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All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#5 Gorgon to Jury

Last Updated: 6/06/06


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Cover by Keu Cha

Gorgon (Tomi Shishido)

First Appearance: Wolverine #20 (2004)
Origin: Wolverine #26 (2005)
Significant Issues: Revealed to have created a Wolfgang von Strucker lookalike as part of plan to take over Hydra (New Thunderbolts #17, 2006); ambushed & killed Wolverine in Nagasaki, Japan (Wolverine #20, 2004); discussed by Nick Fury & Elektra as suspect in Wolverine's murder (Wolverine #21, 2005); monitored a brainwashed Wolverine's assault on the Baxter Building (Wolverine #22, 2005); posed as false Wolfgang von Strucker's bodyguard, met with Elsbeth von Strucker in Washington, D.C. (Wolverine #23, 2005); vs S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in Hell's Kitchen, killed Elektra (Wolverine #24, 2005); beheaded false Wolfgang von Strucker, replaced him as Hydra leader (Wolverine #25, 2005); with Elsbeth in Germany, ordered super-villain attack on S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Black Hawk (Wolverine #26, 2005); discussed destruction of S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Black Hawk & New Hydra's future plans with Elsbeth (Wolverine #27, 2005); with Elsbeth, attacked by Elektra, Wolverine, & S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in Manhattan, teleported to top-secret S.H.I.E.L.D. hospital to kill Nick Fury (Wolverine #30, 2005); vs Wolverine, turned into stone & shattered (Wolverine #31, 2005)

Gorilla-Man (Kenneth Hale)

First Appearance and Origin: Men's Adventures #26 (1954)
Significant Issues: Journeyed to Africa, became Gorilla-Man (Men's Adventures #26, 1954); 1950's Avengers reality first discovered (What If..? #9, 1978); 1950's Avengers reality apparently undone by Immortus (Avengers Forever #4-5, 1999); joined S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Howling Commandos, vs Merlin (Nick Fury's Howling Commandos #1-6, 2006)


First Appearance: Avengers #69 (1969)
Significant Issues: Pitted Earth-712's Squadron Supreme vs Scarlet Centurion's Institute of Evil & won (Squadron Supreme #9, 1986); helped James Sanders create speed formula (Amazing Spider-Man #222, 1981); empowered & assembled Squadron Sinister, challenged Kang to Game of the Galaxies, lost game when Avengers defeated both Squadron Sinister & Invaders, granted Kang temporary death-dealing power, witnessed defeat of Kang by Black Knight, departed (Avengers #69-71, 1969); explained his actions to Invaders & transported them back to their proper locations (Invaders Annual #1, 1977); secretly revived Ravonna & informed her of how Kang had betrayed her (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); won game against Prime Mover by using Defenders as pawns, decided to take over Earth, tricked into departing by Daredevil (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); played game with Death for the power to resurrect Collector, pitted Earth's superheroes against each other as pawns in a contest of champions, won the game, sacrificed own life to resurrect Collector (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); conspired with Collector to kill Avengers & Silver Surfer, manipulated them into battling each other in the realm of Death, used this distraction to usurp Death's power, pitted Legion of the Unliving vs Avengers, overthrown by Death after Hawkeye distracted him with a rigged game of chance, resurrected & made fully immortal by Death to prevent him from menacing her again (West Coast Avengers Annual #2/Avengers Annual #16, 1987); with fellow Elders, plotted to kill Galactus in hopes of remaking the universe with themselves as its most senior entities, scheme thwarted by Mantis & Silver Surfer, among Elders consumed by a vengeful Galactus (Silver Surfer #4 & 7 & 9-10, 1987-1988); freed from Galactus alongside other Elders by Lord Chaos & Master Order, Elders joined Galactus & others in defeating rogue In-Betweener, Elders fled lest Galactus turn on them anew (Silver Surfer #17-19, 1989); lost Mind Gem to Thanos (Thanos Quest #2, 1990); observed & wagered on Galactic Marathon, unsuccessfully propositioned Makkari (Quasar #58, 1994); sought Mind Gem, visited Ultraverse, encountered Gem-possessed Sersi, persuaded to distract Infinity Gems' current wielder Loki by playing Worlds & Warriors game with him, pitted Avengers & Ultraforce against each other in a contest of champions, lost to Loki due to a series of technicalities, witnessed Loki's undoing at hands of Gem-possessed Sersi (Avengers/Ultraforce #1, 1995); recruited Thanos & Z'oofrey Grasswind to play in Dead Man's Hand (Captain Marvel #5-6, 1996); played Dead Man's Hand & lost to cheating Genis-Vell (Captain Marvel #14, 2001); worked with Avengers, a league of heroes from a divergent cosmos, & others to save two universes from a crazed cosmic scholar, pitted Avengers & heroic league against each other in a contest of champions in the process (JLA/Avengers #1, Avengers/JLA #2, JLA/Avengers #3 & Avengers/JLA #4, 2003-2004); allied with Squadron Sinister in preparing for a new contest of champions potentially involving the Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #16, 2006)


First Appearance: Gravity #1 (2005)
Origin: Gravity #5 (2005)
Significant Issues: Came to New York, met Lauren, accidentally attacked Rage (Gravity #1, 2005); vs Rhino, befriended Greenwich Guardian, vs Black Death (Gravity #2-5, 2005); attended Avengers' Christmas party (Marvel Holiday Special #1, 2005)

Great Game

First Appearance: Amazing Scarlet Spider #2 (1995)
Significant Issues: Joystick vs Scarlet Spider (Amazing Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); Joystick, Green Goblin, El Toro Negro, & Scarlet Spider fight (Green Goblin #3, 1995); Rhino, Polestar, & Joystick seek first blood vs Kaine (Amazing Spider-Man #409, 1996); El Toro Negro attacked all Game sponsors & players, Polestar & Nightwatch killed, Johnsmeyer arrested (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996); Great Game resumed, players targeted Namor at U.N. (New Thunderbolts #2-3, 2005)

Guardian (James Hudson)

First Appearance: (As Weapon Alpha) X-Men #109 (1977); (as Vindicator) X-Men #120 (1979); (as Guardian) Alpha Flight #2 (1983); (as Antiguard, cameo) Alpha Flight #129 (1994); (as Antiguard, fully) Alpha Flight #130 (1994)
Origin: X-Men Unlimited #45 (2003); Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1 (1997); Alpha Flight #2-3 (1983)
Significant Issues: Employed by Am-Can, first met Heather (Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1997); designed prototype super-suit, took suit's helmet to prevent it being sold to military, quit Am-Can (Alpha Flight #2/Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1983/1997); employed by Canadian government, founded Department H (Alpha Flight #3/Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1983/1997); confronted by Heather's parents (Alpha Flight #47, 1987); married Heather (Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1997); on honeymoon, discovered feral Logan (Alpha Flight #33/Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1986/1997); recruited Logan into Department H as Weapon X (Alpha Flight #3/Wolverine #144, 1983/1999); inspired by Fantastic Four to create Canadian super-team (Alpha Flight #3, 1983); experimented with Bedlam (Alpha Flight #52, 1987); recruited Shaman & Snowbird (Alpha Flight #8, 1984); formed The Flight, vs Egghead's Emissaries of Evil (Alpha Flight Special, 1992); as Weapon Alpha, with Weapon X & Puck, vs Chinook, re-married Heather (Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1997); created new battlesuit (Alpha Flight #3, 1983); trained with Weapon X, critically wounded by him, unwittingly authorized creation of clone (Alpha Flight #1, 1997); recruited Aurora & Northstar (Alpha Flight #9-10, 1984); Logan quit Department H (Giant-Size X-Men #1/Alpha Flight #52, 1975/1987); sent to return Logan to Department H, opposed by X-Men (X-Men #109/Classic X-Men #16/Alpha Flight #17, 1978/1987/1984); recruited Sasquatch (Alpha Flight #11, 1984); formed Alpha, Beta & Gamma Flights (Alpha Flight #51 & 92, 1987 & 1991); as Vindicator, with Alpha Flight, sent to recover Logan, opposed by X-Men (X-Men #120-121/Classic X-Men #27, 1979/1988); first met Reed Richards (Fantastic Four #220, 1980); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine & Nightcrawler, vs Wendigo (X-Men #139-140, 1980); government disbanded Alpha Flight (X-Men #140/Alpha Flight #1, 1980/1983); Alpha Flight reformed independent of government, vs Tundra (Alpha Flight #1, 1983); with Alpha Flight, alongside Thing, vs Ranark (Marvel Two-in-One #84, 1982); as Guardian, with Alpha Flight, alongside Namor & Invisible Woman, first encountered Master of the World (Alpha Flight #2-4, 1983); with Wolverine, forced to oppose Bedlam, placed Bedlam in life-support cocoon (Alpha Flight #53, 1987); with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Men, opposed Baron Strucker & Hydra (X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2, 1998); received job offer from Roxxon, revealed to be plot by Jaxon, vs Omega Flight, seemingly killed (Alpha Flight #6 & 10-13, 1984); impersonated by Delphine Courtney (Alpha Flight #25-27, 1985); revealed to have survived, thrown back in time & space, altered by Qwrlln to become cyborg, returned to Earth, found by Roxxon (Alpha Flight #90 & 100, 1990 & 1991); infiltrated Roxxon's computer systems, rescued by Forge & Madison Jeffries, reunited with Heather, rejoined Alpha Flight as Vindicator (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); with Alpha Flight, opposed Doctor Doom (Alpha Flight #91, 1990); reconciled with Heather (Alpha Flight #92, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Headlok (Alpha Flight #93-94, 1991); became head of engineering sciences for Gamma Flight (Alpha Flight #95, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Her & Avengers, vs Consortium, Qwrlln programming activated, opposed Galactus, seemingly sacrificed life to save Qwrlln from Galactus & defeat Consortium (Alpha Flight #97-100, 1991); recovered by Master, brainwashed into becoming Antiguard, with Omega Flight, vs Alpha Flight, overcame programming, helped defeat Master, rejoined Alpha Flight, team again disbanded by government (Alpha Flight #129-130, 1994); with Heather, alongside Wolverine, vs Hunters-in-Darkness (Wolverine #83-84, 1994); with Heather, Xavier & Beast, monitored Wolverine's feral regression (Wolverine #91-92 & 95, 1995); investigated new Department H, captured, mindwiped, sent into space, crashed back to Earth (Alpha Flight #19, 1999); found by Sasquatch (Alpha Flight #13, 1998); with original team, vs new Alpha Flight, joined forces to oppose new Weapon X (Alpha Flight #18-20, 1999); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs A.I.M., clone died (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); with Alpha Flight, vs U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. in Greenland (Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #3, 2001); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs Mauvais & Wendigo (Wolverine #171-172, 2002); with Heather, attacked by Omega Red & Lady Deathstrike, loaned Wolverine spare suit to compensate for lost powers (Wolverine #173-174, 2002); opposed Black Panther's annexing Canadian territory (Black Panther #42-44, 2002); with Alpha Flight, sent to retrieve Xavier Institute children, opposed by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #421-422, 2003); killed by Jiroult, restored to life, saved Heather & daughter, healed by Archangel (X-Men Unlimited #45, 2003); with Alpha Flight, vs Juggernaut (Uncanny X-Men #432-434, 2003-2004); with Alpha Flight, captured by Plodex, freed by new team, left Earth to return Plodex eggs to Plodex homeworld (Alpha Flight #1-6, 2004); past self brought into present (Alpha Flight #12, 2005); with Alpha Flight, seemingly killed by Collective (New Avengers #16, 2006)

Hamilton, "Cockroach"

First Appearance: Power Man #28 (1975)
Significant Issues: Worked for Piranha Jones, first fought Luke Cage (Power Man #28 & 30-31, 1976); relocated to Stamford, vs Terror (Terror Inc #6-7, 1992); alongside Nightshade's other recruits, vs Black Panther's allies (Black Panther #16-17, 2000)


First Appearance: (As Cardinal) New Warriors #28 (1992); (As Harrier, in shadow) Thunderbolts #65 (2002); (As Harrier, fully) Thunderbolts #67 (2002)
Origin: Thunderbolts #67 (2002)
Significant Issues: Childhood in Alabama, military training in Georgia, mercenary work in Rhodesia, love affair with Sprocket (Thunderbolts #67, 2002); as Cardinal, worked with Sea Urchin, battled & captured by New Warriors & Turbo (New Warriors #28, 1992); freed from Riker's Island by Air Force, sought revenge on Warriors & Turbo, Air Force subdued by Nova & Turbo (New Warriors #35, 1993); Air Force hired by Hancock Transport Airlines CEO Gloria Hancock to attack Taylor Foundation, raided TF corporate jet alongside Air Force, fought Sprocket & Chord during raid, subdued along with rest of Air Force by Dwayne Taylor, persuaded to join humanitarian efforts in Sarajevo (Night Thrasher #4-5, 1993); alongside Air Force, reformed & worked to aid Rwandan refugees, barely survived massacre of refugees & Air Force by Undertow's Soldiers of Misfortune, teamed with Sprocket & Warriors in failed attempt to rescue Sparrow after Undertow captured & brainwashed her (New Warriors #54-56, 1994-1995); renounced heroics, joined Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, participated in Cowl's global weather control blackmail scheme, defeated & captured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999); incarcerated in superhuman cellblock at Seagate alongside Hawkeye & others (Thunderbolts: Life Sentences #1, 2001); learned of the existence & death of his daughter Valerie Barnhardt (Thunderbolts #67, 2002); convinced by Crimson Cowl that Hawkeye was indirectly responsible for Valerie's death, agreed to rejoin Masters in exchange for promise of Hawkeye's demise, fought Thunderbolts alongside Masters, persuaded to defect to Hawkeye's Thunderbolts after learning he was infected with a biotoxin through which the Cowl hoped to control him, modified armor (Thunderbolts #64-65, 2002); as Harrier, alongside Thunderbolts, battled Wild Pack before joining forces with Silver Sable, considered killing Hawkeye, battled Cowl's Masters, captured by Masters, escaped, helped defeat Masters, fled from Elite Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alongside Cyclone & Amazon, subdued by Hawkeye alongside Cyclone & persuaded to remain with group, developed grudging admiration for Hawkeye, helped seal all-consuming void emanating from V Battalion's Vanguard craft, made peace with Hawkeye, decided to accompany Abe Jenkins back to Seagate to serve out their prison sentences (Thunderbolts #67, 69, 71 & 73-75, 2002-2003)

Harrow, Jonas

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #114 (1972)
Significant Issues: Revealed to have saved & rebuilt Hammerhead (Amazing Spider-Man #114, 1972); enhanced Kangaroo (Amazing Spider-Man #126, 1973); extorted services of Will O'The Wisp (Amazing Spider-Man #168, 1977); revealed to have driven J. Jonah Jameson mad, unsuccessfully attempted to defeat Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #206, 1980); escaped prison alongside Grey Gargoyle, recaptured by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #219, 1981); in Roxxon's service, again extorted Will O'The Wisp, briefly gained control of Dragon Man, defeated by Ben Reilly (Spectacular Spider-Man #235-236, 1996); contemplated Hobgoblin controversy (Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Lives #1, 1997); resumed Roxxon work, failed in attempt to contain Dragon Man, arrested (Thing & She-Hulk: The Long Night #1, 2002); collapsed from chest pains, retrieved by Iron Fist (Marvel Knights: Double Shots #4, 2002)

Hate-Monger (Adolf Hitler clone)

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #21 (1963)
Origin: Super-Villain Team-Up #17 (1980)
Significant Issues: Vs Fantastic Four & Nick Fury, killed (Fantastic Four #21, 1963); vs Nick Fury over Psychotron, killed (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #9, 1969); attempted to use germ bomb, thwarted by Fury (Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #10, 1969); used Hate-Ray on America's youth, killed (Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #11, 1969); vs Man-Wolf, killed (Creatures on the Loose #35, 1975); as Nazi X, vs Captain America (Captain America #211-212, 1977); with Red Skull, attempted creation of Cosmic Cube, consciousness trapped inside incomplete Cube (Super-Villain Team-Up #16-17, 1979-80); consciousness within Cube defeated by Captain America (Captain America #448, 1996); in new body, vs Captain America, Fury & Falcon (Captain America #25-27, 2000); aided Red Skull in manipulating Americans, destroyed by Captain America (Captain America #45-48, 2001)

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

First Appearance: (As Bishop) Young Avengers #1 (2005); (as Hawkeye) Young Avengers #12 (2006)
Origin: Young Avengers Special #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: First met Young Avengers, aided them vs thieves (Young Avengers #1, 2005); alongside Young Avengers, vs Growing Men (Young Avengers #3, 2005); adopted costumed identity, joined Young Avengers (Young Avengers #4, 2005); with Young Avengers, vs Kang (Young Avengers #5-6, 2005); with Young Avengers, vs Shocker (Young Avengers Special #1/Young Avengers #7, 2006/2005); with Young Avengers, vs Mr. Hyde (Young Avengers #7-8, 2005); with Young Avengers, vs. Kree & Super-Skrull (Young Avengers #9-12, 2005-2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #209 (1979)
Significant Issues: Built by Mr Fantastic (Fantastic Four #209, 1979); with Blastaar, attempted to kill Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #215-216, 1980); took over Baxter Building, sacrificed itself to eradicate Dr. Sun (Fantastic Four #217, 1980); model used by Reanimator (Nova #3, 5 & 7, 1999); multiple models used by Gideon Trust (Fantastic Four #43, 2001); humanoid form first seen, aided Franklin Richards vs Ramades (Marvel Knights 4 #15-18, 2005)


First Appearance and Origin: Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage - Alpha #1 (1995)
Significant Issues: Transformed into Helix, subdued by New Warriors (Spider-Man: Maximum Clonage Alpha #1, 1995); imprisoned for experimental purposes by Jackal, further altered, escaped (Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); went on mad rampage, subdued by New Warriors, imprisoned at Crash Pad (New Warriors #62, 1995); mutated & rampaged in response to automatic defense systems & attacks from Warriors, mutation reversed when he was left alone (New Warriors #63, 1995); grew peaceful & non-violent, seen in one of Rina's future visions in a vortex with Justice & Powerhouse (New Warriors #64, 1995); watched television, began speaking Spanish (New Warriors #65, 1995); watched New Warriors play Risk, asked for some Doritos, vs Guardians of the Galaxy when they tried to abduct Warriors member Speedball (New Warriors #68, 1996); witnessed Sphinx's attack on New Warriors (New Warriors #69, 1996); witnessed return of Speedball (New Warriors #71, 1996); now fluent in Spanish, coached in English by Turbo, suspected he had learned English before in his past life but still totally amnesiac, learned Turbo was planning to leave the team, admitted he was only sticking around to be with her since he wanted to leave in search of his past, faced angry Avengers during their confrontation with Warriors (New Warriors #72, 1996); now spoke a little English, said goodbye to a tearful Turbo, departed in search of his past (New Warriors #73, 1996)


First Appearance: Marc Spector: Moon Knight #44 (1992)
Origin: Marc Spector: Moon Knight #58-59 (1994)
Significant Issues: Seth betrayed Knights Templar, intro Agony & Basilisk (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #43-44, 1992); Cadre vs Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man Annual #9, 1993); vs Chloe & DuChamp, Basilisk slain (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #47-49, 1993); Bloodline activated, intro Bramble, Manx, Network & Murmur (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #50, 1993); vs Moon Knight, Werewolf & Gambit, intro Cubist, Fizzure, Lowdown, T.K.O, Triplex, Gnash, & Tailspin (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #53, 1993); Seth revealed connection to Moon Knight, intro Hook (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #55-56, 1993); vs Moon Knight, Chloe, Cadre, & Seth slain, Hellhole destroyed, intro Ripper, Vault, Krunch, Crackdown, Spike, Arc, Lava, Bass, Belle, & Dusk (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #58-59, 1994); Zero Hour program (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #60, 1994); Ness aided X-Man, apparently killed (X-Man #45-52/Cable #63, 1998-1999)


First Appearance: (Adventures Into) Fear #28 (1975)
Significant Issues: Tormented Morbius & Simon Stroud (Fear #28, 1975); defeated by Hulk (Defenders #7, 2002)


First Appearance: (Hellfire Club Hellions) New Mutants #16 (1984); (Emplate's "Hellions") Generation X #10 (1996); (New Hellions) X-Force #87 (1999); (Hellions Squad) New X-Men: Academy X #2 (2004)
Significant Issues: Angelica Jones recruited by White Queen/Emma Frost (Firestar #1, 1986); Kitty Pryde visited Massachusetts Academy with Doug Ramsey, kidnapped by Frost (Uncanny X-Men #180, 1981); New Mutants learned of kidnapping, in absence of X-Men went to rescue Kitty, vs Hellions (New Mutants #15-17, 1984); Angelica Jones first met Hellions & New Mutants (Firestar #2, 1986); Thunderbird kidnapped Banshee, lured X-Men to Cheyenne Mountain, Firestar vs X-Men, Thunderbird gave up hatred of Xavier (Uncanny X-Men #193, 1985); Empath temporarily depowered for manipulating Firestar & trying to manipulate Frost (New Mutants #26, 1985); Empath arranged for Sunspot & Magma to be kidnapped by mutant Gladiators as method of petty revenge (New Mutants #28, 1985); Firestar learned she had been manipulated, left Massachusetts Academy (Firestar #4, 1986); Empath manipulated Magneto, Corsi & Friedlander, resurrected New Mutants mostly joined Hellions, trauma healed, left Hellions once more (New Mutants #38-40, 1986); New Mutants kidnapped & terrorized Empath as punishment for hurting Corsi & Friedlander (New Mutants #43, 1986); New Mutants & Hellions caroused together at Hellfire Club party (New Mutants #53, 1987); New Mutants & Hellions raced one another to capture Viper & Silver Samurai, Hellions won (New Mutants #54, 1987); New Mutants & Hellions raced one another to capture Bird Boy, New Mutants won, Magma recognized attraction to Empath, quit New Mutants for Hellions (New Mutants #56-57, 1987); Empath & Magma stranded in Amazon, fell in love (New Mutants #62, 1988); Thunderbird quit Hellions, tribe massacred, blamed Frost, became Warpath & joined Cable's X-Force (New Mutants #99, 1991); Frost learned of intrusions into Hellfire Club computers seeking Firestar data (New Warriors #5, 1990); Hellions vs New Warriors (New Warriors #10, 1990); Hellions massacred by Fitzroy & his Sentinels (Uncanny X-Men #281-282, 1991); Emplate began gathering his "Hellions" (X-Men: Prime, 1995); Emplate's "Hellions" vs Generation X (Generation X #12-14, 1996); Emplate's "Hellions" returned for rematch (Generation X #57, 1999); X-Force vs New Hellions as they attempted to unleash Armageddon Man (X-Force #87-90, 1999); Hellions squad formed at Xavier Institute (New X-Men: Academy X #2, 2004); first Field Day exercise between New Mutants & Hellions' squads, Hellions won (New X-Men: Academy X #3-4, 2004); Wither taken into custody, Hellions attempted to free him, Wither released, Wither & Icarus switched squads (New X-Men: Academy X #5-6, 2004); Hellions won Field Day trophy, helped capture Blob (New X-Men: Academy X #15, 2005); Hellions vacationed in L.A., struck deal with Kingmaker, broke deal, apprehended him (New X-Men: Hellions #1-4, 2005); Tag depowered in wake of "M-Day," remaining squad members merged with other powered students to form New X-Men team (New X-Men #20-22, 2006)

High Evolutionary

First Appearance: Thor #134 (1966)
Origin: X-Factor Annual #3/Punisher Annual #1/Silver Surfer Annual #1/New Mutants Annual #4/Fantastic Four Annual #21/Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22/Uncanny X-Men Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #4/West Coast Avengers Annual #3/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8/Avengers Annual #17 (1988)
Significant Issues: Encountered Thor, left Earth (Thor #134-135, 1966); brought Hulk to Wundagore II, super-evolved (Tales to Astonish #94-96, 1967); created Counter-Earth, met Warlock (Marvel Premiere #1, 1972); vs Galactus (Fantastic Four # 172-175, 1976); theft of Counter-Earth (Marvel Two-in-One #62-63, 1980); devolved into primordial ooze (Hulk #266, 1981); Evolutionary War (X-Factor Annual #3/Punisher Annual #1/Silver Surfer Annual #1/Alf Annual #1/New Mutants Annual #4/Fantastic Four Annual #21/Amazing Spider-Man Annual #22/Uncanny X-Men Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #4/West Coast Avengers Annual #3/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #8/Avengers Annual #17, 1988); freed from Black Galaxy (Thor #406-408, 1989); created New Immortals, observed birth of new Celestial (Thor #418-425, 1989); Man-Beast sent "They" to attack mentally unstable HE (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #3-4, 1992); created Godpack, Man-Beast briefly controlled New Men/AniMutants (Thor #472-475, 1994); Exodus confronted HE (Avengers #380-382, 1994-1995); Warren's involvement revealed (Scarlet Spider Unlimited #3, 1995); New Immortals defeated (Thor #480-482, 1994-1995); cured Carrion Plague (Spider-Man: Dead Man's Hand #1, 1997); pursued Shanna (Ka-Zar #12-14, 1998); battle with Exodus & Man-Beast for Isotope E (Quicksilver #8-12/Heroes for Hire #15-17/Heroes for Hire & Quicksilver '98, 1998); Essex manipulated HE to depower mutants (Uncanny X-Men #379-380/X-Men #99, 2000)


First Appearance: (As LaFroyge) New Warriors Annual #3 (1993); (as Hindsight Lad) New Warriors #37 (1993); (as Hindsight) New Warriors #60 (1995)
Origin: New Warriors Annual #3 (1993), New Warriors #35-37 (1993)
Significant Issues: Tried to aid neighbors against Darkforce, accidentally discovered Speedball's secret identity (New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); blackmailed Speedball into granting him access to New Warriors, adopted costumed guise as Hindsight Lad, called in Night Thrasher to rescue Warriors from Poison Memories (New Warriors #35-37, 1993); researched Xandar, bickered with Speedball & Night Thrasher (New Warriors #41, 1993); brushed off by Robbie (New Warriors Annual #4, 1994); helped Nova research Laura Dunham's background (Nova #2, 1994); with Bandit, assembled & led new Warriors team to rescue original group from the Sphinx, after which old & new Warriors joined forces to defeat the Sphinx (New Warriors #47-50/Nova #6-7, 1994); discussed Warriors' future with Night Thrasher & Justice, finally accepted as a full & official member of the Warriors specializing in research & analysis (New Warriors #51, 1994); helped supervise testing of powers of Namorita, Rage & Speedball (New Warriors #52, 1994); alongside other Warriors, criticized Night Thrasher's ethics & prompted Thrasher's departure (Night Thrasher #16, 1994); developed New Warriors video game, mobilized reserves to assist Warriors in Africa, helped Warriors track teammates captured by Undertow's Soldiers of Misfortune, earned a modicum of grudging respect from Nova (New Warriors #55, 1995); alongside most other Warriors, sided with Nova against Night Thrasher, leading to Night Thrasher's and Rage's resignation, searched for Kymaera, hid during Warriors' battle with Namor (New Warriors #57, 1995); abandoned original costume, began repairing damaged Crash Pad (New Warriors #59, 1995); worked on repairing mainframe & surveillance equipment, embezzled Avengers funds for new Warriors equipment & costuming as "H. Lad" of "Avengers Auxiliary Command Center" [Crash Pad], had goods delivered to Crash Pad, adopted new costume & alias as Hindsight, provided Justice with new costume, provided Warriors with communications badges, received million-dollar operating fund from Night Thrasher (New Warriors #60, 1995); began working to open mysterious door in Crash Pad basement, berated by Rich Rider for not working on Kymaera's disappearance & loss of his powers, supervised repairs of Crash Pad (New Warriors #61, 1995); researched Scarlet Spider for Warriors (Spectacular Spider-Man #227, 1995); met Rina Patel, heard & slowly began to believe her warnings about Speedball's future demise, saved from oncoming truck by her time powers, prepared containment cell for Helix (New Warriors #62, 1995); Warriors aided Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #129, 1995); helped contain Helix, introduced Rina to Warriors (New Warriors #63, 1995); gave Rina Timeslip costume & communications badge, helped convince Warriors to heed her warnings (New Warriors #64, 1995); taught Rider how to use mainframe, helped locate Namorita, resented Speedball's romantic interest in Timeslip (New Warriors #65, 1995); participated in search for Scarlet Spider imposter (New Warriors #67, 1996); trounced teammates in Risk board game until time warp led to Speedball winning the game instead (New Warriors #68, 1996); present during Sphinx's attack on Warriors (New Warriors #69, 1996); witnessed return of seemingly deceased Speedball (New Warriors #71, 1996); opened door in Crash Pad basement, discovered & captured by Hydra's Pearl Sect hiding within, helped Avengers & Warriors defeat Pearl Sect, confronted by Avengers regarding embezzlement, reprimanded by Justice, Warriors forgiven for Hindsight's embezzlement & all debts forgiven (New Warriors #72, 1996); alongside Justice, researched Torpedo/Turbo armor (New Warriors #73, 1996); helped analyze Volx's plan (New Warriors #74, 1996); helped defeat Volx, accepted Michiko Musashi's offer to share the Turbo armor (New Warriors #75, 1996)


First Appearance and Origin: Hood #1 (2002)
Significant Issues: Encountered Nisanti, stole cloak & boots (Hood #1, 2002); stole Golem's diamonds, shot police officer (Hood #3, 2002); confronted Golem (Hood #5, 2002); vs several super-villains, decided to use powers to help others (Hood #6, 2002)

Howard the Duck

First Appearance: (Adventure Into) Fear #19 (1973)
Origin: Howard the Duck #13 (1977); Howard the Duck #3, 6 & 8 (1980)
Significant Issues: Arrived on Earth (Fear #19, 1973); named, fell off cosmic path (Man-Thing #1, 1974); returned to Earth, vs Garko the Man-Frog (Giant-Size Man-Thing #4, 1975); vs Hellcow (Giant-Size Man-Thing #5, 1975); vs Pro-Rata, met Beverly Switzler & Spider-Man (Howard the Duck #1, 1976); vs Space Turnip (Howard the Duck #2, 1976); vs Count Macho, trained in Quak Fu (Howard the Duck #3, 1976); met Paul Same/Winky Man (Howard the Duck #4, 1976); vs Emil "The Goat" Klout (Howard the Duck #5, 1976); vs Rev Yuc, Yucchies & Gingerbread Man, chosen as All-Night Party presidential candidate (Howard the Duck #6-7, 1976); vs Doctor Angst & Band of the Bland, allied with Defenders, used Dr. Strange's magic (Marvel Treasury Edition #12, 1976); campaigned, lost election (Howard the Duck #8, 1977); vs Bellboy, le Beaver (Howard the Duck #9, 1977); nervous breakdown, sent to Saurebraten, possessed by Daimon Hellstrom's (Howard the Duck #10-14, 1977); exposed General D. Zastermarch public toxic gas exposure (Howard the Duck #28, 1977); accompanied Steve Gerber on cross country trip (Howard the Duck #16, 1977); vs Prince Hassim, befriended Caliph of Bagmom, the sorcerer Wijid, & the thief Ali Wazoo (Howard the Duck Annual #1, 1977); vs Doctor Bong, temporarily turned human, returned to Duck form (Howard the Duck #15 & 17-19, 1977); vs Sudd, met Lee Switzler (Howard the Duck #20, 1978); vs SOOFI (Howard the Duck #21, 1978); with Dakimh, Jennifer Kale, Korrek, & Man-Thing, vs Bzzk'Joh (Howard the Duck #22-23, 1978); reunited with Paul, Winda (Howard the Duck #24, 1978); vs Circus of Crime (Howard the Duck #25-27, 1978); met Joey Goniff, served as Duckitis spokesman (Howard the Duck #29, 1979); as Iron Duck, vs Doctor Bong, reunited with Beverly (Howard the Duck #30-31, 1979); vs Mister Chicken, Jackpot, & Kidney Lady, entered partnership with Lee Switzler (Howard the Duck #1, 1979); forced to wear pants by Walley Sidney, vs Pro-Rata (Howard the Duck #12, 1979); vs Greedy Killerwatt & Pinball Lizard, saved Santa Claus (Howard the Duck #3, 1980); vs Cockroach & B.E.S.T., assisted Hemlock Shoals (Howard the Duck #4, 1980); vs Dracula (Howard the Duck #5, 1980); ran burlesque show, temporarily transported to alien dimension (Crazy #63-77, 1980-1981); cab destroyed, vs Captain Americana, sent to Duckworld (Howard the Duck #5-6, 1980); with Man-Thing, vs Kong Lomerate (Howard the Duck #7, 1980); vs Grey Panther, as Duck-Man vs Maller, Jokester, Puffin, Quizling (Howard the Duck #8, 1980); trained in voodoo, vs Black Talon, broke up with Bev, investigated Hinky & Dinky (Howard the Duck #9, 1981); with Spider-Man, vs Status Quo (Marvel Team-Up #96, 1980); suicide prevented by Andy the Angel (Bizarre Adventures #34, 1982); with Ceci Ryder, vs Gopher (Howard the Duck #32, 1986); squandered millions on Alexis the Duck (Howard the Duck #33, 1986); vs Band of the Bland's "Cosmic Squish" plot (Sensational She-Hulk #14-17, 1990); met Spider-Ham (Marvel Tales #237, 1990); nauseated by dimensional barrier collapse (Slapstick #1, 1992); with Ben Reilly & savage Chicago cop, vs Relf & Circus of Crime (Spider-Man Team-Up #5/Savage Dragon & Destroyer Duck, 1996); vs Judge Dwedd & Hydra, saved Santa Claus again (Howard the Duck Holiday Special #1, 1997); befriended Generation X, Franklin Richards, Artie Maddicks, Leech & Tana Nile, joined them & Man-Thing in surreal journey (Generation X #20-21, 23 & 25/Daydreamers #1-3 1996-1997); vs Devil Dinosaur & Moonboy (Ghost Rider #81-82, 1997); Duckboy reported in National Gazette (Generation X: Crossroads, 1998); vs Mahapralaya & Cult of Entropy (Man-Thing #5-7, 1998); vs Dr. Bong & Ian Whippingham, turned into mouse (Howard the Duck #1-3, 2002); transformed by Amulet of Pazuzu (Howard the Duck #3, 2002); stayed at Boarding House of Mystery (Howard the Duck #4,2002); vs Iprah/Deuteronomy, slain (Howard the Duck #5, 2002); resurrected & returned to duck form by God (Howard the Duck #6, 2002); brought suit against movie director (She-Hulk #9, 2005)


First Appearance: Young Avengers #1 (2005)
Origin: Young Avengers #10-11 (2006)
Significant Issues: With Young Avengers, made public debut (Young Avengers #1, 2005); with Young Avengers, first encountered Avengers & Kang (Young Avengers #3, 2005); with Young Avengers, vs Kang (Young Avengers #5-6, 2005); changed look & costume (Young Avengers #6, 2005); with Young Avengers, vs Shocker, inadvertently revealed sexuality to Wiccan's parents (Young Avengers Special #1/Young Avengers #7, 2006/2005); with Young Avengers, vs Mr Hyde (Young Avengers #7-8, 2005); interviewed by Jessica Jones regarding his past (Young Avengers Special #1, 2006); Super-Skrull attacked, "mother" killed (Young Avengers #9, 2005); learned about his Skrull heritage (Young Avengers #10, 2006); learned Mar-Vell was his father (Young Avengers #11, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Web of Spider-Man #19 (1986)
Significant Issues: Became costumed criminal (Web of Spider-Man #19, 1986); failed attempted revenge against ESU (Amazing Spider-Man #306, 1988); left for dead by Deadpool (Deadpool #42, 2000); with other villains, robbed Ricadonna (Daughters of the Dragon #1, 2006); summoned insect swarm against Ricadonna, arrested (Daughters of the Dragon #4, 2006)

Humus Sapien

First Appearance: Thunderbolts #54 (2001)
Origin: Thunderbolts #55 (2001)
Significant Issues: Suspended animation pod first seen (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); awakened by Fixer (Thunderbolts #54, 2001); fought Redeemers, exiled himself (Thunderbolts #55, 2001)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #377 (1993)
Origin: Fantastic Four #390 (1994); Fantastic Force #9 (1995)
Significant Issues: First journeyed back to Earth-616 to kill Fantastic Four, joined with Klaw, Paibok, & Devos as Fearsome Foursome (Fantastic Four #377-379, 1993); confronted Psi-Lord about Nathaniel Richard's motives (Fantastic Four #382-383, 1993-1994); joined with Psi-Lord against the Dark Raider (Fantastic Four #389-392, 1994); helped form Fantastic Force (Fantastic Force #1, 1994); vs Dreadface (Fantastic Force #5, 1995); aided Fantastic Four vs Aron the Watcher (Fantastic Force #7/Fantastic Four #400, 1995); vs Lord Moses (Fantastic Force #10-11, 1995); defended Elsewhen from Vangaard, remained in Elsewhen (Fantastic Force #12-13, 1995)

Hurricane (Albert Potter)

First Appearance: Captain Britain #3 (1976)
Origin: Captain Britain #7 (1976)
Significant Issues: Vs Captain Britain (Captain Britain #3-7, 1976); mutated by Merrick, revived by Mys-Tech, vs Gene Dogs (Gene Dogs #1-4, 1993-1994); revealed to have reformed, attempted to steal presents for his children, vs Fantastic Four, defeated, FF spent Christmas with Hurricane & family (Marvel Holiday Special #1, 2005)

Hybrid (James Marks)

First Appearance and Origin: Rom #17 (1981)
Significant Issues: Origin recounted, vs Rom & X-Men, apparently destroyed (Rom #17-18, 1981); reconstituted self, vs Rom & Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, apparently destroyed (Rom #30-32, 1982); reconstituted self, vs Rom & New Mutants, apparently destroyed (Rom Annual #3, 1984); reconstituted self, vs X-Man, apparently destroyed (X-Man #31, 1997); revealed to have lost mutant status after "M-Day" (New Avengers #18, 2006)

Hybrid (Scott Washington)

First Appearance: (As Guardsman Number Six) New Warriors #25 (1992); (as Washington) New Warriors #26 (1992); (as Hybrid) Venom: Along Came a Spider #2 (1996)
Origin: Venom: Along Came a Spider #1-2 (1996)
Significant Issues: As Guardsman Number Six, attended trial of Vance Astrovik, took Astrovik into custody, escorted Astrovik to the Vault, befriended Astrovik, sparred with Astrovik alongside fellow Guardsmen, battled New Warriors until Astrovik convinced Warriors to stand down (New Warriors #25-26, 1992); as Guardsman Number Six, sparred with Astrovik alongside fellow Guardsmen at the Vault, debated Vault policies with Astrovik, helped Astrovik quell prison riot at Vault (New Warriors #36, 1993); assigned to Facility #12, briefly merged with symbiotes, fired for allowing them to escape (Venom: Along Came a Spider #1, 1996); returned to family, shot by Eazy X underlings, bonded with merged symbiotes (Venom: Along Came a Spider #2, 1996); terrorized Eazy X Gang, assisted by Justice, allied with Dwight Simms (Venom: Along Came a Spider #3-4, 1996); captured by Jury, freed by New Warriors (Venom: The Hunted #1-3, 1996)


First Appearance: Strange Tales #135 (1965)
Origin: Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders #4 (1968)
Significant Issues: Vs Leatherneck Raiders & Samurai Squad (Captain Savage and his Leatherneck Raiders #2-4, 1968); attempted creation of atomic bomb, vs Invaders (Marvel Universe #1-3, 1998); vs Mystique (X-Men Forever #3-4, 2001); sought Nazi gold, vs Charles Xavier & Magnus (Uncanny X-Men #161, 1982); encountered young Remy LeBeau (Gambit #6, 1999); Fixer joined (Thunderbolts #-1: Distant Rumblings, 1997); Silver Fox attempted attack on Logan (Wolverine #-1, 1997); base raided by Cable's Wild Pack (X-Force #8, 1992); Imperial Hydra threatened Earth with betatron bomb, thwarted by Fury, Imperial Hydra killed (Strange Tales #135-141, 1965-1966); attacked wedding of Mr Fantastic & Invisible Girl (Fantastic Four Annual #3, 1965); Fixer & Mentallo attacked S.H.I.E.L.D. (Strange Tales #142-143, 1966); hired Batroc to capture Sharon Carter (Tales of Suspense #95, 1967); led by Strucker, attempted to set off Death Spore bomb, Hydra Island sunk (Strange Tales #150-158, 1966-1967); Madame Hydra first appeared (Captain America #110-111 & 113, 1969); Kraus & Rickard caused Fury to hallucinate, sent Bull's-Eye to assassinate him (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #12 & 14-15, 1969); attempted to brainwash Hulk, failed (Incredible Hulk #132, 1970); Las Vegas Hydra defeated (Captain America #145-147, 1972); plague rats defeated by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #154, 1972); led by Grim Reaper & Space Phantom (Avengers #106-108, 1972-1973); vs Tigra & Werewolf (Giant-Size Creatures #1, 1974); led by Silvermane, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #120-123, 1975); vs Thing & Shang-Chi (Marvel Two-In-One #29, 1977); Spider-Woman quit (Marvel Spotlight #32, 1977); allied with Baron Karza (Micronauts #26-28, 1981); led by Baron Strucker LMD (Captain America #273-274, 1982); investigated Team America (Team America #1-2 & 11-12, 1982 & 1983); Strucker LMD obtained armor from Department H (X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2, 1998); manipulated by Deltite (Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D. #1, 3-4, 1988); supplied drugs for Viper (Iron Man Annual #10, 1989); allied with A.I.M vs the Maggia (Iron Man #247/Incredible Hulk #361, 1989); Madame Hydra-6 & Yellow Claw led Hydra (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #12-14, 1990); Strucker revived, Hydra purged, destroyed S.H.I.E.L.D. Central (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #20-23, 25-26, 1991); sent bounty hunters after genetic experiments (Daredevil Annual #7/Punisher Annual #4/Captain America Annual #10, 1991); attempted to claim Vladivostok (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #27-29, 1991); vs Kingpin (Daredevil #297-299, 1991); helped orchestrate death of Mariko Yashida with the Hand (Wolverine #56-57, 1992); vs Leader (Incredible Hulk #400, 1992); participated in division of Kingpin's empire (Daredevil #307-309/Nomad #4-6/Punisher War Journal #45-47, 1992); Wolverine vs Whale (Wolverine: Inner Fury, 1992); Strucker's existence revealed (Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #42-47, 1992-93); D.O.A vs Nightstalkers (Nightstalkers #2-4, 1992-1993); attacked Somalia (Silver Sable & The Wild Pack #16-17, 1993); vs Iron Fist for anomaly (Marvel Comics Presents #129-131, 1993); attacked Deathlok with virus (Deathlok #30, 1993); with A.I.M. & War Machine, vs Hate-Monger & Sons of the Serpent (Marvel Comics Presents #153-155, 1994); attempted takeover of Carpasia (Wolverine/Nick Fury: Scorpio Rising, 1994); Number 16 vs Fury (Marvel Comics Presents #157, 1994); vs Sub-Mariner & Leviathan (Namor Annual #4, 1994); Wolfen vs Fury (Marvel Comics Presents #171, 1995); vs Skrull Kill Krew (Skrull Kill Krew #2-3, 1995); Kitty Drake attempted to set off neutron bomb (Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D. #1-3, 1995); Pearl Sect defeated by New Warriors (New Warriors #72, 1996); allied with Fortunato, vs Spider-Man & SHOC (Spider-Man #73-74/Peter Parker: Spider-Man #79-80, 1996/1997); Catalyst defeated by Sabretooth & Mystique (Sabretooth & Mystique #1-4, 1996-97); sent Growing Man against Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #5, 1997); led by Sensational Hydra (Captain America #2-7, 1998); Horst Eisele attacked Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #0, 1998); hired Crossbones & Absorbing Man to set off bomb (Captain America #24, 1999); Scylla vs Iron Man (Iron Man #36, 2001); attempted to spread nanites (Citizen V & the V-Battalion #2-3, 2001); dealt with Power Broker (U.S.Agent #1, 2001); vs Elektra in Iraq (Elektra #1-5, 2001-2002); recruitment offer turned down by Parker Robbins (The Hood #1, 2002); Gerald Richter's base invaded by Shepard & Mystique (Mystique #19, 2004); cybernetic Hydra destroyed by Hercules (Hercules #3, 2005); attempted to coerce Jessica Jones (The Pulse #7-8, 2005); Gorgon became leader, brainwashed Wolverine & army of super-villains, brought down by Wolverine when he overcame control (Wolverine #20-31, 2004-2005); bankrolled Thunderbolts, attacked New York (New Thunderbolts #1-6, 2005); Spider-Woman revealed to be double agent for Hydra (New Avengers #11-14, 2005-06); led by Edgar Lascombe, attempted to set off biological attack (Amazing Spider-Man #519-524, 2005); Strucker released from Hydra by Zemo (New Thunderbolts #17, 2006)


First Appearance: Iron Fist #2 (1976)
Significant Issues: Recounting of the H'ylthri duplicate spying on the early K'un-Lun settlement (Namor the Sub-Mariner #22, 1992); H'ylthri kill Shakari Rand-Kai (Power Man and Iron Fist #75, 1981); H'ylthri involvement in empowering Plant Man revealed (Namor the Sub-Mariner #24, 1992); Iron Fist first meets H'ylthri, Conal & Miranda taken (Iron Fist #2, 1976); Iron Fist & Power Man accompany K'un-Lun warriors on attack against H'ylthri (Power Man and Iron Fist #75, 1981); Iron Fist secretly replaced by H'ylthri duplicate (Power Man and Iron Fist #120-125, 1985); Namor ventures to K'un-Lun, Iron Fist freed, Namor tries to prevent H'ylthri invasion of Earth, Master Khan slays most of invaders (Namor the Sub-Mariner #20-25, 1991-1992); H'ylthri revive Conal & Miranda, charge them with obtaining Scorpio Key to revive their race (Iron Fist #1-3, 1998)


First Appearance: (Earth-712 Hyperion) Avengers #85 (1971); (protoplasmic Hyperion) Avengers #69 (1969); (Zhib Ran) New Thunderbolts #15 (2006); (Weapon X Hyperion) Exiles #38 (2004); (far future Hyperion) Paradise X: Heralds (2001); (government-raised Hyperion) Supreme Power #1 (2003)
Significant Issues: (Earth-712 Hyperion): with Squadron, alongside Avengers, vs Brain-Child (Avengers #85-86, 1971); Serpent Crown war (Avengers #141-144 & 147-149, 1976-1976); Null conquered Earth (Defenders #112-115, 1983-1983); Utopia Project began (Squadron Supreme #1-6, 1985-1986); impersonated by protoplasmic Hyperion (Squadron Supreme #7-8, 1986); engaged to Power Princess, Squadron surrendered, Utopia Project ended (Squadron Supreme #12, 1986); extra-dimensional force threatened universe (Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe, 1989); with Squadron, trapped on Earth-616 (Quasar #13-17, 1990); "impregnated" by Her (Quasar #28-29, 1991); with Squadron, vs Angler & Geometer (Quasar #51, 1993); opposed Black Fleet & Gladiator (Quasar #54-55/Starblast #1-2, 1994); with Squadron, vs Corruptor & Champion (Avengers #5-6/Avengers & Squadron Supreme Annual '98, 1998); with Squadron, returned home, rescued Master Menace, opposed Global Directorate (Squadron Supreme: New World Order, 1998); Global Directorate overthrown (Exiles #77-78, 2006); (Protoplasmic Hyperion): Squadron Sinister's Hyperion created (Avengers #69-70, 1969); Nebula teamed with Hyperion (Defenders #13-14, 1974); protoplasmic Hyperion traveled to Earth-712 (Thor #280, 1979); Hyperion aided Thundra (Marvel Two-in-One #64-65 & 67, 1980); impersonated Earth-712 Hyperion, romanced Power Princess (Squadron Supreme #7-8, 1986); Hyperion fought Avengers after death (Avengers Annual #16, 1987); with Power Princess after death (Paradise X #X, 2003); (Zhib Ran): Came to Earth (New Thunderbolts #15-16, 2006); (Weapon X Hyperion): Joined Weapon X (Exiles #38-40, 2004); vs Exiles (Exiles #43-45, 2004); vs alternate universe Hyperions (Exiles #62-65, 2005); (Far future Hyperion): Sought to die (Paradise X: Heralds #1-3/Paradise X #0-X, 2001-2003); (Government-raised Hyperion): Came to Earth, existence exposed (Supreme Power #1-3, 2003); government plotting exposed, attempted to kill Hyperion (Supreme Power #7-9, 2004); vs super-human serial killer (Supreme Power #12-14, 2004-2005); government recruited to oppose Hyperion (Supreme Power #15-18, 2005)


First Appearance: Avengers #10 (1964)
Origin: Fantastic Four #19 (1963), Thor #282 (1979), Avengers West Coast #61 (1990), Avengers Forever #8-10 & 12 (1999 & 2000)
Significant Issues: Behind the scenes, sent Space Phantom vs Avengers (Avengers #2/Avengers Forever #8, 1963/1999); behind the scenes, stranded Rama-Tut in heroic age, observed Doctor Doom meeting younger Rama-Tut (Avengers #269/Fantastic Four Annual #2, 1986/1964); behind the scenes, observed Masters of Evil vs Avengers (Avengers #6-7 & 9, 1964); behind the scenes, caused future Kang to arrive in 40th century, observed Kang vs Avengers (Avengers #269/Giant-Size Avengers #2/Avengers #8, 1986/1974/1964); with Masters of Evil, vs Avengers (Avengers #10, 1964); vowed to destroy Avengers (Avengers #16, 1965); behind the scenes, influenced Scarlet Centurion to summon Earth-616 Avengers to Earth-689 (Avengers #56/Avengers Annual#2/What If..? #29, 1968/1981); observed initial attraction between Vision & Scarlet Witch (Avengers #81/Avengers Forever #8, 1970/1999); observed Kree-Skrull War (Avengers #89-97/Avengers Forever #8, 1971-1972/1999); Time-Keepers revealed humanity’s threat to the universe, threatened their destruction (Avengers Forever #8, 1999); sent Space Phantom to convince Vision that he was a man (Avengers #107-108/Avengers Forever #8, 1973/1990); convinced "Martian Masters," Badoon, & other races to assault Earth to slow their technological development (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); summoned Kang & elder Rama-Tut to Limbo, Kang used his technology to summon Legion of the Unliving, helped drive off Kang, sent Legion back home, revealed partial truths to Avengers (Avengers #131-134/Giant-Size Avengers #3, 1975); presided over weddings of Vision & Scarlet Witch and Mantis & Cotati elder, used Space Phantom to thwart Kang’s kidnapping of Mantis (Avengers #135/Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); transported Thor & Moondragon to 1873 to defeat Kang, faked own death (Avengers #141-143, 1975-1976); duped Thor into depleting his hammer’s time travel power (Thor #281-282, 1979); fathered Marcus Immortus, vanished from Limbo (Avengers #200, 1980); locked out of Earth-82432 reality by its Korvac (What If..? #32, 1982); manipulated Vision into taking over Earth’s computers (Avengers #241-254/Avengers West Coast #61, 1984-1985/1990); observed creation/birth of Vision & Scarlet Witch’s children Thomas & William (Vision and The Scarlet Witch #2 & 12/Avengers West Coast #61/Avengers Forever #8, 1985 & 1986/1990/1999); led Kang to form Council of Kangs to eliminate redundant Kangs, allied with Ravonna of Earth-8657 (Avengers #269, 1986); as Lireeb, posed as servant to renegade Councilman Kang seeking to destroy all alternate realities but one, facilitated downfall of renegade Kang (X-Men and Spider-Man: Time’s Arrow, 1998); confronted & drove mad sole remaining Kang (Avengers #269, 1986); arranged capture & dismantling of Vision (West Coast Avengers #42-45/Avengers West Coast #61, 1989/1990); sent Space Phantom posing as Phineas Horton to mislead Avengers (West Coast Avengers #44/Avengers West Coast#48/Avengers Forever #8, 1989/1999); revealed plot to become master of all time (Avengers West Coast #50, 1989); ensured Scarlet Witch was to be one of the Brides of Set (Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast #61, 1989/1990); guided Master Pandemonium to capture & expose true nature of Thomas & William, destroying them (Avengers West Coast #50-52 & 61, 1989 & 1990); discovered Time-Twisters had replaced Time-Keepers (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); terminated Earth-89121 in which Mary Queen of Scots was to become Queen of England (Avengers West Coast #53, 1989); terminated Earth-9002 in which Abraham Lincoln had foiled John Wilkes Booth’s assassination attempt (Avengers West Coast #55, 1990); caused shrunken/feral Tigra to escape her cage (Avengers West Coast #56, 1990); observed Magneto forming an alliance with Scarlet Witch (Avengers West Coast #57-58 & 60-61, 1990); terminated Earth-90650 in which Hydro-Man slew Doctor Pym, Hawkeye, & Wonder Man with a bomb (Avengers West Coast #59, 1990); terminated Earth-908 in which Leonard Tippit caused World War III (Avengers West Coast #61, 1990); terminated Earth-9008 in which Napoleon conquered Moscow (Avengers West Coast #61, 1990); terminated Earth-9007 following President John F. Kennedy's survival of Lee Harvey Oswald's assassination attempt only to fall to other assassins (Avengers West Coast #60, 1990); imbued Scarlet Witch with power, sought mastery over all time, created Legion of the Unliving - simulacra of Black Knight (Nathan Garrett), Grim Reaper, Iron Man 2020, Left-Winger, Oort the Living Comet, Right-Winger, Toro - to battle Avengers, Scarlet Witch shed power diverging Earth-909 & Earth-9090 to Earth-9095, filled with power & rendered inert by Time-Twisters (Avengers West Coast #60-62, 1990); as Whisperer, guided Doctor Doom of Earth-772 to protect his reality’s nexus being Franklin Richards, retained Doom for future use (What If..? #35, 1992); guided John Fury of Earth-90110 to free Cosmic Avengers from Korvac’s mesmerism in failed attempt to save the nexus being the Ultra-Vision, retained Irondroid for future use (What If..? #36, 1992); guided nexus being Jean Grey of Earth-9250 to become Phoenix to drive off Dormammu, retained Wolverine: Lord of the Vampires for future use (What If..? #37, 1992); sent Doctor Doom of Earth-772, Irondroid of Earth-90110, & Wolverine of Earth-9250 to Asgard of Earth-9260 to assist Thor in saving nexus being Odin, became temporal quantum wave threatening to re-write reality (What If..? #38, 1992); sent Tempus, Dire Wraiths, & Rama-Tut’s robots to oppose Doctor Doom of Earth-772, Irondroid of Earth-90110, Wolverine of Earth-9250, & Thor of Earth-9260, sent by the Time Variance Authority to Limbo to stop him, TVA sent Fantastic Four of Earth-7712 in failed attempt to render pre-Rama-Tut Nathaniel Richards resistant to accumulating temporal energy, succeeded in second effort with Reed Richards Rocket Group of Earth-8212, Immortus quantum wave dissipated (What If..? #39, 1992); with Ravonna of Earth-8657, observed as Terminatrix explored Kang’s history (Avengers Annual #21, 1992); watched in horror as Avengers involved themselves in Kree-Shi’ar War (Avengers #345/Avengers Forever #8, 1992/1999); manipulated Iron Man to drive Avengers back to Earth (Avengers #347/Avengers Forever #8, 1992/1999); plan backfired, Avengers seemingly slew Supreme Intelligence (Iron Man #278/Avengers Forever #8, 1992/1999); Time-Keepers revealed that the results of the Kree-Shi’ar war would lead to the future of Earth-9812, Immortus begged for one last chance to avert this (Avengers Forever #8, 1999); posed as Kang, manipulated Iron Man, launched massive smoke & mirrors assault on Avengers to force them to remain on Earth (Avengers #393-395/Iron Man #323-325/Force Works #19/Avengers: The Crossing/Avengers: Timeslide/Avengers Forever #8, 1995-1996/1999); Time-Keepers noted persistence of Earth-9812, sent Immortus to slay Rick Jones to prevent his accessing the Destiny Force, opposed by Kang, Supreme Intelligence, & Libra, Rick accessed the Force & summoned past & future era Avengers to oppose Immortus (Avengers Forever #1, 1998); Immortus conceded defeat, launched assault on Chronopolis, stole Heart of Forever, combined it with Chronopolis to form Forever Crystal (Avengers Forever #2-3, 1999); used Forever Crystal to diverge android Human Torch & future Vision within same reality (Avengers #135/Avengers Forever #8, 1975/1999); dispatched Space Phantoms to 1873 of Earth-616 in failed effort to capture time-traveling Avengers, manipulated Avengers of Earth-9930 circa the early 21st Century to prevent them from pursuing "Martian Masters" into space, destroyed Earth-9904 circa the 1950s to prevent knowledge of Skrull impersonating Vice-President Richard Nixon from becoming public & accelerating the space race (Avengers Forever #4-6, 1999); played mind games with Avengers team invading his castle, captured past Yellowjacket who agreed to help him capture the Avengers in exchange for allowing him to retain his Yellowjacket persona & marry the Wasp (Avengers Forever #7, 1999); with past Yellowjacket’s aid, captured Avengers (Avengers Forever #8, 1999); sent Avengers to Earth-9812 to glimpse firsthand the Avengers Galactic Battalion, failed to convince Time-Keepers not to destroy 42% of realities to eliminate humanity’s threat to the universe & to the Keepers’ existence (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); refused to give Forever Crystal to Time-Keepers to power their chrono-cannon, slain by them (Avengers Forever #11, 1999); restored to existence when Kang resisted the Keepers’ effort to force him to evolve into Immortus, diverging a separate Kang & Immortus, freed from Keepers’ control when Kang slew them, pondered future (Avengers Forever #12, 2000); briefly captured by Akhenaten along with other time travelers (Marvel Universe: The End #2, 2003); "Pope Immortus" active on Earth-9997 (Universe X #1, 3-4, 6, 9, 11-12 & X, 2000-2001); terminal Immortus recruited Terminatrix to end his wife Ravonna’s life support at the instant of his death (Avengers: The Terminatrix Objective #2-3, 1993); Immortus skeleton found by Kang (Avengers #269, 1986)


First Appearance: Avengers: Infinity #3 (2000)
Significant Issues: First mentioned by Time Keepers (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); sent Servitors & Walkers to improve galaxy, opposed by Avengers & Eternity (Avengers: Infinity #1-4, 2000)


First Appearance: (Cameo) Thor #184 (1971); (fully) Quasar #24 (1991)
Significant Issues: Odin's power tapped by Hela to create Infinity construct (Thor #184-188, 1971); empowered Quasar as avatar to fight off Oblivion's & Maelstrom's attempt to bring the universe into Oblivion's realm (Quasar #19-25, 1991); existence of Infinity & other abstract entities' Manifestation Bodies revealed (Quasar #37, 1992); existence threatened by the coming death of Atlez, restored by Atleza (Infinity Abyss #1-6, 2002); vs Thanos, destroyed then later restored by him (Marvel Universe: The End #1-6, 2003)

Inkosi, Shola

First Appearance: Mekanix #1 (2002)
Origin: Excalibur #5 (2004)
Significant Issues: Relived Genoshan catastrophe, disarmed criminals (Mekanix #1, 2002); rescued Kitty Pryde & fellow students from collapsing building (Mekanix #2, 2003); helped Kitty & Karma against Purity terrorists (Mekanix #3, 2003); demonstrated powers to Tom More (Mekanix #4, 2003); destroyed Sentinel scout (Mekanix #5, 2003); alongside Kitty & others, vs altered Sentinels (Mekanix #6, 2003); with Karima Shapandar, rescued from Magistrate captivity (Excalibur #3-4, 2004); joined fellow Genoshans against Stripmine's forces (Excalibur #5-7, 2004-2005); with teammates, reacted to Mystique's attack on Professor X (Mystique #23, 2005); destroyed condemned buildings, accessed Genoshan municipal water supply (Excalibur #8, 2005); helped level Hammer Bay to convert it to arable land, built shelters for Genoshan survivors (Excalibur #9, 2005); with teammates, vs Sugar-Man (Excalibur #10, 2005); with teammates, vs Weaponeers in Zanzibar (Excalibur #11-13, 2005)

Iron Lad

First Appearance: Young Avengers #1 (2005)
Origin: Young Avengers #2 (2005)
Significant Issues: Helped end hostage situation at St. Patrick's Cathedral, later found at Avengers Mansion by Captain America, Iron Man, & Jessica Jones (Young Avengers #1, 2005); revealed origins & link to Kang (Young Avengers #2, 2005); with Young Avengers, alongside Captain America, Iron Man, & Jessica Jones, vs Kang's Growing Men (Young Avengers #3, 2005); vs Kang (Young Avengers #4, 2005); killed Kang (Young Avengers #5, 2005); returned to 30th century Other Earth, left armor behind to serve as the Vision's new body (Young Avengers #6, 2005)


First Appearance: (Cameo, unidentified) What If..? #105 (1998); (fully, identified) A-Next #1 (1998)
Origin: J2 #1 (1998)
Significant Issues: First became J2, vs Rollerblast (J2 #1, 1998); alongside other heroes, vs Asgardian Trolls, became founding member of new Avengers team (A-Next #1, 1998); vs Buffer Zone (J2 #2, 1998); with X-People, vs Enthralla (J2 #2, 1998); with Avengers, vs Intergalactic Sentry 666 (A-Next #2, 1998); with Avengers, vs Defenders (A-Next #3/J2 #3, 1998); during Avengers/Defenders clash, vs Hulk (J2 #3, 1998); with Avengers, alongside Coal Tiger, vs Sons of the Serpent (A-Next #4, 1999); sought Doc Magus' help in locating father, vs Nemesus (J2 #4, 1999); vs Slippery Sam (J2 #4, 1999);vs Wild Thing (J2 #5, 1999); with Avengers, vs Argo (A-Next #6, 1999); vs Magneta (J2 #6, 1999); alongside X-People, sparred with Cyclops, learned of father's fate (J2 #7, 1999); vs Parody (J2 #7, 1999); alongside Magneta & Wild Thing, vs Enthralla & Sabreclaw (J2 #8, 1999); with Avengers, sought predecessors in alternate reality, met Captain America, vs Thunder Guard (A-Next #9-11, 1999); vs Big Julie (J2 #9, 1999); in Madripoor, alongside Wolverine, vs the Hand, Mandroids, & Daze (J2 #10, 1999); attended martial arts tournament in American Dream's stead, trained in Quack-Fu by Howard the Duck, vs Deadpool, began training in self-defence with American Dream (J2 #11, 1999); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, vs Revengers (A-Next #12, 1999); with Doc Magus' aid, found father in Nemesus' dimension, alongside Defenders, vs Nemesus, returned home with father (J2 #12, 1999); with Avengers, tested Spider-Girl for potential membership (Spider-Girl #13, 2000); sparred with father (Wild Thing #2, 1999); vs Big Julie (Wild Thing #3, 1999); vs Tag Team (Wild Thing #4, 2000); sought advice on bullies from father (Wild Thing #5, 2000); with Avengers, sought to capture Buzz, opposed by Spider-Girl (Spider-Girl #31, 2001); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, vs Seth & Sons of the Serpent (Spider-Girl #58-59, 2003); alongside Spider-Girl & Doc Magus, vs Nemesus (Spider-Girl #71, 2004); met Spider-Man, with Avengers, aided Spider-Girl vs Aftershock (Spider-Girl #81, 2005); with Avengers, vs Apox the Omega-Skrull (Spider-Girl #86, 2005); with Avengers, alongside other heroes, involved in plot by Loki to exact revenge on heroes (Last Hero Standing #1-5, 2005); sparred with Hawkeye & Scarlet Witch, with Avengers, alongside others, vs Stark's Bodyguard (Spider-Girl #94-95, 2006)

Jack Flag

First Appearance and Origin: Captain America #434 (1994)
Significant Issues: Vs Serpent Society (Captain America #434-437, 1994-1995); vs U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. (Captain America #438, 1995); on A.I.M. Island (Captain America #440-441/Avengers 387-388, 1995); vs Madcap (Captain America #442, 1995); Captain America's apparent death (Captain America #443, 1995)

Jack O'Lantern

First Appearance: Captain America #396 (1992)
Significant Issues: With Blackwing, vs Captain America at Skull House (Captain America #396-397, 1992); joined Skeleton Crew (Captain America #398, 1992); vs Captain America & Falcon, arrested (Captain America #409-410, 1992); attended Chess Set's auction (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); with Beetle, Shocker, Scorpia & Boomerang, vs Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spider-Man Unlimited #12, 1996); with Constrictor & Shocker, worked for Golembuski (The Hood #2-4, 6, 2002); with Constrictor & Armadillo, vs Hercules (She-Hulk #9, 2005); vs Spider-Man (Gravity #3, 2005)

Jaekelsson, Harald

First Appearance and Origin: Thor: Vikings #1 (2003)
Significant Issues: Raided Lakstad, cursed by wise man, arrived in New York after millennium-long voyage, began slaughter, confronted by Thor (Thor: Vikings #1, 2003); fought & defeated Thor, threw him into New York Harbor, led siege of Manhattan (Thor: Vikings #2, 2003); continued invasion, fought off Avengers (Thor: Vikings #3, 2003); declared himself ruler of Manhattan, attacked by Thor's forces (Thor: Vikings #4, 2003); defeated & dismembered by Thor, hurled into orbit (Thor: Vikings #5, 2004)

Jaspers, Mad Jim

First Appearance: (cameo) The Daredevils #7 (1983); (fully) The Daredevils #9 (1983); (Earth-238 Jaspers) Marvel Superheroes #377 (1981)
Significant Issues: Earth-238 Jaspers unleashed the Jaspers Warp on his reality (Marvel Superheroes #386-388, 1982); Earth-238's reality destroyed (The Daredevils #6, 1983); Earth-616 Jaspers started anti-superhuman campaign (The Daredevils #9, 1983); Jaspers took over Britain, created superhuman concentration camps (Mighty World of Marvel #7-8, 1983); Jaspers Warp unleashed, Captain Britain attacked Jaspers (Mighty World of Marvel #8-9, 1984); Jaspers created Crazy Gang, vs Fury, died (Mighty World of Marvel #10-11, 1984); "Jaspers" prosecuted Magneto's trial (Uncanny X-Men #200/X-Men vs The Avengers #1-4, 1985/1987); Jaspers returned from the dead, seemingly merged with Fury (Uncanny X-Men #462, 2005)

Jeffries, Madison

First Appearance: (As Jeffries, cameo) Alpha Flight #1 (1983); (as Jeffries, fully) Alpha Flight #16 (1984); (as Box) Alpha Flight #48 (1987); (as Gemini) Alpha Flight #12 (1998)
Origin: Alpha Flight #30 (1986)
Significant Issues: Recruited by Bochs to help redesign Box robot (Alpha Flight #16, 1984); witnessed first test of new Box robot (Alpha Flight #22, 1985); opposed Omega Flight, destroyed Delphine Courtney, transported by Beyonder to Alpha Flight's headquarters (Alpha Flight #28, 1985); helped Bochs recover Hulk from Crossroads dimension (Alpha Flight #28/Incredible Hulk #313, 1985); repaired Box robot after battle with Hulk (Alpha Flight #29, 1985); with Bochs, rebuilt Guardian battle-suit, opposed Scramble alongside Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #30, 1986); with Bochs, monitored test of battle-suit worn by Heather Hudson (Alpha Flight #32, 1986); alongside Alpha Flight, vs Attuma, fear of water revealed (Alpha Flight #39, 1986); alongside Alpha Flight & Namor, vs Marrina's mate (Alpha Flight #40, 1986); alongside Alpha Flight, vs Gilded Lily & Diablo (Alpha Flight Annual #1, 1986); joined Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #41, 1986); briefly possessed by Purple Girl, vs Auctioneer (Alpha Flight #42, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Sentinels (Alpha Flight #43, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Pestilence (Alpha Flight #44-45, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs psychotic Bochs, first phased into Box suit (Alpha Flight #46, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega, used powers to remake Box suit, killed Omega (Alpha Flight #48-49, 1987); with Alpha Flight, opposed Loki's machinations, vs Raazer (Alpha Flight #50, 1987); with Alpha Flight, visited Savage Land (Alpha Flight Annual #2, 1987); began romancing Heather (Alpha Flight #52, 1987); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs Bedlam (Alpha Flight #53, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Goblyn (Alpha Flight #54, 1988); with Alpha Flight, vs Great Beasts (Alpha Flight #55, 1988); infected by "Bedlamites", cured by Vindicator & Manikin (Alpha Flight #56, 1988); accepted marriage proposal from Heather (Alpha Flight #61, 1988); Box suit infected with sentient computer virus, built new suit, destroyed old suit (Alpha Flight #63, 1988); coerced by Dreamqueen into subconsciously animating Box suit (Alpha Flight #65, 1988); opposed Dreamqueen-coerced Vindicator (Alpha Flight #66, 1989); with Alpha Flight, vs Dreamqueen (Alpha Flight #70, 1989); reunited with Diamond Lil (Alpha Flight #71, 1989); with Alpha Flight, vs Llan the Sorcerer, suit destroyed (Alpha Flight #72, 1989); with Alpha Flight, in alternate dimension, fashioned new suit (Alpha Flight #73, 1989); began having relationship troubles with Heather (Alpha Flight #77, 1989); confessed feelings for Lil (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); with Alpha Flight, alongside Gamma Flight, vs Llan the Sorcerer, reconciled with Heather (Alpha Flight #85-86, 1990); with Diamond Lil, alongside Windshear & Forge, rescued James Hudson from Roxxon (Alpha Flight #88-90, 1990); with Alpha Flight, alongside Avengers & People's Protectorate, vs Atlanteans (Avengers #320-324, 1990); with Alpha Flight, opposed Doctor Doom (Alpha Flight #91, 1990); became head of mechanical services section for restructured Gamma Flight (Alpha Flight #95, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Her & Avengers, vs Consortium, opposed Galactus (Alpha Flight #97-100, 1991); with Manikin, performed biopsy on Diamond Lil (Alpha Flight #101, 1991); Boxship crashed in Tierra del Maiz, seriously injured, proposed to Lil (Alpha Flight #102-103, 1991); bachelor party held on Christmas Eve (Alpha Flight #105, 1992); cut honeymoon short to answer emergency Alpha Flight summons (Alpha Flight #109, 1992); addiction to wearing suit revealed, with Diamond Lil, joined Shaman, Nemesis & Wyre vs Carcass (Alpha Flight #125-126, 1993); forcibly recruited by new Department H into new Alpha Flight team, captured by Zodiac on first mission (Alpha Flight #1, 1997); brainwashed into becoming Gemini, with Zodiac, vs Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #12, 1998); liberated by Weapon X, brainwashed into serving them, designed "Neverland" mutant concentration camp (Weapon X #1, 2002); witnessed opening of "Neverland" (Weapon X #4, 2003); with Weapon X, opposed Cable's Underground & rogue faction (Weapon X #12, 2003); escaped with Aurora & Director, opposed Aurora's efforts to revenge herself on Director (Weapon X #13 & 22, 2003 & 2004); nursed Director back to health, created new model Sentinels, brought original Weapon X facility back into operational status (Weapon X #22, 2004); revealed to have retained mutant nature after "M-Day" (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Daredevil #42 (1968)
Significant Issues: Began robbery spree, hired by Richard Raleigh to target Foggy Nelson, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #42, 1968); continued crime spree, framed Daredevil for supposed murder of Jonathan Powers, hunted Daredevil alongside police, vs Daredevil, unmasked as Powers on national television by Daredevil & arrested (Daredevil #44-46, 1968); partnered with Cobra & Mr Hyde, stole antique toys, worked out of Lemuel Frye's carnival, apparently killed Frye, vs Daredevil, apprehended (Daredevil #61, 1970); cameo as mastermind forcing a scientist to create false television footage (Daredevil #131, 1976); killed scientist, released more false television footage, framed Daredevil as a killer, turned public against Daredevil, claimed Daredevil had framed him as a criminal, built Murder Maze, persuaded many criminals to participate in his crime wave, killed dissenting criminal Jefferson, nearly incited a mob to lynch Daredevil, lynching foiled thanks in part to efforts of Blake Tower, killed dissenting criminal Carpenter, defeated & captured alongside gang by Daredevil, schemes exposed to public, sent back to prison (Daredevil #133-137, 1976); alongside Cobra, Gladiator & Mr Hyde, vs Daredevil on behalf of Purple Man, defeated (Daredevil #154, 1978); teamed with Ace Taggert to seek revenge on James Martin, interrupted staging of "The Cream of the Jest" at the Majestic Theatre, robbed audience & box office, defeated & captured alongside Taggert by Daredevil & Moon Knight (Moon Knight #13, 1981); abducted Benedict LaForge & took his place in televised production of "Cyrano de Bergerac", gave a hugely successful performance during which a sympathetic Daredevil held the police at bay, voluntarily returned to prison (Daredevil #218, 1985); new Jester, alongside Assembly of Evil, vs Avengers & Cloak & Dagger, captured (Mutant Misadventures of Cloak & Dagger #8-9, 1989); new Jester performed standup comedy at Bar With No Name in Springdale, Connecticut, mocked & knocked out angry heckler Matador (Marvel Year-in-Review '92 #4, 1992); Powers released from prison, reformed, resumed Jester guise as a performance artist, started Jest in Case business, served legal papers to Daredevil on behalf of Elaine Kendrick (Daredevil #20-22, 2001); new Jester among mercenaries hired by Four Winds crime family to battle Agent X, Outlaw & Taskmaster (Agent X #5, 2003); original Jester bought mystical power from Lawrence, possessed by demonic baby-thing, empowered & crazed by demonic possession, attempted bank robbery, vs Daredevil, abandoned by demonic baby-thing, fell into a coma (Daredevil #75, 2005)


First Appearance: Amazing Scarlet Spider #2 (1995)
Significant Issues: Vs Scarlet Spider & Green Goblin (Amazing Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); with Green Goblin & Scarlet Spider, vs el Toro Negro (Green Goblin #3, 1995); vs Kaine (Amazing Spider-Man #409, 1996); end of Great Game (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996); served in Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #24-25, 1999); joined Thunderbolts for protection (New Thunderbolts #2-3, 2005); with Thunderbolts, vs Hydra (New Thunderbolts #6, 2005); with Thunderbolts, vs Batroc's Brigade (New Thunderbolts #8, 2005); with Thunderbolts, vs Purple Man-controlled Swordsman (New Thunderbolts #10, 2005); vs Purple Man-controlled Fantastic Four (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005); vs Spider-Woman at Stark Towers (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005); vs Nighthawk (New Thunderbolts #15, 2006); with Thunderbolts, vs Squadron Sinister (New Thunderbolts #15-16, 2006)


First Appearance: Deadline #1 (2002)
Origin: Deadline #1-4 (2002)
Significant Issues: Rescued Kat Farrell, killed Third Rail (Deadline #1, 2002); rescued Farrell from falling debris (Deadline #2, 2002); escorted Farrell into the Zeitgeist (Deadline #3, 2002); learned Tinkerer was responsible for wife's death, resolved to continue work with him (Deadline #4, 2002)


First Appearance: Venom: Lethal Protector #2 (1993)
Significant Issues: Vs Venom in San Francisco (Venom: Lethal Protector #2-6, 1993); put Spider-Man on trial (Amazing Spider-Man #383-385, 1993); with Life Foundation (Spider-Man: The Arachnis Project #1-6, 1994); Wysper joined (Venom: Sinner Takes All #1-4, 1995); vs Hybrid & New Warriors (Venom: The Hunted #1-3, 1996); vs Secret Empire (Thunderbolts #32, 1999)

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