34, 1994); with X-Force, alongside other X-teams, attended wedding of Cyclops & Jean Grey (X-Men #30/What If..? #60, 1994); with X-Force, vs Nimrod (X-Force #35-36, 1994); with X-Force, alongside Excalibur & X-Factor, opposed Phalanx, alongside Shatterstar, kept as reinforcements while others sought to destroy babel spire (X-Factor #106/X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); with X-Force, encountered Professor’s corporeal form Prosh (X-Force #39, 1994); with X-Force, usurped abandoned Murderworld as new base, rescued Thornn from Friends of Humanity (X-Force #40, 1994); with X-Force, visited Generation X, confronted Frost over Hellfire Club’s apparent involvement in Camp Verde massacre (X-Force #42, 1995); with X-Force, alongside Locus, sought whereabouts of Sunspot, confronted Reignfire, learned Reignfire was Sunspot, caught in reality warp (X-Force #43, 1995); with X-Force, after reality restored, abandoned Murderworld base after it was set to self destruct by Arcade (X-Men: Prime/Cable #21, 1995); with X-Force, moved back into Xavier’s Mansion, sought whereabouts of Siryn, welcomed Caliban as new teammate (X-Force #44, 1995); began training with bo staff, sparred with Caliban, with X-Force, vs Mimic, enhanced powers detected by Mimic (X-Force #45-46, 1995); welcomed Siryn back (X-Force #47, 1995); with X-Force, confronted Boomer about her helping supposedly reformed Sabretooth (X-Force #48, 1995); with X-Force, alongside Impossible Man & Impossible Kids, vs Barrachus the Kalinator (X-Force and Cable ’95, 1995); alongside Siryn, captured by Sebastian Shaw, with X-Force, brainwashed by Tessa into attacking Cable & Domino, first began displaying enhanced powers, freed by Cable (X-Force #49-50, 1995-1996); tested enhanced powers, ran from Westchester to New York City, met Risque (X-Force #51, 1996); with X-Force, first met Blaquesmith (Cable #29, 1996); with X-Force, helped save Beast imposter from lab explosion (Uncanny X-Men #331, 1996); sparred with Shatterstar (X-Force #52, 1996); with X-Force, confronted Absalom & Crule, tracked Selene, defeated by her (X-Force #53, 1996); revealed to have been rescued by Risque, began relationship with her, had stylized thunderbird tattooed on back (X-Force #55-56, 1996); alongside Risque, returned to Xavier’s mansion after Onslaught’s attack, with X-Force, alongside Risque & X-Man, vs Mr Sinister, defeated by Sinister (X-Force #57, 1996); with X-Force, psychically taunted by Onslaught (X-Force #58, 1996); with X-Force, alongside alternate reality young heroes, opposed Mojo (Youngblood/X-Force & X-Force/Youngblood, 1996); with X-Force, vs Pulse (X-Force and Cable ’96, 1996); with X-Force, alongside Longshot, traveled to Mojoworld to rescue Shatterstar, opposed Mojo, saved Shatterstar (X-Force #59-61, 1996); with X-Force, alongside Moonstar, journeyed to Asgard to rescue Valkyrior from Malekith (X-Force and Cable ’97 Annual, 1997); with X-Force, alongside Nathaniel Richards, sought to safeguard Doom’s time platform from falling into wrong hands, alongside Sunspot & Caliban, kept in reserve, investigated disappearance of Castle Doom, witnessed its reappearance (X-Force #63-64, 1997); reunited with Risque, alongside her, vs Blob & Mimic, betrayed by Risque (X-Force #65, 1997); met Sledge, offered whereabouts of Whitecloud in exchange for performing mission for Sledge, reunited with X-Force, ended relationship with Risque (X-Force #66, 1997); sent by Sledge into alternate dimension to rescue Vanisher, returned to Earth (X-Force #68-71, 1997); alongside Siryn, vs Deadpool (Deadpool #12, 1998); alongside Siryn, sought out Whitecloud, learned truth from him about Camp Verde massacre (X-Force #72, 1997); alongside Siryn, confronted by Martynec, captured by him, learned Stryfe was behind Camp Verde massacre, killed by Martynec, spirit trapped in Blackheart’s realm, confronted Stryfe, defeated by him, saved by X-Force, defeated Stryfe, returned to Earth (X-Force #73-75, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Cannonball, vs Selene (X-Force #75, 1998); with X-Force, investigated town of Almost Reno (X-Force #77, 1998); witnessed Siryn’s capture by Locus, followed through Locus’ portal, witnessed X-Force as prisoners of Reignfire, sought to free them, vs Reignfire & Locus, with X-Force, witnessed Reignfire’s merging with Sunspot, vs Reignfire-controlled Sunspot, weakened Reignfire enough to allow Sunspot to free himself & defeat Reignfire (X-Force #78-80, 1998); with X-Force, in Hawaii, vs Lava Men, aided in restoration of fire goddess Pele (X-Force #81, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Jesse Bedlam, helped rescue Domino from Gryphon (X-Force #82, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Jesse Bedlam, met members of M.U.S.E., learned Bedlam’s origin (X-Force #83, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Cannonball, Argos & Arcadia, vs Sword (X-Force #84, 1998); with X-Force, alongside Bedlam, Skids, Locus & Jennifer Kale, vs Pandemonia (X-Force #85, 1999); with X-Force, alongside Champions of Los Angeles, opposed Hades’ plan to summon Titan (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring X-Force/Champions, 1998); with X-Force, returned to Almost Reno, confronted Odysseus Indigo (X-Force #86, 1999); with X-Force, in San Francisco, helped rescue those affected by tidal waves caused by Crimson Cowl’s weather modulators (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); encountered Tarot, warned by her of impending danger (X-Force #87, 1999); with X-Force, alongside Bedlam, sought to prevent New Hellions from unleashing Armageddon Man (X-Force #88-90, 1999); with X-Force, reunited with Cable, vs Horsemen Pestilence/Caliban & War/Deathbird (Cable #73-74, 1999); with X-Force, participated in Coterie’s "contest of champions", defeated Iron Man, subsequently defeated by Black Widow (Contest of Champions II #1 & 4, 1999); with X-Force, recruited by Astarte & Electryon of the Eternals to destroy alien engine, betrayed by Eternals, confronted them (X-Force #93, 1999); with X-Force, recruited by Pete Wisdom to recover experimental CPU from Genosha, gained memories of Genoshan mapmaker’s intricate knowledge of Hammer Bay’s streets & sewers, vs Magneto (X-Force #94-95, 1999); with X-Force, alongside Rictor, Shatterstar, Hanransha & Neurotap, vs Hanna Verschiagen (X-Force ’99 Annual, 1999); with X-Force, alongside Ulysses & Arcadia, sought to prevent Indigo from reactivating Celestial Gatherer, vs Selene & Hellfire Club soldiers (X-Force #97-98, 1999-2000); with X-Force, vs Demon Bear (X-Force #99, 2000); with X-Force, alongside alternate reality Cable, vs Queen of the Star Swords (X-Force #100, 2000); with X-Force, alongside Earth’s mutants, powers briefly removed by High Evolutionary (X-Force #101, 2000); with X-Force, sparred with Domino, accepted Pete Wisdom’s offer of training, learned mutant genome had been "rebooted" by High Evolutionary and that he had gained complete access to powers, used his powers to fly for first time (X-Force #106-107, 2000); with X-Force, vs Meatspore Stormtroopers, disabled bioreactor in San Francisco (X-Force #102-105, 2000); with X-Force, attended funeral for Pete Wisdom, reunited with Domino, aided her against Marcus Tsung, met Romany Wisdom (X-Force #106-109, 2000); with X-Force, alongside Major Valentina Rychenko, vs Warborgs, poisoned by Warborg, cured by S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Warborgs again, confronted Niles Roman, caught in explosion caused by Romany Wisdom, survived but allowed world to believe they were dead (X-Force #111-113, 2001); with X-Force, vs Corben, met Alistaire Stuart, confronted Romany Wisdom, vs alien symbiotes, believed killed in explosion (X-Force #114-115, 2001); with X-Force, vs usurper X-Force team, defeated by Vivisector & Phat (X-Force #117, 2001); alongside Siryn, attended funeral for Deadpool (Deadpool #61, 2002); with X-Corporation, in Mumbai, India, alongside Jean Grey, saved Professor X from attempted assassination by Lilandra, met Dust (New X-Men #133, 2002); recruited by Cable to oppose Skornn, rejoined X-Force, vs Jon Spectre, rescued Caliban from Watchtower, alongside MLF, Wolverine, Thing & Human Torch, vs Skornn (X-Force #2-6, 2004-2005); with X-Force, investigated Black Box (Cable & Deadpool #18, 2005); joined X-Men, helped rescue Polaris from anti-Apocalypse cult, commandeered starship in order to follow Vulcan to Shi’ar space (Uncanny X-Men #475-476, 2006); with X-Men, vs Warskrulls (Uncanny X-Men #478, 2006); helped train Darwin, with X-Men, vs Korvus (Uncanny X-Men #479, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Force #129 (2002)
Origin: X-Force #129 (2002), Weapon X #9 (2003)
Significant Issues: Participated in X-Force tryouts (X-Force #129, 2002); failed X-Force tryouts, recruited instead by Weapon X, powers augmented, tested enhanced abilities by killing Weapon X guard Eric Moreels (Weapon X #½, 2002); with Weapon X, vs Zodiac, defeated Capricorn & Pisces, accompanied Brent Jackson to recruit Locus, found her killed by Sabretooth (Weapon X #1, 2002); with Weapon X, vs Blob & Avalanche, helped interrogate them as to Sabretooth’s whereabouts (Weapon X #4, 2003); learned his augmented powers were killing him through dehydration, sought revenge on Director (Weapon X #8, 2003); returned to old neighborhood to farewell father (Weapon X #9, 2003); joined Brent Jackson’s rebel faction, allied with Cable’s Underground (Weapon X #10, 2003); attacked Director, caused power outage in Weapon X facility to allow Underground to enter, attempted to kill Director but failed & died from effort (Weapon X #11, 2003)


First Appearance: (Allegedly as William) Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12 (1986), (as Asgardian) Young Avengers #1 (2005); (as Wiccan) Young Avengers #6 (2005)
Significant Issues: Met Scarlet Witch in chance encounter after being bullied at school, discovered he had spell-casting powers (Young Avengers Special #1, 2006); persuaded by Iron Lad to join Young Avengers, nearly pressured into giving up super-heroics by Avengers, with Young Avengers, defeated Kang (Young Avengers #1-6, 2005); discovered that his parents knew of his relationship with Hulkling, with Young Avengers, vs Mr. Hyde (Young Avengers #7-8, 2005-2006); with Young Avengers, protected teammate Hulkling from custody of Skrull & Kree Empires while trying to avert a second Kree/Skrull War (Young Avengers #9-12, 2006); with Young Avengers, joined Captain America’s superhuman resistance movement after nearly being captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. agents under authority of Superhuman Registration Act (Civil War #2-3, 2006); with Young Avengers, allied with Runaways to infiltrate superhuman prison the Cube, vs Marvel Boy/Noh-Varr (Civil War: Young Avengers/Runaways #1-4, 2006)

Wild Child

First Appearance: (As Wild Child, cameo) Alpha Flight #1 (1983); (as Wild Child, fully) Alpha Flight #11 (1984), (as Weapon Omega) Alpha Flight #102 (1991), (as Wildheart) Alpha Flight #118 (1993)
Origin: Alpha Flight #116-118 (1993), X-Factor #142 (1998)
Significant Issues: With Omega Flight, vs Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #11-12, 1984); with Omega Flight, vs Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #26-28, 1985); went on killing spree, stopped by Wolverine (Marvel Comics Presents #51-53, 1990); with Gamma Flight, vs Llan the Sorcerer’s minions (Alpha Flight #76, 79-80, 1989); with Gamma Flight, alongside Alpha Flight, vs Llan (Alpha Flight #84-86, 1990); alongside Nemesis, vs Wolverine & Vindicator, believed dead (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); as Weapon Omega, joined Alpha Flight; with them, vs Diablo (Alpha Flight #102-103, 1991); with Alpha Flight, vs Headlok (Alpha Flight #104, 1992); attended Jeffries’ bachelor party (Alpha Flight #105, 1992); supported Northstar’s outing (Alpha Flight #106, 1992); with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Factor, vs zombies (Alpha Flight #107, 1992); with Alpha Flight, alongside European heroes, vs Brain Drain (Alpha Flight #108, 1992); with Alpha Flight, vs the Hand (Alpha Flight #109, 1992); with Alpha Flight, alongside American heroes, opposed Magus (Alpha Flight #110-112, 1992); struggled with memories, vs Wyre (Alpha Flight #113-115, 1992); with Alpha Flight, alongside Weapon X, Nemesis, & Wyre, vs Children of the Night, learned partial origins, changed alias to Wildheart (Alpha Flight #116-118, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Wrecking Crew (Alpha Flight #119, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Chess Set (Alpha Flight #120, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Witchfire & Outcasts (Alpha Flight #121-124, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Yakuza to rescue Havok (X-Factor #112, 1995); with X-Factor, vs Fatale, briefly poisoned (X-Factor #113, 1995); antagonized by Mystique, brushed off by Valerie Cooper (X-Factor #114-115, 1995); confronted by Aurora, Northstar, & Puck (X-Factor #116, 1995); with X-Factor, vs Sentinel, met Shard (X-Factor #117, 1995); felt like he had a new beginning, flirted with Shard, vs Friends of Humanity (X-Factor #119, 1996); with X-Factor, vs Adversary (X-Factor #120, 1996); ridiculed by Sabretooth after he was forced onto team, with X-Factor, vs Hounds (X-Factor #121-123, 1996); trained with X-Factor, bonded with Shard (X-Factor #124, 1996); questioned about X-Factor at inquisition (X-Factor #127, 1996); taunted by Sabretooth, with X-Factor, manipulated by government into hunting Multiple Man (X-Factor #128, 1997); bonded with Multiple Man (X-Factor #129, 1997); with X-Factor, failed to prevent Graydon Creed’s assassination (X-Factor #130, 1997); discussed potential relationship with Shard (X-Factor #132, 1997); with X-Factor, faked death & went underground (X-Factor #133, 1997); helped Mystique track Trevor Chase (X-Factor #134, 1997); began noticing pending mutation, aided Multiple Man & Strong Guy (X-Factor #135, 1997); alongside Shard, Bishop, & Storm, vs Hound (Uncanny X-Men Annual 1996, 1996); with X-Factor, retrieved Sabretooth (Marvel Fanfare #6, 1997); alongside Sabretooth, investigated Lori Bradt’s death, vs Chop-Chop (Sabretooth: Back to Nature #1, 1998); taunted by Mystique posing as Aurora, with X-Factor, severely wounded by escaping Sabretooth (X-Factor #136, 1997); recuperated from wounds, watched over wounded teammates (X-Factor #137, 1997); recovered from wounds (X-Factor #138 & 141, 1997); sought out Cooper, vs Sabretooth, mutated, left X-Factor (X-Factor #142, 1998); learned Alpha Flight was in operation again (Alpha Flight #3, 1997); mutated again into more human state though still feral, recruited by Weapon X (Deadpool #57, 2001); alongside Sauron, hunted Deadpool, caught in explosion (Deadpool #60-61, 2002); isolated himself among other Weapon X recruits (Weapon X #½, 2002); vocal cords severed by Sabretooth, recruited Aurora into Weapon X, rejected by Aurora (Weapon X: Draft - Wild Child, 2002); acted as Weapon X operative (Weapon X: Draft - Sauron/Weapon X: Draft - Agent Zero, 2002); with Weapon X, vs Zodiac, pined after Aurora (Weapon X #1, 2002); alongside Aurora, ambushed by Sabretooth, forced to watch as Sabretooth disfigured her (Weapon X #2, 2002); watched over Aurora, displeased when Director took personal interest in her (Weapon X #3, 2003); extent of abuse at Sabretooth’s hands revealed, entered therapy, confronted Sabretooth (Weapon X #4, 2003); with Weapon X, kidnapped mutant children (Weapon X #5, 2003); jealous of Director's relationship with Aurora, joined Agent Jackson’s sub-movement (Weapon X #7, 2003); prepared for rebellion (Weapon X #9, 2003); with rebellion, allied with Cable’s Underground to take down Director (Weapon X #10, 2003); posed as loyal soldier to Director (Weapon X #11, 2003); with rebellion, alongside Underground, turned on Director (Weapon X #12, 2003); pleased when Jackson was appointed new Director (Weapon X #13, 2003); appointed head of security, introduced to Chamber (Weapon X #16, 2004); with Weapon X, vs U-Men (Weapon X #17-18, 2004); Weapon X revealed to have disappeared to parts unknown (Weapon X #28, 2004)

Wild Thing

First Appearance: J2 #5 (1999)
Significant Issues: Sought J2 to learn whereabouts of original Juggernaut, vs J2, fled after Wolverine arrived to return her home (J2 #5, 1999); visited San Francisco, vs street thugs (J2 #6, 1999); alongside Magneta & J2, investigated rumors of Black Tom Cassidy’s return, visited Cassidy Keep, declined Magneta’s offer to join her new team, vs Sabreclaw & Enthralla (J2 #8, 1999); sparred with Wolverine (J2 #9, 1999); accepted Magneta’s offer to join new team (J2 #10, 1999); tested for membership of X-People at father’s request, passed initiation but declined offer to join as probationary member (J2 #11, 1999); attacked Sabreclaw & Enthralla who were disguised as policemen, opposed by unaware Spider-Girl until villains’ true identities exposed, alongside Spider-Girl, vs Sabreclaw, met Fantastic Five (Spider-Girl #½, 1999); bullied by Cameron Bryce-Jones at school, saved her from Thrash Bandit (Wild Thing #1, 1999); played virtual reality game while mother sparred at friend’s gym then battled Kuroyama, game interrupted by Kuroyama when he used VR matrix to scan Elektra’s moves, defeated Kuroyama with one strike of psychic claws (Wild Thing #2, 1999); vs Sentinel at school, saved Cameron from Sentinel after it detected her to be a dormant mutant, learned Sentinel was social studies teacher, Sentinel programming nullified by Jubilee (Wild Thing #3, 1999); against father’s wishes, followed him in search of missing scout troop, encountered Hulk, alongside Wolverine & Hulk, vs Wendigoes, learned Wendigoes were missing scouts, Wendigo curse removed by Doctor Strange, grounded by father (Wild Thing #0, 1999); alongside Wolverine, vs N’Garai demon in Central Park (Wild Thing #4, 2000); sought to save Cameron from Iron Despot, convinced Despot to allow her to exchange places with Cameron, lured Despot into bottomless sinkhole, forced it to release her before it sank (Wild Thing #5, 2000); gathered with other heroes at Avengers Mansion to form united front against Seth & Soldiers of the Serpent, trapped inside Avengers Mansion by Seth’s magic (Spider-Girl #58-59, 2003); went tracking with father when he disappeared, sought Avengers aid in locating father, alongside them & other heroes, searched for father & other missing heroes, vs Asgardian trolls, captured, rescued by J2 & Spider-Girl, sought help from Thor in Asgard, returned to Earth, vs Loki, witnessed death of Captain America, reunited with father (Spider-Girl #85/Last Hero Standing #1-5, 2005); alongside Earth’s heroes & Sabreclaw, opposed Galactus’ attempt to consume Earth, witnessed merging of Silver Surfer & Galactus (Last Planet Standing #4-5, 2006)

Wilder, Alex

First Appearance: Runaways #1 (2003)
Origin: Runaways #17 (2004)
Significant Issues: Led Pride's children into witnessing Rite of Blood (Runaways #1, 2003); led kids in investigating Pride (Runaways #2, 2003); parents learned of snooping (Runaways #3, 2003); confronted Pride (Runaways #4, 2003); kissed Nico, led Runaways to rescue Molly (Runaways #5, 2003); framed for Pride murder, began leaving mole messages for Pride (Runaways #6, 2003); refused to take codename, invited Topher into Runaways (Runaways #7, 2004); spied on Topher & Nico kissing (Runaways #8, 2004); argued with Nico (Runaways #9, 2004); saved Nico from vampiric Topher, Runaways defeated him (Runaways #10, 2004); encountered Cloak & Dagger, trapped in Darkforce Dimension (Runaways #11, 2004); rescued, parted ways with Cloak & Dagger (Runaways #12, 2004); read Abstract to Runaways (Runaways #13, 2004); escaped corrupt police officers (Runaways #14, 2004); led Runaways to stop Pride & Gibborim (Runaways #15, 2004); revealed true intentions (Runaways #16, 2004); incinerated by Gibborim (Runaways #17, 2004); Nico revealed to have tried to resurrect Alex (Runaways #2, 2005); online friends attempted to resurrect Alex (Runaways #14, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme Annual #3 (1993)
Significant Issues: At age five, witnessed father's murder (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #59, 1993); manifested mystic power, sought vengeance against Kranchuk & Hatcher, clashed with Doctor Strange, agreed to serve Celtic Gods, shown vision of curse's origins (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #3, 1993); vs Centaurion (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #54-55, 1993); first confronted Bellona (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #56, 1993); fared poorly under Strange's tutelage (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #57, 1993); drawn into Iskelior's realm (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #58, 1993); befriended Iskelior, vs Strange, remained in Iskelior's realm (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #59, 1993); alongside Modred & Midnight Sons, vs Salome (Midnight Sons Unlimited #5, 1994); with Modred, left wreath at Morbius' grave (Morbius #29, 1995); vs Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #77, 1995)


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #87 (1990)
Origin: Alpha Flight #124 (1993); Alpha Flight #95 (1991)
Significant Issues: As adolescent, accosted by thugs, brutally beat them (Alpha Flight #124, 1993); moved to England with family, learned of grandfather’s death, remained at school rather than attend funeral (Alpha Flight #95, 1991); as Roxxon Oil employee, sent to Denver, Colorado to defuse seemingly out-of-control computer systems, failed (Alpha Flight #87, 1990); alongside Box & Diamond Lil, recruited Forge’s aid, learned source of computer problems was James Hudson (Alpha Flight #88-89, 1990); quit Roxxon after learning of their imprisonment of Hudson, returned to Canada with Hudson, joined Alpha Flight on probationary basis (Alpha Flight #90, 1990); alongside Sasquatch & Witchfire, saved workers after accident at construction site of new Alpha Flight headquarters (Alpha Flight #91, 1990); with Guardian/Heather Hudson, Witchfire & Northstar, alongside Human Torch & Thing, sought to rescue rest of Alpha Flight & Fantastic Four from Headlok, clashed with Invisible Woman, aided in freeing heroes from Headlok’s control (Alpha Flight #93-94, 1991); visited grandfather’s grave, opposed muggers, made full member of Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #95, 1991); with Alpha Flight, aided in clean-up of oil spill from tanker in Queen Maude Bay, helped rescue ship’s crew (Alpha Flight #96, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Her & Avengers, vs Consortium, with Guardian & Box, alongside several Avengers, teleported by Vindicator/James Hudson to Quwrll to oppose Galactus, returned to Earth by Vindicator (Alpha Flight #98-100, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Avengers, helped clean-up aftermath of battle vs Consortium in Toronto, with Alpha Flight, attended funeral for James Hudson (Alpha Flight #101, 1991); appointed Chief Administrator of Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #102, 1991); as Alpha’s Chief Administrator, interviewed on Canada A.M. regarding public backlash over Consortium battle (Alpha Flight #103, 1991); gave media guided tour of Alpha’s new headquarters, arranged for new uniforms for team (Alpha Flight #104, 1992); with male Alpha Flight members, attended bachelor party for Madison Jeffries (Alpha Flight #105, 1992); opposed attempt by dream demons to invade Earth (Alpha Flight #109, 1992); alongside Gamma Flight, vs Firebug, briefly possessed by Persuasion, vs Omega Flight & Master of the World, appointed Gamma Flight as Beta Flight (Alpha Flight #111-112, 1992); concerned over Beta Flight’s safety during field mission (Alpha Flight #114, 1992); arranged press conference to help improve Alpha Flight’s image with Canada’s citizens (Alpha Flight #116, 1993); with Alpha Flight, went to rescue Weapon Omega, vs Children of the Night (Alpha Flight #117, 1993); with Guardian/Heather Hudson, met with General Clarke regarding Super-Powers Bill, with Alpha Flight, vs Thunderball (Alpha Flight #118, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Wrecking Crew (Alpha Flight #119, 1993); with Alpha Flight, sought to safeguard Albert Louis from Hardliners, vs Hardliners (Alpha Flight #120, 1993); with Sasquatch, Puck, Talisman & Shaman, recruited by Goddess to join her "Infinity Crusade", alongside other converted heroes, teleported to Paradise Omega, witnessed creation of Cosmic Egg (Alpha Flight #122/Infinity Crusade #1/Thor #464/Infinity Crusade #2/Web of Spider-Man #104, 1993); with converted heroes, helped deliver bomb to Earth (Infinity Crusade #3-4, 1993); with converted Alphans, opposed unconverted Alphans over Witchfire, alongside Hercules & Archangel, sought to convert aliens, broke free of Goddess’ influence, chose to(Alpha Flight #124, 1993); chose to defy Goddess passively, alongside Doctor Strange, vs Mr. Fantastic & Vision, allowed Vision to defeat him (Infinity Crusade #4-5/Alpha Flight #127, 1993); returned to Alpha Flight after Goddess’ defeat (Infinity Crusade #6/Alpha Flight #127, 1993); with Alpha Flight, alongside Beta Flight, vs Master of the World, Alpha Flight disbanded (Alpha Flight #130, 1994); revealed to have retired from super-hero life, established curio shop in Notting Hill, London selling hard air sculptures (Thunderbolts #43, 2000); revealed to have been depowered post-"M-Day" (New Avengers #18, 2006)

Winter Soldier

First Appearance: (As Bucky) Captain America Comics #1 (1941); (as Winter Soldier) Captain America #1 (2005)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #63 (1965); Adventures of Captain America #3-4 (1991); Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #12 (1999); Captain America #11 (2005)
Significant Issues: Obtained permission to become Captain America’s partner (Captain America #26, 2004); first active with Young Allies (Young Allies #1, 1941); formed Liberty Legion to rescue Invaders (Marvel Premiere #29-30/Invaders #6, 1976); formed Kid Commandos (Invaders #28, 1978); led Young Allies against sorcerers (Young Allies #10, 1943); fatally injured on booby-trapped plane in final months of World War II, retrieved by Soviets, brainwashed & reconstructed as cybernetic assassin by KGB (Avengers #56/Captain America #11, 1968/2005); reactivated in modern times by General Lukin, assassinated Red Skull, acquired Cosmic Cube for Lukin (Captain America #1 & 7, 2005); assassinated Nomad/Jack Munroe (Captain America #3, 2005); captured Sharon Carter (Captain America #4, 2005); firebombed Philadelphia, framed Jack Munroe for the destruction, refrained from assassinating Captain America & Sharon Carter at Lukin's request (Captain America #6 & 8, 2005); ordered by Lukin to transport Cosmic Cube to fallout shelter in West Virginia’s Allegheny Mountains, questioned Lukin’s orders for first time (Captain America #13, 2006); battled Captain America for control of Cosmic Cube, had memories restored by Captain America using Cosmic Cube, used Cosmic Cube to retreat to Fort Lehigh (Captain America #14, 2006); resurfaced in London, England on Lukin's trail, teamed with Captain America to defeat Red Skull’s Sleeper robot, rendezvoused with Nick Fury (Captain America #18-21, 2006); returned to America at Fury's behest, downloaded virus into S.H.I.E.L.D. LMD that enabled Fury to keep tabs on S.H.I.E.L.D. (Captain America #23, 2007); teamed with Young Avengers to defeat Hydra cell, visited graves of Nomad/Jack Monroe & Toro/Thomas Raymond, met with Namor (Winter Soldier: Winter Kills #1, 2007)

Wisdom, Pete

First Appearance: Excalibur #86 (1995)
Significant Issues: Pete’s mother slain in Hungerford massacre (Excalibur #90, 1995); Pete might have been member of the Factory and had a breakdown (X-Force #109, 2000); Pete was romantically involved with Sari St. Hubbins, turned her over to authorities when he learned of plans to kill British monarch (Excalibur #114, 1997); Pete sent to steal immortal’s heart from suicidal cult, investigated Cold Grey fortress, slew terrorists within (Excalibur #90, 1995); after Scratch slew Norfolk schoolchildren, Pete nearly killed him (Excalibur #99, 1996); after slaughtering all present at Ronsaphan, Pete swears not to kill again, given last assignment by Black Air to accompany Excalibur to Genosha (Excalibur #86, 1995); witnesses death of first Genoshan Mutate (X-Men: Prime, 1995); grows closer to Kitty Pryde during Genoshan mission, though both hide feelings behind antagonistic facades (Excalibur #87, 1995); gets call for help from Culley, with Pryde investigates, discovers and destroys Dream Nails facility, resigns from Black Air, he and Pryde become lovers (Excalibur #88-90, 1995); couple confess relationship to teammates, Pete warned by them to treat Kitty right (Excalibur #91, 1995); assaulted by Colossus, cripples attacker in defense of Kitty before succumbing to injuries, narrowly survives (Excalibur #92, 1995); just out of hospital, fights X-Man when he attacks Muir Island (Excalibur #95, 1996); Lockheed and Pete feud (Excalibur #96-97, 1996); after Black Air kidnap Douglock, Pete directs Excalibur to agency’s Acquisition Station, helps destroy it (Excalibur #98, 1996); while rest of team attack London Hellfire Club, Pete battles Scratch (Excalibur #99-100, 1996); Pete and Kitty attacked by US agents, easily defeat them (Excalibur #102, 1996); Pete confesses to Kitty that he loves her (Excalibur #103 1996); Pete and Kitty hunt down mutant serial killer (Pryde and Wisdom #1-3, 1996); helps repel MLF attack on Muir Island (Excalibur #104-105, 1996-1997); receives message from Sari, letting him know she is active again (Excalibur #108, 1997); battles Spiral and Crimson Dawn (Excalibur #109-110, 1997); prepared to kill Kitty rather than let Ogun permanently possess her, learns Sari has slain old friend Jardine (Excalibur #111, 1997); hunts Sari in Germany, captured by her, escapes and warns her and Black Air off (Excalibur #112-114, 1997); tries to use Cerebro to find missing Nightcrawler, who was captured by Sari at same time as him (Excalibur #115, 1997); with Excalibur, rescues Nightcrawler from renegade Sidri (Excalibur #116-117, 1998); argues with Kitty, who has recently returned from working with S.H.I.E.L.D., group attacked by Nightmare, villain tries to use Pete’s fears of hurting Kitty against him, Pete proves resistant because he is already facing those fears, Pete helps break rest of team free (Excalibur #118-119, 1998); having learned Kitty nearly cheated on him while away, and scared he is bad for her, heartbroken Pete breaks up with Kitty (Excalibur #120, 1998); Pete decides not to attend Meggan and Brian Braddock’s wedding (Excalibur #125, 1998); Pete takes X-Force to Genosha to rescue Archie Fogg (X-Force #94-95, 1999); Pete meets with Alistaire Stuart, informs him of secret British intelligence agencies not under Stuart’s command (X-Force #102, 2000); Pete agrees to train X-Force (X-Force #106, 2000); under Pete’s command, X-Force battle Meatspore Stormtroopers (X-Force #102, 2000); takes X-Force to San Francisco to disarm Cuckoo bioreactor, apparently slain by Dr. Roman (X-Force #103-105, 2000); Pete’s funeral (X-Force #106, 2000); after X-Force stop Romany Wisdom’s plans, Pete and Alistaire Stuart meet (X-Force #115, 2001); in House of M reality, Pete is Personal Private Secretary and Bodyguard to King Braddock (Uncanny X-Men #463-465, 2005); now working for MI-13, Pete is one of a handful of enhanced agents not depowered by M-Day, ordered to find Captain Britain (House of M: The Day After, 2006); alongside other heroes, fought Shadow Mob, Pete downs Shadow King, tries to convince Captain Britain to reform Excalibur (Excalibur #1-3, 2006); battles Warwolves, Excalibur reforms (Excalibur #4-5, 2006); helps rescue survivors of Shepherd’s Cross Railway Station bombing, battles Black Tom Cassidy (Excalibur #6-7, 2006); offers to help Chamber, crippled after M-Day depowering, Chamber repowered by Clan Akkaba (Excalibur #9, 2006); with Excalibur, travels to ancient Camelot (Excalibur #10-12, 2006); alongside MI-13 squad, invaded Otherworld, married fellow agent Tink as part of political settlement (Wisdom #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #76 (1989)
Significant Issues: with Gamma Flight, opposed Llan & Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #76, 79 & 84-86, 1989-1990); with Gamma Flight, became Alpha Flight subsidiary team (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); real name revealed (Alpha Flight #94, 1991); trapped in Dreamqueen’s Liveworld (Alpha Flight #98 & 109, 1991 & 1992); stopped Master & Ska’r (Alpha Flight #109-112, 1992); led Beta Flight vs Jackal (Alpha Flight #114-116, 1993); injured by Hardliners (Alpha Flight #119-120, 1993); controlled by Belasco (Alpha Flight #122-124, 1993); Flights disbanded (Alpha Flight #130, 1994)


First Appearance and Origin: Strange Tales #102 (1962)
Significant Issues: Tried to frame Human Torch, defeated by Torch & Invisible Girl, sent to prison (Strange Tales #102, 1962); escaped prison, barricaded self in mansion, challenged Torch to face him, briefly captured Torch & Invisible Girl until they escaped, defeated & jailed (Strange Tales #105, 1963); broke out of jail, publicly threatened to cause disasters in New York if Torch could not decipher a series of clues in time to stop them, defeated & captured through combined efforts of Torch & Spider-Man (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #6, 1996); freed from jail by Paste-Pot Pete, partnered with Pete in attempt to destroy Torch, tried to frame Torch again, defeated & captured alongside Pete by Torch (Strange Tales #110, 1963); offered to assist in manhunt for Eel if authorities would release him, offer refused by warden (Strange Tales #112, 1963); invented early antigravity disc, mastered art of disguise, escaped prison, captured Torch & Invisible Girl, impersonated Torch again, refined antigravity technology, Torch & Invisible Girl freed by their Fantastic Four teammates, vs Torch, seemingly levitated to his doom when his antigravity disc malfunctioned (Strange Tales #118, 1964); rescued by Paste-Pot Pete & Sandman, offered to form criminal partnership with them as their leader, decided to form criminal equivalent of the Fantastic Four, recruited Madam Medusa, adopted new armored costume, called self Wingless Wizard due to new flying ability, founded the Frightful Four, led Frightful Four in attack on Fantastic Four’s Baxter Building headquarters, captured Alicia Masters and all of the Fantastic Four except for Torch, forced by Torch to rescue Masters & Fantastic Four from antigravity deathtrap, escaped alongside partners (Fantastic Four #36, 1965); witnessed Paste-Pot Pete’s debut in his new identity as Trapster, quashed insubordination within his team’s ranks, led Frightful Four in abducting Invisible Girl, stranded Fantastic Four on remote Pacific atoll & bombed it (Fantastic Four #38, 1965); alongside partners, spied on Baxter Building to determine if Fantastic Four were really dead, unwittingly scared off by Balder the Brave (Journey Into Mystery #116, 1965); brainwashed Thing into serving him, with Frightful Four, defeated Fantastic Four despite Medusa undermining his leadership, turned Thing against Fantastic Four, vs Fantastic Four, captured alongside Sandman & Trapster (Fantastic Four #41-43, 1965); helped Sandman escape from prison in hopes that Sandman would free him later (Fantastic Four #57, 1966); founded Paragron Productions studio with new partner Mysterio, hired Spider-Man & Human Torch to star in movie, tricked Spider-Man & Torch into battling each other, defeated & captured alongside Mysterio by Spider-Man & Torch (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #4, 1967); alongside Sandman & Trapster, failed to press Medusa into rejoining them (Marvel Super-Heroes #15, 1968); manufactured weapons for Sons of the Shield subversive group (Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #8, 1999); released from prison, invented wonder gloves, vs Fantastic Four, nearly defeated them using wonder gloves, beaten by Torch, lost gloves, escaped (Fantastic Four #78, 1968); built new & improved wonder gloves, destroyed old pair, vs Fantastic Four, caught off guard by their new member Crystal, defeated, escaped (Fantastic Four #81, 1968); reassembled original Frightful Four, attacked Fantastic Four, betrayed by Medusa, alongside Sandman & Trapster, defeated by Agatha Harkness & her familiar Ebony (Fantastic Four #94, 1970); brainwashed Spider-Man into replacing Medusa in Frightful Four, vs Human Torch, accidentally gave Annihilus an opportunity to invade Earth via Fantastic Four’s Negative Zone portal, vs Annihilus, defeated alongside Sandman & Trapster after Spider-Man broke their control (Marvel Team-Up #2, 1972); alongside Sandman & Trapster, invaded Baxter Building, vs Rick Jones, Captain Marvel & Invisible Girl, trapped Fantastic Four in Negative Zone, recruited Blastaar into Frightful Four, defeated alongside partners by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four: World’s Greatest Comics Magazine #9-10, 2001); recruited Thundra as new fourth member of Frightful Four, with Frightful Four, captured Thing & Medusa, vs Fantastic Four, retreated (Fantastic Four #129-130, 1972-1973); helped Thundra hold Alicia Masters hostage as part of plan to force Thing to fight Thundra, Thundra turned against Frightful Four to free Masters (Fantastic Four #133, 1973); alongside Trapster & Sandman, vs Fantastic Four, defeated by Fantastic Four & Thundra (Fantastic Four #148, 1974); alongside Sandman & Trapster, took over Baxter Building, captured Fantastic Four, held tryouts for new Frightful Four member, rejected Osprey & Captain Ultra, rejected by Texas Twister, recruited Brute, vs Tigra & Thundra, defeated by Fantastic Four, Tigra & Thundra (Fantastic Four #176-178, 1976-1977); alongside Sandman & Trapster, escaped prison (Marvel Team-Up #58, 1977); recruited Electro into Frightful Four, with Frightful Four, vs Spider-Man & Fantastic Four, defeated (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #39 & 42/Fantastic Four #218, 1980); freed from prison by Llyra, freed Sandman & Trapster from prison to re-form Frightful Four, defeated alongside partners by Spider-Man & Sub-Mariner (Amazing Spider-Man #213-215, 1981); fell in love with Amora the Enchantress, manipulated by Amora into retrieving portion of specially-empowered crown for her, skyjacked Empire State Building, battled Spider-Man while retrieving crown fragment, abandoned by Amora after he gave her the fragment, teamed with fellow discarded Amora pawns Trapster & Rhino to seek revenge, villains confronted Amora, vs interfering heroes Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man & Spider-Woman, crown destroyed, all villains captured except Amora (Spider-Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Spider-Woman, 1981); alongside Plantman, transferred from Ryker’s Island to upstate Vermont prison (Avengers #227, 1983); booby-trapped Plantman’s escape craft (Avengers #231, 1983); escape from prison discovered by authorities, recaptured by Avengers (Avengers #235, 1983); recruited Constrictor, Deadpool & Taskmaster to form new Frightful Four, vs Thing (Deadpool #35, 1999); among army of super-criminals assembled by Mephisto to attack Beyonder, held off by Thing while trying to attack Beyonder (Secret Wars II #7, 1986); plotted with Mad Thinker & Puppet Master to attack Human Torch’s wedding, driven off by Dragon Man after Puppet Master turned against them (Fantastic Four #300, 1987); ended partnership with Mad Thinker due to Thinker’s reluctance to endanger Franklin Richards, captured Thing & Franklin, defeated by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #301, 1987); teamed with Hydro-Man, Klaw & Titania as new Frightful Four, with Frightful Four, vs Fantastic Four, defeated with aid of Aron the rogue Watcher & his pawn Dragon Man, vs Aron & Dragon Man when their allies turned on them, defeated by Fantastic Four, alongside Fantastic Four, captured & held in stasis by Aron until both groups broke free, vs Fantastic Four & their Aron-produced clones, sent to the Vault by Aron (Fantastic Four #326-333, 1989); freed by Loki, led mass breakout at the Vault, injured Guardsman Frank Ensign during escape (Avengers Spotlight #26, 1989); partnered with Doctor Doom, Kingpin, Magneto, Mandarin & Red Skull as prime movers behind "Acts of Vengeance" anti-superhero conspiracy & as unwitting pawns of Loki in same, helped arrange many anti-superhero assaults such as Chemistro vs Iron Man & attacks on Spider-Man by Trapster, Brothers Grimm & Dragon Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #158/Amazing Spider-Man #327/Spectacular Spider-Man #159/Captain America #365/Iron Man #251/Captain America #366/Avengers #312/Web of Spider-Man #61, 1989-1990); monitored Mandarin’s unauthorized assault on Avengers Park, drawn into the ensuing battle with the Avengers, abandoned by Mandarin, captured by Avengers, escaped, learned Loki was true mastermind behind their scheme, alongside Mandarin & Red Skull, imprisoned by Loki, fled while Avengers battled Loki, captured by Doctor Pym, sent back to Vault (Avengers #313/Avengers West Coast #55/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); attempted escape alongside Klaw, opposed by Iron Man, recaptured by Frank Ensign (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); alongside Trapster, escaped prison, tried to convince now-reformed Sandman to rejoin them, captured alongside Trapster by Sandman (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #24/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10, 1990); vs Volcana (Marvel Comics Presents #88, 1991); teamed with Dreadknight, Man-Bull & Trapster as new Frightful Four, invaded Calgary Stampede in attempt to abduct physicist Doctor Cargill, defeated through combined efforts of Spider-Man, Right Riders, Rangers & Cargill’s daughter Turbine (Amazing Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary #4, 1992); led Gargantua & Force of Nature in uprising at the Vault, called off uprising after fellow prisoner Vance Astrovik convinced Warden Jzemlico to reevaluate indiscriminately harsh prison policies (New Warriors #36, 1993); angered by media confusing new Fearsome Four with Frightful Four, escaped prison, formed new Frightful Four with Klaw, Red Ghost & She-Thing, momentarily defeated Fantastic Four but forced to flee when his partners abandoned him (Fantastic Four Unlimited #5, 1994); attended wedding of Rick Jones & Marlo Chandler (Incredible Hulk #418, 1994); among super-criminals attending wedding of Absorbing Man & Titania, vs Avengers (Avengers Unplugged #4, 1996); among criminals freed then recaptured by Thunderbolts during jailbreak Thunderbolts secretly staged at the Vault in order to recruit Moonstone (Thunderbolts ’97 Annual, 1997); altered Sandman’s personality against his will so that he returned to crime (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #12, 1999); conspired with Sandman, Trapster & corrupt Senator Ward to fake assassination attempt on Ward & seek to tap power of Negative Zone, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #4/Amazing Spider-Man '99 Annual, 1999); teamed with Trapster, She-Thing & Punisher robot to re-form Frightful Four, sought hidden treasure of Keewazi tribe, captured & interrogated Wyatt & Wynona Wingfoot, tried to kill latter, defeated by Fantastic Four, bluffed into surrendering by Mr Fantastic posing as Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #29, 2000); partnered with Taskmaster, hired Copycat to get close to Deadpool, tried to kill Deadpool (Deadpool #45, 2000); terrorized Sao Paolo during Kang Dynasty conflict (Avengers #43, 2001); among army of villains assembled by mad cosmic scholar to battle Avengers & league of heroes from divergent cosmos (Avengers/JLA #4, 2003); Groton, Connecticut hideout stormed by Thunderbolts, blackmailed by Thunderbolts into supplying them with antigravity & communications technology (Avengers/Thunderbolts #3, 2004); spied on Hydro-Man’s defeat by Spider-Man & Human Torch, helped Hydro-Man escape (Fantastic Four #512-513, 2004); hosted virtual reality Internet discussion group consisting of his admirers, discussed recent publicity problems of Fantastic Four, enhanced Hydro-Man’s powers but also modified them in such a way as to make Hydro-Man his slave, reunited with ex-wife Salamandra & daughter Cole, reformed Frightful Four with Trapster, Hydro-Man & Salamandra, arranged to spy on Human Torch through Cole, invaded Baxter Building with Cole’s aid, learned Cole had developed graviton powers, with Frightful Four, vs Fantastic Four, turned on Trapster when he threatened Cole, banished Trapster to time loop, defeated & humiliated Fantastic Four on live television, tried to bond with Cole, studied her powers, accepted by Cole despite his evil, disappeared with Cole after she turned her powers against him (Fantastic Four #514-516, 2004); among high-tech super-criminals supplied with specialized components by Latverian prime minister Lucia von Bardas via Tinkerer, unaware that their components could combine to produce antimatter bomb, von Bardas’ attempted detonation of bomb thwarted by Fantastic Four & other heroes allied with Nick Fury (Secret War #3-5, 2005); among Fantastic Four foes assembled at meeting organized by Puppet Master & Mad Thinker, unwittingly tapped for DNA samples alongside other foes by Puppet Master & Mad Thinker, DNA samples obtained by Fantastic Four & used to track villains, Wizard captured by Fantastic Four & imprisoned in new Negative Zone Vault alongside many other Fantastic Four foes, participated in mass breakout attempt, surrendered (Fantastic Four: Foes #1 & 5-6, 2005); among scientists consulted by Cable (Cable & Deadpool #25, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Sinclair) Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982); (as Wolfsbane) New Mutants #1 (1983)
Origin: New Mutants #11 (2004); Cable #-1 (1997); Marvel Graphic Novel #4 (1982)
Significant Issues: Conceived from tryst between Reverend Craig & unidentified prostitute, mother died in childbirth, raised by Craig as ward of church unaware he was her father (New Mutants #11, 2004); spent some time as ward of Moira MacTaggert, Craig threatened to remove her from Moira & return her to orphanage, encountered Cable (Cable #-1, 1997); missed school bus, offered lift on horseback by Moira MacTaggert, told off for this by Craig (Classic X-Men #2, 1986); powers manifested, chased by torch-wielding mob led by Craig, saved by Moira, taken to Xavier’s School, assisted other new students in battling Donald Pierce & Hellfire Club, became member of Xavier’s new class the New Mutants (Marvel Graphic Novel #4, 1982); adopted codename Wolfsbane, suffering from nerves & culture shock (New Mutants #1, 1983); with New Mutants, vs Sentinels (New Mutants #2, 1983); with New Mutants, vs Brood Queen unaware it was gestating within Xavier (New Mutants #3, 1983); with New Mutants, vs X-Men upon their return from space, witnessed Xavier's transformation into Brood (Uncanny X-Men #167, 1983); with New Mutants, helped track down Stevie Hunter’s stalker (New Mutants #4, 1983); alongside Sunspot, captured by drug dealers, exposed to drugs which heightened powers uncontrollably, rescued by teammates alongside Spider-Man & Cloak & Dagger (Marvel Team-Up Annual #6, 1983); with New Mutants, alongside X-Men, attended Kitty Pryde’s birthday party (Special Edition X-Men #1, 1983); with New Mutants, met Team America, vs Silver Samurai & Viper’s forces, tracked down kidnapped teammate Psyche, apparent death of teammate Karma (New Mutants #5-6, 1983); with New Mutants, visited Rio de Janeiro to meet Sunspot’s parents (New Mutants #7, 1983); with New Mutants, visited Amazon, admitted fears inspired by Reverend Craig’s abuse that she might be evil to "native" girl Amara unaware she understood English, captured by Nova Romans (New Mutants #8, 1983); transforming into wolf form caused Nova Romans to declare her child of the gods, found worshipping disturbing & admitted to Sunspot she was worried she was damned, jealous of Cannonball’s interest in Amara, with New Mutants, opposed Gallio & Selene’s plot to take over Nova Roma (New Mutants #9-11, 1983-1984); with New Mutants, returned to Rio, overcame jealousy of Amara & personal conflicts to rescue feverish Amara (New Mutants #12, 1984); with New Mutants, vs Baron Karza, briefly controlled by Xavier’s dark side to fight Micronauts & X-Men (X-Men and the Micronauts #1-4, 1984); with New Mutants, vs S’ym (New Mutants #14, 1984); with New Mutants, raided Massachusetts Academy to rescue Kitty Pryde, vs Hellions, captured, escaped (New Mutants #15-17, 1984); with New Mutants, vs Demon Bear (New Mutants #18-20, 1984); first of team to offer hand of friendship to Warlock when he arrived on Earth (New Mutants #21, 1984); with New Mutants, met Lila Cheney, helped prevent Vrakanin from stealing Earth (New Mutants Annual #1, 1984); alongside Sunspot, affected by continuing connection to Cloak & Dagger left from previous cleansing of drugs from their system, both temporarily took powers of Cloak & Dagger & transformed, cured (New Mutants #22-25, 1984-1985); with New Mutants, encountered Hybrid/Jimmy Marks, Rom & Starshine (Rom Annual #3, 1984); with New Mutants, alongside other heroes, transformed by Kulan Gath’s reality warp (Uncanny X-Men #190-191, 1985); with New Mutants, visited future using Magik’s stepping discs, encountered older self, returned to own time with memories wiped (New Mutants: Truth or Death #1-3, 1997-1998); returned to Scotland, visited Moira, confronted by Craig, comforted by Moira, accepted Moira as her adoptive mother, both caught in lab explosion (New Mutants #26, 1985); with New Mutants, trapped in Legion’s mind, opposed his hostile personality Jack Wayne (New Mutants #27-28, 1985); with New Mutants, alongside Storm, learned Karma was alive but possessed by Shadow King, hunted for her, captured & controlled by Shadow King (New Mutants #32-34, 1985); with New Mutants, alongside Storm, kidnapped by Enchantress, taken to Asgard, fell in love with fellow wolfen shapeshifter Hrimhari (New Mutants Special Edition #1, 1985); transformed by Loki into Grimfang, rescued by teammates, reluctantly left Hrimhari to return to Earth (Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, 1985); with New Mutants, rejected Beyonder’s offer of harmony (New Mutants #36, 1986); with New Mutants, alongside Power Pack, helped rescue Katie Power from demonic sacrifice (Power Pack #20, 1986); with New Mutants, slain by Beyonder for rejecting him, existence wiped as if she never existed (New Mutants #37, 1986); with New Mutants, resurrected by Beyonder, used against heroes attacking him, memories restored by Phoenix/Rachel Summers (Secret Wars II #9, 1986); with New Mutants, traumatized by experience, taken in for treatment by White Queen, joined Hellions & became close to Catseye, returned to Xavier’s School (New Mutants #38-40, 1986); encountered Tuatha De Danan werewolves (Marvel Comics Presents #22, 1989); visiting Muir, pursued Legion when Jack Wayne persona took over, encountered Craig again but this time stood up to him (New Mutants #44, 1986); with New Mutants, brainwashed & transformed by Mojo, joined his Bratpack, rescued (New Mutants Annual #2, 1986); with New Mutants, briefly "graduated" to X-Men & took on new costumes to rescue X-Men from Mojo (Uncanny X-Men Annual #10, 1986); when teammates ostracized local youth Larry Bodine for anti-mutant joke, Rahne realized humor was attempt to hide his own mutant status from bigots tormenting him, Bodine committed suicide, Rahne hunted down tormentors, persuaded not to hurt them by teammates (New Mutants #45, 1986); helped care for Morlock wounded in tunnel massacre, attacked by Magus in Morlock tunnels (New Mutants #46, 1986); teleported back in time by Magik to avoid Magus, ended up in Scottish highlands, encountered Robert the Bruce, given emerald necklace by him (New Mutants #47, 1987); encountered older incarnations of teammates in Sentinel-dominated future (New Mutants #48, 1987); with New Mutants, rescued by Xavier, Magik & Starjammers, vs Magus (New Mutants #50, 1987); with New Mutants, returned home from space (New Mutants #51, 1987); with New Mutants, encountered Impossible Man, pursued him & Warlock around globe (New Mutants Annual #3, 1987); with New Mutants, attended party at Hellfire Club, spent time with Catseye, argument with Hellions led to competition between groups which Hellions won (New Mutants #53-54, 1987); with New Mutants, rematch with Hellions to capture Bird-Brain, New Mutants won (New Mutants #56, 1987); disagreed with teammates about Bird-Brain’s intelligence, proven right when Cypher learned Bird-Brain’s language (New Mutants #57, 1987); with New Mutants, learned of other animal people created by Animator, went to rescue them, captured by Animator, escaped, saved from being shot by Animator by Cypher who was fatally wounded as a result (New Mutants #58-60, 1987-1988); inconsolable, with New Mutants, attended Cypher’s funeral, learned X-Men had "died" in Dallas, decided to take up the job of fighting evil mutants (New Mutants #61, 1988); Warlock reanimated Cypher’s corpse in attempt to help Rahne, unintentionally helped her come to terms with Cypher being dead (New Mutants #64, 1988); with New Mutants, vs Forge & Freedom Force (New Mutants #65-66, 1988); with New Mutants, alongside Power Pack, vs Bogeyman (Power Pack #40, 1988); with New Mutants, vs High Evolutionary’s minion Doctor Stack (New Mutants Annual #4, 1988); S’ym sent Baba Yaga to Xavier’s School to take New Mutants hostage, with New Mutants, rescued by Colossus (Uncanny X-Men #231, 1988); with New Mutants, vs Spyder, encountered Gosamyr (New Mutants #67, 1988); feelings for Cannonball revealed when Gosamyr accidentally activated Mirage’s powers, exposing Rahne’s hidden desire (New Mutants #68, 1988); with New Mutants, opposed demonic invasion of Manhattan, helped prevent baby sacrifice, assisted Power Pack against demonically powered Bogeyman, Rahne’s appeals reached past Magik’s Darkchylde persona to return her to her senses (New Mutants #71-73/X-Terminators #3-4/Power Pack #42, 1989); with New Mutants, cut ties with Xavier’s School (New Mutants #75, 1989); with New Mutants, encountered Namor, moved in with X-Factor (New Mutants #76, 1989); Mirage targeted by Hela, with New Mutants, followed her to Asgard, reunited with Hrimhari, rallied Asgard’s forces against Hela (New Mutants #77-80 & 82-86, 1989-1990); with New Mutants, allied with Namorita & SURF to defend Atlantis (New Mutants Annual #5, 1989); ordered by Shadow King-controlled Moira to return to Muir Island, refused, New Mutants fell under Cable’s leadership (New Mutants #88-89, 1990); with New Mutants, encountered Masque’s Morlocks, vs Sabretooth (New Mutants #91, 1990); with New Mutants, encountered alternate future Franklin Richards, vs Ahab & his Hounds (New Mutants Annual #6, 1990); with New Mutants, transported to media-controlled reality (New Mutants Summer Special #1, 1990); swapped with Geshem-reality counterpart Princess Rain (Wolverine: Rahne of Terra, 1991); with New Mutants, vs Stryfe & MLF in Madripoor (New Mutants #94, 1990); with New Mutants, alongside other heroes, kidnapped by Genoshan Magistrates, taken to Genosha, mutated (Uncanny X-Men #270-272/New Mutants #95-96/X-Factor #60-61, 1990-1991); mind restored by Storm, but physical mutation still present, unable to return to human form without losing will (New Mutants #97, 1991); decided to stay on Genosha to stay near Havok whom she had been bonded to (X-Factor #62, 1991); joined new government-sponsored X-Factor team to stay near Havok (X-Factor #72, 1991); as a result of Genoshan conditioning, began showing excessive jealousy towards Havok’s girlfriend Polaris (X-Factor #74, 1992); with X-Factor, vs Mr. Sinister’s Nasty Boys (X-Factor #75, 1992); with X-Factor, sent to Trans-Sabal to prevent rebels overthrowing local U.S.-backed tyrant, vs Hulk & Pantheon, captured by local zealot Jalol, freed by Jalol’s sister Sandah, Jalol murdered Sandah & Rahne killed him in return (Incredible Hulk #391-392/X-Factor #76, 1992); with X-Factor, vs MLF, encountered Cannonball (X-Factor #77, 1992); with X-Factor, ordered to protect Clinic developing procedure to identify mutant embryos, destroyed research after MLF killed scientist working on process (X-Factor #78, 1992); with X-Factor, alongside Alpha Flight, disrupted undead wedding (Alpha Flight #107, 1992); along with other lycanthropes, drawn to Starkesboro by Godstone, alongside Captain America & Cable, opposed Dredmund Druid’s schemes (Captain America #406-408, 1992); with X-Factor, vs Spiral (X-Factor Annual #7, 1992); with X-Factor, alongside other heroes, vs Magus’ doppelgangers (Infinity War #1-6/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Fantastic Four #367/New Warriors #27, 1992); with X-Factor, vs Hell’s Belles & Cyber (X-Factor #80-81, 1992); with X-Factor, vs Toad's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, attacked Polaris when she tried to aid her (X-Factor #82, 1992); tried to look after X-Patriot Taylor, unable to stop him being attacked by mob (X-Factor #83, 1992); after Cable framed by Stryfe for shooting Professor X, with X-Factor, alongside X-Men, hunted down & captured X-Force, tried to talk to former teammates, Stryfe’s plot eventually exposed (X-Factor #84 & 86/X-Men #14 & 16/X-Force #16-17, 1992-1993); with X-Factor, psychoanalyzed by Doc Samson (X-Factor #87, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Random (X-Factor #88, 1993); with X-Factor, returned to Genosha, examination showed extent of Genoshan conditioning affecting Rahne’s personality, argued with Moira, opposed Genoshan Magistrates to defend Legacy Virus victim (X-Factor #89-91, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Charon & Chalker family (X-Factor Annual #8, 1993); alongside other heroes, brainwashed into joining Goddess’ crusade (Infinity Crusade #1-2 & 5, 1993); with X-Factor, vs Acolytes, saved anti-mutant Senator Kelly (X-Factor #92, 1993); examined by Professor X, told she would need to be treated on Muir Island (X-Factor #93, 1993); with X-Factor, alongside other heroes, attended Illyana Rasputin’s funeral (Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); traveled to Muir Island for treatment (X-Factor #94, 1993); unable to resist conditioning, drawn back to Havok before treatment could be started (X-Factor #95-96, 1993); X-Factor split over handling of mutant faith healer Haven, Haven undid Rahne’s Genoshan conditioning but was unable to save Rahne’s teammate Madrox from Legacy Virus (X-Factor #97-100, 1993-1994); Rahne targeted by Fenris as part of the Upstarts' Younghunt (New Warriors #46, 1994); with X-Factor, alongside other heroes, attended wedding of Scott Summers & Jean Grey (X-Men #30, 1994); confided to Strong Guy that she blamed herself for Madrox’s death (X-Factor #101, 1994); made up with Moira (X-Factor #102, 1994); with X-Factor, vs Professor Power (X-Factor Annual #9, 1994); accompanied Strong Guy on visit to his family in Rhinebeck (X-Factor #103-104, 1994); with X-Factor, vs Nasty Boys & Mr. Sinister in Hawaii (X-Factor #105, 1994); with X-Factor, opposed attempted Phalanx invasion of Earth, discovered Douglock, wrongly believed he was Cypher resurrected (X-Factor #106/X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); with X-Factor, pursued Mystique to Tel Aviv, encountered Legion, teleported by him to Madripoor (X-Factor #108-109, 1994); with X-Factor, encountered K’lanti aliens, witnessed Strong Guy suffer severe heart attack & lapse into coma (X-Factor #110-111, 1995); left X-Factor, moved to Muir Island to be near Douglock & Legacy-virus infected Moira, joined resident super-team Excalibur (Excalibur #90, 1995); returned to Geshem, took place of Queen Rain & battled realm’s Beast (Wolverine: Knight of Terra, 1995); protected pyrokinetic young mutant Bridget Shange from Reverend Craig, confronted Craig with her discovery he was her father, blackmailed him to leave Bridget alone (Excalibur #93, 1996); with Excalibur, vs X-Man (X-Man #12, 1996); with Excalibur, vs London Hellfire Club, prevented demonic destruction of London (Excalibur #98-100, 1996); with Excalibur, searched for missing Margali (Excalibur #102, 1996); accompanied Shadowcat & Douglock to Cypher’s grave to confirm if Douglock was Cyper resurrected, learned he was not (Excalibur #104-105, 1996-1997); with Excalibur, visited Australia to allow Colossus to confront his Acolyte past (Excalibur #106, 1997); with Excalibur, vs Spiral & Dragons of the Crimson Dawn (Excalibur #109-110, 1997); with Excalibur, vs Ogun in Japan (Excalibur #111, 1997); increasingly concerned for Moira’s health, became romantically involved with Douglock (Excalibur #112-113, 1997); during reunion of surviving New Mutants, encountered younger self brought forward in time by Magik (New Mutants: Truth or Death #1-3, 1997-1998); locked self in with Moira when Moira entered quarantine (Excalibur #115, 1997); released from quarantine by Douglock (Excalibur #120, 1998); with female teammates, attended Meggan’s hen night (Excalibur #124, 1998); with Excalibur, alongside other heroes, attended Meggan & Captain Britain’s wedding, Excalibur disbanded (Excalibur #125, 1998); teamed up with Madrox, Strong Guy & Beast to prevent demonic portal being opened (X-Men Unlimited #21, 1999); re-united with Warlock/Douglock to oppose Mainspring, Template & Magus (Warlock #7-9, 2000); after Muir Island attacked by Mystique & Sabretooth, vs Sabretooth, outmatched but save by Bishop, shot with Neutralizer gun by Mystique & stripped of powers, Moira mortally wounded by Mystique’s bomb (Bishop: The Last X-Man #16, 2001); mugged, Robert the Bruce’s necklace stolen, alongside other former New Mutants, tracked down muggers to retrieve stolen necklace (X-Men Unlimited #43, 2003); returned to Xavier’s to offer services teaching new classes, turned down as too young, became secretly involved with student Josh Foley, powers restored by his healing ability, unintentionally injured him (New Mutants #9-10, 2004); initially unable to control returned powers, helped to regain control by Dani Moonstar (New Mutants #11-12, 2004); alongside others, vs Donald Pierce (New Mutants #13, 2004); now teaching at school, having second thoughts about continued covert relationship with Josh, eventually broke it off (New X-Men: Academy X #3-9, 2004-2005); affair exposed, left Xavier’s (New X-Men: Academy X #12, 2005); joined Madrox & Strong Guy in XXX Investigations, accidentally slew Ned Campbell while fighting off his astral form, XXX Investigations became X-Factor Investigations (Madrox #1-5, 2004-2005); turned down offer to return to Xavier’s (New X-Men: Academy X #15, 2005); with X-Factor Investigations, protected Mutant Town from human rioters, pledged to defend depowered mutants of Mutant Town (X-Factor #3-4, 2006); with X-Factor Investigations, learned truth behind M-Day, confronted X-Men (X-Factor #9, 2006); with X-Factor Investigations, vs Mr. Tryp & Singularity Investigations (X-Factor #10-12, 2006); haunted by precognitive vision that she would slay Madrox & Layla Miller in future (X-Factor #13, 2006)

Woo, James

First Appearance: Yellow Claw #1 (1956)
Origin: New Mutants #18 (1984)
Significant Issues: Vs Yellow Claw (Yellow Claw #1-4, 1956); met Nick Fury, assisted him against Yellow Claw robot (Strange Tales #160-163 & 166-167, 1967-1968); joined S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #2, 1968); assigned to "Godzilla Squad" (Godzilla #1, 1977); replaced by Deltite (Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-6, 1988); found alive & brainwashed by Hydra, deprogrammed, rejoined S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #43-47, 1993); interrogated Killer Shrike (Secret War #1, 2004); rejuvenated by Marvel Boy, led G-Men against Atlas Corporation (Agents of Atlas #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men Annual #12 (1988)
Significant Issues: X-Men de-aged by Mojo to become "X-Babies" (Uncanny X-Men Annual #10, 1986); actual X-Babies created & escaped Mojoworld (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, 1988); alongside Kitty Pryde, vs Agent (Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem, 1989); hunted by Gog & Magog (X-Men #46-47, 1995); vs Brotherhood of Mutant Bullies (Pint-Sized X-Babies #1, 1998); Psychilde’s devolution cured (X-Babies Reborn #1, 2000); Age of Apocalypthe revealed (Uncanny X-Men #393, 2001); briefly pulled to Earth-616 (X-Men Unlimited #37, 2002); Evil Babies vs Exiles (Exiles #8, 2002); X-Men again de-aged by Mojo (Uncanny X-Men #461, 2005)


First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 (1965)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #21 (1974), Spider-Man/Dr. Strange: The Way to Dusty Death (1992)
Significant Issues: Lectured on the occult, met Melinda Morrison who became his disciple & lover (Spider-Man/Dr. Strange: The Way to Dusty Death, 1992); after spell killed Melinda, believed she was in death-like trance, learned of Wand of Watoomb (Marvel Team-Up #21, 1974); stole half of Wand of Watoomb, hypnotized "happiness boys" to steal other half from Doctor Strange but defeated by Strange & Spider-Man, Wand of Watoomb depowered, memory wipe attempted by Strange (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2, 1965); mind revealed to have been sent away before Strange could wipe memory, mind returned, hypnotized Spider-Man to steal Crystal of Kadavus, restored Wand, created his own dimension, learned that Melinda was not in a sleep resembling death but in a death resembling sleep, apparently went mad at the news (Marvel Team-Up #21, 1974); revealed to have feigned madness so that Spider-Man & Strange would leave him, returned to his dimension, relocated Wand, reanimated Melinda’s body, transferred Scarlet Witch’s soul into it, used Witch’s soulless body as slave, sought revenge on Spider-Man, taken by Death Dimension rulers as Melinda’s replacement after her spirit returned to reclaim her body & escaped with Spider-Man & Scarlet Witch (Marvel Fanfare #6, 1983); found Ruby of Domination, used it to control Hulk, captured Strange, took over Death Dimension, stole Strange’s Eye of Agamotto & combined it with Ruby to make everyone on Earth his mind-slave, tried to merge with Ruby for ultimate power, thwarted when Thing smashed Ruby into pieces, transported to nether dimension by Strange (Marvel Fanfare #20-21, 1985); revealed that Melinda was not alive but in a death resembling life, unable to cope with changes of being away for twenty-five years & returning physically unchanged, mentally urged Melinda to attempt suicide, recovered Wand of Watoomb, became ruler of Death Dimension, brought Melinda back to Dimension but caused "Deathquakes" as dimension could not hold both of them, took over Spider-Man’s body to fight Strange, defeated with Spider-Man smashing the Wand, Melinda made ruler of Death Dimension, Xandu brought back to Earth by Strange (Spider-Man/Dr. Strange: The Way to Dusty Death, 1992); reassembled Wand of Watoomb, took over asylum where Strange had placed him, traveled to Death Dimension which put Melinda in suspended animation, attempted to merge Earth with Death Dimension which revived Melinda, vs Captain America, Strange, Scarlet Witch, & Spider-Man, defeated when Strange merged Death Dimension demons with Melinda making her supreme ruler of dimension & she exiled him for eternity (Secret Defenders #6-8, 1993)

Xavier's Underground Enforcers

First Appearance: X-Factor #140 (1997)
Significant Issues: Recruited Shard, mission revealed (X-Factor #140-141, 1997); traveled to past, took over host bodies, alongside Havok & Mystique, vs Dark Beast & his allies (X-Factor #143-144, 1998); rescued Micah from cult (X-Factor #145, 1998); vs Genoshan military (X-Factor #146, 1998); officially joined X-Factor (X-Factor #147, 1998); Greystone killed, X-Factor disbanded (X-Factor #149, 1998)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #164 (1968)
Significant Issues: Abducted Victoria Bentley, vs Doctor Strange (Strange Tales #164-166, 1968); vs Strange in Dimension of Dreams (Strange Tales #167-168, 1968); revealed Omegatron's existence to Strange prior to physical death (Marvel Feature #1, 1971); Omegatron reactivated, defeated by Defenders (Defenders #5, 1972); possessed Stephanie Donal, lost control while Donal fought Defenders, struggled to regain control & allowed Defenders to triumph (Defenders #119, 1983); Omegatron's power tapped by Jeff Colt (Defenders #69, 1979); captured Gaea, unleashed threats across Earth, defeated by Defenders, cursed them (Defenders #1, 2001); appeared as eldritch image to mock Strange (Defenders #5, 2001); observed Order's activities while in semi-tangible form (Order #4-5, 2002); prematurely materialized in gigantic energy form, reverted to original form, taken into custody by Yannians (Order #6, 2002)


First Appearance: Spider-Man: Quality of Life #1 (2002)
Significant Issues: Hired to kill Curtis Connors (Spider-Man: Quality of Life #1, 2002); vs Lizard & Spider-Man, killed Monnano CEO Cliff Arliss (Spider-Man: Quality of Life #2-4, 2002); attended auction for Venom symbiote (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004)

Young Allies

First Appearance and Origin: Heroes Reborn: Young Allies (2000)
Significant Issues: Opposed Leland Walker (Heroes Reborn: Young Allies, 2000); travelled to Latveria to blackmail Doctor Doom (Thunderbolts #51-51, 2001); vs Anomaly, Jolt joined (Thunderbolts #72 & 74-75, 2002-2003); alongside Exiles, vs Proteus, Atlantis destroyed (Exiles #81-82, 2006)

Yukon Jack

First Appearance: Alpha Flight #1 (2004)
Origin: Alpha Flight #2 (2004)
Significant Issues: Ambushed deer hunters in wilderness of Northwest Canada, rejected Walter Langkowski’s offer to join Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #1, 2004); drugged by father & delivered to Langkowski in exchange for large sum of money, transported to Langkowski’s loft in Warehouse District of British Columbia while unconscious (Alpha Flight #2, 2004); with Alpha Flight, learned Plodex's history (Alpha Flight #3, 2004); alongside Major Mapleleaf, searched for Plodex's subterranean lair, captured by Mole Man’s Moloids (Alpha Flight #4, 2004); reunited with Alpha Flight, located Plodex lair, vs Plodex Alpha Flight doppelgangers (Alpha Flight #5, 2004); argued with Centennial, Major Mapleleaf, & Puck/Zuzha Yu over fate of unhatched Plodex eggs, rescued original Alpha Flight members (Alpha Flight #6, 2004); returned to Kemteron only to find his people celebrating his absence, returned to Alpha Flight to help them defeat Manimator in Montreal, Quebec (Alpha Flight #7-8, 2004); with Alpha Flight, vs Big Hero 6, present when Major Mapleleaf was sent back in time to prevent chain of events that would lead to Flashback’s death (Alpha Flight #9, 2005); with Alpha Flight, vs Box robots in the present inadvertently caused by Major Mapleleaf’s tampering with events in the past (Alpha Flight #10, 2005); alongside Puck/Zuzha Yu, sent back into the past, inadvertently caused creation of Canadian Militia for a Super-Hero-Free Country (Alpha Flight #11, 2005); timeline restored, joined in present by past members of Alpha Flight, married Snowbird & returned to Kemteron as its ruler (Alpha Flight #12, 2005); with Alpha Flight, vs Collective, seemingly killed (New Avengers #16, 2006)

Zarrko the Tomorrow Man

First Appearance and Origin: Journey Into Mystery #86 (1962)
Significant Issues: Planned to conquer peaceful 23rd century by traveling to past to steal cobalt bomb, succeeded & became ruler of A.D. 2262, opposed by Thor, lost memory in spaceship crash (Journey Into Mystery #86, 1962); memory restored by Loki, returned to Thor’s time with giant robot which forced Thor to swear to help Zarrko conquer 23rd century, Thor helped defeat Master Machine allowing Zarrko to become world dictator, Thor freed of his oath with this success & attacked Zarrko, triggered Master Machine’s defenses which encased Zarrko in ball of energy, World Council put Zarrko in maximum security (Journey Into Mystery #101-102, 1964); Kang conquered 23rd century through his simulacrum, Zarrko freed to fight Kang, tried to recruit Avengers, ended up with Iron Man & Spider-Man on his side, sent "time bombs" to the past to devolve 20th century into Stone Age except for cache of nuclear weapons with which he planned to rule all time, time bombs defused by Spider-Man & Human Torch, Spider-Man returned to 23rd century with Inhumans, defeated Zarrko & Kang (Marvel Team-Up #9-11, 1973); created Servitor, traveled to 50th century & became ruler, learned of Time Twisters who moved backward in time destroying the Earth every 30 centuries, sent Servitor to bring Thor to protect 50th century from Time Twisters, Thor failed & 50th century destroyed, Zarrko, Thor, Warriors Three, Jane Foster, & Servitor traveled to end of time, Servitor destroyed protecting Zarrko, Thor & Foster convince "He Who Remains" to terminate Time Twisters before their births, Zarrko returned to restored 50th century, deposed by Derek (Thor #242-245, 1975-1976); returned to 23rd century, created new Servitor, built radical time stabilizer, tricked Dargo Ktor & Eric Masterson into fighting to power his machine, brought Loki from past to battle Thor Corps, attacked by Loki who destroyed stabilizer which set Zarrko adrift in timestream (Thor #438-441, 1991); built new time stabilizer, planned to consolidate timelines at Chronopolis thus wiping out Kang’s conquests & becoming master of time, coerced Darkhawk & New Warriors into helping him by claiming he needed to abduct Kang’s corpse to save future & promised to send New Warriors to any time in their past which they wished to change, sent Warriors on wild goose chase in Chronopolis to power his stabilizer which powered his time bomb, suspected of treachery by Darkhawk who used a ruse that he had planted a bomb in time cube to return there & force Zarrko to return the Warriors, time bomb destroyed by Darkhawk (Darkhawk #26-29, 1993); Hyperstorm teleported Reed Richards and Doctor Doom to his stronghold, kept Doom imprisoned, sent Richards to distant past (Fantastic Four Unlimited #12, 1995); impersonated Boris (Fantastic Four #397-404/Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1, 1995); found out by Cassie Lang (Fantastic Four #404, 1995); revealed himself, alongside heroes & villains from other times, vs Fantastic Four, time displacement dial confiscated by Ant-Man, teleported away by Hyperstorm (Fantastic Four #405, 1995); as Hyperstorm’s servant (Fantastic Four #406-409/Fantastic Four Unlimited #12/Fantastic Four Unplugged #3, 1995-1996); mind switched with Doom's (Fantastic Four #407, 1995); body freed by Doom, switched back (Fantastic Four #408, 1996); Doom attempted to steal Hyperstorm’s power, sent back to his own time by Zarrko & Kristoff, Zarrko fled into timestream (Fantastic Four #409, 1996); Thor defeated Nullitor (Thor #33, 2001); Thor defeated Gladiator (Thor #34-35, 2001); contacted Desak (Thor #43, 2002); allied with U.S. government against Thor, sent Perrikus & Adva against Asgard, captured by Thor (Thor #53, 2002); in prison (Thor #55, 2002); tried to sway Balder & Sif to his point of view, spied Jake Olson & realized how to stop Thor (Thor #61, 2003); Asgard attacked (Thor #66, 2003); apparently killed, Asgard destroyed, Thor survived thus bringing on the Reigning (Thor #67, 2003); one hundred years in the future, considered a seer, book used by underground against Asgardians (Thor #70, 2003); time machine used by Thor to return to past to merge younger self with Jake Olson & prevent Reigning from occurring (Thor #79, 2004)


First Appearance: (As Everyman) Captain America #267 (1982); (as Zeitgeist) Alpha Flight #78 (1989)
Origin: Captain America #267 (1982), Marvel Team-Up #132 (1983), Captain America #442 (1995)
Significant Issues: Killed policemen, challenged Captain America, beaten (Captain America #267, 1982); became pawn of Doctor Faustus, vs Mr Fantastic & Spider-Man, shocked into relenting by Mr Fantastic, fled (Marvel Team-Up #132, 1983); remade as Zeitgeist (Captain America #442, 1995); murdered Captain Forsa in Brazil (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); joined Schutz Heiligruppe, helped capture Skeleton Crew, tried to prevent Crew’s subsequent escape (Captain America #390 & 393, 1991); murdered Blitzkrieger & original Angel’s brother, vs Vormund & Captain America, killed by Vormund (Captain America #442, 1995)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Men #65 (1970)
Significant Issues: Unable to challenge Skrulls in Andromeda galaxy (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #12, 1983); created Ultimate Weapon to transport entire planet throughout space to pillage & take slaves, existence detected by Xavier who had Changeling replace him to allow him to prepare counter-attack, scout ship arrived at south magnetic pole, X-Men battled guardian beast while Xavier united millions of compassionate minds & directed them at Z’nox which forced them to depart (X-Men #65, 1970); Beast, Crystal, Cyclops, Human Torch, Marvel Girl, Mr. Fantastic & Thing followed Z’nox planet in spaceship reverse-engineered from Skrull technology to prevent further plundering, vs second guardian beast, crosslinked interstitial field generators of gravity drive to cause sub-protonic flux emission that sent Z’nox world sideways into distortion area of Negative Zone (X-Men: The Hidden Years #8-9, 2000); Xavier mentioned that a Z’nox - apparently Kreeg - was member of Starblasters (Starblast #1, 1994); representatives attended gathering of Intergalactic Council (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1, 2000); Sentry/Stewart Ward allied with Z’nox who survived scout ship explosion to steal vial of bio-toxin modified by rogue A.I.M. & Hydra agents, Ward intentionally infected by Z’nox with toxin which remained dormant in his system until arrival of three more Z’nox sent by Intergalactic Council as prisoners when Earth was turned into alien prison planet, bio-toxin consumed Ward & spread to atmosphere, Ward sought to turn Arthur Stacy into new host but was thwarted by Spider-Man & Ranger who caused Ward’s apparent death & created antidote from explosion of Ward’s body, Earthbound Z’nox apparently killed in explosion (Amazing Spider-Man #23-24, 2000)


First Appearance: Avengers #72 (1970)
Significant Issues: Original Zodiac Cartel vs Avengers, discovered that Nick Fury had impersonated Scorpio (Avengers #72, 1970); surrounded Manhattan with force field, defeated by Avengers (Avengers #82, 1970); learned origins of Zodiac Key, aided Spymaster vs Iron Man & Daredevil (Daredevil #73/Iron Man #35-36, 1971); attempted to slay all Geminis, factions split against each other (Avengers #120-124, 1974); Aquarius became One-Man Zodiac, lost his soul to Slifer (Ghost Rider #6-7, 1974); LMDs created by Scorpio, vs Defenders, Scorpio committed suicide (Defenders #49-50, 1977); Taurus hired Iron Man against Zodiac LMDs then attempted to kill him (Iron Man #183-185, 1984); Zodiac LMDs employed by Quicksilver against Avengers (West Coast Avengers Annual #1, 1986); Zodiac Cartel killed by Zodiac LMDs, Zodiac LMDs deactivated by Brotherhood of the Ankh (West Coast Avengers #26-28, 1987-1988); death of Taurus (West Coast Avengers #29, 1988); new Zodiac led armies into New York, driven out by Avengers (Captain America #449/Thor #496/Iron Man #326/Avengers #396, 1996); Ecliptic's Zodiac vs Alpha Flight, captured Madison Jeffries (Alpha Flight #1, 1997); Ecliptic's Zodiac raided Department H (Alpha Flight #12, 1998); Ecliptic's Zodiac killed by Weapon X (Weapon X #1, 2002); new Zodiac's Scorpio stole capitols into Ankh Dimension, defeated by Avengers (Avengers #57-60, 2002-03); Zodiac defeated at U.N. by Young Avengers (Young Avengers #12, 2006)

Zola, Arnim

First Appearance: Captain America #208 (1977)
Significant Issues: With Wladyslav Shinsky, attended 1928 International Conference on Genetics in Geneva, Switzerland (X-Factor Annual #3, 1988); first created artificial life (Captain America #208, 1977); offered Hitler brain-transference technology (Super-Villain Team-Up #17, 1980); met with Red Skull & Baron Von Strucker near end of World War II (Fury #1, 1994); revived Hitler in artificial brain & body (Super-Villain Team-Up #17, 1980); consulted with Baron Von Strucker after Rick Stoner's death (Fury #1, 1994); abducted Captain America & Donna Maria Puentes, dealt with Primus's rebellion, escaped apparent destruction of Castle Zola (Captain America #208-212, 1977); worked with Hate-Monger & Red Skull in re-creation of Cosmic Cube (Super-Villain Team-Up #17, 1980); sent Hulk-duplicates to invade Northwind Observatory, vs Avengers (Avengers Annual #13, 1984); revived Red Skull in body cloned from Captain America (Captain America #350, 1989); sent Doughboy to capture communist Red Skull's underlings from whom Red Skull recruited Crossbones (Captain America #383, 1991); duplicate vs Shamrock (Marvel Comics Presents #24, 1989); duplicate vs Excalibur & Outlaws (Excalibur #36, 1991); reported destruction of Red Skull's extra cloned bodies (Captain America #387, 1991); rescued Red Skull & Skeleton Crew from Schutz-Heiliggruppe (Captain America #393, 1991); attended meeting of Red Skull's Division Chiefs (Captain America #394, 1991); used Doughboy to expel Captain America & Thor/Eric Masterson from Skullhouse, shrank Skullhouse to bring to Red Skull (Captain America #395-396, 1991-1992); revealed to have genetically transformed members of der Jahrmacht (Marvel Comics Presents #106, 1992); discussed Captain America's condition with Red Skull (Captain America #437, 1995); employed Rat Pack to capture test subjects in aftermath of Onslaught attack (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); defeated & captured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #4, 1997); duplicate sent Vamp-Animus to steal MacGuffin Files, struck bargain with Deadpool after he defeated Corpse Corps (Deadpool #0, 1998); revealed to have worked with Imperial Forces of America (Thunderbolts #24, 1999); embarked on mysterious plans, vs Wolverine & Cable (Wolverine #139, 1999); reacted gleefully to reports of Captain America's death (Captain America #50, 2002); accompanied by Dragon Man, attended Serpent Society's auction (Captain America #31, 2004); revealed to have clashed with Daisy Johnson (Secret War: From the Files of Nick Fury, 2005)

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