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Marvel Universe 


All-New OHotMU A-Z Bibliography

#9: Puppet Master to Shamrock

Last Updated: 9/27/06


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Cover by Keu Cha

Puppet Master

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #8 (1962)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #6 (1973); Silver Surfer #127 (1997)
Significant Issues: Teamed with Mad Thinker to pit X-Men vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #28, 1964); controlled Mimic vs X-Men (X-Men #27, 1967); set Hulk vs Sub-Mariner (Tales to Astonish #100, 1968); teamed with Egghead & Mad Thinker (Avengers #63/Sub-Mariner #14/Captain Marvel #14, 1969); sent parade of android duplicates of Fantastic Four foes against team (Fantastic Four #100, 1970); controlled Ballox (Marvel Team-Up #5, 1972); confessed Jacob’s death to Alicia (Marvel Team-Up #6, 1973); allied with Radion (Marvel Two-in-One #9, 1975); controlled Power Man vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #169-170, 1976); returned to Mount Wundagore (Marvel Two-in-One #74, 1981); built Liddleville (Fantastic Four #236, 1981); aided by Micronauts vs Doctor Doom (Micronauts #41, 1982); synthe-clone form crushed, Liddleville destroyed (Fantastic Four #246, 1982); reborn in clay, opposed Thing (Thing #4-6, 1983); restored by Sphinx (Thing #34, 1986); wedding of "Alicia" (Fantastic Four #300, 1987); second marriage (Power Pack #60, 1990); discovered "Alicia" was Skrull (Fantastic Four #356-358, 1991); aided Thing vs doppleganger (Fantastic Four #367, 1992); recreated Liddleville (Fantastic Four #393, 1994); Silver Surfer & Alicia forced him to resume working with clay (Silver Surfer #127-128, 1997); young Phillip met time-traveling Alicia (Silver Surfer #130-131, 1997); joined Ganger, second chance at life (Silver Surfer #132-133, 1997); created Cosmic Messiah (Silver Surfer #134-136 & 138, 1997-1998); at Sunshine City (Fantastic Four #45, 2001); harvested eyes (Marvel Knights: 4 #13-14, 2005); aided Thinker with mind control headset, placed in Vault (Fantastic Four: Foes #1 & 6, 2005)


First Appearance: X-Men #4 (1964)

Radioactive Man

First Appearance and Origin: Journey Into Mystery #93 (1963)
Significant Issues: Gained powers, defeated by Thor, seemingly destroyed (Journey into Mystery #93, 1963); alongside Melter, rescued defeated Black Knight (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #13, 1996); alongside Zemo’s Masters of Evil, vs Avengers, defeated (Avengers #6/Marvels #2/Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes #4, 1964/1994/2005); escaped prison, recaptured by Spider-Man (Untold Tales of Spider-Man #16, 1996); established new hideout, lured Captain America into trap, defeated by Avengers (Thunderbolts #9, 1997); freed by Ultron, alongside Ultron’s Masters of Evil, vs Avengers & new Black Knight, defeated (Avengers #54-55, 1968); freed from jail by Klaw, aided Masters of Evil in attempted abduction of Dr Erwin, vs Avengers, defeated by Lady Liberators (Avengers #83, 1970); with Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man, formed Titanic Three in Vietnam, clashed with Avengers, deceived by Slasher into aiding him against Avengers, Slasher abandoned by Three after they discovered he was a jewel thief (Avengers #130, 1974); alongside Titanium Man, quarreled with Crimson Dynamo regarding Dynamo’s plans to seek revenge on Iron Man (Iron Man #73, 1975); Titanic Three defeated by Kang (Giant-Size Avengers #4, 1975); Titanic Three placed under house arrest by Colonel Sin-Li for Dynamo’s failure to protect a Vietnamese experimental city (Iron Man #74, 1975); joined Egghead’s Masters of Evil, helped Masters abduct Hank Pym & frame him as their supposed employer, vs Avengers, forced She-Hulk back into human form, defeated & captured alongside fellow Masters by Pym (Avengers #228-230, 1983); employed as agent of the Mandarin, guarded a technological shipment in Hong Kong, accidentally ruined film stock shipped by producer Winston Phlan who called in Iron Man/Jim Rhodes, vs Iron Man, failed to prevent destruction of Mandarin’s equipment by Iron Man, mocked & tortured by Mandarin for his failure (Iron Man #179-181, 1984); equipped with a special lead-lined lab by Stane International, developed equipment such as hand-held neutron grenade launcher for Stane, conducted radiation experiments including deliberate crash of a radioactive Stane satellite to monitor its effects on populace, attended 31st Annual Conclave of Electronics Engineers & Innovators to make a presentation on behalf of Stane, detected & captured Spider-Man for examination, defeated & captured by Iron Man/Tony Stark & Spider-Man, deported (Iron Man #234, 1988); helped Avengers prevent nuclear disaster at the Vault (Avengers: Death Trap - The Vault, 1991); hired by crime boss Bono alongside Lightmaster, Plantman & Whirlwind to steal a vase from She-Hulk, villains defeated by Death’s Head & She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #24, 1991); participated in mass escape attempt at the Vault that was foiled by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts ’97, 1997); became bodyguard to corrupt media tycoon Tiberius Stone, had powers upgraded, staged kidnapping of Stone as part of Stone’s plot to discredit Tony Stark, vs Iron Man, seemingly exploded, survived & resumed his duties (Iron Man #37-38 & 40, 2001); as Stone’s bodyguard, killed insubordinate television executive Bartlet (Wolverine #170, 2002); socialized with other super-criminals at local bar (Spider-Man’s Tangled Web #13, 2002); among super-criminals assembled to defend a malevolent cosmic scholar, alongside Solarr & other villains, vs Avengers & a league of heroes from a divergent cosmos, defeated (Avengers/JLA #4, 2003); helped Thunderbolts save United Nations, accepted offer to join Thunderbolts, helped defeat Fathom Five & save Manhattan from Hydra’s nuclear attack, became celebrity hero as a result, reluctantly agreed to stay on with Thunderbolts at the request of the Chinese government (New Thunderbolts #3-7, 2005); helped Photon test his altered powers, helped Blizzard track Speed Demon, assaulted by Namor (New Thunderbolts #8, 2005); admitted he had unleashed a radioactive plague among Namor’s Atlantean people, negated the plague, told MACH-4 about "The Count", later confessed to MACH-4 that he secretly unleashed a modified plague which would affect only the Atlantean terrorists he had originally targeted (New Thunderbolts #9, 2005); with Thunderbolts, manipulated by Purple Man into battling Songbird & Swordsman (New Thunderbolts #10, 2005); in "House of M" alternate reality, among rebels defeated by Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers & others (New Thunderbolts #11, 2005); with Thunderbolts, defeated Purple Man (New Thunderbolts #12, 2005); with Thunderbolts, attacked & defeated Avengers on behalf of CSA (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005); had excess radiation purged at Chinese consulate, with Thunderbolts, vs Squadron Sinister (New Thunderbolts #15-16, 2006); helped sift through wreckage of Thunderbolts hideout, trained alongside Thunderbolts at Richmond Riding Academy, helped subdue unstable Photon, analyzed Photon & determined that he posed a threat on a cosmic scale (New Thunderbolts #17-18, 2006); with Songbird’s Thunderbolts faction, vs Helmut Zemo’s Thunderbolts faction to determine the fate of Photon (Thunderbolts #100, 2006); moved into Zemo’s folding castle alongside the rest of the Thunderbolts, deduced that Songbird & Zemo had been secretly working together from the start, angrily demanded an explanation, assured by Songbird that she was manipulating Zemo for the greater good (Thunderbolts #101, 2006); teamed with Fixer to devise portals enabling the Thunderbolts to reach locations around the world (Thunderbolts #102, 2006); among Thunderbolts in talks with Iron Man & others regarding government-backed plans for Thunderbolts to hunt down super-criminals (Thunderbolts #103, 2006); collaborated with Reed Richards & Hank Pym on new detention measures for captured villains (Thunderbolts #104, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Corbo) Alpha Flight: In The Beginning... #-1 (1997); (as Radius) Alpha Flight #1 (1997)
Significant Issues: As a boy, played basketball with Eugene Judd (Alpha Flight: In The Beginning... #-1, 1997); joined Alpha Flight, vs Zodiac (Alpha Flight #1, 1997); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World synthoid (Alpha Flight #2, 1997); broke Sunfire out of Department H (Alpha Flight #3, 1997); with Alpha Flight, vs Mesmero (Alpha Flight #4-5, 1997); with Alpha Flight, sent to apprehend Wolverine (Alpha Flight #8-9/Uncanny X-Men #355, 1998); with Alpha Flight, entered Microverse, vs Baron Zebek, met Microns (Alpha Flight #10-11, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Zodiac, Sasquatch died saving Radius' life (Alpha Flight #12, 1998); with Alpha Flight, attended Sasquatch's funeral (Alpha Flight #14, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Brass Bishop (Alpha Flight #15-16, 1998); with Alpha Flight, assisted Big Hero Six vs X the Unknowable (Alpha Flight #17, 1998); with Alpha Flight, encountered Inhumans (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Alpha Flight & Inhumans, 1998); with Alpha Flight, pursued Weapon X, vs original Alpha Flight, came to terms with his guilt over Sasquatch's death (Alpha Flight #18-20, 1999); joined X-Corps, seemingly killed by Avalanche (Uncanny X-Men #401-405, 2002); reported depowered in wake of "M-Day" (New Avengers #18, 2006)

Rappaccini, Monica

First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #7 (2005)
Significant Issues: Shown on S.H.I.E.L.D. surveillance footage to Scorpion by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Derek Khanata (Amazing Fantasy #7, 2005); arrived at Madripoor’s Sovereign Hotel to leave a message for Scorpion telling her to meet her in Prague (Amazing Fantasy #8, 2005); behind the scenes, orchestrated Scorpion’s abduction by A.I.M. agents in the Observation Tower in Prague’s Petrin Park (Amazing Fantasy #9, 2005); shown on a 19-year-old video tape explaining the A.I.M. waker program (Amazing Fantasy #10, 2005); appeared to Scorpion in a toxin-induced hallucination briefing her on her mission to detonate a nanobacteria bomb in the heart of the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (Amazing Fantasy #11, 2005); confronted by Scorpion on a Washington D.C. Metro subway after Scorpion foiled her plan to destroy U.S.A.R.M.I.D., teleported away once the U.S. military arrived (Amazing Fantasy #11, 2005); during House of M reality alteration, joined forces with Scorpion & Hulk to topple Governor Exodus’ fascist government in Australia, secretly created an army of cyborgs to topple other mutant governments (Incredible Hulk #84-86, 2005); stranded in Australia with Bruce Banner after House of M reality was reverted, evaded capture by Scorpion (Incredible Hulk #87, 2005); aboard an A.I.M. undersea vessel, tracked the Uni-Power while A.I.M. collaborator David Garrett attempted to tear the Uni-Power away from Bruce Banner (Captain Universe/Incredible Hulk #1, 2006); behind the scenes, directed A.I.M. agents as they attempted to tear the Uni-Power away from Daredevil (Captain Universe/Daredevil #1, 2006); behind the scenes, directed A.I.M. agents as they continued their search for the Uni-Power (Captain Universe/X-23 #1, 2006); in a possible future timeline, granddaughter Varina Goddard sent a Death’s Head robot empowered by the Uni-Power to assassinate U.N. Secretary General in an attempt to prevent the signing of an A.I.M./U.N. treaty (Amazing Fantasy #16-19, 2006)

Rawhide Kid

First Appearance: Rawhide Kid #17 (1960)
Origin: Rawhide Kid #17 (1960); Rawhide Kid #23 (1961); Rawhide Kid #45 (1965); Rawhide Kid #100 (1972); Rawhide Kid #1 (1985)
Significant Issues: In 1868, discovered Ben Bart's body, took revenge on Hawk Brown and Spade, began life as wandering gunfighter (Rawhide Kid #17, 1960); rescued stagecoach at Shotgun Gap (Rawhide Kid #17, 1960); in 1869, exposed Sam Barker's cattle rustling in Arrow Pass, shot Barker, began life as outlaw (Rawhide Kid #17, 1960); circa 1870, defeated Wolf Waco Gang near Abilene, Texas (Rawhide Kid #18, 1960); defeated Hammer Hogan in Border City (Rawhide Kid #18, 1960); defeated Garson Gang in Trigger Gap (Rawhide Kid #19, 1960); defeated Crow Mallon (Rawhide Kid #19, 1960); defeated Blackjack Bordon & Harper Gang in Gopher Gap (Rawhide Kid #20, 1961); deceived young Bobby to dissuade him from gunfighter life (Rawhide Kid #20, 1961); defeated Grizzly Younger Gang in Sundown City (Rawhide Kid #21, 1961); circa 1870, vs Living Totem outside Abilene, Texas (Rawhide Kid #22, 1961); defeated Luke Stokes & Enforcers in Sagebrush (Rawhide Kid #23, 1961); exposed & defeated impersonator in Silver City, Texas (Rawhide Kid #24, 1961); defeated Mister Blade (Rawhide Kid #24, 1961); defeated Bat (Rawhide Kid #25, 1961); defeated criminals (Rawhide Kid #25, 1961); defeated Blackie (Rawhide Kid #25, 1961); circa 1871, briefly captured by Bounty Hunter, defeated Grimm Gang (Rawhide Kid #26, 1962); vs troublemakers at Scragg's Saloon (Rawhide Kid #26, 1962); defeated Bullet-Proof Man (Rawhide Kid #26, 1962); defeated Bolton Gang (Rawhide Kid #27, 1962); defeated Red Wolf in Devil Flats (Rawhide Kid #27, 1962); briefly captured (Rawhide Kid #27, 1962); defeated Luke Gorby (Rawhide Kid #28, 1962); defeated Jasker Jelko (Rawhide Kid #28, 1962); vs troublemakers in saloon (Rawhide Kid #28, 1962); offered pardon by Sheriff Knox, defeated Apache Joe but lost chance for pardon when Knox died (Rawhide Kid #29, 1962); defeated Black Barker Gang (Rawhide Kid #29, 1962); helped Cal Carson (Rawhide Kid #29, 1962); hypnotized by Spade Desmond, broke his control (Rawhide Kid #30, 1962); defeated Crow Mangum Gang (Rawhide Kid #30, 1962); stopped in Railtown (Rawhide Kid #30, 1962); defeated Rock Rorick (Rawhide Kid #31, 1962); encountered government agent Dead-Eye Dawson in Rustler's Gulch, Texas (Rawhide Kid #31, 1962); defeated Lefty & others in Lost Mesa (Rawhide Kid #31, 1962); defeated Barker Brothers in Barkersville (Rawhide Kid #32, 1963); defeated Grizzly & cohorts (Rawhide Kid #32, 1963); nearly became engaged to Marybelle Harte, defeated Tom Carson (Rawhide Kid #33, 1963); defeated Mister Lightning in Red Gap (Rawhide Kid #34, 1963); took blame for shooting of Tall Bear (Rawhide Kid #34, 1963); vs Raven in Red Rock (Rawhide Kid #35, 1963); defeated Crusher Cragg (Rawhide Kid #35, 1963); upstaged Bronco Barton (Rawhide Kid #36, 1963); exposed criminal operations of Mayor Handlebar Henry of Wade Township (Rawhide Kid #36, 1963); vs Rattler in Pinto Bend (Rawhide Kid #37, 1963); vs Red Raven (Rawhide Kid #38, 1964); in 1872, killed Tim McCain in Laramie, Wyoming (Rawhide Kid #1, 1985); vs Dr Karlbad's Ape (Rawhide Kid #39, 1964); alongside the Two-Gun Kid, vs Grizzly in Tombstone, Arizona (Rawhide Kid #40, 1964); defeated Tyrant of Tombstone Valley (Rawhide Kid #41, 1964); suffered brief vision problem, defeated Yerby's Yahoos (Rawhide Kid #42, 1964); defeated Patch Morgan Gang (Rawhide Kid #43, 1964); briefly pulled forward in time by Zarrko (Fantastic Four #405, 1995); vs Masked Maverick (Rawhide Kid #44, 1965); alongside Kid Colt, vs Iron Mask in Silvertown (Kid Colt Outlaw #121, 1965); reunited with brothers Joe & Frank in Willow Flats, Montana, vs Karate Cragg (Rawhide Kid #45, 1965); took riverboat passage from Montana, vs Karate Cragg (Rawhide Kid #47, 1965); briefly suffered amnesia in Wishbone Flats, caught by & escaped Marko the Manhunter (Rawhide Kid #48, 1965); exposed Masquerader's land extortion (Rawhide Kid #49, 1965); vs Kid Colt when Masquerader framed Colt for crime in Willow Flats, Montana, joined Colt in defeating Masquerader (Rawhide Kid #50, 1966); alongside Two-Gun Kid & Kid Colt, encountered time-displaced Thunderstrike, fled from dinosaurs (Thor Corps #2-3, 1993); vs Wizard of the West (Marvel Holiday Special 1996, 1996); in 1873, alongside Two-Gun Kid & Kid Colt, vs Kang's underlings in Tombstone, Arizona (Avengers Forever #4, 1999); recruited Phantom Rider & Ringo Kid (Avengers Forever #6, 1999); encountered time-traveling Avengers (Avengers #142-143, 1975-1976); considered outlaw life, briefly joined Jesse James' gang (Rawhide Kid #33, 1963); discovered surviving Aztec civilization in Mexican valley (Rawhide Kid #51, 1966); defeated Duke Jordan's Spoilers (Rawhide Kid #52, 1966); defeated Acrobat in Canada (Rawhide Kid #53, 1966); defeated Monk Larson Gang in Serenity Falls (Rawhide Kid #54, 1966); defeated Gregory Kane's Plunderers (Rawhide Kid #55, 1966); defeated Drago Gang in Gila Gap (Rawhide Kid #56, 1967); vs Scorpion in Dustville (Rawhide Kid #57, 1967); defeated Butler Benson & Enforcers in Buzzard's Roost (Rawhide Kid #58, 1967); stopped Drako from enslaving miners (Rawhide Kid #59, 1967); defeated Bart Brawley Gang in Los Conchos, Mexico (Rawhide Kid #62, 1968); again fought Drako (Rawhide Kid #62, 1968); in 1874, assisted Doc Holliday vs Ox Carson Gang (Rawhide Kid #46, 1965); defeated Gila Johnson Gang in Mesa City (Rawhide Kid #63, 1968); defeated Cheeno Yates (Rawhide Kid #63, 1968); defeated Zamora's Desperados in Mexico (Rawhide Kid #64, 1968); defeated Slade Gang (Rawhide Kid #65, 1968); framed for crimes by Lem & his brothers (Rawhide Kid #67, 1968); vs Cougar (Rawhide Kid #68, 1969); forced to kill Cole Yorby (Rawhide Kid #69, 1969); forced to switch places with Koslavia's Prince Stephen, exposed Count Zamora's betrayal (Rawhide Kid #70, 1969); stopped Red Eagle's Beaver Bend crime spree (Rawhide Kid #71, 1969); met Jason Cragg in Forbidden Valley (Rawhide Kid #72, 1969); defeated Yates Gang in Eureka Flats (Rawhide Kid #73, 1969); in 1875, faked death at Vince Fargo's hands in Eureka Flats (Rawhide Kid #66, 1968); alongside Two-Gun Kid & Kid Colt, assisted time-displaced Black Panther (Black Panther #46-47, 2002); ambushed in Oklahoma by Joe Slade, subsequently defeated Slade (Rawhide Kid #75, 1970); recruited by Captain Carlson, defeated Lynx's Bandoleros (Rawhide Kid #76, 1970); visited Beaver Flats, dissuaded Davy Logan from crime (Rawhide Kid #77, 1970); met former outlaw Matt Tanner (Rawhide Kid #78, 1970); defeated Colonel Clegg's Legion of the Lost (Rawhide Kid #79, 1970); vs Garrison's hired guns in range war (Rawhide Kid #81, 1970); became Deadrock sheriff, suffered temporary blurry vision, defeated Luke Clanton Gang (Rawhide Kid #83, 1971); protected Tom Dawson from Fargo Gang in Red Rock, Oklahoma (Rawhide Kid #85, 1971); in 1876, alongside Two-Gun Kid & Phantom Rider, vs Iron Mask & associates, aided by time-traveling West Coast Avengers, witnessed Phantom Rider's abduction of Mockingbird (West Coast Avengers #18, 1987); with Two-Gun Kid, tracked Phantom Rider (West Coast Avengers #19-20, 1987); accompanied Two-Gun Kid in rousing Mockingbird from drugged state, allowed her to confront Phantom Rider alone (West Coast Avengers #21-22, 1987); again met West Coast Avengers (West Coast Avengers #23, 1987); failed in attempt make peace between General Custer & Sioux in South Dakota (Rawhide Kid #60, 1967); again encountered General Custer, reunited with cousin Link, unable to prevent massacre at Little Big Horn (Rawhide Kid #91, 1971); met Wild Bill Hickok & Calamity Jane, defeated Black Jack Simpson (Rawhide Kid #61, 1967); prevented Bret Claymoor's Spoilers from seizing Lazy-T Mine (Rawhide Kid #87, 1971); met Jess Parker in Sulphur Springs, Texas, trained him in gunmanship, sought to dissuade him from gunfighter life (Rawhide Kid #88, 1971); rescued Kid Colt from posse in Beaver Bend, exposed Sam Tanner for framing Colt (Rawhide Kid #89, 1971); rode with Kid Colt to Mexico, freed town of Pedro from control of El Tirano (Rawhide Kid #90, 1971); defeated Yorby Gang (Rawhide Kid #92, 1971); defeated Wes Concho Gang in Colorado Rockies (Rawhide Kid #93, 1971); met Rafe Larsen in Paradise Flats (Rawhide Kid #94, 1971); defeated Claude Dijon's Border Bandits (Rawhide Kid #95, 1972); met Missouri Kid (Rawhide Kid #96, 1972); dissuaded Danny Murdock from gunfighter's life (Rawhide Kid #97, 1972); in 1877, defeated Crazy Wolf (Rawhide Kid #74, 1970); joined Apache tribe, became engaged to Bright Fawn, took vengeance on criminals after her death (Rawhide Kid #98, 1972); escaped capture by Colby & Rufe (Rawhide Kid #99, 1972); reunited with brothers, defeated Jason Murdock Gang (Rawhide Kid #100, 1972); framed for railroad crime by Frank Benson (Rawhide Kid #102); broke Jud Dawson's hold over town (Rawhide Kid #103, 1972); drugged by Ma Morgan Gang, forced to assist in crimes, defeated Morgans (Rawhide Kid #105, 1972); helped Laura Prescott protect ranch (Rawhide Kid #106, 1972); briefly captured by bounty hunter Logan, protected Sarah Evans from attacking Apaches, reunited her with husband Grey Eagle (Rawhide Kid #108, 1973); rescued from Boulder Bluff lynching by Major Sam Rathmore, helped him against Captain Langley & his men (Rawhide Kid #109, 1973); temporarily blinded, saved children from outlaws (Rawhide Kid #110, 1973); defeated Fargo & Blackie (Rawhide Kid #112, 1973); briefly abandoned gunfighting, gave up new life to defeat Cheeno Yates Gang (Rawhide Kid #113, 1973); left to die by Comanches, rescued by Sam Lomax, fought alongside him against Yellow Wolf's renegades (Rawhide Kid #114, 1973); defeated Carl Kane's Gang in Rustwood (Rawhide Kid #115, 1973); encountered Dakota Kid (Western Team-Up #1, 1973); alongside Kid Colt, vs Burt Riker (Kid Colt Outlaw #201, 1975); alongside Kid Colt, vs Manhunter (Giant-Size Kid Colt #1, 1975); circa 1878, defeated Cisco Pike Gang in Wells Junction (Rawhide Kid #1-5, 2002); in 1879, worked for Denver & Rio Grande Railroad (Apache Skies #1, 2002); in 1882, rescued Bob Ford from lynching (Rawhide Kid #101, 1972); in 1885, recruited by Reno Jones to fight Nightriders, joined by Kid Colt, Outlaw Kid, & Two-Gun Kid (Blaze of Glory #1-2, 2000); alongside allies, vs Nightriders, one of few survivors (Blaze of Glory #3-4, 2000); in 1886, sought murderers of Apache Kid, met Rosa helped her rescue children from William Tyler (Apache Skies #1-4, 2002); in 1897, met Understudy (Rawhide Kid #1, 1985); escaped from Pinkertons (Rawhide Kid #2, 1985); alongside Understudy & Bounty Hunter, defeated Nightriders in Emancipation, Wyoming (Rawhide Kid #3, 1985); avenged Understudy's death (Rawhide Kid #4, 1985)


First Appearance: (Shadow only) Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #12 (1977); (fully) Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #13 (1977)
Origin: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #13 (1977)
Significant Issues: Alongside Spider-Man & Flash Thompson, vs Legion of Light, Brother Power & Man-Beast (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #12-15, 1977-1978); hijacked Starblazer, traveled to Star Stop, met She-Hulk & U.S.Archer, vs Xemnu, became romantically involved with Taryn O'Connell (Sensational She-Hulk #6-7, 1989); captured by Vuk & Carbon Copy Men, met Rocket Raccoon (Sensational She-Hulk #46-47, 1992-1993); returned She-Hulk to Earth (Sensational She-Hulk #48, 1993); alongside She-Hulk, vs Piratesaurs (She-Hulk #3, 2006); vs Thanos, Galactus & Ego, returned to Earth, took job protecting Fatal Action 4 film set, helped Spider-Man apprehend Mysterio (Spider-Man: The Gathering of the Sinister Six, 1999); saved U.S. President from assassination, became celebrity, outed himself as mutant (Generation X: Crossroads, 1998); vs Human Torch (Fantastic Four #24, 1999); called to testify at She-Hulk's TVA trial (She-Hulk #3, 2006)

Red Ghost

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #13 (1963)
Significant Issues: Details of cosmic ray storm that created Fantastic Four & Kragoff’s plans revealed (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #10, 1985); took unshielded ship into space during cosmic ray storm, he & apes gained powers & called himself Red Ghost, vs Fantastic Four in Blue Area of the Moon, met Watcher, mistreated apes who then turned on him (Fantastic Four #13, 1963); with apes, became Fantastic Four on Earth-95121 (Fantastic Force #12, 1995); lured Fantastic Four to Yancy Street, brought them to the Moon, fell into the Watcher’s matter transmitter (Fantastic Four #29, 1964); returned to Russia by matter transmitter; apes imprisoned, Ghost sent to Siberia (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #10, 1985); phased into Subterrania, teamed with Mole Man, vs Avengers, defeated (Avengers #12, 1965); among dozens of villains influenced by Doctor Doom to attack on Reed & Sue’s wedding day, sent to alien dimension by Doctor Strange, returned to his lab by sub-atronic time displacer (Fantastic Four Annual #3, 1965); learned of apparent deaths of apes, contacted Unicorn, arranged theft of Tony Stark’s cosmic intensifier, gained new mist powers, gave powers to gorillas Alpha & Beta, attempted to create super-ape army, stopped by Beta (Iron Man #15-16, 1969); android versions created by Puppet Master & Mad Thinker defeated by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #100, 1970); joined with Attuma, kidnapped Dr Jennings to create porpoise army, turned Sub-Mariner, Valkyrie & Hawkeye into slaves, flow of cosmic rays stopped by Doctor Strange & Silver Surfer which returned slaves to normal & deprived him of his powers, defeated by Hawkeye (Defenders #7-8, 1973); freed Super-Apes, teamed with Annihilus & Blaastar, kidnapped Rick Jones, created duplicate nega-bands, defeated by Captain Marvel (Marvel: Shadows and Light, 1997); teamed with Nina Pushnikov to attempt to steal gravity localizer used by Spider-Man & Human Torch in Spider-Mobile, stole Spider-Mobile but defeated by fruit pies & localizer (Spider-Man/Human Torch #3, 2005); stuck in intangible state, had apes kidnap Tony Stark who used cosmitronic cannon to cure him, apes defeated by Stark as Iron Man (Iron Man #82-83, 1976); in mist form, stowed away on spaceship with Reed Richards, regained his original powers (Fantastic Four #197, 1978); broke into Empire State University library, encountered Roger Hochberg, defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #223, 1981); created earthquake machine to attack Russia, thwarted by Super-Soldiers (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); returned to Manhattan, lured Black Fox into his employ, thwarted by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #255, 1984); infiltrated Watcher’s home, vs Quasar, sought to turn Quasar’s wrist-bands intangible, defeated when he turned solid to try to remove wrist-bands (Quasar #6, 1990); learned of Kymellian smartships, stole Friday’s brain, defeated by Power Pack (Power Pack #61-62, 1991); Commander Courage controlled Super-Apes with were-borg implants, Red Ghost weakened & dazed by loss of apes, Courage arrested Ghost, sent were-borgs to kill him, saved by Constrictor & murdered Courage (Marvel Comics Presents #87-92, 1991); Peotor fired electric rays (Marvel Comics Presents #87, 1991); gained complete mental control over apes, joined Frightful Four, eyes & skin turned red (Fantastic Four Unlimited #5, 1994); Super-Apes escaped Vault (Heroes for Hire #1, 1997); apes gained increased intelligence & ability to talk while Red Ghost became childlike, apes created toxic gas to retaliate against animal experimentation, defeated by Mr. Fantastic (Fantastic Four #2-3, 1998); incarcerated in the Cage (Wolverine #164-165, 2001); at Russian Tea Room (Deadpool #39, 2000); at Bar with No Name (Deadline #2, 2002); attended Puppet Master’s meeting, left DNA collected by Mad Thinker, captured by Fantastic Four, imprisoned in Negative Zone, voluntarily returned to cell during jailbreak (Fantastic Four: Foes #1 & 5-6, 2005); allied with Doctor Paine then murdered him, apes attempted to release deadly virus, stopped by Storm & Iceman (Black Panther #8/X-Men #176/Black Panther #9, 2005)

Red Queen

First Appearance: (As Madelyne Pryor) X-Man #5 (1995); (as Red Queen) X-Man #70 (2000)
Origin: X-Man #25 (1997); X-Man #67-70 (2000)
Significant Issues: As Madelyne Pryor, confronted Nate Grey of Earth-295 on Earth-616 (X-Man #5, 1995); as Madelyne, befriended Nate, encountered Sugar Man’s assassin Rex (X-Man #6, 1995); as Madelyne, traveled with Nate to Paris, ensorceled & abducted by Selene (X-Man #7, 1995); as Madelyne, befriended Selene’s servant Ella, observed own atypical reactions to wounds, enslaved by Selene, helped her ensorcel Trevor Fitzroy (X-Man #13-17, 1996); as Madelyne, traveled to America with Selene, Ella, & Fitzroy, defeated Sebastian Shaw’s Red Rook, became Hellfire Club’s new Black Rook (X-Man #20-23, 1996-1997); as Madelyne, incapacitated Tessa when she tried to explore Madelyne’s mind (X-Man '96 Annual, 1996); as Madelyne, formed alliance with Shaw, relocated Nate Grey, overpowered Nate’s sometime companion Threnody, attempted to seduce Nate, resisted his efforts to "re-absorb" her, proved own existence (X-Man #24-25, 1997); as Madelyne, formed truce with true Madelyne's son Cable (Cable #44, 1997); as Madelyne, publicly announced as consort by Shaw (X-Man #28, 1997); as Madelyne, warned Cable of Shaw’s plan to unleash Harbinger of Apocalypse (Cable #50, 1998); as Madelyne, reunited with Nate (X-Man #38, 1998); as Madelyne, alongside Nate, vs Great Beasts (X-Man #39-40, 1998); as Madelyne, sought to stop Nate from seeking Threnody, seemingly destroyed & temporarily lost telepathic powers when psi-dimension exploded during a struggle between Shadow King & Psylocke (X-Man #41, 1998); as Madelyne, alongside Nate, saved villagers in Dublin from earthquake & fire (X-Man #42, 1998); as Madelyne, alongside Nate, vs Holocaust (X-Man #43-44, 1998); as Madelyne, alongside Nate, vs Stryfe & Dark Riders (X-Man #45-47/Cable #63, 1998-1999); as Madelyne, confronted Ness over interest in Nate (X-Man #49-50, 1999); as Madelyne, alongside Nate & Ness, vs Psi-Ops, injured, departed as her plans had taken a "sharp left" (X-Man #51-52, 1999); expelled consciousness of the artificial Maddie, confronted Cable while he was a prisoner of Apocalypse, sought to convince him to stay with her in the astral plane (Cable #76, 2000); took control of Nate, brought him to Earth-998, true identity exposed, vs own agent Scratch, destroyed by Nate after he had been trained & enhanced by Nate Grey of Earth-2098 (X-Man #67-70, 2000)

Red Wolf

First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #80 (1970)
Significant Issues: Wildrun served in Anachronauts (Avengers Annual #21-22/Fantastic Four Annual #25, 1992-1993); apparent death of Wildrun (Avengers Forever #3, 1999); Johnny Wakley became Red Wolf (Marvel Spotlight #1, 1971); Wakely adventured at Fort Rango (Red Wolf #1-7, 1972-1973); Red Wolf killed, another man took his place (Mighty Marvel Western: Western Legends #1, 2006); Red Wolf fought at Wonderment, fell in love with Ghost Wind Rider (Blaze of Glory #2-4, 2000); Thomas Thunderhead Red Wolf’s adventures (Red Wolf #7-9, 1973); William Talltrees became Red Wolf, alongside Avengers, vs Cornelius Van Lunt (Avengers #80-81, 1970); alongside Tigra, vs Super-Skrull & Rat Pack (Marvel Chillers #5-7, 1976); co-founded the Rangers (Incredible Hulk #265, 1981); witnessed Hulk's pardon (Incredible Hulk #278-279, 1982-1983); alongside Defenders, vs Trolls (Defenders #139, 1985); with Rangers, forced to battle Avengers by Riglevio (West Coast Avengers #8, 1986); vs terrorists in Nevada (Marvel Super-Heroes #2, 1990); Lobo killed, stabbed by Bengal, encouraged by Owayodata (Marvel Comics Presents #15, 1989); donned Lobo's hide, adopted cub Lobo (Marvel Comics Presents #72, 1991); alongside Doctor Strange & Black Crow, stopped Cheyenne gods from taking vengeance (Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #25, 1991); exposed false Blackfoot operatives working for Roxxon Oil (Marvel Comics Presents #107, 1992); vs Nomad (Nomad #10, 1993); vs Maggia (Marvel Comics Presents #170, 1994); alongside numerous other heroes, held prisoner by Graviton (Thunderbolts #57, 2001)


First Appearance: Thunderbolts #48 (2001)
Significant Issues: Mark III Beetle armor acquired by V-Battalion (Thunderbolts #47, 2001); team underwent training at Cliff's Edge, Meteorite recruited (Thunderbolts #48, 2001); Fixer joined (Thunderbolts #49, 2001); invaded C.S.A. office, vs Destructon, briefly controlled by Henry Peter Gyrich to oppose Thunderbolts, allied with them to end Gyrich's plot (Thunderbolts #50, 2001); in Latveria, vs Young Allies of Counter-Earth (Thunderbolts #51-52, 2001); arrived on scene of fight between Charcoal & Imperial Forces (Thunderbolts #53, 2001); leadership returned to Citizen V, vs Humus Sapien (Thunderbolts #54-55, 2001); most members slain by Graviton (Thunderbolts #56, 2001); alongside Thunderbolts, Citizen V & Fixer vs Graviton (Thunderbolts #57-58, 2001-2002); Scream remade as Angar the Screamer after Graviton's defeat, disrupted by Songbird (Thunderbolts #58-59, 2002); Smuggler revealed to have survived (Thunderbolts #100, 2006)

Reyes, Cecilia

First Appearance: (Cameo) X-Men #65 (1997); (fully) X-Men #66 (1997)
Origin: X-Men #66 (1997); Uncanny X-Men #389 (2001)
Significant Issues: Watched Prime Sentinels attack X-Men on television (X-Men #65, 1997); attacked by Prime Sentinels, saved by Iceman (X-Men #66, 1997); with Iceman, attacked by Prime Sentinels, aided in opposing them by Charlotte Jones, Marrow & Sabra, witnessed shut down of Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Men #67-69, 1997); accompanied Iceman to X-Men’s mansion, operated on Cyclops to remove nanotech bomb, invited to join X-Men (X-Men #70, 1997); returned to hospital to work, shunned by colleagues, treated Pyro & Daredevil, inadvertently allowed Pyro to escape, fired, returned to X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #351/Daredevil #371, 1998); began living at mansion, helped with rebuilding (X-Men #71 & 73, 1998); with X-Men, vs Ru’Tai (X-Men #75, 1998); with Beast, examined X-Men after battle with Ru’Tai (X-Men #76, 1998); with X-Men, teleported to Africa by Psylocke to oppose Shadow King, tempted by Shadow King, rejected him (X-Men #77-78, 1998); with X-Men, alongside Fantastic Four, assaulted by Bradley Beynon using Psycho-Man’s emotion-stimulator box, vs Psycho-Man (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Uncanny X-Men & Fantastic Four, 1998); left X-Men, set up medical practice in Salem Center (Uncanny X-Men #360, 1998); treated Wolverine, became involved in attempt by Silver Samurai to return suspected spy to Japan, helped capture true culprit (X-Men Unlimited #24, 1999); with Beast, examined Gambit after augmentation of his power (Gambit #16, 2000); treated Nightcrawler, attacked by Neo leader Hunter, forced to kill him to save Nightcrawler (X-Men #100, 2000); with Nightcrawler, vs Neo, began taking Rave to enhance powers, found by X-Men, opted to remain behind to rescue Charlotte Jones (X-Men #101-102, 2000); vs Neo, revealed to be addicted to Rave, rescued by X-Men (X-Men #106, 2000); went "cold turkey" to overcome addiction (X-Men #107/Uncanny X-Men #389, 2000/2001); attempted to stop Colossus from sacrificing himself to release Legacy Virus cure, failed (Uncanny X-Men #390, 2001); captured by Weapon X, incarcerated in "Neverland" (Weapon X #5, 2003)

Richards, Nathaniel

First Appearance: (Mentioned) Fantastic Four #271 (1984); (seen) Fantastic Four #272 (1984)
Significant Issues: Participated in mission with Destroyer (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #2, 2001); Fantastic Four traveled to Other-Earth, Cassandra killed (Fantastic Four #272-273, 1984); met up with Fantastic Four, allied with Agatha Harkness (Fantastic Four #375, 1993); kidnapped Franklin, vs Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #376, 1993); took over Doctor Doom’s castle (Fantastic Four #382, 1993); acted as Doom, manipulated adult Franklin (Fantastic Four #386-387, 1994); Franklin’s experiences in Other-Earth revealed (Fantastic Four #390, 1994); allied with Invisible Woman in Latveria, told story of fathering Kristoff (Fantastic Four #393-395, 1994); rescued Kristoff and "Boris" (Fantastic Four #396-397, 1995); teamed with Fantastic Four vs Aron, recruited Fantastic Force, helped Invisible Woman learn greater powers (Fantastic Four #398/Fantastic Force #7/Fantastic Four #399-400, 1995); returned to Moon, set trap off in Watcher’s citadel, Attilan threatened, Atlantis risen (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #1, 1995); directed Fantastic Force’s actions (Fantastic Force #8, 1995); attempted to steal Attilan (Fantastic Four #401, 1995); vs Human Torch & Fantastic Force (Fantastic Force #9, 1995); allied with Morgan le Fay (Fantastic Four #402, 1995); got samples, enlarged Attilan (Fantastic Four: Atlantis Rising #2, 1995); attended reading of Reed’s will (Fantastic Four Unplugged #2, 1995); sensed Hyperstorm’s approach (Fantastic Four #405, 1995); kidnapped by Hyperstorm, Reed & Doom alive (Fantastic Four #406, 1995); Doom, in Zarrko, released Nathaniel (Fantastic Four #407, 1995); with "Zarrko," plotted Hyperstorm’s defeat (Fantastic Four Unlimited #12, 1996); teamed with Fantastic Four vs Hyperstorm, Hyperstorm left without being defeated (Fantastic Four #408-409, 1996); argued with Reed, Kristoff discussed his origins (Fantastic Four #410, 1996); gathered transmat receptors around headquaters (Fantastic Four #411, 1996); returned to Fantastic Four headquarters (Fantastic Four #412, 1996); warned Reed of Hyperstorm’s danger, young Franklin restored (Fantastic Four #413, 1996); finally revealed motivations regarding Hyperstorm, saw Hyperstorm defeated (Fantastic Four #414, 1996); Onslaught attacked, team believed killed (Fantastic Four #415-416/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); sought to aid Cable (Cable #36, 1996); enrolled Franklin in Massachusetts Academy (Generation X #20, 1997); protected Fantastic Four’s assets, tried to enter Latveria, separated from Kristoff (Tales of the Marvel Universe #1, 1997); alongside Cable & X-Force, sought to destroy Doom’s technology, briefly sent into past (X-Force #63-64, 1997); teamed with Fantastic Four vs Ramses (Marvel Knights: 4 #15-18, 2005)


First Appearance: X-Factor #17 (1987)
Origin: X-Force #34 (1994)
Significant Issues: Father murdered by Stryfe (X-Force #34, 1994); used by Right in attempt to destroy San Francisco, rescued by X-Factor (X-Factor #17, 1987); began training with X-Factor (X-Factor #18, 1987); with trainees, helped Rusty in Central Park (X-Factor #20, 1987); with trainees, captured by Right, briefly contemplated suicide, Right defeated by X-Factor (X-Factor #21-23, 1987); with trainees, alongside X-Factor, moved aboard Ship, freed Ship’s brain (X-Factor 27-28/X-Factor Annual #3, 1988); with trainees, alongside Iceman, vs Infectia (X-Factor #29-31, 1988); with trainees, alongside X-Factor, vs Xartans impersonating Avengers (X-Factor #32, 1988); with trainees, alongside New Mutants, met Gosamyr (New Mutants #71, 1989); went to boarding school, formed X-Terminators with trainees, vs demons (X-Terminators #1-4/New Mutants #72-73, 1989); continued training (X-Factor #40-41, 1989); with New Mutants, alongside Sub-Mariner, vs sea monster (New Mutants #76, 1989); with New Mutants, alongside Doctor Strange, vs possessed Moonstar (New Mutants #77, 1989); with New Mutants, vs Freedom Force, injured by Crimson Commando (New Mutants #78, 1989); with New Mutants, in Asgard, vs Hela & Valkyrior (New Mutants #79-80 & 82-86, 1990); with New Mutants, vs Mindless Ones en-route back to Earth (New Mutants #87, 1990); with New Mutants, alongside Namorita & S.U.R.F., vs sea monster (New Mutants Annual #5, 1989); relationship with Wolfsbane began, Cable assumed leadership of New Mutants (New Mutants #88-89, 1990); in Morlock Tunnels, vs Sabretooth, wounded, rescued by New Mutants (New Mutants #90-91, 1990); with New Mutants, vs Skrull slavers (New Mutants #92, 1990); with New Mutants, vs future New Mutants team, Franklin Richards, & Ahab & his hounds (New Mutants Annual #6, 1990); with New Mutants, in Madripoor, alongside Sunfire & Wolverine, vs Mutant Liberation Front (New Mutants #93-94, 1990); with New Mutants, captured by Genoshan Magistrates (Uncanny X-Men #270, 1991); powers removed, Hodge exposed as power behind Genosha (New Mutants #95, 1991); evaded Hodge (X-Factor #60/Uncanny X-Men #271/New Mutants #96/X-Factor #61/Uncanny X-Men #272, 1991); powers restored, with New Mutants, alongside X-Men & others, vs Hodge (New Mutants #97/X-Factor #62, 1991); with New Mutants, vs Deadpool, quit team (New Mutants #98, 1991); with Weapon: P.R.I.M.E., vs X-Force (X-Force #10-13, 1992); joined X-Force, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. & Crule (X-Force #14-15, 1992); with X-Force, captured & held by X-Men & X-Factor during investigation of Cable (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Factor #84/X-Men #14/X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Force #17, 1992); X-Force released (X-Force #19, 1993); with X-Force, onboard Graymalkin, vs S.H.I.E.L.D. & War Machine (X-Force #20-22, 1993); with X-Force, vs X-Ternals (X-Force #23, 1993); with X-Force, vs Friends of Humanity (X-Force #24, 1993); with X-Force, vs Magneto (X-Force #25/Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); down-time with X-Force (X-Force #26, 1993); with X-Force, vs Martin Henry Strong (X-Force Annual #1993); with X-Force, vs Mutant Liberation Front (X-Force #27-28, 1993); friendship with Shatterstar began (X-Force #29-30, 1993); with X-Force, alongside New Warriors, vs Upstarts (X-Force #32/New Warriors #45/X-Force #33/New Warriors #46, 1994); faced family (X-Force #34, 1994); with X-Force, vs Nimrod (X-Force #35-36, 1994); with X-Force, alongside X-Factor & Excalibur, vs Phalanx (X-Factor #106/X-Force #38/Excalibur #82, 1994); with X-Force, vs Feral (X-Force #40-41, 1994); with X-Force, vs Reignfire (X-Force #43, 1995); X-Force’s headquarters destroyed by Arcade (X-Men: Prime, 1995); quit X-force (X-Force #44/Cable #22, 1995); alongside X-Force & Longshot, vs Mojo to rescue Shatterstar (X-Force #59-62, 1996); alongside X-Force & Nathaniel Richards, infiltrated Latveria, vs Baron Strucker in past (X-Force #63-64, 1997); alongside X-Force, vs Risque (X-Force #66, 1997); alongside X-Force, vs Operation: Zero Tolerance, returned to Mexico with Shatterstar (X-Force #67-70, 1997); captured by Arcade (X-Force #76, 1998); with Shatterstar, aided Hanransha vs Martin Henry Strong (X-Force '99 Annual, 1999); joined X-Corporation's Paris branch, vs Weapon XII (New X-Men #128-131, 2002); lost powers, contemplated suicide, pushed off ledge by Multiple Man’s dupe (X-Factor #1, 2006); rescued by M, saved girl at gas station, joined X-Factor Investigations (X-Factor #2, 2006); targeted by assassin, saved by Layla Miller (X-Factor #3, 2006); rescued Siryn from Dr Leery, killed him (X-Factor #4-5, 2006); confronted Layla about her apparent manipulations (X-Factor #6, 7, 2006); signed up for Superhero Registration Act (X-Factor #8, 2006); with X-Factor Investigations, confronted Quicksilver & X-Men (X-Factor #9, 2006)


First Appearance: (Davis) Defenders #51 (1977); (Kraft) Marc Spector: Moon Knight #10 (1990); (Strikeback) Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3 (1993)
Origin: Defenders #51 (1977)
Significant Issues: Davis debuted as Ringer, sought to rob Kyle Richmond, defeated & teeth wrecked by Nighthawk (Defenders #51, 1977); teeth repaired by prison dentist, redesigned Ringer gear, hired Tinkerer to build redesigned Ringer gear, broke into Tinkerer’s workshop while it was under police guard, obtained new Ringer gear, decided to sell gear rather than return to crime, captured by fellow Tinkerer client Beetle, forced to battle Spider-Man by Beetle, teeth damaged again, defeated & turned over to police, confessed, begged police to lock him up & get him a good dentist (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #58, 1981); learned Beetle was the one who had ruined him but was too timid to seek revenge, half-heartedly resumed criminal career in futile attempt to regain his dignity & self-confidence (Deadly Foes of Spider-Man #4, 1991); left New York City & began operating primarily in Midwest in hopes of avoiding superheroes (Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #19, 1987); attended gathering of super-criminals at "Bar With No Name" in Ohio to discuss threat of villain-killer Scourge, seemingly slain alongside other assembled super-criminals by Scourge (Captain America #319, 1986); seemingly dead body discovered by Water Wizard & Captain America (Captain America #320, 1986); revealed to be barely alive, recovered by A.I.M. tech scavengers, rebuilt as cyborg agent of A.I.M. (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #4, 1993); Kraft began criminal career as new Ringer using modified duplicates of Davis' gear & new flying platform, teamed with Killer Shrike & Coachwhip to seek out random superhero targets during Loki's "Acts of Vengeance", mocked by partners, easily defeated by Moon Knight, accidentally bound Killer Shrike with constricting rings while half-consciously trying to hit Moon Knight (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #10, 1990); as agent of Justin Hammer, Kraft teamed with Barrier & Blacklash to press Luis into Hammer’s service as the new Thunderbolt, sought to help Hammer press Luis into robbing Edwards Air Force Base, alongside Barrier & Blacklash, vs new Thunderbolt & Pantheon agents Achilles & Ulysses, defeated & captured (Incredible Hulk Annual #17, 1991); Kraft lost a battle with Cloak & Dagger, worked at a Bar With No Name in Connecticut, watched Jester’s standup routine, spoke with Peter Sanderson (Marvel Year-in-Review ’92 #4, 1992); Kraft attended A.I.M. Weapons Expo at Boca Caliente, attacked Captain America alongside horde of fellow super-criminals after Batroc offered a reward for the Captain’s capture, repeatedly battered by Captain America (Captain America #411-413, 1993); Davis left employ of A.I.M., became vigilante as Strikeback, interrupted his wife Leila & various other super-criminals while they fought over a nuclear blaster, attacked Stegron to protect Leila, defeated Vulture, Boomerang, Beetle & Stegron alongside Leila, prevented Leila from taking revenge on Beetle & encouraged her to join him in giving up crime, teleported away with wife when Spider-Man tried to apprehend them (Lethal Foes of Spider-Man #3-4, 1993); Kraft appeared in court to testify on behalf of Tinkerer during Trapster’s lawsuit, fought Boomerang when a brawl broke out among the assembled criminals, alongside Boomerang, subdued by She-Hulk (Sensational She-Hulk #59, 1994); Kraft reportedly robbed man, escaped (Amazing Spider-Man #414, 1996); "proto-husk" clone of Davis as Ringer created by Arnim Zola & pitted against Deadpool, clone killed by Deadpool (Deadpool #0, 1998); Davis enjoyed brief but happy retirement with Leila, died quietly at peace with himself after his cybernetic systems broke down, Leila reformed & joined the C.S.A.’s Redeemers as the new Beetle only to be slain by Graviton (Thunderbolts #56, 2001)


First Appearance: (In shadow) X-Force #51 (1996); (fully) X-Force #55 (1996)
Origin: X-Force #65 (1997)
Significant Issues: Sought out Warpath (X-Force #51, 1996); pulled Warpath away from X-Force's battle with Selene (X-Force #53, 1996); vacationed with Warpath in Florida (X-Force #55, 1996); vs Friends of Humanity (X-Force #56, 1996); confronted by Blob & Mimic in South Beach (X-Force #60, 1996); vs Blob & Mimic at nightclub, sedated Warpath (X-Force #65, 1997); evaded X-Force in Wackyworld, helped Caliban, left by Warpath (X-Force #66, 1997); tracked Warpath to Detroit, confronted Sledge (X-Force #69, 1997); impersonated by Pele (X-Force #81, 1998); alongside X-Force, vs Demon Bear, traveled to alternate reality with Warpath, helped defeat alternate Moonstar (X-Force #99-100, 2000); revealed to have joined X-Corps, reportedly murdered by U-Men (New X-Men 2001 Annual, 2001)

Rocket Racer

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #172 (1977)
Origin: Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #104 (1985)
Significant Issues: Destructive self-image mentioned (Web of Spider-Man #57, 1989); stole Wall Street courier’s briefcase, quickly defeated by Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #172, 1977); equipment souped up & rebuilt by Tinkerer, mother hospitalized in same room as May Parker, blackmailed Jackson Weele who later sought revenge as Big Wheel, attacked by Big Wheel who fell into Hudson River (Amazing Spider-Man #182-183, 1978); caught by police, bailed out by crooked bondsman, coerced into crime to pay bondsman’s exorbitant interest, attacked by bondsman-sent Bounty Hunter, saved Spider-Man’s life, turned himself in (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #104, 1985); Farrell family moved to Harlem, Robert entered Empire State University pursuing Engineering degree, tried to clear Spider-Man’s name of robbery, teamed with Prowler, met Puma, Sandman, Silver Sable, Spider-Man & Will O’ The Wisp, learned truth of Spider-Man’s burglary (Web of Spider-Man #50, 1989); scholarship to E.S.U., attack by white supremecists revealed (Web of Spider-Man #56, 1989) attacked Eddie Cross, stopped by Spider-Man, Eddie Cross exploded bomb in Afro-American Studies building at E.S.U., covered in corrosive web-fluid after Rocket Racer shattered the flask, became Skinhead, attacked his Rabbi father, stopped by Spider-Man (Web of Spider-Man #56-57, 1989); began working for Silver Sable under Ernie Sluganski, defeated Pack Rats (Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #10, 1990); put Speed Demon in hospital, sued (Marvel Tales #242, 1990); joined Prowler, Puma, Sandman & Spider-Man vs Avengers, helped recapture cannibal insect swarm (Spectacular Spider-Man #169-170, 1990); vs C.I.T.Y. (Marvel Tales #250, 1991); Speed Demon’s lawsuit dismissed, attacked by Speed Demon, defeated him with rocket punch (Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991); joined Outlaws, vs Sandman in rescue attempt of Michelle Tiers LeBon, Sandman rescued Michelle & joined Outlaws (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11/Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991); Outlaws vs Excalibur (Excalibur #36, 1991); hung out in Bar With No Name, knocked unconscious in bar fight (Marvel Comics Presents #97, 1992); capture of John King mentioned (The Hood #1, 2002); convinced Prowler to join him in staged Great Game fight, El Toro Negro attacked leaving Prowler comatose (Spider-Man Unlimited #14, 1996); brought Prowler to hospital (Sensational Spider-Man #17, 1997); teamed with Candy Man & Black Hole, defeated by Spider-Man, battle shown on America’s Funniest Home Videos (Spider-Man: Revenge of the Sinister Six, 2001); "Troy" stole Rocket Racer equipment, knocked unconscious by door opened by Harry Sloan, Robert called 911 & summoned police (Amazing Spider-Man #13, 2000); in high-security prison with Rhino (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #5, 2001); back at Bar With No Name (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #13, 2002); imprisoned in Cage, turned into slow-witted would-be killer, joined Tombstone’s Crew, beaten badly by Kangaroo (Spider-Man's Tangled Web #16-17, 2002); worked for Gary Wisen in televised super-fights, Spider-Man threw fight, tipped Spidey to location of culprits & departed (Peter Parker: Spider-Man #54-55, 2003)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #65 (1967)
Significant Issues: First encounter Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #66, 1967); plotted with Imperial Minister Zarek to overthrow Supreme Intelligence & discredit Captain Mar-Vell (Captain Marvel #5, 10 & 16, 1968 & 1969); overthrew Supreme Intelligence, deposed with aid of Rick Jones (Avengers #89-97, 1971-72); mind controlled by Supreme Intelligence, vs Captain Marvel & Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #41, 1975); mind snapped, went on rampage on Earth, put under care of Doctor Mac-Ron (Captain Marvel #48-50, 1976-1977); mind restored by SI, sent after Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #19, 1978); vs Silver Surfer imposter (Silver Surfer #12-14, 1988); vs Avengers during Kree-Shi’ar War, escaped after fall of Kree Empire (Captain America #398-400 /Avenger West Coast #80-82/Quasar #32-34/Wonder Man #7-9/Avengers #345-347/Iron Man #277-279/Thor #445-447, 1992); sought to steal Nega-Bands from son of Captain Mar-Vell (Silver Surfer Annual #6, 1993); used Invisible Woman to break into Watcher Uatu’s dome (Fantastic Four #13-15/Iron Man #14, 1999); used Inhumans in attempt to assassinate Majestrix Lilandra (Inhumans #1-4, 2000); watched as Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell entered Negative Zone to retrieve radiation to cure Rick Jones (Captain Marvel #22-25, 2001); aided Kree plan to use Ego the Living Planet to destroy Earth (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet #1/Maximum Security #1-3, 2000); stripped of his rank & title after accusation of treason, became exile in quest to clear his name (Annihilation: Ronan #1-4, 2006)


First Appearance: Captain America #180 (1974)
Significant Issues: World War II Roxxon jingle played (Midnight Sons Unlimited #9, May 1995); Roxxon became involved in early S.H.I.E.L.D. funding, as well as with Hydra (Fury #1, 1994); Republic Oil became Roxxon (Iron Man: The Iron Age #1-2, 1998); Secret Empire infiltrated Brand (Amazing Adventures #11-15/Captain America #173-175, 1972/1974); Hugh Jones gained Serpent Crown (Captain America #180-181 & 185-186, 1974-1975); Brand created Serpent Squad, Bushmaster, & others (Captain America Annual #10, 1991); Jones put in contact with Squadron Supreme's world by Set (Web of Spider-Man Annual #5, 1989); Nth Command explored other dimensions (Quasar #51, 1993); Avengers invaded Brand (Avengers #141, 144, 147 & 149, 1975-1976); Roxxon involved in Bagmom (Howard the Duck Annual #1, 1977); Manticore suit developed at Brand, sent to kill Hawkeye (Ghost Rider #27, 1977); Iron Man disrupted Hale's North Atlantic Vibranium mining (Iron Man #120-121, 1979); Roxxon/Brand created Grapplers, infiltrated Project: PEGASUS (Marvel Two-in-One #53-54 & 56-58, 1979); Hellrazor hired to discredit Black Panther & Wakanda (Marvel Team-Up #87, 1979); Silver Serpent attacked Roxxon's oil reserves (Savage She-Hulk #5, 1980); Mr Hyde & Batroc ransomed Roxxon tanker (Captain America #251-252, 1980); Roxxon's Serpent Squad retrieved second Serpent Crown for Jones, Jones became catatonic (Marvel Two-in-One #64-66, 1980); Thundra & Hyperion stole Nth Projector (Marvel Two-in-One #67, 1980); Nth Command rescued Hyperion (Squadron Supreme #7, 1986); Allantown disaster, Sunturion's introduction (Iron Man #140 & 142-144, 1980-1981); Thing & Quasar shut down an Nth facility (Marvel Two-in-One #73, 1981); Brand revealed to have created Killer Shrike (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #57, 1981); Spider-Man used Roxxon truck to battle Juggernaut (Amazing Spider-Man #230, July 1982); Department of Justice halted Bugle's Brand investigation, Will O' the Wisp attacked Brand, Brand shut down by president Gamelin (Amazing Spider-Man #231 & 233-236, 1982-1983); Brand's Nemesis suit stolen (Falcon #1, 1983); Jaxon joined Roxxon, attacked Guardian of Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #6-7 & 11-12, 1984); Operation: Purge, origin of Deathlok robot revealed (Captain America #287-289, 1984); Red Star Oil theorized as Roxxon subsidiary (Official Marvel Index to the Fantastic Four #5, 1986); Magma's Temple Corners, VA facility exposed & destroyed (Web of Spider-Man #16-17 & 19, 1986); Ian Forbes, Belfast Facility Director, killed by his superiors after he overstepped his bounds (Web of Spider-Man #22, 1987); L.A.'s Mr. Tappan & Pax hired & fired Ghost to sabotage Accutech (Iron Man #219-221, 1987); Sunturion & Iron Man stopped renegade Stratosfire (Iron Man Annual #9, 1987); Deltite's involvement with Roxxon exposed (Nick Fury vs S.H.I.E.L.D. #1 & 4-5, 1988); Human Torch vs kidnappers in a Roxxon facility (Marvel Fanfare #43, 1989); Hale hired Fixer to oppose Iron Man (Iron Man #244, 1989); Roxxon dumped toxic waste in Blue Area of the Moon (Marvel Comics Presents #28, 1989); Dearborn/Sunturion testified on Iron Man's behalf (Iron Man #248, 1989); ex-Brand/Roxxon employee Paul Hazlett built Raptor suit based on Killer Shrike suit (Marvel Super-Heroes #1, 1990); Namor invaded One Roxxon Plaza wrongly believing they'd sent Griffin after him (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #3, 1990); Firebolt attacked Project: PEGASUS, claimed to be from Roxxon (Marvel Super-Heroes #3, 1990); James Hudson's presence in Roxxon House exposed by Windshear, Forge, & Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #87-90, 1990); Cybertek created new Deathlok (Marvel Comics Presents #62/Deathlok #1-4, 1990); Vision reprogrammed with engrams of former Roxxon employee Alexander Lipton (Avengers Spotlight #40, 1991); apparent Roxxon employee Cypress annihilated Roxxon research station, vs Meggan & Shadowcat (Marvel Comics Presents #75, 1991); Woodgod stopped Dr Malachi Oz's research on Changelings (Marvel Comics Presents #76, 1991); Larry Curtiss attacked Iron Man in Trapster suit (Iron Man Annual #12, 1991); Hale prematurely marketed Nuform (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #25/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #11/Web of Spider-Man Annual #7, 1991); Quicksilver stopped bombing of Washington D.C. Roxxon Tower (X-Factor #71, 1991); unidentified Roxxon executive set Angar after S.H.I.E.L.D. (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #35, 1992); covert Roxxon saboteurs posed as eco-terrorists, stopped by Red Wolf (Marvel Comics Presents #107, 1992); Brazilian logging efforts disrupted by second Repulsor (NFL SuperPro #12, 1992); V.P. Clayton Burr backed Ryker against Deathlok, arrested (Deathlok #17-22, 1992-1993); New Brand Corporation formed by Landon (Spider-Man: The Mutant Agenda #1-3, 1994); Hale & Landon joined Sphinx's bioresearch efforts (Amazing Spider-Man Annual #26/Spectacular Spider-Man Annual #12/Web of Spider-Man Annual #8/New Warriors Annual #2, 1992); Chambers brothers' "designer gene" program disrupted by Spider-Man (Spider-Man/Punisher/Sabretooth: Designer Genes, 1993); Roxxon efforts to forge petroleum deal in Nadua foiled (Night Thrasher #10, 1994); Roxxon executives debated Stark Enterprises policies (Iron Man #306, 1994); Roxxon financed undersea city of Hydropolis in exchange for mining rights (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #54, 1994); Roxxon contracted Mycroft to eliminate Stark Enterprises (Iron Man #316, 1995); Roxxon hired Dr Jonas Harrow to duplicate Dragon Man (Spectacular Spider-Man #235-236, 1996); time-travelling Deathlok stopped new Brand from recreating Nth Command technology (Marvel Fanfare #1, 1996); Quartermaster redesigned Scorpion in Bolivia (Spider-Man Unlimited #13, 1996); Savage Land melting stopped by Spider-Man, Ka-Zar, & Chtylok (Sensational Spider-Man #13-15, 1997); Roxxon had Lindon Laswell back Dreadknight's failed takeover of Latveria (Spider-Man Unlimited #16, 1997); Edward Harrison claimed General Cecil B. Slinkard peddled government technology to Roxxon (Conspiracy #2, 1998); Micromax worked for new Brand (Excalibur #125, 1998); President Halderman disgraced, replaced by Kaminski (Captain America '99 Annual, 1999); Department of Justice exposed & shut down Bolivian facility (Spider-Man Unlimited #22, 1998); Iron Man & Warbird aided northwest refinery (Iron Man #21, 1999); Denver facility created "hard air" project with U.S. government, eventually shut down (Thunderbolts #34-36, 39, 43 & 49-50, 2000-2001); Roxxon provided weaponry to both sides in Genosha (Magneto: Dark Seduction #2 & 4/X-Men #112, 2000-2001); Namor & Silver Surfer attacked Roxxon oil field (The Order #2, 2002); Dan Germain sued Roxxon (She-Hulk #2, 2004); Deadpool stole technology from Tokyo facility (Cable & Deadpool #7, 2004); Taggert Grasshopper killed (G.L.A. #2, 2005); Lukin used Cosmic Cube to control part of Roxxon (Captain America #4 & 9, 2005); Shelton Grasshopper killed (GLX-Mas Special #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Fantastic Four #1 (1998)
Significant Issues: Infiltrated Earth-616 dimension, made first attempt to transmute Paris (Fantastic Four #1, 1998); second attempt at transmuting Paris discovered by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #19, 1999); Katar of the Bloody Blades possessed Arlise, captured Margali Szardos, attempted to complete ceremony of the Quintessence (Fantastic Four #20, 1999); some Ruined summoned to meeting with Puppet Master (Fantastic Four: Foes #1, 2005); some Ruined imprisoned in the Vault, temporarily released from cells by Threska (Fantastic Four: Foes #5-6, 2005)


First Appearance: Punisher #8 (2000)
Significant Issues: Defeated Bravo Force in Kazakhstan, contacted by Ma Gnucci (Punisher #8, 2000); met with Ma Gnucci, taken to Punisher's apartment (Punisher #9, 2000); vs Punisher, killed when Punisher used Mr Bumpo to smother him, decapitated (Punisher #10-11, 2001); resurfaced in cybernetically rebuilt body, threw Punisher off Empire State Building, vs Spider-Man, pushed off roof by Punisher (Punisher #1-2, 2001); recovered by Kreigkopf's organization (Punisher #3, 2001); boarded airplane for Belgian mission, survived when Punisher shot down airplane (Punisher #4, 2001); vs Punisher onboard second plane, dropped from plane while chained to atomic bomb (Punisher #5, 2001)


First Appearance: (Cameo) Incredible Hulk #250 (1980); (fully) Incredible Hulk #256 (1981)
Significant Issues: Attended Hulk’s pardon (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); reluctantly teamed with Arabian Knight/Abdul Qamar during "Contest of Champions" (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #2, 1982); vs Windstorm (Marvel Super-Heroes #6, 1991); vs Hulk & Achilles (Incredible Hulk #386-387, 1991); mind-controlled by unknown party, vs New Warriors (New Warriors #58-59, 1995); alongside Iceman, Cecilia Reyes & Marrow, vs Prime Sentinels, witnessed shut down of Operation: Zero Tolerance (X-Men #67-69, 1997); investigated connection between Magneto & Joseph (X-Men #72-73/Uncanny X-Men #366 & 368, 1998-1999); alongside Excalibur, vs Legion’s "ghosts" (Excalibur #120-121, 1998); joined X-Corporation (New X-Men #131-132/Excalibur #5, 2002/2004); alongside Union Jack/Joey Chapman, USAgent, & Arabian Knight/David Hasim, vs terrorists in London (Union Jack #1-4, 2006); joined Bishop’s pro-government super-criminal hunters to track down 198 escapees (X-Men: Civil War #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #146 (1994)
Significant Issues: Vs Doctor Strange & Nightmare (Marvel Comics Presents #146, 1994); reclaimed title of Sorceress Supreme (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #61, 1994); vs Modred the Mystic & Midnight Sons (Midnight Sons Unlimited #5, 1994); observed Strange's battle with Namor (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #64-65, 1994); captured Vincent Stevens (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #66, 1994); vs Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme Annual #4, 1994); observed Diabolique's fight with Vengeance (Marvel Comics Presents #162-163, 1994); observed Blade's battle with Marie LaVeau (Blade: Vampire Hunter #4-5, 1994); received Vishanti's patronage (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #71, 1994); invaded Doctor Strange's sanctuary (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #73-74, 1995); seemingly destroyed by Doctor Strange (Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme #75, 1995)


First Appearance: Daredevil: Father #2 (2005)
Origin: Daredevil: Father #4 (2005)
Significant Issues: Attacked Matt Murdock (Daredevil: Father #2, 2005); battled Matt Murdock while trying to convince him to help bring serial killer Johnny Sockets to justice (Daredevil: Father #3, 2005); attacked by Daredevil, formed a temporary truce with Daredevil, Daredevil deduced Ellegua’s alter ego (Daredevil: Father #4, 2005)


First Appearance: (As Sasquatch) X-Men #120 (1979), (as Box) Alpha Flight #24 (1985), (in female form) Alpha Flight #45 (1987), (as Wanda Langkowski) Alpha Flight #51 (1987)
Origin: Alpha Flight #11 (1984); Alpha Flight #14 (1998)
Significant Issues: Became Sasquatch (Alpha Flight #11/Alpha Flight #14, 1988/1998); manipulated Wild Child’s genotype (Alpha Flight #114, 1993); with Hudson, co-founded the Flight, introduced Groundhog to the team (Alpha Flight Special, 1992); with Alpha Flight, vs X-Men in attempt to reclaim Wolverine (X-Men #120-121, 1979); vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk Annual #8, 1979); with Alpha Flight, vs Sunset Bain’s forces, rescued Machine Man (Machine Man #18, 1980); with Alpha Flight, battled Tundra (Alpha Flight #1, 1983); with Alpha Flight, alongside Thing, vs Ranark (Marvel Two-In-One #83-84, 1983); alongside Hulk, vs Wendigo (Incredible Hulk #272-273, 1982); with Alpha Flight, alongside other heroes, celebrated Hulk’s new hero status (Incredible Hulk #277-279, 1982); participated in Grandmaster’s contest with Death, vs Collective Man (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); vs Champion of the Universe (Marvel Two-In-One Annual #7, 1982); vs Dreadnought (Marvel Two-In-One #96, 1983); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World, began having relationship challenges with Aurora (Alpha Flight #2-4, 1983); consulted by Fantastic Four to help with Invisible Woman’s pregnancy (Fantastic Four #266-268, 1984); with Alpha Flight, alongside Rom, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #56-58, 1984); vs Super-Skrull, began struggling with bestial nature (Alpha Flight #9-10, 1984); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega Flight, Hudson believed killed (Alpha Flight #12, 1984); with Alpha Flight, alongside Spider-Man, vs Collector & Plodex (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); experimented on Aurora (Alpha Flight #17, 1985); alongside Aurora, vs Gilded Lady (Alpha Flight #20-21, 1985); "cured" by Anodyne, with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Men, vs Loki (X-Men and Alpha Flight #1-2, 1985); with Alpha Flight, vs Caliber, possessed by Tanaraq, killed by Snowbird (Alpha Flight #23, 1985); soul freed from Great Beasts’ realm, possessed Box suit, spurned by Aurora (Alpha Flight #24-25, 1985); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega Flight & Beyonder, rejected Hulk’s body, soul set adrift (Alpha Flight #27-29/Incredible Hulk #313, 1985); returned in Smart Alec’s body, again possessed Box suit, excised Pestilence from Snowbird’s body, possessed Snowbird’s body, became a woman (Alpha Flight #44-46, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega (Alpha Flight #48-49, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Black Razer (Alpha Flight #50, 1987); with lpha Flight, participated in manoeuvres with Canadian military (Alpha Flight #51, 1987); with Alpha Flight, rescued Heather from Savage Land (Alpha Flight Annual #2, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Bedlam & Derangers (Alpha Flight #52-54, 1988); with Alpha Flight, vs Great Beasts, fought against Dreamqueen's influence (Alpha Flight #55-59, 1988); with Alpha Flight, alongside Jade Dragon, vs Dreamqueen’s forces (Alpha Flight #60, 1988); attempted to reclaim fortune in court (Alpha Flight #61-62 & 64, 1988); with Alpha Flight, vs Dreamqueen, male form restored by Snowbird (Alpha Flight #65-70, 1988); with Alpha Flight, sought to return to Earth by traveling through various alternate realities (Alpha Flight #71-76, 1989); with Alpha Flight, Llan the Sorcerer’s pawns, vs Llan (Alpha Flight #78-86, 1990); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World & Remnant Men (Alpha Flight #87-92, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Headlok (Alpha Flight #94-94, 1991); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World (Alpha Flight #95-96, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Her & Avengers, vs Consortium (Alpha Flight #97-101, 1991); investigated Wendigo (Spider-Man #12, 1991); with Alpha Flight, vs Diablo, Whirlwind, USAgent, Headlok, & Mr. Hyde (Alpha Flight #102-105, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Factor, vs zombies (Alpha Flight #106-107, 1992); with Alpha Flight, vs Le Peregrine & the Hand (Alpha Flight #108-109, 1992); with Alpha Flight, alongside Earth’s heroes, vs Magus’ dopplegangers (Infinity War #1-6/Alpha Flight #110-112/Fantastic Four #367-370/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/Wonder Man #13-15/New Warriors #27/Quasar #38/Warlock and The Infinity Watch #8, 1992); Wild Child returned to team, battled Wrecking Crew (Alpha Flight #114-120, 1993); manipulated by Goddess (Alpha Flight #122-127/Infinity Crusade #1-6/Thor #464/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #57/Web of Spider-Man #104-106/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #55, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Master of the World, Hardliners, & Omega Flight, Alpha Flight disbanded (Alpha Flight #128-130, 1994); during Operation: Zero Tolerance, aided Banshee in finding his students (Generation X #19, 1996); resumed research at Project Michelangelo in Antarctica, vs Deadpool, prevented Gamma core explosion (Deadpool #1, 1997); real sasquatch forced to join new Alpha Flight, killed by Zodiac (Alpha Flight #1-12, 1997); learned of corruption in Department H, gathered former teammates, vs new Alpha Flight, joined forces with them to oppose new Weapon X (Alpha Flight #13-15 & 17-20, 1998); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs A.I.M. (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); attended Deadpool’s funeral (Deadpool #61, 1999); aided Generation X in returning a real sasquatch home (Generation X #58, 1999); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs Mauvais (Wolverine #171-173, 2002); questioned Black Panther’s plans for Canada (Black Panther #43-44, 2002); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs demon (Wolverine #179, 2002); with Alpha Flight, vs X-Men over Canadian students (Uncanny X-Men #421-422, 2004); with Alpha Flight, vs X-Men, donned battle armor to fight Juggernaut (Uncanny X-Men #432-434, 2004); recruited new team to rescue previous team from Plodex (Alpha Flight #1-6, 2005); with Alpha Flight, vs Big Hero 6, set off on complicated time travel adventure to help Flashback prevent his own future death (Alpha Flight #7-12, 2004); vs Sabretooth & Wendigo (Sabretooth: Open Season #1-4, 2004); spoke at Northstar’s funeral (New X-Men: Academy X #13, 2005); briefly joined Howling Commandos (Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos #2 & 6, 2006); with Alpha Flight, opposed Collective, seemingly killed (New Avengers #16, 2006)


First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #380 (1981)
Significant Issues: Led Push on Earth-238, met Captain Britain & Jackdaw, plan disrupted by Mad Jim Jaspers' reality warp, fled to escape warp & hero-killing Fury (Marvel Super-Heroes #380-384 & 386-387, 1980-1981); placed on trial, sentenced to death, rescued by Special Executive & Captain Britain, fled to Earth-616 (Daredevils #6-8, 1983); witnessed Fury's attack on Braddock Manor (Daredevils #9-11, 1981); fled to London with Captain Britain & remaining allies (Mighty World of Marvel #7, 1983); evaded capture by S.T.R.I.K.E.'s Beetles, convinced Captain U.K. to don her costume again & join fight against Jaspers (Mighty World of Marvel #9-10, 1984); witnessed conclusion of Jaspers battle with Fury & destruction of latter at hands of Captains Britain & U.K., took cell sample from Jaspers' corpse (Mighty World of Marvel #12, 1984); attended Merlyn's funeral, blackmailed Mandragon to regain her throne (Mighty World of Marvel #13, 1984); ordered Technet to retrieve Phoenix (Excalibur: The Sword is Drawn Special Edition, 1987); returned dimension-lost Excalibur to Earth-616 (Excalibur #24, 1990); intervened in trial of Captain Britain (Excalibur #45, 1991); witnessed return of Merlyn from the dead (Excalibur #49-50, 1992); discussed collapse of interdimensional energy matrix with Roma (Excalibur #65, 1993); sent Technet to kidnap Franklin Richards (Fantastic Four #6-8, 1998); attended Captain Britain's wedding to Meggan (Excalibur #125, 1998); captured & replaced by Sat-Yr9, escaped & captured Sat-Yr9 (X-Men/Magneto: The Chaos Engine Trilogy Book 2 & X-Men/Red Skull: The Chaos Engine Trilogy Book 3, 2002); witnessed apparent death of Roma at hands of Abraxas, rebirth of Galactus & defeat of Abraxas (Fantastic Four #48-49, 2001-2002); watched effects of House of M reality warp, discussed with Roma possibility of destroying Earth-616 reality to prevent warp spreading (Uncanny X-Men #462 & 464-465, 2005)


First Appearance: Captain Britain #2 (1985)
Origin: X-Men: Chaos Engine Book 3 - Red Skull (2002)
Significant Issues: Grew up in Empire of True Briton, slew parents, staged coup, became Mastrex (X-Men: Chaos Engine Book 3 - Red Skull, 2002); after Blitzers failed to retrieve absconded Kaptain Briton, Sat-Yr-Nin commissioned Technet to do so (Captain Britain #2, 1985); Technet brought back wrong man, Sat-Yr-Nin tried to stop them leaving with him, barely survived & driven more insane than before (Captain Britain #5, 1985); with Sat-Yr-Nin having begun slaughtering her subjects, Roma sent Captain U.K. & Rick to Earth-794 to overthrow her, Sat-Yr-Nin deposed (Captain Britain #14, 1986); Sat-Yr9’s cell inadvertently breached by dimension traveler from Earth-616 (Excalibur #3, 1988); Sat-Yr9 killed traveler & fled to Earth-616, killed her counterpart Courtney Ross, seduced Captain Britain (Excalibur #5 1989); at Hellfire Club, wagered arrogant lower banker Nigel Frobisher into deep debt with her (Excalibur #9, 1989); marked Nigel as her man, began moving her people into position, sent Nigel to engage services of Technet (Excalibur #11, 1989); Technet rescued Jamie Braddock, Nigel brought him into Sat-Yr-Nin’s service (Excalibur #15, 1989); Nigel & Jamie took over Vixen’s organization for Sat-Yr9 (Excalibur #21, 1990); threw birthday party for Kitty Pryde (Excalibur #24, 1990); booked Kitty into St. Searle’s (Excalibur #25, 1990); attacked & captured Excalibur & allies during Braddock Manor party, revealed true identity & Courtney’s fate (Excalibur #55, 1992); slew Nigel, Excalibur broke free & routed Sat-Yr9’s forces (Excalibur #56, 1992); considered buying high-tech weaponry (Spider-Man #43, 1994); returned to Earth-798, overthrew new regime, Earth-616 X-Men & Corps sent by Roma to depose her again, captured & taken to Otherworld, freed by Doctor Doom, briefly impersonated Saturnyne, recaptured (X-Men: Chaos Engine Trilogy, 2000-2002); "Courtney" - perhaps Sat-Yr9 returned to Earth-616 - formed alliance with Viper, joined Hellfire Club Inner Circle as new White Queen (Uncanny X-Men #452-454, 2005); sent Viper to cause chaos in Zanzibar (Excalibur #11-12, 2005); confronted by Captain Britain during House of M altered reality, revealed to lack Sat-Yr9’s tattoo, thus planting seeds of doubt in his mind as to her identity (Uncanny X-Men #463, 2005); began working to regain Captain Britain’s trust, attacked by Lionheart (New Excalibur #1-5, 2005-2006)


First Appearance: Ms. Marvel #20 (1978)
Origin: Ms. Marvel #21 (1978)
Significant Issues: Encountered Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #20-21, 1978); slaughter of race by Dire Wraiths recounted, Serpentyne swore vengeance (Rom #9, 1980); Serpentyne first witnessed Rom in action (Rom #8, 1980); Serpentyne vs Rom, died (Rom #9, 1980); Saurian seen in battle between heroes & Lethal Legion (Marvel Age Annual #1, 1985); Saurian survivors traveled to Savage Land, befriended by X-Men, became part of United Tribes, attacked by Savage Land Mutates (X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #1-4, 2001-2002); opposed Hauk'ka (Uncanny X-Men #457-459, 2005)


First Appearance: Silver Surfer #13 (1988)
Significant Issues: Retrieved Super-Skrull from Earth to fight in cause (Silver Surfer #13/Silver Surfer Annual #1, 1988); warred with Kree, allied with Super-Skrull, Silver Surfer, & Reptyl, received powers, exposed Nenora (Silver Surfer #25-31, 1989); plagued by Impossible Man (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1, 1990); argued with Super-Skrull (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); erroneously believed Kree responsible after Thanos used Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out half universe's population (Infinity Gauntlet #1, 1992); struggled with Super-Skrull again (Silver Surfer #105, 1995)

Scarlet Centurion

First Appearance: Avengers #38 (2001)
Significant Issues: Observed Avengers before battling them, became infatuated with Warbird (Avengers #38-42, 2001); alongside Kang, planned & implemented Earth’s conquest, spied on Warbird (Avengers #43-46, 2001); alongside Warbird, vs Plodex Wolves, Avengers attacked Damocles base, Washington D.C. destroyed, Earth conquered (Avengers #47-50, 2002); sent to future by Kang after Damocles base downed by Avengers, returned to rescue Kang, killed by him (Avengers #51-54, 2002)

Scorpion (Carmilla Black)

First Appearance: Amazing Fantasy #7 (2005)
Significant Issues: Learned of her adoptive parents’ murder, returned to Grand Falls, Vermont after 3 years on the road, pursued by A.I.M. agents, recruited by S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Derek Khanata, learned of mother's identity (Amazing Fantasy #7, 2005); arrived in Madripoor to learn of her origins while searching for Rappaccini, poisoned in altercation with Vietnamese 4Ts gang, trapped in burning funeral pyre (Amazing Fantasy #8, 2005); escaped funeral pyre, traveled to Prague in search of Rappaccini, abducted by A.I.M. agents at Observation Tower in Prague’s Petrin Park (Amazing Fantasy #9, 2005); taken to A.I.M. biohaven in Sudan, sent by S.H.I.E.L.D. to attack Sudanese government military installation, learned of A.I.M.’s waker program (Amazing Fantasy #10, 2005); introduced to her fellow A.I.M. waker agents, briefed on A.I.M.’s plan to detonate nanobacteria bomb in U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, escaped A.I.M. custody, reunited with S.H.I.E.L.D. (Amazing Fantasy #11, 2005); foiled A.I.M.’s plans to detonate nanobacteria bomb in Washington D.C. Metro subway (Amazing Fantasy #11, 2005); in "House of M" alternate reality, joined forces with Rappaccini & Hulk to topple Governor Exodus’ fascist government in Australia (Incredible Hulk #84-86, 2005); nearly captured Rappaccini in Australia after "House of M" reality reverted (Incredible Hulk #87, 2005); alongside X-23, sought to protect Uni-Power from A.I.M., destroyed an A.I.M. base which contained data on Uni-Power (Captain Universe/X-23 #1, 2006); alongside Derek Khanata & Doc Samson, exposed treasonous plot among agents in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Technology Directorate (Doc Samson #3, 2006)

Scratch, Nicholas

First Appearance: Fantastic Four #185 (1977)
Significant Issues: As leader of New Salem, captured Fantastic Four, Agatha Harkness, & Franklin Richards, had Harkness condemned to death for treason to New Salem, New Salemites turned against Scratch & exiled him to Dark Realm (Fantastic Four #185-186, 1977); from Dark Realm, restored Salem Seven’s powers, took mental control of Fantastic Four, attempted world conquest, again exiled to Dark Realm by Harkness (Fantastic Four Annual #14, 1979); from Dark Realm, possessed Franklin Richards, had Salem’s Seven take over New Salem, defeated by Fantastic Four, Harkness, & Gabriel the Devil Hunter, powers removed by Harkness (Fantastic Four #222-223, 1980); as "Mayor Nicholas" of Centerville, California, conspired with Daboia to overrun town with demons, at behest of Dormammu assessed whether Hellcat was still being monitored by Mephisto (Avengers 2000 Annual, 2000); allied with Dormammu & Satannish in Dormammu’s attempt to conquer Earth’s underworld, forced to retreat with Dormammu when Earth’s Hell-Lords extinguished his power (Hellcat #1-3, 2000); posed as Agatha Harkness, tricked Salem’s Seven into resurrecting Shuma-Gorath, defeated by Fantastic Four, Salem’s Seven, Doctor Strange, & Diablo, banished to Hell where he formed an alliance with Mephisto (Marvel Knights: 4 #25-27, 2006)

Scully, James

First Appearance and Origin: Skull the Slayer #1 (1975)
Significant Issues: Acquired Scorpian belt (Skull the Slayer #2, 1975); explored Time Tower (Skull the Slayer #3-5, 1976); in Viracocha (Skull the Slayer #7-8, 1976); returned to present (Marvel Two-in-One #35-36, 1978); appeared as Blazing Skull, vs Antibodies (Quasar #45-46, 1993); vs Night Shift (Captain America #420, 1993); worked for Belinda Mathias (Hawkeye #1-6, 2004)

Secret Empire

First Appearance: Tales to Astonish #81 (1966)
Origin: Tales to Astonish #85 (1966)
Significant Issues: Sent Boomerang after Hulk, Council of Nine killed by Number Nine, death of Number One (Tales to Astonish #81-85, 1966); Number Nine revealed to be Gabe Jones (Strange Tales #149, 1966); sent Brotherhood of Evil Mutants & Griffin against Beast (Amazing Adventures #11-15, 1972); Committee to Regain America's Principles smeared Captain America, Number One revealed as high-ranking official, committed suicide (Captain America #169-175, 1974); engaged in negotiations with Porcupine for his battlesuit (Captain America #285, 1983); Professor Power led Secret Empire, employed Cloud, Seraph, Harridan, Mutant Force, Leviathan & Mad-Dog, attempted to start world war, defeated by Defenders (Defenders #123 & 125-130, 1983-1984); attended A.I.M. Weapon Expo (Quasar #9, 1990); Council of Ten captured Midnight, transformed him into cyborg, Number One killed (Marc Spector: Moon Knight #17-24, 1990-1991); revealed to be among groups funded by Red Skull (Captain America #394, 1991); Midnight sent to retrieve Thunderball, experimented on Nova, Midnight & Lynn Church killed (Amazing Spider-Man #353-358, 1991-1992); revealed to have experimented on Wild Child & Wyre (Alpha Flight #114, 1992); Pretorians tried in court (Marvel Comics Presents #152-154, 1994); participated in "Dead Man's Hand" in Las Vegas (Daredevil #307-309/Nomad #4/Punisher War Journal #45-47, 1992); led by Viper, created "Rover," shut down by Hawkeye (Hawkeye #1-4, 1994); Imperial Forces & Charcoal vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #19, 1998); Thunderbolts vs Shocktroops & Brute Force, base invaded by Jury & Citizen V, Taurey fled (Thunderbolts #30-32, 1999); Calvin Burlingame attempted to retrieve Charcoal, failed (Thunderbolts #53, 2001)


First Appearance: (Mark I) X-Men #14 (1965); (Mark II) X-Men #57 (1969); (Mark III, cameo) X-Men #96 (1976), (Mark III, fully) X-Men #98 (1976); (Mark IV) Uncanny X-Men #151 (1981); (Mark V) New Mutants #2 (1983); (Nimrod) Uncanny X-Men #191 (1985); (Tri-Sentinel) Amazing Spider-Man #329 (1990); (Fitzroy’s Sentinels) Uncanny X-Men #281 (1991); (Mark VI) X-Factor #92 (1993); (Bastion, cameo) X-Men #52 (1996); (Bastion, fully) Uncanny X-Men #333 (1996); (Prime Sentinels) X-Men #65 (1997); (Protectorate) Avengers ’99 Annual (1999); (Mark VII, cameo) X-51 #6 (2000); (Mark VII, fully) X-51 #7 (2000); (Wild Sentinels) New X-Men #114 (2001); (Nano-Sentinels, behind-the-scenes) New X-Men #115 (2001); (Nano-Sentinels, fully) New X-Men #123 (2002); (Russian Sentinels, cameo) Mystique #3 (2003); (Russian Sentinels, fully) Mystique #4 (2003); (Jeffries’ Sentinels) Weapon X #22 (2004); (Mark VII-A, unidentified) Sentinel #1 (2006); (Mark VII-A, identified) Sentinel #2 (2006); (Sentinel Squad O*N*E) House of M: The Day After (2006); (War Machine & Crazy Train) X-Men #185 (2006); (Ogre, unidentified) Civil War: X-Men #1 (2006); (Ogre, identified) Civil War: X-Men #2 (2006); (Shrapnel & Megaton) Civil War: X-Men #2 (2006)
Origin: Uncanny X-Men #-1 (1997), X-Men #57 (1969), X-Men #14 (1965)
Significant Issues: Bolivar Trask created Master Mold, Tanya Trask programmed it with identities of the Twelve (Uncanny X-Men #-1/X-Men #57, 1997/1969); Sentinels’ existence revealed to public, rebelled against Bolivar, vs X-Men, destroyed by Bolivar’s sacrifice (X-Men #14/Marvels #2/X-Men #15-16, 1965/1994/1965); Lawrence sent Mark II Sentinels to capture X-Men & other mutants, lost control of Sentinels after own mutant nature exposed, Sentinels convinced by Cyclops to neutralize source of human mutation, determined Sun to be likely source & flew toward it, captives freed (X-Men #57-59/X-Men: The Hidden Years #11/Avengers #103, 1969/2000/1972); five shattered Sentinels rebuilt themselves into single unit, detected new mutant Ashley Martin, controlled by her, opposed X-Men, destroyed by Ashley, reanimated by Ashley to oppose X-Men until Xavier telepathically blocked her access to her powers (X-Men: The Hidden Years #9-14, 2000-2001); Doctor Doom took control of a pair of Mark I Sentinels, programmed them to explode in New York City, opposed by gathering of heroes (Fantastic Four: The World’s Greatest Comics Magazine! #3, 2001); Sentinels orbiting Sun returned to Earth, set about plan to trigger solar flares to sterilize mankind, opposed by Avengers, Number 2 revealed to be mutant & destroyed by other Sentinels causing them to deactivate, Lawrence killed by falling Sentinel (Avengers #102-104, 1972); Lang joined Project Armageddon, accessed Trask’s research, obtained funding from Hellfire Club, created Mark III Sentinels, killed Colonel Michael Rossi to prevent him shutting Project Armageddon down (X-Men #100 & 96, 1976); Lang sent Mark III Sentinels to capture X-Men, Hellfire Club vs Sentinel, remaining X-Men mounted rescue effort, encountered & destroyed Mark III’s, opposed by X-Sentinels, destroyed after true nature revealed, wounded Lang copied brain engrams into Master Mold (X-Men #98-100/Classic X-Men #6-8/Incredible Hulk Annual #7, 1976/1987/1978); Vanisher reprogrammed Sentinels, destroyed by Champions (Champions #17/Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #17, 1978); Lang Master Mold captured Iceman & Angel, encountered & defeated by Hulk, thrown into space after orbital base exploded, fell to Earth (Incredible Hulk Annual #7/X-Factor #13, 1978/1987); Project: Wideawake formed (Uncanny X-Men #142, 1981); Shaw’s Mark IV Sentinels vs X-Men, destroyed (Uncanny X-Men #151, 1981); Shaw’s Mark V Sentinels vs New Mutants, destroyed (New Mutants #2, 1983); Falcon encountered lone Mark III Sentinel, deactivated by Redwing (Falcon #2, 1983); Mark V Sentinel coopted by Kitty Pryde & Doug Ramsey, destroyed via remote self-destruct (New Mutants #13, 1984); Nimrod Sentinel traveled from future of Earth-811 to past of Earth-616 tracking Rachel Summers (Excalibur #66/Uncanny X-Men #191, 1993/1985); Nimrod vs Juggernaut & X-Men, defeated (Uncanny X-Men #194, 1985); Nimrod foiled robbery (Uncanny X-Men #197, 1985); Beyonder summoned Omega Class Sentinels from future of Earth-811, destroyed by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #202, 1986); Nimrod vs X-Men & Hellfire Club (Uncanny X-Men #208-209, 1986); Stealth Sentinels sent to recover Mesmero from Canada, opposed by Alpha Flight, destroyed (Alpha Flight #43, 1987); Lang Master Mold reactivated, programming reawakened by presence of Cyclops, seemingly destroyed in explosion (X-Factor #13-14, 1987); Lang Master Mold core unit survived, reconstructed body, sought out Franklin Richards, opposed by Power Pack, seemingly destroyed by Destroyer (Power Pack #36, 1988); Mark II Sentinels reactivated, rebuilt Number Two, resumed plan to sterilize mankind, abducted Abomination & Doc Samson to use as catalysts, destroyed by X-Men, Samson & Abomination (Marvel Super-Heroes #6-7, 1991); Cynthia Chalmers redesigned Mark II Sentinel with Abomination’s aid, transferred her consciousness into new Sentinel, overridden by Sentinel programming, Sentinel resumed plan to sterilize mankind, opposed by X-Men, Cynthia’s consciousness resumed control & opted to destroy her new body rather than risk losing control again (Marvel Super-Heroes #7-8, 1991); Lang Master Mold survived, created Conscience, mentally enslaved Moira MacTaggart to weaponize virus, opposed by Cyclops, Banshee, Callisto & rebellious Conscience, seemingly destroyed (Marvel Comics Presents #17-24, 1989); Nimrod slew cocaine dealers, discovered Master Mold’s core unit, programming overridden by Master Mold, constructed new body, vs X-Men, Nimrod intelligence resurfaced, contended Master Mold was now a mutant, urged it to destroy itself, Master Mold allowed itself to be pulled into Siege Perilous pan-dimensional portal (Uncanny X-Men #246-247, 1989); Shaw Industries created new prototype Sentinels, Loki merged prototypes into Tri-Sentinel and programmed it to destroy nuclear plant, Tri-Sentinel destroyed by Spider-Man endowed with Captain Universe powers (Amazing Spider-Man #329, 1990); Tri-Sentinel rebuilt by Life Foundation, rejected new programming & restored Loki’s prime directive, opposed by Spider-Man & Nova, destroyed by Antarctic Vibranium (Amazing Spider-Man #351-352, 1991); Fitzroy’s future Sentinels destroyed Reavers, vs Hellions & X-Men, killed Tarot, seemingly killed White Queen & Jean Grey (Uncanny X-Men #281, 1991); Fitzroy’s Sentinels destroyed by X-Men & Bishop (Uncanny X-Men #282, 1991); Psi-Ber Mark IV Sentinel modified by Gideon’s Oprah Industries to operate via psychic energy, deactivated by Karma, destroyed in explosion (X-Men: Premium Edition, 1993); Excalibur traveled to future of Earth-811, allied with R.C.X. to oppose Sentinels, reprogrammed ruling Sentinel Hierarchy to protect all life (Excalibur #66-67, 1993); prototype Mark VI Nimrod hybrid Sentinels uncovered by X-Factor (X-Factor #92, 1993); one of Fitzroy’s Sentinels reactivated & became self aware, named itself 3.14159, sought to create new society for self aware Sentinels by destroying mankind, took up attempt to sterilize mankind with solar flares, opposed by Wolverine & Jubilee, halted plan in effort to better understand human emotion, entered processor sleep for 2000 years awaiting result of analysis (Wolverine #72-74, 1993); Cable & X-Force opposed new Nimrod prototype which had become self-aware via program from future Nimrod, convinced by Cable to shut down to prevent loss of incalculable human lives (X-Force #35-36, 1994); Onslaught learned of Mark VI Sentinel’s ability to absorb psionic energy, invaded Sentinel research facility, abducted scientists (X-Men: The Road to Onslaught/X-Men #46, 1996/1995); Mark VI Sentinel used in X-Factor training exercise, destroyed by Havok (X-Factor #117, 1995); merged Master Mold/Nimrod returned as Bastion (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Machine Man & Bastion/X-Men #52/Uncanny X-Men #333, 1998/1996); Onslaught took control of Mark VI Sentinels (X-Factor #125, 1996); X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, S.H.I.E.L.D. & others vs Onslaught’s Sentinels (X-Men #55/Sensational Spider-Man #8/Amazing Spider-Man #415/Green Goblin #12/Spider-Man #72/Iron Man #332/Punisher #11/X-Men #56, 1996); X-Men, X-Force & Generation X encountered self aware Mark VI Sentinel (X-Men ’96, 1996); Mark VI Sentinel attacked Ultra Girl, defeated, dismantled & retained by Ultra Girl as information source (Ultra Girl #1 & 3, 1996 & 1997); Bastion’s Operation: Zero Tolerance sent Prime Sentinels to capture X-Men & other mutants, OZT shut down by S.H.I.E.L.D. (X-Men #65-69/Uncanny X-Men #346/X-Men Unlimited #16 & 27/X-Man #30/X-Force #67-69/Generation X #29-31/Excalibur #122-123/Wolverine #115-118, 1997/2000); Bastion attempted to transform Machine Man into Sentinel Supreme, opposed by Cable, Machine Man’s original identity restored, Bastion seemingly destroyed in explosion (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Cable & Machine Man/ Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Machine Man & Bastion, 1998); Fabian Stankowitz uncovered remains of Onslaught’s Sentinels, rebuilt & redesigned them as the Protectorate, interfaced himself with them but enslaved, Protectorate vs Avengers, interface destroyed & Stankowitz freed by Jarvis, Protecorate immobilized (Avengers ’99 Annual, 1999); Sentinel technology detected in X-51, monitored by Sebastian Shaw (X-51 #0, 1999); Sentinel nanites rebuilt X-51 in new form, vs Mystique’s Brotherhood of Mutants, began acting Sentinel-like, realized he possessed Sentinel programming (X-51 #1-2, 1999); sought help from Avengers, attacked Justice & Firestar on detecting their mutant nature, opposed by Vision (X-51 #4-5, 1999); Shaw hired Otomo to destroy X-51, Otomo defeated by X-51 (X-51 #5-6, 1999-2000); Shaw sent Mark VII Sentinels to destroy X-51, X-Men intervened, X-51 usurped control of Sentinel & attacked X-Men, became conflicted, initiated self-destruct to end Sentinel threat, rebuilt by nanites sans-Sentinel programming (X-51 #7-9, 2000); Stryfe attempted to obtain Prime Sentinel catalyst codes programmed into Lady Deathstrike, opposed by X-Men, remaining Primes reverted to normal (X-Men 2000 Annual, 2000); U.S. Government sought to utilize enhanced Mark VII Sentinels to oppose Kang’s invasion of Earth, programming overrode by Kang, sent to attack Earth, opposed by Avengers (Avengers #44-45 & 48-49, 2001 & 2002); Cassandra Nova uncovered shadow Sentinel operation in Ecuador, absorbed Donald Trask’s DNA in order to control them, injected herself with Nano-Sentinels, sent Wild Mega-Sentinels to devastate Genosha, exposed X-Men to Nano-Sentinels (New X-Men #116-118/Excalibur #1 & 5, 2001/2004); damaged Mark VI Sentinel Unit 728-67 found by carnival owner, named it Metallak & used it as star attraction, had it repaired by mutant mechanic, programming reactivated, slew mechanic & owner (X-Men Unlimited #33, 2001); Beast discovered presence of Nano-Sentinels in X-Men, Nano-Sentinels destroyed by Xorn (New X-Men #123 & 126, 2002); Chicago Morlocks targeted by Sentinels, destroyed Sentinel base (Morlocks #1-4, 2002); Wild Sentinels attacked mutants in Chicago, opposed by Kitty Pryde, Karma & Shola Inkosi, lone Sentinel saved by Purity leader Alice Tremaine (Mekanix #1-6, 2002-2003); Xavier recruited Mystique to infiltrate Cuba & destroy Russian Sentinels (Mystique #3-6, 2003); Sentinel control chip discovered by Juston Seyfert, placed in toy robot & activated, began repairing Mark VI Sentinel chip originated from, prime directive reprogrammed by Juston, used it to terrorize bullies at school & rescue victims of plane crash, attacked by CSA agents, began overriding Juston’s programming, recovered mutant detection system codec, restored original programming, attacked mutant Rinehart, damaged, again repaired by Juston, tasked with locating Juston’s mother (Sentinel #1-12, 2003-2004); Madison Jeffries created army of new Sentinels for Malcolm Colcord (Weapon X #22, 2004); Magistrates sought to use Omega Class Prime Sentinel Karima Shapandar to usurp control of Genosha, Karima’s programming rebooted & original personality restored by Xavier & Magneto, helped oppose Magistrates (Excalibur #2-4, 2004); Karima with Xavier & others, captured by Stripmine & Appraiser, studied by Dark Beast, freed, captured Dark Beast & others (Excalibur #5-7, 2004-2005); Karima & Callisto vs Sugar-Man (Excalibur #10, 2005); Karima with Callisto & others, alongside Archangel & Husk, vs Viper, Scimitar, & Weaponeers (Excalibur #11-13, 2005); in Genosha, sentient Danger Room took control of Wild Mega-Sentinel, vs X-Men (Astonishing X-Men #11-12, 2005); prototype Mark VII-A Sentinel used in attempt to kill Juston & destroy his Sentinel, defeated by Juston & his Sentinel (Sentinel #1-5, 2006); Sentinel Squad program instigated by O*N*E (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #1, 2006); Sentinel Squad sent on first mission to protect U.S. Senator from assassination attempt by Hydra, vs Growing Man (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #2, 2006); Sentinel Squad in Savage Land, vs Savage Land Mutates & genetically-enhanced telekinetic dinosaurs (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #3-4, 2006); Sentinel Squad in Ecuador, vs Wild Sentinels (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #5, 2006); Sentinel Squad sent to oversee mutant refugee camp at Xavier Institute in wake of "M-Day", vs X-Men, alongside X-Men, vs Sapien League (Sentinel Squad O*N*E #5/House of M: The Day After/X-Men #177-179/X-Men: 198 #1/Uncanny X-Men #466, 2006); Reverend Stryker encountered future Nimrod, accessed its memory of future events (New X-Men #20 & 25-26, 2006); Sentinel Squad ended hostilities between X-Men & Shi’ar Death Commandos (Uncanny X-Men #468, 2006); Sentinel Squad & X-Men vs Apocalypse & Horsemen (X-Men #183-184, 2006); Sentinel Squad & X-Men vs Shi’ar Death Commandos (Uncanny X-Men #470-471, 2006); Sentinel Squad opposed 198’s efforts to leave Institute, escorted 198 on group trip to Salem Center, opposed Mr M’s efforts to liberate 198 (X-Men: 198 #2-5, 2006); Sentinel Squad blamed for failing to protect depowered students massacred by Stryker’s Purifiers, opposed Stryker & Purifiers (New X-Men #24 & 26, 2006); Crazy Train & War Machine Sentinels sent to oppose Apocalypse (X-Men #185-186, 2006); Sentinel Squad opposed Jamie Braddock (Uncanny X-Men #472-473, 2006); Sentinel Squad accompanied X-Men to Africa (Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, 2006); Sentinel Squad accompanied X-Men during relief efforts in Stamford, Wisconsin (Civil War #1, 2006); Sentinel Squad opposed breakout of 198, new O*N*E Sentinels assigned to Bishop-led taskforce to recover 198 escapees (Civil War: X-Men #1-3, 2006); Karima rescued by X-Men & recovered at Institute, O*N*E Sentinels unable to prevent Northstar & Aurora from invading Institute (X-Men #188-190, 2006); Ogre confronted Stepford Cuckoos, Shrapnel witnessed Cuckoos’ transformation into Phoenix (X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong #1, 2006)


First Appearance: Sentry #1 (2000)
Origin: Sentry #1 (2000); Sentry #7-8 (2006)
Significant Issues: Alongside X-Men, vs General (Sentry/X-Men #1, 2001); alongside Fantastic Four, vs Doctor Doom (Sentry/Fantastic Four #1, 2001); formed friendship with Spider-Man (Sentry/Spider-Man #1, 2001); formed friendship with Hulk (Sentry/Hulk #1, 2001); gradually regained memories (Sentry #1-5, 2000-2001); led heroes against Void, returned to amnesiac state (Sentry vs the Void #1, 2001); revealed to have partially regained memories, turned himself in for supposedly murdering Lindy Reynolds (New Avengers #1, 2005); persuaded by Foggy Nelson to help stop prison break, vs Carnage (New Avengers #2-3, 2005); tormented by incomplete memories, inadvertently re-summoned Void, mind restored by Emma Frost (New Avengers #7-10, 2005); with Avengers, listened to Spider-Woman’s confession of double-agent status (New Avengers #14, 2006); present when new Avengers team was publicly announced (New Avengers #15, 2006); with Avengers, vs Thunderbolts (New Thunderbolts #13-14, 2005); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Kree released from centuries-old spaceship (New Avengers Guest Starring the Fantastic Four #1, 2005); with Avengers, vs Attuma & Terrax (Sentry #1, 2005); realized memories had been affected by General, accompanied Hulk into Negative Zone to confront him, learned Void had escaped apparent captivity (Sentry #2-3, 2005-2006); wholly separated from Void, revealed that Void was true Rob Reynolds (Sentry #4-5, 2006); sought assistance from Doctor Strange, captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., resisted implantation of false memories (Sentry #6-7, 2006); seemingly destroyed Void (Sentry #8, 2006); with Avengers, vs Black Widow/Yelena Belova, attended wedding of Luke Cage & Jessica Jones (New Avengers Annual #1, 2006); with Avengers, vs Collective (New Avengers #17-19, 2006); with Avengers, alongside Young Avengers, vs Kree & Skrulls (Young Avengers #11, 2006)

Seyfert, Juston

First Appearance: Sentinel #1 (2003)
Origin: Sentinel #1-3 (2003)
Significant Issues: Met Jessie, found Sentinel's microchip (Sentinel #1, 2003); found Sentinel repairing itself in garage (Sentinel #2, 2003); began reprogramming Sentinel, learned what it was (Sentinel #3, 2003); started taking Sentinel out at night (Sentinel #4, 2003); confronted by Jessie regarding lies spread by Josh and bullies, took Sentinel to school to gain revenge (Sentinel #5, 2003); “stopped” rampaging Sentinel, became hero (Sentinel #6, 2003); C.S.A began investigating Sentinel, Juston witnessed plane crash (Sentinel #7, 2003); tried to help rescue crash survivors, attacked by C.S.A. members (Sentinel #8, 2004); Sentinel fought C.S.A., escaped with Juston (Sentinel #9, 2004); confronted by Rinehart (Sentinel #10, 2004); Sentinel detected Rinehart, attacked him (Sentinel #11, 2004); took Sentinel to track down mother (Sentinel #12, 2004); accessed Sentinel's video memory, learned of murder (Sentinel #1, 2006); found Aunt Ginny, attacked by Sentinel Mark VII-A (Sentinel #2, 2006); defeated Sentinel Mark VII-A (Sentinel #3, 2006); returned home, attacked by Mark VII-A again (Sentinel #4, 2006); defeated Mark VII-A (Sentinel #5, 2006)


First Appearance: (Mentioned) Amazing Spider-Man #37 (2002); (seen) Amazing Spider-Man #40 (2002)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #41 (2002)
Significant Issues: Mentioned by drug dealer (Amazing Spider-Man #37, 2002); abducted homeless youth, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #40, 2002); defeated by Spider-Man on the astral plane (Amazing Spider-Man #42, 2002)

Shadow King

First Appearance: X-Men #117 (1979)
Origin: X-Men #117 (1979); X-Factor #69 (1991); X-Men: True Friends #2 (1999); X-Treme X-Men 2001 Annual (2001)
Significant Issues: In 1936, with Geist & Baron Strucker, plotted to overturn British throne, encountered time traveling Rachel Summers & Kitty Pryde; temporarily controlled Rachel, ultimately destroyed by her (X-Men: True Friends #1-3, 1999); in 1971, shared name of the Everlasting’s leader Marduk with Citizen V in exchange for future gratitude (Citizen V and the V-Battalion: The Everlasting #2, 2001); Farouk’s contract on Almadovar referenced (Deadpool #2, 1994); encountered Xavier, Farouk’s form perished in their battle (X-Men #117, 1979); psychically confronted/possessed Karma (New Mutants #7, 1983); through Karma, took over Gladiators, used holographic images of Gladiators’ former leader Alexander Flynn to convince all but his inner circle that Flynn was still in control of the Gladiators (New Mutants #30/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #17, 1985/1987); Empath of the Hellions guided his agents to capture Magma & Sunspot, manipulated their participation, identity as Karma exposed to New Mutants, escaped via hostages, framed General Coy for Gladiators’ crimes (New Mutants #28-31, 1985); relocated to Madripoor base, possessed several pursuing New Mutants, relocated to Cairo (New Mutants #32, 1985); increased New Mutants under possession until Magik freed them, Karma drove Shadow King out (New Mutants #33-34, 1985); slew & possessed Jacob Reisz (Uncanny X-Men #253, 1989); slew Dr. Stuart Hayden, framed Storm for his death, enslaved Dr. Lian Shen (Uncanny X-Men #255 & 257, 1989 & 1990); took control of Legion, began manipulation of Muir Islanders (Uncanny X-Men #259, 1990); manipulated Moira MacTaggert behind the scenes during her efforts to bring Wolfsbane to Muir Isle (New Mutants #88-89, 1990); Earth-2122 Shadow King opposed by dimension-hopping Excalibur of Earth-616 (Excalibur #21-22, 1990); enslaved Val Cooper, sent her to assassinate Mystique, created hounds from enslaved people, led Storm into trap, opposed Storm & Gambit who escaped from him, sent Ms. Marvel fragment after Rogue (Uncanny X-Men #265-267 & 269, 1990); influenced MacTaggert behind the scenes during debate with Genoshan Genegineer David Moreau and in communication with Banshee, assaulted Jean Grey on the astral plane, Jean saved by Psylocke (Uncanny X-Men #271 & 273 1990 & 1991); relaxed hold on Muir Islanders during their opposition of Proteus (Uncanny X-Men Annual #15/X-Factor Annual #6 ,1991); took control of Colossus, sent him after Stevie Hunter, sent both to Xavier Institute, Xavier forced Shadow King from Colossus’ mind (Uncanny X-Men #277-279, 1990); Xavier, X-Factor, Mystique disguised as Val Cooper, and Reisz traveled to Muir Island via psi-shielded submarine, Reisz attempted to kill Xavier but Mystique blew off Reisz’s head, possessed Legion (X-Factor #69, 1991); shattered Xavier’s spine & legs, link to nexus severed by Forge & Psylocke, seemingly destroyed (Uncanny X-Men #280, 1991); Earth-9112 Shadow King had Phoenix assassinated, possessed & aged Rachel Summers, destroyed by re-born Phoenix (What If..? #32-33, 1991-1992); package from Ainet sent to Storm (X-Men #71, 73 & 76, 1998); X-Men confronted "Ananasi," Psylocke fell for trap, disrupted telepathy of every psi on Earth, Psylocke re-formed, duped Shadow King into overextending self & trapped him within her own mind, sacrificing her telepathy in doing so (X-Men #77-78, 1998); Psylocke considered using her telepathy - which would have freed the Shadow King - to help Angel & Wolverine when they were suffering from Apocalypse’s programming as the Horsemen Death (Wolverine #147, 2000); freed by Psylocke’s death, targeted Gateway & Rogue, reimprisoned by Rogue (X-Treme X-Men 2001 Annual, 2001); Earth-6141 Shadow King-possessed Xavier & his Shadow Mob fought & defeated by the then-forming New Excalibur of Earth-616 (New Excalibur #1-4, 2006); Shadow King & Mob escaped imprisonment with aid of Black Tom Cassidy (New Excalibur #6-7, 2006)


First Appearance: Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1 (1982)
Origin: Marvel Comics Presents #24 (1989)
Significant Issues: Gained Shamrock powers (Marvel Comics Presents #24, 1989); participated in Grandmaster’s "Contest of Champions" as part of the team assembled to fight for Death, partnered with Collective Man & Storm vs Blitzkrieg, Captain America & Sasquatch, outmaneuvered Captain America to claim the prize (Marvel Super-Hero Contest of Champions #1 & 3, 1982); among superheroes gathered to celebrate Hulk’s pardon (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); alongside Rom & Earth's heroes, vs Dire Wraiths (Rom #65, 1985); learned of brother’s death, sought to reconcile with father, abducted by father & Arnim Zola, defeated Zola, father died trying to kill her (Marvel Comics Presents #24, 1989); dated Peregrine, teamed with Peregrine in battling I.C.O.N. ('Shamrock and The Peregrine', unpublished); attended Pan-European Conference on Superhuman Affairs, evaded villain Brain Drain’s attempt to mind-control her, socialized with Northstar (Alpha Flight #108, 1992); became sought-after hairdresser, broke left foot, styled hair for Shadowcat & Wolfsbane (Excalibur #108, 1997); styled hair for Wasp (Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters, 2006); Earth-691 Shamrock became more powerful after most of humanity was slaughtered by Martians & she was linked to many more war-slain spirits, appointed as guardian of the Book of Kells by Doctor Druid, learned her link to the spirits made her immortal, assisted in her guardianship by Irish Wolfhound whom Druid resurrected with her aid, alongside Irish Wolfhound, vs 31st Century Guardians of the Galaxy, made peace with them, alongside Guardians, vs Samhain & Blue Banshees, declined offer to join Guardians due to intent to help rebuild Europe (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #3, 1993); Earth-691 Shamrock encouraged Irish Wolfhound to join Guardians (Guardians of the Galaxy #51, 1994)

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