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All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#7 Victor Mancha to Phantazia

Last Updated: 7/26/06


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Cover by Keu Cha

Mancha, Victor

First Appearance: Runaways #1 (2005)
Origin: Runaways #6 (2005)
Significant Issues: With Jorge, listened to police scanner he constructed, Runaways learned of the danger Victorious poses in future from time-traveling Heroine (Runaways #1, 2005); vs Runaways, captured by them (Runaways #2, 2005); alongside Runaways, confronted by Excelsior, used powers to jump start Leapfrog (Runaways #3, 2005); taken to Runaways headquarters, contacted by Ultron in the guise of Doctor Doom (Runaways #4, 2005); alongside Runaways, vs Ultron's reprogrammed Doombot, revealed to be Ultron's creation (Runaways #5, 2005); rebelled against Ultron, joined Runaways on probationary status (Runaways #6, 2005); with Runaways, defeated Swarm, went grocery shopping with Bruiser (Runaways #7, 2005); vs Xavin (Runaways #8, 2005); with Runaways, traveled to New York City in attempt to clear Cloak's name, met Spider-Man, helped defeat Reginald Mantz (Runaways #9-12, 2005-2006); with Runaways, vs X-Men (X-Men/Runaways #A, 2006); revealed to have been hacked into by New Pride (Runaways #13-14, 2006); with Runaways, rescued Bruiser from Geoffrey Wilder & New Pride (Runaways #15-18, 2006); with Runaways, vs Flag-Smasher, critically injured by S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killer unit, interfaced with Vision of Young Avengers (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #50 (1964)
Origin: Tales of Suspense #62 (1965), Iron Man #274 (1991)
Significant Issues: Ousted from power by communists (Tales of Suspense #62, 1965); took Madam Macabre as student (Tales to Astonish #66, 1965); found Makluan rings (Tales of Suspense #62/Iron Man #274, 1965/1991); brought Temujin to monastery (Iron Man #54, 2002); used Wong Chu as pawn (Iron Man #267-268, 1990); first vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #50, 1964); acquired Stark missiles, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #54-55, 1964); launched satellite, attempted to kill Tony Stark, defeated by Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #61-62, 1965); drawn by Doctor Doom to attack Richards/Storm wedding (Fantastic Four Annual #3/Marvel: Heroes and Legends, 1965/1996); sent Swordsman to infiltrate Avengers (Avengers #20, 1965); activated Ultimo, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #76-78, 1966); abducted Happy Hogan, vs Iron Man (Tales of Suspense #84-86, 1966-1967); employed super-villains to steal diamonds, defeated by Avengers (Avengers Annual #1, 1967); attempted to enslave Hulk (Incredible Hulk #107-108, 1968); used Hulk robot against Iron Man, inadvertently killed Mei-Ling (Iron Man #9-11, 1969); recruited Sandman to fight Hulk (Incredible Hulk #114, 1969); abducted Doctor Robert Hoskins, defeated by Captain America (Captain America #125, 1970); sought to increase power, defeated by Inhumans (Amazing Adventures #3-4, 1970-1971); used Unicorn as pawn against Iron Man, inadvertently switched bodies with Unicorn (Iron Man #57-58, 1973); regained own body, vs Iron Man, seemingly destroyed by Yellow Claw robot (Iron Man #68-70, 1974); inhabited new body, sought to use Ultimo to trigger world war, defeated by Iron Man (Iron Man #98-100, 1977); used Killmonger as pawn in Wakanda (Iron Man Annual #5, 1982); used Radioactive Man as pawn, vs James Rhodes Iron Man (Iron Man #179-181, 1984); as amnesiac Zhang Tong, formed Hand, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #241-242, 1989); approached by Loki to join "Acts of Vengeance" (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); during "Acts," argued with Doctor Doom (Avengers #311, 1989); approached by Matsu'o Tsurayaba, helped reprogram Psylocke (Uncanny X-Men #256, 1989); attended Prime Movers meeting (Captain America #366, 1990); quarreled with co-conspirators (Avengers #312, 1989); attended meeting to discuss Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #61, 1990); defeated by Psylocke & Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #258, 1990); with Wizard, vs Avengers (Avengers #313, 1990); paralyzed by Loki, escaped (Avengers West Coast #55/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); vs Nick Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #24, 1991); regained memory, became ally of Chen Hsu & Fin Fang Foom, seized partial control of China, vs Iron Man, rebelled against Chen Hsu, hands destroyed, rendered comatose (Iron Man #259-275, 1990-1991); awoke from comatose state, grew reptilian hands, recovered rings, sought Heart of Darkness (Iron Man #306-309, 1994); confronted inner selves, began transformation of China (Marvel Comics Presents #169-170, 1994); set Avatars against Force Works, vs Iron Man & War Machine (War Machine #8-10/Iron Man #310-312/Force Works #6-7, 1994-1995); vs Squirrel Girl (GLX-Mas Special #1, 2006); observed Iron Man's actions from afar (Iron Man #1-3, 1998); attacked Russia with Dragon of Heaven, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #9-10, 1998)

Mandarin (Temugin)

First Appearance: Iron Man #53 (2002)
Origin: Iron Man #53-54 (2002)
Significant Issues: Informed of blood debt to father, abducted Iron Man & Ayisha, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #53-55, 2002); with Makluan rings, vs Iron Man, learned of Po's betrayal, claimed Iron Man had discharged blood debt (Iron Man #68-69, 2003); revealed as employer of Clarence Ward (Iron Man #89, 2004)


First Appearance: (As Man-Killer) Marvel Team-Up #8 (1973); (as Amazon, in shadow) Thunderbolts #65 (2002); (as Amazon, fully) Thunderbolts #67 (2002)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #8 (1973)
Significant Issues: Ski career ended by crippling & disfiguring accident, became Man-Killer as agent of militant feminist group, slew Mayor Samuels, attacked Harlem power plant, vs Cat & Spider-Man, learned her group's backers were male-led A.I.M. organization, suffered mental breakdown (Marvel Team-Up #8, 1973); behind the scenes, revealed to be section chief in charge of Hydra's assassin division (Daredevil #121, 1975); subdued Black Widow, rivalry with Blackwing, vs Ivan Petrovitch and S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, exoskeleton jammed by Ivan, defeated (Daredevil #123, 1975); joined Justin Hammer's army of super-agents, acted as part of reserve contingent guarding Hammer's floating villa, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #126-127, 1979); led militant group, abducted Hildy Dawes, improved exoskeleton, tried to coerce Dawes into joining her cause, plotted to bomb a gathering of the city's business leaders, plot thwarted by Spider-Man & She-Hulk, escape attempt thwarted by Dawes, seemingly fatally electrocuted alongside Dawes (Marvel Team-Up #107, 1981); returned from apparent demise, now super-strong without her exoskeleton, joined Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, vs Black Widow & Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #3, 1997); alongside masters, vs Thunderbolts, fled with Masters after intervention of police & Hawkeye disguised as Dreadknight (Thunderbolts #18-20, 1998); alongside Masters, vs Thunderbolts, participated in destruction of Robinette, participated in Masters' global weather control blackmail scheme, escaped while Thunderbolts captured most of the Masters (Thunderbolts #23-25, 1999); adopted cover identity as Wilma, became bartender at the Down Slope Sports Bar-n-Grill, spotted by Atlas/Erik Josten (Thunderbolts #27, 1999); chatted with Erik about skiing (Thunderbolts #30, 1999); began to suspect Erik was Atlas (Thunderbolts #34, 2000); tried to comfort Erik after apparent demise of Jolt (Thunderbolts #35, 2000); accidentally broke bar's television, heard of disturbance at Mount Charteris, considered aiding Thunderbolts, wondered if they might give her a chance to redeem herself (Thunderbolts #39, 2000); served drinks to "Buchanan" - a disguised Scourge - and "Bert" - a disguised Techno, recognized latter as Techno (Thunderbolts #40, 2000); served drinks to "Buchanan" and "Bert", bio-toxin in her system secretly detected by Bert (Thunderbolts #41, 2000); Down Slope wrecked during Wonder Man's battle with Atlas, revealed that she knew Erik's secret & learned that he knew hers, mocked Erik's offers of reformation & friendship, abandoned him (Thunderbolts #42, 2000); rejoined Masters, vs Thunderbolts, discovered Cowl's plans to enslave her Masters & others using bio-toxin, joined Thunderbolts alongside other defecting Masters, adopted new identity as Amazon (Thunderbolts #64-65, 2002); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Silver Sable's Wild Pack, joined forces with Sable, helped defeat Cowl's Masters alongside Thunderbolts & Silver Sable, deserted Thunderbolts during conflict with elite S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, subdued by Skein & persuaded to return, expressed preference for Amazon alias over Man-Killer name, helped subdue S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Thunderbolts #67, 69 & 71, 2002); alongside Thunderbolts, faced V-Battalion's malfunctioning Vanguard craft, sufficiently impressed by Hawkeye that she began to consider making a go of it as a hero, resisted urge to run & helped Thunderbolts survive Vanguard crisis (Thunderbolts #73-74, 2002); alongside Hawkeye's & Zemo's Thunderbolts, helped save world from all-consuming void, attended Canary Islands gathering of Thunderbolts, considered staying with the group but told Erik she lacked his guts, swam away (Thunderbolts #75, 2003); started wearing armor again & claiming she needed it to survive, captured by Spider-Man during robbery, arrested, bailed out by Rey Trueno, insisted people stop calling her Man-Killer, joined Trueno's Ultimate Brawling League, knocked out Coach Cady during training, conspired with Daniel Axum, Delilah & Scorpion to attack Spider-Man, backed out of Spider-Man revenge plan after charges against her were dropped (Thunderbolts #80-81, 2003); joined Baron Zemo's Thunderbolts in battling Songbird's Thunderbolts, equipped with Pym Particles by Fixer enabling her to assume gigantic size, soundly defeated by Atlas, departed (New Thunderbolts #18/Thunderbolts #100, 2006)


First Appearance: Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #2 (2002)
Origin: Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #4 (2002)
Significant Issues: Attempted to regain powers through Genesis Well, destroyed by Roger Aubrey (Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #2-4, 2002)

Margali of the Winding Way

First Appearance: X-Men Annual #4 (1980)
Significant Issues: Killed Sabu to manipulate Jimaine (Excalibur #-1, 1997); vs Thog (Man-Thing #11, 1981); tested herself against Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange #57-58, 1983); captured by D’Spayre (Excalibur #76-66, 1994); acquired Soul Sword (Excalibur #83-85, 1994-1995); with London Hellfire Club, attempted to release demon under London, opposed by Excalibur (Excalibur #96-100, 1996); captured by Belasco, freed by Nightcrawler (X-Men Unlimited #19, 1997); captured by Ruined (Fantastic Four #20, 1999); formed Shadow Hunters (Fantastic Four '99 Annual, 1999); vs Halphas (Nightcrawler #8-11, 2005)

Marko, Man Mountain

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #73 (1969)
Origin: Web of Spider-Man #82 (1991)
Significant Issues: Became street punk, knocked aside by preoccupied Peter Parker, became body-builder, banned from competition after getting augmented by the Maggia (Web of Spider-Man #82, 1991); worked for Silvermane, stole Lifeline tablet (Amazing Spider-Man #73, 1969); present when Silvermane drank youth serum (Amazing Spider-Man #74, 1969); fought Silvermane until he saw serum working, defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #75, 1969); webbed up by Spider-Man on the street as Mary Jane enjoyed some Hostess cupcakes (Incredible Hulk #197, 1976); worked for Caesar Cicero, broke hand fighting Luke Cage (Power Man and Iron Fist #61, 1980); defeated by Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #62, 1980); teamed with Eel, failed to free Hammerhead (Power Man and Iron Fist #92, 1983); worked for Deadly Nightshade, defeated at the Debutante Cotillion (Power Man and Iron Fist #110, 1984); took steroids, grew to eight feet in height, still defeated by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #82, 1991); teamed with Eel, worked for Caesar Cicero, stole Lifeline tablet fragments, defeated by Boomerang who stole the fragments for Hammerhead (Spider-Man: Lifeline #1, 2001); defeated by Spider-Man (Spider-Man: Lifeline #2, 2001); freed Martha & Billy Connors from Hammerhead’s men (Spider-Man: Lifeline #3, 2001); murdered Captain America’s girlfriend (Alias #2, 2001); tried to murder Jessica Jones, beaten to a pulp by Jessica, gave up Mr. Zoumas’ name to her (Alias #4-5, 2002)


First Appearance: (As Sarah) Cable #15 (1994); (as Marrow) X-Men: Prime (1995)
Significant Issues: First saw Angel (Uncanny X-Men #347, 1997); saved from "Morlock Massacre" by Gambit, saw Angel injured by Harpoon (Uncanny X-Men #350/X-Men Unlimited #18, 1997/1998); summoned back to Morlock tunnels, encountered Cable, Domino & Thornn during Ceremony of Light (Cable #15, 1994); on the Hill, proved herself worthy to become Gene Nation member (Uncanny X-Men #374, 1999); as Marrow, performed Ceremony of Light, encountered Dark Beast (X-Men: Prime, 1995); with Gene Nation, slaughtered nightclub of patrons (Uncanny X-Men #322, 1995); with Gene Nation, targeted Leech, vs Generation X (Generation X #5-6, 1995); seemingly killed by Storm (Uncanny X-Men #325, 1995); revealed to have survived (Storm #4, 1996); joined Callisto in terrorist attacks, opposed by Cable & Storm (Cable #42, 1997); targeted Gyrich over his involvement with Operation: Zero Tolerance, encountered Spider-Man, aided him vs Prime Sentinels, tended to wounded Callisto (Uncanny X-Men #346-347, 1997); allied with X-Men vs Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Men #67-69, 1997); joined X-Men, began having conflicts with teammates (X-Men #70-73, 1997-1998); continued to tend to wounded Callisto (X-Men Unlimited #18, 1998); vs Wolverine (X-Men #72, 1998); worship of Angel revealed, aided him vs Abomination (X-Men #74, 1998); with X-Men, vs Ru'Tai (X-Men #75-76, 1998); with X-Men, vs Shadow King (X-Men #77-78, 1998); developed attachments to Cannonball & Colossus (X-Men #79-80/Uncanny X-Men #360-361, 1998); with X-Men, vs sentient Cerebro (X-Men #82-84/Uncanny X-Men #362-364, 1998-1999); personal connections with teammates deepened, vs Flag-Smasher (Uncanny X-Men #365/X-Men Unlimited #22, 1999); with Spider-Man, vs Hunger (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #4, 1999); accidentally injured by Gambit (X-Men #88, 1999); with X-Men, time-traveled to Skrull empire during Galactus' attack, healed with greater control over powers & appearance (X-Men #89-90/Uncanny X-Men #370, 1999); toyed with new attractive looks & power control (X-Men #91/Uncanny X-Men #371, 1999); learned more about self, returned to Hill with Colossus, helped Mikhail (X-Men #92/Uncanny X-Men #372-374, 1999); with X-Men, vs Apocalypse (X-Men #95-98/Uncanny X-Men #375-378/X-Men Unlimited #25, 2000); reverted to human form due to High Evolutionary's machinations, embraced being human until mutant nature restored (Uncanny X-Men #379-380/X-Men #99, 2000); brainwashed by S.H.I.E.L.D., became unstable, encountered Spider-Man, returned to Morlock tunnels (Spider-Man/Marrow #1, 2001); drafted by Weapon X in exchange for restored attractive looks & power control, sent to kill D'Gard, unwittingly slept with Mesmero (Weapon X: The Draft - Marrow #1, 2002); sent to assassinate South American president (Weapon X #2, 2002); agreed to side with Jackson against Director (Weapon X #4 & 9, 2002); sent after rogue agent Sabretooth (Weapon X #10 & 12, 2003); left Weapon X, co-opted Underground into Gene Nation (Weapon X #13, 2003); with Gene Nation, conducted terrorist attacks, confronted by Agent Zero, spared from becoming martyr (Weapon X #19-21, 2003); post "M-Day," rejoined Morlocks as leader, agreed to newspaper interview to shed light on Morlocks' plight (Generation M #4, 2006)

Marvel Boy (Noh-Varr)

First Appearance: Marvel Boy #1 (2000)
Origin: Marvel Boy #5 (2000)
Significant Issues: Trapped by Midas, escaped (Marvel Boy #1, 2000); vs S.H.I.E.L.D., trashed New York City (Marvel Boy #2, 2000); destroyed Hexus corporation, met Exterminatrix (Marvel Boy #3, 2000); vs Exterminatrix & Midas (Marvel Boy #4-5, 2000); defeated Cosmic Man, captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Marvel Boy #6, 2001)

Masque (Morlock)

First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #169 (1983)
Significant Issues: Among Morlocks during first encounter with X-Men, sought to transform Storm (Uncanny X-Men #169-170, 1983); accompanied Callisto & Sunder to consult with Caliban (Uncanny X-Men #176, 1983); transformed dead teen into duplicate of Kitty Pryde, sought to transform Kitty Pryde (Uncanny X-Men #178-179, 1984); attempted to transform Power Pack (Power Pack #12, 1985); with Morlocks, abducted Power Pack (Uncanny X-Men #195, 1985); given sanctuary by X-Factor (X-Factor #11-12, 1986-1987); attacked Beast, defeated by Caliban (X-Factor #15, 1987); made deal with Rusty Collins to transform Emma LaPorte, transformed Rusty, forced to undo transformation (X-Factor #16, 1987); captured & tormented Callisto (Uncanny X-Men #254 & 259, 1989 & 1990); led Morlocks against X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #262-263, 1990); confronted New Mutants, watched Caliban seemingly kill Sabretooth (New Mutants #91, 1990); pursued Feral, vs X-Force (New Mutants #99-100, 1991); ordered flood prevention efforts in Alley, forced to cooperate with Albert & Elsie Dee (Wolverine #41-43 & 45-46, 1991); allied with Brotherhood of Evil Mutants against X-Force (X-Force #6-7, 1992); seemingly slain by Shatterstar, body placed in storage by X-Force (X-Force #9-10, 1992); revealed to be alive, became Arena fight manager, manipulated Callisto & Storm, defeated by them (X-Treme X-Men #37-39, 2004)

Master Hate

First Appearance: Infinity Gauntlet #3 (1991)
Significant Issues: Opposed Infinity Gauntlet’s wearers (Infinity Gauntlet #3-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1, 1991-1992); suborned Love’s Avatar (Silver Surfer #66-67, 1992); with other cosmic entities, vs Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #4-6, 2003)

Master Khan

First Appearance: Strange Tales #77 (1960)
Origin: Iron Fist #7 (1976), Power Man and Iron Fist #75 & 119 (1981 & 1985)
Significant Issues: Creation of Shou-Lao the Undying (Master of Kung Fu Annual #1/Power Man and Iron Fist #119/Black Panther #40, 1976/1985/2002); empowered Ninja (Marvel Premiere #22, 1975); imprisoned Hawk Gorney & allies in ship-in-a-bottle (Strange Tales #77, 1960); sent Monstroid after Princess Azir (Marvel Premiere #24, 1975); manipulated Iron Man into attacking Iron Fist by framing him for the death of Daniel Cauley, Colleen Wing captured by agent Gamal Hassan (Iron Fist #1, 1975); slew Hassan for Wing not having already been broken, left Hassan as trap to lure Iron Fist (Iron Fist #2, 1975); freed Angar, restored & amplified his powers, complemented Angar on completing indoctrination of Wing (Iron Fist #5, 1976); Iron Fist broke Wing’s conditioning, Khan sent agents against him (Iron Fist #6, 1976); Iron Fist & Wing defeated Angar, Khumbala Bey & others, told Iron Fist of Yu-Ti’s betrayal, caught in vortex after Iron Fist smashed his portal (Iron Fist #7, 1976); sent Wing & Misty Knight to obtain Jade Tiger from Montenegro (Power Man and Iron Fist #66, 1980); sent Ninja to obtain Tiger Amulets, returned to K’un-Lun (Power Man and Iron Fist #73-74, 1981); ordered slaughter of Hy’lthri, attempted to drain power of Iron Fist, defeated, Jade Crystal shattered (Power Man and Iron Fist #75, 1981); used Ward Meachum, Fera, Shades & Comanche in plot to steal Iron Fist’s power via Power Gem of Quon, lost control of Fera, defeated, Gem shattered, returned to K’un-Lun (Power Man and Iron Fist #97-100, 1983); alliance with Super-Skrull revealed, hypnotized him into becoming Captain Hero, assumed Tyrone King identity (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #25, 1992); as King, dated Misty Knight (Power Man and Iron Fist #117,121, 1985,1986); shot Chiantang (Power Man and Iron Fist #122, 1986); assisted Cage against Glowworm, assured that Glowworm was placed in police custody instead of military (Power Man and Iron Fist #123, 1986); Captain Hero slew Hy’lthri Iron Fist doppelganger, sat in on discussion of case, motorcycle bombed by John Lumus, walked away unharmed (Power Man and Iron Fist #125, 1986); shared interest in false death of Iron Fist with Knight, Wing, & Rafe Scarfe (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #20, 1991); confronted Scarfe, confirmed human origins (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #22, 1992); revealed origins & activities to Scarfe, failed to effectively erase Scarfe’s memories (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #24, 1992); teleported Wolverine away, erased Namor’s memories & caused him to become violent when approached by those he knew (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #25, 1992); amusedly observed Namor (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #27-28, 1992); turned Doom’s ship - carrying Doctor Doom, Namor (who had regained his memory), Iron Fist, Colleen Wing, Misty Knight, & Artys Gran-possessed Fen - into a ship-in-a-bottle (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #32, 1992); investigated Unforgiven Dead, manipulated Oracle, Inc., bottle & spell broken by Namor, vs Doom & Namor, decapitated by Namor (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #33, 1992)

Master of the World

First Appearance: Alpha Flight #2 (1983)
Origin: Alpha Flight #3 (1983)
Significant Issues: Tricked Marrina into returning to Plodex ship, tortured her, escaped ship after Alpha Flight destroyed it (Alpha Flight #2-5, 1983); attempted to mate Marrina with another Plodex, foiled by Namor & Puck (Alpha Flight #15-16, 1984); rescued & revived by Llan (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); kidnapped Puck, experimented on him, sent Remnant Men after Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); rebuilt damaged body (Alpha Flight #96, 1991); built Omega Flight, attempted to make deal with Ska'r (Alpha Flight #110-112, 1992); alongside Omega Flight & brainwashed Guardian, vs Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #129-130, 1994); sent U-Foes & Hulk to kidnap scientists from U.N. building (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); befriended Luke Cage, used him as mole within Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #2-5, 8 & 10, 1997-1998); raised Hydra Island, attempted to release Compound Omega virus on humanity, betrayed by Luke Cage (Heroes for Hire #12, 1998); staked claim on North America during Kang's attempt to conquer Earth (Avengers #45-46, 2001); seemingly killed by Warbird (Avengers #48, 2002)

Mastermind (Computer)

First Appearance: Captain Britain #12 (1976)
Origin: Captain Britain #7 (1985), Excalibur #3 (2001)
Significant Issues: Created by Sir James Braddock Sr (Captain Britain #7/Excalibur #3, 1985/2001); murdered James & Elizabeth Braddock (Captain Britain #13-14, 1977); controlled Doctor Synne, orchestrated reign of terror (Captain Britain #8-13, 1976-1977); confronted by Captain Britain (Captain Britain #14-15, 1977); Braddock Manor seemingly bombed & destroyed (Captain Britain #18, 1977); Captain Britain discovered Braddock Manor & Mastermind both intact, disabled & repaired computer (The Daredevils #2, 1983); Special Executive broke into Manor, disabled computer defenses (The Daredevils #5, 1983); Fury cybiote smashed into computer cave, buried in cave-in (The Daredevils #11, 1983); Fury absorbed information from computer, departed Manor (Mighty World of Marvel #8, 1984); Captain Britain freed Emma Collins from Mastermind's control, used computer's solid-light holograms to repair damage to Manor, Manor invaded by Sat-Yr-Nine's men (Mighty World of Marvel #16, 1984); following invasion of Manor by both Kaptain Briton & Technet, Mastermind concluded it must take more active role, offered services to Braddock twins, informed them of their Otherworld heritage, adopted Jeeves persona, warned Brian of R.C.X. arriving (Captain Britain #7, 1985); formed alliance with R.C.X., helped them persuade Captain Britain to go overseas (Captain Britain #9, 1985); helped convince Betsy Braddock to become new Captain Britain, provided her modified costume, agreed to care for her after Slaymaster maimed her (Captain Britain #13, 1986); created synthetic Jeeves to accompany dying Emma Collins on world tour, abandoned Jeeves persona (Captain Britain #14, 1986); damaged defending Manor inhabitants during R.C.X. invasion, went offline (Excalibur #62, 1993); revived by Kang, retrieved Warpie charges from Black Air, led army against Otherworld, ruled Otherworld disguised as Roma, destroyed when Roma freed (Excalibur: Sword of Power #1-4, 2001)

Mastermind (Martinique Jason)

First Appearance: Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #1 (1995)
Origin: Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #2 (1995)
Significant Issues: Allied with Arcade, vs Wolverine & Gambit (Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #1-4, 1995); kidnapped Foggy Nelson, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #352, 1996); allied with Mystique, betrayed X-Corps (Uncanny X-Men #401-406, 2002)

Masters, Alicia

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #8 (1962)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #6 (1973)
Significant Issues: Fantastic Four time-traveled to try to cure blindness (Fantastic Four #19, 1963); convinced Surfer to aid Earth (Fantastic Four #49-50, 1966); kidnapped by Enclave, met Him (Fantastic Four #66-67, 1967); step-father confessed role in father’s death (Marvel Team-Up #6, 1973); became Spider-Alicia, had memories erased (Marvel Two-in-One #31-33, 1977); kidnapped by Her, visited Counter-Earth (Marvel Two-in-One #61-63, 1980); became Bride of Nephrus (Marvel Two-in-One #95, 1983); brutalized by Annihilus (Fantastic Four #251-252 & 256, 1983); last appearance before kidnapping (Thing #10, 1984); kidnapping detailed, rescued (Fantastic Four #358, 1991); placed in Liddleville (Fantastic Four #393, 1994); teamed with Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #126-127, 1997); time-traveled & met father & step-father (Silver Surfer #130-131, 1997); kidnapped by Tenebrae (Silver Surfer #140, 1998); wore armor (Silver Surfer #143-145, 1998); armor reappeared (Galactus the Devourer #1, 1999); vs Galactus, sacrificed armor to save Mantis (Galactus the Devourer #5-6, 2000); placed in Sunshine City (Fantastic Four #45, 2001); Puppet Master harvested eyes (4 #13-14, 2005); seen living with Arlo North (Thing #1, 2006)

Maverick (Chris Bradley)

First Appearance: (As Chris Bradley) X-Men Unlimited #8 (1995), (as Bolt) Maverick #8 (1998), (as Maverick, cameo) Weapon X #6 (2003), (as Maverick, fully) Weapon X #7 (2003)
Origin: X-Men Unlimited #8 (1995)
Significant Issues: Mutant nature manifested, trained by X-Men, revealed to have contracted Legacy Virus, began relationship with Donna (X-Men Unlimited #8, 1995); threatened by Friends of Humanity, saved by Maverick, house burned down by Friends, sought help from Maverick, vs Friends, family relocated by Maverick, given new identity of Brian Johnson (X-Men Unlimited #15, 1997); Legacy Virus began affecting powers (Maverick #1, 1997); reunited with Donna, attacked by Friends, saved by Maverick, Elena Ivanova & Wolverine, first used Brian Johnson identity (Maverick #4, 1997); visited Dr Keller, learned of Maverick’s remission (Maverick #6, 1998); saved Keller from burglars (Maverick #9-11, 1998); left home bound for New York (New Warriors #0, 1999); reunited with Donna, aided heroes vs Blastaar, joined New Warriors, began living on streets (New Warriors #1, 1999); with Warriors, vs Genecide & Eugenix (New Warriors #2, 1999); with Warriors, won basketball game vs Slingers during Coterie’s “Contest of Champions”, defeated by Black Panther (Contest of Champions II #3, 1999); with Warriors, vs Lobo’s Boys (New Warriors #3-4, 1999-2000); with Warriors, vs Heavy Mettle (New Warriors #4, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Generation X, vs Biohazard, moved into spare room of Namorita's apartment (New Warriors #5, 2000); with Warriors, vs Mutant Force (New Warriors #6, 2000); with Warriors, vs Heavy Mettle (New Warriors #7, 2000); briefly lost powers due to High Evolutionary’s machinations (Uncanny X-Men #379/Wolverine #149/Uncanny X-Men #380, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Night Thrasher, vs Junzo Muto & the Hand (New Warriors #8, 2000); with Warriors, vs Blizzard & sentient Iron Man armor, revealed Legacy Virus infection to Namorita (New Warriors #9, 2000); with Warriors, vs Hercules, asked Zeus for help in curing Legacy Virus, revealed Legacy Virus infection to teammates (New Warriors #10, 2000); Legacy Virus cured (Uncanny X-Men #390, 2000); with Warriors, vs Spragg the Living Hill (Maximum Security #1, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Earth’s heroes, vs Ronan (Maximum Security #3, 2001); learned of Maverick’s apparent death, sought revenge on Weapon X, trained by Cable, assumed Maverick’s identity (Weapon X #21, 2004); with Underground, helped capture Reaper & Wildside, brutally interrogated them (Weapon X #8-10, 2003); with Underground, assaulted Weapon X, betrayed by Jackson, captured, escaped, encountered Agent Zero (Weapon X #11-13, 2003); joined Gene Nation intending to secretly oppose them, sent to aid in terrorist attack on Grand Central Station, opposed by Agent Zero, shot & killed by Zero (Weapon X #19-21, 2004)


First Appearance and Origin: Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #6 (1989)
Significant Issues: Attempted to steal Mordo’s soul, vs Doctor Strange & Satannish (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #6-8, 1989); possessed Topaz, fled to Europe (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #9-10, 1989); accompanied Strange as Topaz (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #26-29/Ghost Rider #12, 1990-1991); vs Strange & Satannish (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #30, 1991)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #338 (1987)
Origin: Incredible Hulk: Destruction #3 (2005)
Significant Issues: Posed as angel of mercy & alien, slew Alfred, targeted both Hulk & Banner, seemingly destroyed in gasoline explosion, targeted Ernie Rice (Incredible Hulk #338, 1987); slew Arnold, arranged confrontation between Hulk & Lifeform, adopted form & persona of Banner and was “slain” by Lifeform, revived (Incredible Hulk Annual #16, 1990); targeted wounded Betty Banner (Incredible Hulk #426, 1995); sent Mr. Hyde to slay Hulk (Incredible Hulk #458, 1997); arranged battle between Hulk & Abomination (Incredible Hulk #459, 1997); conflicting details of origin related, pushed Hulk to slay Abomination (Incredible Hulk: Destruction #3-4, 2005)

Merlin Demonspawn

First Appearance: (As Mad Merlin) Journey into Mystery #96 (1963), (as Warlock) X-Men #30 (1967), (as Maha Yogi) X-Men #47 (1968), (as Merlin Demonspawn) Captain Marvel #20 (2001)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #210 (1977), Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #27 (1991)
Significant Issues: Granted psychic powers by Caretakers (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #27, 1991); claimed Bloodgem fragment, observed ancient Egypt & Rome (Incredible Hulk #210, 1977); replaced absent Merlin (Incredible Hulk #210/Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #11, 1977/1989); advised Arthur (Journey into Mystery #96, 1963); imprisoned by Kang, freed by Human Torch & Thing (Strange Tales #134/Thor Annual #17, 1965/1992); summoned Modred, resulting in Modred’s possession by the Darkhold, real Merlin imprisoned Darkhold-tainted Modred with aid of St. Brendan (Marvel Chillers #1/Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #11, 1975/1989); behind-the-scenes, sent elementals forward in time to capture future Modred (Marvel Two-In-One #33, 1977); exposed with aid of Sersi, imprisoned by true Merlin (Incredible Hulk #210/Eternals #???, 1977/); freed from crypt, vs Thor, duped into returning to crypt (Journey into Mystery #96, 1963); as Warlock, sought to send humanity back to dark ages & thereby conquer world, defeated by X-Men (X-Men #30, 1967); as Maha Yogi, sought to transform East Village audience into pawns, defeated by Beast & Iceman (X-Men #47, 1968); founded Merlin Industries, allied with Mongu, sought to conquer the world, opposed by Doctor Druid & Hulk, gem crushed, aged rapidly (Incredible Hulk #210-211, 1977); having regained youth, joined convocation of sorcerers & assaulted Avengers Mansion, teleported away by Lockjaw (Avengers Annual #22, 1993); as Merlin Demonspawn, opened Comic Book Castle to gather 100 virgins for Saturday night sacrifice to summon the mother of Grendel (Captain Marvel #9 & 20, 2000 & 2001); in shadows (Captain Marvel #11, 2000); secretly observed battled between Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell, Zey-Rogg & Una-Rogg (Captain Marvel #13, 2001); confronted by Red Raven, turned him into actual red raven (Captain Marvel #16, 2001); initiated sacrifice, summoned “Big Mother” who refused to obey him, battled Captain Marvel, Moondragon, and Al wearing Red Raven armor, trapped in crimson sphere (Captain Marvel #20-21, 2001)


First Appearance: Young Allies Comics #11 (1944)
Origin: Excalibur #50 (1992)
Significant Issues: Recounted origin as student of Necrom, formation of Corps (Excalibur #50, 1992); details of Earth-616's Merlin's birth, childhood & part in bringing King Arthur to power (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8, 1986); created Gargantua (Hulk Comic #54, 1980); friendship with father of Percy of Scandia revealed (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #16, 1987); faced Asmodiar & Beliar (Marvel Preview #22, 1980); gave Arthur Excalibur to replace the Sword in the Stone (Black Knight #1, 1955); taught Morgan le Fay, had Percy of Scandia trained (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8, 1986); trapped Myth Monster (Spider-Man Battles the Myth Monster! #1, 1991); met time-traveling Franklin Richards (X-Men #181, 2006); met Tommy Tyme (Young Allies #11, 1944); Professor Gamble ensured Merlin obtained Starstone meteorite, after Incinerators tried to change timeline to prevent this, Merlin met Gamble (Avengers Annual #22, 1993); Merlin made the Ebony Blade & a dagger from the meteorite (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8/Marvel Super-Heroes #17/Avengers Annual#22, 1986/1968/1993); Merlin empowered Merlin Stones to make owner invincible (Dazzler #3, 1981); Merlin animated suit of armor as Black Knight to fight Sir Mogard (Strange Tales #108, 1963); brought Sir Percy to court to become Black Knight, used him to oppose Mordred (Black Knight #1-3, 1955); visited by 20th Century Man who had found his diary in a curio shop (Strange Tales #71, 1959); empowered by Pendragon spirit (Knights of Pendragon #8, 1991); banished Tyrannus to Subterranea (Avengers Annual #20, 1991); left Camelot to fight Morgan le Fay, impostor replaced him (Incredible Hulk #210/Avengers Annual #22/Thor Annual #17/Doctor Strange #11, 1977/1993/1992/1989); helped imprison Chthon (Spider-Woman #41, 1981); called on aid of Saint Brendan to entomb Darkhold-possessed Modred (Marvel Chillers #1/Doctor Strange #11, 1975/1989); returned to Camelot, defeated imposter with aid of Sersi (Incredible Hulk #210/Eternals #4/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8, 1977/1976/1986); civil war broke Round Table, Merlin imprisoned Morgan le Fay in her castle (Iron Man #150/Namor: The Sub-Mariner #62/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8/Black Knight #1, 1981/1995/1986/1955); entered Castle Le Fay with iron-clad knights, imprisoned Morgan, amplified spells to kill her if she left castle (Iron Man #209, 1986); sent Black Knight to help time-travelers oppose forces of Kang the Conqueror (X-Men and Spider-Man: Time's Arrow - The Past, 1998); presumably helped banish Dragon of the Moon (New Defenders #152/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8, 1986); imprisoned by Nimue (Iron Man #150/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #8, 1981/1986); spirit enchanted dying Black Knight to live again (Marvel Super-Heroes #17, 1968); returned to "star-home" & Roma (Captain Britain #34-35, 1977); revealed as amalgam of Merlin's from across different realities, 50,000 year plan discussed, destruction of Dimension-4872 mentioned (X-Men/Magneto: Chaos Engine #2, 2002); imprisoned Melanicus (Doctor Who Monthly #66, 1982); sent James Braddock to Earth-616 to father a champion (Captain Britain #7, 1985); posed as curio shop owner in Balkans (Strange Tales #71, 1959); made stage magician Joe Cooke vanish for impersonating him (Tales of Suspense #27, 1962); "A Magician Walks Among Us" (Strange Worlds #4, 1959); empowered Brian Braddock (Captain Britain #1-2, 1976); tested Brian's spirit, gave him Star Sceptre (Captain Britain #33-37, 1977); as Myrr, empowered Captain U.K. (Mighty World of Marvel #13, 1984); sent Black Knight & Vortigen to find missing Captain Britain (Hulk Comic #1, 1979); defeated Mandrac (Hulk Comic #23-25, 1979); resurrected slain Captain Britain, blasted Mordred (Hulk Comic #26-29, 1979); unlocked Brian's memories of Arthur's resting place (Hulk Comic #42-43, 1979); reached Camelot, siege began (Hulk Comic #52, 1980); sent Black Knight, Jackdaw & Captain Britain to find Arthur (Hulk Comic #55, 1980); final battle of Camelot (Hulk Comic #61-63, 1980); empowered Kilgore Slaughter (Rampage #40 & 42-44, 1981); lured Melanicus' protege Catavolcus into trap in far future, Merlin & Arthur escaped trap with aid of time-traveling Doctor (Doctor Who Monthly #60, 1982); used Doctor to destroy Melanicus, who had escaped his imprisonment (Doctor Who Monthly #62-67, 1982); rescued Jackdaw from death on Earth-238 (Marvel Super-Heroes #382, 1982); recovered Captain Britain's remains from Earth-238, resurrected him (Daredevils #1, 1983); took Mordred the Mystic into custody (Captain America #306, 1985); saved Captain U.K. from the Fury (Daredevils #10, 1983); apparently died while Jaspers' Warp engulfed Earth-616 (Mighty World of Marvel #11, 1984); funeral on Otherworld (Mighty World of Marvel #13, 1984); played mind games with Excalibur (Excalibur: The Possession, 1991); tricked Captain Britain into confronting Roma, made him angry about being a pawn in others' games (Excalibur #47, 1992); revealed to Roma & Saturnyne that he lived (Excalibur #49, 1992); after Necrom was defeated, told Excalibur of his manipulations & own plans to use cross-dimensional tower, apparently angered at their subsequent destruction of tower (Excalibur #50, 1992); in disguise, attended Captain Britain & Meggan's wedding (Excalibur #125, 1998); vs Howling Commandos (Howling Commandos #1-6, 2005-2006); brought Iron Man & Doctor Doom of Earth-616 to the year 2093 A.D. to protect reborn Arthur (Iron Man #250, 1989); helped battle Mephisto on Earth X (??); survivor of Avalon origin recounted (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #62, 1995)

Metal Master

First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #6 (1963)
Significant Issues: Came to Earth, defeated by Hulk who used “gun” made of plastic & cardboard (Incredible Hulk #6, 1963); appeared in Bereet’s Krylorian invasion techno-art film (Rampaging Hulk #3, 1977); real name & home star system revealed (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe #1, 1982); returned, vs Rom, suffered mental breakdown from trying to control Rom’s armor (Rom #30, 1982); sent to Earth when it became alien prison planet, vs Scarlet Witch (Maximum Security #2, 2000)


First Appearance: New Warriors #1 (2005)
Origin: New Warriors #3 (2005)
Significant Issues: With New Warriors, vs Armadillo & Tiger Shark in Fairbury Illinois (New Warriors #1, 2005); with New Warriors, vs Super-Apes in Salina Kansas (New Warriors #2, 2005); used germs to repair flat tire (New Warriors #3, 2006); with New Warriors, vs Mad Thinker’s Intellectual Robots in NuPonder Michigan, vs Controller in Smyrna Delaware (New Warriors #6, 2006); with New Warriors, vs Nitro, Coldheart & others in Stamford Connecticut, seemingly killed in explosion generated by Nitro (Civil War #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Excalibur #44 (1991)
Significant Issues: Assigned stakeout duties to stop artifact robberies, members of Excalibur & Micromax kept getting in one another’s way (Excalibur #44-45, 1991); narrowly survived Necrom’s massacre of F.I.6 agents (Excalibur #49, 1992); assisted Excalibur & allies in battling Necrom (Excalibur #50, 1992); hypnotized by Brain Drain, vs Aurora (Alpha Flight #108, 1992); kidnapped by Cherubim for R.C.X. (Excalibur #61, 1993); released by Nightcrawler, helped Excalibur oust corrupt R.C.X. leaders (Excalibur #65, 1993); joined Excalibur, accompanied them to Shi’ar space to free Cerise (Excalibur #68-70, 1993); revealed to have left U.K. to work for Brand Co., eventually fired, attended Otherworld wedding (Excalibur #125, 1998); helped defend France against Kang’s invading armies (Avengers #46, 2001)


First Appearance: (Microworld) Tales of Suspense #13 (1961); (Microverse proper) Fantastic Four #77 (1968)
Origin: Micronauts #31 & 35 (1981); Micronauts: The New Voyages #1, 4-5, 13-14 & 19 (1984-1986)
Significant Issues: Wayfinder’s story quest for Sword in the Star partially told (Marvel Preview #4 & 7, 1976); Wayfinder & Wanderers vs Whirl-demons, traveled to and “created” Microverse/Spiral Path (Micronauts #31 & 35, 1981); history of Paradise III/Galactic Defender (Micronauts Annual #1, 1979); history of Breachpoint (Micronauts #11, 1985); history of Spartak & Acroyears (Micronauts #9, 1979); Arcturus Rann & Biotron departed Homeworld aboard the Homeworld Micro-Ship Endeavor in a 1000 year mission to explore the galaxy & bring message of peace (Micronauts #7, 1979); Karza slew Dallan & Sepsis Rann, rulers of Homeworld, who were then deified for being the first to resist Karza (Micronauts #8, 1979); seeking to follow Rann & Biotron, Sylosians created immense Bioship & took to space, mutated into life energy-parasitic Soul Survivors after encountering & breaching Spacewall, arrived on Earth island (Micronauts #47, 1982); dancer Diarmid of Iawai sacrificed legs to replace Mari’s after Karza arranged for ice hydra to bite off Mari’s legs (Micronauts # 15, 1985); Laios of Ecbatan usurped grandfather’s form & regency, maintained youth via Body Banks, saved life of Acroyear Illyrie - star-crossed lover of Prince Acroyear - who discovered his secret & goaded him into killing her so she could maintain her honor & end his threat (Micronauts # 15, 1985); Time Traveler transformed Aquon of Seazone into mer-man, gave him a Key to Enigma Force, had him establish undersea city Oceania, secretly begin using leviathans to capture Seazoners & use Key to transform them into mer-people (Micronauts # 30, 1981); Time Traveler gave second Key to Enigma Force to Queen Fria of Subzero Zone’s Polaria, as Homeworld's suns burned brighter over Subzero zone, Fria lacked the will to use the Key to save her people or her kingdom & began to secretly transform into a snowbear, a legend somehow developed that whoever slew the snowbear would save his kingdom, yet lose that which he held most dear (Micronauts # 32, 1981); Time Traveler gave third Key to Enigma Force to the Mrthrian Devils of Tropica to safeguard it, told Devils that whoever claimed the Key would know happiness which surpassed all understanding, Devils - who sought happiness for all - didn't want to claim Key because it would make a Devil actually unhappy if everyone were less happy than himself & so hid key beneath giant cup and played "shell game" with other cups to occupy themselves so they wouldn't claim the Key (Micronauts # 33, 1981); as social order on Homeworld collapsed - a result of Baron Karza selling immortality - Enigma Force manifested as Time Traveler to Argon & his father - Homeworld's king, Traveler predicted Royal Family would fall to one day rise again (Micronauts #8, 1979); Rann & Biotron encountered Spacewall & Enigma Force, began journey back to Homeworld (Micronauts #7, 1979); Rann & Biotron encountered Galactic Defender who perished in battle, Acroyear & Bug fought side-by-side in Karza’s gladiatorial ring, Karza slew Argon & Mari’s father, Argon & Mari escaped (Micronauts Annual #1, 1979); Rann returned to Homeworld, joined prince Acroyear, Biotron, Bug, Marionette, & Microtron as Micronauts, escaped Homeworld with Shadow Priest’s aid, breached Spacewall & traveled to Earth (Micronauts # 1, 1979); Micronauts encountered Steve Coffin who assisted them against Karza’s aid Shaitan & mind-controlled Acroyears (Micronauts # 2, 1985); Ray Coffin brought fallen Acroyears to Cape Canaveral’s Human Engineering Life Laboratories, Argon transformed into centaur in Karza’s Body Banks (Micronauts # 3, 1979); Ray Coffin showed Acroyears the HELL’s Professor Prometheus, who revealed creation of Prometheus Pits & mad-studies of the Microverse (Micronauts #4, 1979); Ray Coffin tackled Professor Prometheus into the Prometheus Pit (Micronauts #5, 1979); Time Traveler convinced Ray Coffin to become Captain Universe to defend Earth from Karza, who usurped Prometheus’ size & traveled to Earth via the Pit, Micronauts & Karza returned to Microverse via the Pit (Micronauts #6-8, 1979); Argon became newest Force Commander, led rebellion against Karza (Micronauts #8, 1979); Acroyears freed of Karza’s influence, Prince Acroyear merged with Spartak’s worldmind to drive off Karza’s forces, Micronauts vs Karza, Rann merged with Time Travelers & used Enigma Force to overpower Karza, whose spirit was cast into the molten core of First Zone (Micronauts #9-11, 1979); Bug helped liberate Kaliklak from Karza’s colonial governor (Micronauts #13-14, 1980); Jasmine of Kaliklak & Cilicia of the Acroyears joined Micronauts, investigation of the Acroyear corpses by S.H.I.E.L.D. led Fantastic Four to travel to Microverse where they joined Micronauts against Psycho-Man, Jasmine slain by a Repto, Micronauts & Fantastic Four returned to Earth (Micronauts #12-17, 1979-1980); Micronauts encountered toy-animating mutant Helen (Micronauts #18, 1980); Micronauts encountered Odd John, who temporarily mutated Bug & others insects, teamed with Ant-Man/Scott Lang (Micronauts #19-20, 1980); Micronauts encountered Plant-Man, Karza’s Faceless Priests resurrected Shaitan (Micronauts #21, 1980); Micronauts encountered “the best darned burglar in the whole world,” Karza began controlling Argon (Micronauts #22, 1980); Micronauts encountered Toymaster/Professor Prometheus, who used toys based on Microverse natives against them (Micronauts Annual #2, 1980); Micronauts vs Molecule Man-possessed homeless man (Micronauts #23, 1980); Micronauts vs Computrex, Fixer, & Mentallo (Micronauts #24-25, 1980-1981); Karza possessed Argon, mind reached across Spacewall to Earth, took control of S.H.I.E.L.D. ESPers (Micronauts #25, 1981); Karza, Shaitan, & Faceless Priests arrived on Earth, Karza tore secrets of Enigma Force from Rann’s mind, then bound Time Travelers & began draining their power into himself, Karza blasted Marionette, who returned to the Microverse & met with Planetary Council to discuss Kronos, Phobos, Reptos, Lobros, & other races loyal to Karza who were showing more activity with Karza’s return (Micronauts #26, 1981); Karza took control of Hydra, vs Micronauts, Shaitan opened a portal to the Microverse (Micronauts #27, 1981); Shaitan attempted to use Spartak’s worldmind against Karza, overwhelmed & destroyed by it, Prince Acroyear then used Worldmind against Karza, sacrificing it with its blessing to stop Karza, Queen Esmera of Kaliklak sacrificed her life to distract Karza so Acroyear could triumph, Enigma Force shut down, Rann driven mad, Karza banished from Argon’s form (Micronauts #28, 1981); Micronauts sent into Rann’s mind to break down barrier separating the halves of his brain, prevented Nightmare from accessing Enigma Force’s secrets, learned of Keys to Enigma Force, Karza’s weapon Dagon exposed & destroyed, Cilicia denounced & parted ways with Acroyear for killing Spartak (Micronauts #29, 1981); Nanotron joined Micronauts (Micronauts #30, 1981); obelisk showing Keys unearthed in India on Earth, Doctor Strange investigated Keys, Micronauts – joined by Pharoid – traveled to Oceania, given Key by Aquon after he used it to transform Seazone’s residents to mer-people to escape Seazone’s sinking, mer-people - except Aquon’s sister Coral who refused transformaton - colonized undersea city of Oceania (Micronauts #30-31, 1981); obtained Key from Queen Fria of Polaria, Fria killed in her snowbear form by Peacock who unwittingly fulfilled prophecy & gained power to save city at the cost of that which he held most dear, distraught Peacock failed to use Key to save Polaria which collapsed beneath melted ice (Micronauts #32, 1981); Acroyear obtained third Key from Mirthria, a Devil & Fireflyte joined Micronauts & accompanied Acroyear to Dead Zone to unlock Wayfinder’s crypt with Keys (Micronauts #33, 1981); Micronauts traveled to Deadzone, encountered Doctor Strange, opposed Whirldemons, Argon, & Argon’s Death Squad - the Body Bank-created Ampzilla, Centauria, & Lobros as well as armor-wearing Karza’s chief scientist DeGrayde as Battleaxe, Micronauts successfully unlocked Wayfinder’s tomb, found Star in the Sword which empowered Strange & Rann as Captain Universes, restored Spacewall, Enigma Force & Time Travelers, Fireflyte sacrificed life energies facilitating unlocking of tomb (Micronauts #35-35, 1981); Micronauts returned to Earth, pursued by Death Squad including additional agents Antron, Galactic Destroyer, Repto, battled & defeated Death Squad (Micronauts #36, 1981); Argon mutated Iann-23 to become Huntarr, sent Huntarr to Earth to battle Micronauts, Huntarr defeated & Micronauts escaped, Micronauts assisted by X-Men’s Nightcrawler (Micronauts #37, 1982); Argon sent Cilicia & Acroyears to Earth, defeated by Micronauts (Micronauts #39, 1982); Micronauts traveled to Baxter Building seeking to use Mr. Fantastic's Reducta-Craft to return to Microverse, Argon sent swarm of Body Banks-created Antrons to devour Reducta-Craft (Micronauts #40, 1982); Micronauts investigated Docgor Doom’s Castle & Liddleville, encountered Doctor Doom & Puppet Master synthe-clones (Micronauts #41, 1982); Micronauts joined Wasp against Doctor Nemesis who sent Acroyear, Bug, Marionette, & himself into Microverse (Micronauts #42, 1982); Bioship transported Rann & wounded Devil to Microverse, Time Travelers focused energies on maintaining Spacewall & refused to assist Rann, Karza fully took over Argon & transformed his body to match Karza’s (Micronauts #49, 1983); Micronauts slew Death Squad, Karza slew Pharoid, Slug, Belladonna, & others, easily overpowered Micronauts, Micronauts fled Homeworld, Devil perished & changed into new Fireflyte, Huntarr joined Micronauts (Micronauts #50, 1983); Fireflyte helped Rann commune with Time Travelers, Karza communed with Time Travelers as well, each sought power of Enigma Force, both ultimately turned down power when learned they would become god-like & lose their mortal concerns (Micronauts #51-56, 1983-1984); Prince Acroyear challenged Cilicia to rule Acroyears, Cilicia revealed pregnant with Prince Acroyear’s child, Acroyears unable to make a decision until unborn child could lead them, Karza exterminated mer-people of Oceania (Micronauts #52, 1983); Micronauts assisted Little D & his Band of Thieves against Karza’s forces, Prisonworlders unable to join Micronauts in their war against Karza himself (Micronauts #53-54, 1983); Huntarr tried unsuccessfully to recover his family (Micronauts #53-54, 1983); Micronauts helped save new queen of Kaliklak (Micronauts #56, 1984); Karza prepared to test Solar Scope on Never-Summer, Wolverine-tribe leader Ojeeg initially mistook Karza for a god but then sacrificed his life to destroy the weapon, ended Never-Summer’s eternal winter (Micronauts #57, 1984); Karza & Micronauts breached Spacewall, traveled to Earth, assisted X-Men against Professor X's evil side as the Entity (X-Men and the Micronauts #1-4, 1984); Karza sacrificed Homeworld’s population to Body Banks, vs Micronauts, slain by Marionette (Micronauts #58, 1984); Micronauts created memorial to Homeworld (Micronauts #59, 1983); Rann’s hand severed in space warp, Micronauts encountered Child of the Makers who transported them across Spacewall as it prepared to release its egg batch, Micronauts irradiated, Huntarr mutated, egg taken from Child used to power Endeavor (Micronauts: The New Voyages #1-2, 1984); Micronauts arrived at Confluence of Stars, encountered Children of the Dreaming Star – who told them of the Makers – and Solitaire, egg hatched into proto-Scion who helped Huntarr cure Micronauts’ radiation poisoning (Micronauts: The New Voyages #3-8, 1984-1985); Children of the Dreaming Star accompanied Micronauts to Spacewall, Time Traveler/Enigma Force – maddened by the pain caused by insane worldmind of Homeworld - decimated Children’s fleet to prevent their passage (Micronauts: The New Voyages #9-10, 1985); Micronauts discovered Breachpoint, Time Traveler destroyed it before they could use it, Scion joined Micronauts, led them to fold in Spacewall & facilitated their passage through it (Micronauts: The New Voyages #11-12, 1985); Scion led Micronauts to Fiame, where they obtained glyphs of Keys of Enigma Force (Micronauts: The New Voyages #13, 1985); Micronauts arrived on Aegis, Scion summoned Beyonder to destroy planets Darijan, Athaurus & Hytras – slaying 100 billion in the process – to try to create firewall against Pain’s spread (Micronauts: The New Voyages #16, 1986); Micronauts arrived on Homeworld, fought & killed Pain-possessed Devil to prevent him from using a teleporter to spread Pain more rapidly across Microverse (Micronauts: The New Voyages #17, 1986); Scion led Micronauts to access Karza’s Prometheus Pits & to serve as Primal Beings, re-seeding Homeworld with life, curing worldmind’s madness & ending Pain (Micronauts: The New Voyages #18-20, 1986); reborn Karza teamed with Thanos to destroy Microverse, instead combined all Microworlds into single realm, Micronauts restored to physical form ("Small Expectations"/Captain Marvel #6, unpublished/2000); Division U & Enigma Hunters sought Uni-Power (Cosmic Powers Unlimited #5, 1996); Micronauts teamed with Cable, Kane & Copycat vs Psycho-Man (Cable #37-39, 1996-1997); Bug traveled across time & space of Earth dimensions (Bug #1, 1997); Micronauts - including new member & Body Banks survivor Dexam - joined Alpha Flight against Aegyptan tyrant Baron Zebek who had enslaved Jungle Zone’s Ant Tica (Alpha Flight #10-12, 1998); Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell & Rick Jones bound such that one of them is in the Microverse and the other exchanges places with him by striking the nega-bands together (Avengers Forever #12, 2000); Captain Marvel & Drax sent to K’ai, joined Micronauts against Visalia & traitorous Dexam, Drax stayed with Micronauts, Captain Marvel & Rick learned they spent time in Microverse (Captain Marvel #4-6, 2000); Rick Jones encountered Lilias of Qarn (Captain Marvel #14, 2001); Micronauts joined Captain Marvel against Psycho-Man & Fredd (Captain Marvel #15-16, 2001); Rick Jones encountered Timhotep of Qarn (Captain Marvel #24, 2002); Rick & Marlo Jones vacationed on Rainbow Planet, Marlo abducted by its natives, rescued by Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #32-35, 2002); Captain Marvel went mad, trapped Rick in Microverse, Rick sought out wise man Shinga Doon who was slain by Entropy (Captain Marvel #2, 2002); Rick ate Shinga Doon to survive, encountered Epiphany (Captain Marvel #3-4, 2003); Rick encountered Jonsies, who were his groupies following Epiphany’s spread of his music across Microverse (Captain Marvel #11-12 & 16-17, 2003 & 2004); scientists Cinglet & Xennon discovered ancient technology & cryogenically preserved specimen, ship struck by meteor shower (Amazing Fantasy #13-14, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Midnight) Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4 (1989); (as Moon Knight) Marc Spector: Moon Knight #17 (1990)
Origin: Marc Spector: Moon Knight #5 (1989)
Significant Issues: Moon Knight first battled Midnight Man/Anton Mogart (Moon Knight #3, 1981); Mogart returned for rematch (Moon Knight #9-10, 1981); Mogart revealed to be dead, son Jeff assumed mantle (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #5, 1989); vs Moon Knight & Black Cat (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #4-5, 1989); assisted Moon Knight & Brother Voodoo vs zombies (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #6-7, 1989); ordered by Punisher & Moon Knight to sit out battle with U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #8, 1989); beaten & captured by Arsenal’s thugs (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #11, 1990); quit crimefighting (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #15, 1990); learned Moon Knight was out of country, stole spare costume (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #16, 1990); disguised as Moon Knight, attempted to break into Secret Empire base (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #17, 1990); severely injured by Secret Empire, captured (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #19, 1990); met Lynn Church (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #21, 1990); turned into cyborg (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #23, 1991); broke Thunderball out of custody, vs Darkhawk & Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #353, 1991); kidnapped Nova (Amazing Spider-Man #354, 1991); revealed intention to take over Secret Empire (Amazing Spider-Man #355, 1991); took over Secret Empire, vs Spider-Man, Moon Knight & Night Thrasher (Amazing Spider-Man #356, 1991); heroes combined forces to attack Secret Empire, Midnight learned Lynn was also a cyborg (Amazing Spider-Man #357, 1992); learned Lynn had undergone cybernization voluntarily, went berserk, apparently killed under tons of rubble (Amazing Spider-Man #359, 1992)

Midnight Sun

First Appearance and Origin: Special Marvel Edition #16 (1974)
Significant Issues: At age 15, tested by Fu Manchu (Master of Kung Fu #41, 1976); attempted to recruit Half-Face (Iron Man Annual #4, 1977); vs Shang-Chi, died (Special Marvel Edition #16, 1974); served in Legion of the Unliving (Avengers #131-132/Giant-Size Avengers #3, 1975); recreated as Midnight Sun, vs Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #29-30, 1989); avoided memory wipe, escaped Kree (Silver Surfer Annual #4, 1991); vs Silver Surfer, joined Inhumans (Silver Surfer #60, 1991)

Miller, Layla

First Appearance: House of M #4 (2005)
Origin: X-Factor #6 (2005)
Significant Issues: In "House of M" reality with Luke Cage’s underground human resistance movement, introduced to Wolverine, restored Emma Frost's real memories (House of M #4, 2005); in "House of M" reality, analyzed by Emma Frost, restored real memories of Cyclops, Spider-Man, Kitty Pryde, Doctor Strange, Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, Daredevil, She-Hulk, & Sebastian Shaw's elite S.H.I.E.L.D. Red Guard (House of M #5, 2005); in "House of M" reality, alongside Emma Frost & Cloak, searched for Professor X in Genosha while other heroes led direct assault on Magneto’s palace (House of M #6, 2005); in "House of M" reality, restored Magneto's memories, causing Magneto to turn on Quicksilver & Scarlet Witch to recreate the world with less mutants (House of M #7, 2005); woke up with reality seemingly restored (House of M #8, 2005); showed up at X-Factor Investigations in New York’s Mutant Town, claiming to "know stuff" & informing them that she was working for them (X-Factor #1, 2006); advised X-Factor to take Gloria Santiago as a client to get Singularity Investigations' attention (X-Factor #2, 2006); electrocuted assassin sent by Singularity Investigations to kill Rictor (X-Factor #3, 2006); instructed by M to dispose of assassin's corpse (X-Factor #4, 2006); blamed by Rictor for not warning X-Factor about assault on Siryn, revealed her origin, voluntarily returned to St. Joan Orphanage, taken back into X-Factor custody by Multiple Man & Wolfsbane (X-Factor #6, 2006); declared herself Quicksilver's nemesis, warned by Quicksilver not to interfere with his activities (X-Factor #8, 2006); sent Multiple Man to rescue Aegis from S.H.I.E.L.D. Cape-Killer unit, informed Multiple Man that they will be married in future, informed X-Men that X-Factor learned about House of M (X-Factor #9, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Men #19 (1966)
Origin: X-Men #19 (1966), Marvel Comics Presents #59 (1990)
Significant Issues: Duplicated X-Men's powers, took costumed identity (X-Men #19, 1966); became deputy leader of X-Men, controlled by Puppet Master (X-Men #27, 1966); with X-Men, vs Banshee & Ogre (X-Men #28, 1967); allied with Super-Adaptoid, seemingly lost mimicking power (X-Men #29, 1967); seemingly sacrificed life to help Beast against Hulk (Incredible Hulk #161, 1973); driven mad while in Wolverine's form, vs Wolverine & Hulk, regained sanity (Marvel Comics Presents #54-61, 1990); attacked by Onslaught in Siberia, erroneously fought X-Force (X-Force #45-46, 1995); rescued Blob during fight with X-Force (X-Force #52, 1996); with Blob, confronted Risque (X-Force #60, 1996); with Blob, vs Warpath (X-Force #65, 1997); held by Operation: Zero Tolerance, rescued by Excalibur (Excalibur #122-123, 1998); attended Captain Britain's bachelor party (Excalibur #124, 1998); attended wedding of Captain Britain & Meggan (Excalibur #125, 1998); alongside Brotherhood of Mutants & X-Men, vs sentient Cerebro (Uncanny X-Men #363-364/X-Men #83, 1999); alongside Mystique & Brotherhood of Mutants, vs Machine Man (X-51 #1-2, 1999); questioned by Valerie Cooper (X-51 #6, 2000); affected by High Evolutionary's regression device (Uncanny X-Men #379, 2000)

Mister Sensitive

First Appearance: X-Force #117 (2001)
Significant Issues: Joined X-Force, granted leadership status (X-Force #117, 2001); rescued Paco Perez, hid him from evil corporations (X-Force #118-119, 2001); discovered Boyz R Us massacre was planned by Zeitgeist & Coach (X-Force #120, 2001); traveled with U-Go Girl to visit her family (X-Force #124, 2002); vs Bush Rangers in space (X-Force #126-128, 2002); vs Arnie Lundberg, agreed to let him join team (X-Statix #3-4, 2002); had Lacuna kill Arnie Lundberg (X-Satix #5, 2003); built new suit by Professor Xavier, handed leadership of X-Statix over to the Anarchist (X-Statix #8, 2003); killed Spike Freeman (X-Statix #16, 2004); battled Avengers for possession of Doop's brain (X-Statix #21-25, 2004); killed during X-Statix final mission (X-Statix #26, 2004); in afterlife, with Phantom Rider & Ant-Man/Scott Lang, recruited by Doctor Strange & Dead Girl to oppose Pitiful One (X-Statix Presents Dead Girl #2, 2006)

Mister Sinister

First Appearance: (Name only) Uncanny X-Men #212 (1987); (in shadow) Uncanny X-Men #213 (1987); (fully) Uncanny X-Men #221 (1987)
Origin: Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1-4 (1996); Cable ’99 Annual (1999); X-Men: Colossus - Bloodline #3 (2006)
Significant Issues: In 1859, began experiments into human evolution and mutation, discovered “Essex Factor,” theories rejected by Royal Society, employed Marauders to kidnap test subjects, first met Apocalypse (Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #1/X-Men: Colossus – Bloodline #3, 1996/2006); unwittingly revealed Apocalypse’s true nature to him, sought funding from Hellfire Club, first met Cyclops & Phoenix, offered chance to join Apocalypse (Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #2, 1996); newborn child & wife died, accepted Apocalypse’s offer, genetically enhanced by Apocalypse to become Mister Sinister, created techno-virus, betrayed Apocalypse by infecting him with it (Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #3-4/Cable ’99 Annual, 1996/1999); in 1882, attended funeral of Charles Darwin (Further Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix #4, 1996); in 1891, traveled to America, took alias of obstetrician Nathan Milbury, began experimenting on Amanda Müeller, became involved in “Black Womb” affair, encountered time-traveling Gambit & Courier, received sample from Courier and used it to grant himself shapeshifting ability, vs Candra (Gambit #12-14, 2000); restored Gambit’s full powers (Gambit #16/Gambit #24, 2000/2001); in 1899, awoke Apocalypse, realized virus infection had failed, fled Apocalypse’s service (Cable ’99 Annual, 1999); in 1915, unleashed Jacob Shaw’s shapeshifting ability (X-Men: The Hellfire Club #3, 2000); in 1915, met Grigory Rasputin in Russia, revealed his true nature, arranged for him to father a strong bloodline (X-Men: Colossus – Bloodline #3, 2005); in 1920s, taught Herbert Wyndham at university (Uncanny X-Men #380, 2000); in 1930s, imprisoned & experimented on Faye Livingstone (X-Men ’95, 1995); during World War II, worked as Nazi scientist at Auschwitz, experimented on prisoners (Excalibur #7 & 14, 2005); in 1944, as Nazi scientist, first employed Greycrow, created clone of Namor, opposed by Invaders, abandoned base (Weapon X #14, 2003); base cleaned out by Howling Commandos, laboratory uncovered by Professor Thorton, discovered Sinister’s journal, used it to accelerate formation of Weapon Plus Program (Weapon X #23, 2004); records showing Sinister’s involvement in U.S. government’s Project: Black Womb in 1946 uncovered (X-Men Forever #2, 2001); taught Moira MacTaggart & Charles Xavier at Oxford University (Excalibur #14, 2005); learned of Scott Summers’ mutant nature, placed him in false coma, transferred him and brother Alex to orphanage, arranged for Alex’s adoption, experimented on Scott, placed mental blocks on Scott’s powers, arranged for Scott to wear ruby quartz glasses, buried Scott’s memories of experiments (X-Factor #39, 1989); monitored Alex, incited school bully against Alex to hasten manifestation of Alex’s mutant nature, placed mental block on Alex’s powers (X-Factor #-1, 1997); at orphanage, assumed form of Nate to monitor Scott’s progress more closely, prevented Scott’s adoption (Classic X-Men #41-42, 1989); used Alex’s genetic material to transform Ahmet Abdol into Living Monolith (Marvel Graphic Novel #17/Uncanny X-Men #376, 1985/2000); learned of Jean Grey’s mutant nature, obtained blood & tissue samples of her, began creating clone of her, accelerated clone’s aging, named it Madelyne Pryor, arranged for her to meet Scott (Uncanny X-Men #241/X-Factor #38-39, 1989); approached by Gambit for help in controlling powers, excised brain tissue (Gambit #14, 2000); tasked Gambit with assembling Marauders and helping them enter Morlock tunnels (Uncanny X-Men #350, 1997); Marauders massacred Morlocks (Uncanny X-Men #210-212/X-Factor #10/Power Pack #27/Thor #374, 1986); following Jean Grey’s return, sent Marauders twice to kill Pryor, Marauders opposed by X-Men, Pryor rescued (Uncanny X-Men #215 & 221-222, 1987); confronted by demonically-empowered Pryor (Uncanny X-Men #240-241, 1989); confronted X-Men & X-Factor, seemingly destroyed (Uncanny X-Men #243/X-Factor #39, 1989); returned with Nasty Boys, manipulated Senator Shaffran, opposed X-Factor (X-Factor #74-75, 1992); reclaimed Hairbag & Slab from MLF (X-Factor #78, 1992); impersonated Apocalypse, had Horsemen capture Cyclops & Jean Grey, turned them over to Stryfe, attempted to double-cross Stryfe, double-crossed in turn, unwittingly unleashed Legacy Virus (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Factor #84/X-Men #14/X-Force #16 & 18, 1992 & 1993); identity as Mike Milbury revealed, confronted Cyclops, first mentioned possibility of third Summers brother, opposed Dark Riders alongside Cyclops, abandoned Cyclops to them (X-Men #22-23, 1993); met with Tyler, confronted Cable, revealed Cable’s true nature (Cable #6, 1993); discovered Threnody, opposed by X-Men, took Threnody on as new assistant (X-Men #27, 1993); hired Arcade to test X-Treme (X-Force #29-30, 1993-1994); sought Proteus’ DNA, employed Gamesmaster who sent Siena Blaze to Muir Isle to retrieve it, returned with cell samples of Rachel Summers instead (Excalibur #72-74, 1993-1994); with Nasty Boys, sought to prevent Malice from killing Polaris by possessing Havok, destroyed her (X-Factor #104-105, 1994); X-Men discovered laboratory, encountered Threnody, genetic storage banks destroyed (X-Men #34, 1994); confronted by Genesis over relationship with Faye Livingstone (X-Men ’95, 1995); confronted Gambit over past dealings (X-Men #45, 1995); learned Genoshan mutate process was based on his work, clandestinely aided rebellion in exposing Sugarman, became aware of Nate Grey (Cable #26-28/X-Man #12, 1995); created mutating virus, infected commuter train passengers, opposed by X-Men, captured them, lab destroyed by Gambit (X-Men #51-52, 1996); confronted Nate Grey, opposed by X-Force, defeated them, captured Nate, lost him to Onslaught (X-Man #18/X-Force #57/X-Man #19, 1996); offered to cure Cable of techno-virus, opposed by him (Cable ’99 Annual, 1999); restored Sabretooth’s health, double-crossed by Gambit & Courier (Gambit #9, 1999); aided High Evolutionary in devolving Earth’s mutants, betrayed Evolutionary, opposed by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #379/X-Men #99/Uncanny X-Men #380, 2000); monitored mutant power consumption levels, registered spike in Gambit’s powers (Gambit #15, 2000); attacked by Neo, seemingly killed (X-Men #102, 2000); offered Nightcrawler the chance to clone Colossus (X-Men Unlimited #30, 2001); as Doctor Windsor, joined Weapon X Project (Wolverine #173, 2002); began liberating mutants from “Neverland” for use in his own experiments (Weapon X #5, 2003); Windsor identity compromised by Sabretooth, blackmailed into aiding Sabretooth’s escape from Weapon X (Weapon X #8-9 & 11, 2003); continued to use “Neverland” detainees for experiments (Weapon X #13, 2003); targeted by Sabretooth, defended by super-mutants, bargained with John Sublime (Weapon X #26-28, 2004); learned of Grigory Rasputin’s attempted return, began killing Rasputin family members, selected Mikhail Rasputin to become Grigory’s new host, opposed by Colossus (X-Men: Colossus – Bloodline #1-5, 2005-2006); reacted to “M-Day” (House of M: The Day After, 2006)

Mistress Love

First Appearance: Defenders #107 (1982)
Significant Issues: As Love, encountered Enchantress & Defenders (Defenders #107-108); opposed Infinity Gauntlet’s wearers (Infinity Gauntlet #3-6/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #1, 1991-1992); empowered Love’s Avatar (Silver Surfer #66-67, 1992); with other cosmic entities, vs Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #4-6, 2003)


First Appearance: Tales of Suspense #93 (1967)
Origin: Captain America #133 (1970); Captain America Annual #7 (1983)
Significant Issues: Transformed by A.I.M, seized control (Captain America #133/Captain America Annual #7, 1970/1983); first vs Captain America (Tales of Suspense #93-94, 1967); planned to destroy Cosmic Cube in Red Skull's possession (Captain America #117, 1969); ordered destruction of Cosmic Cube (Captain America #119, 1970); attempted to provoke race riot, vs Captain America & others (Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comic Magazine #4, 2001); abducted Professor Paul Fosgrave to stir campus unrest, defeated by Captain America (Captain America #120, 1970); sent Cyborg after Captain America (Captain America #124, 1970); arranged for Baron Strucker to send Bucky android to kill Captain America (Captain America #132, 1970); sent Bulldozer after Captain America & Falcon (Captain America #133, 1971); vs Doctor Doom, attempted to switch bodies with Namor (Sub-Mariner #47-49, 1972); abducted Betty Talbot, transformed her into Harpy, vs Hulk & Bi-Beast (Incredible Hulk #167-169, 1973); in War of the Super-Villains, vs Mad Thinker (Iron Man #74-75, 1975); vs Iron Man & Champions (Iron Man Annual #4, 1977); reconstructed Kerwin Korman as Doomsday Man (Avengers #17, 1999); watched Ms. Marvel & Vision defeat robot pawn (Ms. Marvel #5, 1977); captured Ms. Marvel, attempted to brainwash her (Ms. Marvel #7, 1977) ; allied with Deathbird to seize A.I.M. facility, attempted to enter orbit, defeated by Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #9-10, 1977); in the Savage Land, vs Ka-Zar & Hulk (Marvel Team-Up #104, 1981); abducted people for germ warfare experiments, vs Thing & Namor, absconded to Antarctic base, attacked by Thing & other heroes for antidote to Virus X (Marvel Two-in-One #81-82, 1981); alongside other super-villains, attempted to attack hospitalized Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1983); allied with "Thunderbolt" Ross to revive Abomination, sent him after Hulk, attempted to bond with Ms. M.O.D.O.K., fought Hulk, restored Ms. M.O.D.O.K. to normal (Incredible Hulk #287-290, 1983); killed by Serpent Society, body claimed for A.I.M. (Captain America #313-314, 1986); reanimated by Yorgon Tykkio, vs Iron Man, destroyed (Iron Man #205, 1986); recreated by A.I.M., vs Avengers (Avengers #387-388/Captain America #441, 1995); reacted to news of Stark Solutions (Iron Man #1, 1998); attempted to conquer Zenith City, vs Iron Man & Captain America (Iron Man/Captain America 1998 Annual, 1998); abducted Guardian, defeated Alpha Flight, employed Kane to fight Wolverine (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); disabled by X.E.R.O. (X-51 #11, 2000); allied with Fenris to steal Voice Modulation Program, defeated by V-Battalion (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1-2, 2001); allied with Ghost to bomb corporate rivals, defeated by Iron Man (Iron Man #44-45, 2001); allied with Headmen, vs Defenders (Defenders #9-10, 2001); reacted to report of Captain America's death (Captain America #50, 2002); attended Serpent Society auction (Captain America #31, 2004); allied with Blizzard, defeated by Avengers (She-Hulk #1, 2004); switched bodies with Damocles Rivas, in Rivas's body, vs Falcon & Anti-Cap, in own body, vs Captain America & Hulk (Captain America and the Falcon #7-12, 2004-2005); encountered Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #11, 2005); attended meeting held by Puppet Master (Fantastic Four: Foes #1, 2005); attempted to raid Maelstrom's base, defeated by Squirrel Girl (GLX-Mas Special #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #62 (2002)
Origin: Fantastic Four #63 (2002)
Significant Issues: Attempted to balance Reed Richards (Fantastic Four #62-64, 2002-2003)


First Appearance: Longshot #3 (1985)
Significant Issues: Mojo sent agents to reclaim Longshot on Earth (Longshot #1, 1985); discovered Earth with Spiral, pursued Longshot, kidnapped Ricochet Rita (Longshot #4, 1985); returned to Mojoverse, tortured Rita (Longshot #5, 1986); returned to Earth, controlled humans into building a tower, driven back through portal (Longshot #6, 1986); Spiral brought Phoenix to Mojoverse (Uncanny X-Men #209, 1986); with Spiral, seen taunting Phoenix in flashback (Excalibur #64, 1993); captured Psylocke and New Mutants (New Mutants Annual #2, 1986); released mind-wiped Longshot to X-Men, used X-Men for ratings by making them babies (Uncanny X-Men Annual #10, 1986); Phoenix escaped Mojoverse, Warwolves pursued her (Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn #1, 1988); lost ratings, created new X-Babies (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, 1988); X-Babies rebelled, sent Agent to retrieve them, opposed by Excalibur (Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem #1, 1989); with Spiral, involved in Psylocke’s body-switch with Kwannon (Uncanny X-Men #256-257, 1986); aired special on the X-Men’s origins (Uncanny X-Men #15, 1991); attempted an X-Men documentary (Marvel Comics Presents #89, 1991); watched Longshot on Earth (X-Men #5, 1992); Longshot and allies barely escaped Mojo’s clutches (X-Men #6, 1992); crushed Longshot’s rebellion (X-Men #7, 1992); kidnapped Jubilee, battled Wolverine and Mystique with Spiral and Abscissa at Big Crunch (Wolverine #52-53, 1992); pursued and failed to retrieve Arize on Earth (X-Men Annual #1, 1992); Death Sponsors tried to assassinate Arize (Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, 1992); ratings dropped, Spiral’s origins revealed (X-Factor Annual#7, 1992); tried to recruit Wonder Man (Marvel Comics Presents #119, 1993); X-Men captured, Wizard of Ox parody (X-Men #10, 1992); seemingly killed by Longshot, Mojo II assumed control (X-Men #11, 1992); Gog and Magog pursued X-Babies to Earth (X-Men #46-47, 1995); Mojo II attempted to kill Domo, Longshot led new rebellion, Mojo II overthrown (Marvel Fanfare #4-5, 1996); returned, captured Cable and Shatterstar, invaded Earth, defeated by X-Force (X-Force #60-61, 1996); hired Arcade to test Shatterstar (X-Force #76, 1998); X-Babies show received great ratings (Pint-Sized X-Babies #1, 1999); sent Mighty ‘Vengers against X-Babies, created baby versions of Earth villains (X-Babies Reborn #1, 2000); created Age of Apocalypse babies (Uncanny X-Men #393, 2001); used Morph in show, Longshot led another rebellion (Exiles #18-19, 2001); turned X-Men into babies, defeated (Uncanny X-Men #460-461, 2005); traded Longshot to Exiles in return for rights to Multiverse broadcasts (Exiles #74, 2006)


First Appearance: Generation X #3 (1995)
Significant Issues: With Cordelia Frost in Samoa (Generation X #3, 1995); kidnapped by Cordelia (Generation X #8, 1995); clone recruited into Generation X team (Generation X ’95, 1995); clone's orientation party (Generation X #10, 1995); with Generation X, vs Omega Red (Generation X #11, 1996); with Generation X, visited New York, attacked by Emplate & his Hellions (Generation X #11, 1996); with Generation X, alongside Bishop, vs Emplate & his Hellions (Generation X #12-14, 1996); clone present during Nightmare's attack on White Queen (Generation X #20, 1996); clone revealed, betrayed Generation X, killed by Bastion (Generation X #24-25, 1997); real Mondo returned, alongside Black Tom & Juggernaut, vs Generation X (Generation X #60-61, 2000)


First Appearance: Silver Surfer #69 (1992)
Origin: Cosmic Powers #5 (1994)
Significant Issues: Galactus devoured Caraner, Morg empowered (Silver Surfer #70, 1992); bathed in Well of Life, gained further powers (Silver Surfer #72, 1992); killed Nova/Frankie Raye (Silver Surfer #75, 1992); regenerated by Galactus (Silver Surfer #76, 1993); captured by Tyrant (Silver Surfer #80-82, 1993); escaped (Cosmic Powers #5, 1994); returned to Galactus’ service (Silver Surfer Annual #7, 1994); bonded with Ultimate Nullifier, apparently killed (Silver Surfer #109, 1995)


First Appearance: (New York community) Uncanny X-Men #169 (1983); (Gene Nation) Generation X #5 (1995); (London community) Uncanny X-Men #395 (2001); (Chicago community); Morlocks #1 (2002)
Significant Issues: Caliban attempted to kidnap Kitty Pryde, opposed by X-Men & Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew (Uncanny X-Men #148, 1981); Callisto kidnapped Angel, Morlocks first opposed by X-Men, Callisto challenged by Storm & defeated, Storm became leader (Uncanny X-Men #169-171/Uncanny X-Men #347, 1983/1997); at Storm's request, Healer healed Danielle Moonstar (New Mutants #20, 1983); Caliban saddened by Kitty’s departure, Callisto arranged Kitty’s kidnapping in attempt to force her to marry Caliban, opposed by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #176 & 178-179, 1983 & 1984); caught in Kulan Gath’s transformation of Manhattan (Uncanny X-Men #190-191, 1985); rescued Xavier from thugs, Annalee’s children murdered (Uncanny X-Men #192-193, 1985); targeted Power Pack as replacements for Annalee’s children, opposed by Kitty & Nightcrawler (Power Pack #11-12, 1985); Annalee targeted Power Pack once more, opposed by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #195, 1985); Annalee, Erg & Leech have Thanksgiving dinner with Power Pack (Power Pack #19, 1986); Piper encountered transformed Thor (Thor #364-365, 1986); Bulk & Glow Worm rejected by Morlocks, met Skids (X-Factor #7, 1986); Marauders slaughtered Morlock population, opposed by X-Men, X-Factor & others, Gambit rescued Sarah, Plague taken by Apocalypse, Tunnelers killed in shootout (Uncanny X-Men #210-212/X-Factor #9-11/New Mutants #46/Thor #373-374/Power Pack #27/Uncanny X-Men #350/X-Men Unlimited #18, 1986/1997/1998); wounded transferred to Muir Island (Uncanny X-Men #213-217, 1987); Masque assumed leadership, Morlocks returned to tunnels, Plague transformed by Apocalypse into Pestilence (X-Factor #12-15, 1987); disfigured human Emma LaPorte joined Morlocks (X-Factor #16, 1987); Caliban joined X-Factor (X-Factor #17, 1987); Caliban betrayed X-Factor, joined Apocalypse (X-Factor #24, 1988); Plague as Pestilence killed battling X-Factor & Power Pack (X-Factor #25/Power Pack #35, 1988); Bulk & Glow Worm killed by High Evolutionary’s experiments (New Mutants Annual #4, 1988); Marvel Girl/Jean Grey encountered Lightning Bug’s astral form (Marvel Comics Presents #15, 1989); Callisto captured & tortured by Masque’s Morlocks, Sunder killed by Reavers (Uncanny X-Men #254, 1989); Masque transformed Callisto into beautiful woman, Callisto met amnesiac Colossus (Uncanny X-Men #259-260, 1990); Caliban empowered by Apocalypse (X-Factor #50, 1990); Sabretooth hunted surviving Morlocks, opposed by Archangel, killed Chicken Wings & Mole, Caliban vs Archangel (X-Factor #51-53, 1990); Masque’s Morlocks captured Jean Grey, opposed by Forge & Banshee (Uncanny X-Men #261-264, 1990); Samson killed by Sabretooth, Caliban vs Sabretooth (New Mutants #90-91, 1990); Pixie’s Morlocks encountered Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch, Pixie killed by Blackout (Ghost Rider #9, 1991); Feral escaped tunnels, joined X-Force, Masque attempted to reclaim her, Brute shot by Cable (New Mutants #99-100, 1991); Mother Inferior’s Morlocks encountered Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #77-78, 1991); Masque’s Morlocks sought to prevent tunnels flooding (Wolverine #41-43, 1991); Morlocks aided android Albert in rebuilding android Elsie Dee (Wolverine #45-46 & 51, 1991 & 1992); to reclaim Feral, Masque’s Morlocks allied with Toad’s Brotherhood, opposed X-Force, Masque seemingly killed (X-Force #6-9 & 11, 1992); Callisto approached by Healer with request to lead Morlocks, refused, attacked & wounded by Morlocks, Healer sacrificed life to heal her, X-Men discovered Morlocks were being driven mad by Brain Cell, Xavier calmed Brain Cell thus ending madness, Callisto sought revenge on Morlocks, joined by Mikhail Rasputin who assumed leadership of Morlocks, caused tunnels to flood seemingly killing Morlocks (Uncanny X-Men #291-293, 1992); Thornn & Sarah survived flooding, Morlocks revealed to have survived by Mikhail transporting them to “The Hill” (Cable #15, 1994); Caliban vs Sabretooth, defeated (Uncanny X-Men Annual #18, 1994); Thornn aided X-Force in bringing Feral to justice (X-Force #40-41, 1994); Caliban hunted by Dark Riders, saved by Cable, Domino & Storm (Cable #17, 1994); Sarah’s childhood on “The Hill” revealed (Uncanny X-Men #373-374, 1999); Sarah returns as Marrow, met Dark Beast who is revealed as Morlocks’ creator (X-Men: Prime, 1995); Mikhail’s Morlocks become Gene Nation (Generation X #5-6, 1995); Callisto left “The Hill” & returned to Earth (X-Men #44, 1995); Gene Nation slaughtered nightclub patrons (Uncanny X-Men #322, 1995); Gene Nation vs X-Men, Marrow seemingly killed by Storm (Uncanny X-Men #323-325, 1995); Storm transported to “The Hill,” forced Mikhail to return Morlocks to Earth, resettled them in Africa (Storm #1-4, 1996); Storm & Gambit mourn Morlocks lost during massacre (X-Men #58, 1996); Callisto & Marrow attempt terrorist attack, opposed by Cable & Storm (Cable #42, 1997); African Morlocks attacked by Humanity’s Last Stand, aided by X-Men & Havok’s Brotherhood (Uncanny X-Men ’97 Annual, 1997); Callisto & Marrow attempted to kill Henry Gyrich for his involvement with anti-mutant Operation: Zero Tolerance, opposed by Spider-Man, Callisto wounded by Prime Sentinels, sent Marrow to find X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #346-347, 1997); Marrow allied with X-Men vs Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Men #67-69, 1997); Marrow joined X-Men (X-Men #70, 1997); Marrow tended to wounded Callisto (X-Men Unlimited #18, 1998); Marrow vs Wolverine (X-Men #72, 1998); Marrow aided Archangel vs Abomination (X-Men #74, 1998); Callisto insisted Marrow remain with X-Men (X-Men #79, 1998); Wolverine & Punisher encountered Revelation (Wolverine/Punisher: Revelation #1-4, 1999); Marrow returned to “the Hill” with Colossus, helped Mikhail (X-Men #92/Uncanny X-Men #372-374, 1999); Generation X kidnapped by Gene Nation, freed by Emma Frost, X-Man, & Gaia (Generation X #50/X-Man #50, 1999); Wolverine & Spider-Man encountered Carver’s Morlocks (Wolverine #157, 2000); Marrow brainwashed by S.H.I.E.L.D., became unstable, encountered Spider-Man, returned to Morlock tunnels (Spider-Man/Marrow #1, 2001); Marrow drafted by Weapon X, empowered, sent to kill D'Gard (Weapon X: The Draft - Marrow #1, 2002); Marrow co-opted Underground into Gene Nation (Weapon X #13, 2003); Gene Nation conducted terrorist attacks, dismantled by Agent Zero who spared Marrow from becoming martyr (Weapon X #19-21, 2003); Callisto allied with Storm against Masque (X-Treme X-Men #37-39, 2004); Callisto joined Professor X's entourage in Genosha (Excalibur #2, 2004); “M-Day”, many Morlocks lost powers (House of M: The Day After, 2006); Marrow rejoined Morlocks as leader post “M-Day,” agreed to newspaper interview to shed light on Morlocks’ plight (Generation M #4, 2006); Callisto empowered by Terrigen Mists, unable to control enhanced powers, fell into coma (Son of M #4-5, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #503 (2004)
Significant Issues: Liberated from exile, possessed Tess Black (Amazing Spider-Man #503, 2004); vs Spider-Man & Loki, driven into exile again (Amazing Spider-Man #504, 2004)


First Appearance and Origin: Motormouth #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Given MOPEDs, sent to Londinium/Earth-9261, accosted by Fashion Police, found allies in Fashion Underground Revolutionaries, returned to Earth-616 (Motormouth #1, 1992); sent to Earth-9272 circa 2191 A.D., vs Mega-Mall security robots, implanted Soni-Muta-500 Unit, returned self to Earth-616 (Motormouth #2, 1992); captured by Mys-Tech, met Killpower, pressured to serve Gudrun Tyburn, sent to Tokyo to retrieve Tyburn’s Key but store holding it was closed, overrode Mys-Tech controls & traveled to planet Tekron (Motormouth #3, 1991); Killpower sent to assassinate Harley but befriended her instead, bullets from natives injured Harley’s throat, repaired by Killpower, incorporating MOPED & Soni-Muta-500 technology that granted her super-powers, gave Killpower other MOPED unit (Motormouth & Killpower #4, 1992); separated from Killpower, reunited, vs robots, teleported away (Motormouth & Killpower #5, 1992); took vacation on South Pacific island of Kamuni Atoll, Tuck sought to prevent her from interfering with Death’s Head/Minion’s attempt to capture Killpower though the latter two were teleported away to Coliseum & engaged Battletide, Tuck & Motormouth became friends & went shopping on planet Aldebaran (Death’s Head & Killpower: Battletide #1-4, 1992); with Killpower, traveled to Matricca Scorpio, vs Psycho-Warrior’s who captured Killpower & brought him back to Mys-Tech, Motormouth’s plans to rescue him interrupted by confrontation with Asuza Cynergetic Engineering Corporation’s Dove Soldiers (Motormouth & Killpower #6, 1992); escaped Dove Soldiers, captured by Bad Boys, brought before Mr. Asuza, decapitated him, left Matricca Scorpio (Motormouth & Killpower #7, 1992); teleported into Mys-Tech central to rescue Killpower, confronted by Tyburn, blew her apart though she healed, rescued Killpower, encountered Rathcoole who teleported them into a research area to fight a monster (Motormouth & Killpower #8, 1993); with Killpower, escaped monster, destroyed bugs Mys-Tech used to track her, raided Mys-Tech’s weapons depot, teleported to Crossroads of Time where Time Guardian sent them back to 55 B.C. amidst Julius Caesar’s gladiatorial combat which they won, teleported away (Motormouth & Killpower #9, 1993); with Killpower, arrived on Hyrkania, unwittingly attacked by Sabra, separated, had undetailed adventure, returned, helped Sabra against Qaar Ghoth, sent into “sleep of the dead” by pricking finger on Ghoth’s trap, revived by kiss from Killpower, teleported away (Motormouth & Killpower #10, 1993); with Killpower on Earth-93411, assisted Citizen's Assistance Resource Executive against Electro-Vampires, destroyed their leader Rakulon, took more weapons, teleported away (Motormouth & Killpower #11, 1993); with Killpower on Earth-616, assisted Killpower against renegade A.I.M. creation Metamorph, on the planet Fautor IV, Killpower enraged 40, 000 dedicated worshippers by telling them that "Kipple" was a stupid name for a god, High Priest summoned Kipple himself to punish blasphemers, Harley fingered Killpower as the guilty party & watched as he defeated and slew Kipple, Killpower became new object of worship of Fautor IV inhabitants (Motormouth & Killpower #12, 1993); vs demon creatures from Mys-Tech’s Un-Earth, met and held own against Captain America, invaded Mys-Tech Central to stop Mys-Tech’s plot to use Un-Earth to control Earth, one of six to repair rent in fabric of reality – Dark Angel held them together, Professor X provided psychic power, Albion provided Earth magic, Doctor Strange provided sorcery, Death's Head provided cybernetic influence, and Motormouth... well they needed six of them, six surrogates successfully repaired rift & reformed Techno-Wizards, set back time so that deaths & activation of Un-Earth never occurred, put a force field up around Un-Earth to prevent Mys-Tech from accessing it again, only Harley & other five who served as surrogates remembered events (Mys-Tech Wars #2-4, 1993); with others, Harley & Julius/Killpower drafted into service of Time Guardian who had noticed their involvement in the Mys-Tech Wars, sent to Eopia where they helped defeat Mys-Tech which had infiltrated two opposing nations of Egaliterns & Technarchy, Julius captured by Technarchy, Harley joined Death's Head in rescuing him, came into conflict with Collapsar, Harley's enhanced vision enabled her to identify microfractures across his torso which Death's Head then shattered completely, Collapsar destroyed, Dark Guard eventually uncovered mastermind behind plot - Tyburn - & restored peace negotiations on Eopia (Dark Guard #1-4, 1993); with Killpower, vacationed in London, lost shouting match against Hulk, assisted him against Madman (Incredible Hulk #408-409, 1993); Motormouth & Killpower - or alternate reality counterparts thereof - were part of the multitude of past, present, future, & alternate reality Avengers summoned to Citadel at End of Time in final battle of Destiny War (Avengers Forever #11-12, 1999-2000)

Ms. Marvel (Sharon Ventura)

First Appearance: (As Ventura, cameo) Thing #26 (1985); (as Ventura, fully) Thing #27 (1985); (as Ms Marvel) Thing #35 (1986); (as She-Thing) Fantastic Four #310 (1988)
Significant Issues: Seen on billboard (Thing #26, 1985); worked on Devil Dinosaur film (Thing #31, 1986); childhood revealed, empowered, became Ms. Marvel (Thing #35, 1986); battled She-Hulk to protect Ben (Thing #36, 1986); captured by Power Broker, freed (Captain America #330-331, 1987); rape revealed, joined Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #306, 1987); couldn’t bring herself to aid Human Torch (Fantastic Four #308, 1987); mutated into “She-Thing” (Fantastic Four #310, 1988); began romance with Ben (Fantastic Four #317, 1988); evolved to rocky form (Fantastic Four #322, 1989); Ben & Sharon both human on prehistoric island (Fantastic Four #345-346, 1990); reverted to human form by Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #350, 1991); worked for Doom (Fantastic Four #367, 1992); new costume (Fantastic Four #371, 1992); betrayed Doom (Fantastic Four #375, 1993); transformed by Doom into monster (Fantastic Four #378-379, 1993); joined Frightful Four (Fantastic Four Unlimited #5, 1994); left Frightful Four (Fantastic Four #29, 2000); joined Invisible Woman & others for girls’ night out (4 #21, 2005)


First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One #21 (1976)
Significant Issues: Became Blacksun (Marvel Two-in-One #21, 1976); sabotaged Project: PEGASUS, became Nth Man (Marvel Two-in-One #53-58, 1979); became Wizard Supreme (Squadron Supreme: Death of a Universe, 1989); as Mysterium, aided Squadron (Squadron Supreme: New World Order, 1998)

Nasty Boys

First Appearance: (mentioned) X-Factor #74 (1991); (seen) X-Factor #75 (1992)
Significant Issues: Slab battled Strong Guy at Washington Monument (X-Factor #74, 1991); rogue Multiple Man duplicate absorbed original Multiple Man, Nasty Boys introduced to Senator Shaffran, Nasty Boys battled X-Factor in front of U.S. Capitol Building as Mr. Sinister impersonated Senator Shaffran (X-Factor #75, 1992); Slab & Hairbag rescued from high-security government prison by Mutant Liberation Front (X-Factor #77, 1992); Hairbag reclaimed by Mr. Sinister (X-Factor #78, 1992); Slab frozen in Mutant Liberation Front base by Iceman (X-Men #15, 1992); battled X-Factor in an attempt to subdue Malice (X-Men #104-105, 1994); Ruckus’ attempt to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly foiled by X-Men (X-Men Forever #1, 2001)


First Appearance: Avengers #257 (1985)
Origin: Silver Surfer Annual #5 (1992), Avengers #259 (1985), Nova #1 (1999)
Significant Issues: Physically & sexually abused as a child by unidentified father figure until she killed him, began going mad (Silver Surfer Annual #5, 1992); assembled & led mercenary army bent on conquering remnants of Skrull empire, conquered & looted world after world, failed to destroy Skrull military base commanded by General Zedrao (Avengers #259, 1985); took command of Sanctuary II, forced hostage Captain Marvel/Monica Rambeau to reveal that she still had her super-powers, interviewed Marvel as a potential recruit (Avengers #257, 1985); assigned Marvel to penetrate Zedrao’s base as a means of either confirming Marvel’s loyalty or getting rid of her, seemingly destroyed Zedrao’s base and Marvel with it after Marvel pierced their defenses (Avengers #258, 1985); berated Levan for his one-sided romantic pursuits, met with supposed employer Governor Gorth, learned Zedrao’s fleet had escaped with Marvel’s aid, prepared to engage Zedrao’s fleet, slew Gorth when he questioned her plans (Avengers #259, 1985); destroyed Xandar (Nova #1, 1999); examined Sanctuary II’s databanks in attempt to know Thanos better, refused Zedrao’s invitation to surrender, led her army in battling Zedrao’s forces, Firelord & Avengers, vs Starfox, escaped with unwitting aid of Beyonder (Avengers #260, 1985); with Gunthar, stole Infinity Union from Stranger’s homeworld (Avengers #317, 1990); had Gunthar surgically implant a bio-receiver in her brain enabling her to tap Infinity Union’s energies (Avengers #318, 1990); with Gunthar, visited Omicron Seti & stole Stones of Halkor - stone tablets inscribed with a formula promising great power, spied upon by Starfox (Avengers West Coast #48, 1989); still spied upon by Starfox, pondered tablets & monitored Harker, contacted Harker regarding his Atomic Compressor project (Avengers #311-312, 1989); as Ms. Peale, developed & tested Atomic Compressor with Doctor Harker at Polydyne Industries, unwittingly caused inversions during which entire universe temporarily blinked out of existence, killed Harker for trying to aid Avengers, Compressor deactivated by Avengers & Spider-Man (Avengers #314-315, 1990); escaped, captured by Starfox, abducted by Stranger, absorbed Infinity Union’s power after Spider-Man unwittingly triggered Union’s failsafe, defeated & stripped of Union’s power by Stranger & Avengers, escaped alongside Gunthar (Avengers #316-318, 1990); commanded new crew aboard new flagship Sanctuary III with first officer Geatar, ship invaded by Thanos, Geatar slain by Thanos, claims of a family relationship to Thanos denounced by him as an insulting lie, burned alive by Thanos, hidden away by Mantrax to recuperate (Silver Surfer #38, 1990); found by Thanos in a dying, brain-damaged & horribly mutilated state, stabilized & immortalized in that state by Thanos as an eternal monument to the insanity of life & death denied, Mantrax slain by Thanos (Silver Surfer #45, 1991); sustained in near-dead, near-mindless state of perpetual agony by Thanos for his amusement, presented to Death as Thanos’ most brilliant creation, attended Thanos’ throne, tortured alongside Starfox by Thanos, wrested Infinity Gauntlet from Thanos, initially overwhelmed by Gauntlet’s omnipotent power, embraced Guantlet’s power, fought off Thor, Firelord, Hulk, Drax, Doctor Doom, Thanos, Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer & assorted cosmic beings, lost Gauntlet to Adam Warlock, taken into custody by Starfox (Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, 1991); imprisoned on Titan, visited & threatened by Firelord, forced into mind link with Firelord by Starfox, Firelord decided to spare her after seeing extent of her insanity & horrors of her childhood, mental anguish eased by Starfox, transferred to rehab center (Silver Surfer Annual #5, 1992); fell into catatonic state, claims of relationship to Thanos seemingly disproved by genetic tests, visited by Starfox, Silver Surfer & Firfelord, attended faithfully by resurrected Geatar (Silver Surfer #67, 1992); broken out of jail by Geatar, taken to Siminian Galaxy for treatment by Doctor Mandibus, revived & rebuilt as a cyborg by Mandibus, embraced new cyborg form, thanked Geatar for his loyalty, went with Geatar to "The Anvil" prison planet to free her former crew (Silver Surfer #69-74, 1992); infiltrated Anvil by posing as Geatar’s prisoner, met prison chancellor Demetrius Stipe, killed guards who strip-searched her & tried to rape her, took Stipe hostage with Geatar’s assistance, tried to free her old crew, mass breakout foiled by Silver Surfer & Jack of Hearts, escaped alongside Geatar but killed almost all of her old shipmates in the process (Silver Surfer #76-78, 1993); began gathering new forces on Martian moon Phobos to target Titan, captured Silver Surfer with Geatar’s aid, army subdued by Thunderstike, plot to bomb Titan foiled by War Machine & Silver Surfer, captured by Surfer, Geatar lost in space (Secret Defenders #9-10, 1993); imprisoned on Titan alongside newly recaptured Geatar (Secret Defenders #14, 1994); hid out on hedonistic planet Sylloqonia after escaping intergalactic prison known as The Pound, wanted in 147 systems, spotted Silver Surfer & Legacy, tried to flee, captured by Surfer & sent back to the Anvil (Silver Surfer #110, 1995); spied on Nova, claimed Luphomoid warrior Zorr had been her true father, blamed Xandar & Nova Corps for Zorr’s death, assembled new crew including Joonvit, vs Nova, Joonvit slain protecting Nebula from Nova, Nebula defeated & forced to flee, vowed revenge (Nova #1, 1999)


First Appearance: X-Force #6 (1992)
Significant Issues: Joined Toad’s Brotherhood, made deal with Morlocks (X-Force #6, 1992); attacked X-Force, defeated & escaped (X-Force #7-9, 1992); Brotherhood confronted X-Patriots, defeated by X-Factor (X-Factor #82, 1992); Brotherhood kidnapped Portal, vs Spider-Man, Darkhawk & Sleepwalker (Darkhawk #19-20/Sleepwalker #17, 1992); offered life on Avalon by Exodus, declined (X-Men Unlimited #2, 1993); revealed to have been driven insane by "M-Day" (New Avengers #16, 2006)

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