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All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#8: Nekra to Quoi

Last Updated: 2/22/06


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Cover by Keu Cha


First Appearance: Shanna the She-Devil #5 (1973)
Origin: Daredevil #110 (1974)
Significant Issues: Born chalk-white mutant due to mother’s exposure to radiation, ostracized by her peers, ran away, befriended Mandrill, lived as reclusive nomad with Mandrill, attacked by Missouri bigots alongside Mandrill, discovered her hate-fueled mutant powers, killed their attackers, plotted with Mandrill to overthrow several African nations & establish new enlightened utopia as an alternative to warped American values (Daredevil #110, 1974); mutant nature detected by Professor X, led Mandrill’s cult/army in ritual worship of Mandrill and the power of hate, resolved to free Mandrill from captivity and kill Mandrill's captor Shanna, set Patrick McShane’s home ablaze to lure Shanna out, vs Shanna & her leopards Ina & Biri, defeated the leopards, subdued by Shanna (Shanna the She-Devil #5, 1973); bound & interrogated by Shanna & McShane, murdered McShane in Shanna’s absence & escaped (Daredevil #111, 1974); with Mandrill, formed Black Spectre & plotted the overthrow of the U.S. government to establish the American Empire of Hate (Daredevil #110, 1974); ambushed & captured Black Widow (Daredevil #109, 1974); alongside Black Widow & other brainwashed BS agents, vs Thing & Daredevil, overpowered by Thing, escaped (Marvel Two-in-One #3, 1974); oversaw inducement of captured Black Spectre troops to commit suicide, informed Mandrill alongside Black Widow (Daredevil #110, 1974); led Silver Samurai & other Black Spectre agents in defeat of Daredevil & abduction of Shanna for experimental purposes, present during Black Spectre assault on Empire State Building (Daredevil #111, 1974); assisted in disabling all broadcasting & communications, alongside Mandrill, defeated & captured Daredevil, aided Mandrill & Black Spectre army in seizing White House, vs Daredevil, Black Widow & Shanna, captured by Shanna & Black Widow (Daredevil #112, 1974); abandoned by Mandrill, imprisoned by S.H.I.E.L.D. in drug-induced stupor, strengthened by Hate-Monger’s televised rally, escaped, took over cult of Kali faction & had their former leaders killed, moved to west coast, had Adrienne Hatros murdered, took over Hatros identity, secretly ran Hatros Institute for Emotional Research as Adrienne Hatros, used Institute to study hatred (Spider-Woman #16, 1979); arranged for new prospective patient Jessica Drew to be hired as clinic receptionist so they could ensure her regular presence as a subject for emotion studies (Spider-Woman #13, 1979); spied on Drew, watched Drew form a connection with Lindsay McCabe, hoped to unlock the secrets of Drew’s effects on the emotions of others (Spider-Woman #14, 1979); led Cult of Kali in capturing S.H.I.E.L.D. agents Jerry Hunt & Laura Brown, tried to sacrifice them in a ritual foiled by Shroud & Spider-Woman, cultists captured while Nekra escaped (Spider-Woman #15, 1979); devised antidote to resist Drew’s pheromone influence & free herself from all emotional weakness, lured Drew into ambush, fought savage battle until drug wore off & she became submissive, beaten into coma by Drew (Spider-Woman #16, 1979); captured by Ticktock & Locksmith along with many other super-beings, freed by Spider-Woman, Gypsy Moth & others (Spider-Woman #50, 1983); became Grim Reaper’s lover & joined his Lethal Legion, learned voodoo arts from Black Talon, helped Talon raise zombie army, alongside Reaper & Talon, vs Vision & Scarlet Witch, escaped with Reaper & Talon (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #1, 1985); questioned Reaper’s racial prejudice (West Coast Avengers #2, 1985); vs Avengers, Vision, Scarlet Witch & Pym, defeated Tigra & Pym, escaped (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #2, 1985); recovered Reaper’s corpse, fled into Subterranea, raised Reaper as a zombie, raised Boston mob assassin Brady Kent as a zombie, killed proprietor while helping Reaper & Kent rob Bernie’s Sporting Goods, alongside Reaper & Kent, vs Magneto & Wonder Man, betrayed by Reaper when he learned he was a zombie, Reaper died again after he subdued Nekra (Vision and the Scarlet Witch #12, 1986); as Hatros, opened new Hatros Clinic in Shriver Cove Massachusetts, converted townsfolk to her cult of hatred & spurred them to drive off outsiders, townsfolk freed by Spider-Man & Pym, Nekra escaped with Reaper’s body (Web of Spider-Man #46, 1989); fled America due to introduction of Super-Powers Registration Act, unwittingly compelled by Llan the Sorcerer to go to Winnipeg, vs Vindicator, alongside Scorpion, Owl & Asp, vs Alpha Flight & Gamma Flight teams, villains defeated & subdued (Alpha Flight #79-80, 1989-1990); transferred to Vault along with many other recaptured super-criminals, transfer overseen by Avengers & Fantastic Four (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); shared passionate kiss with fellow inmate Mister Hyde during mass escape/bomb scare, recaptured by Avengers & Freedom Force, refused to assist them, roughed up by Blob (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); raised now-buried Reaper as a zombie again, imbued him with power to sustain his unlife by fatally stabbing someone with his scythe every 24 hours, slain by Reaper (Avengers West Coast #65, 1990); resurrected as a witch by Hellstorm, sent to determine whatever threat Druid posed & defuse it, exploited Druid’s geis to strip him of his power, shot Druid dead after he gained enough new power to threaten the world, helped Hellstorm burn Druid’s corpse (Druid #2-4, 1995); attended underworld auction of the Venom symbiote (Marvel Knights: Spider-Man #6, 2004)

New Men

First Appearance: Thor #132 (1966)
Origin: Thor #134 (1966)
Significant Issues: Jane Foster brought to Mount Wundagore, Man-Beast created, New Men left Earth (Thor #132-135, 1966); New Men temporarily de-evolved (Tales to Astonish #94-96, 1967); Inheritor from Beyond vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #149, 1972); founded home on Counter-Earth, Man-Beast amassed rogue forces, Adam Warlock vs Man-Beast (Marvel Premiere #1-2/Warlock #1-8/Incredible Hulk #176-178, 1972/1972-1973/1974); war vs Rigellians (Iron Man #110-112, 1978); Tabur vs Tigra (Marvel Premiere #42, 1978); Mongoose vs Thor (Thor #391, 1988); aided High Evolutionary with genetic bomb (Avengers Annual #17, 1988); Thor aided Knights in saving High Evolutionary (Thor #406-408, 1989); Count Tagar became New Immortal (Thor #422, 1990); destruction of Counter-Earth revealed (Warlock and the Infinity Watch #4, 1992); alongside Silver Sable, Knights vs Cyberwarriors (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #12, 1993); Man-Beast led Ani-Mutants vs Thor & Godpack (Thor #472-475, 1994); Animen & Cult of the Jackal warred over Jackal's legacy (Scarlet Spider Unlimited #1, 1995); White Tiger joined Heroes for Hire (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); Quicksilver made leader of Knights, Knights infiltrated by Man-Beast (Quicksilver #1-12/Heroes for Hire #15-16/Marvel Comics Annual 1998 Starring Heroes for Hire & Quicksilver, 1997-1998/1998/1998); New Men served Mister Sinister (Uncanny X-Men #380, 2000); Bobo defended by She-Hulk (She-Hulk #5, 2004)

New Son

First Appearance: (As New Son) Gambit #7 (1999); (as X-Cutioner) Gambit #17 (2000); (as New Sun) Gambit #22 (2000)
Origin: Gambit #24 (2001)
Significant Issues: Summoned Gambit to his crystal cathedral and warned him of Apocalypses machinations (Gambit #8, 1999); Introduced to Quiet Bill by Courier (Gambit #10, 1999); Saves Sabretooth's life using Adamantium from the Constrictors coils (Gambit #11, 1999); Recruited Archangel to kill Gambit (Gambit #14, 2000); Showed Fontanelle glimpses of other realities where Gambit had died (Gambit #15, 2000); Put out a contract on Gambit (Gambit #16, 2000); Enters into the assassination game disguised as X-Cutioner (Gambit #17-19, 2000); Confronted by Gambit and the X-Men in his Crystal Cathedral (Gambit Annual 2000); Revealed his chosen name as being New Sun (Gambit #22, 2000); Fought Gambit and was impaled by a falling statue (Gambit #24, 2001)


First Appearance: (Y'Garon) Giant-Size Dracula #2 (1974); (Kierrok) X-Men #95 (1975); (warrior N'Garai) Uncanny X-Men #143 (1981); (super-evolved N'Garai) Black Sun: X-Men #1 (2000)
Origin: Marvel Comics Presents #145 (1993); Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #22 (1976)
Significant Issues: Y'Garon used Sa'arpool, foiled by Dracula (Giant-Size Dracula #2, 1974); cairn near X-Men mansion broken, Kierrok vs X-Men (X-Men #96, 1975); summoned by Jimmy Cruz in attempt to slay Satana (Haunt of Horror #4, 1974); Camarilla of N'Garai attempted to sacrifice Satana (Marvel Preview #7, 1976); Dhasha Khan attempted summoning (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #24, 1976); Kulan Gath used second Sa'arpool, fights Spider-Man, Red Sonia (Marvel Team-Up #79, 1979); Dr. Strange faces Shadowqueen, accesses final Sa'arpool (Doctor Strange #42-45, 1980-1981); single N'Garai escaped from Cairn, attacked Kitty Pride (Uncanny X-Men #143, 1981); banished Belasco to Limbo after his failure to bring them to Earth (Ka-Zar #13, 1982); in Puffball Collective's dimension, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #308, 1985); summoned in the town of Perfection, killed most residents (Darkhold #3-4, 1993); attempted to safeguard Victoria Montesi while she was pregnant with Chthon (Marvel Comics Presents #145, 1993); many killed by Wolverine in home dimension (Wolverine '95 Annual, 1995); Belasco used Bloodscream in another attempt at summoning (X-Men Unlimited #9, 1995); former slave race Ru'Tai usurped control of home dimension, Kierrok killed (X-Men #75, 1999); alongside Belasco, vs X-Men, all cairns on Earth destroyed (Black Sun: X-Men #1-5, 2000)

Night Nurse

First Appearance: Daredevil #58 (2004)
Significant Issues: Student nurse Linda Carter’s adventures (Linda Carter: Student Nurse #1-9, 1961-1963); nurses Linda Carter, Georgia Jenkins, & Christine Palmer attended & graduated from nursing school, initially hostile due to their different backgrounds, found common ground in caring for patients, Linda lost her boyfriend Marshall Michaels because she refused to give up on her career & become his housewife, Georgia’s brother Ben tricked by criminal Rocky into nearly blowing up the hospital generator to blackmail the city, Ben shot by Rocky when refused to actually blow it up, Rocky distracted by Georgia & Linda until Christine arrived with the police who arrested both men (Night Nurse #1, 1972); Christine began working for & dating surgeon Doctor William Sutton until Linda & surgery resident Jack Tryon exposed Sutton’s drug & alcohol addictions as well as the related patient mortalities & other crimes, Ben Jenkins’ trial went poorly (Night Nurse #2, 1973); Christine disappeared, Linda & Georgia forced to protect hospitalized racketeer leader Victor Sloan from rival Joe “The Scar” Bronson, Linda forced to remind Georgia of her Nightingale pledge because she so strongly resented Sloan’s freedom while her brother was in prison (Night Nurse #3, 1973); Christine took a private job as a physiotherapist for Derek Porter at Seacliff Manor until she discovered that Derek was not really paralyzed & was using the location to smuggle drugs, Derek fell off cliff while trying to kill her (Night Nurse #4, 1973); current Night Nurse treated Yakuza-injured Daredevil (Daredevil #58, 2004); Christine met Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner at Metro Hospital, assisted him in investigating the mysterious deaths of 13 children (Nightcrawler #1-4, 2004-2005); Christine’s offer of more than friendship with Kurt rebuffed, expressed willingness to remain friends (Nightcrawler #5-6, 2005); Christine treated Kurt after he was injured in assault by Vermin (Nightcrawler #7, 2005); Christine accompanied Kurt & Wolverine in investigating magical assaults, encountered the demon Hive who possessed Wolverine & then skewered Christine, magically healed by Magik/Amanda Sefton (Nightcrawler #8-11, 2005-2006); current Night Nurse treated Cage after bombing (Pulse #9, 2005); Christine present at Kurt’s surprise birthday party, declined Kurt’s offer of relationship in favor of returning to mother in Tucson Arizona (Nightcrawler #12, 2006); Christine informed Reed Richards of the imminent death of Martin Simms (Marvel Knights: 4 #28, 2006); current Night Nurse interviewed by Ben Urich, treated Daredevil after shot by Paladin, Elektra unimpressed with her care & summoned the Hand to mystically heal Daredevil, Ben Urich forced to reveal Night Medical Center’s location, subsequently stormed by the F.B.I. (Daredevil #80, 2006); current Night Nurse treated choking Spider-Man behind the scenes (Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil That Men Do #6, 2006)

Night Raven

First Appearance: Hulk Comic #1 (1979)
Significant Issues: Born in southern Alberta, raised in orphanage, spent time with Mohawk grandfather in woods, dreamed of ravens flying in the night & feeding on the dead (Night Raven: House of Cards, 1995); moved to New England to stay with uncle, befriended Bill Hershey, enlisted in 1915, spent 2 years in boot-camp, sent to Ypres, nearly drowned in mudhole, shipped home with shell-shock, spent time in asylum (Might World of Marvel #13, 1984); by late 1920s became vigilante Night Raven, tried to protect Inez Pearl, destroyed career of corrupt congressman Harold Chase (Night Raven: House of Cards, 1995); infiltrated mob meeting (Hulk Comic #1, 1979); ended "Madman" McHooey's siege (Hulk Comic #2, 1979); brought down Taxman (Hulk Comic #3-4, 1979); dealt corrupt gambler "Ace" Diamond a losing hand (Hulk Comic #5-6, 1979); vs Assassin, sent both him & Mr. Big to their deaths (Hulk Comic #7-11, 1979); encountered Scoop Daly for first time (Hulk Comic #12-14, 1979); took on Dragon Tong, vs Dragonfire, humiliated Yi Yang (Hulk Comic #15-20, 1979); Yi Yang took revenge by exposing him to both immortality & slow poison (Marvel Super-Heroes #390, 1982); investigated death of Herbert Walpole (Savage Action #1-2, 1980); outplayed Chess Master (Savage Action #3-4, 1981); defeated Armorer (Savage Action #6, 1981); vs Deathmaster (Savage Action #8, 12-15, 1981-1982); investigated death of Oscar Charlesworth (Marvel Super-Heroes #382-383, 1982); stopped Numbers Killer (Marvel Super-Heroes #384, 1982); prevented racist murder (Marvel Super-Heroes #385, 1982); helped Mike Macey solve partner’s murder (Marvel Super-Heroes #386 & 389, 1982); learned of antidote to his pain, tried to extort it out of Scoop Daly, is shot & fell in river (Marvel Super-Heroes #390-391, 1982); recovered mask from Howard Bates (Marvel Super-Heroes #392-393, 1982-1983); given cure by Sadie Daly (Marvel Super-Heroes #394-395, 1983); took cure, began hunting Yi Yang (The Daredevils #6, 1983); tracked Yi Yang through her Tong’s cocaine shipments, nearly trapped in setting concrete, duped into thinking Yi Yang had suffered this fate (The Daredevils #7-10, 1983); learned of Yi Yang’s survival, took on Swords of the New Dawn & Ghost Tiger (The Daredevils #11/Mighty World of Marvel #7-8, 1983-1984); stalked & killed Don Salvatore Vischetti (Mighty World of Marvel #9, 1984); traced Yi Yang to Wilderness Base, destroyed ship she was on with miniature nuclear rocket (Mighty World of Marvel #10-11, 1984); took down Gladiator Club (Mighty World of Marvel #12, 1984); visited elderly & dying Bill Hershey in hospital (Mighty World of Marvel #13, 1984); hit by train, awoke during autopsy, met Angela Cleaver (Mighty World of Marvel #14-16, 1984); encountered other immortals (Mighty World of Marvel #17/Savage Sword of Conan #85, 1984); saved life of Diamond Back (Savage Sword of Conan #86, 1984); stopped arsonist Tony Meyer (Savage Sword of Conan #87, 1985); killed gangster Paulo Riggio (Savage Sword of Conan #88, 1985); destroyed diseased vampire Edgar (Savage Sword of Conan #89-90, 1985); allowed Inez White to take revenge for death of lover decades past (Savage Sword of Conan #91, 1985); killed serial killer Morton P. Wolmeyer (Savage Sword of Conan #92, 1985); captured by Yi Yang, offered chance of new life, rejected it to continue his pursuit (Captain Britain #10-12, 1985); caught up with Yi Yang in Russia, allied himself with Black Widow, hit by burning helicopter (Fury/Black Widow: Death Duty, 1995)

Night Thrasher

First Appearance: Thor #411 (1989)
Origin: New Warriors #2 & 23-25 (1990 & 1992), Night Thrasher #13-14 (1994), New Warriors Annual #1 (1991)
Significant Issues: Bonded with godfather Andrew Chord, saw parents killed by Chord, fell under the influence of Tai, memories clouded & confused by Tai (New Warriors #25, 1992); mentored by Chord & Tai, taught by Chord how to focus & control his anger, trained in combat & morality by Chord, trained in emotional control by Tai, became crime fighter with their support, encouraged to seek out partners (New Warriors Annual #1, 1991); inherited controlling ownership of Taylor Foundation, gradually lost interest in TF business while he fought crime at night (Night Thrasher #13, 1994); befriended fellow vigilantes Midnight’s Fire & Silhouette, adopted Night Thrasher alias, romanced Silhouette, teamed with Midnight’s Fire & Silhouette to take down a protection racket (New Warriors #2/Night Thrasher #13, 1990/1994); alongside Midnight’s Fire & Silhouette, shut down Steel Waves drug dealing operation, confiscated escrim sticks from defeated Waves member, battled Waves’ employer Tommy Ng/Scorch, trio narrowly escaped burning building (Night Thrasher #13, 1994); shared his real name with Midnight’s Fire & Silhouette, showed them his headquarters, began to realize the advantages of a team approach to crime-fighting, restrained Midnight’s Fire from attacking a policeman during an anti-gang sting gone wrong, face slashed by Midnight’s Fire after Silhouette was shot during the ensuing struggle, parted with Midnight’s Fire & Silhouette on bad terms (New Warriors #2, 1990); donned new battlesuit & hunted down Bruce Choy, surviving partner of the slain gangster who had shot Silhouette, captured Choy & threw him into the nearest precinct with a “Thrashed by the Night!” note (Night Thrasher #14, 1994); restored Richard Rider’s Nova powers, recruited Nova, Marvel Boy & Firestar, teamed with them, Namorita & Speedball to defeat Terrax, formed New Warriors (New Warriors #1, 1990); with Warriors, alongside Thor, vs Juggernaut (Thor #411-412, 1989); confronted & defeated Midnight’s Fire, reunited with Silhouette, gave Midnight’s Fire a scar to mirror his own (New Warriors #2, 1990); tried to reconcile with Silhouette, with Warriors, confronted Mad Thinker & Primus (New Warriors #3, 1990); with Warriors, invaded Genetech complex & opposed by Psionex, suffered vision of parents’ murder (New Warriors #4, 1990); with Warriors, vs Star Thief & Stane International staff (New Warriors #5-6, 1990); with Warriors, dealt with blizzard conjured by Avant Guard (Web of Spider-Man #75, 1991); met Father Michael Janes, helped Silhouette protect Janes from Bengal, opposed Punisher to protect Silhouette, made peace with Punisher & Bengal (New Warriors #7-9, 1991); with Warriors, vs White Queen’s Hellions (New Warriors #10, 1991); alongside Nova, Firestar & Marvel Boy, helped unmake an altered reality created by the Sphinx (New Warriors #11-13, 1991); with Warriors, alongside X-Force, vs Piecemeal & Proteus (New Mutants Annual #7/New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); with Warriors, alongside others, opposed Edifice Rex (Damage Control #1-2 & 4, 1991); with Warriors, manipulated into battling Fantastic Four by Puppet Master (Fantastic Four #356, 1991); began to make peace with Nova, gave him new costume (New Warriors #14, 1991); with Warriors, alongside Captain America, vs Drug Lords (Captain America: Drug War #1, 1994); supplied Warriors with “Crash Pad” headquarters, with Warriors, vs Psionex, with Warriors, alongside Mathemanic, Impulse, Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer, vs Terrax (New Warriors #15-17, 1991); with Warriors, met Rage while teaming with Avengers against Hate-Monger & Sons of the Serpent, offered Rage membership (Avengers #341-342, 1991); teamed with Darkhawk, Nova, Spider-Man, Moon Knight & Punisher against Secret Empire (Amazing Spider-Man #354-358, 1991-1992); discovered Taylor Foundation was corrupt, confronted Chord, witnessed Chord’s attempted suicide (New Warriors #18, 1991); with Warriors, captured & tortured by Gideon (New Warriors #19, 1992); with Warriors, vs Cybersamurai, decided to cooperate with Yakuza criminals for information regarding the Taylor Foundation though most of the other Warriors disagreed, quit the team & declared it disbanded (New Warriors #20, 1992); joined Folding Circle to seek answers regarding his past, vs Dragon’s Breadth cultists, learned his armor was patterned after the guardians of the Temple of the Dragon’s Breadth, learned Chord was the father of Midnight’s Fire & Silhouette, learned Tai was responsible for his parents’ murder & had been manipulating him all his life, rejoined New Warriors & turned against Folding Circle, killed Tai to save Warriors (New Warriors #21-25, 1992); with New Warriors, alongside Spider-Man, vs forces of Sphinx & Justin Hammer to rescue Speedball (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); redesigned armor (New Warriors #26, 1992); with Warriors, among heroes gathered at Four Freedoms Plaza to oppose Magus & his dopplegangers (New Warriors #27, 1992); manipulated by Chord into uncovering & neutralizing corruption within Taylor Foundation, humiliated Poison Memories street gang, vs Lotus Newmark & Tantrum, forced Trevor Madsen out of TF board, disabled “Eve Magdalene” LMD that Gideon had used to infiltrate the TF board, learned TF’s financial support had helped found Genetech, convinced Genetch shareholders to grant him controlling interest over Genetech instead of Gideon, thrashed Gideon in combat, recruited Walter Rosen & Father Michael Janes into TF board, allowed corrupt businessman Gai No Don to remain on TF board under his watchful eye, reconciled with Chord & Silhouette (Night Thrasher: Four Control #1-4, 1992-1993); with Warriors, alongside Darkhawk, defeated Tomorrow Man (Darkhawk #26-29, 1993); with Warriors, attended gathering of heroes to discuss threat of Goddess, alongside Darkhawk, started brawl (Infinity Crusade #1-3 & 5/Darkhawk #31, 1992); tended recovering Silhouette, unsuccessfully offered Cloak & Dagger Warriors membership, decided Warriors needed to expand (New Warriors #35, 1993); attended deathbed of mortally wounded nine-year-old fan Jeff Walker, told Walker about his background, encouraged by Walker to show more of his face, revealed he had been inspired by the Fantastic Four in forming the Warriors, refused to promise to kill Walker’s killers (Night Thrasher #1, 1993); Warriors’ families attacked by Poison Memories, called in by Hindsight Lad to aid Warriors, hunted down Memories with aid of their former benefactor Gai No Don, bickered with Chord, battled similarly armor-clad Memories enforcer Victor Hasayaba until defeated & demoralized Hasayaba killed himself, tried to dissuade Warriors from killing Memories leader Kimeiko Ashu, with Warriors, vs Ashu, Ashu slain by Rage (New Warriors #37-38/Night Thrasher #1, 1993); investigated murder of the Walker family, learned Walker’s parents had been working for Concrete Dragons street gang & that the Dragons were still active in Queens, fought Chagrin after she tried to frame Silhouette as leader of Dragons, unwittingly manipulated by Gai No Don into heading to Madripoor after Midnight’s Fire (Night Thrasher #2, 1993); vs Madripoor crime boss Aardwolf & his rivals the Folding Circle, learned Silhouette was still connected with Dragons, largely estranged from Silhouette as a result, saved Aardwolf from Folding Circle, brokered truce between Aardowlf, Tyger Tiger & Folding Circle, departed, warned Don not to plot against him again, broke up with Silhouette (Night Thrasher #3-4, 1993); alongside Andrew Chord, Walter Rosen, Father Michael Janes, Gai No Don & Sprocket, attacked by Air Force on behalf of Gloria Hancock while trying to deliver vital equipment to UN relief efforts in Sarajevo, defeated Air Force as Taylor & coerced them into joining relief efforts (Night Thrasher #5, 1993); with Chord, adopted newly orphaned Rage, convinced Rage not to confess to Ashu’s murder, tried to offer Rage guidance (New Warriors #39, 1993); with Warriors, alongside Firelord & Air-Walker, helped battle insane Super-Nova, restore Nova’s powers & rebuild Xandar (New Warriors #40-42, 1993); attended Nova’s birthday party (Nova #1, 1994); with Warriors, attended Vance’s release from prison & helped drive off anti-Vance protesters, conspired with Vance to infiltrate the Upstarts, supplied Silhouette with new costume & equipment, with Warriors, alongside X-Force, opposed Gamesmaster’s Younghunt (New Warriors #43-46/X-Force #32-33, 1994); alongside Rage, tried to quell race riots in Alphabet City (Night Thrasher #6, 1994); alongside Spider-Man, vs Shocker (Web of Spider-Man #109, 1994); hired new personal assistant/butler Ashley Sherman, met with TF board, trained with Speedball, attacked & nearly killed by long-lost brother Bandit (Night Thrasher #7, 1994); hospitalized, released, learned Bandit was truly his half-brother, defeated him, mourned the loss of his chance to have family, disillusioned regarding his father (Night Thrasher #8, 1994); learned new details about his family history, apprehended Tantrum after he went on a killing spree (Night Thrasher #9, 1994); with Warriors, opposed & destroyed controversial dam project in Nadua, vs Iron Man & Thunderstrike (Iron Man #302-304, 1994); alongside Iron Man, exposed Keeyana tribe as conspiring with Roxxon Oil to destroy the dam project & replace it with even more disruptive oil project, prompting government to reject both development plans (Night Thrasher #10, 1994); discussed Warriors’ future with Hindsight Lad, with Warriors, scattered through time by Sphinx (New Warriors #47, 1994); stranded in Old South, saved slave Moses Targum from a lynch mob & inspired him to start a new life under the name Taylor (Night Thrasher #11-12, 1994); returned to own time, with Warriors, defeated Sphinx (New Warriors #49-50, 1994); spied on by Primus, reorganized Warriors, with Warriors, addressed by Mad Thinker & Primus (New Warriors #51, 1994); trained with Justice & Firestar (Justice: Four Balance #1, 1994); further estranged from Silhouette by her romance with Bandit, TF subjected to industrial espionage by Bandit, arranged to purchase Tommy Ng’s Bio Dyne pharmaceutical company to develop its new anger management drug Sonovil, attacked by Silhouette & Bandit for working with Ng, further estranged from Silhouette (Night Thrasher #13-14, 1994); opposed machinations of corrupt Margaris Construction and Management alongside Rage, attempted reconciliation with Silhouette spoiled by Dwayne’s departure to deal with a clash between Hulk & authorities over the fate of a cash-strapped research lab, settled Hulk dispute by paying off landlord, learned Silhouette had left him for good & told him she wouldn’t play second fiddle to his costume anymore, decided to buy out Margaris & dissolve TF board if they disagree (Night Thrasher #15, 1994); warned Impulse to stay away from Psionex, with Warriors, confronted Psionex (New Warriors Annual #4, 1994); berated Nova for reckless conduct during a Warriors mission (Nova #10, 1994); with Warriors, apprehended Psionex leader Asylum (New Warriors #52, 1994); with Warriors, confronted reality-warping Mathemanic (New Warriors #53, 1994); blackmailed criminal mercenary Flashburn into going straight, used TF money to put various other criminals & criminal operations out of business, new methods denounced by most of the Warriors, battled black-market high-tech weapons dealers alongside Rage & Prowler, bought out Sinergy Technologies to cripple weapons manufacturing, new methods denounced by Prowler, spied upon by S.H.I.E.L.D. (Night Thrasher #16, 1994); discussed Nova with Namorita, investigated when Nova was taken into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, helped Nova investigate Shatterforce, alongside Nova & Firestar, vs Shadow Consortium agents (Nova #11-13, 1994); vs War Machine to protect Sinergy plant, learned Sinergy business was more corrupt than he realized, alongside War Machine & Rage, vs Sinergy’s private security team Field Force, warned by Nick Fury that his recent activities were highly illegal (Night Thrasher #17, 1994); promised amnesty by Fury in exchange for undertaking a S.H.I.E.L.D. mission in war-torn Azania to rescue American ambassador Lawrence Cromwell & his family, vs Purity Front & Supremacists, helped Cromwells escape, went back to rescue Wakandan ambassador Ndede, alongside boyhood idol Black Panther, vs Supremacists, resolved to use his own authority more wisely & responsibly (Night Thrasher #18, 1995); vs Tantrum (Night Thrasher #19, 1995); questionable ethics & absentee leadership denounced by all Warriors except Rage, quit Warriors alongside Rage (New Warriors #57, 1995); tried to help Rage cope with Granny Staples’ death, worried about Ballistic Storm Risin’ movie’s influence on Rage, visited Hellfire Club, tried to stop Rage from killing drug dealer The Grind, learned he was owner of Imperial Delazny Studios & its Ballistic Storm Risin’ movie, realized the primary bad influence in Rage’s life was his own violent vigilante example, talked him out of killing Grind (Night Thrasher #20-21, 1995); alongside Rage, began mentoring Psionex, donated Crash Pad and a million-dollar slush fund to the Warriors (New Warriors #60, 1995); alongside Psionex & Warriors, vs Eugenix (New Warriors #63-64, 1995); socialized with Speedball & Rage, unsuccessfully invited Speedball to join Psionex, located missing Namorita with assistance of Mad Thinker, alongside Rage, rescued Namorita from Undertow, learned that Mad Thinker had hoped the Warriors could help cure his mutated nephew David, helped Warriors destroy Volx, salvaged neoneutralizer to cure David, rejoined Warriors alongside Rage & Namorita (New Warriors #72-75, 1996); with Warriors, offered novice heroine Ultra Girl guidance & teamed with her against Effex (Ultra Girl #2-3, 1996-1997); with Warriors, captured crack dealers & reacted to news of Thunderbolts’ debut (Thunderbolts #1, 1997); with Warriors, alongside Thunderbolts, Heroes for Hire, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Swordsman & Magdalene, vs Elements of Doom (Thunderbolts #8, 1997); with Warriors, acted as backup for Avengers during conflict with Taskmaster & Albino (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1, 1998); with Warriors, alongside Avengers, shut down A.I.M. warehouse despite interference of Lord Templar (Avengers #13, 1999); with New Warriors, battled effects of extreme weather conjured by Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); studied martial arts in Japan, sensei Masahiko murdered, discovered that the Hand cult & their child assassin Junzo Muto had killed Masahiko & that Iron Fist was their next target, decided to go underground solo to track down the killers (New Warriors #8, 2000); quit Warriors & told them he was going to Seattle for a Stark-Fujikawa internship (Nova #1, 1999); refused Speedball’s invitation to rejoin Warriors (New Warriors #1, 1999); adopted new non-armored costume, sought out Iron Fist in Seattle, alongside Warriors, vs Junzo Moto & Hand to rescue Iron Fist, refused to rejoin Warriors & mocked their lack of leadership, reconsidered & rejoined Warriors (New Warriors #6-10, 2000); with Warriors, coped with crisis unleashed by a mad cosmic scholar from a divergent cosmos (Avengers/JLA #4, 2003); with New Warriors, defeated Southpaw (She-Hulk #5, 2004); lost fortune & control of Taylor Foundation, adopted Microbe, participated in New Warriors reality television series under direction of producer Ashley Brothers (New Warriors #1-6, 2005); continued filming Warriors series, opposed gang of super-criminals in Stamford Connecticut, seemingly killed in explosion caused by Nitro (Civil War #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Avengers #69 (1969)
Origin: Avengers #70 (1969), Daredevil #62 (1970), Defenders #32 (1976)
Significant Issues: As child, attended mother’s deathbed, sent to Westhaven Boarding School for Boys by father, fought with fellow students principal, assaulted principal during an argument, attended Grayburn University, dated Mindy, tried & failed to succeed academically, caused drunk driving accident that seemingly killed Mindy, refused father’s offer of assistance, expelled from university, rejected by military due to heart murmur, saw father’s plane crash, inherited fortune & Richmond Enterprises, turned over management of Richmond Enterprises to late father’s right-hand man J.C. Pennysworth, divided time between jet-setting & seeking cure for his heart condition (Defenders #32, 1976); unwittingly guided by Grandmaster, discovered & brewed alchemical formula in book from his library, used it to enhance his physical prowess, trained athletically to further enhance his abilities, joined Grandmaster’s Squadron Sinister as Nighthawk (Daredevil #62/Avengers #70, 1970/1969); with Squadron Sinister, pitted against Avengers in Grandmaster’s Game of the Galaxies, tried to capture & destroy Statue of Liberty, defeated by Captain America (Avengers #69-70, 1969); used trickery to discredit Daredevil by stealing his thunder as New York’s new leading crime-fighter, let at least some criminals he captured escape since he was only interested in public acclaim rather than justice, non-heroic motives & actions publicly exposed by Daredevil, vs Daredevil, escaped (Daredevil #62, 1970); pressed back into Squadron Sinister service, sought to warn Avengers of Nebulon’s threat, warned Defenders instead, turned against Nebulon & Squadron Sinister to save Earth, fatally wounded by exploding laser cannon, mystically saved from death by Doctor Strange, joined Defenders (Defenders #12-14, 1974); adopted new costume & jet pack, assigned Pennysworth to buy a secluded riding academy for Aragorn, with Defenders, alongside Professor X, vs Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants & Alpha the Ultimate Mutant (Defenders #15-16, 1974); met Son of Satan, with Defenders, vs Asmodeus (Giant-Size Defenders #2, 1974); purchased & modified Long Island riding academy on Nassau/Suffolk border as alternate headquarters for Defenders, gave departing Valkyrie goodbye kiss, learned Wrecking Crew was destroying Richmond Enterprises buildings, met Luke Cage/Power Man, with Defenders, vs Wrecking Crew (Defenders #17-19, 1974); met Thing, helped Defenders thwart efforts of Van Nyborg’s cult to bring Nameless Ones to Earth (Defenders #20, 1975); recruited Daredevil to help Defenders save Earth from Prime Mover by acting as pawns of Grandmaster (Giant-Size Defenders #3, 1975); chagrined to learn Valkyrie was married, reunited with Trish Starr, shared secret identity with Trish, vs Arthur Nagan (Defenders #21, 1975); gravely injured in same explosion Egghead used to maim Trish Starr, Egghead captured by Yellowjacket, met Yellowjacket, Squadron Sinister defeated by Defenders (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); robbed by Meteor Man, alongside Spider-Man, vs Meteor Man, decided to abandon pursuit of criminal since Meteor Man was mentally ill, quarreled with Spider-Man, berated by Valkyrie for abandoning pursuit of Meteor Man (Marvel Team-Up #33-34, 1975); broke up with Trish (Giant-Size Defenders #4, 1975); with Defenders, vs Sons of the Serpent, met Jack Norriss, Sons’ backer exposed as Nighthawk’s employee Pennysworth (Defenders #22-25, 1975); with Defenders, alongside Guardians of the Galaxy, helped liberate Guardians’ future Earth (Giant-Size Defenders #5/Defenders #26-29, 1975); held for ransom bv Tapping Tommy & Maggia, with Defenders, defeated Tapping Tommy (Defenders #30, 1975); met Howard the Duck, with Defenders, vs Band of the Bland (Marvel Treasury Edition #12, 1976); abducted & brain removed by Headmen, Chondu’s brain transplanted into Nighthawk’s body, Chondu-as-Nighthawk captured by Defenders, Nighthawk’s body mystically possessed by consciousness of Jack Norriss, Nighthawk’s disembodied brain beset by hallucinations, Nighthawk’s brain liberated by Jack-as-Nighthawk, Jack-as-Nighthawk & Nighthawk’s brain abducted by Nebulon & Ludberdites, Jack-as-Nighthawk attacked by Chondu-as-fawn, Jack & Nighthawk freed from Nebulon by Defenders (Defenders #31-34, 1976); brain restored to body by Red Guardian, abducted by Plantman, rescued by Defenders, placed Power Man on retainer, helped rescue Defenders from otherdimensional exile by Nebulon, helped defeat Eel & Porcupine, helped free jailed Valkyrie, paid Jack Norriss to leave team (Defenders #35-40, 1976); with Defenders, finally thwarted world conquest schemes of Nebulon & Headmen (Defenders Annual #1, 1976); temporarily reunited with Trish, with Defenders, vs Shazanna (Defenders #41, 1976); with Defenders, vs Hulk, comforted him after death of Jarella (Incredible Hulk #206-207, 1976-1977); with Defenders, vs Egghead’s Emissaries of Evil (Defenders #42-43, 1976-1977); with other male Defenders, enslaved by Red Rajah, vs female Defenders, freed from Rajah’s control, met Hellcat (Defenders #44-45, 1977); witnessed resignations of Strange, Power Man & Red Guardian, moved team to riding academy, vs Scorpio (Defenders #46, 1977); relaxed at home (Defenders #47, 1977); delivered ransom to Scorpio to free Jack Norriss, captured by Scorpio, met Moon Knight, with Defenders, defeated Scorpio & his android Zodiac (Defenders #48-50, 1977); captured Ringer (Defenders #51, 1977); alongside Thing, helped revive dormant extraterrestrial, teamed with Thing & alien to rescue people from burning hospital, unable to prevent alien’s murder by hateful mob (Marvel Two-in-One #34, 1977); attended Janet Van Dyne’s fashion show, helped Wasp & Yellowjacket defeat Porcupine’s gang (Avengers #167, 1978); defeated Cyrus Black (Tales to Astonish #13, 1980); with Defenders, vs radioactive Presence, freed Red Guardian from his mind control, poisoned by radiation, cured by Bruce Banner (Defenders #52-56, 1977-1978); met Ms. Marvel, with Defenders, vs A.I.M. (Defenders #57, 1978); met Devil-Slayer, helped Defenders thwart Xenogenesis demon holocaust plotted by Vera Gemini (Defenders #58-60, 1978); investigated thefts at one of his research labs & subsequent murder of research head Dr. Bradley, alongside Doctor Strange, vs Death-Stalker (Doctor Strange #29, 1978); with Defenders, vs Lunatik (Defenders #61, 1978); outraged by Dollar Bill’s Defenders documentary, kicked out Dollar Bill, irked by mass influx of new Defenders members, feuded with Falcon, led squad of new Defenders in searching New York for criminal Defenders impersonators, irritated his squad so much they all quit, with other Defenders, vs impersonators (Defenders #62-64, 1978); tended ailing Valkyrie (Defenders #65, 1978); with Defenders, learned of Valkyrie’s Asgardian background, intervened in power struggle between Hela & Ollerus (Defenders #66-68, 1978-1979); with Defenders, vs Yandroth (Defenders #119, 1983); with Defenders, learned secrets of Lunatik & how he was a collection of fragmentary beings formed from Arisen Tyrk, defeated restored Tyrk in Tunnelworld with aid of wizard Xhoohx despite opposition from Unnameable (Defenders #69-73, 1979); quit Defenders on advice of attorney Milton Rosenblum, left Valkyrie in charge of team, saw Long Island home wrecked by Foolkiller, berated Valkyrie for this setback, declared Defenders disbanded (Defenders #74-75, 1979); served with court injunction forbidding him from using Nighthawk identity (Defenders #76, 1979); among New York heroes who tried in vain to defeat Salem Seven (Fantastic Four Annual #14, 1979); learned Davies had finished preparing aggressive weapons package for his Nighthawk suit, donned modified Nighthawk suit to rescue Defenders from Mandrill, teamed with Wasp to free Defenders & defeat Mutant Force, arrested by F.B.I. for contempt of court & interstate flight to avoid prosecution (Defenders #78-81, 1979-1980); consulted lawyer Rosenblum, followed news of Atlantis/Wakanda conflict, rejected Ronsenblum’s suggestion of plea bargain, helped Hellcat & Black Panther trace stolen sound absorber, spied upon by mysterious Tribunal, supervised repairs to Defenders’ air-car, rescued careless worker Grimsby, count injunction lifted by Rosenblum & Matt Murdock, foiled airliner hijacking, indicted by grand jury for numerous fiscal crimes, assets frozen & apartment seized by I.R.S., told Hellcat of her mother’s death, attended Dorothy Walker’s funeral, met Dolly Donahue, moved into Montclair, NJ Walker residence with Defenders, learned of Hellcat’s past, departed in middle of own trial to rescue Daredevil, with Defenders, vs Mandrill’s forces, ordered to submit to police custody by Mandrill-influenced judge Belinda Clark, refused & fled, with Defenders, defeated Mandrill’s forces (Defenders #83-91, 1980-1981); held press conference, attacked by Mindy robot, defeated robot with aid of Spider-Man, discovered Mindy was alive, menaced by Mindy & her robots, survived with Spider-Man’s aid, reconciled with Mindy & procured psychiatric help for her, rescued girl from collapsing building (Marvel Team-Up #101, 1981); helped Defenders reintegrate Eternity, paralyzed after near-death experience (Defenders #92-93, 1981); discovered he was only paralyzed during daylight hours, informed Rosenblum of his condition, with Defenders, vs forces of Six-Fingered Hand, briefly allied with Dracula, temporarily healed by David Kessler, quit active Defenders duty due to his condition, hired Luann Bloom as live-in nurse, helped Defenders dispel Hell-on-Earth created by Satan & other arch-demons, visited Mindy at Carriwhite Acres, learned Mindy was infatuated with him & that she had psionic powers, attacked by Mindy, learned Carriwhite chief August Masters was a covert government agent experimenting on psychics such as Mindy & that their work had crippled him, tried in vain to expose Masters’ operation to the public (Defenders #95-102, 1981); attended Captain Marvel’s deathbed & funeral (Marvel Graphic Novel #1/Silver Surfer Annual #6, 1982/1993); alongside Earth's other heroes, abducted by Grandmaster & Death as potential candidate for "contest of champions" (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); cleared of all charges after paying $767,000 fine for back taxes, learned Masters was supposedly responsible for his court victory, celebrated victory, with Defenders, abducted by Secret Empire agents (Defenders #103-104, 1982); pressed into helping Empire control Mindy (Captain America #268, 1982); learned of Empire’s plans to use telepaths to slaughter populace of Russia, acted as host body for psychics in attacking Empire’s forces & blowing up their base, seemingly died in process (Defenders #106, 1982); seeming demise mourned by Defenders (Defenders #107, 1982); Earth-712 Nighthawk temporarily brainwashed into believing he was seemingly deceased Earth-616 Nighthawk (Defenders #109 & 111-115, 1982-1983); Nighthawk duplicate, with Legion of the Unliving, vs Avengers (Avengers Annual #16, 1987); spirit seemingly among inhabtants of realm of Death (Sensational She-Hulk #53, 1993); found alive, hospitalized as unidentified “John Doe”, lay comatose for years, treated by Doctor Hildebrant in special dark room to take advantage of his darkness-powered physiology, given prophetic eyes by demon lord Mephisto in guise of an angel claiming he was giving Kyle a chance to redeem himself, awoke from coma, donned new costume, began using prophetic vision to find & attack would-be evildoers before they committed their crimes, preemptive vigilante tactics opposed by Daredevil, accidentally killed Daredevil during struggle, trapped in Mephisto’s hell with Daredevil, escaped hell & resurrected Daredevil via repentant willingness to sacrifice himself, resolved to battle Mephisto’s future schemes (Nighthawk #1-3, 1998); told friends he was back from dead, decided he couldn’t live with mystical powers, researched occult seeking a means of removing them, restored to normal by Papa Hagg, retained Papa Hagg as supernatural advisor, discovered & took in mute homeless woman who seemed to be amnesiac Valkyrie (Defenders #2, 2001); had Papa Hagg bring together senior Defenders Doctor Strange, Hulk, Namor & Silver Surfer to aid Hellcat vs Yandroth, saw senior Defenders cursed by Yandroth, tracked senior Defenders via Papa Hagg, with Defenders, alongside Valkyrior led by true Valkyrie, vs forces of Pluto, learned his “Valkyrie” was a transformed Lorelei, learned another duplicate Valkyrie empowered to serve Pluto & Lorelei was unwilling pawn, defeated Pluto & Lorelei with new Valkyrie, welcomed new Valkyrie into Defenders’ ranks (Defenders #1-4, 2001); mistakenly attacked Everett K. Ross disguised as Mephisto alongside Defenders, attacked by Black Dragon, abandoned Ross (Black Panther #35 & 38, 2001); with Defenders, vs Headmen, with Defenders, alongside Red Raven & Avians, vs Bloodraven cult & Wayfinder, with Defenders, vs Attuma’s forces (Defenders #5-7, 2001); with Defenders, among world’s superheroes imprisoned by Graviton, freed through intervention of Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001); with Defenders, foiled world conquest scheme of Headmen, A.I.M. & Orrgo (Defenders #8-10, 2001); with Defenders, liberated Atlantis from Attuma’s forces, vs Chronarch, offer of Papa Hagg’s aid in lifting curse rejected by Doctor Strange, saw senior Defenders attack Gaea, stranded in Himalayas (Defenders #11-12, 2002); nearly froze to death in Himalayas, rescued by Papa Hagg, with remaining Defenders, opposed former senior Defenders after they became the tyrannical Order, Defenders presented with unwanted new headquarters at Parrington Mansion, learned senior Defenders had become the Order under influence of Yandroth’s curse, helped Defenders recruit Clea & create Ardina, with Defenders, vs Order, injured, transported to planet Yann alongside Defenders, healed by scientist supreme Dr. Christopher Ganyrog, learned Yandroth was manipulating Defenders, prevented Earth’s heroes from attacking the Order lest it fuel Yandroth’s power, helped restore Order to normal & dispel Yandroth’s influence, helped defeat Yandroth, deemed the human heart of the Defenders by Gaea & secretly empowered by her to reassemble team should Earth need them again (The Order #1-6, 2002); discouraged Tony Stark from harassing Constrictor at society party, among wealthy people abducted by Arcade, alongside Constrictor, Thing & Tony Stark, vs Arcade’s Murderland devices, encouraged Constrictor to consider superheroics (Thing #1-3, 2006); among character witnesses assembled for She-Hulk’s Time Variance Authority trial (She-Hulk #3, 2006); realized strength & sensory abilities were increasing, discovered Speed Demon had robbed Richmond Enterprises, invaded Thunderbolts hideout seeking Speed Demon, vs Thunderbolts, abducted by Squadron Sinister & urged to rejoin them, alongside Speed Demon/Whizzer, vs Squadron, accepted offer to join Thunderbolts as Speed Demon’s replacement, invited Thunderbolts to use Long Island riding academy as their new headquarters, trained with Thunderbolts, riding academy destroyed by Moonstone, with Thunderbolts, vs Baron Zemo’s forces, became troubled by team’s questionable morality, objected when Thunderbolts merged with Zemo’s team, quit Thunderbolts, formed alliance with Squadron Sinister (New Thunderbolts #15-18/Thunderbolts #100-102, 2006); discussed superhero registration with peers (Civil War #1, 2006)

Norvell, Red

First Appearance: (As Norvell) Thor #273 (1978); (as Thor) Thor #276 (1978)
Origin: Thor #276-277 (1978)
Significant Issues: As part of Harris Hobbs news crew, traveled to Asgard, fell for Sif, gained powers of Thor, defeated Thor & kidnapped Sif, came to senses & sacrificed self fighting Midgard Serpent (Thor #273-278, 1978); resurrected by Odin, returned to protect Asgard by his decree (Thor #477-478, 1994); vs Hulk & Hoarfen (Hulk #421-423, 1994); vs Thor again, gained his respect (Thor #478-479, 1994); told Sif he accepted they would never be more than friends (Thor #482, 1995); witnessed Thor vs Loki (Thor #483, 1995); sent back to Earth as a mortal, regained powers, joined Thor's hunt for lost Asgardians (Thor #501, 1996); driven out of New York by Onslaught, spent thoughtful night with Thor in Jersey (Thor #502, 1996); with Thor presumed dead, took on responsibility of finding missing gods alone, found three but then slain by minions of Seth (Journey into Mystery #503, 1996); now a minion of Seth, opposed Lost Gods when they entered Seth's realm (Journey into Mystery #508#509, 1997); tortured captive Lost Gods (Journey into Mystery #510, 1997); sent to reactive Asgardians' powers & memories, succeeded but restored own free will, joined Asgardians in battling Seth, ambushed by Dark Gods after battle (Journey into Mystery #512-513, 1997)


First Appearance and Origin: Sensational She-Hulk#19 (1990)
Significant Issues: Parents killed, trained herself to be a crimefighter, created Nosferata identity, fought alongside She-Hulk against Jack Serious & inmates of Dorkham Asylum (Sensational She-Hulk #19-20, 1990); assisted She-Hulk against Adrennazon (Marvel Comics Presents #123-126, 1993); attended She-Hulk's cross-temporal trial (She-Hulk #3, 2006)

Nova (Richard Rider)

First Appearance: Nova #1 (1976)
Origin: Nova #1 (1976), Annihilation: Nova #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Struggled with inferiority complex, bullied by Mike Burley, supported by Ginger Jaye, gained super-powers, became Nova, vs Zorr (Nova #1, 1976); vs Condor & Powerhouse (Nova #2, 1976); vs Diamondhead, punched out Burley (Nova #3, 1976); rescued Daredevil from Hudson River (Daredevil #142, 1976); saved Ginger from runaway truck, vs Corruptor-influenced Thor, teamed with Thor to defeat Corruptor (Nova #4, 1976); aspired to being on television, searched for missing Caps Cooper, auditioned to star in a Marvel comic book, met Marv Wolfman & Sal Buscema, comic book proposal rejected by Stan Lee, defeated Tyrannus & Earth-Shaker (Nova #5, 1977); vs Terrible Trio, captured, mentally reprogrammed into a criminal by Condor, joined forces with Trio as their leader, helped trio rob Air Force facility & his own Nova Prime starship, regained normal personality & opposed Trio, defeated & stranded on ship (Nova #6-7, 1977); made contact with artificial Computer P.R.I.M.E. intelligence controlling Nova Prime starship, learned of how Dey destroyed Zorr, monitored Trio/Sphinx & father, located Caps Cooper, returned to Earth, rescued Caps, vs Megaman (Nova #8, 1977); rescued Rider family from house fire, vs Megaman (Nova #9, 1977); captured flame-powered saboteur Firefly, intervened in battle between Terrible Trio & Sphinx, defeated by Powerhouse, alongside Powerhouse, captured by Sphinx (Nova #10, 1977); mind probed by Sphinx, resisted Sphinx’s efforts to extract secret knowledge from his mind, refused to submit despite being badly beaten by the far more powerful Sphinx, earned Sphinx’s respect in the process (Nova #11, 1977); teamed with Spider-Man & Captain James Steele to investigate murder of his own uncle Ralph Rider, vs agents of A.I.M. & Rider’s killer Photon, captured Photon who was unmasked as Maggia official Jason Dean (Nova #12/Amazing Spider-Man #171, 1977); teamed with Crime-Buster to foil Sandman’s bank robbery, tried in vain to prevent Sandman from abducting Doctor T’Kora, captured by Sandman (Nova #13, 1977); imprisoned by Yellow Claw, escaped, foiled Sandman’s attempted abduction of Mike Burley (Nova #14, 1977); teamed with Crime-Buster to capture Krimmons Gang, skirmished with Mike Burley after catching him in the midst of a theft, vs S.H.I.E.L.D.-manufactured Life Model Decoys as a test of his abilities, met S.H.I.E.L.D. head Nick Fury, learned S.H.I.E.L.D. had uncovered his dual identity, agreed to help S.H.I.E.L.D. vs Yellow Claw (Nova #15, 1977); estranged from girlfriend Ginger Jaye, alongside Nick Fury, vs Yellow Claw’s forces, captured alongside Fury by Yellow Claw & imprisoned in a missile sent off course by rival criminal Doctor Sun (Nova #16, 1977); diverted missile away from Capitol Building, escaped missle alongside Fury, estranged from family & friends due to increasingly temperamental nature, teamed with Fury to rescue scientists Samuel Burley & T’Kora from Yellow Claw & oppose Yellow Claw’s tidal wave plot (Nova #17, 1978); defeated Yellow Claw & Fritz von Voltzmann, foiled Yellow Claw’s tidal wave plot with aid of Fury & S.H.I.E.L.D., reconciled with friends & family (Nova #18, 1978); along with the rest of the world, witnessed light show produced by Avengers battling Faust overhead (Thor #271, 1978); among many heroes who joined Defenders after learning of the team’s existence via Dollar Bill’s television documentary, led Marvel Man, Prowler & White Tiger in riding Nighthawk's horses until Falcon & Nighthawk spooked their steeds into stampeding, patrolled New York with squad of Defenders led by Nighthawk, helped carry flightless teammate Tagak aloft, quit team alongside the rest of Nighthawk’s squad after tiring of Nighthawk’s abrasive attitude & apprehending the same juvenile delinquent twice (Defenders #62-64, 1978); vs Blackout (Nova #19, 1978); teamed with Thing & alien robot women Milandra, Kallara & Askaré to save Earth from extraterrestrial Monitors (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #3, 1978); passed makeup test to advance to the next grade, followed Charles Rider, shadowed by Bobby Rider & Bobby’s robotic detective Factor X (Nova #20, 1978); rescued father from Inner Circle, discovered Corruptor was Circle’s leader, revealed dual identity as Nova to his brother & parents (Nova #21, 1978); demonstrated powers to family, defeated by Diamondhead, rescued by Comet, told fugitive Mike Burley there was no need to keep running, monitored by Doctor Sun (Nova #22, 1978); alongside Comet, defeated by Diamondhead, captured by Doctor Sun, taken to Nova Prime starship by Sun, confronted by Sphinx (Nova #23, 1979); recruited amnesiac Powerhouse on Sphinx’s orders to help crew Nova Prime starship, helped restore Powerhouse’s memory & learned Powerhouse was a Xandarian, boarded starship alongside Comet, Crime-Buster, Powerhouse & stowaway Diamondhead (Nova #24, 1979); en route to Xandar, quarreled with shipmates, teamed with them to defeat attacking Skrulls (Nova #25, 1979); reached Xandar, formed Champions of Xandar with most of his shipmates, battled Sphinx alongside Champions & Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #206 & 208-209, 1979); during Skrull-Xandar war, witnessed atrocity at Epyrus-7 when Diamondhead unleashed a banned bacterial weapon that fatally infected both Skrull & Xandarian forces there, released a massive energy pulse that slew the infected troops as a mercy-killing, brainwashed by Xandarians into forgetting the Epyrus-7 tragedy (Nova #2, 1999); with Champions, alongside Nova Corps & Rom, decisively defeated Skrull army & ended Skrull-Xandar war, set Diamondhead adrift in space, decided to return to Earth even though it meant forfeiting his Nova powers (Rom #24, 1981); capacity to wield Nova powers unwittingly restored when dying Adora transmitted a portion of the Nova Force to him across space (Nova #1, 1999); depressed & aimless upon returning to Earth, stuck in a series of menial jobs (New Warriors Annual #1, 1991); regained powers, resumed Nova guise, vs Terrax, helped found New Warriors (New Warriors #1, 1990); with Warriors, alongside Thor, vs Juggernaut (Thor #411-412, 1989); with Warriors, vs Concrete Dragons street gang (New Warriors #2, 1990); fired from McDonalds, quit Gold’s Gym, asked out by Gym staffer Karen, with Warriors, confronted Mad Thinker & Primus (New Warriors #3, 1990); with Warriors, vs Psionex (New Warriors #4, 1990); with Warriors, vs Star Thief & Stane agents, helped Stane contain fires (New Warriors #5-6, 1990); with Warriors, dealt with blizzard conjured by Avant Guard (Web of Spider-Man #75, 1991); with Warriors, confronted Project: Earth in Brazil, rescued Maddie Baldwin, defeated Force of Nature (New Warriors #7-9, 1991); with Warriors, vs White Queen’s Hellions (New Warriors #10, 1991); in the Sphinx-created alternate reality of Earth-9105, joined Avengers & became great success, realized the corruption & instability of this alternate reality, forced Sphinx to restore true reality (New Warriors #11-13, 1991); with Warriors, attended grand opening of Avengers Headquarters (Avengers #332-333, 1991); with Warriors, alongside X-Force, vs Piecemeal & Proteus (New Mutants Annual #7/New Warriors Annual #1/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6, 1991); with Warriors, alongside others, opposed Edifice Rex (Damage Control #1-2 & 4, 1991); with Warriors, manipulated into battling Fantastic Four by Puppet Master (Fantastic Four #356, 1991); among Earth’s heroes assembled to battle Thanos, defeated (Infinity Gauntlet #3/Silver Surfer #52 & 54/Infinity Gauntlet #4, 1991); began to make peace with Night Thrasher, given new costume by him (New Warriors #14, 1991); with Warriors, alongside Captain America, vs Drug Lords (Captain America: Drug War #1, 1994); adopted new costume, helped police shut down crack house, admitted to parents he had resumed his Nova guise, apologized to parents for his recent behavior & assured them things would get better, with Warriors, vs Psionex, with Warriors, alongside Mathemanic, Impulse, Fantastic Four & Silver Surfer, vs Terrax, asked to move out of family home (New Warriors #15-17, 1991); teamed with Darkhawk, Night Thrasher, Spider-Man, Moon Knight & Punisher against Secret Empire (Amazing Spider-Man #351-352 & 354-358, 1991-1992); warned Pretty Persuasions to stay out of trouble, witnessed Chord’s attempted suicide (New Warriors #18, 1991); aided Spider-Man & others against Sinister Six (Spider-Man #20 & 23, 1992); with Warriors, captured & tortured by Gideon (New Warriors #19, 1992); with Warriors, vs Cybersamurai, was only Warrior who supported Night Thrasher’s plan to cooperate with Yakuza criminals for information (New Warriors #20, 1992); with Warriors, recruited Rage & Darkhawk, stole Avengers quinjet, followed Night Thrasher to Cambodia, vs Folding Circle & Tai (New Warriors #21-25, 1992); with New Warriors, alongside Spider-Man, vs forces of Sphinx & Justin Hammer to rescue Speedball (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); worked as delivery man, rear-ended by Yale student Laura Dunham, asked out by Dunham (New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); alognside Namorita & Firestar, attempted to free Vance Astrovik from federal Guardsmen’s custody, convinced by Vance to break off the attack (New Warriors #26, 1992); with Warriors, attended gathering at Four Freedoms Plaza to discuss threat of Magus & dopplegangers, bragged about being chosen as part of the assemblage’s outer space strike team, fought alongside other heroes during Infinity War (New Warriors #27/Infinity War #1-5, 1992); with Warriors, met Turbo, vs Cardinal (New Warriors #28, 1992); offered to help Night Thrasher investigate subversion of Taylor Foundation (Night Thrasher: Four Control #2, 1992); with Warriors, vs Force of Nature & others during Trans-Sabal civil war, discussed war on television (New Warriors #29-30, 1992); first date with Laura Dunham (New Warriors #31, 1993); with New Warriors, alongside Slapstick & other heroes, vs Neutron Bum (Slapstick #4, 1993); dated Laura, with Warriors, teamed with other heroes to battle corrupting Darkforce unleashed by Darkling (New Warriors #32-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); with Warriors, alongside Darkhawk, defeated Tomorrow Man (Darkhawk #26-29, 1993); trained Turbo & her partner Mike, defeated Air Force with their aid (New Warriors #35, 1993); among heroes assembled to oppose the Goddess (Infinity Crusade #1-6/Warlock and The Infinity Watch #18-19/Web Of Spider-Man #104-106, 1993); brother Robert abducted & maimed by Poison Memories, with Warriors, rescued Robert & other hostages, defeated Poison Memories (New Warriors #37-38/Night Thrasher #1, 1993); reassured by Robert that he should not feel guilty & that his suffering was a small price to pay for the importance of Nova’s work, shared parting kiss with a departing Namorita (New Warriors #39, 1993); stripped of his powers by Supernova but still contained some portion of the Xandarian spirit, with Warriors, alongside Firelord & Air-Walker, helped restore Xandar, appointed First Centurion Prime in the Starcorp of Xandar, designated as protector the Terran Sector, regained powers plus new abilities & gained new Xandarian Nova uniform (New Warriors #40-42, 1993); skirmished with Shi’ar soldiers who were monitoring him, reunited with Bernie Dillon, Caps Cooper & Ginger Jaye, as a test of his new powers arranged by Adora, vs Shi’ar Gladiator, celebrated birthday, encouraged by brother to start Nova Express courier business (Nova #1, 1994); revealed secret identity to Laura Dunham, somewhat estranged from Laura, tracked down serial killer Tailhook & witnessed her suicide (Nova #2, 1994); manipulated by Corruptor into battling Spider-Man, harassing Daily Bugle & destroying mob-backed construction project (Nova #3, 1994); moved into Alphabet City apartment with Bernie & Caps, attacked by Nova 0:0, warned by Nova 0:0 that he would have to overcome his emotional deficiencies & better master his powers or risk destruction of Earth (Nova #4, 1994); with Warriors, attended Vance’s release from prison & helped drive off anti-Vance protesters (New Warriors #43, 1994); warmly reunited with newly-mutated Namorita (New Warriors #44, 1994); with Warriors, alongside X-Force, opposed Gamesmaster’s Younghunt (X-Force #32-33/New Warriors #45-46, 1994); began making money in courier business, vandalized Corruptor’s office building, reconciled with Laura, vs Condor, helped Condor realize his humanity was not completely lost (Nova #5, 1994); with Warriors, opposed & destroyed controversial dam project in Nadua, vs Iron Man & Thunderstrike (Iron Man #302-304, 1994); with Warriors, scattered through time by Sphinx (New Warriors #47, 1994); stranded in alternate timeline where he failed to prevent Earth from being destroyed by the Deathstorm, met alternate version of self, tutored by alternate self in the use of his powers (Nova #6-7, 1994); returned to own time, with Warriors, defeated Sphinx (New Warriors #49-50, 1994); spied on by Primus, helped reorganize Warriors, with Warriors, addressed by Mad Thinker & Primus (New Warriors #51, 1994); aided Quasar against Presence & Darkstar, witnessed their seemed murder of Quasar (Quasar #60, 1994); advised Firestar following her friend Juipiter’s rape (New Warriors Annual #4, 1994); with aid of Caps & Bernie, vs Shatterforce (Nova #8-9, 1994); single-handedly defeated Deadhead, Kid Quarry, Skullcat & Sureshot while shutting down their smuggling operation, berated by Night Thrasher for reckless conduct during a Warriors mission, told Warriors about his Deathstorm worries, manipulated into a battle with Diamondhead by Corruptor, distracted by resurfacing fragmentary memories of Epyrus-7, diverted by collision with Rhino who was battling Darkhawk, unable to prevent Diamondhead’s escape (Nova #10, 1994); alongside Thing, Ant-Man & She-Hulk, vs Shadow Consortium’s robots & Armada, briefly considered forming new Fantastic Four alongside them, taken in by S.H.I.E.L.D. for debriefing, reunited with Namorita (Nova #11, 1994); helped S.H.I.E.L.D. replace lost satellite, attacked by Nova 0:0, defeated by Inhumans & Star Thief (Nova #12, 1994); researched Shatterforce with aid of New Warriors, learned Shatterforce agent Warhead seemed to be executed bank robber Gregory Slivovitz whom he had apprehended years earlier, bickered with Night Thrasher, teamed with Night Thrasher & Firestar to attack Shadow Consortium warehouse (Nova #13, 1995); with Warriors, confronted reality-warping Mathemanic (New Warriors #53, 1994); ordered by Adora to return to Xandar while investigating Deathstorm/Shadow Consortium mysteries with Warriors, refused Adora’s orders, located Shadow Consortium with aid of Nova 0:0, with Warriors, vs Consortium, learned Consortium’s Aakon backers were developing a doomsday bomb that might be the source of the Deathstorm (Nova #14, 1995); with Warriors, alongside Cardinal, vs Undertow & their Soldiers of Misfortune, unable to prevent Undertow’s abduction of Namorita (New Warriors #54-56, 1994-1995); alongside Darkhawk, Speedball & Spider-Man, vs Hostiles & Metahumes (Spider-Man: Friends and Enemies #1-4, 1995); led Warriors in condemning Night Thrasher’s absentee leadership, forced Night Thrasher & Rage out of the group as a result, with Warriors, vs Namor (New Warriors #57, 1995); forcibly recruited into Starcorp’s battle with Zorr’s brother Kraa, survived initial skirmish with Kraa alongside fellow Corpsman Grot (Nova #15, 1995); saw Grot slain by Kraa, fought Kraa alongside fellow Corpsman Muraitak, defeated Kraa, allowed by Muraitak to go free, stopped the Deathstorm with the aid of Robbie Rider & Nova 0:0, saw dying Nova 0:0 unmasked as an alternate-timeline Robbie Rider (Nova #16, 1995); with Warriors, denounced Night Thrasher’s ethically dubious corporate/cash-based crimefighting (Night Thrasher #16, 1994); attacked & powers drained by Nova Omega, stripped of Nova rank & powers by Adora for disobedience (Nova #17, 1995); as Rider, returned to Earth, alongside Nove Omega, vs Dire Wraith stowaway Volx, decided to throw himself off a building to see if his powers came back again, wrote farewell note to Laura in case his plan didn’t work (Nova #18, 1995); rescued in mid-fall by Turbo, aided Warriors & Saal against Volx despite lost powers (New Warriors #60, 1995); pressured Hindsight to help him find Namorita & investigate Saal (New Warriors #61, 1995); tried to adjust to normal life with Laura’s support (New Warriors #62, 1995); participated in unsuccessful attempt to liberate Namorita (New Warriors #65, 1995); played Risk board game with Laura & Warriors, present during battles with Guardians of the Galaxy & Sphinx as well as subsequent return of Speedball (New Warriors #68-69 & 71, 1996); lifted weights with Vance & gave him leadership advice, attended Warriors meeting, learned Volx had killed & impersonated Warrors reservist & alternate Turbo Mike Jeffries (New Warriors #73, 1996); aided Warriors & Saal in defeating Volx, Rider’s Nova powers restored by dying Saal during the conflict (New Warriors #74-75, 1996); with Warriors, offered novice heroine Ultra Girl some guidance & teamed with her against Effex (Ultra Girl #2-3, 1996-1997); with Warriors, captured crack dealers & reacted to news of Thunderbolts’ debut (Thunderbolts #1, 1997); with Warriors, alongside Thunderbolts, Heroes for Hire, Spider-Man, Daredevil, Swordsman & Magdalene, vs Elements of Doom (Thunderbolts #8, 1997); with Warriors, alongside other heroes, pursued Thunderbolts after they were exposed as criminals, protected civilians during explosion of Four Freedoms Plaza (Thunderbolts #10, 1998); with Warriors, acted as backup for the Avengers during conflict with Taskmaster & Albino (Hawkeye: Earth's Mightiest Marksman #1, 1998); with Warriors, alongside Avengers, shut down A.I.M. warehouse despite interference of Lord Templar (Avengers #13, 1999); with Warriors, battled effects of extreme weather conjured by Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #25, 1999); fight with Rhino interrupted by She-Hulk, worked at Marvel Burger with Bernie Dillon, reunited with Ginger Jaye, fight with Doctor Octopus interrupted by Spider-Man, started classes at Empire State University with Bernie & Caps, became infatuated with freshman Jennifer Smith, attended disbanding of New Warriors, spurned Namorita when she was going through a repulsive & painful mutation, realized powers were becoming unstable, fought & defeated Nebula & her crew, rescued Ginger from abusive husband Darren Firestone, accidentally beat Firestone into a coma during a power surge, learned Ginger was pregnant (Nova #1, 1999); failed to apprehend Kid Quarry during a robbery, fully remembered Epyrus-7 massacre while battling Diamondhead, alongside Captain America, vs Diamondhead, shattered Diamondhead, spurned by Namorita after she regained her normal appearance, watched Namorita throw herself at Bernie (Nova #2, 1999); reunited with New Warriors to capture Skrull posing as superhuman policeman, watched Namorita throw herself at Speedball, tried out for baseball team, visited Ginger, battled Quintronic Man, failed to prevent Mary Brock being injured during the battle (Nova #3, 1999); helped Namorita defeat Orka, told off by Namorita (New Warriors #0, 1999); became star college baseball player but angered coach with his absences, defeated Quicksand, tested powers with aid of Reed Richards, had Richards dampen his powers to better control them, helped Fantastic Four defeat Condor, collapsed on Ginger’s doorstep (Nova #4, 1999); talked with Ginger about her future plans, consulted Robbie regarding his powers, alongside Spider-Man, vs Badd Axe, Firearms & Vampiro, saved Rider family from destruction of their apartment building before Robbie bought back their original home (Nova #5, 1999); reluctantly rejoined the reformed New Warriors at Speedball’s urging, radically altered his costume’s appearance, with Warriors, vs Blastaar (New Warriors #1, 1999); told Bernie & Caps he was wearing a different outfit with the Warriors to protect his reputation since he felt he had outgrown the team, ignored offer of a date from smitten Elizabeth Rand when Jennifer Smith offered to date him instead, defeated Sphinx (Nova #6, 1999); with Warriors, entered Coterie's "contest of champions", defeated Slingers in basketball game, subsequently defeated by Black Panther (Contest of Champions II #3, 1999); with Warriors, vs Eugenix (New Warriors #2, 1999); unknowingly met Generation X students (Generation X #59, 2000); saved Condor by convincing Red Raven & his Avians to break off their attack on his prison, dated Jennifer Smith & realized he had zero chemistry with her, tried to console depressed Ginger, met with Marvel Comics staff Ruben Diaz, Erik Larsen & Joe Bennett regarding new plans for a Nova comic book, told them a Nova imitator was working with the Warriors, battled Venom, Nova series rejected by Bob Harras in favor of considering a New Warriors series, arranged for Ginger to move in with his family (Nova #7, 1999); with Warriors, clashed with high-tech street gangs, feuded with Aegis (New Warriors #3, 1999); with Warriors, battled Heavy Mettle & moved into Brooklyn firehouse (New Warriors #4, 2000); reacted to news of Invisible Woman supposedly marrying Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four #27, 2000); alongside Avengers & Spider-Man, vs Exemplars (Avengers #25, 2000); celebrated Christmas with Warriors & Avengers (Ant-Man’s Big Christmas #1, 2000); began using Hoverpod, with Warriors, alongside Generation X, vs Biohazard (New Warriors #5, 2000); with Warriors, captured Mutant Force, restored uniform’s original appearance in accordance with Starcorp regulations, started planning a New Warriors movie with Speedball (New Warriors #6, 2000); with Warriors, captured Heavy Mettle with aid of repentant Firestrike (New Warriors #7, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Iron Fist, vs Junzo Moto & the Hand, rescued Iron Fist (New Warriors #8, 2000); with Warriors, alongside Wolverine, vs Reanimator (Wolverine #149, 2000); with Warriors, opposed Blizzard until sentient Iron Man armor intervened, battled rogue sentient armor after Blizzard’s defeat, publicly denounced by Ginger for her husband’s death, experienced possible romantic chemistry with Turbo (New Warriors #9, 2000); gave up on Warriors movie project after prospective producers tried to turn it into a cutesy animated version, decided to concentrate less on public relations & showbusiness aspirations, cleared of wrongdoing regarding Darren Firestone’s death (New Warriors #10, 2000); rescued civilians during quakes caused by Graviton (Thunderbolts #56, 2001); among super-beings temporarily affected by the Thunderbolts’ Liberator technology (Avengers/Thunderbolts #3, 2004); with New Warriors, defeated Southpaw (She-Hulk #5, 2004); flew over New York; (Marvel Team-Up #2, 2005); teamed with Spider-Man vs Rhino, teamed with Hulk, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel & She-Hulk vs Titannus (Marvel Team-Up #11-13, 2005); among witnesses assembled to testify on She-Hulk’s behalf at Time Variance Authority (She-Hulk #3, 2006); with Warriors, alongside other heroes, defended New York from Hydra army (New Thunderbolts#6, 2005); among heroes mind-controlled by Purple Man into battling Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005); participated in New Warriors reality television series (New Warriors #1-6, 2005); sole survivor after the Annihilation Wave wiped out Xandarians & Nova Corps (Annihilation: Prologue #1, 2006); became host body for Xandarian Worldmind & totality of Nova Force, powers tremendously augmented as a result, adopted modified uniform, vs Annihilation Wave invaders, met Drax & Cammi, mentored by Drax, teamed with Quasar vs Annihilus, routed Annihilus despite Quasar’s demise (Annihilation: Nova #1-4, 2006); became leader in interstellar army assembled to combat Annihilation Wave, took on Peter Quill as his aide, took Gamora as a lover (Annihilation #1, 2006)

Nova Omega (Garthan Saal)

First Appearance: (As Super-Nova) Avengers #301 (1989); (as Nova Omega) Nova #17 (1995)
Origin: Avengers #301 (1989), New Warriors #41 (1993)
Significant Issues: Assault on Starfox & Firelord reported, attacked Avengers, arrived on Earth, fought both East & West Coast Avengers, Quasar, & Fantastic Four, unknowingly sent into timestream after Nebula imposter by Reed Richards (Avengers #301-303, 1989); returned to Earth, drained Nova/Richard Rider’s power, attempted to combine his own power with spirit of Xandar within Rider to revive Xandar, powers drained into Rider & rendered comatose while Rider restored Xandar’s World-Mind (New Warriors #40-42, 1993); revived, made Centurion Sector Coordinator (Nova #1, 1994); as Nova Omega, drained Rider’s power, replaced Rider as Centurion Prime (Nova #17, 1995); returned powerless Rider to Earth, encountered Volx who escaped when Rider turned a blaster on Saal (Nova #18, 1995); captured by Volx who used him to power a doomsday device, freed by New Warriors, destroyed Volx’s base with Rider (New Warriors #60, 1995); assisted New Warriors against Sphinx, absorbed toxic radiation unwittingly unleashed by Firestar, left in mid-battle to receive critical message from Mexxa Rien (New Warriors #69, 1996); informed by Mexxa that Xandar was using his monitoring equipment to spy on Earth (New Warriors #73, 1996); cut data feed to Xandar, detected Volx passing nearby, summoned New Warriors to stop Volx (New Warriors #74, 1996); used ship to shoot the Volx-hijacked & controlled Smartship Friday out of the sky, joined New Warriors against Volx, sacrificed life draining Volx’s power, returned Nova-Power to Rider, informed Rider of Xandar’s treachery before dying (New Warriors #75, 1996)

Number Nine

First Appearance: Daredevil #271 (1989)
Origin: Daredevil #271-272 (1989)
Significant Issues: Escaped laboratory containment when Brandy Ash blew up Skip Ash’s lab facilities, fled Ash’s farm, protected from Shotgun by Daredevil (Daredevil #271-273, 1989); first met Gorgon & Karnak (Daredevil #274, 1989); fought & befriended Ultron-13, failed to prevent Daredevil from defeating him, resolved to find way to revive him (Daredevil #275-276, 1989-1990); sought to accompany Gorgon & Karnak, overwhelmed with them by Blackheart (Daredevil #278, 1990); perceived Blackheart despite his disguise, drawn with others into Mephisto’s realm (Daredevil #279, 1990); encountered various denizens of Mephisto’s realm (Daredevil #280-281, 1990); alongside Daredevil & Inhumans, escaped Mephisto’s realm (Daredevil #282, 1990); parted company with Daredevil & Inhumans (Daredevil #283, 1990)


First Appearance: Iceman #3 (1985)
Significant Issues: Mirage rebelled then returned (Iceman #1-4, 1985); claimed Elders in Death’s guise (Silver Surfer #17, 1988); pointed Maelstrom/Anomaly towards Eon (Quasar #21, 1991); allowed Maelstrom to serve as his avatar (Quasar #25, 1991); at Cosmic Congress due to Edifice Rex (Damage Control #4, 1991); sent Deathurge & Kid Reaper to prepare Quasar (Quasar #39-40, 1982); replaced Deathurge with Doorman (GLA #3-4, 2005); rejected Deathurge (GLX-Mas Special #1, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Men #28 (1967)
Significant Issues: As Factor Three member, alongside Banshee, sent to capture Professor X, opposed X-Men, defeated by Mimic (X-Men #28, 1967); escaped, returned to Factor Three base in Mount Charteris, chastised for mission failure, ordered to await Mutant Master’s displeasure, waited for years before Blob & others returned (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); with Factor Three, captured Sonny Baredo (Thunderbolts #55, 2001); remained behind after Blob & others were captured (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); spent years studying & experimenting on Sonny, placed him in cryogenic suspension (Thunderbolts #55, 2001); survived through base being occupied by Sons of the Serpent, Hydra, August Masters’ army, & Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #33/Defenders #22/Thunderbolts #18, 1999/1975/1998); secretly helped Moonstone escape Masters of Evil (Thunderbolts #25 & 33, 1999); clandestinely observed Thunderbolts after they claimed base as their own (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); secretly began aiding Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #27-28, 30 & 32-33, 1999); discovered by Thunderbolts, accepted offer to join team, captured by Techno, placed in suspended animation, impersonated by Techno (Thunderbolts #33, 1999); bio-chamber discovered by Scourge (Thunderbolts #42, 2000); freed from stasis, moved Sonny’s chamber to spatial pocket, rejected Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #48, 2001); clandestinely observed S.H.I.E.L.D.’s investigation of Mount Charteris (Thunderbolts #49, 2001); location discovered by Fixer, sought to prevent Fixer returning pocket to Earth, failed, Sonny freed (Thunderbolts #54, 2001); alongside Redeemers, opposed Sonny, convinced Sonny to leave Earth, accompanied him (Thunderbolts #55, 2001)


First Appearance: Punisher #1 (1998)
Origin: Punisher #1-4 (1998-1999)
Significant Issues: Assisted by undead stalkers, hunted down & killed Grigori angels Esphares & Tariel in the desanctified Church of St. Tarcissius (Punisher #1, 1998); sent his demons & stalkers to Brooklyn, New York to kill rival Hell-Lord Daimon Hellstorm, tortured them when they failed their mission (Punisher #2, 1998); conquered realm of rival Hell-Lord Satannish, captured Punisher & Grigori angel Gadriel, fed upon Grigori angels Sariel, Azazel, Armaros, & Ezekeel (Punisher #3, 1999); battled Punisher & Gadriel in Manhattan’s Flatiron Building, involuntarily pulled back into Hell through a portal (Punisher #4, 1999)


First Appearance: (Name only) Uncanny X-Men #322 (1995); (voice only) Cable #31 (1996); (face only) X-Men #50 (1996); (in shadows) X-Man #15 (1996); (fully) X-Men #53 (1996)
Origin: Wolverine #104 (1996)
Significant Issues: Xavier mindwiped Magneto, inadvertently created Onslaught (X-Men #25/Wolverine #104, 1993/1996); Onslaught learned of Landau, Luckman & Lake’s warp portals, devised plan to erase thought by uniting mankind in a collective intelligence (X-Men: The Road to Onslaught, 1996); invited Juggernaut to join him, knocked him across continent when he refused (Uncanny X-Men #322, 1995); stole data on Cable from Blaquesmith’s computers (Cable #21, 1995); learned of Sentinel’s ability to absorb psionic energy, invaded invaded Sentinel research facility, abducted scientists (X-Men: The Road to Onslaught/X-Men #46, 1996/1995); witnessed X-Man pulling Xavier’s astral form into physical world (X-Man #10, 1995); recruited Gateway, sent him to abduct Chamber (X-Men: The Road to Onslaught/X-Men #49, 1996); had Gateway teleport X-Men to be tested by Post (X-Men #50, 1996); X-Force encountered Onslaught’s servants Blob & Mimic (X-Force #52, 1996); sent Post to confront Cable (Cable #31, 1996); defeated Sebastian Shaw & Tessa, recruited Holocaust, sent Holocaust to abduct X-Man (X-Man #15, 1996); Cable & Domino began investigating Onslaught, Onslaught attacked Blaquesmith (Cable #32, 1996); aided Gambit & Jean Grey in escaping Operation: Zero Tolerance (Uncanny X-Men #333, 1996); Post attacked Cable (Cable #33, 1996); appeared to Jean Grey, invited her to become his consort (X-Men #53, 1996); appeared to London Hellfire Club Black Queen (Excalibur #99, 1996); X-Man defeated Holocaust (X-Man #17, 1996); Juggernaut sought Jean Grey to unlock Onslaught’s identity from his mind (Uncanny X-Men #334, 1996); Jean Grey learned Onslaught’s true identity from Juggernaut’s mind, Onslaught confronted Juggernaut (X-Men #54, 1996); X-Man sought Avengers’ help against Onslaught (Avengers #401, 1996); appeared to Franklin Richards as “Charlie” (Fantastic Four #414, 1996); Juggernaut discovered trapped within Ruby of Cyttorak, Onslaught confronted X-Men, opposed by them, appeared to Franklin again, X-Man recruited Avengers’ help, Onslaught recruited Dark Beast (Onslaught: X-Men/X-Men Unlimited #12, 1996); Avengers & X-Man came to X-Men’s aid, Avengers went to warn Fantastic Four of Onslaught’s interest in Franklin, X-Men set off for Muir Island, X-Force tasked with safeguarding X-Man, Storm went to aid Cable (Uncanny X-Men #335, 1996); Onslaught mind-controlled Hulk, sent him to attack Cable (Incredible Hulk #444, 1996); Cable & Storm vs Hulk, freed him of Onslaught’s control (Cable #34/Incredible Hulk #444, 1996); Emma Frost sought to protect Generation X from Onslaught (Generation X #18-19, 1996); Gateway revealed Onslaught’s origin to Wolverine & Elektra (Wolverine #104, 1996); Avengers & Gambit located Joseph & Rogue (Avengers #401, 1996); Onslaught confronted Fantastic Four, opposed by FF, Avengers & X-Men, defeated them, abducted Franklin (Fantastic Four #415, 1996); X-Factor vs Post, Onslaught took control of Sentinels, Forge, Sabretooth & Mystique vs Dark Beast (X-Factor #125, 1996); X-Men obtained Xavier Protocols (Excalibur #100, 1999); Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four vs Sentinels, Onslaught created citadel, generated telepathically-enhanced electromagnetic pulse (X-Men #55, 1996); X-Force failed to prevent Mr. Sinister capturing X-Man (X-Man #18/X-Force #57, 1996); Spider-Man/Ben Reilly, Peter Parker & Green Goblin/Phil Urich vs Sentinels (Amazing Spider-Man #415/Green Goblin #12/Spider-Man #72, 1996); Juggernaut escaped Ruby with aid of Gomurr & Tar (X-Men Unlimited #12, 1996); Thor encountered Hela on eve of final battle against Onslaught (Thor #502, 1996); Sinister failed to prevent Onslaught capturing X-Man (X-Man #19, 1996); Xavier freed from Onslaught by Thor, Onslaught grew more powerful as a result (Uncanny X-Men #336, 1996); Cable & Invisible Woman teamed with Apocalypse to attempt rescue of Franklin, betrayed by Apocalypse, rescue failed (Cable #35, 1996); Wolverine rejoined fight against Onslaught (Wolverine #105, 1996); Beast rescued by X-Factor, Dark Beast defeated & captured (X-Factor #126, 1996); Onslaught failed to manipulate X-Force (X-Force #58, 1996); Onslaught opposed Fantastic Four with phantoms of their greatest foes, Puppet Master, Inhumans, Black Panther, Fantastic Force, Namor, She-Hulk, & Doctor Doom joined fight against Onslaught (Fantastic Four #416, 1996); Avengers vs Sentinels (Iron Man #332, 1996); Hulk & Avengers attempted sneak attack on Onslaught, failed (Incredible Hulk #445, 1996); S.H.I.E.L.D. vs Sentinels, Helicarrier downed, Punisher aided survivors (Punisher #11, 1996); Avengers vs Holocaust & Post (Avengers #402, 1996); Joseph & Rogue vs Sentinels, heroes planned final assault on Onslaught (X-Men #56, 1996); Excalibur contemplated joining fight against Onslaught (Excalibur #101, 1996); Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Namor, Doctor Doom & others seemingly sacrificed lives to destroy Onslaught (Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); heroes encountered manifestation of Onslaught (Iron Man #6, 1997)


First Appearance and Origin: Quasar #18 (1991)
Significant Issues: Saved from Unbeing by Quasar, changed his costume (Quasar #18, 1991); encountered Quasar as extraterrestrial fetus, saved by Care-Giver (Quasar #36-37, 1992); revealed identity to Quasar (Quasar #47, 1993)

Outlaw Kid

First Appearance: Outlaw Kid #1 (1954)
Origin: Outlaw Kid #10 (1972)
Significant Issues: Vs Bounty-Hawk (Outlaw Kid #12, 1972); captured leader of Red Vest Gang (Outlaw Kid #14, 1973); unmasked himself to public (Outlaw Kid #16, 1973); aided in defense of Wonderment, killed by Nightriders (Blaze of Glory #2-4, 2000)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #113 (1971)
Origin: Fantastic Four #115 (1971)
Significant Issues: Arrived on Earth, vs Fantastic Four, defeated by Stranger (Fantastic Four #113-116, 1971); overcome by Null, took control of Squadron Supreme, vs Defenders, overwhelmed & possessed by Chorus (Defenders #112-114, 1982); returned to Earth-616 with Defenders (Defenders #115, 1983); took up residence in Doctor Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum (Defenders #116, 1983); manifested Chorus components to cut ties with past lives (Defenders #117, 1983); alongside fellow Defenders, located Son of Satan, vs Miracle Man (Defenders #120-121, 1983); socialized with fellow Defenders (Defenders #122, 1983); provided residents of Millwood with illusion of health, persuaded to allow them to return to reality (Marvel Comics Presents #40, 1989); regained original persona, enslaved Squadron Supreme, arrived on Stranger's laboratory world, vs Quasar & others, stalemated by Stranger, lapsed into coma (Quasar #13-16, 1990); attended Puppet Master's gathering of Fantastic Four enemies (Fantastic Four: Foes #1, 2005); revealed to be under Purple Man's control (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005)

Pacific Overlords

First Appearance: Avengers West Coast #69 (1991)
Significant Issues: Taifu attacked Jawbreaker & Kuroko (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); Living Lightning recovered, Overlords defeated Spider-Woman, Big One debuted (Avengers West Coast #70, 1991); team returned to undersea base, Sunfire & Pele attacked Pearl Harbor, Kain debuted (Avengers West Coast #71, 1991); Overlords ambushed Avengers, Cybertooth & Irezumi debuted (Avengers West Coast #72, 1991); Demonica raised (Avengers West Coast #73, 1991); U.N. recognized Demonica, Taifu, Pele, Big One, Living Lightning all left (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); Kuroko sought Avengers’ help (Avengers West Coast #92, 1993); Demonicus’ mind-control revealed, Klaw & Morning Star joined Overlords (Avengers West Coast #93, 1993); Raksasa defeated, Demonica destroyed (Avengers West Coast #94-95, 1993)


First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #358 (1991)
Significant Issues: On Warworld, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #358, 1991); allied with Devos (Fantastic Four #366, 1992); transformed Lyja into Lazerfist (Fantastic Four #369-370, 1992); destruction of Empire State University (Fantastic Four #371-372, 1992); betrayed by Lazerfist (Fantastic Four #374, 1993); formed Fearsome Foursome, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #377-379, 1993); brought Fantastic Four to Skrull homeworld (Fantastic Four #382-383, 1993); teamed with multi-colored symbiotes against Human Torch & Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (Spider-Man/Human Torch #5, 2005); attempted kidnapping of Talmadge, vs Thing (Thing: Freakshow #1-4, 2002); prison transport ship crashed, teamed with Lunatik & Blood Brothers in town of Clarkston, Michigan to build escape ship, summoned & surrendered to intergalactic authorities rather than face Drax the Destroyer (Drax the Destroyer #1-4, 2005-2006)

Patriot (Bradley)

First Appearance: Young Avengers #1 (2005)
Origin: Young Avengers Special #1 (2006), Young Avengers #12 (2006)
Significant Issues: Isaiah Bradley enlisted in army following U.S. joining WWII (Truth: Red, White and Black #1, 2002); African-American troops taken from Camp Cathcart for illicit experiments (Truth: Red, White and Black #2, 2002); experiments carried out, handful of survivors from experiments shipped to Europe (Truth: Red, White and Black #3, 2002); African-American troops missions behind enemy lines, all eventually killed but Isaiah, stole spare Captain America costume to wear on suicide mission to Schwartzebitte (Truth: Red, White and Black #4, 2002); Isaiah destroyed Nazi Super-Soldier research at Schwarzebitte, captured (Truth: Red, White and Black #5, 2002); Hitler & Nazis unable to break Isaiah, freed by resistance (Truth: Red, White and Black #6, 2002); Isaiah court-martialed & imprisoned, eventually released, in modern day met Steve Rogers who gave him Captain America costume he wore on suicide mission & acknowledged Isaiah’s right to it (Truth: Red, White and Black #7, 2002); Elijah recruited into Young Avengers, became Patriot (Young Avengers Special #1, 2006); Young Avengers went public (Young Avengers #1, 2005); with Young Avengers, alongside Captain America, Iron Man & Jessica Jones, vs Kang (Young Avengers #2-6, 2005); sought to steal more MGH, encountered Mister Hyde, truth behind power source exposed to teammates, resigned from Young Avengers (Young Avengers #7-8, 2005); rejoined Young Avengers to rescue Hulkling from Skrulls & Kree, shot protecting Captain America, given blood transfusion by Isaiah, gained powers (Young Avengers #9-12, 2005-2006); with Young Avengers, caught up in "Civil War," encountered Runaways (Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: (Monet as Penance) Generation X #1 (1994); (twins as Penance) Generation X #40 (1998); (current Penance) Generation X #57 (1999)
Significant Issues: Penance rejected Emplate (Generation X #12-14, 1996); Monet's transformation into Penance revealed and reversed, twins became Penance (Generation X #40, 1998); twins split out from Penance, Penance still sentient (Generation X #57, 1999); Penance rejoined Generation X (Generation X #58, 1999)

Phantom Rider

First Appearance and Origin: Ghost Rider #56 (1981)
Significant Issues: Carter Slade became Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider #1, 1967); Carter Slade died (Western Gunfighters #6, 1971); Jaime Jacobs became Ghost Rider, died, Lincoln Slade became Ghost Rider (Western Gunfighters #7, 1972); Lincoln Slade drugged Mockingbird, fell off cliff battling her (West Coast Avengers #18-23, 1987); Reno Jones briefly became Ghost Rider (Blaze of Glory #3-4, 2000); Hamilton Slade became modern-day Night Rider (Ghost Rider #56, 1981); joined Rangers (Incredible Hulk #256, 1981); with Rangers, vs Avengers (West Coast Avengers #8, 1986); Hamilton possessed by Lincoln, began to torment Mockingbird (West Coast Avengers #29, 1988); Lincoln exorcised, Carter remained with Hamilton (West Coast Avengers #41, 1989); vs D'Spayre (Marvel Comics Presents #102, 1992); Lincoln's spirit aided Doctor Strange & Dead Girl vs Pitiful One (X-Statix Presents: Dead Girl #2-4, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Force #117 (2001)
Significant Issues: Joined X-Force, vs former X-Force team (X-Force #117, 2001); accompanied teammates on mission to Bastrona, saved Paco Perez's life (X-Force #118-119, 2001); attended press conference with teammates (X-Force #120, 2001); captured by Graviton alongside Earth's other heroes (Thunderbolts #57, 2001); per Spike Freeman's request, joined Vivisector in promoting discontent among teammates (X-Force #121-122, 2001-2002); alongside teammates, pulled into dimension existing within Doop (X-Force #123, 2002); involved in argument between teammates (X-Force #124, 2002); alongside teammates, vs Brotherhood (Brotherhood #9, 2002); accompanied teammates on space mission, vs Bush Rangers (X-Force #125-128, 2002); began romantic relationship with Vivisector (X-Force #129, 2002); quarreled with Vivisector (X-Statix #1, 2002); temporarily lost powers (X-Statix #2-3, 2002); regained powers, accompanied teammates in opposing Arnie Lundberg (X-Statix #4, 2002); accompanied teammates in mission against Razorhead (X-Statix #5, 2003); alongside Vivisector & others, vs Bad Guy (X-Statix #6-8, 2003); accompanied teammates on mission to Africa, met El Guapo (X-Statix #9, 2003); attended public appearances (X-Men Unlimited #41, 2004); attended post-mission poolside party (Wolverine/Doop #2, 2003); accompanied teammates on Malaysian mission (X-Statix #11, 2003); accompanied teammates on India/Pakistan missions (X-Statix #12, 2003); helped rescue Henrietta Hunter (X-Statix #13, 2003); alongside teammates, vs Euro-Trash (X-Statix #14, 2003); accompanied teammates on Afghanistan mission (X-Statix #15, 2003); participated in search for Mister Code (X-Statix #16, 2004); alongside teammates, vs Mister Code's Random Killers (X-Statix #17, 2004); sacrificed life to protect teammates from Mister Code (X-Statix #18, 2004)

Photon (Genis-Vell)

First Appearance: (As Legacy) Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993); (as Captain Marvel) Captain Marvel #4 (1996); (as Photon) New Thunderbolts #6 (2005)
Origin: Silver Surfer Annual #6 (1993)
Significant Issues: Dealt with a terrorist attack on Shi’ar spacestation (Captain Marvel #1-4, 1996); bonded to Rick Jones (Avengers Forever #12, 1999); vs Hyssta Captain Marvel (Captain Marvel #1, 2000); vs Drax, met Microns in Microverse (Captain Marvel #2-6, 2000); dealt with Comet Man, Kelly Doe, Super-Skrull & Intelligencia (Captain Marvel #7-10, 2000); met alternate reality version of Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #11, 2000); vs Zey-Rogg & Una-Rogg (Captain Marvel #12-13, 2000-2001); poker game with Thanos & Grandmaster (Captain Marvel #14, 2001); vs Fredd & Psycho-Man (Captain Marvel #15-16, 2001); teamed with Thanos & Thor vs alien death god Walker (Captain Marvel #17-19, 2001); vs Merlin Demonspawn & Big Mother (Captain Marvel #20-21, 2001); gained Supreme Intelligence’s help to de-age Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #22-26, 2001-2002); teamed with Starfox & Spider-Man 2009 vs Thanatos (Captain Marvel #27-30, 2002); returned to planet Calculex, vs Magus (Captain Marvel #32-35, 2002); fell prey to schemes of Entropy & Epiphany, drove him mad (Captain Marvel #1-6, 2002-2003); vs Thor & strom giants Strum & Drang (Captain Marvel #7-8, 2003); teamed with alien serial killer Karl Coven (Captain Marvel #9-12, 2003); Elyisius, Starfox, & Phyla-Vell teamed to return Genis to ‘sanity’ (Captain Marvel #15-18, 2003-2004); in far future, vs future son Ely & alternate Magus (Captain Marvel #19-24, 2004); separated from Rick (Captain Marvel #25, 2004); joined Thunderbolts, killed by Atlas, reborn as Photon (New Thunderbolts #1-6, 2005); opposed Purple Man’s manipulation of the Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #10-12, 2005); with Thunderbolts, vs Avengers (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005); powers flared out of control, killed by Baron Helmut Zemo (New Thunderbolts #17/Thunderbolts #100, 2006)


First Appearance: Captain Marvel #16 (2003)
Origin: Captain Marvel #18 (2004)
Significant Issues: Warned of Captain Marvel's pending arrival (Captain Marvel #16, 2003); vs Captain Marvel, aided in his recovery (Captain Marvel #17-18, 2004); vs alternate future version of Marlo Chandler (Captain Marvel #19, 2004); sent to protect Marlo Chandler (Captain Marvel #20, 2004); rescued contemporary Marlo Chandler from Magus (Captain Marvel #21, 2004); brought Marlo to Titan, observed Magus' attack on Moondragon (Captain Marvel #22-23, 2004); met Captain Marvel upon his return from alternate future (Captain Marvel #24, 2004); initiated relationship with Moondragon (Captain Marvel #25, 2004)


First Appearance: Sub-Mariner #70 (1974)
Origin: Sub-Mariner #71 (1974)
Significant Issues: Original Men-Fish created by Dorcas (Marvel Team-Up #14, 1973); Piranha vs Sub-Mariner, devoured (Sub-Mariner #70-71, 1974); gladiatorial Piranhas revealed & destroyed (Marvel Two-in-One #28, 1977); alongside Attuma, vs Namor & Defenders (Defenders #7 & 11, 2001 & 2002)

Pixie (Eternal)

First Appearance: Marvel: The Lost Generation #12 (2000)
Significant Issues: Tried to become Hipster's partner, rejected (Marvel: The Lost Generation #3, 2000); recruited Sam Mattonabbe to be her partner Oxbow (Marvel: The Lost Generation #4, 2000); now a member of First Line, helped battle Rumor, met Thor & Venus (Marvel: The Lost Generation #5, 2000); vs Skrull super-patsies on the Moon (Marvel: The Lost Generation #6, 2000); vs Nocturne's zombie Invaders (Marvel: The Lost Generation #7, 2000); in Transylvania, alongside Black Fox & Doctor Strange, vs Nocturne, stopped him stealing all of Diablo's secrets (Marvel: The Lost Generation #8, 2000); went on rescue mission to Halwan to free Mr. Justice (Marvel: The Lost Generation #9, 2000); vs Deviants who attacked First Line base in Maine (Marvel: The Lost Generation #10, 2000); took timelost Yankee Clipper under her wing (Marvel: The Lost Generation #1, 2001); stopped Nocturne's Alchem-Tech from engulfing all of New York (Marvel: The Lost Generation #11, 2000); alongside most of Earth's active superhumans, vs Skrull Armada over Moon, destroyed it at cost of many lives (Marvel: The Lost Generation #12, 2000); after Yankee Clipper re-appeared again, discussed new Skrull activities & new heroes with him & Ikaris (Marvel: The Lost Generation #1, 2001); while investigating Deviant tunnels with Ikaris, turned X-Man Angel to stone (X-Men: The Hidden Years #21, 2001)


First Appearance: (As Plantman) Strange Tales #113 (1963); (as Blackheath, in shadow) Thunderbolts #65 (2002); (as Blackheath, fully) Thunderbolts #67 (2002); (in purely plant-like form) Thunderbolts #71 (2002)
Origin: Strange Tales #113 (1963), Namor: The Sub-Mariner #24 (1992), Thunderbolts #69 (2002)
Significant Issues: Orphaned as a youngster when parents worked themselves to death at an early age, had limited education, worked as a gardener, longed to be part of something greater (Thunderbolts #69, 2002); experimented with device trying to increase intelligence of plants, fired by Morris Evans for neglecting his gardening duties, device made functional by seeming bolt of lightning, framed Evans for a jewel robbery, attacked & defeated Human Torch, took over Central Park, demanded that mayor surrender control of city to him, plotted world conquest, defeated when Torch turned his plants against him, device smashed, escaped (Strange Tales #113, 1963); rebuilt plant ray more powerful than before, donned new costume, soaked Torch & locked him in his closet, robbed a hotel, abducted Dorrie Evans to use as a hostage, Evans rescued by Thing, challenged Torch to a rematch, defeated by Torch, arrested (Strange Tales #121, 1964); became one of Counter Nefaria’s super-criminal lieutenants in the Maggia, captured Marvel Girl, helped Nefaria hold Washington for ransom of one hundred million dollars & frame X-Men for it, plotted alongside fellow lieutenants to steal ransom money for themselves, alongside fellow lieutenants, vs X-Men & U.S. military, escaped alongside Eel, Porcupine & Scarecrow (X-Men #22-23, 1966); stole submarine from Nefaria to use as mobile base, experimented upon coral reef, stumbled upon by Namor & Triton, tricked them into battling each other, captured them using animated sub-sea vegetation, fled from Triton’s fellow Inhumans, attacked London with gigantic animated seaweed tentacles, tried to execute Namor & Triton when they refused to serve him, used vega-ray to create giant coral Leviathan monster, compelled Leviathan to attack London, defeated & Leviathan destroyed by Namor & Triton, fled (Sub-Mariner #2-3, 1968); Plantman simuloid hired by Cowled Commander, helped stage crime spree, alongside Eel, Porcupine & Scarecrow, vs Captain America & Falcon, captured (Captain America #158-159, 1973); split from Eel & Porcupine after they joined Celestial Mind Control movement, sent simuloid to abduct Kyle Richmond & hold him for ransom, simuloid defeated by Defenders, refused to join CMC movement, struck down by Nebulon (Defenders #36-37, 1976); used financial assistance from A.I.M. & stolen growth-accelerating nutrient to establish high-tech headquarters & grow army of mutated plants, rendered Captain America comatose with his “pretty poison” plant, defeated by Falcon & Spider-Man, Captain America cured (Marvel Team-Up #71, 1978); simuloid teamed with Batroc the Leaper, Beetle, Blob, Electro, Looter, Porcupine & Whirlwind under leadership of Sagittarius android to stage a New York robbery spree under the name of the Defenders, villains defeated & captured by true Defenders (Defenders #63-64, 1978); simuloid romanced owner of Fawn’s Flora plant shop so he could use the store as a base from which to rob adjacent bank, defeated by Micronauts & arrested (Micronauts #21, 1980); alongside Wizard, simuloid transferred out of Ryker’s Island prison, incarcerated at maximum security prison in Western Pennsylvania, encountered Abe Jenkins therein (Avengers #227 & 230, 1983); obtained greatly enhanced technology through new silent partner Wizard, had army of plant simuloids take over major S.H.I.E.L.D. base & replace its staff, had simuloid army hold Nick Fury & U.S. president for ransom, simuloid army defeated & hostages freed by Avengers, giant plant monster destroyed by Avengers, betrayed by Wizard & apprehended by Avengers (Avengers #231-232, 1983); established huge mobile “Dome of Life” facility invaded by Hawkeye & Orb, machines damages by Hawkeye, allowed Hawkeye & Orb to escape while he flew his Dome away, simuloids eliminated & replaced Orb’s motorcycle gang, simuloids killed Orb, simuloids defeated by Hawkeye & Avengers (Solo Avengers #19-20/Avengers Spotlight #21, 1989); alongside other villains, mind-controlled by Doctor Doom into attacking Fantastic Four, injured after collision with fellow assailant Quill, arrested (Fantastic Four #335, 1989); simuloid sought to attack Avengers during construction of Avengers Headquarters, subdued by construction worker Francis (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); Terraformer simuloid with Force of Nature, interrogated & murdered hotel clerk, captured New Warriors, attacked developers in Brazil, defeated by Warriors, Terraformer dehydrated by Firestar to the point where he reverted to inert non-human plant form (New Warriors #7-9, 1991); alongside Lightmaster, Radioactive Man & Whirlwind, simuloid hired by crime boss Bono to steal vase from She-Hulk, villains defeated by Death’s Head & She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #24, 1991); contacted in prison by H’ylthri (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #16, 1991); learned H’ylthri had been his secret benefactors, took over an estate with a greenhouse, killed curious real estate agent Ms. Edmundson, deflected police questions about her disappearance, plotted H’ylthri conquest of Earth with Sssesthugar, captured & interrogated meddling Wolverine, mind-controlled Wolverine into serving them, romanced accomplice Weed, had Sssesthugar kill accomplices Benjamin Potts & William after they began having second thoughts, pitted Wolverine against Namor, betrayed & attacked by Ssesthugar, seriously injured, gave Namorita his gun to use against the H’ylthri, H’ylthri invaders destroyed by Namor, Namorita, Wolverine & Master Kahn (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #18-25, 1991-1992); Far more plant-like Terraformer, with Force of Nature, intervened in Trans-Sabal’s civil war, encountered New Warriors as both foes & allies (New Warriors #29-30, 1992); as member of Enforcers criminal gang, vs Spider-Man & Blood Rose, defeated (Web of Spider-Man #100, 1993); attended Chess Set’s auction (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); Terraformer, with Force of Nature, imprisoned in Vault, alongside Gargantua & Wizard, rioted after authorites denied Terraformer access to plant life, riot ended after Vance Astrovik brought Terraformer a houseplant & convinced Warden Jzemlico to allow prisoners more freedom (New Warriors #36, 1993); Plantman mutated Synch & Spider-Man into monsters, vs monstrous Synch & Spider-Man, shared antidote with them after Spider-Man knocked him into his own mutator plants & mutated him into a plant-being (Amazing Spider-Man #437, 1998); imprisoned at Seagate, encountered fellow prisoner Boomerang (Thunderbolts #26, 1999); among Seagate inmates that menaced new prisoner Hawkeye (Thunderbolts: Life Sentences #1, 2001); grouped with fellow inmates Cottonmouth, Hawkeye & Headlok as chain gang for transfer to another prison, chain gang’s prison transport van forced off the road by Graviton disaster, agonized by psychic feedback from Graviton’s devastation of the world’s vegetation, shocked unconscious along with rest of gang when Cottonmouth activated their security manacles by trying to escape on his own, invited by Mentallo-possessed Headlok to join them in locating Justin Hammer’s ultimate weapon (Thunderbolts #55-58, 2001-2002); with chain gang, tried to disable their manacles, accidentally killed Guardsman Chris Fallon, wounded by Cottonmouth when he tried to chew off Plantman’s manacled limb and take it with him, rescued by Hawkeye, repaired arm (Thunderbolts #60-61, 2002); with chain gang, negotiated with Crecy Enterprises official Carpenter, vs Cyclone, rescued by Songbird, departed with Songbird & Hawkeye to continue the Hammer quest while Carpenter, Cottonmouth & Headlok/Mentallo were taken into custody (Thunderbolts #63, 2002); alongside Hawkeye & Songbird, captured Cyclone, abducted & painfully examined by Masters of Evil, body became more plant-like under stress, learned he was the key to activating Hammer’s ultimate weapon, freed by Hawkeye & Songbird, joined Hawkeye’s new Thunderbolts & adopted new identity as Blackheath, used powers to track Crimson Cowl to Symkaria & explain their quest to Silver Sable, recaptured by Masters of Evil, refused to aid Crimson Cowl, said he was no longer interested in world conquest, communed with the Verdant Fields, realized the folly of his past life, tempted to use Hammer’s toxin to wipe out humanity, decided to save humanity by neutralizing toxin instead, tortured & drained of moisture by Masters, absorbed Hydro-Man to rejuvenate himself, outraged when S.H.I.E.L.D. threatened to arrest him, talked out of declaring war on humanity by Hawkeye (Thunderbolts #65, 67, 69 & 71, 2002); with Thunderbolts, alongside Citizen V & Silver Sable, helped combat all-consuming void emanating from the Vanguard, encountered Zemo's Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #73-74, 2002-2003); helped Zemo’s & Hawkeye’s Thunderbolts seal off Vanguard void, decided to stay on with group when both Thunderbolts teams reorganized under Zemo, intended to steer the group in positive directions for sake of planet, advised Skein to depart (Thunderbolts #75, 2003); with Thunderbolts, invaded Carnelia & dismantled its nuclear reactor, helped prepare Liberator project, helped recruit new Cobalt Man, helped coerce Wizard into assisting them, confronted Avengers, vs power-mad Moonstone, torn apart by Moonstone, regenerated, abandoned by the Verdant Fields because of the damage done by Moonstone, took on more human appearance again, voluntarily returned to Seagate, resolved to rediscover his humanity (Avengers/Thunderbolts#1-6, 2004)


First Appearance: (Unidentified, cameo) Alpha Flight #2 (1983); (unidentified, fully) Alpha Flight #4 (1983); (identified) Marvel Team-Up Annual #7 (1984)
Origin: Alpha Flight #3 (2004); Alpha Flight #4 (1983)
Significant Issues: Damaged devourer ship crashed on Earth (Alpha Flight #3/Wolverine Annual 2001/Alpha Flight #3, 1983/2001/2004); Plodex eggs released before genetic programming occurred (Alpha Flight #4 & 40/Wolverine Annual 2001, 1983 & 1986/2001); ship captured & studied Eshu, Eshu usurped control of ship & became Master of the World (Alpha Flight #3/Avengers #46, 1983/2001); Plodex egg discovered in ocean, imprinted on human female to become Marrina (Alpha Flight #2, 4 & 16, 1983 & 1984); Plodex egg landed near Holly, imprinted on bear (Wolverine Annual 2001, 2001); Marrina inadvertently exposed to mate, became savage, captured by Master, true nature revealed, rescued by Alpha Flight, accompanied Namor to Atlantis (Alpha Flight #2-4, 1983); Marrina captured by Collector, encountered other Plodex (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); Marrina’s mate discovered to have killed humans, Namor proposed to Marrina (Alpha Flight #13-14, 1984); Marrina & her mate captured by Master, forced encounter awoke Marrina’s spawning instinct, both escaped (Alpha Flight #15-16, 1984); Marrina captured by Attuma to be used as bait in a trap for Namor (Alpha Flight #33-35, 1986); Marrina rescued by Alpha Flight & Avengers, fled in search of mate (Alpha Flight #39/Avengers #272, 1986); found mate, rejected alien nature & embraced humanity, mate killed by Alpha Flight, Marrina married Namor (Alpha Flight #40, 1986); Marrina fully transformed into leviathan, opposed by Avengers, laid eggs, slain by Namor wielding Ebony Blade, eggs hatched (Avengers #291-293, 1988); Master learned Marrina was sleeping a false death (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); Namor freed Marrina’s spirit from Ebony Blade (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #61, 1995); bear Plodex killed by Wolverine (Wolverine Annual 2001, 2001); Master opposed Kang with Plodex technology, revealed to have recovered Marrina’s body, set Plodex “wolves” against Avengers, unimprinted Plodex encountered by Warbird & Scarlet Centurion (Avengers #45-48, 2001); devourer ship captured Alpha Flight, new team assembled to rescue them, encountered young hatchling Mar, original team freed & opted to transport Plodex eggs back to Homeworld (Alpha Flight #1-6, 2004)


First Appearance: Captain Marvel #1 (1989)
Significant Issues: Vs Captain Marvel, defeated (Captain Marvel #1, 1989); aided Venom in the Vault (Avengers: Deathtrap - The Vault, 1991); vs Deathlok (Deathlok #12, 1992); as member of Doctor Octopus' Masters of Evil, vs Guardians of the Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy #28, 1992); attacked by Rune (Silver Surfer/Rune #1995); vs Thing (Fantastic Four #56, 2002); escaped Big House, recaptured by She-Hulk (She-Hulk #5-6, 2004)


First Appearance: Defenders #52 (1977)
Origin: Defenders #52 (1977), Incredible Hulk #259 (1981)
Significant Issues: Transformed himself and Red Guardian into superhumans, vs Defenders (Defenders #52-55, 1977-1978); vs mutated amoeba in Forbidden Zone, fell in love with Red Guardian (Defenders #61-65, 1978); met Hulk in Forbidden Zone, learned Darkstar & Vanguard were his children, absorbed Forbidden Zone's energies into himself & Red Guardian, left Earth together (Incredible Hulk #258-259, 1981); revealed to be prisoner on Stranger's world (Quasar #16, 1990); attempted to kill Eon on behalf of Maelstrom, vs Quasar (Quasar #19-20, 1991); teamed with Neutron, vs Quasar (Quasar #45-46, 1993); sent Starlight after Black Widow & Darkstar (Marvel Comics Presents #70, 1991); alongside Darkstar, blamed Quasar for Vanguard's death, seemingly killed him (Quasar #60, 1994); controlled thralls in Russia, revealed to have resurrected Vanguard, vs Avengers, beaten by Thor (Avengers #42-44, 2001); aided Avengers in defeating Kang (Avengers #52-53, 2002)

Prester John

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #54 (1966)
Significant Issues: Alongside Black Knight, vs Hassan ibn Sabbah (Marvel Fanfare #54, 1990); wandered Earth, took up residence in Avalon (Fantastic Four #54, 1966); vs Kang, arrived in 10th century, vs Thor/Eric Masterson (Thor Annual #17, 1992); revived in modern era, vs Human Torch (Fantastic Four #54, 1966); revived in maddened state, vs Thing & Iron Man (Marvel Two-in-One #12, 1975); traveled back to Third Crusade, reclaimed Evil Eye (Defenders #11, 1973); participated in creation of Eurth, became foster parent to S'tvaan (Avataars: Covenant of the Shield #1-3, 2000); met with Providence officials concerning S.H.I.E.L.D. (Cable & Deadpool #11, 2005); investigated murder of Haji bin Barat, vs Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #13-14, 2005); vs brainwashed Deadpool (Cable & Deadpool #15, 2005); met with Cable and other advisers (Cable & Deadpool #23, 2006); met with Providence officials (Cable & Deadpool #25, 2006)


First Appearance: Terror Inc. #10 (1993)
Significant Issues: Had Brother Randi summon Terror & sent him to recover Vatsayana’s Tryst, manipulated others to send Cage & Silver Sable after other parts of same (Terror Inc. #10-11, 1993); monitored heroes’ progress (Cage #15, 1993); received Tryst, magically enhanced, subdued Cage & Silver Sable (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #13, 1993); returned to Italian base to amplify powers via followers’ lusts before facing serpent, ambushed by heroes, attacked heroes with their own desires (Terror Inc. #12, 1993); located & consumed by Carnal Serpent, reborn with god-like power upon its death, enslaved Cage, Silver Sable, & Terror (Cage #16, 1993); Tryst torn from chest, Carnal Serpent emerged from his body, consuming it in the process (Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #14, 1993)


First Appearance: Runaways #1 (2003)
Origin: Runaways #13 (2004)
Significant Issues: Called forth by Gibborim, banded together as the Pride (Runaways #13, 2004); performed Rite of Blood, witnessed by children (Runaways #1, 2003); children tried to report crimes (Runaways #2, 2003); Steins & Minorus confronted children, Yorkes & Hayes used Molly as hostage (Runaways #4, 2003); vs “Runaways” (Runaways #5, 2003); Wilders framed Alex for murder (Runaways #6, 2003); learned of mole within Runaways (Runaways #7, 2003); continued tracking Runaways (Runaways #8-9, 2004); erased Cloak & Dagger’s memories of Runaways (Runaways #12, 2004); Runaways learned of Pride’s origins (Runaways #13, 2004); Deans & Hayeses met to discuss future betrayal of Pride (Runaways #14 2004); proceeded to meet with Gibborim for Rite of Thunder (Runaways #15, 2004); Alex betrayed Runaways, outted Pride dissidents (Runaways #16, 2004); Gibborim killed Alex & Pride for failure (Runaways #17, 2004); Alex's friends attempted resurrection, brought forth young Geoffrey instead (Runwaways #14, 2006); young Geoffrey joined Excelsior posing as Chamber (Runaways #3, 2005); “Chamber” fled, regrouped with new Pride (Runaways #6, 2005); launched assault on Runaways (Runaways #15-17, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Men: The Hidden Years #15 (2001)
Origin: X-Men: The Hidden Years #19 (2001)
Significant Issues: Gene Bitner, Craig Farnsworth, & Simon Lestron among mutants placed under hypnotic control by Yellow Claw (Yellow Claw #2, 1956); Tad Carter manifested mutant powers (Amazing Adult Fantasy #14, 1962); Tad Carter sent to make contact with Lorna Dane (X-Men: The Hidden Years #15, 2001); kept X-Men under surveillance, telekinetically abducted Lorna Dane (X-Men: The Hidden Years #17, 2001); defeated X-Men via illusions, placed Lorna Dane in suspended animation (X-Men: The Hidden Years #18, 2001); trapped X-Men in psychic dead zone, entered suspended animation, Lucy Robinson awoke & revived Angel (X-Men: The Hidden Years #19, 2001); Lucy Robinson influenced Angel to bring her to her surviving son (X-Men: The Hidden Years #20, 2001); Lucy Robinson revived Havok with Professor X’s guidance (X-Men: The Hidden Years #21, 2001); Lorna Dane & remaining Promise members revived, Messenger found to be dead, Promise disbanded (X-Men: The Hidden Years #22, 2001)


First Appearance: (As Ship) X-Factor #15 (1987); (as Professor) X-Force #8 (1992); (as Prosh) X-Force #39 (1994)
Significant Issues: En Sabah Nur took over Ship (X-Force #37, 1994); pulled forward in time with Apocalypse by Isbisa (Sensation She-Hulk #29-30, 1991); Apocalypse trained his Horsemen in Ship (X-Factor #15, 1987); Apocalypse brought critically-injured Angel aboard Ship, began subjecting him to experiments (X-Factor #17-18, 1987); Horsemen launched first attack on New York, teleported back to Ship after defeat (X-Factor #19, 1987); Apocalypse reviewed state of things on Earth (X-Factor #21, 1987); Angel’s new powers as Death tested, defeated other Horsemen in mock combat (X-Factor #22-23, 1987); X-Factor teleported aboard Ship, defeated by Horsemen (X-Factor #24, 1988); X-Factor escaped, defeated Horsemen, Apocalypse sent Ship spiraling into New York City, Ship destroyed several buildings before landing in harbor, Apocalypse abandoned Ship (X-Factor #25, 1988); X-Factor moved into Ship (X-Factor #26, 1988); X-Factor’s mutant students moved into Ship, Ship self-repaired (X-Factor #27, 1988); Ship vs X-Factor, mutant students freed Ship’s ‘brain’ allowing it to think for itself, Ship helped X-Factor dispose of Apocalypse’s bomb (X-Factor #28, 1988); helped rescue drowning reporters, X-Factor vs Infectia’s Anti-Bodies on Ship (X-Factor #29, 1988); Iceman brought Infectia onboard Ship, Ship allowed Infectia to take Iceman when she threatened to enslave it (X-Factor #30-31, 1988); helped X-Factor defeat Xartans (X-Factor #32, 1988); monitored Beast’s transformation into blue-furred form (X-Factor #33, 1988); Marvel Girl/Jean Grey & Cyclops took one of Ship’s ships on a mission (X-Factor #34, 1988); X-Factor's students & New Mutants returned to Ship, sought to protect them from Gosamyr (New Mutants #74, 1989); X-Factor returned from mission, Ship alerted them to threat, gave them transportation (X-Factor #40-41, 1989); Archangel thought of returning to Ship (X-Factor #47, 1989); Ship forced to a distant planet by Celestials, passed New Mutants on the way but unable to stop to aid them (X-Factor #43/New Mutants #78, 1989); Ship began to question its memories, remembered more of its origins, memories awakened, questioned its sentience & moral obligations (X-Factor #44, 46 & 48, 1989); Ship moved to save X-Factor from planet’s surface, helped X-Factor & world’s inhabitants reject Celestials, returned X-Factor to Earth (X-Factor #49-50, 1989-1990); returned to Earth, stood upright as skyscraper (X-Factor #51, 1990); tended to wounded Archangel, who fought his way loose (X-Factor #54, 1990); New Mutants traveled to Ship, interacted with X-Factor (New Mutants #88-89, 1990); X-Factor discussed matters in Ship (X-Factor #55, 1990); Jean utilized Ship as ally in X-Men mission (Uncanny X-Men #262, 1990); Genoshan Press Gang vs Ship, Ship’s powers wiped by Wipeout, aided heroes against Press Gang (Uncanny X-Men #264, 1990); babysat infant Nathan Summers (X-Factor #56, 1990); team interacted aboard Ship (X-Factor #59, 1990); team trained on Ship, Starjammers approached (X-Men: Spotlight on Starjammers #2, 1990); X-Factor & X-Men left Ship for Genoshan mission (X-Factor #60, 1991); team interacted aboard Ship (Ghost Rider #9, 1991); Franklin Richards from future erased Ship's existence, later restored Ship (X-Factor Annual #5/Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990); listened to Beast record his history (Marvel Comics Presents #85, 1991); team debated aboard Ship (X-Factor #63, 1991); X-Factor investigated mysterious winter aboard Ship (Web of Spider-Man #75, 1991); team trained on Ship, Dark Riders attacked, Ship corrupted by Harddrive (X-Factor #65, 1991); corrupted Ship attacked surface world until launching self into space, committed suicide, consciousness saved by Beast (X-Factor #66, 1991); helped battle Dark Riders with holograms (X-Factor #67, 1991); transported to far future with infected baby Nathan by Askani (X-Factor #68, 1991); Blaquesmith awoke Ship’s consciousness inside 15-year old Nathan, Ship took name Professor, aided Nathan in claiming his Askani birthright (Askani’Son #1-4, 1996); Cable & Domino traveled to future, rescued Professor’s consciousness from Stryfe, revived young Nathan (Cable #25, 1995); Cable began using Professor to transport himself to & from past (X-Force #8, 1992); aided Cable in mission to rescue Wolverine (Marvel Team-Up #19, 2006); Professor, from Graymalkin, aided Cable in battle against Weapon: P.R.I.M.E. (X-Force #13, 1992); Cable & Copycat recouped on Graymalkin (X-Force #14, 1992); Cable received repairs from Professor (X-Force #15, 1992); Cable, Wolverine, & Bishop plotted on Graymalkin (Uncanny X-Men #296, 1993); S.H.I.E.L.D. discovered Graymalkin, X-Force investigated, opposed S.H.I.E.L.D., discovered Professor (X-Force #20, 1993); X-Force vs War Machine on Graymalkin, Professor began failsafe to self-destruct, portions of Graymalkin jettisoned to Earth, portion of Graymalkin exploded (X-Force #21, 1993); Professor remained aboard remaining portion of Graymalkin, farewelled X-Force (X-Force #22, 1993); Cable returned from past, discovered Graymalkin’s destruction, Professor interacted with G.W. Bridge (Cable #2-4, 1993); Magneto took over Graymalkin, renamed it Avalon (X-Force #24, 1993); Cable & X-Force rescued Professor’s programming from Avalon (X-Force #25, 1993); members of X-Force worked to bring Professor online (Cable #5, 1993); teleported teammates from battle (X-Force Annual #2, 1993); aided Cable in battling Excalibur & Acolytes (Excalibur #71, 1993); reviewed X-Force’s progress internally with Cable (X-Force #26, 1993); aided X-Force with technological help, interacted with team (X-Force #29, 1993); Cable was unable to communicate with Professor due to attack by Senyaka (Cable #12, 1994); gained physical form, changed name to Prosh, launched into space (X-Force #39, 1994); caught in plot with Stranger, manipulated X-Men & allies (X-Men Forever #1-6, 2001)


First Appearance: X-Men #125 (1979)
Origin: X-Men #126 (1979)
Significant Issues: Kevin MacTaggert’s mutant powers consumed his body, mother forced to contain him within forcefield-reinforced cell to sustain him (X-Men #126, 1979); cell breached by battle between Magneto & X-Men (X-Men #104, 1977); without forcefield, body began to consume itself (X-Men #128, 1979); possessed Angus MacWhirter (X-Men #119 & #128, 1979); failed attempt to possess both Phoenix & Polaris, finally succeeded in possessing one of Madrox’s duplicates (X-Men #125, 1979); jumped from one victim to next as he crossed Scotland, confronted by Nightcrawler, Wolverine & Storm (X-Men #126, 1979); stole more bodies as he moved towards Edinburgh, possessed father’s body, kidnapped Moira as X-Men arrived to confront him (X-Men #127, 1979); vs X-Men, energy matrix dispersed by contact with Colossus’ metal form (X-Men #128, 1979); Moira considered cloning Kevin, Banshee convinced her not to (Classic X-Men #36, 1989); Harness used Piecemeal to reconstitute Proteus, merged with Piecemeal, confronted X-teams, departed for space (X-Factor Annual #6/New Warriors Annual #1/New Mutants Annual #7/Uncanny X-Men Annual #15, 1991); Proteus possessed body of reality warper in alternate dimension, faced X-Men and enterprising starship crew (Star Trek/X-Men, 1996); following warping of reality by Scarlet Witch, new Proteus created, encountered Exiles, escaped in Mimic’s body before reality restored (Exiles #69-71, 2005); entered New Universe, possessed Justice’s body (Exiles #72-74, 2006); entered 2099 A.D., possessed Hulk’s form (Exiles #75-76, 2006); traveled through Squadron Supreme’s reality, tricked them into attacking pursuing Exiles (Exiles #77, 2006); sought to possess Maestro’s body, possessed Morph’s instead (Exiles #79-80, 2006); on Counter-Earth, brainwashed into believing Morph is true identity (Exiles #81-82, 2006)


First Appearance: Captain America #28 (2000)
Origin: Captain America 2000 Annual (2000)
Significant Issues: Mutated by super-soldier serum, seemingly died (Captain America 2000 Annual, 2000); examined by A.I.M. operatives (Captain America #28-29, 2000); revived by A.I.M. (Captain America #30, 2000); tested against A.I.M. Battle 'Droids (Captain America #31, 2000); defeated U.S.Agent (Captain America #33, 2000); received assignment to defeat Captain America (Captain America #34, 2000); lied to by A.I.M., sent to steal Omega Compound, defeated by Captain America (Captain America #35, 2000); defeated team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents (Captain America 2000 Annual, 2000); decimated Hydra facilities, vs Captain America, left him to die (Captain America #37, 2001); began to question A.I.M.’s implanted memories, tracked & fought by Captain America, remained behind during A.I.M. facility’s destruction, escaped for parts unknown (Captain America #38, 2001)


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #78 (1969)
Significant Issues: Departure of father, mother’s alcoholism mentioned (Prowler #1, 1994); death of father, departure of Abe mentioned (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10, 1990); details of “Tiger" Brown’s death revealed (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12, 1992); Hobie left unprotected after Abe’s departure (Prowler #3, 1995); Hobie became window washer, invented equipment, involved with Mindy McPherson, became Prowler (Amazing Spider-Man #78, 1969); Peter Parker plunged out window to change to Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson accused Prowler of Peter’s murder, Prowler defeated & released by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #79, 1969); Hobie impersonated Spider-Man for Harry Osborn, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen & George Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #87, 1970); Hobie feared impersonation made him accomplice in George Stacy’s death, attacked Spider-Man, seriously injured in fall during battle (Amazing Spider-Man #93, 1971); Prowler vs White Tiger (Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #21, 1976); Prowler became “Defender for a Day”, rode horse at Richmond Riding Academy, joined Valkyrie’s group, quit Defenders after attacked by Valkyrie (Defenders #62-64, 1978); Cat Burglar became Prowler (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #47, 1980); Cat Burglar double-crossed by Belladonna, sought revenge, defeated by Spider-Man (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #48, 1980); Prowler in Los Angeles, encountered Spider-Man & Black Fox, obtained microchip to clear Mindy’s name (Amazing Spider-Man #304-305, 1988); Prowler, Puma, Rocket Racer, Sandman, Silver Sable, Spider-Man, & Will O’ the Wisp met (Web of Spider-Man #50, 1989); Hobie created compact glider, Prowler defeated Charles Weiser who stole the prototype (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #9, 1989); Prowler defeated by White Ninja (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10, 1990); Prowler, Puma, Rocket Racer, Sandman brought together by Spider-Man, aided Avengers against Space Phantom & cannibal insects (Spectacular Spider-Man #169-170, 1990); Outlaws formed by Silver Sable, vs Sandman, Sandman rescued kidnap victim, Sable invited Sandman to join group (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11/Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991); Outlaws vs Excalibur (Excalibur #36, 1991); Prowler saved William Thorpe from suicide, Hobie learned not to take Mindy for granted (Amazing Spider-Man #365, 1992); Prowler & Abe opposed White Dragon to protect Hogan’s Alley homeless (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12, 1992); Prowler believed he was wearing Sons of the Tiger amulets giving him the confidence to defeat Killer Shrike (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #13, 1993); Prowler defeated Resistor & Broken Skulls (Web of Spider-Man Annual #10, 1994); Prowler joined Night Thrasher & Rage against gun runners (Night Thrasher #16, 1994); Hobie hired by Bestman Laboratories, Eric Cross stole Prowler technology to become Nightcreeper, Vulture took over Bestman Labs & crippled Nightcreeper, Mindy discovered Hobie was Prowler, Prowler defeated Vulture, Mindy left for California (Prowler #1-4, 1994); Prowler & Rocket Racer tried to cash in on Great Game, El Toro Negro attacked, put Prowler in coma (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996); Rick Lawson stole Prowler costume & became new Prowler, Hobie regained consciousness but was paralyzed, Mindy returned from California, Vulture attacked Prowler mistaking Lawson for Hobie (Sensational Spider-Man #16-18, 1997); Hobie regained use of limbs, returned as Prowler, provided technology for Spider-Man to become Hornet (Sensational Spider-Man #25-28, 1998)


First Appearance and Origin: New Warriors #4 (1990)
Significant Issues: Captured New Warriors, lost rematch with escaping Warriors, Coronary shattered during battle (New Warriors #4, 1990); became more physically formidable yet more mentally unstable while honing their powers, eroded Harmon Furmintz's faith in Genetech, Coronary restored in altered form, team rebelled against Genetech's control, wounded Walter Rosen, vs New Warriors, unwittingly prompted possession of Harmon Furmintz's body by Terrax, Mathemanic & Impulse battled Terrax alongside Warriors while rest of Psionex fled, Impulse crippled & Mathemanic seriously injured by Terrax, Impulse arrested in hospital for past crimes (New Warriors #15-17, 1991); Pretty Persuasions got a job performing at Cheetah Club strip joint, warned by Nova & Marvel Boy to stay out of trouble (New Warriors #18, 1992); Henrique Gallante committed to Smythers Drug Rehabilitation Clinic, used Darkforce powers to terrorize New York as Darkling, driven off by New Warriors, Doctor Strange & other heroes (New Warriors #32-34/New Warriors Annual #3, 1993); Asylum dispersed by Speedball during battle with New Warriors (New Warriors #40, 1993); Gallante adopted mask & identity of Asylum, recruited surviving Psionex members to join him in acting as street-level vigilantes, team became popular celebrities, clashed with New Warriors until Code: Blue intervened, assaulted New York's mayor (New Warriors Annual #4, 1994); assaulted gun-wielding kids whose weapons turned out to be toys, one boy with a heart condition accidentally scared to death by Asylum, traumatized Asylum fled, Mathemanic & Pretty Persuasions turned themselves in to Genetch custody & reported the incident, Coronary & Impulse tried to bring Asylum in, Coronary shattered, Asylum subdued by New Warriors, Asylum convinced Night Thrasher to help him demonstrate that his powers are not ordinarily lethal, Asylum & Impulse arrested (New Warriors #52, 1994); Asylum prosecuted, rest of team placed in court-ordered custody of Genetech, Mathemanic tried to undo death of Asylum's victim Darius Clements by turning back time to a date before his demise, Mathemanic finally realized he had to let Clements go & undid his manipulations, resolved to become a better person for the experience so that the boy's death wouldn't be completely senseless (New Warriors #53, 1994); team without Asylum mentored by Night Thrasher & Rage (New Warriors #60, 1995); alongside New Warriors, vs Eugenix, mistakenly attacked by Warriors (New Warriors #63-64, 1995); Pretty Persuasions worked as stripper at Big Apple Gentleman's Club (New Thunderbolts #5, 2005); Gallante committed to Wiley Institute for Debilitative Mental Health, used by Thunderbolts to access Darkforce Dimension (New Thunderbolts #16-17, 2000); various Psionex members captured & pressed into service by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #103-104, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #256 (1984)
Significant Issues: Befriended Hulk at reservation (Rampaging Hulk #6, 1999); hired by Rose, first battled Spider-Man, defeated by Black Cat (Amazing Spider-Man #256-257, 1984); first encountered Beyonder (Amazing Spider-Man #272, 1986); enraged by death of Master Muramoto as an inadvertent result of Beyonder's actions, reached state of "harmonious alignment with the universe" imbued with immeasurable power, failed to kill Beyonder (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #111, 1986); made employment offer to Spider-Man during honeymoon (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #7, 1987); attempted to apprehend Spider-Man who he misunderstood to be a thief, first met Silver Sable & Outlaws (Web of Spider-Man #50, 1989); attempted to retrieve Charles Little Sky, alongside Avengers, vs U-Foes (Avengers #304, 1989); bought out Daily Bugle in corporate raid to begin pro-Spider-Man campaign (Spectacular Spider-Man #156, 1989); clashed with Titania (Web of Spider-Man #59, 1989); protected Joe Robertson from Hobgoblin, nearly killed, saved by Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #161, 1990); Kingpin offered contract to Puma to kill Chameleon & Hammerhead (Spectacular Spider-Man #167, 1990); Spider-Man led Puma with Outlaws (Spectacular Spider-Man #169, 1990); battled Spider-Man "to the death" in New Mexico (Spectacular Spider-Man #171-173, 1990-1991); had mystical confrontation with Black Crow & Spider-Man, lost memory of Spider-Man's identity, shot by S.W.A.T. team, left for dead (Spectacular Spider-Man #191-193, 1992); bestial, healed by Nocturne (Amazing Spider-Man #395, 1994); helped by Nocturne to revert back to Fireheart, exchanged memories with Spider-Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #218, 1994); saved uncle from Raptar (Spider-Man Unlimited #15, 1997); fought in bloodsport competition in Madripoor (Wolverine #167-168, 2001); driven into animalistic madness by Stegron (Sensational Spider-Man #26-27, 2006)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #325 (1988)
Origin: Avengers: Celestial Quest #2 (2001)
Significant Issues: Unseen, as foetus (Justice League of America #142, 1977); taken by the Cotati (Fantastic Four #325, 1988); accompanied Mantis on alternate Earth (Scorpio Rose #2, 1983); allied with Avengers vs Thanos, made peace with Mantis & became lovers with Raptra (Avengers: Celestial Quest #1-8, 2001)
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