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All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#6 Justice to Marvel

Last Updated: 6/28/06


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Cover by Keu Cha

Justice (John Tensen)

First Appearance: Justice #1 (1986)
Origin: Justice #17 (1988)
Significant Issues: Justice Department agent John Tensen sent undercover to infiltrate Darquill’s organization, turned into paranormal by White Event, partly brainwashed by Darquill to believe he was extra-dimensional warrior from Land of Spring (Justice #15 & 17, 1988); returned to Earth, slew criminals with powers, arrested by Rebecca Chambers & Hoyt Pittman (Justice #1, 1986); Rebecca allowed Justice to escape following attack by Darquill’s Hounds (Justice #2, 1986); attacked by Tattoo while on road to L.A., lost hand to slay serpent, teamed with Chambers (Justice #3, 1987); hand regrown, confronted Damon Conquest, appeared to slip back & forth to the Far Side (Justice #4, 1987); confronted Darquill in Baja, Chambers kidnapped by villains (Justice #5, 1987); framed for Chambers’ murder, arrested, fled while on bail (Justice #7-8, 1987); attacked by Darquill’s Black Justice, aura apparently corrupted when he killed Black Justice in rage (Justice #9, 1987); aura restored by sacrifice from Land of Spring mage Webstral, informed Land of Spring had been conquered (Justice #11, 1987); posed as Reggie Wyschoff’s bodyguard Trace, vs demonic Darquill agent Max (Justice #13, 1987); suffered visions of his real life, sought help from Nightmask, learned Land of Spring was an illusion, killed Chambers, Conquest & Darquill (Justice #15, 1988); began killing paranormals who abused powers (Justice #16, 1988); was near Pittsburgh when Black Event occurred, narrowly survived (Justice #18, 1988); encountered Savior & Millennias (Justice #19, 1988); pulled into dreams of psychotic Nightmare Killer (Star Brand #18, 1988); vs Seraph, captured by authorities while at Pitt-Aid concert (Justice #20, 1988); hallucinated, went on rampage believing he was back in Far Side, daughter Angie got through to him, recruited by NSC (Justice #21-22, 1988); stopped Justice Brigade - former Millennias cultists now obsessed with following Justice’s example (Justice #23, 1988); vs Dennis Foley (Justice #24, 1988); stalked by assassin Quill, Angie kidnapped (Justice #25-27, 1988-1989); blamed self for Angie’s ordeal, went after Rodstvow & Psi-Hawk, allied with Medusa Web, invaded Siberia, decided to spare Psi-Force (Justice #28-30/Psi-Force #29-30, 1989); confronted Forsaken & Judge Mental, killed latter, took over former (Justice #31-32, 1989); aided Nightmask & other paranormals vs Starblasters, home Earth transported to 616 reality & quarantined (Starblast #3-4/Quasar #57, 1994); arrived amnesiac in Earth-928, allied with Spider-Man/Miguel O’Hara, vs Thanatos, took identity of Net Prophet (Spider-Man 2099 #12-14, 1993); saved leaper (Spider-Man 2099 Annual #1, 1994); dealt with the abusive Roger in cyberspace (Spider-Man 2099 #25, 1994); formed relationship with Father Jennifer (Spider-Man 2099 #41-42, 1996); recalled true identity (Spider-Man 2099 #44, 1996); counterpart vs Proteus, possessed, taken to 2099A.D., withered husk abandoned in favor of new host (Exiles #72-75, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Force #2 (1991)
Origin: Cable: Blood and Metal #1-2 (1992); Deadpool #2 (1993)
Significant Issues: With Six Pack, carried out mission for A.I.M. (X-Force #8, 1992); with Six Pack, carried out various missions, severely injured by Stryfe (Cable: Blood and Metal #1-2, 1992); joined Weapon X alongside Wade Wilson (Deadpool #2, 1993); sent to stop hijacking of Japanese/NATO software, approached by Bridge (X-Force, 1991); vs Mutant Liberation Front, became convinced Stryfe was Cable, accepted Bridge's offer (X-Force #7-10, 1992); led Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. vs X-Force (X-Force #11-14, 1992); pursued Weapon Omega, aided Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #115-117, 1992-1993); hunted Cable, joined him against Stryfe, brought to 40th century (Cable: Blood and Metal #1-2, 1992); active with Clan Chosen, returned to present with Cable, rejoined Six Pack (Cable #1-4, 1993); vs Deadpool & Slayback (Deadpool #1-4, 1993); alongside Wolverine, vs Deadpool (Wolverine #88, 1994); alongside Cable & Microns, vs Psycho-Man (Cable #37-39, 1996-1997); on behalf of A.I.M., vs Wolverine & Alpha Flight (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); eradicated Colombian drug cartel on behalf of Weapon X (Deadpool #57, 2001); killed mutant child, prevented from killing Copycat by Deadpool (Deadpool #58-59, 2001); assisted Director in tracking Sabretooth & Wolverine (Wolverine #174-175, 2002); underwent cybernetic enhancement (Weapon X #½, 2002); alongside Agent Jackson, pursued Rapture (Weapon X: The Draft - Kane #1, 2002); worked alongside fellow Weapon X members (Weapon X: The Draft - Sauron #1/Weapon X: The Draft - Marrow #1/Weapon X: The Draft - Agent Zero #1, 2002); led Weapon X vs Zodiac to capture Madison Jeffries, received promotion (Weapon X #1, 2002); led Weapon X to question mutant criminals about Sabretooth (Weapon X #4, 2003); led Weapon X to capture Taylor family (Weapon X #5, 2003); accompanied disguised Mesmero to press conference (Weapon X #7, 2003); demonstrated enhanced abilities, grew distant from teammates (Weapon X #9, 2003); downloaded new powers (Weapon X #11, 2003); turned on Weapon X, sacrificed self for Cable's Underground (Weapon X #12, 2003)

Kangaroo (Brian Hibbs)

First Appearance: (Cameo) Cage #13 (1993); (fully) Spectacular Spider-Man #242 (1997)
Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #244 (1997)
Significant Issues: Revealed to be Corporation operative (Cage #13, 1993); embarked on New York crime spree, quickly defeated by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #242, 1997); attempted re-match in defective armor, again defeated by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #244, 1997); joined Spider-Man Revenge Squad, rebelled when Grizzly & Gibbon rethought endeavor, defeated by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #245-246, 1997); became professional baseball player, exposed as super-villain (Nova #7, 1999); imprisoned in maximum security facility (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #5-6, 2001); imprisoned in the Cage (Wolverine #164, 2002); challenged Tombstone for prison status, defeated & humiliated (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16-17, 2002)

Ka-Zar the Great

First Appearance: (Actual) Ka-Zar: Lord of Fang and Claw (1936); (Marvel) Marvel Comics #1 (1939)
Origin: Marvel Comics #1-3 (1939-1940)
Significant Issues: Grew up in jungle, first encountered Paul de Kraft (Marvel Comics #1, 1939); vs Bardak (Marvel Mystery Comics #2, 1939); freed animals captured by Steve Hardy (Marvel Mystery Comics #3, 1940); encountered & killed Paul de Kraft (Marvel Mystery Comics #4-5, 1940); stopped Fenton's slaughter of elephants (Marvel Mystery Comics #6, 1940); rescued Mara Rice & her father from Red Skeleton (Marvel Mystery Comics #7, 1940); vs Lester Drake & Abwama (Marvel Mystery Comics #8, 1940); rescued Rita Grey (Marvel Mystery Comics #9, 1940); vs London Jack (Marvel Mystery Comics #10, 1940); traveled to New York to rescue Zar, arrested, shot down Nazi planes, returned to Belgian Congo, vs Rajah Sarput (Marvel Mystery Comics #11-16, 1940-1941); received diamond mine inheritance (Marvel Mystery Comics #17, 1941); explored Black River area, befriend Bogat, vs Limbos (Marvel Mystery Comics #18-19, 1941); attacked Nazi garrison (Marvel Mystery Comics #20, 1941); attacked Italian forces (Marvel Mystery Comics #21, 1941); attacked Nazi airbase (Marvel Mystery Comics #22-23, 1941); captured by Ali Hamud, vs soldiers, escaped (Marvel Mystery Comics #24-25, 1941); acquired superhuman strength, vs Kirk Henrich (Marvel Mystery Comics #26, 1941); attended meeting of superhuman adventurers (Marvel Mystery Comics #25, 1941); protected jungle animals from tidal wave caused by Atlantean forces (Human Torch #5A, 1941); destroyed German submarine (Marvel Mystery Comics #27, 1942)

Ka-Zar the Savage

First Appearance: X-Men #10 (1965)
Origin: Daredevil #13 (1966); Astonishing Tales #11 (1972); Savage Tales #6 (1974); Ka-Zar the Savage #14-15, 17-19 & 21-26 (1983-1984); Ka-Zar: Sibling Rivalry #-1 (1997)
Significant Issues: Accompanied father to Savage Land (Daredevil #13, 1966); consulted Waidian sage Benaza, mourned his death (Ka-Zar: Sibling Rivalry #-1, 1997); early relationship with Zabu recounted (Ka-Zar the Savage #14-15, 17-19 & 21-26, 1983-1984); vs Man-Apes (Astonishing Tales #11/Savage Tales #6, 1972/1974); first encountered X-Men (X-Men #10, 1965); first met Daredevil, learned Plunderer was his brother, inherited Plunder fortune (Daredevil #12-14, 1966); accused of assaults, name cleared by Daredevil (Daredevil #24, 1967); visited New York, vs amnesiac Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #57-58, 1968); returned to Savage Land, vs Quor (Marvel Super-Heroes #19, 1969); rescued Bruce Banner from Swamp Men, alongside Hulk, vs Umbu the Unliving (Incredible Hulk #109-111, 1968-1969); alongside X-Men, vs Magneto & Savage Land Mutates (X-Men #62-63, 1970); investigated afterevents with Havok & Polaris (X-Men: The Hidden Years #3, 5-8 & 10, 2000); tracked Kraven the Hunter to New York to rescue Zabu, met Garokk, helped him against Zaladane (Astonishing Tales #1-5, 1970-1971); encountered Damon & Lelania (Astonishing Tales #6-7, 1971); encountered Vibranium looters (Savage Tales #1/Astonishing Tales #11/Savage Tales #6, 1971/1972/1974); alongside Spider-Man, vs Kraven the Hunter & Gog (Amazing Spider-Man #103-104, 1971-1972); intervened in New Brittania's war (Astonishing Tales #8 & 10, 1971 & 1972); accompanied Barbara Morse on super-serum mission, vs Man-Thing (Astonishing Tales #12-13, 1972); traveled to New York with Morse, vs Pusher (Astonishing Tales #15-16, 1972-1973); vs Gemini, Plunderer, & Gog (Astonishing Tales #17-18, 1973); vs Victorious, destroyed super-serum (Astonishing Tales #19-20, 1973); vs Swamp Men transformed into monsters (Avengers #118, 1973); abducted by Malgato, first met Shanna (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #1-2, 1974); alongside Spider-Man, vs Stegron (Marvel Team-Up #19, 1974); vs Man-God (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #3-5, 1974); encountered Iranda (Savage Tales #5/Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #9, 1974/1975); sought cure for plague (Savage Tales #6-7, 1974); encountered various Savage Land tribes (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #6-8, 1974-1975); reunited with Morse & Shanna, vs Grond (Savage Tales #8, 1975); visited Palandor (Savage Tales #9, 1975); encountered Tomas (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #9, 1975); intervened in tribal war, encountered Edward Culhaney (Savage Tales #10, 1975); visited Tordon-Na (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #10-11, 1975); tamed unicorn (Savage Tales #11, 1975); encountered Zebra People, vs Sheesa's army of the dead (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #12-13, 1975); alongside Thing, investigated Volcanus' activities (Marvel Two-In-One #16-17, 1976); sought cure for Vibranium madness, vs Klaw (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #14-15, 1976-1977); visited Dimension of Quarl (Ka-Zar: Lord of the Hidden Jungle #16-20, 1976-1977); received X-Men's help in fighting Zaladane & Garokk (X-Men #115-116/Classic X-Men #22, 1978/1988); alongside Hulk, vs MODOK and A.I.M. forces (Marvel Team-Up #104, 1981); alongside American Eagle & Thing, vs Klaw's forces (Marvel Two-In-One Annual #6, 1981); alongside X-Men & Spider-Man, vs Sauron & Savage Land Mutates (Marvel Fanfare #1-4, 1982); with Shanna, abducted by Grandmaster & Death along with the rest of Earth's superheroes (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); discovered Pangea, met Queen Leanne (Ka-Zar the Savage #1, 1981); interacted with Aerians & Pterons (Ka-Zar the Savage #2-3, 1981); searched for Shanna, discovered Leanne inhabiting Shanna's body (Ka-Zar the Savage #4, 1981); dealt with inner turmoil, met Dherk (Ka-Zar the Savage #5-7, 1981); learned Pangean history, visited abandoned Atlantean park, first opposed Belasco (Ka-Zar the Savage #8-12, 1981-1982); interacted with the Tree People (Ka-Zar the Savage #13-15, 1983); encountered Feroc (Ka-Zar the Savage #16, 1983); underwent hallucinations (Ka-Zar the Savage #17, 1983); shot by Ramona Courtland, wandered New York in haze, vs Kraven the Hunter, rescued by Spider-Man (Ka-Zar the Savage #18-21, 1983); forced to participate in A.I.M. mission (Ka-Zar the Savage #23-24, 1984); returned to New York, vs Spider-Man, returned to Pangea (Ka-Zar the Savage #25-26, 1984); helped Shanna recover from mental distress, proposed to her (Ka-Zar the Savage #27-28, 1984); married Shanna despite Belasco's interference (Ka-Zar the Savage #29, 1984); banished from Pangea (Ka-Zar the Savage #30-31, 1985); reacted to Zabu's abduction by Impossible Man (Uncanny X-Men Annual #7, 1983); vs Plunderer, teleported to planet Tomriv (Ka-Zar the Savage #32-34, 1985); witnessed Terminus' arrival in Savage Land, rescued by Avengers (Avengers #256-258, 1985); alongside Iron Man, vs Fixer (Iron Man #202, 1986); aided Thing in investigation of Beyonders (Fantastic Four 316-317, 1988); returned to restored Savage Land with family (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, 1988); greeted Mockingbird & others during investigation of High Evolutionary (West Coast Avengers Annual #3, 1988); rescued Leanne's child from Lemurans (Marvel Comics Presents #16, 1989); alongside X-Men, vs Zaladane's forces (Uncanny X-Men #250, 1989); investigated tunnel between U.S. & Savage Land, vs Pluto Fuel Corporation (Marvel Graphic Novel: Guns in the Savage Land, 1990); alongside Magneto, Rogue & S.H.I.E.L.D., vs Zaladane's forces (Uncanny X-Men #274-275, 1991); accompanied Impossible Man & family in search of wayward child (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #2, 1991); fell under control of Super-Skrull (Namor the Sub-Mariner #14, 1991); appeared at United Nations meeting with Phoebe Marrs (Namor the Sub-Mariner #17-18, 1991); reunited with Shanna (Namor the Sub-Mariner #21, 1991); controlled by Lorelei, vs Black Panther, aided Captain America & others against Terminus (Captain America #414-417, 1993); alongside Shanna & others, encountered Castillo (Wolverine: Global Jeopardy #1, 1993); aided Wolverine & Codename: Genetix against Prime Evil (Codename: Genetix #3-4, 1993); led forces against rampaging Neo-Men, vs Sauron (Ka-Zar of the Savage Land #1, 1997); learned of apparent deaths of Avengers & others (Tales of the Marvel Universe #1, 1997); discovered Roxxon's attempt to flood Savage Land, fought alongside Spider-Man & Hulk (Sensational Spider-Man #13-15, 1997); advised Wolverine on Hulk's interference in Lokot/Nowek conflict (Incredible Hulk #454, 1997); vs Garokk (Ka-Zar '97 Annual, 1997); vs Gregor, confronted Plunderer in New York (Ka-Zar #1-4, 1997); relocated to New York City (Uncanny X-Men #354, 1998); vs Rhino & Plunderer (Ka-Zar #5-7, 1997); restored New York to normal after terraformer transformed it, outwittted Thanosi (Ka-Zar #8-11, 1997-1998); grew concerned about Shanna's power, provoked response from High Evolutionary (Ka-Zar #12-14, 1998); returned to New York, blinded & deafened in subway shooting, pursued by Punisher, helped by Black Panther (Ka-Zar #14-17, 1998); returned to Savage Land, faced catastrophes, accepted banishment (Ka-Zar #18-20, 1998); placed in stasis by Count Nefaria, freed by Captain America (Captain America #29-31, 2000); among heroes threatened by Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #6, 2003); unsuccessfully sought assistance from Jessica Jones (Alias #24, 2003); alongside X-Men & Savage Land Mutates, vs Hauk'Ka (Uncanny X-Men #457-459, 2005); reacted to Hercules fighting Zabu (Hercules #3, 2005); attended party in commemoration of Hercules' new Twelve Labors (Hercules #5, 2005)

Kelly, Senator Robert

First Appearance: (Cameo) X-Men #133 (1980); (fully) X-Men #135 (1980)
Significant Issues: Elected to office, met with F.B.I. Director Fred Duncan unaware he was Mystique in disguise (X-Men Forever #3, 2001); attended Hellfire Club party, witnessed X-Men’s attack on Inner Circle (X-Men #133-135, 1980); addressed Senate on perceived mutant threat, attacked by Brotherhood, saved by X-Men, became involved in Project: Wideawake (X-Men #141/Uncanny X-Men #142, 1981); discussed mutant situation live on British news program "Panorama" (Uncanny X-Men #158, 1982); proposed Mutant Affairs Control Act (Uncanny X-Men #181, 1984); debated Act at political science conference at Fontane College, attacked by mutant Adrian Castorp, saved by Beast, Iceman & Cloud of the Defenders (New Defenders #142, 1985); captured by Señor Muerte, saved by Freedom Force (Marvel Comics Presents #41, 1990); met with Shaw, caught up in X-Men’s battle vs Master Mold, wife killed, consoled by Shaw, gave full support to Project: Nimrod (Uncanny X-Men #246-247, 1989); witnessed X-Men’s battle against Fitzroy’s Sentinels (Uncanny X-Men #281, 1991); visited Our Mother of the Sacred Heart school following Acolytes’ attack (Uncanny X-Men #298, 1993); engaged in televised debate with Xavier, Creed, & Beast (Uncanny X-Men #299, 1993); present at Project: Wideawake facility in Camp Hayden during Acolytes’ attack, confronted by Cargill, saved by Wolfsbane (X-Factor #92, 1993); learned of Creed’s intent to run for President (Wolverine #95, 1995); alongside Nick Fury, investigated disappearance of staff at Sentinel augmentation research facility (X-Men #46, 1995); met with Cyclops regarding Operation: Zero Tolerance, targeted for assassination, saved by Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men #333, 1996); met with Gyrich regarding Operation: Zero Tolerance (Uncanny X-Men #344, 1997); visited wife’s grave, decided to attempt to shut down Operation: Zero Tolerance, met with President, succeeded in convincing him to have S.H.I.E.L.D. arrest Bastion (Wolverine #116/X-Men #68-69, 1997); sought to liberate Xavier from Zero Tolerance imprisonment, discovered cell empty (X-Men #73, 1998); chose to run for President (X-Men #102, 2000); met with Senator Stewart Ward, secured his support for Presidential campaign (Amazing Spider-Man #20, 2000); on campaign trail (X-Men #104-107/X-Men Forever #1, 2000/2001); attacked by Brotherhood, protected by X-Men, saved by dying Pyro, convinced to change stance on mutants, assassinated by anti-mutant supporter (Uncanny X-Men #388/Cable #87/X-Men #108, 2000/2001); funeral held (Uncanny X-Men #389, 2001)


First Appearance and Origin: Excalibur Annual #1 (1993)
Significant Issues: Conquered Irth (Earth-9339) to end the eternal war between underground ‘dark’ races & above ground ‘fair’ races, accidentally exiled to Earth-616 in an attempt to kill his enemy Ghath the Mage, gained Excalibur’s aid to defeat Ghath again on Irth, accidentally re-exiled to Earth-616 when Excalibur returned home again (Excalibur Annual #1, 1993)

Killmonger, Erik

First Appearance: Jungle Action #6 (1973)
Origin: Jungle Action #8 (1974)
Significant Issues: Returned to Wakanda, led Death Regiment (Jungle Action #6-8, 1973-74); led Death Regiment vs Black Panther, pushed off cliff by Kantu (Jungle Action #17, 1975); body reanimated by Mandarin, returned to death (Iron Man Annual #5, 1982); body reanimated by Klaw, returned to death (Over the Edge #6, 1996); attempted economic coup against T'Challa, forced to confront him physically, bested T'Challa in combat, took heart-shaped herb, fell into coma (Black Panther #15-24, 2000); awoke from coma, tempted Kasper Cole with offer to join his cult (Black Panther #60-62, 2003).


First Appearance: Motormouth #1 (1992)
Origin: Motormouth & Killpower #4 (1992)
Significant Issues: Grown in Mys-Tech lab, delivered by Wychwood, grew to physical adulthood (Motormouth & Killpower #4, 1992); sent to retrieve Chronifact components by Time Guardian, encountered Rama-Tut, Punisher, Samira, Genetix & Fishburne, returned to Mys-Tech (Killpower: The Early Years #1-4, 1993); sent to retrieve MOPED technology, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. & Punisher (Motormouth #1-2, 1993); caught up with Motormouth on Tekron, informed by her that killing was bad, saved her life by turning her into cyborg, defected from Mys-Tech to accompany Motormouth on her travels (Motormouth & Killpower #4-5, 1992); fought alongside Death’s Head in the Colosseum & against the Battletide (Battletide #1-4, 1992-1993); alongside Death’s Head, used by Temploids to fight Battletide again (Battletide II #1-4, 1993); captured by Mys-Tech’s Psycho-Warriors (Motormouth & Killpower #6, 1992); learned Santa Claus wasn’t real, went berserk, nearly escaped (Motormouth & Killpower #7, 1992); rescued by Motormouth (Motormouth and Killpower #8, 1993); met Time Guardian, fought in Roman arena (Motormouth & Killpower #9, 1993); alongside Earth’s heroes, vs Mys-Tech (Mys-Tech Wars #1-4, 1993); alongside Sabra, vs armies of Qaar Ghoth on Hyrkania (Motormouth & Killpower #10, 1993); in 2195 A.D., vs Electro-Vampires (Motormouth & Killpower #11, 1993); alongside Death’s Head, vs Metamorph (Motormouth & Killpower #12, 1993); joined Time Guardian’s Dark Guard (Dark Guard #1-4, 1993-1994); alongside Hulk, vs Madman, saved Prince Charles (Incredible Hulk #408-409, 1993); Killpower or possible dimensional counterpart worked with RCX of Earth-811 to overthrow Sentinels (Excalibur #66-67, 1993); Killpower or possible dimensional counterpart seen among gathered Avengers during Destiny War (Avengers Forever #12, 1999)


First Appearance: (As Paragon) Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (1977); (as Her) Marvel Two-in-One #61 (1980); (as J'Ridia Starduster) Marvel Comics Presents #35 (1989); (as Kismet) Quasar #40 (1992); (as Ayesha) Fantastic Four #11 (1998)
Origin: Incredible Hulk Annual #6 (1977)
Significant Issues: Became Her, sought Adam Warlock (Marvel Two-in-One #61-63, 1980); aided U’sr’prians, named J’Ridia (Marvel Comics Presents #35, 1989); alongside Alpha Flight & Avengers, vs Consortium & Galactus (Alpha Flight #97-101, 1991); rebuffed by Warlock (Quasar #26, 1991); sought perfect mate (Quasar #28-29, 1991); adopted name Kismet (Quasar #40, 1992); vs Star Brand-empowered Kayla Ballantine (Quasar #49, 1993); vs Paragon (Quasar #57, 1994); saw Enclave empowered (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #2, 1995); as Ayesha, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #11-12, 1998)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #136 (1971)
Significant Issues: Drained electromagnetic energy in Manhattan, attacked by Hulk & Xeron the Star-Slayer (Incredible Hulk #136, 1971); hunted by Captain Cybor & the Andromeda crew (Incredible Hulk #137, 1971); emerged in the Crossroads (Incredible Hulk #306, 1985); nearly killed by the Andromeda crew, freed by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #307, 1985)


First Appearance: Giant-Size Defenders #3 (1975)
Origin: Thor Annual #6 (1977), Avengers #175 (1978), Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1 (1991)
Significant Issues: Collaborated with 31st Century Badoon, converted into cyborg, turned against Badoon (Thor Annual #6/Avengers #175, 1977/1978); transported to modern era to fight on behalf of Prime Mover, defeated by Doctor Strange (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); assimilated a portion of Grandmaster’s cosmic power and knowledge, returned to 31st Century, transformed desolate planetoid into high-tech base, assembled Minions of Menace, plotted to destroy Earth’s sun, defeated by Thor & Guardians of the Galaxy (Thor Annual #6, 1977); returned to modern era, assimilated cosmic power & knowledge from worldship of Galactus, became godlike cosmic being, secretly plotted to become benevolent master of the universe, married Carina, destroyed & re-created meddling Starhawk to maintain his secrecy, killed Carina’s father Collector for opposing his plans, fought & slaughtered Avengers & Guardians alongside Carina after they tracked him down, drew the attention of other cosmic beings as a result of this battle, seemingly killed self before Carina followed suit, joined with Carina in using their dying energies to resurrect the fallen Avengers & Guardians (Avengers #167-168 & 173-177, 1978); with Carina, buried by Avengers & Guardians, confronted embodiment of Death (Avengers: The Korvac Saga [1st Edition], 1991); seemingly served in Grandmaster’s Legion of the Unliving, vs Silver Surfer (Avengers Annual #16, 1987); revealed to have sensed during his final battle with Avengers that Galactus had targeted him with the Ultimate Nullifier, killed himself to escape its effects, not because he had realized the futility of his plan for universal domination (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); released cosmic “gene packet” of his knowledge/personality/power to be transferred to his ancestors in turn until would it empower him in his native era, compelled Thor to kill Carina since he wished to be free of human weakness in his next incarnation (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); possessed body of teenage Australian girl Jaboa Murphy via gene packet later in the modern era, vs Fantastic Four & Guardians, consciousness forced to flee when Reed Richards redirected the Ultimate Nullifier’s beams from the past to target Jaboa in the present, projected gene packet further ahead into future (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); gene packet empowered Central Corp’s mail distribution supervisor Varley in the year 2591, Varley defeated by Guardians & Dargo Ktor, projected gene packet into timestream again when Varley died in battle (Thor Annual #16, 1991); gene packet empowered Marshach to found a pacifist/isolationist paradise on hidden planet, Marshach allied with Silver Surfer & fought Guardians in late 26th Century, Marshach agreed to give up his power though it meant sacrificing his life & that of his wife, gene packet fled again (Silver Surfer Annual #4, 1991); gene packet empowered Korvac’s father Jordan in the year 2977, Jordan battled Guardians, newborn Michael Korvac killed own father by usurping the gene packet & its power, Michael subdued with aid of Krugarr & Ancient One, baby stripped of cosmic power & knowledge by Galactus, baby returned to his mother by Guardians, mother swore vengeance (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #1, 1991); Korvac duplicate created by Intimidators, vs Galactic Guardians, seemingly destroyed by Phoenix (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #2, 1992); posed as Kang, monitored Captain America, recruited Red Skull (Captain America #1 & 10, 1998); posed as Kang to manipulate Red Skull, posed as Uatu the Watcher to manipulate Captain America & Sharon Carter, tricked Red Skull into seeking Galactus’ ship, tricked Captain America into killing Cosmic Cube-empowered Red Skull, usurped power of Red Skull & Galactus’ ship, remade the future in his own image with himself as absolute ruler of a peaceful and prosperous 31st Century technocracy but dominated by machines & devoid of free will, recruited & empowered Primax as his adjutant, wiped the Badoon out of existence, opposed repeated rebellions led by Captain America, reordered time repeatedly in attempts to perfect his rule, allowed Captain America to retain his memories of these reordered times in an attempt to break his spirit, betrayed by Primax, convinced by Captain America that his own humanity was the root cause of the vulnerabilities & imperfections in his empire, went back in time to the point where he stole Red Skull’s power in hopes of more perfectly purging his own humanity this time, plans foiled when Captaiin America refused to kill Red Skull this time, reluctantly tried to aid Captain America & Carter against Red Skull, seemingly killed when atoms were scattered across six dimensions by Red Skull (Captain America #14-19, 1999)

Kravinoff, Alyosha

First Appearance: Spectacular Spider-Man #243 (1997)
Origin: Spectacular Spider-Man #252 (1997)
Significant Issues: Confronted Chameleon (Spectacular Spider-Man #243-244, 1997); explained himself to Spider-Man, captured by Calypso (Spectacular Spider-Man #252, 1997); killed Calypso (Spectacular Spider-Man #253, 1998); helped capture Puppy (Fantastic Four #9, 1998); vs Black Panther (Black Panther #6-7, 1999); joined Sinister Six (Amazing Spider-Man #12/Peter Parker: Spider-Man #12, 1999); hunted & was hunted by Venom (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #17, 2000); had drinks with Norman Osborn & Vulture (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #13, 2002); won $100,000 auction sending J. Jonah Jameson & Spider-Man to camp together in the Poconos (Spider-Man: Sweet Charity #1, 2002); made friends with Spider-Man, admitted to being a mutant, went to Hollywood with Timber (Get Kraven #1); Namor revealed mother was a mutant (Get Kraven #2, 2002); beaten by Rothsteins' gang, Timber raped (Get Kraven #5, 2002); discovered Ned Tannengarden is a half-brother, fought Chameleon, Ned killed, tried heroics in New York with the Vulture (Get Kraven #6, 2003)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Fantastic Four #64 (1967); (seen) Fantastic Four #65 (1967)
Origin: Avengers #133-134 (1975)
Significant Issues: Kree first contacted by Skrulls who proposed contest between Kree & Cotati to see which race would be advanced, sparked Kree-Skrull War instead, origin of Priests of Pama (Avengers #133-134, 1975); Fantastic Four first defeated the Sentry & Ronan the Accuser (Fantastic Four #64-65, 1967); Supreme Intelligence sent Captain Mar-Vell undercover to spy on humanity (Marvel Super-Heroes #12-13, 1967); Supreme Science Council attempted to capture Inhumans for use in their wars (Inhumans #1-12, 1975); Supreme Intelligence used Rick Jones to stop a flare-up of the Kree-Skrull War (Avengers #89-97, 1985); Captain Marvel & Black Bolt prevented start of the War of Three Galaxies (Captain Marvel #53, 1977); Supreme Intelligence manipulated Shi’ar into creating Nega-Bomb to destroy Kree Empire (Captain America #398-400/Avengers West Coast #80-82/Quasar #32-34/Wonder Man #7-9/Avengers #345-347/Iron Man #277-279/Thor #445-447, 1992); Shi’ar formally took over Hala (X-Men Unlimited #5, 1994); Supreme Intelligence gained Forever Crystal (Avengers Forever #1-12, 1998); first appearance of the ‘Ruul’ (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1, 2000); Kree plan to use Ego the Living Planet to destroy Earth foiled by Earth's heroes (Maximum Security #1-3, 2000)


First Appearance: (As McKay) Excalibur #2 (1988); (as Kylun) Excalibur #43 (1991)
Origin: Excalibur #46 (1992)
Significant Issues: Kidnapped from family by Vixen's men, escaped, hid in abandoned Loch Daemon factory, met Widget, sent to Ee'rath (Excalibur #2/Excalibur #46, 1988/1992); raised by Zz'ria in exiled court of Queen Ai'sha, grew to become warrior, betrothed to Sa'tneen, Necrom's forces massacred court, Kylun survived & began resistance (Excalibur #46, 1992); rallied forces to fight Necrom, rescued Sa'tneen (Excalibur #42-44, 1991); rebel forces drove Necrom's army back to Dark Citadel, Kylun & Sa'tneen breached it, confronted Necrom & zombie Ee'rath Excalibur (Excalibur #45, 1991); Sa'tneen disrupted Necrom's control of zombies, mortally wounded by him, died in Kylun's arms, Kylun pursued Necrom to Earth-616, allied with Excalibur (Excalibur #46, 1992); in Ireland, helped Excalibur against re-awakened Anti-Phoenix (Excalibur #48, 1992); vs Necrom, confronted by Sa'tneen's reanimated remains, Necrom defeated, Kylun moved into Braddock Manor (Excalibur #50, 1992); sent to primeval times by Sidestep, vs Iceman & dinosaurs (Excalibur: XX Crossing, 1992); entered Crazy Gang's Wonderland (Excalibur #54, 1992); departed Braddock Manor to find family (Excalibur #55, 1992); ambushed on parents' doorstep by RCX Warpies, captured & taken to Cloud Nine (Excalibur #63, 1993); freed by Nightcrawler, helped oppose Warpies (Excalibur #65, 1993); assisted extra-dimensional warrior Khaos against sorcerer Ghath (Excalibur Annual #1, 1993); inadvertently traveled with rest of Excalibur to Earth-811 & 2015 A.D., helped local heroes overthrow Sentinel regime (Excalibur #66-67, 1993); accompanied Excalibur in trying to free teammate Cerise from Shi'ar custody (Excalibur #68-70, 1993); attended wedding of Brian Braddock & Meggan, revealed he had moved back in with parents (Excalibur #125, 1998)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Force #121 (2001)
Significant Issues: Used her powers to play practical jokes on X-Force in attempt to prove her usefulness to them, rejected by X-Force (X-Force #121, 2001); undressed X-Force members on national television, offered X-Force membership, offered network TV show of her own, declined X-Force membership (X-Force #122, 2002); participated in X-Force parade in New York City (Brotherhood #9, 2002); consoled Orphan after U-Go Girl’s death, had Orphan as a guest on her show (X-Force #129, 2002); revealed Mysterious Fan Boy’s true identity on live TV, convinced by Orphan to inject Fan Boy with a lethal dose of poison (X-Statix #5, 2003); revealed her & Orphan’s role in Mysterious Fan Boy’s death on national television, studio destroyed by Bad Guy (X-Statix #6, 2003); joined forces with X-Statix to unmask Bad Guy (X-Statix #7, 2003); had Henrietta Hunter as a guest on her show (X-Statix #13, 2003); eavesdropped on X-Statix’s plans to kill Henrietta Hunter, convinced X-Statix not to kill Hunter (X-Statix #15, 2003); covered launch of Henrietta Hunter’s new clothing line, had her romantic advances upon Orphan rejected, received incriminating documents about Spike Freeman & X-Statix from a Europan government official, shot by an assassin hired by Freeman (X-Statix #16, 2004); fell into near-death coma, placed in the hospital (X-Statix #17, 2004); revived by an evangelist on her own TV show, interviewed Vivisector after taking Doctor Alex Finlay’s anti-mutant serum (X-Statix #19, 2004)


First Appearance: Livewires #1 (2005)
Origin: Livewires #1-6 (2005)
Significant Issues: Stem Cell booted-up, Livewires destroyed Thermogentech Research facility (Livewires #1, 2005); threatened the lives of the Nakanishi family, destroyed a Trans World Cargo plane carrying an experimental antimatter containment vessel (Livewires #2, 2005); hacked into & sabotaged the database of a covert Sentinel research program (Livewires #3, 2005); infiltrated rogue S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Cornfed severely damaged during escape from corrupted LMDs (Livewires #4, 2005); Gothic Lolita, Social Butterfly, & Hollowpoint Ninja severely damaged by corrupted LMDs (Livewires #5, 2005); Stem Cell cannibalized her smartware exolayer to spawn a pyronanotech virus that destroyed the rogue Helicarrier, escaped with the remains of her damaged teammates (Livewires #6, 2005)

Living Erasers

First Appearance and Origin: Tales to Astonish #49 (1963)
Significant Issues: Vs Giant-Man & Wasp (Tales to Astonish #49, 1963); returned to Earth, vs Morbius & Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #15, 1976); captured She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #35 & 37, 1992); summoned by Yandroth (Defenders #1, 2001)

Living Tribunal

First Appearance: Strange Tales #157 (1967)
Significant Issues: Creation of the Brothers (Adventures of the X-Men #12, 1997); threatened to destroy Earth unless Doctor Strange put an end to the evil Zom had caused (Strange Tales #157-158, 1967); with Doctor Strange, vs Nebulos, spared the Earth (Strange Tales #163, 1967); threatened Doctor Strange with In-Betweener to balance abundance of good, called off actions after appeal from Rom (Rom #41, 1983); witnessed destruction of Earth-82432 (What If..? #32, 1982); confronted the Beyonder with other entities (Secret Wars II #6, 1985); confronted Stranger & Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #31, 1989); allowed Earth-89112 to continue existing (What If..? #6, 1989); attended Eon's funeral (Quasar #26, 1991); withheld judgment on Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #3, 1991); judged that the Infinity Gems be dispersed (Warlock and The Infinity Watch #1, 1992); temporarily allowed Infinity Gems to work together (Infinity War #3-5, 1992); advised Eternity on dealing with the Infinity Watch (Warlock and The Infinity Watch #11, 1992); took Starbrand from Erishkigal (Quasar #50, 1993); sealed the New Universe from Earth-616 interference (Quasar #57-58, 1994); drove out Slorioth (Secret Defenders #25, 1995); witnessed creation of Eurth (Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #1, 2000); learned of Odin's demise (Thor #41, 2001); participated in assault upon Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #4-6, 2003); appointed She-Hulk to the Magistrati (She-Hulk #7, 2004); judged Protégé (Guardians of the Galaxy #45-50, 1994)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #17 (1998)
Origin: Fantastic Four #18 (1998)
Significant Issues: Captured Fantastic Four & Twisted Sisters (Fantastic Four #17, 1998); prevented jailbreak at Bedlam Purgatorium, reanimated in order to track down Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #18, 1998); pulled out of Negative Zone, informed of Brood Queen's plot (Contest of Champions II #3, 1999); helped gather various Earth heroes to oppose Brood (Contest of Champions II #4, 1999); infiltrated Brood's ship, helped defeat Brood Queen (Contest of Champions II #5, 1999)


First Appearance and Origin: X-Men #24 (1966)
Significant Issues: Attacked farmland, opposed by X-Men & National Guard, convinced by X-Men to turn himself in (X-Men #24, 1966); terrorized the Hickmans, vs Hulk, defeated, made peace with Hickmans (Incredible Hulk #194, 1975); vs X-Factor, defeated (X-Factor #52, 1990); vs the Order, defeated (The Order #4, 2002)


First Appearance: Venus #6 (1949)
Origin: Journey Into Mystery #112-113 & 115 (1965)
Significant Issues: Laufey slain, adopted by Odin (Journey Into Mystery #112, 1965); interfered with forging of Mjolnir (Thor Annual #11, 1983); interfered with match between Uller & Volsak (Journey Into Mystery #113, 1965); cut off Glimda's hair (Thor #402, 1989); helped Thor rescue golden apples from Storm Giants (Journey Into Mystery #100, 1964); allowed enemies of Asgard to invade city, thwarted by Thor (Journey Into Mystery #101, 1964); caused Sif to lose her golden hair (Thor Annual #11, 1983); interfered with Thor, Balder & Sif's quest, warned them of Karnilla's invasion of Asgard (Thor: Son of Asgard #1-6, 2004); with Amora, schemed to make Thor her love slave (Thor: Son of Asgard #7-9, 2004); attempted to kill Balder, prevented by Karnilla (Journey Into Mystery #107, 1964); encountered Sigurd with Thor & Balder (Journey Into Mystery #111, 1964); trained in sorcery by Eldred, gave his soul to Surtur for power (Thor #400, 1989); forced Thor to masquerade as Freya to regain Mjolnir (Marvel Super-Heroes #15, 1993); with Thor, visited hall of Utgard-Loki (Thor #272, 1978); made first alliance with Storm Giants (Journey Into Mystery #115, 1965); betrayed Thor to Hymir (Journey Into Mystery #116, 1965); turned Godstorm against Thor (Thor: Godstorm #1, 2001); sent on quest, learned he was fated to start Ragnarok (Journey Into Mystery #117-125/Thor #126-129, 1965-1966); tricked Sigyn into marrying him (Thor Annual #14, 1989); traveled to Trojan War, helped Odysseus build Trojan Horse (Thor Annual #8, 1979); gave enchanted cards to Sundance, attempted theft of golden apples & conquest of Asgard, defeated by Thor, Two-Gun Kid, Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt & time-traveling Black Panthers (Thor #370/Black Panther #46-47, 1986/2002); attacked Olympus, vs Venus (Venus #6-7, 1949); with Thor, helped save Venus from Sultan Khorok (Venus #12, 1951); allied with Frost Giants against Asgard (Journey Into Mystery #-1, 1997); in modern times, vs Thor (Journey Into Mystery #85, 1962); learned Thor was Donald Blake (Journey Into Mystery #88, 1963); empowered Sandu (Journey Into Mystery #91, 1963); stole Mjolnir away to Asgard (Journey Into Mystery #92, 1963); duped Thor into being his ally (Journey Into Mystery #94, 1963); accidentally caused founding of the Avengers (Avengers #1, 1963); led Molto the Lava Man to attack the surface (Journey Into Mystery #97, 1963); used Godstorm to empower Weather Maker/Torrent (Thor: Godstorm #1-2, 2001-2002); restored Arthur Zarrko's memory so he would fight Thor (Journey Into Mystery #101, 1964); directed Amora to seduce Donald Blake (Journey Into Mystery #103, 1964); released Skagg & Surtur to attack Earth (Journey Into Mystery #104, 1964); tricked Doctor Strange into aiding him against Thor, beaten by Strange (Strange Tales #123, 1964); briefly separated Thor from Mjolnir (Journey Into Mystery #108, 1964); empowered Cobra & Mr. Hyde to destroy Thor (Journey Into Mystery #110-111, 1964); empowered Absorbing Man, forced Thor into trial of the gods, cheated with use of Norn stones, exposed by Thor, banished into space (Journey Into Mystery #114-123, 1965); animated Destroyer, vs Thor & Odin (Thor Annual #2, 1966); sent Super-Skrull to attack Thor (Thor #142, 1967); sent Hulk to attack Asgard (Tales to Astonish #101, 1968); released from exile, attacked powerless Thor on Earth, powers removed by Odin, attempted to gain new powers from Karnilla who accidentally empowered the Wrecker instead (Thor #147-152, 1967-1968); regained powers, assumed command of Asgard while Odin was in Odinsleep, fled when Mangog attacked Asgard (Thor #153-157, 1968); tricked Silver Surfer into fighting Thor (Silver Surfer #4, 1969); attempted to claim Thor's power, surrendered when informed the possessor must confront Galactus (Thor #167, 1969); again assumed throne, gave up title when Surtur attacked Asgard (Thor #175-177, 1970); impersonated Thor, gave real Thor to Mephisto (Thor #179-181, 1970); led Storm Giants against Asgard (Thor #184-185, 1971); aided Asgard vs Infinity (Thor #187-188, 1971); took the Odin-ring, claimed throne of Asgard, driven out by Odin (Thor #189-194, 1971); awoke Mangog, sent him to destroy Asgard (Thor #195, 1972); with Absorbing Man, vs Thor in Rutland on Halloween, blinded in fight (Thor #206-207, 1972-1973); with Dormammu, tricked Avengers & Defenders into assembling Evil Eye (Avengers #115-119/Defenders #8-11, 1973); attempted conquest of Earth, beaten by Thor (Thor #232-234, 1975); claimed throne of Asgard while Odin was absent, placed Balder within Destroyer, beaten by Odin (Thor #263-266, 1977); banished to Earth in form of vagrant (Thor #267, 1978); regained true identity, returned to Asgard, arranged Balder's attempted murder, attempted to instigate Ragnarok, failed, bound to Sigyn (Thor #273-278, 1978); aided Pluto & Ulik in revenge against Thor (Thor #279, 1979); accused Odin of favoritism, released from bondage to Sigyn (Thor #307, 1981); with Karnilla, released plague cask on Earth (Thor #308, 1981); sent Maurglon against Thor (Thor #313, 1981); pit Fafnir against Thor (Thor #318, 1982); with Tyr, attempted to overthrow Odin, ultimately turned on Tyr (Thor #324-327, 1982-1983); taken from timestream by Zarrko, vs Dargo Ktor, Eric Masterson & Beta Ray Bill (Thor #440-441, 1991); made pact with Malekith to stay out of Surtur's war with Asgard (Thor #344, 1984); aided Odin & Thor against Surtur, witnessed Odin's seeming death (Thor #353-354, 1985); attempted to make Thor Lorelei's love slave, Lorelei made to fall in love with him instead (Thor #357-359, 1985); allied with They Who Sit Above in Shadow, provided Fire Fountain to Alpha Flight & X-Men (X-Men & Alpha Flight #1-2, 1985-1986); attempted to make Storm his bride, opposed by New Mutants & X-Men (New Mutants Special Edition #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #9, 1985); turned Thor into frog, attempted to claim Asgard's throne (Thor #363-366, 1986); impersonated by Malekith (Thor #367-368, 1986); learned of Hela's curse on Thor, sent giants, Midgard Serpent & Destroyer to torment him (Thor #375-382, 1987); gave Aurora & Northstar false accounts of their origins (Alpha Flight #50, 1987); aided Thor in rescuing Odin from Seth (Thor #397-399, 1988-1989); initiated Acts of Vengeance, posed as lackey (Avengers #310, 1989); revealed true self to the prime movers, ended Acts of Vengeance (Avengers West Coast #55, 1990); activated Tri-Sentinel (Amazing Spider-Man #329, 1990); continued to pose as a businessman on Earth (Thor #414, 1990); animated Thermal Man, driven out by Thor (Marvel Super-Heroes #9, 1992); reclaimed Karnilla's power from the Wrecking Crew, kidnapped Kevin Masterson (Thor #426-431, 1990-1991); seemingly slain by Thor (Thor #432, 1991); inhabited Odin's body, discovered by Eric Masterson, sent to Mephisto's hell (Thor #447-455, 1992); recruited the Flame (Thor Annual #18, 1993); made pact with Pluto, sent Typhon to destroy Hercules, failed (Avengers Annual #23, 1994); provided the Flame to Pluto to destroy Thor, turned on Flame when he threatened Sigyn (Thor Annual #19, 1994); empowered Knut Caine to become Mad Viking (Tales to Astonish #1, 1994); spirit released by Thor to aid against New Immortals (Thor #482, 1995); spirit encased in armor by Sigyn (Thor #483, 1995); possessed War Machine, vs Thor (Thor #484, 1995); allied with Seth, had him engineer new body (Thunderstrike #19-21, 1995); entered Ultraverse, began hunt for Infinity Gems (Godwheel #3, 1995); played against Grandmaster for seventh Infinity Gem (Avengers/Ultraforce #1, 1995); returned to Earth-616, brought Jarvis' memories to life (Avengers #400, 1996); became Tso Zhung, with Lost Gods, vs Seth, regained identity as Loki, captured by Dark Gods (Journey Into Mystery #503-513, 1996-1997); attempted to alter timeline to kill Thor, thwarted by Avengers & Fantastic Four (Domination Factor: Fantastic Four #1-4/Domination Factor: Avengers #1-4, 1999-2000); impersonated Odin, animated Jake Olson's body (Thor #16-20, 1999-2000); claimed to be Deadpool's father, provided him with false Mjolnir to fight Thor (Deadpool #34-37, 1999-2000); trapped in form of Jake Olson, given identity of Loren Olson & sent to prison (Thor Annual 2000, 2000); released from form of Lorsen Olson by Karnilla, placed Tarene within the Destroyer (Thor #36-38, 2001); took the power of the Godstorm, beaten by Thor (Thor: Godstorm #3, 2002); attended funeral of Odin (Thor #41, 2001); returned to his roots as god of mischief, annoyed Avengers (Marvel Double Shot #2, 2003); aided Spider-Man in freeing Tess Black from Morwen (Amazing Spider-Man #503-504, 2004); manipulated Thor's worshipers & Catholics against each other (Thor #63-64, 2003); led armies into Ragnarok (Thor #80-81, 2004); decapitated by Thor, head used for advice in final attack on They Who Sit Above in Shadow, destroyed along with Asgard (Thor #84-85, 2004)


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #36 (1966)
Significant Issues: Became Looter, tried to steal second meteor, defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #36, 1966); escaped prison, became Meteor Man (Marvel Team-Up #33, 1975); defeated by Valkyrie (Marvel Team-Up #34, 1975); as Looter, joined faux Defenders, defeated by Hellcat (Defenders #63-64, 1978); as Meteor Man, grew to sixty feet, vs Spider-Man & Giant-Man (Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #41, 1980); became alcoholic, lived on street, beaten by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #39, 1988); as Looter, used wave motion gun against Spider-Man, quickly defeated (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26, 1992); released from prison, hired by Master Programmer & Doctor Octopus (Amazing Scarlet Spider #1, 1995); gained cybernetic enhancement (Spectacular Scarlet Spider #1, 1995); defeated by cyber-slayers (Web of Scarlet Spider #2, 1995); stole weapons from Iron Rock (Spectacular Spider-Man #236, 1996); used other villains’ weapons (Amazing Spider-Man #414/Sensational Spider-Man #8, 1996); vs Hornet (Sensational Spider-Man #27, 1998); attended auction for Venom symbiote (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004)


First Appearance: Nova #1 (1976)
Significant Issues: Zorr drained & destroyed Xandar (Fantastic Four #204, 1979); Zorr attempted to drain Earth's energy, killed by Rhomann Dey (Nova #1, 1976); Kraa destroyed ancient civilization, defeated Xandarian ambush, his ship destroyed by Nova (Nova #15, 1995); Kraa bested by Nova (Nova #16, 1995); Nebula attacked Nova, claimed Zorr was her father (Nova #1, 1999)


First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #123 (1993)
Origin: Marvel Comics Presents #127 (1993)
Significant Issues: Escaped from laboratory, found by Wolverine (Marvel Comics Presents #123, 1993); captured by Courier, abducted by Le Peregrine (Marvel Comics Presents #124, 1993); delivered to Imus Champion (Marvel Comics Presents #125, 1993); freed by heroes, taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody by Black Widow (Marvel Comics Presents #126, 1993); liberated by Wolverine & Courier (Marvel Comics Presents #127, 1993); alongside Wolverine, Black Widow, Courier & Le Peregrine, vs They, consumed Malaigent (Marvel Comics Presents #129, 1993); sequestered by Wolverine in Canadian wilderness (Marvel Comics Presents #130, 1993)


First Appearance: (Twins as Monet) Uncanny X-Men #316 (1994); (Monet as Penance, cameo) Generation X #1 (1994); (Monet as Penance, fully) Generation X #2 (1994); (as Monet) Generation X #40 (1998); (as M) Generation X #41 (1998)
Origin: Generation X #24 (1997); Generation X #40 (1998)
Significant Issues: Twins as Monet captured by Phalanx, rescued by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #316-317/X-Men #36-37, 1994); twins joined Generation X, Monet as Penance taken to Academy by Gateway (Generation X #1, 1994); vs Generation X, calmed by Chamber (Generation X #2-3, 1994-1995); with Generation X, investigated disappearance of Cassidy Keep (Generation X #8-9, 1995); suffered relapse, slipped into coma (Generation X ’95 Annual, 1995); recovered, telepathically probed by Emma (Generation X #12, 1996); with Generation X, captured by and subsequently opposed Emplate (Generation X #13-14, 1996); with Generation X, opposed D’Spayre (Generation X ’97 Annual, 1997); aided headmasters in opposing Black Tom (Generation X #25, 1997); with headmasters, searched for teammates during Operation: Zero Tolerance (Generation X #26-31, 1997); twins’ true identities revealed (Generation X #31, 1997); twins briefly merged with Emplate, learned of Monet’s fate (Generation X #34-39, 1998); twins merged with Penance to free Monet (Generation X #40, 1998); briefly lost telepathy (Generation X #42-45, 1998); full name & nationality revealed (Generation X #46, 1998); with Generation X, alongside Forge, vs Paradox (Generation X #47, 1999); began flirting with Everett, with Generation X, alongside X-Man, vs Gene Nation (Generation X #50/X-Man #50, 1999); with Generation X, trapped by Adrienne Frost, freed by Emma (Generation X #55-56, 1999); with Generation X, vs Emplate, twins freed from Penance form (Generation X #57, 1999); withdrawn from Massachusetts Academy, first kissed Everett, enrolled in private Swiss school (Generation X #58/Generation X ’99 Annual/Generation X #60, 1999/2000); opposed vampiric headmaster, defeated him, returned to Massachusetts Academy (Generation X #61-62, 2000); began romance with Everett (Generation X #67, 2000); Everett killed in explosion (Generation X #70, 2000); with Generation X, investigated House of Corrections (Generation X #64-66, 2000); with Jubilee, vs train hijackers (Generation X #72, 2001); Generation X disbanded, Academy closed (Generation X #75, 2001); with X-Corps (Uncanny X-Men #403, 2002); alongside X-Men, vs rogue X-Corps members (Uncanny X-Men #406, 2002); X-Corps restructured as X-Corporation, vs Weapon XII (New X-Men #128-130, 2002); alongside X-Men & Juggernaut, vs Black Tom Cassidy (Uncanny X-Men #410-412, 2002); revealed to have retained mutant nature after M-Day (X-Men: The 198 Files, 2006); with X-Factor Investigations, saved depowered Rictor, convinced him to join (X-Factor #2, 2006)

Mace, Gideon

First Appearance: Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #3 (1972)
Origin: Luke Cage: Power Man #44 (1977)
Significant Issues: Led troops in unauthorized assault on local village, landmine killed soldier Jaime & cost Mace right hand, dishonorably discharged, replaced lost appendage with prosthetic mace, began recruiting soldiers for private army (Luke Cage: Power Man #44, 1977); Operation Overpower, plot to use disgruntled vets as sacrificial decoys while real forces looted a paralyzed Manhattan, exposed by Owen Ridgely & stopped by Cage (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #3, 1972); founded Security City, planning to brainwash paranoid inhabitants into new army, plot exposed by Cage & D.W. Griffith (Luke Cage: Power Man #23, 1975); plotted to blackmail Chicago with fake cobalt bomb & take over city as new base, plan again disrupted by Cage (Luke Cage: Power Man #43-45, 1977); hired by factions including Maggia & Halwani Freedom Front to slay New York's heroes, murdered White Tiger/Hector Ayala's family, critically injured Hector, plot foiled by Spider-Man, shot by own men (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #50-52, 1980-1981)


First Appearance: (As Beetle) Strange Tales #123 (1964); (as MACH-I) Incredible Hulk #449 (1997); (as MACH-II) Thunderbolts #37 (2000); (as MACH-III) Thunderbolts #57 (2001); (as MACH-IV) New Thunderbolts #1 (2005)
Origin: Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings #-1 (1997), Strange Tales #123 (1964), Daredevil #34 (1967)
Significant Issues: Worked for Precision Aircraft Parts for seven years, became master mechanic but grew dissatisfied once he could advance no further in the company, tried unsuccessfully to interest his supervisor Carruthers in his designs for a form-fitting one-man aircraft, mocked by co-workers, decided he needed to do something dramatic to prove himself, began designing Beetle armor (Thunderbolts: Distant Rumblings #-1, 1997); built original Beetle armor (Daredevil #34, 1967); adopted Beetle guise, went on crime spree, captured by Thing & Human Torch (Strange Tales #123, 1964); vs Spider-Man & Human Torch in attempt to get revenge on Torch, captured (Amazing Spider-Man #21, 1965); among super-criminals compelled by Doctor Doom to attack the wedding of Mr Fantastic & Invisible Girl, vs Fantastic Four, Iron Man & others (Fantastic Four Annual #3/Marvel: Heroes & Legends #1, 1965/1996); enslaved by Collector, vs Hawkeye & Avengers, defeated Captain America, escaped Avengers alongside Collector (Avengers #26-28, 1966); led own criminal gang, vs Daredevil, defeated (Daredevil #33-34, 1967); embarked on crime spree, took May Parker hostage, captured by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #94, 1974); defeated by Daredevil during a theft, loot stolen by Black Spectre terrorists, escaped, alongside Daredevil vs Black Spectre, turned on Daredevil & escaped with stolen cash (Daredevil #108-109, 1974); alongside new partner Gladiator/Melvin Potter, commandeered & crashed passenger train, vs Daredevil, captured (Daredevil #140, 1976); staged crime spree to cover his own theft of a million dollars, captured by Spider-Man & Officer Joey Macone (Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #16, 1978); alongside Batroc, Blob, Electro, Looter, Plantman, Porcupine, Whirlwind, & the android Sagittarius, embarked on crime spree under the name of the Defenders, vs true heroic Defenders Black Goliath, Captain Ultra, Havok, Hellcat, Hercules, Iron Fist, & White Tiger, defeated by Hellcat (Defenders #63-64, 1978); became on-call agent of criminal tycoon Justin Hammer, teamed with Blizzard/Gregor Shapanka, Constrictor, Discus, Leap Frog, Man-Killer, Melter, Porcupine, Spymaster, Stiletto, Water Wizard, & Whiplash to attack Iron Man on Hammer’s behalf, defeated & armor wrecked by Iron Man (Iron Man #126-127, 1979); redesigned & rebuilt Beetle armor with the aid of the Tinkerer, forced Ringer to battle Spider-Man so he could analyze Spider-Man's fighting style, vs Spider-Man, took Gibbon hostage, defeated by Spider-Man & Gibbon (Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man #58-60, 1981); captured by Spider-Man & Black Cat (Spider-Man/Human Torch #4, 2005); temporarily resumed use of original Beetle armor, among horde of super-criminals who tried to attack hospitalized Thing, repelled by army of superheroes (Marvel Two-In-One #96, 1983); joined Egghead’s Masters of Evil, vs Avengers, helped abduct & frame Hank Pym, defeated & captured along with other Masters by Pym & Avengers (Avengers #228-230, 1983); formed mercenary Sinister Syndicate with Boomerang, Hydro Man, Rhino, & Speed Demon, Syndicate hired by Jack O’ Lantern/Jason Macendale to eliminate Silver Sable, Syndicate routed by Spider-Man, Silver Sable & Sandman (Amazing Spider-Man #280-281, 1986); alongside Syndicate & Doctor Octopus, worked with Gregari’s rebels to help overthrow tyrannical king of Belgriun, hailed as heroes by people of Belgriun, secretly looted Belgriun treasury, objected to Octopus’ murder of Gregari & ruthless actions in general, regretted betrayal of Belgriun people, opposed by Spider-Man, Silver Sable & Sandman, defeated, escaped, lost loot during escape & accidentally showered the people of Belgriun with it, still regarded as a hero by people of Belgriun (Webspinners: Tales of Spider-Man #17-18, 2000); alongside fellow Hammer agents Blacklash & Blizzard/Donald Gill, tried unsuccessfully to kill Clayton Wilson on behalf of Justin Hammer, battled & defeated by Iron Man, Jim Rhodes & Force/Wilson, fled alongside Blacklash, abandoned Blizzard (Iron Man #223-224, 1987); revealed to have incorporated pirated Stark technology into his armor (Iron Man #225, 1987); attacked & captured by Iron Man, who disabled armor & destroyed all its Stark-designed components (Iron Man #227, 1988); mentally compelled to attack Fantastic Four by Doctor Doom, captured by Fantastic Four's security system (Fantastic Four #334, 1989); grew disillusioned with criminal career & struggled with anxiety, tried to avoid superheroes, manipulated by Arranger into battling Spider-Man, tried to kill Arranger & Joy Mercado, captured by Spider-Man, sent back to jail (Spectacular Spider-Man #164, 1990); as leader of Sinister Syndicate, robbed Federal Reserve & battled Spider-Man on behalf of Kingpin, deceived his partners & lost their trust during the job, tried to kill Assistant District Attorney Guillermo & Spider-Man, tried to arrange deaths of Shocker & Boomerang, killed Rhino’s doctor Jared Goulding on behalf of Kingpin, estrangement from Boomerang & Rhino sparked dissolution of Syndicate, survived assassination attempt by Boomerang & Ringer’s widow Leila Davis, abandoned by Hydro-Man & Speed Demon, captured by Spider-Man (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #1-4, 1991); alongside former Syndicate partners & other Hammer super-agents, vs Spider-Man & New Warriors on Hammer’s behalf, accidentally struck down by fellow Hammer hireling Discus, captured by Warriors (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8, 1992); alongside Blacklash, Blizzard, & Spymaster, battled & defeated by Iron Man/Jim Rhodes & Avengers during unsuccessful attempt to loot Stark Enterprises (Iron Man #285-286, 1992); played cards with Mr Hyde & Speed Demon (Sleepwalker #20, 1993); alongside dozens of other super-criminals, attended A.I.M. weapons expo, vs Captain America (Captain America #411-413, 1993); attended Chess Set’s illicit auction, auction raided by Spider-Man & Alpha Flight, vs Spider-Man (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); under the influence of the Goddess, repentantly stopped in the midst of an armored care robbery & aided the guards he had just attacked (Darkhawk #30, 1993); savings almost entirely depleted, sought nuclear blaster stolen by Boomerang, Rhino, Hardshell/Leila Davis & Vulture, captured Spider-Man, offered to trade Spider-Man to Leila’s gang for the blaster, among various criminals who fought to possess the blaster, defeated by Hardshell and resurrected Ringer/Strikeback, spared by Strikeback (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #2-4, 1993); among super-criminals observing Trapster’s lawsuit against Tinkerer, joined mass brawl between villains in court, subdued by She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); alongside fellow Hammer super-agents Afterburner, Blacklash, Blizzard, Boomerang, Cyclone & Spymaster, intervened in conflict between Silver Sable’s Wild Pack & Latisha’s street gang alliance, vs Wild Pack & gangsters, fled (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #21-22, 1994); framed Spider-Man for accidental death of his accomplice Terry Burns, captured & exposed by Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Web of Doom #2-3, 1994); with Hydro-Man, Speed Demon, & Scorpia, vs Deathlo/Collins & Spider-Man on behalf of Silvermane’s Maggia crime family, defeated (Spider-Man: The Power of Terror # 1-2, 1995); as member of Sinister Seven, vs Kaine & Spider-Man alongside Electro, Hobgoblin/Jason Macendale, Mysterio, Scorpia, Shocker, & Vulture (Spider-Man Unlimited #9, 1995); among criminals & mercenaries vying for reward offered for the location of a skeleton that supposedly implicated Spider-Man in a murder, battled alternate Spider-Man/Ben Reilly, defeated & captured (Spider-Man Unlimited #12, 1996); robbed by own gang, stalked gang member Carlos, joined Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil, helped Fixer modify Beetle armor into MACH-1 flight suit, helped recruit Goliath & Moonstone, joined other Masters in posing as heroic Thunderbolts, adopted MACH-1 identity (Thunderbolts '97 Annual, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Rat Pack & Wrecking Crew, became friendly with Songbird (Thunderbolts #1, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #449, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, aided fireman (Tales of the Marvel Universe #1, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Circus of Crime, rescued Franklin Richards from Mad Thinker & Awesome Android, began to enjoy superheroic role, began romance with Songbird (Thunderbolts #2, 1997); apprehended a cat burglar, stole the burglar's loot, scolded by Zemo for risking exposure, alongside Thunderbolts & Black Widow vs Crimson Cowl’s new Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts & Spider-Man, vs Enclave, cleared Spider-Man of false murder charges (Spider-Man Team-Up #7, 1997); vs Crimson Cowl’s Masters (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Arnim Zola (Thunderbolts #4, 1997); observed Techno testing Jolt's powers (Thunderbolts ‘97 Annual, 1997); dated Songbird, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Growing Man (Thunderbolts #5, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, Heroes for Hire, New Warriors, Daredevil, Spider-Man, Swordsman, & Magdalene, vs Elements of Doom (Thunderbolts #6-8, 1997); alongside Songbird, subdued rampaging Ogur, encouraged by Black Widow to rebel against Zemo & expose him (Thunderbolts #9, 1997); alongside Thunderbolts, coped with crises related to heroes returning from Counter-Earth (Heroes Reborn: The Return #2/Amazing Spider-Man #430, 1997/1998); alongside Thunderbolts & Heroes for Hire, vs Super-Adaptoid (Heroes for Hire #7, 1998); Thunderbolts' true identities exposed to the world as Zemo attempted world conquest, joined most other Thunderbolts in deciding to remain heroes & turning against Zemo, defeated Zemo & Techno with the aid of Avengers & Fantastic Four (Thunderbolts #10-12, 1998); alongside Thunderbolts, abducted by Kosmosians, secretly helped assassinate Kosmosian leader as part of a deal to return home, noticed Songbird becoming harsher (Thunderbolts #13-14, 1998); briefly adopted new civilian identity as Aaron Jeffries, alongside Thunderbolts, vs S.H.I.E.L.D., Lightning Rods, Zemo-directed Hulk robot & Graviton, flight suit severely damaged by Graviton (Thunderbolts #15-17, 1998); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Crimson Cowl’s Masters, Imperial Forces & Charcoal, rescued from Masters by Hawkeye (Thunderbolts #18-20, 1998); reconciled with quarrelsome Songbird, asked by new team leader Hawkeye to return to prison for the sake of the group’s credibility since Jenkins was the only known wanted killer in the group, agreed to turn himself in to authorities (Thunderbolts #21-22, 1998-1999); vs Horst Eisele’s Hydra troops (Thunderbolts #0, 1999); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Avengers before teaming up with Avengers to defeat Dominex, allowed to go free by the Avengers (Avengers #12, 1999); publicly surrendered to authorities, arrested (Thunderbolts #23, 1999); incarcerated at Seagate prison, became acquainted with Human Cannonball, offered a chance to rejoin Hammer & participate in a Hammer-directed mass escape, secretly foiled the escape plan instead, subdued Blizzard, Boomerang & Rhino, attracted the attention of the Commission on Superhuman Activities (Thunderbolts #26, 1999); released from prison in the custody of CSA agents Henry Gyrich & Valerie Cooper for a CSA mission (Thunderbolts #29, 1999); as CSA operative, used new remote-controlled Beetle armor to embark on a crime wave, infiltrated Hammer’s organization, battled Thunderbolts, armor captured & revealed to be empty, decided not to return to CSA since he did not trust them, reunited with Thunderbolts & Songbird, helped plant evidence at Seagate of how he had foiled the mass escape so that he could no longer be held there safely, allowed by CSA to remain free secretly in exchange for his incrimination of Hammer & for keeping quiet about the CSA's illegal use of a convict as a government agent, used remote-controlled Beetle armor to deliver Hammer into CSA custody, created new MACH-2 flight suit alongside Techno secretly disguised as Ogre, decided to adopt new identity since he was officially supposed to be still in prison, had physical appearance altered by Ogre/Techno, who mischievously & deliberately turned him into a black man (Thunderbolts #33-37, 1999-2000); adopted new civilian identity as Matt Davis, joined Thunderbolts in entering Mephisto’s hell to aid Hawkeye, escaped Arena of Tainted Souls by overcoming his feelings of guilt over murdering Jared Goulding, helped restore Hellcat to life (Thunderbolts 2000 Annual, 2000); snubbed by shopkeeper Bill Kingman because of his new skin color, quarreled with Songbird regarding her discomfort over his new appearance, helped team battle & make peace with V-Battalion, helped team recruit Sandman’s assistance, helped subdue Sandman when he turned against them, helped search for missing Moonstone (Thunderbolts #38-42, 2000); alongside Thunderbolts, teamed with Avengers & Madame Masque, vs Count Nefaria’s Maggia forces, thwarted Nefaria’s world conquest schemes, offered Madame Masque Thunderbolts membership (Thunderbolts #43-44/Avengers #33-34, 2000); helped battle Ego the Living Planet & retrieve Moonstone, realized he was becoming more self-confident (Thunderbolts #45, 2000); alongside Thunderbolts & Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell, helped Moonstone learn background of her alien power gem, clashed with Eternals of Titan, irritated by obvious romantic chemistry between Genis & Songbird (Thunderbolts #46-47, 2001); alongside Thunderbolts, captured CSA operative Scourge/Jack Monroe, teamed with Scourge & Redeemers to thwart mind-controlled CSA agent Gyrich’s anti-superhuman conspiracy, awarded full criminal pardon along with most of his teammates in a deal struck by Hawkeye who went to jail in their place, ordered to retire from adventuring as part of the terms of the pardon (Thunderbolts #48-50, 2001); lived with ex-Songbird Melissa Gold in Burton Canyon, gladly embraced new civilian life, hired to work at Kingman Electronics by repentant Bill Kingman, tried to encourage depressed Melissa, reluctantly helped police arrest Bill & his staff after learning they were running illegal resale scams, hired as Burton Canyon police tech support by Sgt. Gil Widdows, became aware of Redeemers’ nearby battle with Humus Sapien (Thunderbolts #51-54/Thunderbolts: Life Sentences #1, 2001); reluctantly joined Songbird & other Thunderbolts in reuniting to oppose world conquest gambit of Graviton, adopted new V-Battalion designed flight suit as MACH-3, helped defeat Graviton & foil related P’Tah alien invasion, all Thunderbolts present except Songbird seemingly killed but actually hurled to the Franklin Richards-created alternate Earth known as Counter-Earth (Thunderbolts #56-59, 2001-2002); alongside Thunderbolts, reluctantly joined efforts to aid disaster-ravaged Counter-Earth despite desire to return home & retire from heroics, helped thwart attempt by Counter-Earth’s Thunderbolts to control global communications, battled Anomaly, helped evacuate citizens of Counter-Earth’s Tokyo (Thunderbolts #60-64, 2002); devoted himself obsessively to Counter-Earth relief efforts, battled Rip to free slain Parisians from limbo existence, alongside Thunderbolts, vs Anomaly & Young Allies, teamed with Young Allies to save Counter-Earth from Anomaly & all-consuming null energy, returned to Earth alongside most of the other Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #66, 68, 70, 72 & 74, 2002-2003); alongside Thunderbolts, teamed with Hawkeye’s new Thunderbolts to save Earth from same all-consuming void which had threatened Counter-Earth, reunited with Songbird, got acquainted with new recruit Harrier, decided the deal releasing him from prison was a cheat & resolved to return to jail, joined by Harrier in returning to prison, parted with Songbird, given means to regain his normal appearance by Fixer (Thunderbolts #75, 2003); regained original physical appearance, transferred to Parsons Minimum Security Prison, secretly received inside information from Songbird regarding newly Zemo-led Thunderbolts, shared Songbird’s reports with Avengers, summoned Jolt to help Avengers & Thunderbolts subdue power-crazed Moonstone, granted early release for his cooperation with the Avengers, resolved to rebuild Thunderbolts after Zemo-led roster disbanded (Avengers/Thunderbolts #1, 3 & 5-6, 2004); became MACH-4 with new flight suit, assembled & led new Thunderbolts team, recruited Blizzard/Donald Gill, Speed Demon, Joystick, Radioactive Man & Photon/Genis-Vell, secretly obtained group’s initial funding from Hydra terrorist leader Baron Strucker, led battles with Fathom Five, Wrecking Crew, & Great Game, met with parole officer Carol Danvers/Warbird, temporarily resumed use of Beetle armor while MACH-4 harness was being repaired, teamed with Warbird & Thunderbolts to defeat Fathom Five, led Thunderbolts in foiling massive Hydra assault on Manhattan, Strucker funding discovered by his teammates, estranged from Songbird (New Thunderbolts #1-7, 2005); led poorly-planned battle with Batroc’s Brigade, regained MACH-4 suit, helped convince Radioactive Man to cure a plague he had unleashed in Atlantis, faced Purple Man alongside Thunderbolts, skewered by Purple Man’s pawn Swordsman, served with the human resistance in the “House of M” temporary alternate reality, Thunderbolts leadership usurped by Songbird while he recovered from his wounds (New Thunderbolts #8-12, 2005); quit Thunderbolts during his recovery process, recruited into Baron Zemo’s new alliance of ex-Thunderbolts after Zemo convinced him their combined efforts were needed to save the world from coming threats, helped recruit Blizzard & Blackout, socialized with Songbird, clashed with Songbird’s Thunderbolts, apparently unaware that Songbird & Zemo had been secretly working together ever since MACH-4 organized the new Thunderbolts, helped end the cosmic menace posed by unstable Photon, joined newly expanded Thunderbolts led by Zemo & Songbird in their ongoing world-saving efforts (New Thunderbolts #13-18/Thunderbolts #100-102, 2005-2006)

Machine Man

First Appearance and Origin: 2001: A Space Odyssey #8 (1977)
Significant Issues: Saved from destruction by Abel Stack, allowed to go free by Doctor Broadhurst, vs Brotherhood of Hades (2001: A Space Odyssey #8-10, 1977); met Peter Spaulding, vs Ten-For (Machine Man #1-6, 1978); vs the Corporation (Machine Man #7-9, 1978); vs Hulk & Corporation, badly damaged (Incredible Hulk #235-237, ?); repaired by Broadhurst (Machine Man #10, 1979); vs Binary Bug (Machine Man #11, 1979); accidentally empowered the Ethicals (Machine Man #12, 1979); vs Kublai Khan (Machine Man #13, 1980); vs imposter (Machine Man #14, 1980); vs Ion, met “Gears” Garvin (Machine Man #15, 1980); vs Baron Brimstone & the Satan Squad (Machine Man #16, 1980); vs Madam Menace (Machine Man #17, 1980); vs Alpha Flight (Machine Man #18, 1980); vs Jack O'Lantern (Machine Man #19, 1981); fell in love with Jocasta, witnessed her death battling Ultron (Marvel Two-in-One #92-93, 1982); joined Heavy Metal, turned against Super-Adaptoid to aid Avengers (Avengers #287-290, 1988); vs Failure Five (Marvel Comics Presents #10, 1989); alongside Avengers, vs Terminus (Iron Man Annual#11/Thor Annual#15/Avengers West Coast Annual#5/Avengers Annual#19, 1990); voted into Avengers in absentia (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); imprisoned by Mechadoom, freed by Deathlok (Deathlok #2-5, 1991); with Avengers, vs Hyena (Avengers West Coast #83, 1992); with Avengers, vs Morgan Le Fay (Avengers #1-3, 1998); controlled by Bastion, downloaded Sentinel programming, freed by Cable, helped oppose Bastion (Cable & Machine Man 1998 Annual/Machine Man & Bastion 1998 Annual, 1998); used by S.H.I.E.L.D. to operate Deathlok, destroyed saving Helicarrier crew (Uncanny X-Men #371/X-Men #91/X-Men '99 Annual, 1999); rebuilt by nanites, overcome by Sentinel programming, vs Brotherhood (X-51 #1-2, 1999); vs X.E.R.O. (X-51 #3, 1999); sought out Avengers for help, attacked Justice & Firestar, opposed by Vision (X-51 #4-5, 1999); vs Otomo (X-51 #6, 2000); vs Sentinels & X-Men, self-destructed to end Sentinel dominance (X-51 #7-8, 2000); rebuilt by nanites sans-Sentinel programming (X-51 #9, 2000); returned to Central City, vs Road Warriors (X-51 #10-11, 2000); destroyed X.E.R.O., joined the Celestials (X-51 #12, 2000); illusory Machine Man appeared to aid Avengers during Scarlet Witch crisis (Avengers #501-503, 2004)

Machine Teen

First Appearance: Machine Teen #1 (2005)
Origin: Machine Teen #1-5 (2005)
Significant Issues: Suffered from repeated glitches, rebooted by Isaacson (Machine Teen #1, 2005); suffered from another glitch after damaging his hand in a fight & realizing his robotic nature (Machine Teen #2, 2005); rebooted by Isaacson & Hunt, informed of his robotic nature, attacked by agents of Radcliffe (Machine Teen #3, 2005); abducted by agents of Radcliffe (Machine Teen #3, 2005); overcame efforts by Radcliffe’s scientists to reprogram him, sacrificed his body to destroy Radcliffe’s warehouse, datacore placed in a new body, began school as a transfer student at Edison Senior High School (Machine Teen #5, 2005)


First Appearance: (As Saxon) Daredevil #49 (1969); (as Mister Fear) Daredevil #54 (1969); (as Machinesmith) Marvel Two-in-One #47 (1979)
Origin: Captain America #368 (1990)
Significant Issues: Targeted Daredevil on behalf of Biggie Benson, learned Daredevil's secret identity, abducted Karen Page, mocked Daredevil (Daredevil #49-52, 1969); challenged Daredevil as Mister Fear, fell to death (Daredevil #54-55, 1969); revived in robot body (Captain America #249, 1980); targeted Thing on behalf of Corporation, defeated by Yancy Street Gang (Marvel Two-in-One #47-48, 1979; manipulated Captain America into temporarily destroying him (Captain America #247-249, 1980); revived, hired by Red Skull (Captain America #368, 1990); activated Sleeper & other robots on Avengers Island (Captain America #354, 1989); learned Red Skull had been abducted by Magneto, used Magneto android in failed attempt to lure him into the open (Captain America #368, 1990); with Skeleton Crew, searched for & located Red Skull (Captain America #369-370, 1990); brainwashed Avengers support crew into planting surveillance devices in Avengers Mansion, traced & temporarily disabled by Vision (Avengers #323-325, 1990); accompanied Red Skull to battle with Kingpin (Captain America #378, 1990); attended Skeleton Crew meeting regarding destruction of Red Skull's cloned bodies (Captain America #387, 1991); with Skeleton Crew, searched for Red Skull, defeated & captured by Schutz-Heiliggruppe (Captain America #389-390, 1991); assisted by Arnim Zola, escaped Schutz-Heiliggruppe alongside Red Skull & others (Captain America #393, 1991); attended meeting of Skeleton Crew, observed dismissal of Crossbones (Captain America #394, 1991); observed Cutthroat demonstrations of skill, taken into confidence by Mother Night (Captain America #396, 1992); greeted returning members of Skeleton Crew (Captain America #398, 1992); discussed Cutthroat's death with Mother Night (Captain America #409, 1992); assisted Iron Man (Iron Man #320-324, 1995-1996); became terrorist, framed Captain America for treason (Captain America #451-453, 1996); with Masters of Evil, attacked Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #64-65, 2002); with Masters of Evil, aided Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #67-69, 2002)

Mad Jack

First Appearance: (Behind-the-scenes) Spectacular Spider-Man #243 (1997); (seen) Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #1 (2001)
Origin: Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #3 (2001)
Significant Issues: Behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Daniel Berkhart via robotic cat as he attacked & hypnotized John Jameson (Spectacular Spider-Man #243, 1997); behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Berkhart via robotic cat as he spied on John Jameson (Spectacular Spider-Man #244, 1997); behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Berkhart via robotic cat as he spied on Mary Jane Watson-Parker (Spectacular Spider-Man #245, 1997); behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Berkhart via robotic cat as he brutally assaulted J. Jonah Jameson in the elevator of the Daily Bugle (Spectacular Spider-Man #246, 1997); behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Berkhart via robotic cat as he clashed with Spider-Man outside J. Jonah Jameson’s window at New York University Medical Center (Spectacular Spider-Man #247, 1997); behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Berkhart as he threatened the welfare of Marla Madison Jameson in order to get J. Jonah Jameson to give up ownership of Daily Bugle (Spectacular Spider-Man #248, 1997); behind the scenes, assisted Jack O’Lantern/Berkhart via robotic cat as he interfered with Conundrum’s attempt to obtain Hand of Mumthazi ruby by kidnapping Tabriaz Chaliz (Spectacular Spider-Man #257-258, 1998); as Mad Jack, with Mysterio/Berkhart, captured Spider-Man, Daredevil, J. Jonah Jameson, Betsy Schneider, & A Guy Named Joe (Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #1, 2001); held Spider-Man, Daredevil, J. Jonah Jameson, Betsy Scheider, & Joe Smith captive using a combination of chemicals, robotic constructs, & virtual reality technology (Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #2, 2001); defeated by Spider-Man & Daredevil, revealed as Quentin Beck’s cousin (Spider-Man: The Mysterio Manifesto #3, 2001)

Mad Thinker

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #15 (1963)
Significant Issues: Set X-Men vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #29, 1964); created Bouncing Ball (Strange Tales #131, 1965); hired to investigate Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #72, 1965); employed original Human Torch, created Quasimodo (Fantastic Four Annual #4, 1966); invaded Avengers Mansion (Avengers #39, 1967); as Santini, debuted Killer Android (Fantastic Four #68-71, 1967-1968); Android Man vs Grimm (Fantastic Four #79, 1968); Android Man destroyed (Marvel’s Greatest Comics #1, 2001); alliance with Egghead & Puppet Master (Captain Marvel #12-14/Avengers #63/Sub-Mariner #14, 1969); android duplicates of Fantastic Four foes (Fantastic Four #100, 1970); War of the Super-Villains (Iron Man #74-75 & 77, 1975); Metalloid appeared, Scavenger returned (Fantastic Four #179 & 181-183, 1977); sought psychic, framed Grimm (Marvel Two-in-One #37-39, 1978); opposed Rom (Rom #14, 1981); “Intellectual Robots” (Captain America #269/Marvel Team-Up #129/New Warriors #4-5, 1982/1983/2005); simulacrums explained (Amazing Spider-Man #242, 1983); plot at Johnny’s wedding (Fantastic Four #300-301, 1987); recruited by Loki (Avengers Spotlight #28, 1990); renegade simulacrum (Power Pack #54, 1990); investigated New Warriors (New Warriors #3, 1990); exposed truth about Lyja/Alicia (Fantastic Four #357-358, 1991); counseled New Warriors (New Warriors #51, 1994); Super Android F-4 (Fantastic Four #395/Fantastic Four Unplugged #1/Avengers Unplugged #3, 1994/1995/1996); aided New Warriors in return for neoneutralizer, David’s history given (New Warriors #72-73 & 75, 1996); Awesome Andy rebelled (She-Hulk #5-6, 2004); aided Threska (Fantastic Four: Foes #1-6, 2005)

Madame Masque

First Appearance: (As Big M) Tales of Suspense #97 (1968); (as Whitney Frost) Tales of Suspense #98 (1968); (as Madame Masque) Iron Man #17 (1969)
Origin: Iron Man #8 (1968), Iron Man #17-19 (1969)
Significant Issues: Raised as privileged daughter of wealthy Byron Frost, learned she was Count Nefaria’s daughter after Byron’s death, initially refused to join Nefaria’s criminal empire, spirit crushed when her fiancé Roger Vane rejected her because of her family ties, became Nefaria’s protégé, replaced him as Maggia leader (Iron Man #8, 1968); as new Maggia head Big M, hired Whiplash as enforcer, threatened Morgan Stark regarding gambling debts he owed the Maggia, pressured Stark into helping them abduct Iron Man, escaped while Whiplash held off Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #97, 1968); visited Tony Stark’s factory as Frost, met Jasper Sitwell, ordered Whiplash to finish off Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #98, 1968); with Whiplash, examined armor of defeated Iron Man, submarine headquarters attacked by A.I.M. (Tales of Suspense #99, 1968); battled A.I.M. alongside Whiplash and other Maggia agents (Iron Man and Sub-Mariner #1, 1968); as Frost, rescued from sinking gambling ship by Sitwell, began romancing Sitwell as a way of infiltrating Stark’s business, seeking to obtain Stark’s super-weapons for the Maggia (Iron Man #1 & 3, 1968); urged restless and rebellious Maggia lieutenants to be patient while she seduced Sitwell, menaced by Crusher, defended by Sitwell and Iron Man, began to feel guilty about deceiving Sitwell and fall in love with him, leadership challenged by Gladiator, pressured into leading raid of Stark’s weapons vault, unwittingly led her men into a trap prepared by Sitwell, learned Sitwell had been on to her for some time, defended Sitwell from Gladiator during the fight, exposed as Big M, escaped when Sitwell could not bring himself to shoot her down (Iron Man #6-8, 1968); horribly disfigured in aircraft crash and rescued by agents of Mordecai Midas, became agent of Midas as Madame Masque, terrorized Midas’ pawn Morgan Stark, captured Tony Stark in mistaken belief that he was a Stark impersonator, trained "impersonator" to assist in their plans, could not bring herself to kill Stark when Midas’ orders called for it since he had treated her kindly, recaptured Stark for Midas, unmasked for Stark, romanced by Stark, helped Stark escape Midas, left Midas’ employ (Iron Man #17-19, 1969); captured by mad scientist Dr. Vryolak and his monstrous son Miklos Vryolak, rescued by Iron Man [Stark] and Jasper Sitwell (Iron Man #24, 1970); realized she loved Jasper after he was injured in action, confronted Brotherhood of the Ankh and battled Zodiac & Spymaster alongside Daredevil, Iron Man & Nick Fury, asked Iron Man for romantic advice (Iron Man #35-36 & Daredevil #73, 1971); became Stark’s new secretary in new guise as Krissy Longfellow, menaced by Melter, Commander Kraken & Guardsman [Michael O’Brien], reunited with Jasper Sitwell (Iron Man #91-97, 1976-1977); resumed Madame Masque guise, aided Iron Man against Sunfire, thwarted Harry Key’s attemped theft of Iron Man armor (Iron Man #98-102, 1977); Longfellow exposed as Madame Masque, became Stark’s lover and shared secret of his dual identity, caused bitter rift between Stark and jealous Sitwell, teamed with Iron Man, Sitwell, Jack of Hearts, Guardsman, Wraith, Jean DeWolff & Eddie March to thwart Midas takeover of Stark International, turned to gold by Midas, restored to normal by Yellowjacket & Jack of Hearts (Iron Man #103-108, 1977-1978); oversaw reconstruction and crisis management at Stark International in Stark’s absence (Iron Man #109-112, 1978); attended grand opening of new Star International complex and departures of Jasper Sitwell & Jack of Hearts, debated future of their relationship with Stark, moved into Stark’s penthouse, reluctantly helped her father Nefaria and the Ani-Men ambush Stark as part of a plan to rejuvenate the dying Nefaria, plans opposed by Iron Man, left Stark after Iron Man seemingly killed Nefaria during the battle (Iron Man #113-116, 1978); became paranoid recluse, went into long-term hiding in desert base outside Las Vegas, continued running her Maggia family from seclusion, created a series of "bio-duplicates" of herself to act as Madame Masque in her place (Avengers #32, 2000); first known bio-duplicate Madame Masque [BD1] robbed Stark and kidnapped his new girlfriend Bethany Cabe with aid of Spymaster and Dreadnoughts, BD1 fought Iron Man and Cabe, BD1 defeated and humiliated by Cabe, fled (Iron Man #138-139, 1980); BD1 allied and romantically involved with Stark’s enemy Obadiah Stane, mind transferred into Bethany Cabe’s body at Stane’s behest by Dr. Theron Atlanta while Cabe’s mind was placed in BD1’s body, Stane defeated and killed self, Cabe/BD1 body switch exposed and both women returned to their proper bodies (Iron Man #190, 194-195, 198-201 & 203-204, 1985-1986); BD1 slain and replaced by a second bio-duplicate [BD2] (Iron Man #238, 1989); BD2 snubbed Stark when he tried to communicate with her, BD1’s body found by authorities and identified as Frost by Stark (Iron Man #245, 1989); BD2 collaborated with FBI agents in sting aimed at Hydra and A.I.M. organizations, briefly abducted by Hulk, escaped (Iron Man #247, 1989); BD2 faced Hulk and Iron Man again, escaped (Incredible Hulk #361, 1989); BD2 attended first A.I.M. weapons expo (Quasar #9, 1990); rogue bio-duplicate Masque [BDM] posed as Bethany Cabe to get close to Tony Stark, protected Stark from mad Marianne Rodgers, imprisoned with Rodgers in Arctic bunker by insane Stark and Machinesmith, took down Machinesmith, escaped, allied with Avengers, helped Avengers battle Neut, invaded bunker alongside Hawkeye and alternate-timeline teenage Tony Stark, battled adult Stark, helped battle forces of "Kang" [actually a disguised Immortus and his Space Phantoms], witnessed adult Stark’s demise (Iron Man #320-325 & Avengers #393-395, 1995-1996); BDM attended sick bed of teen Stark, advised him not to repeat his adult counterpart’s mistakes regarding women (Age of Innocence: the Rebirth of Iron Man, 1996); BDM helped Avengers capture Hotshot & Jailbait and neutralize G-Bomb (Avengers #397, 1996); BDM sparred with Hawkeye, feuded with Black Widow, regarded as security risk by Black Widow, helped Avengers fight Benedict, abducted by Benedict, who left behind a data disc of information regarding rival Maggia families in exchange (Avengers #398-399, 1996); Frost bitterly monitored news coverage of Stark (Iron Man #1, 1998); BD2 executed and replaced by a third bio-duplicate [BD3] (Iron Man #10, 1998); BD2’s body identified as Frost by Stark (Iron Man #11, 1998); another Frost bio-duplicate’s corpse, presumably BD3, found in Puget Sound (Iron Man #20, 1999); another Frost bio-duplicate [BD4] attended a Maggia leadership summit raided by the Avengers, menaced by Grim Reaper, BD4 self-destructed rather than face capture (Avengers #31, 2000); Frost still paranoid and obsessed with her own security, berated imprisoned BDM as a supposed traitor, refused to believe BDM’s insistence that Stark and the Avengers were benevolent and trustworthy, monitored nearby battle between Avengers and Grim Reaper’s Steelskulls, assumed both sides were a threat and sent her robots to attack them, learned resurrected Nefaria was Grim Reaper’s boss, refused to rejoin Nefaria, base destroyed by Nefaria, rescued from Nefaria by Avengers and held in their custody, reunited with Stark and Sitwell, agreed to assist Avengers, created Ionic Lock to use against Nefaria and his pawns, held full-power Lock in reserve for herself since planned to betray both sides, refused BDM’s pleas to side with Avengers, saw BDM join battle against Nefaria, saw BDM mistaken for Frost by Nefaria and killed by him, helped Avengers and Thunderbolts defeat Nefaria, decided to give up crime, declined offer of Thunderbolts membership, departed alone to consider her future (Avengers #32-34 & Thunderbolts #44, 2000)


First Appearance: (As Maelstrom) Marvel Two-in-One #71 (1981); (as Anomaly) Quasar #20 (1991)
Origin: Marvel Two-in-One #72 (1981)
Significant Issues: Stole anti-terrigen compound, vs Thing & Inhumans, had Deathurge kill him (Marvel Two-in-One #71-72, 1981); leeched energies of Uni-Mind, vs Avengers, had Deathurge kill him (Avengers #247-248, 1984); attempted to drain Earth's kinetic energies, molecules spread across universe (Avengers #249-250, 1984); became Anomaly, took quantum bands, claimed cosmic awareness, killed by black hole, spirit destroyed battling Quasar (Quasar #18-25, 1991); nearly resurrected by minions & Weird Sisters, refused to take Ransak's life (Fantastic Four Unlimited #10, 1995); attempted to destroy universe with chronal accelerator, tricked into killing himself by Mr. Immortal (GLA #1-4, 2005)


First Appearance: Avengers #343 (1992)
Origin: Avengers #344 (1992)
Significant Issues: With Swordsman, ambushed Earth-616 Avengers, first fought Hercules, escaped with Swordsman, bickered with Proctor, pled with Proctor to treat ailing Swordsman (Avengers #343-344, 1992); with Proctor, "gathered" Marissa Darrow (Avengers #348, 1992); with Swordsman, assisted in recruitment of Coal Tiger and failed "gathering" of his counterpart Black Panther, Swordsman captured by Avengers (Avengers #355-356, 1992); begged Proctor to rescue Swordsman from Avengers, helped recruit Earth-932 Vision, helped secretly abduct Earth-616 Vision so that Earth-932 Vision could infiltrate Avengers (Avengers #358-360, 1993); fought Avengers, learned Proctor tried to have Black Knight killed, turned against Proctor, defected to Avengers, helped Avengers defeat Kree Sentries, moved into Avengers Mansion, helped Avengers save Earth from Galen Kor’s Kree forces, attended comatose Swordsman, witnessed Swordsman’s revival (Avengers #363-367, 1993); set out with Vision, Swordsman and Magdalene to investigate an offline Scottish tracking station (Avengers #372, 1994); alongside Avengers, Swordsman and Shiar admiral T’kyll Alabar, faced Galen Kor’s Kree and the Mephisitoid known as the Butcher (Avengers #378-379, 1994); with Swordsman, moved into house in the Adirondacks supplied by Tony Stark, socialized with Avengers, encountered Tuc, witnessed Swordsman’s departure (Avengers #390-391, 1995); battled Elements of Doom alongside Thunderbolts, New Warriors, Heroes for Hire, Daredevil & Spider-Man (Thunderbolts #8, 1997); alongside Swordsman, helped reorganize Avengers, helped battle Morgan Le Fay and Whirlwind, declined full Avengers membership (Avengers #1-4, 1998); alongside Swordsman, trained with Avengers, declined reserve membership, helped Squadron Supreme return to Earth-717, left Earth-616 in search of a new home (Avengers/Squadron Supreme ’98, 1998)

Magnum, Moses

First Appearance and Origin: Giant-Size Spider-Man #4 (1975)
Significant Issues: As head of DRC, hired to test biochemical gas, opposed by Punisher & Spider-Man, seemingly died after exposure to gas (Giant-Size Spider-Man #4, 1975); revealed to have survived thanks to anti-gas body suit, as Magnum Force, began mining Katsyu Shima, threatened stability of entire Pacific Rim region, opposed by Power Man/Luke Cage, seemingly fell to death (Power Man Annual #1, 1976); rescued by Apocalypse, swore fealty to him, given superhuman powers (Classic X-Men #25, 1988); attacked Japan, opposed by X-Men & Sunfire, defeated by Banshee (X-Men #118-119, 1979); sought to recover corporate information stolen by High-Tech, agent opposed by Deathlok (Deathlok #11, 1992); destroyed A.I.M. headquarters to ensure his company won defense contract, used profits to outfit new army, overthrew ruler of Canaan, invaded Wakanda to seize Vibranium, opposed by Black Panther & Deathlok, defeated by Deathlok (Deathlok #22-25, 1993); powers destabilized as punishment by Apocalypse, stole experimental seismic cannon to regain control, opposed by Avengers, Triathlon & Silverclaw, seemingly fell to death (Avengers #8-9, 1998)

Magus (Warlock)

First Appearance: Strange Tales #178 (1975)
Origin: Warlock #9 (1975)
Significant Issues: Earth-7528 Warlock entered the In-Betweener’s realm, went mad, emerged as the Magus and created the Universal Church (Warlock #9, 1975); the Magus began his plan to lure Warlock to their pre-destined confrontation (Strange Tales #178, 1975); Magus irradiated Warlock, summoning the In-Betweener (Warlock #9, 1975); Magus battled Thanos, Earth-7528 timeline diverged/seemingly destroyed, Magus faded from existence (Warlock #10, 1975); Adam Warlock expelled good and evil aspects from himself (Infinity War #2, 1992); Magus employs Anthropomorpho for M-Bodies to serve as doppelgangers (Quasar #38, 1992); acquired extradimensional Cosmic Containment Units (Infinity War #1/#5, 1992); sent doppelgangers against Earth’s heroes (and Thanos), acquired Infinity Gems, manipulated Living Tribunal into restoring the Infinity Gauntlet’s full power, revealed to have acquired false Reality Gem, defeated by Adam Warlock, Eternity, and Infinity, trapped as immaterial wraith unable to interact with others within Soul World (Infinity War #1-6, 1992); aid sought against Goddess by Warlock, sought to usurp Warlock’s form, defeated (Infinity Crusade #4/Warlock Chronicles #4, 1993); encountered Goddess in Soul World (Infinity Crusade #6, 1993); escaped Soul Gem when Syphonn usurped it from Warlock, remained immaterial wraith, began consuming life force of hundreds of victims in Halvacenter, used power to gradually restore physical self (Warlock #1-4/Captain Marvel #33, 1998-1999/2002 ); continued consuming life force, sought cosmic power of Captain Marvel, overwhelmed, blasted across the galaxy (Captain Marvel #32-34, 2002); assaulted Marlo Jones, driven off by Phyla-Vell (Captain Marvel #21, 2004); mortally wounded Moondragon, forced her sworn alliance in exchange for saving her life (Captain Marvel #22,24, 2004); future Earth-98120 Magus battled Earth-616 Captain Marvel possessing body of Earth-98120 Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #19, 2001); future Earth-98120 Magus battled Earth-616 Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #23-24, 2004)

Major Mapleleaf (Louis Sadler Jr)

First Appearance: Alpha Flight #1 (2004)
Origin: Alpha Flight #4 (2004)
Significant Issues: Scouted by Sasquatch while talking to children at Monarch Elementary School in Vancouver (Alpha Flight #1, 2004); offered to join Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #2, 2004); learned about Plodex history (Alpha Flight #3, 2004); searched for the Plodex subterranean lair with Yukon Jack, captured by Mole Man’s Moloids (Alpha Flight #4, 2004); reunited with Alpha Flight, located Plodex lair, vs Plodex Alpha Flight doppelgangers (Alpha Flight #5, 2004); taken to Mojoworld (Uncanny X-Men #209, 1986); argued with Sasquatch over the fate of unhatched Plodex eggs, rescued original Alpha Flight members (Alpha Flight #6, 2004); spent day in Montreal with Puck/Zuzha Yu, attacked by & defeated Manimator’s wax constructs (Alpha Flight #7-8, 2004); vs Big Hero 6, sent back in time to prevent Flashback’s death by stopping James MacDonald Hudson from taking a job with Roxxon Corporation in New York City, inadvertently caused Box attack in the present (Alpha Flight #9, 2005); joined by Centennial in the past, convinced James MacDonald Hudson to take a job at Roxxon Corporation but to use his knowledge of future events to take the initiative against Jaxon, inadvertently caused Canada to be nuked (Alpha Flight #10, 2005); joined in the past by Puck/Zuzha Yu & Yukon Jack, inadvertently caused the creation of the Canadian Militia for a Super-Hero-Free Country (Alpha Flight #11, 2005); timeline restored, joined in the present by past members of Alpha Flight, married Puck/Zuzha Yu & had a son (Alpha Flight #12, 2005); defeated in a one-sided battle against Michael Norris (New Avengers #16, 2006)

Malice (Nakia)

First Appearance: (As Nakia) Black Panther #1 (1998); (as Malice) Black Panther #21 (2000)
Origin: (As Nakia) Black Panther #6 & 11 (1999); (as Malice) Black Panther #24 (2000)
Significant Issues: Chosen by tribal elders to become Dora Milaje, instantly smitten when she met T'Challa (Black Panther #6, 1999); jealously spied on T'Challa & Monica Lynne (Black Panther #11, 1999); accompanied T'Challa to New York to help investigate Tomorrow Fund scandal (Black Panther #1-2, 1998); kissed by hallucinating T'Challa, infatuation for him dangerously strengthened (Black Panther #3, 1999); told fellow Dora Milaje Okoye that she would ensure she & T'Challa would be together (Black Panther #7, 1999); when alone with Monica while piloting aircraft over Wakanda during battle, deliberately ejected her rival from vehicle, later informed T'Challa that Monica had been slain by enemy fire but T'Challa knew she had lied (Black Panther #11, 1999); confronted over actions, told she would be returned to tribe in disgrace, fled heartbroken on sky sled, crashed, found & tortured by Achebe, then found nearly dead by Killmonger (Black Panther #13, 1999); healed & enhanced by Killmonger, sent to punish T'Challa for rejecting her (Black Panther #24, 2000); as Malice, slit Brother Voodoo's throat while he was in trance trying to save comatose T'Challa (Black Panther #21-22, 2000); revealed who she was to T'Challa, targeted Monica, slew Nikki Adams instead, fought her Dora Milaje replacement Queen Divine Justice, escaped (Black Panther #24-25, 2000); freed Man-Ape (Black Panther #33, 2001); targeted Black Panther's loved ones, battled Okoye, briefly believed she had brainwashed T'Challa, tribe threatened, appeared to be struck by low bridge & killed (Black Panther #31-33, 2001)


First Appearance and Origin: Thor #134 (1966)
Significant Issues: Evolved, created own New Men, vs Thor, High Evolutionary & Knights of Wundagore (Thor #134-135, 1966); ambushed High Evolutionary, brought sin to Counter-Earth, fled to Counter-Earth from Him/Adam Warlock (Marvel Premiere #1, 1972); stifling of creation of superhumans on Counter-Earth revealed (Warlock #6, 1973); sent Rhodan & Hounds of Helios after Warlock (Marvel Premiere #2, 1972); posed as Prophet, led Warlock into his lair, attempted to sway Warlock against Counter-Earth, devolved back into wolf, released astral self, possessed Rex Carpenter (Warlock #1-2, 1972); Carpenter befriended Warlock, present as Apollo/Triax assaulted an Air Force base, revealed to Triax his identity as Man-Beast, terrified him into taking hostage & killing Edward Roberts (Warlock #3-4, 1972-1973); President Carpenter neglected Counter-Earth’s Victor von Doom’s advice, ordered nuclear tests that unleashed Deathbird anti-personnel missiles, publicly denounced Warlock after his destruction of the missiles (Warlock #5, 1973); transformed Counter-Earth’s Reed Richards into Brute, sent him against Warlock (Warlock #6, 1973); again sent Brute against Warlock (Warlock #7, 1973); sent demon (or illusions) Aggression & Deceit against Warlock, led Warlock to the oval office & revealed self as controlling Carpenter (Warlock #8, 1973); had prisoner Warlock tortured, arranged capture of visiting Earth’s Hulk, Warlock escaped (Incredible Hulk #176, 1974); planted transmitter within Hulk, used Hulk to lead his minions to Warlock & his followers, captured them all, psychically turned the public against Warlock, publicly executed Warlock (Incredible Hulk #177, 1974); plotted to start nuclear war, defeated by Hulk, devolved into wolf by resurrected Warlock (Incredible Hulk #178, 1974); recovery, flight to Earth, formation of Legion of Light, & adoption of Mentor & Hate-Monger identities revealed (Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #12-13 & 15, 1977 & 1978); gathered followers into Legion, agents Brother Power & Sister Sun/Sha Shan vs Spider-Man & Flash Thompson who had met Sha Shan in Vietnam (Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #12, 1977); allowed Spider-Man, Thompson, & Razorback - whose sister, Bobby Sue Hollis had been caught up in the Legion - to trail him to mansion, captured them, bombed mansion, intending to frame the heroes (Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #13, 1977); attempted to blanket world with hatred via slaughter during Legion rally at Madison Square Garden, exposed as Man-Beast, defeated by Spider-Man via distraction from Bobby Sue Hollis (Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man #14-15, 1978); Bi-Beast alliance revealed, backed Bi-Beast’s plans to build new Avians city, helped Bi-Beast escape Thor & Iron Man, ship crashed in Florida Everglades, defeated by Thor & Iron Man (Thor #315-316, 1981); commandeered NASA ship at Cape Canaveral, attempted to fly it to Counter-Earth, knocked into space by Thor (Thor #317, 1981); as Omega, creation of They from survivors of Counter-Earth revealed (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #4, 1992); sent They to kill High Evolutionary, stole Infinity Gems of Mind, Power, Space, & Time from Moondragon, Drax, Pip, & Gamora (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #4, 1992); alongside Triax, created Infinity Thrall, used it against Warlock until he destroyed the Thrall, fled with Triax (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #5-6, 1992); replaced U.S. Senator Kyle Munson, placed in charge of United Nations Peacekeeping Force, sent them to assault Warlock & Infinity Watch’s Monster Island base (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #14 & 22, 1993); as Munson, mind-controlled Avengers to attack Infinity Watch (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #26-27, 1994); confronted, exposed, defeated by Warlock (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #28, 1994); as Lord Karnivore, organized disgruntled New Men into Animutants, led their assault on Wundagore, opposed by Thor, High Evolutionary, & Godpack, nearly slew High Evolutionary before being driven off by Thor (Thor #473 & 475, 1994); revealed to have been sent to the Vault following his defeat by Thor (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); escaped Vault when U-Foes destroyed its generator under the direction of the Master of the World (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); replacement of Sir Wulf/Lord Anon revealed (Quicksilver #11, 1998); as Anon, with Knights of Wundagore, Quicksilver, & High Evolutionary, fled Wundagore under assault from Exodus & Acolytes (Quicksilver #1, 1997); as Anon, relocated with Knights, Bova, & Quicksilver to Haven castle on the Hudson, vs Arkon & Thundra, briefly traveled to Polemachus (Quicksilver #2-3, 1997-1998); as Anon, met Crystal (Quicksilver #4, 1998); as Anon, criticized Quicksilver’s leadership of the Knights, suggested replacement (Quicksilver #5, 1998); as Anon, performed rescue mission on Knights held by mutant allies of Exodus, accompanied Knights & Quicksilver to Savage Land, located High Evolutionary & Isotope E (Quicksilver #8, 1998); as Anon, secretly attempted to claim Isotope E for himself, slew the Knight Lord Churchill who discovered his true identity after his armor was damaged, blamed mutants for Churchill’s death (Quicksilver #9, 1998); as Anon, participated in Knights’ training session (Quicksilver #10, 1998); Heroes for Hire proposed alliance with Knights to help retake Wundagore, Heroes member White Tiger recognized Anon’s true identity & attacked him, Heroes vs Knights battle broken up by High Evolutionary who devolved the Heroes & took the Knights in his ship to Wundagore (Heroes for Hire #15, 1998); beneath Wundagore, Anon ambushed High Evolutionary, stole Isotope E, revealed true identity (Quicksilver #11, 1998); formed alliance with Exodus & Acolytes, duped the Knights into believing High Evolutionary was his hostage, forced them to battle re-evolved Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #16, 1998); Quicksilver secretly stole Isotope E, forcing Man-Beast to bluff his continued possession of it, took mental control of the Knight Lady Ursula who killed herself so she couldn’t be used against her allies, High Evolutionary had power surge & struck down Man-Beast (Quicksilver #12, 1998); manipulated Exodus & Thena into combining their psychic energies to blast the power-maddened High Evolutionary, then used this energy to drop Exodus, Thena, & Quicksilver, attacked & overpowered by White Tiger, devolved into wolf by stabilized High Evolutionary, escaped (Heroes for Hire/Quicksilver '98 Annual, 1998)

Marvel (KalAOL)

First Appearance and Origin: Marville #1 (2002)
Significant Issues: Sent back in time by parents, met Mickey, gained fortune (Marville #1, 2002); met Lucy, attempted to help Spider-Man & Punisher capture Kingpin (Marville #2, 2002); used time machine to go back in past, met Jack (Marville #3, 2003); encountered Snorts & other talking dinosaurs (Marville #4, 2003); continued time travel, returned to Earth-616 (Marville #4, 2003); tried to sell story to comic company (Marville #5, 2003); declined offer to join Great Lakes Avengers (GLA #2, 2005)

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