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Marvel Universe 

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 1

OHOTMU:Bibliography-AZ Update 1

All-New OHotMU A-Z Update Bibliography

#1: Amatsu-Kami to Walker

Last Updated: 1/23/07


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Cover by Tom Raney


First Appearance: Thor #300 (1980)
Significant Issues: Izanagi attended Council of Godheads (Thor #300, 1980); Izanagi granted some power to help restore Asgard & Odin, Gaea revealed self as mother of Earth’s gods (Thor #301, 1980); origin of Earth’s gods (Thor Annual #10, 1982); Hotei wandered feudal Japan (Bizarre Adventures #27, 1982); Ho Ti vs Collective Man (Marvel Comics Presents #55, 1990); Grasscutter Sword stolen (Thor: Blood Oath #5-6, 2006); Mikaboshi attacked Olympians & Amatsu-Kami (Ares #2-5, 2006)


First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #65 (1978)
Significant Issues: Attempted to kill Spider-Man & Captain Britain (Marvel Team-Up #65-66, 1978); hired to kill X-Men (X-Men #122-124, 1979); had nightmares of childhood (Classic X-Men #30, 1989); hired by Amos Jardine to kill Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #89, 1979); funded Toadworld (Marvel Two-in-One #68, 1980); held prisoner by Doombot (Uncanny X-Men #145-147, 1981); trapped Micronauts (Micronauts #45, 1982); trained Slaymaster for Vixen (Daredevils #4, 1983); trained Mystique (Uncanny X-Men #177, 1984); Locke/Arcade yearly battle (Uncanny X-Men #197, 1985); Nightcrawler intervened to save Queen of Ruritania (Uncanny X-Men #204, 1986); attempted to kill X-Men again (Wolverine/Nick Fury: The Scorpio Connection, 1989); caught Excalibur (Excalibur #4-5, 1989); sent Loonies against Excalibur (Marvel Comics Presents #31-38, 1989); captured Iceman & Beast for Cressida Desford (Marvel Fanfare #50, 1990); went after Spider-Man & Captain Britain again (Spider-Man #25, 1992); attempted to kill Puck (Marvel Comics Presents #99, 1992); attended Brass Bishop’s auction (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); went after Shatterstar & X-Treme (X-Force #29-30, 1993-1994); framed & exhausted Northstar for Carl Kerridge (Northstar #1-4, 1994); caught Blaze for Baal’s priest (Blaze #8, 1995); killed Miss Locke (Wolverine/Gambit: Victims #1-4, 1995); destroyed X-Force’s base in abandoned Murderworld (X-Men: Prime, 1995); attempted to kill Wolverine & Night Man (Night Man vs Wolverine #1, 1995); yearly bout with Domino (X-Force and Cable ’95, 1995); hired to kill Green Goblin (Green Goblin #10, 1996); faked own death (Colossus #1, 1997); tested bodyguard candidates for Etienne Rousseau (X-Force #76, 1998); attended wedding of Captain Britain & Meggan (Excalibur #125, 1998); opposed Black Cat & Spider-Man while killing drug dealers (Sensational Spider-Man #29-30, 1998); aided Alex Hayden in restoring abandoned amusement park (Agent X #5, 2002); Viper used Murderworld (Uncanny X-Men #448-449, 2004); alongside White Rabbit, sought to kill Wolverine & Black Cat (Wolverine and The Black Cat: Claws #1-3, 2006); employed Murderland against Thing (Thing #1-3, 2006)


First Appearance: Silver Surfer #2 (1968)
Origin: Defenders #28 (1975)
Significant Issues: Earth-616: Directed to Earth by Immortus (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); failed Earth invasion (Silver Surfer #2, 1968); aided Byrrah (Sub-Mariner #51, 1972); Czar-Doon aided Thanos (Captain Marvel #32, 1974); mento-programmer created Eelar (Giant-Sized Defenders #5, 1975); invaded Polemachus (X-Men Annual #5, 1981); allied with Kree vs Skrulls (Silver Surfer #25, 1989); attacked Satriani, lost (Silver Surfer #27, 1989); challenged by Guardians on Moord (Guardians of the Galaxy #30-33, 1992-1993); Starhawk/Aleta destroyed Yaka dagger (Guardians of the Galaxy #46, 1994); Brother Manat on Selandiar during decision to make Earth "prison planet" (Maximum Security: Dangerous Planet/Maximum Security #3, 2000/2001); two members encountered Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #24, 2000); allied with Brood, created faux race "Coterie", kidnapped Earth heroes & forced them to partake in "contest of champions" (Contest of Champions II #1-5, 1999); invaded agrarian world (Captain Marvel #1 & 6, 2002 & 2003); Kahafan freed (Captain Marvel #13, 2002-2003); joint Kree facility on Tau Ceti IV destroyed (Captain Marvel #15, 2002-2003); aura-reading Badoon aided Quill & Gladiator (Thanos #8-9 & 11, 2004); Galactus operated in Obada’an system (Annihilation: Silver Surfer #2 & 4, 2006); Badoon described as "hunkering down" during Annihilation (Annihilation #1, 2006)
Earth-691: Directed to Earth by Immortus (Avengers Forever #10, 1999); failed Earth invasion (Marvel Presents #8, 1976); successful Earth invasion (Marvel Super Heroes #18, 1969); New York city freed, Drang captured (Marvel Two-in-One #4-5, 1974); Sisterhood revealed (Defenders #26-29, 1975); Korvac escaped (Thor Annual #6, 1977); Earth system freed (Marvel Presents #3, 1976); Major Victory aided hunted Badoon (Marvel Comics Presents #134, 1993); history altered & fixed by Guardians’ time travel (Guardians of the Galaxy #44 & 46, 1994)


First Appearance: Master of Kung-Fu #34 (1975)
Significant Issues: Assisted Mordillo in Solar Chute plot, saved Mordillo’s skeleton from shattering on ground, vowed to continue serving Mordillo (Master of Kung Fu #34-35, 1975); teamed with Shockwave to kidnap Black Jack Tarr, sent robots against Shang-Chi & Leiko Wu, turned against Shockwave who joined with others to escape (Master of Kung Fu #72-75, 1979); sent Ultra-Men to kill Leiko Wu so her skeleton could be placed alongside Mordillo as his queen, Ultra-Men defeated by Chi, Clive Reston, & Dark Angel of Freelance Restorations, decapitated in fall from airplane after charging Chi, continued plotting (Master of Kung Fu #119, 1982); assaulted Spaceknights Rom & Starshine/Brandy Clark when they unwittingly landed on Mordillo Island, lost Mordillo’s skeleton in quicksand (Rom #47, 1983); duped youths into joining Golden Dawn cult by manipulating Mordillo’s skeleton to make it seem to speak, move, & to have overcome death, exposed by Shang-Chi & Moon Knight who came to investigate missing youths, exploded own head to escape capture destroying Mordillo’s skeleton in process (Marc Spector: Moon Knight Special Edition #1, 1992); re-programmed to serve Arcade on re-christened Murderland, reprogrammed again by Tony Stark & aided in Arcade’s defeat (Thing #1-3, 2006)

Bug-Eyed Voice

First Appearance and Origin: Speedball #6 (1989)
Significant Issues: Robbed Springdale businesses & residents such as jeweler Mercer, became local media sensation, fled when one of his victims attacked him during downtown robbery, flight observed by Robbie Baldwin, evaded pursuing reporters Emily Barron & Joe Spenser, got away, reveled in his notoriety, decided to commit one more big job & retire, plotted to rob local antique fair, electrocuted during a scuffle with Speedball/Baldwin, captured & unmasked by Springdale police (Speedball #6, 1989); broken out of jail by new employer Rebound/Clyde, worked alongside fellow henchmen Basher, Bonehead, Ghost of Springdale High, Harlequin Hitman, Leaper Logan, Sticker & Two-Legged Rat, teamed with Ghost of Springdale High in unsuccessful attempt to capture Niels the Bouncing Cat for Clyde, defeated alongside Clyde & the other criminals by Speedball/Darrion Grobe & Niels, arrested (New Warriors #66, 1995); moved to Wisconsin, tried to disrupt public appearance in Madison by Speedball/Baldwin, soundly trounced by Speedball’s admirer Squirrel Girl, arrested by local police who said they would hold him until Speedball left town (I ? Marvel: Masked Intentions #1, 2006)

Circus of Crime

First Appearance: Captain America Comics #5 (1941)
Origin: Marvel Two-in-One #76 (1980)
Significant Issues: Fritz Tiboldt led circus troupe in espionage & assassination, defeated by Captain America & Bucky (Captain America Comics #5, 1941); brief history of Tiboldt's spy ring recounted (Captain America #112, 1969); managed Tiboldt Carnival of Wonder (X-Force #-1, 1997); employed Hawkeye & others in Tiboldt Circus (Hawkeye #7, 2004); turned to crime (Marvel Two-in-One #76, 1980); first encountered Hulk (Incredible Hulk #3, 1962); again worked with Hawkeye (Hawkeye #8, 2004); vs Spider-Man & Daredevil (Amazing Spider-Man #16, 1964); as Masters of Menace, vs Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man #22, 1965); attempted to recruit Avengers as performers & criminals (Avengers #22, 1965); recruited mesmerized Thor for robbery (Thor #145-147, 1967); raided wedding of Yellowjacket & Wasp (Avengers #60, 1969); employed Ulik, exposed by Thor (Thor #173, 1970); Tony Stark taken hostage by Princess Python (Iron Man #50, 1972); Princess Python active in Viper's Serpent Squad (Captain America #180-181, 1974-1975); used Blackwing's bats for crime, defeated by Daredevil (Daredevil #118, 1975); defeated by Power Man & Black Goliath (Power Man #24-25, 1975); encountered Namor & Shroud in Latveria (Super-Villain Team-Up #8-9, 1976); attempted to extort secrets from Meriam, defeated by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #217, 1977); abducted Howard the Duck, forced him into performance, defeated by him (Howard the Duck #25-27, 1978); Live Wire active with Shellshock, defeated by Thing (Marvel Two-in-One #70, 1980); vs Thing, Giant-Man, & Iceman, defeated (Marvel Two-in-One #76, 1981); encountered Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze (Ghost Rider #72-73, 1982); Circus Crew attempted to steal anti-gravity device, defeated by Spider-Man & Dallas Cowboys (Dallas Cowboys and Spider-Man: Danger in Dallas!, 1983); recruited Dragon Man, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #292, 1984); Princess Python active in Sidewinder's Serpent Society (Captain America #309-311, 1985); Princess Python sought to abandon Serpent Society (Captain America #313, 1986); Princess Python held prisoner by Sidewinder (Captain America #315, 1986); Sidewinder failed in attempt to ransom Princess Python to Circus of Crime, vs Serpent Society over Death Adder's death (Captain America #318-319, 1986); worked for Headmen, mesmerized She-Hulk (She-Hulk #1, 1989); vs Power Pack (Power Pack #59, 1990); Ringmaster recruited by Doc Samson to help Bruce Banner/Hulk integrate his personalities (Incredible Hulk #377, 1991); present when Hulk fought Pantheon, returned to prison (Incredible Hulk #379-380, 1991); Princess Python active in Superia's Femizons (Captain America #389-391, 1991); Ringmaster & Princess Python present in underworld bar (Marvel Comics Presents #97, 1992); Ringmaster present at A.I.M. Weapon Expo (Captain America #411-414, 1993); Princess Python recruited for Quentin Carnival (Blaze #2, 1994); Princess Python active with John Blaze & Quentin Carnival (Blaze #5-8, 1994-1995); recruited to restore Hulk's Banner persona (Cutting Edge #1, 1995); attempted deal with Relf the Elf, defeated by Spider-Man/Ben Reilly & Howard the Duck (Spider-Man Team-Up #5, 1996); vs Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #2, 1997); vs Generation X (Generation X #32, 1997); used Devil Dinosaur & Moonboy as distraction while subordinates raided city, defeated by Spider-Man (Marvel Comics Annual 1998 Starring Spider-Man and Devil Dinosaur, 1998); Hulk used as pawn in grudge between Ringmaster & Clown (Incredible Hulk #469-471, 1998); Clown active as assassin (Deathlok #3-4, 1999); as Martin Thraller, Ringmaster mesmerized Nick Fury (Deathlok #5, 2000); Clown & Ringmaster clashed independently with Deathlok & Nick Fury (Deathlok #8-11, 2000); Ringmaster revealed as manipulator of Daredevil's legal problems (Daredevil #25, 2001); Clown present in underworld bar (Deadline #2, 2002); Ringmaster used cosmic power to fight heroes (Marvel Team-Up #7-10, 2005); Princess Python reported to have reformed (Daughters of the Dragon #5, 2006)

Contest of Champions

First Appearance: Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3 (1982)
Significant Issues: All of Earth’s superheroes abducted by "the Unknown" & Grandmaster, twenty-four heroes selected & forced to fight in a "contest of champions" on behalf of "Unknown" & Grandmaster, individual matches won by Daredevil, Arabian Knight, Thing & Shamrock, overall contest won by Grandmaster, "Unknown" exposed as Death by Invisible Girl & Talisman, Grandmaster won right to resurrect Collector but learned he had to sacrifice his own life to do it, Grandmaster agreed to Death’s terms, Grandmaster slain & Collector resurrected, Earth’s heroes set free (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982)

Danger Man

First Appearance and Origin: She-Hulk #2 (2004)
Significant Issues: Sought legal representation from superhuman law firm of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway, She-Hulk won him jury award of $85 million in his class action lawsuit against Roxxon Energy Corporation (She-Hulk #2, 2004); testified on She-Hulk’s behalf at her time-trial (She-Hulk #3, 2006)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #77 (2005)
Origin: Incredible Hulk #81 (2005)
Significant Issues: Saved Bruce Banner from two-headed monster/Mindless One (Incredible Hulk #77, 2005); encountered "General Ross"/Nightmare (Incredible Hulk #78, 2005); told by "Ross" that island was government experiment (Incredible Hulk #79, 2005); killed by "Ross," reawoke in true form (Incredible Hulk #80, 2005); confronted Nightmare & Hulk, disappeared with Ripley (Incredible Hulk #81, 2005)

Death's Head 3.0

First Appearance: (Earth-6216) Amazing Fantasy #16 (2005); (Earth-616) Incredible Hulk #92 (2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1 (1972)
Significant Issues: Grew up with Carl Lucas, joined gangs with him, became love rivals, framed Lucas, became crimelord Diamondback, Lucas returned as Luke Cage, confronted by Cage, killed by own exploding knife (Luke Cage: Hero for Hire #1-2, 1972)


First Appearance and Origin: Digitek #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Transformed into Digitek by Psi-Key (Digitek #1, 1981); traced Psi-Key to Miracle Systems, opposed by Bacillicons (Digitek #2, 1993); helped by Deathlok/Michael Collins (Digitek #3, 1993); defeated Bacillicons, allowed his human form to be buried (Digitek #4, 1993); reported to have committed suicide while in custody (Civil War: Front Line #6, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Incredible Hulk #188 (1975)
Significant Issues: Vs Hulk, seemingly perished in destruction of Bitterfrost (Incredible Hulk #188, 1975); watched television with Megacephalo, complained about messy apartment (Daughters of the Dragon #4, 2006)

Fantastic Five

First Appearance: (On billboard) What If..? #105 (1998); (fully) Spider-Girl #3 (1998)
Significant Issues: Spyral invaded museum (Spider-Girl #3, 1998); let Avengers investigate Latveria & Kristoff (A-Next #5, 1999); backstory revealed (Fantastic Five #1, 1999); against Wizard’s Warriors (Fantastic Five #2-3, 1999); loss of Reed & Sue revealed (Fantastic Five #4, 2000); Kristoff rejoined family (Fantastic Five #5, 2000); aided Spider-Girl vs Savage Six (Spider-Girl #25, 2000); opposed Apox (Spider-Girl #44-47, 2002); Apox returned, Reed cured & Sue freed (Spider-Girl #86-88, 2005); vs Loki, Hulk ripped Thing’s bionic arm off (Last Hero Standing #1-5, 2005); opposed Galactus, moved to Pier Four (Last Planet Standing #1-5, 2006)

Freedom Ring

First Appearance: Marvel Team-Up #20 (2006)
Origin: Marvel Team-Up #20-21 (2006)
Significant Issues: Discovered cosmic-powered ring, learned how to use it, began super-hero career, crippled by Abomination (Marvel Team-Up #20-21, 2006); restored mobility via ring, trained with Crusader (Marvel Team-Up #22-23, 2006); alongside Crusader, vs Iron Maniac, killed by Iron Maniac (Marvel Team-Up #24, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Giant-Size Man-Thing #4 (1975)
Significant Issues: Moved to Cleveland neighborhood, sat in window of fourth floor apartment holding his Juice jar & considered conquering world, decided to just kill people instead, drank Juice, turned into giant Man-Frog, confronted Howard the Duck, shrank down to real frog size, lost human intellect, run over by police car (Giant-Size Man-Thing #4, 1975); in Hell, back in human form, holding Juice jar & sitting in window above Job’s Place where God was on a bender (Howard the Duck #5-6, 2002)


First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #158 (1977)
Significant Issues: Gained powers, vs Avengers (Avengers #158-159, 1977); abducted Judy Parks, transformed into living black hole, vs Thing & Black Bolt, seemingly destroyed self (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #4, 1979); returned to Earth, held Bloomingdale's patrons captive, vs Thor (Thor #324, 1982); returned to Earth, allied with Blank, became crime boss, defeated by West Coast Avengers (West Coast Avengers #2-4, 1984); allied with Quantum & others, defeated by West Coast Avengers (West Coast Avengers #12-13, 1986); returned to New York during demonic invasion, defeated by Fantastic Four (Fantastic Four #322, 1989); levitated Daily Bugle building, vs Spider-Man as part of "Acts of Vengeance", left him for dead (Amazing Spider-Man #326, 1989); again attacked Spider-Man, quickly defeated by Spider-Man's temporary cosmic powers (Amazing Spider-Man #329, 1990); alongside other super-villains, manipulated by Chameleon into attacking Spider-Man & Kingpin (Web of Spider-Man #64-65, 1990); attempted to augment power, defeated by Avengers (Avengers Unplugged #2, 1995); vs Thunderbolts & Lightning Rods (Thunderbolts #17, 1998); created Sky Island, recruited Sky Raiders, defeated by Thunderbolts & Archangel (Thunderbolts #27-29, 1999); sought Moonstone as advisor (Thunderbolts #51, 2001); discussed expansion of power with Moonstone (Thunderbolts: Life Sentences #1, 2001); levitated cities & Earth's heroes into upper atmosphere, vs Thunderbolts, prevented P’tah invasion (Thunderbolts #53-58, 2001-2002); revealed to have been among Raft escapees (New Avengers #4, 2005); recaptured by Avengers (Iron Man #8, 2006)


First Appearance: X-Force #8 (1992)
Origin: Cable: Blood and Metal #2 (1992)
Significant Issues: With Six Pack, employed by A.I.M. to steal Fiber Ionic Fibrillator from Hydra (X-Force #8, 1992); with Six Pack, mission in Afghanistan ended with them on run from Tolliver & hunting Stryfe, located Stryfe in Uruguay, Hammer crippled by Cable (Cable: Blood and Metal #1-2, 1992); recruited by Domino & Grizzly to help locate X-Force (X-Force #21-24, 1993); alongside Domino & Grizzly, located Cable, attacked him, persuaded to end attack by Kane, offered cybernetic spine, refused, Six Pack reformed (Cable #4, 1993); with Six Pack, encountered Nomad while both trying to steal prototype from Comm-Tech Research (Nomad #20, 1993); asked by Cable to hack into One World Church & redirect their funds (Cable & Deadpool #3-4, 2004); recruited into Bridge’s new Six Pack, with them, attacked Providence, captured & imprisoned by Cable (Cable & Deadpool #6-9, 2004-2005); with Six Pack, drawn into Cable’s mind (Cable & Deadpool #11-12, 2005); with Six Pack, sent to Rumekistan to destabilize Cable’s support there (Cable & Deadpool #33-34, 2006)

Hazzard, Mark

First Appearance: Mark Hazzard: Merc #1 (1986)
Origin: Mark Hazzard: Merc Annual #1 (1987)
Significant Issues: Father pushed him ceaselessly, nothing he did was ever enough, lettered athlete at school, fell in love with Joan, enrolled at West Point, proved excellent tactician & linguist though still not good enough for father (Mark Hazzard: Merc Annual #1, 1987); left fellow cadet Jarret Wolfson hanging upside down from flagpole (Mark Hazzard: Merc #3, 1987); dropped out of West Point, married Joan, enlisted as grunt in Viet Nam, estranged from parents, saved lives of Navy SEAL Lin Griffins & AATTV Mal Rossi on separate occasions, met pilot Louis "Treetop" Barrington (Mark Hazzard: Merc Annual #1, 1987); after three tours returned home (Mark Hazzard: Merc #1, 1986); unable to find lasting civilian employment (Mark Hazzard: Merc Annual #1, 1987); father died, mother disowned Mark when he told her of intention to become mercenary (Mark Hazzard: Merc #1, 1986); regularly worked with Mal & Treetop, irregularly worked with Griffins, helped "Sergeant Major" train rebels around world, wife unhappy with his life & left with their son after he ignored ultimatum to quit, saved Princess from life on street & got her into dojo, started making poor choices for assignments & not discriminating about employers (Mark Hazzard: Merc Annual #1, 1987); now divorced, Joan remarried, took assignment to bring down corrupt South Pacific island President, afterwards fell out with rebel employer Santos (Mark Hazzard: Merc #1, 1986); delivered divorce paper to South American dictator General Montoya (Amazing Fantasy #18, 2006); targeted by assassins hired by Joan’s new husband Gordon, attacked by assassins at son Scott’s little league game, killed assassins (Mark Hazzard: Merc #2, 1986); told by police to stay in NYC, ignored this when hired to protect Israeli politician visiting U.S., arrested on return to NYC (Mark Hazzard: Merc #3, 1987); out on bail, vs Arab terrorists seeking revenge after his bodyguarding stint (Mark Hazzard: Merc #4, 1987); helped Mal "rescue" his sister from bikers (Mark Hazzard: Merc #5, 1987); in Europe guarding politician Kurtz, learned of Kurtz’ Nazi past, apprehended Kurtz after witnessing him murder a protestor (Mark Hazzard: Merc #6, 1987); rescued Central American rebel leader "the Commander" from government captivity (Mark Hazzard: Merc #7, 1987); hired to rescue Father Capistran from Lebanon, learned he was being manipulated by radical Catholic sect Cestus Dei (Mark Hazzard: Merc #8, 1987); captured by Iranians while acting as decoy for operation smuggling weapons to Afghan Mujahideen (Mark Hazzard: Merc #9, 1987); freed by fellow Mercs (Mark Hazzard: Merc #10, 1987); returned home to confront Graymalkin, who had betrayed him to Iranians, wounded killing Graymalkin, learned of Gordon’s involvement in earlier attempt on his life, confronted Gordon & shot by him, strangled Gordon to death before collapsing in front of Joan & Scott (Mark Hazzard: Merc #11, 1987); on life support, brain activity ceased, Scott ordered life support switched off (Mark Hazzard: Merc Annual #1, 1987)

Human Robot

First Appearance: Menace #11 (1954)
Origin: Menace #11 (1954); Agents of Atlas #6 (2007)
Significant Issues: Built by unidentified professor in 1954, killed creator (Menace #11, 1954); by 1958, in sea, found by Namora, retrieved by Jimmy Woo, fixed by Marvel Boy, worked with G-Men, after team split up spent intervening decades with Plan Tzu/Yellow Claw, in modern day informed Gorilla Man of Woo being injured, helped gather G-Men back together to save Woo & investigate Atlas Foundation (Agents of Atlas #1-6, 2006-2007)


First Appearance: Micronauts #37 (1982)
Origin: Micronauts #37 (1982); Micronauts #55 (1983)
Significant Issues: Transformed, vs Micronauts & Nightcrawler (Micronauts #37, 1982); sent for further genetic mutation in Body Banks (Micronauts #39, 1982); guarded Force Commanders' weather device, failed to protect it from Marionette who convinced him to turn against Force Commander (Micronauts #47-48, 1982); vs Force Commander & his Dog Soldiers then Karza, fled Homeworld with Micronauts (Micronauts #49-50, 1983); Micronauts failed to recruit Acroyears against Karza (Micronauts #51-52, 1983); Micronauts helped liberate Prisonworld, but nonetheless failed to recruit its gangs in the war against Karza (Micronauts #53-55, 1983); returned to Homeworld, witnessed suicides of mother & sister, formally joined Micronauts (Micronauts #55, 1983); assisted Kaliklaki against Karza's forces but failed to recruit them for war (Micronauts #56, 1984); battled Karza on Never-Summer Micronauts failed to recruit Acroyears against Karza (Micronauts #57, 1984); alongside Karza & X-Men, vs Entity (X-Men and Micronauts #1-4, 1984); returned to Homeworld, vs Karza & his Un-Men formed from slaughtered Homeworlders, witnessed Mari slaying Karza (Micronauts #58, 1984); shared tale of hope as part of poem made in remembrance of Homeworld (Micronauts #59, 1984); landed on Child of the Makers, mutated into stable form (Micronauts #1-2, 1984); landed on laser-plagued proving ground world of Children of the Dreaming Star (Micronauts #3, 1984); encountered Children of the Dreaming Star, brought to their world Sphere, learned of origins of many of the Microverse's races (Micronauts #4-5, 1985); with future Scion's aid, saved other Micronauts from radiation poisoning (Micronauts #8, 1985); met Solitaire, traveled to Spacewall, encountered Breachpoint & learned its origins via reading dead inhabitant's mind, breached Spacewall with Scion's aid, saved Scion & Marionette (Micronauts #9-12, 1985); traveled to Fiame, Scion collected Glyphs to the Keys of the Enigma Force (Micronauts #13, 1985); traveled to Aegis, heard tale of Marionette's past, encountered Beyonder, transferred energy into other Micronauts which made them Prime Beings, immune to Pain (Micronauts #14-16, 1985-1986); returned to Microverse, slew Pain-maddened Devil (Micronauts #17, 1986); transformed Arcturus Rann into Prime Being (Micronauts #18, 1986); located Prometheus Pits, dissolved essence into Homeworld thus healing it, ending Pain & restoring life (Micronauts #19-20, 1986)


First Appearance: Wolverine #34 (1990)
Significant Issues: Encountered Wolverine, killed Athabasca Ike (Wolverine #34, 1990); captured by Parvenue’s expedition, intended to be exhibited in casino (Wolverine #42, 1991); taken to Times Square, escaped with aid of Wolverine, hid in sewers (Wolverine #45-46, 1991); accompanied Albert & Elsie-Dee to Canada, found Wolverine’s skeleton, encountered Spiral (Wolverine #51-53, 1992); sent back in time by Spiral (Wolverine #84, 1994); helped Siksika vs Adversary, found new pack & left with them (Wolverine #86, 1994); pack frozen in past, defrosted in modern day, led attack on research station attended by Guardian & Vindicator, spared those within upon learning one was Wolverine (Wolverine #83-84, 1994)


First Appearance: (As Ikaris) Eternals #1 (1976); (as Sovereign) New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1 (2000)
Significant Issues: Witnessed arrival of Fourth Host (Eternals #1-3, 1976); vs Deviants in New York (Eternals #4-6, 1976); with Eternals, participated in Uni-Mind (Eternals #8-12, 1977); with Eternals, vs Hulk robot & Dromedan (Eternals #14-17, 1977); vs Druig (Eternals #18-19, 1977-78); with Eternals, met Thor (Thor #285-286, 1979); with Eternals, vs Olympians (Thor #291-292, 1980); with Eternals, witnessed death of Zuras (Thor #301, 1980); with Eternals, met Inhumans (What If..? #29, 1981); with Eternals, summoned to "Contest of Champions" by Grandmaster (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1, 1982); with Eternals, saved from Deviants by Iron Man (Iron Man Annual #6, 1983); with Eternals, alongside Avengers, vs Maelstrom, witnessed departure of Eternals bound for space (Avengers #246-248, 1984); with Eternals, opposed Deviants, became Prime Eternal, buried Margo Damian (Eternals #1-12, 1985-86); with Eternals, vs Silver Surfer on behalf of High Evolutionary (Silver Surfer Annual #1, 1988); with Eternals, alongside Avengers, vs Blastaar (Avengers #308 & 310, 1989); with Eternals, vs Doctor Damian (Eternals: The Herod Factor #1, 1991); selected as potential mate by Her (Quasar #29, 1991); with Eternals, confronted Avengers over suspected madness of Sersi (Avengers #361, 1993); alongside other heroes, aided Quasar in opposing Starblasters (Quasar #54-58/Starblast #1-4, 1994); with Eternals, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Maelstrom (Fantastic Four Unlimited #10, 1995); with Eternals, vs Apocalypse (New Eternals: Apocalypse Now #1, 2000); revealed to be ally of Yankee Clipper (Marvel: The Lost Generation #1, 2001); with Eternals, confronted Thanos (Marvel Universe: The End #5-6, 2003); with Eternals, became mortal due to machinations of Sprite, opposed Dreaming Celestial (Eternals #1-7, 2006-2007)

Impossible Man

First Appearance and Origin: Fantastic Four #11 (1963)
Significant Issues: Vacationed on Earth, encountered Fantastic Four after robbing bank, thought Earth was fun but left after everyone began ignoring him (Fantastic Four #11, 1963); during above visit, encountered timeslipping New Warrior Turbo, followed her to future, attempted to help New Warriors vs Doctor Yesterday, returned to original time (Marvel Comic Presents #160-163, 1994); returned to Earth, saved Earth from Galactus by leading him to Poppup (Fantastic Four #175, 1976); caused chaos in Marvel offices until Stan Lee promised to do a comic featuring him (Fantastic Four #176, 1976); watched TV while Frightful Four captured Fantastic Four, accidentally released imprisoned Fantastic Four by draining building power when TV ended for the day (Fantastic Four #177-178, 1976-1977); impersonated U.S. President to thwart mind-control attempt (Marvel Two-in-One #27, 1977); saved Invisible Girl from fatal fall, departed in annoyance to find something fun to do (Fantastic Four #183, 1977); discovered movies (Fantastic Four #184-185, 1977); knocked out & captured by Klaw & Molecule Man, escaped, helped Fantastic Four battle them, left when stopped from unintentionally hurting possessed Reed Richards (Fantastic Four #186-188, 1977); caused chaos in Hollywood (Fantastic Four #193-194, 1978); accompanied Thing to Alicia Master’s sculpture show, helped him defeat Terrible Trio, created Impossible Woman to be his mate (Marvel Two-in-One #60, 1979); had Thing babysit offspring while he & Impossible Woman searched Fantastic Four's records for new homeworld, left for space (Marvel Two-in-One #86, 1982); asked Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew to find missing Impossible Woman (Spider-Woman #45, 1982); engaged in chaos-bringing Scavenger Hunt pursued by X-Men (Uncanny X-Men Annual #7, 1983); engaged in shapeshifting competition with Warlock (New Mutants Annual #3, 1987); apparently responsible for mad alternate Earth in state of constant combat (Excalibur #14, 1989); tried to purchase movie rights to Rick Jones’ autobiography (Avengers Spotlight #25, 1989); pranked Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #33, 1990); scared Silver Surfer would lose to Thanos in impending battle due to his lack of sense of humor, got him to promise to lighten up (Silver Surfer #36, 1990); took family on vacation to Earth, caused chaos for Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Punisher, & Hollywood, departed to Skrull homeworld to show Empress S’byll family’s vacation slides (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1, 1990); returned to Earth looking for missing child (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #2, 1991); encountered Daredevil during hunt for missing child (Marvel Comics Presents #91, 1991); sparked off riot in Bar With No Name (Marvel Comics Presents #97, 1992); watched Makkari win Galactic Marathon (Quasar #58, 1994); invited various villains to Rick Jones’ wedding (Incredible Hulk #417, 1994); placed slacker kids in X-Force’s care (X-Force and Cable '95, 1995); entered wager with extra-dimensional imp, opposed his super-powered alien foe while he opposed Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer/Superman #1, 1996); after children left home, kidnapped Franklin & Valeria Richards to replace them, returned them after being promised tracking devices to locate errant offspring (Marvel Knights: 4 #23-24, 2005-2006); developed hiccups, cured by Thing, attended Thing’s Bar Mitzvah & poker game (Thing #8, 2006)


First Appearance: Warlock #9 (1975)


First Appearance: Moon Knight #1 (1980)
Significant Issues: Resurrected Marc Spector, transformed him into Moon Knight (Moon Knight #1, 1980); statue destroyed by Bushman (Moon Knight #9); priests first seen (Moon Knight #1, 1985); led Moon Knight to aid & subsequently join Avengers (West Coast Avengers #21-23, 1987); left Spector's body (West Coast Avengers #41, 1989); revived Moon Knight again (Moon Knight #1-4, 1998); tricked Spector into reviving Moon Knight identity (Moon Knight #1-6, 2006)

Living Laser

First Appearance and Origin: Avengers #34 (1966)
Significant Issues: Developed special laser technology, dumped by Lucy Barton, became Living Laser, became romantically obsessed with Wasp, vs Avengers, briefly conquered Costa Verde, rejected by Wasp, defeated by Avengers (Avengers #34-35, 1966); joined Mandarin’s Minions, donned new green & white costume, defeated by Avengers (Avengers Annual #1, 1967); adopted new orange & green costume, joined Batroc’s Brigade, tried to obtain seismo-bomb, defeated alongside partners by Captain America (Captain America #105, 1968); joined Grim Reaper’s Lethal Legion, defeated by Avengers (Avengers #78-79, 1970); studied Lemurian legends, learned of the Serpent Crown, released from prison, gave himself laser powers with aid of Jonas Harrow (Avengers Annual #6/Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: Deluxe Edition #6, 1976/1983); craved revenge on Wasp & Avengers, formed alliance with renegade Brigadier General Pollock, seized Serpent Crown despite opposition from Scarlet Witch & Brand Corporation agents, tricked Whizzer into battling Avengers, mentally enslaved Wonder Man (Avengers #151 & 153, 1976); lost control of Wonder Man, plotted assaults on Washington & Avengers with Pollock using Nuklo as a pawn, vs Avengers & Wonder Man, felled by rampaging Nuklo (Avengers Annual #6, 1976); joined Nefaria’s Lethal Legion, powers temporarily enhanced, captured by Avengers (Avengers #164 & 166, 1977); powers began flaring out of control, agreed to help German communist scientists of Heaven’s Hand facility power secret Russian weapons satellites in exchange for siphoning off enough of his excess energy to preserve his life, vs Iron Man, overloaded during battle & exploded (Iron Man #152-153, 1981); survived as sentient energy being, attacked Iron Man, trapped by Tony Stark & Jim Rhodes (Iron Man #211, 1986); helped Klaw escape Quasar, vs Quasar, fled to Blue Area of the Moon, escaped Quasar via interdimensional portal in home of Uatu the Watcher (Quasar #6, 1990); visited Earth-105709, disoriented by meeting his counterpart there, returned to Earth, unwittingly created divergent versions of himself in several alternate realities while in transit (Quasar #30, 1992); attacked Iron Man in guise of his deceased foe Titanium Man, vs Iron Man until Iron Man collapsed due to unrelated physical difficulties, spared Iron Man since he felt destroying him in this state would be too easy, attacked again after Iron Man had recovered, energy form dispersed by Iron Man (Iron Man #258-260 & 263, 1990); posed as "ghost" of Tony Stark, sought revenge on Stark, vs new Iron Man/Rhodes, beamed out into space (Iron Man #286-289, 1993); attended Chess Set’s illicit auction crashed by Alpha Flight & Spider-Man (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); attended wedding of Rick Jones & Marlo Chandler (Incredible Hulk #418, 1994); trapped inside "smart laser" weapon as dormant energy, taken into Stark’s custody, underwent psychotherapy with Doctor Maggie Dillon who revived & tried to reform him, killed Dillon while escaping, interrupted Iron Man’s battle with Spymaster, killed Greta Abbott, absorbed by Iron Man’s armor & trapped in a long-term containment unit (Iron Man: The Inevitable #1-6, 2006)


First Appearance: Daredevil #78 (1971)
Origin: Daredevil #78-79 (1971)
Significant Issues: As operative of Mister Kline, mutated by Professor, vs Daredevil (Daredevil #78-79, 1971); escaped prison, traveled to San Francisco, vs Daredevil & Black Widow (Daredevil #95-96, 1973); vs Cat/Greer Nelson (Claws of the Cat #4, 1973); with Death Squad, vs Iron Man (Iron Man #72, 1975); allied with Matador against Daredevil (Daredevil #129, 1976); again escaped prison, recruited by Owl, defeated by Daredevil (Daredevil #144, 1977); vs Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter (She-Hulk #10, 2005); reverted to bestial intellect, encountered Hulk (Incredible Hulk #341, 1988); present at A.I.M. Weapons Expo (Captain America #411, 1993); as Frightful Four member in more bestial form, vs Spider-Man, Rangers, Turbine, & Right Riders (Amazing Spider-Man: Chaos in Calgary #4, 1993); imprisoned in Vault (New Warriors #36, 1993); attended Vil-Anon meeting (Spider-Man Unlimited #12, 2006); raided A.I.M. facility on S.H.I.E.L.D.'s behalf (Wolverine #30, 2005); vs Thing (Gravity #1, 2005); present at Satan's Circus (Underworld #3, 2006)


First Appearance and Origin: Ghost Rider #27 (1977)
Significant Issues: Sent to recover Cat suit, defeated by Hawkeye, Ghost Rider & Two-Gun Kid (Ghost Rider #27, 1977); reported as having remained in prison (New Avengers: Most Wanted Files, 2005)

M'kraan Crystal

First Appearance: X-Men #107 (1977)
Origin: X-Men #108 (1977); X-Man ’97 Annual (1997)
Significant Issues: Previous multiverse wiped out by destruction of M’kraan Crystal (Adventures of the X-Men #11-12, 1997); D’ken attempted to gain M’kraan’s power, de-stabilized it, re-stabilized by X-Men (X-Men #107-108/Classic X-Men #14, 1977/1987); Phoenix/Rachel Summers considered using M’kraan to destroy Beyonder (Uncanny X-Men #203, 1984); reality-913 Professor X & X-Men stabilized M’kraan (What If..? #23, 1991); Legion’s time-travel destabilized M’kraan, diverged reality-295 (Uncanny X-Men#320-321/X-Men #40-41, 1995); M’kraan destabilized by reality-295 D’ken (X-Men: Alpha, 1995); reality-295 Gambit stabilized M’kraan & given M’kraan shard, reality-616 stabilized by return of Bishop, Dark Beast, Nate Grey, Holocaust, & Sugar Man used M’kraan to travel to Earth-616 (Gambit and the X-Ternals #1-4/X-Men: Omega, 1995); Nate Grey purged Holocaust of M’kraan shard fragment, removed M’kraan energy from himself, Dark Beast, & Sugar Man (X-Man ’97 Annual, 1997); Modt & Jahf tested Nate Grey (X-Man #55, 1999); Phoenix severed reality-15104 from rest of multiverse (New X-Men #154, 2004); Exiles used M’kraan shard on Earth-295 to access Panoptichron (Exiles #60-61, 2005)


First Appearance: Nextwave #1 (2006)
Significant Issues: Left H.A.T.E., vs Fin Fang Foom (Nextwave #1-2, 2006); vs Ultra Samurai Seed (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #3-4, 2006); vs Aeromarine forces in War Garden (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #5-6, 2006); vs Rorkannu’s Mindless Ones (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #7-8, 2006); vs S.I.L.E.N.T.’s superteams (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #9-10, 2006); final showdown with Beyond© (Nextwave: Agents of H.A.T.E. #11-12, 2006-2007)


First Appearance: Captain America #164 (1973)
Origin: Power Man and Iron Fist #53 (1978)
Significant Issues: Grew up in poverty, studied hard & turned genius towards criminal endeavors as way of getting out, adopted identity of Deadly Nightshade (Power Man and Iron Fist #53, 1978); became subordinate of Yellow Claw, turned Grimrock Prison inmates into werewolves, vs Captain America & Falcon, abandoned by Claw, fled when S.H.I.E.L.D. arrived, seemingly leapt to her death (Captain America #164, 1973); revealed to have faked death to enable escape, took over S.H.I.E.L.D. facility, plot thwarted by Captain America & Val Fontaine, captured (Captain America #189-190, 1975); set up robotic gangster R.U.Rossum to take over Harlem, scheme thwarted by Power Man & Iron Fist (Power Man and Iron Fist #51-53, 1978); tricked Hulk into stealing computer circuit, scheme thwarted by Hulk, Power Man, Iron Fist & Machine Man (Marvel Team-Up Annual #3, 1980); recruited Man-Mountain Marko, Eel, Stiletto & Discus to rob Debutante Cotillion, plot disrupted by Power Man & Iron Fist, knocked out by Millie Hogarth (Power Man and Iron Fist #110, 1984); became Superia’s second in command, attended Pageant of Power, attempted to feminize captured Captain America & Paladin, prisoners freed by Asp & Black Mamba (Captain America #387-391, 1991); under Dredmund Druid’s mind control, turned Starkesboro natives & Captain America into werewolves, turned into werewolf herself by John Jameson werewolf, forced to develop antidote (Captain America #403-408, 1992); hired by Killmonger to fight Black Panther, alongside Boss Morgan, Cottonmouth, Stiletto & Cockroach Hamilton, vs Panther, Power Man, Iron Fist & Goliath (Black Panther #16-17, 2000); broke into Colleen Wing’s home, stole remains of Black Dragon, revived him, blackmailed him to deliver message to Everett Ross, Dragon turned tables, captured by Black Panther (Black Panther #38, 2002); revived timelost future version of Black Panther, allowed to stay in Wakanda to look after him (Black Panther #40-41, 2002); accompanied future Panther & allies to Kiber Island then to White House (Black Panther #43-45, 2002); future Panther murdered by Man-Ape, Nightshade genuinely upset at his passing (Black Panther #48, 2002)

Osborn, Norman

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man #14 (1964)
Origin: Amazing Spider-Man #40 (1966)


First Appearance: Alpha Flight #1 (1983)
Origin: Alpha Flight #32 (1986)
Significant Issues: Involvement with Captain Terror during Spanish Civil War revealed (Marvel Western: Outlaw Files, 2006); attempted to steal Black Blade of Baghdad, released Razer, used own body to imprison Razer, became dwarf (Alpha Flight #32, 1986); studied meditation, learned to control pain & use new body to full potential (Alpha Flight #123, 1993); taught yoga by Doctor Srivinda (Alpha Flight #38, 1986); learned to bullfight again thanks to reference from Ernest Hemingway (Alpha Flight #15, 1984); played chicken with Orient Express (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); visited Crystalium, befriended king (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #11, 1985); daughter Zuzha Yu born, forced to abandon her as infant (Alpha Flight #4, 2004); joined Outcasts, trained Cleft (Alpha Flight #123, 1993); lived at Hull House, alongside Weapon X & Weapon Alpha, vs Chinook (Alpha Flight: In The Beginning… #-1, 1997); paroled into Beta Flight, promised James Hudson he would not kill any more (Alpha Flight #15, 1984); worked at Corky’s Tavern after government closed Department H, got call from Alpha Flight, joined team to oppose Tundra, insisted they keep the Alpha Flight name (Alpha Flight #1, 1983); hospitalized in Fort Albany after being attacked by Marrina (Alpha Flight #2, 1983); uncovered drugs ring at hospital (Alpha Flight #5, 1983); with Alpha Flight, assisted X-Men in rescuing Professor X from Hydra (X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2, 1998); alongside Modred, stopped Brass Bishop from reaching Heaven through his new Tower of Babel (Alpha Flight #16, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega Flight in New York (Alpha Flight #12, 1984); with Alpha Flight, alongside Spider-Man, rescued Marrina from Collector (Marvel Team-Up Annual #7, 1984); watched over grieving Heather Hudson following Guardian's seemed death (Alpha Flight #13, 1984); alongside Northstar & Shaman, pulled to Crystalium, assisted Crystar’s warriors defeating forces of Chaos (Saga of Crystar: Crystal Warrior #11, 1985); saved Heather from Plodex attack by Lake Ontario, called in Marrina for assistance (Alpha Flight #14, 1984); vs savage Marrina, mistakenly attacked by Namor, captured by Master of the World (Alpha Flight #15, 1984); feigned death to escape, ripped Master’s helmet from his head, freed other captives (Alpha Flight #16, 1984); met Wolverine while visiting Heather in hospital, suggested she lead Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #17, 1984); alongside Shaman, Snowbird & Talisman, traveled back to 1884 to stop Ranaq the Devourer (Alpha Flight #19, 1985); advised by Shaman to not turn Heather away should she turn to him for affection (Alpha Flight #20, 1985); with Alpha Flight, alongside X-Men, encountered Berserkers transformed by Loki’s Fire Fountain, restored to full height by Anodyne, rejected gift when he learned of price attached, returned to diminutive size (X-Men and Alpha Flight #1-2, 1985); with Alpha Flight, captured Caliber, witnessed Tanaraq take over Sasquatch and be slain by Snowbird (Alpha Flight #23, 1985); with Alpha Flight, traveled to Great Beasts’ realm, recovered Sasquatch’s soul (Alpha Flight #24, 1985); with Alpha Flight, witnessed apparent return of Guardian (Alpha Flight #25, 1985); with Alpha Flight, lured to West Edmonton Mall, attacked by Diamond Lil, defeated by false Guardian (Alpha Flight #26, 1985); with Alpha Flight, witnessed Beyonder rescue Talisman from Shaman’s bag after Omega Flight routed (Secret Wars II #4, 1985); with Alpha Flight, present when Hulk brought to Earth from Crossroads dimension (Alpha Flight #28, 1985); with Alpha Flight, vs Hulk, Department H reinstated (Alpha Flight #29, 1985); with Alpha Flight, vs Scramble (Alpha Flight #30, 1986); with Alpha Flight, hunted resurrected Deadly Ernest, sliced Ernest to pieces with Nemesis’ sword after Ernest stole lifeforces of Puck’s teammates & took Heather hostage (Alpha Flight #31, 1986); with Alpha Flight, vs temporarily free Razer (Alpha Flight #32, 1986); went in search of Heather, found her fighting alongside Wolverine against Lady Deathstrike & ninjas (Alpha Flight #33-34, 1986); with Alpha Flight, vs Pestilence (Alpha Flight #37-38, 1986); with Alpha Flight, visited Atlantis to help Marrina, alongside Avengers, vs Attuma’s forces, attended Marrina’s wedding to Namor (Alpha Flight #39-40/Avengers #272, 1986); with Alpha Flight, vs Scourge/Giles McHeath (Marvel Fanfare #28, 1986); lured to Murderworld by Arcade, Razer freed, begged by Arcade to reimprison Razer after realizing he could not control him (Marvel Comics Presents #99, 1992); with Alpha Flight, vs Sentinels & Mesmero, injured by falling debris (Alpha Flight #43, 1987); healed by Scramble, with Alpha Flight, vs Pestilence (Alpha Flight #44, 1987); unhappy that Heather was becoming close to Madison Jeffries, wondered if Scramble could cure his dwarfism (Alpha Flight #45, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs crazed Box/Roger Bochs (Alpha Flight #46, 1987); with Alpha Flight, vs Omega (Alpha Flight #48-49, 1987); with Alpha Flight, visited Fire Fountain site seeking cure for Northstar, lured in Faerie by Loki, vs Dark Elves, knocked into black Fire Fountain, Razer freed, Puck restored to original height, left behind when Alpha Flight forced to flee, transported to Tibet by Loki (Alpha Flight #50, 1987); in China, witnessed Chinese Army attacking lamasery, slipped past mystic barriers protecting lamasery, witnessed physical death of High Lama at flames of Jade Dragon, offered chance to pass through Doorway Between Worlds by High Lama’s spirit, saw friends under attack in Dreamqueen’s realm, opened path to that world hoping to help, unintentionally gave Dreamqueen access to Earth (Alpha Flight #59, 1988); saw through Dreamqueen’s illusions, held her in own realm while Laura Dean closed portal between worlds (Alpha Flight #60, 1988); held captive & tortured by Dreamqueen (Alpha Flight #67, 1989); roamed Dreamqueen’s realm after she was defeated, encountered Alpha Flight, helped them defeat opponents & return to Earth (Alpha Flight #75, 1989); hospitalized when torture wounds reopened (Alpha Flight #76, 1989); body secretly exposed to Scramble enzyme while in hospital, began to shrink (Alpha Flight #78, 1989); shrunk more than two foot, drugged to keep him from leaving hospital (Alpha Flight #81-82, 1990); discovered missing from hospital, tracked to Master’s base in Dakota, found hideously deformed, restored by Sasquatch using Scramble enzyme, became dwarf again (Alpha Flight #87-89, 1990); rejoined Alpha Flight (Alpha Flight #90, 1990); with Alpha Flight, alongside Avengers & People’s Protectorate, vs Peace Corpse, Atlantean army, & Combine (Avengers #320-324, ); with Alpha Flight, vs Latverian Liberation Front (Alpha Flight #91, 1990); alongside Wolverine, transported back in time to 1937 Guernica, injured during attack & memories of events blurred (Wolverine #35-37, 1991); with Alpha Flight, alongside Avengers, opposed Consortium invasion of Earth to protect Her & to defend the Earth (Alpha Flight #97-100, 1991); attended Guardian’s memorial service (Alpha Flight #101, 1991); alongside Wolverine, Spider-Man & Sasquatch, vs Wendigo (Spider-Man #12, 1991); handed over chief administrator job to Windshear (Alpha Flight #102, 1991); stepped out of Alpha Flight core team, became troubleshooter (Alpha Flight #104, 1992); attended Madison Jeffries’ bachelor party, scared miserly landlord into giving tenant rent break at Christmas (Alpha Flight #105, 1992); encountered Major Mapleleaf again (Alpha Flight #106, 1992); sent to Russia to collect team from World Tour, with Alpha Flight, assisted Russian special ops against the Hand (Alpha Flight #109, 1992); with Alpha Flight, alongside numerous heroes, gathered at Fours Freedom Plaza to discuss opposing Magus, vs Magus’ doppelgangers (Alpha Flight #110-111, 1992); worried Weapon Omega might revert to savagery, investigated treatment used to cure him (Alpha Flight #114, 1992); with Alpha Flight, sought whereabouts of Weapon Omega (Alpha Flight #115, 1992); with Alpha Flight, vs Wrecking Crew (Alpha Flight #118-119, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Hardliners, Canada passed Super Powers Act, Alpha Flight decide to enforce it rather than risk Hardliners being given the job (Alpha Flight #120, 1993); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine & Spider-Man, vs Chess Set for bodies of Auric & Silver (Alpha Flight #121, 1993); alongside Wildheart & Northstar, vs Outcasts (Alpha Flight #122-123, 1993); brainwashed into Goddess’ army, opposed other heroes' efforts to defeat Goddess, freed after Goddess' defeat (Infinity Crusade #1-6/Alpha Flight #122-124 & 127, 1993); with Alpha Flight, vs Hardliners & Master, team suspended (Alpha Flight #129-130, 1994); alongside Northstar, tracked Aurora to X-Factor’s base, took her home (X-Factor #116, 1995); informed Domino of capture of Milo Thurman (Domino #1, 1997); after drinking heavily & brawling, Wolverine helped him surrender to police (X-Men Unlimited #12, 2006); co-opted into new Alpha Flight, vs Zodiac, tranquilized when he tried to leave (Alpha Flight #1, 1997); with Alpha Flight, vs synthezoid Master (Alpha Flight #2, 1997); with Alpha Flight, vs Chinook (Alpha Flight #3, 1997); with Alpha Flight, tracked down AWOL new team members, vs Mesmero (Alpha Flight #4-5, 1997); alongside Vindicator, assigned to protect Major Arthur Barrington from Maverick, failed to prevent him being killed by Hammer & Sickle (Maverick #3, 1997); sent to track down Sasquatch, learned teammate was not original but a genuine Bigfoot, taken into custody by Department H & memory wiped (Alpha Flight #6-7, 1998); with Alpha Flight, sent to capture Wolverine, vs X-Men (Alpha Flight #8-9/Uncanny X-Men #355, 1998); with Alpha Flight, sent to Microverse, worked with Microns to defeat Baron Zebek (Alpha Flight #10-11, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Zodiac (Alpha Flight #12, 1998); attended Sasquatch’s memorial, tried to convince Radius that Sasquatch’s death was not his fault (Alpha Flight #14, 1998); with Alpha Flight, vs Brass Bishop (Alpha Flight #15-16, 1998); with Alpha Flight, encountered Inhumans (Marvel Comics 1998 Annual Starring Alpha Flight & Inhumans, 1998); with Alpha Flight, alongside Big Hero Six, in Japan vs X the Unknowable (Alpha Flight #17, 1998); uncovered Department H sub-basements & found Diamond Lil captive within, discovered new Weapon X was loose, with Alpha Flight, pursued Weapon X, vs original Alpha Flight, teams amalgamated, Heather agrees to go on date with Puck (Alpha Flight #18-20, 1999); visited Logan for Christmas (Uncanny X-Men #365, 1999); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, attacked A.I.M. base to rescue Guardian & clone, discovered & liberated resurrected Snowbird (Wolverine #142-143, 1999); with Alpha Flight, alongside Wolverine, vs Mauvais (Wolverine #171-173, 2002); with Alpha Flight, possessed by demon, freed by Wolverine (Wolverine #179, 2002); with Alpha Flight, vs X-Men for custody of Samuel Paré (Uncanny X-Men #421-422, 2003); with Alpha Flight, captured by Plodex, freed by new Alpha Flight team, went into space to transport Plodex eggs back to homeworld (Alpha Flight #2, 5-6, 2004); past version stuck in present (Alpha Flight #12, 2005); with Alpha Flight, vs Collective, seemingly killed (New Avengers #17-18, 2006)


First Appearance: (As Marvel Boy) Captain America #217 (1978); (as Marvel Man) Captain America #218 (1978); (as Quasar) Incredible Hulk #234 (1979)
Origin: Marvel Two-in-One #53 (1979); Quasar #1-2 (1989)
Significant Issues: Trained as S.H.I.E.L.D. cadet, sparred with fellow cadet Gail Runciter, unwittingly observed by visiting father Gilbert Vaughn, told he lacked necessary aggressive personality to be combat-ready field agent, went on furlough, severely depressed by self-perceived failure, retreated to family home in Oshkosh, assigned to serve with S.H.I.E.L.D. security team attached to Gilbert Vaughn’s quantum band research project at Stark International’s Pittsburgh facility, saw test subject William Wesley die trying to control quantum bands, helped protect bands from A.I.M. assault force, donned bands & used them to defeat A.I.M. forces, nearly disintegrated in power overload but saved himself by relaxing & going with energy flow, had touching reunion with relieved father, trained with bands under father’s supervision (Quasar #1, 1989); alongside Blue Streak, Texas Twister & Vamp, joined S.H.I.E.L.D. Super-Agents as Marvel Boy, met Captain America & Falcon, tested in combat by Cap, began training under super-agents’ new leader Falcon (Captain America #217, 1978); continued training, adopted new alias Marvel Man (Captain America #218, 1978); briefly joined Defenders, rode teammate Nighthawk’s horses alongside Nova, Prowler & Whiter Tiger, accidentally helped start stampede, patrolled New York as part of Defenders squad led by Nighthawk, teamed with Nova to carry flightless teammate Tagak, helped catch juvenile thief who had stolen his father’s car & his mother’s purse, became frustrated with lack of major foes to fight & Nighthawk’s abrasive attitude, alongside most of his teammates, quit Defenders after single day with group (Defenders #62-64, 1978); continued training with Super-Agents, tricked into fighting Captain America, learned Blue Streak & Vamp were Corporation double agents, witnessed resignation of disgusted Texas Twister, alongside Captain America, freed Hulk, Falcon & Jim Wilson from Corporation, vs Moonstone, helped shut down eastern Corporation base (Captain America #228-230/Incredible Hulk #232, 1978-1979); tried & failed to subdue rampaging Hulk, accepted new job with Project: PEGASUS, adopted Quasar alias (Incredible Hulk #233-234, 1979); among New York heroes who tried in vain to stop Salem Seven before their defeat by Fantastic Four & Agatha Harkness (Fantastic Four Annual #14, 1979); started work as Project: PEGASUS security chief, befriended co-workers Thing & Giant-Man, helped defend PEGASUS from Deathlok, Grapplers, Solarr & Klaw, teamed with Aquarian, Giant-Man, Thundra & Thing to save PEGASUS & world from Nth Man (Marvel Two-in-One #53-58, 1979); supervised placement of the Serpent Crown in PEGASUS custody, had lunch with Thing & Giant-Man (Marvel Two-in-One #67, 1980); alongside Thing, traced anti-PEGASUS plots back to Roxxon Oil’s Nth Command, wrecked Nth Command’s otherdimensional oil-harvesting operation & freed alternate reality’s natives from Roxxon servitude (Marvel Two-in-One #73, 1981); revealed to be engaged to PEGASUS psychotherapist Jeannine O’Connell, attended Fantastic Four’s Christmas party (Marvel Two-in-One #74, 1981); came to ailing Giant-Man’s aid when he collapsed (Marvel Two-in-One #81, 1981); befriended Dazzler during her time as a PEGASUS test subject, thwarted Dazzler’s attempt to flee PEGASUS, alongside Dazzler, vs Klaw, failed to prevent Dazzler’s abduction by Galactus, testified on Dazzler’s behalf when she was prosecuted for seemingly killing Klaw (Dazzler # 9-10 & 13, 1981 & 1982); met Spider-Man while transporting captive test subject Nitro to PEGASUS, enslaved by Lightmaster, alongside Spider-Man, defeated Lightmaster & restored him to human form, parted on testy terms with Spider-Man (Marvel Team-Up #113, 1982); alongside PEGASUS staff, mentally dominated by Serpent Crown, Crown’s plot defeated by Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man & Thing (Marvel Team-Up Annual #5, 1982); helped test energy powers of Jack of Hearts at PEGASUS, alongside Jack & rest of Earth’s superheroes, abducted by Grandmaster & Death, witnessed "contest of champions" & death of Grandmaster (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1 & 3, 1982); attended Dazzler concert as invited guest (Dazzler #21, 1982); among heroes who celebrated Hulk’s amnesty (Incredible Hulk #279, 1983); depressed by self-perceived failure during Serpent Crown crisis, resigned from PEGASUS, moped around mother’s house for months, undertook years-long space journey to Uranus at father’s urging to investigate origins of quantum bands, found lost city of Uranian Eternals, attacked by Deathurge, met Eon, recruited by Eon to serve as Protector of the Universe, granted greater mastery of bands by Eon, agreed to protect Eon from coming universal threat, defeated Deathurge, quantum-jumped back to Earth with Eon (Avengers Annual #18/Quasar #2, 1989); introduced Eon to his father, started security business, rented office space in Four Freedoms Plaza, befriended Kayla Ballantine, alongside Human Torch, vs Angler (Quasar #3, 1989); moved into Plaza, alongside Avengers & Fantastic Four, vs Supernova (Avengers #302-303, 1989); joined Avengers, vs Firelord over misunderstanding (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); attended Avengers’ general membership meeting, with Avengers, vs Lava Men (Avengers #305-308, 1989); alongside Jennifer Kale & Man-Thing, vs Quagmire (Marvel Comics Presents #29, 1989); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, Doctor Strange & other heroes, opposed Attuma’s Atlantean invasion & Ghaur’s summoning of Set, invasion thwarted & Set crippled, masterminds Ghaur & Llyra defeated (Avengers Annual #18/Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); rated twelve out of twenty on "hunk" scale by Avengers teammates She-Hulk & Wasp (Avengers Annual #18, 1989); with Avengers, met Walter Rosen & New Warriors, assumed command of crisis scene after Warriors’ defeat of Terrax (New Warriors #1, 1990); hired Kayla Ballantine as secretary, began tracking down Earth’s aliens, reunited with Aquarian, vs Quantum (Quasar #4, 1989); alongside Avengers Crew, vs Doctor Doom’s robots, unable to prevent Avengers Island's sinking by robots (Avengers #311, 1989); helped Avengers Crew & Stingray salvage equipment from Avengers Island, became jealous of father’s friendship with Eon, got first security client International Data Integration & Control, reunited with old academy friend Kenjiro Tanaka, seemingly destroyed Absorbing Man (Quasar #5, 1989); captured Venom & delivered him to Vault, captured Klaw, lost Klaw during attack by Living Laser, pursued Living Laser to Blue Area of the Moon, met Uautu the Watcher, defeated Red Ghost (Quasar #6, 1990); alongside fellow Avengers Firebird, Hercules, Moondragon & She-Hulk, patrolled America to round up Vault escapees (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); conferred with Avengers regarding "Acts of Vengeance" conspiracy (Avengers West Coast #54, 1990); with Avengers, alongside Fantastic Four, supervised delivery of various prisoners back to Vault after "Acts of Vengeance" crisis (Avengers Spotlight #29, 1990); investigated Spider-Man’s new cosmic powers, vs Spider-Man, presentation to IDIC interrupted by detection of Terminus, hurled Terminus into space with Spider-Man’s aid & crippled Terminus' power staff (Quasar #7, 1990); met New Mutants while investigating Warlock, traced alien signature to Project: PEGASUS, rescued new security chief Blue Shield from Omnivore, seemingly destroyed Omnivore, tried to reassure Blue Shield that he shouldn’t blame himself for this sort of setback the way Quasar himself had done (Quasar #8, 1990); won IDIC contract, thwarted M.O.D.A.M.’s attempt to steal quantum bands for A.I.M., hired Ken Tanaka away from IDIC (Quasar #9, 1990); captured Halflife & delivered her to Vault, abducted by Captain Atlas & Doctor Minerva who tried to strip him of quantum bands, defeated them (Quasar #10, 1990); summoned by Jarvis to assist Avengers in cosmic conflict with Nebula, arrived too late to participate but experienced effects of battle from a distance & witnessed Avengers’ return (Avengers #317-318, 1990); tracked Plodex offspring of Marrina, accidentally injured speedster Makkari, took Makkari to Avengers for treatment, met job applicant H.D. Steckley, vs Modred the Mystic & his pawn Phoenix, defeated Modred with aid of Excalibur, brooded over sense of failure from this incident (Quasar #11, 1990); transported Blood Brothers to Mars, injured by Brothers, asked father to stop spending so much time with Eon, created alien detection network around Earth, went to Lemuria with Makkari to rescue his mentor Elo, beaten badly by Deviant gladiator Tutinax & rescued by Makkari, hired H.D. Steckley, father died (Quasar #12, 1990); with Avengers, pursued nuclear sub Waterwind hijacked by Peace Corpse, clashed with People’s Protectorate over jurisdiction, alongside People’s Protectorate & Alpha Flight, vs rogue Atlanteans, Peace Corpse & Combine, prevented nuclear disaster (Avengers #319-324, 1990); did security work for Avengers as Vaughn, attended Sersi’s party, helped thwart Skeleton Crew’s attempted use of Avengers Crew as mind-controlled assassins (Avengers #325, 1990); alongside Avengers, helped defeat & seemingly destroy Terminus (Avengers West Coast Annual #5/Avengers Annual #19, 1990); present during tense phone conversation between Vision & Wonder Man (Avengers West Coast #63, 1990); with Avengers, toured team’s new headquarters during its construction (Avengers Annual #19, 1990); encountered Impossible Woman & Impia, went on insane rampage under influence of Madcap's powers, restored to normal with aid of Impia (Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular #1, 1990); alongside Avengers, manipulated by Calculus & Space Phantom into battling Spider-Man & Outlaws, teamed with them to neutralize swarm of microscopic cannibal insects (Spectacular Spider-Man #168-170, 1990); with Avengers, vs Stellaris, failed to prevent her from killing Replicoid (Thor #420-421, 1990); detected Loki’s psychic beacon (Thor #427, 1990); attended Namor’s birthday party (Namor: The Sub-Mariner Annual #1, 1991); visited Captain Marvel’s grave, met Squadron Supreme, alongside Makkari, helped secure lodging for Squadron at PEGASUS, vs Squadron after they fell under Overmind’s control, alongside Hyperion & Makkari, tracked Overmind & Squadron to Stranger’s laboratory world, vs Jakar & Ego-Prime, helped Stranger solve mystery of Watchers’ suicide plague, alongside Makkari & Squadron, vs Axi-Tun Horsemen, Stardust & other lab subjects mobilized by Over-Mind, helped Watchers cure suicide plague (Quasar #13-16, 1990); self-confidence boosted by Watcher victory, monitored Runner’s super-speed marathon (Quasar #17, 1990); went jogging with John Jameson & Captain America, alongside Cap, defeated Nefarius & recaptured Moonstone (Captain America #379, 1990); saved cosmic creative entity Origin from her enemy Unbeing, rewarded with new costume (Quasar #18, 1991); attended Captain America’s anniversary party (Captain America #383, 1991); arm-wrestled with Doctor Spectrum, learned of evil alien presence’s arrival from Doctor Strange, rented Manhattan apartment with Makkari, learned of Kayla’s romantic interest in him, shared his secret identity with her, tried to question Jack of Hearts when he detected Jack leading an interstellar caravan to Earth, vs Jack, nearly killed by Jack’s allies Presence & Starlight who in turn nearly killed Jack when he tried to protect Quasar, helped space caravan land safely & learned its passengers were from Earth, alongside Fantastic Four, vs Presence & Starlight to protect Eon, banished Presence to Quantum Zone, mistakenly assumed Presence was cosmic assassin Eon had foretold, mistakenly assumed Makkari & Kayla had become intimate, learned his father had died weeks ago & that Eon was artificially simulating his continued survival so that it would not affect Quasar’s performance, angrily quit Eon’s service (Quasar #19-20, 1991); helped reorganize Avengers roster under new United Nations rules, attended general membership meeting, elected to active roster, with Avengers, vs Tetrarchs of Entropy & forces of Ngh the Unspeakable, saw Ngh merge with Aah into more benevolent being, defeated Tetrarchs (Avengers #329-331, 1991); with eastern Avengers, sent video greeting to new western Avengers roster (Avengers West Coast #69, 1991); with Avengers, thwarted attempted hijacking of toxic waste (Amazing Spider-Man #348, 1991); faced Avant Guard’s blizzard (Web of Spider-Man #76, 1991); with Avengers, alongside Alpha Flight, opposed Consortium invasion of Earth to protect Her, with group of Avengers & Alphans, taken to planet Quwrll by Vindicator to save Quwrlln from Galactus, heroes joined forces with Galactus to spare Qurlln & defeat Consortium at seeming cost of Vindicator’s life, assisted in post-crisis cleanup of Toronto, broke up brawl between Hercules & Sasquatch (Alpha Flight #98-101, 1991); with Avengers, attended grand opening of Avengers Headquarters (Avengers #332-333, 1991); with eastern Avengers, vs Lava Men, Moloids & Tyrannoids, allied with Grotesk, Mole Man & Tyrranus against Brutus, captured by Brutus & his Mutates, freed by western Avengers, turned Brutus’ troops against him, saved Earth from Grotesk (Avengers Annual #20/Avengers West Coast Annual #6, 1991); with Avengers, vs Brethren (Avengers #334-339, 1991); attended father’s funeral, revealed secret identity to Tanaka & Steckley, savagely attacked Thermo when he tried to loot Four Freedoms Plaza, talked down by Makkari, trapped alongside his staff & Makkari by Maelstrom, hands cut off so that Maelstrom could have quantum bands, begged Deathurge to kill him but was refused, comforted by spirit incarnations of Captain Marvel & Gilbert Vaughn, Steckley revealed to be Moondragon, quantum bands mastered by Maelstrom, Quasar tortured by Phobius, slain by own personal death avatar Kid Reaper, survived as energy wraith with Infinity’s covert aid, aided by Kid Reaper, killed Eon at Eon’s request in attempt to prevent Maelstrom from stealing his cosmic awareness, inherited Eon’s cosmic awareness unaware that Maelstrom had already gained it as well, teamed with Infinity to battle Oblivion & destroy Maelstrom, universe saved, Earth saved with aid of its mystics & others, Quasar resurrected with new costume (Quasar #21-25, 1991); rejected Moondragon’s romantic advances, attended Eon’s funeral, vs Thanos & Thanos-spawned facsimiles of Ree, Tantra, Stygian Starbender & previous Marvel Boy, alongside other heroes, helped stop Eon’s vast corpse from overrunning Earth after Thanos unleashed it, facilitated birth of Eon’s offspring Epoch (Quasar #26-27, 1991); opposed Thanos’ acquisition & abuse of Infinity Gauntlet (Infinity Gauntlet #2-4 & 6, 1991); trained with Captain America & Sersi (Captain America #394, 1991); encountered Jack of Hearts (Quasar #28, 1991); tricked by Hercules into battling Thor, mesmerized by Enchantress into fighting more fiercely, freed from her influence, tied Hercules to Statue of Liberty (Thor #437, 1991); debriefed by Captain America, among beings chosen by Her as potential mates, tried to dissuade Her from forcing prospective mates to participate, restrained Jack of Hearts from attacking Her on Moondragon’s behalf, vs Jack, forced Moondragon to release Jack’s mind & free Her, renounced by Moondragon, selected by Her as ideal mate (Captain America #395/Quasar #28-29, 1991); promoted Ken to full partner, met new H.D. Steckley, retrieved divergent Living Lasers from assorted alternate realities, visited New Universe, adopted Star Brand & used it to return home (Quasar #30-31, 1992); with Avengers, alongside Her, intervened in Kree-Shi’ar War during "Operation: Galactic Storm" mission, stranded Imperial Guardsman Neutron in deep space (Avengers West Coast #80/Quasar #32/Wonder Man #7/Avengers #345/Avengers West Coast #81/Quasar #33/Avengers #346/Avengers West Coast #82/Quasar #34/Avengers #347, 1992); took indefinite leave of absence from Avengers to concentrate on his universal protection duties (Captain America #401, 1992); left Earth, alongside Her & Makkari, explored Kree space, vs Deathbird & Starforce, destroyed Soul-Eater (Quasar #35-36, 1992); aided nascent Origin with assistance of Contemplator & Caregiver, visited Dimension of Manifestations, vs Anomaly (Quasar #37, 1992); alongside many of Earth's heroes, vs Infinity Watch, visited Rus, vs Deathurge, tried to use Ultimate Nullifier against Magus, unintentionally nullified self, vs Oblivion & Kid Reaper, slain by Kid Reaper, stripped of quantum bands (Quasar #38-40/Infinity War #2-5/Fantastic Four #367-369/Wonder Man #13-14/Warlock and The Infinity Watch #8, 1992); trapped in White Room afterlife realm, resurrected self using Star Brand, vs Blue Marvel, trapped Blue Marvel in White Room (Quasar #42-43, 1993); searched for Kayla, vs Quagmire, alongside Shock Troop & Glom, vs Antibodies, Neutron & Presence (Quasar #44-46, 1993); alongside Thunderstrike, encountered various Elders while visiting nascent Origin, burned out last of his fragmentary Star Brand power, learned Origin had saved him from nullifier & preserved quantum bands, reclaimed quantum bands, maimed Contemplator impersonator when he tried to steal them, alongside Thunderstrike, vs Possessor (Quasar #47-48, 1993); visited mother in hospital (Quasar #49, 1993); alongside Silver Surfer, Living Tribunal & others, helped strip Erishkigal of Starbrand (Quasar #50, 1993); finally began romance with Kayla, took comatose Kismet to PEGASUS, alongside Blue Shield, Squadron Supreme & Kayla, vs Angler & Geometer (Quasar #51-52, 1993); helped Captain America & S.H.I.E.L.D. shut down Red Skull operation (Captain America #420, 1993); tested by Adam Warlock while Moondragon tested Kayla (Quasar #53, 1993); alongside Hyperion, Ikaris, Black Bolt, Binary, Monica Rambeau, Perun, New Universe heroes & others, vs Starblasters, Star Brand power banished to another universe, New Universe’s Earth moved to Earth-616 reality (Starblast #1-4/Quasar #54-56, 1994); New Universe’s Earth sealed off by Living Tribunal with Kayla trapped inside, petitioned Living Tribunal to overturn his ruling, request denied (Quasar #57-58, 1994); visited Titan, attended annual truce meeting of Thanos & Starfox, alongside them, vs Kharta’een Empire’s Royal Guard (Quasar #59, 1994); decided to leave Earth lest his duties endanger more of his loved ones, said goodbye to mother, sister, Vaughn Security, PEGASUS, Squadron Supreme & Kismet, informed Ballantines of their daughter’s exile, alongside Nova, vs Darkstar & Presence, faked his own death to protect his loved ones from Presence, left Earth (Quasar #60, 1994); worked on installing network of monitor dishes (Silver Surfer #111, 1995); framed for murder of delegates of intergalactic peace organization Charter by Axi-Tun leader Lord Votan’s forces, allied with Beta Ray Bill, Silver Surfer, Morfex & Xenith as Star Masters, with Star Masters, alongside Tana Nile, foiled genocidal plans of Axi-Tun, name cleared, saved Axi-Tun from destruction by Pheragots, overthrew Votanwho was replaced by his more moderate brother Landar (Star Masters #1-3/Cosmic Powers Unlimited #4-5, 1995-1996); alongside Silver Surfer & Beta Ray Bill, detected mysterious signals, informed Surfer of message from Genis-Vell regarding Zenn-La in peril (Silver Surfer #121-122, 1996); participated in reorganization of Avengers, sent Deathcry’s regards to team, learned Presence had vanished, aided Avengers against Morgan le Fay & Mordred the Evil, temporarily transformed into Stark Knight of Morgan’s warriors the Queen’s Vengeance, helped defeat Morgan (Avengers #1-3, 1998); witnessed Captain America testing new shield (Captain America #3, 1998); declined offer of active membership in Avengers (Avengers #4, 1998); Star Masters revealed to be disbanded, bored with solitude of Protector duties, discovered devastated Rigellian world & rescued near-dead Jack of Hearts from same, assembled fellow inactive Avengers to investigate, vs Servitors & Walkers, alongside Jack of Hearts, Avengers & Eternity, dissuaded Infinites from relocating Milky Way Galaxy (Avengers Infinity #1-4, 2000); alongside Avengers & Jack of Hearts, opposed Intergalactic Council’s decision to make Earth a prison planet for dangerous aliens, decided to return to Earth, absorbed Ego to save Earth, forced to leave Earth again lest Ego threaten the planet (Maximum Security #1-3/Thor #30/Avengers #35, 2000-2001); alongside Photon & Living Lighting, built & manned Avengers’ deep space monitoring station in asteroid belt (Avengers #38, 2001); interviewed regarding Dazzler for "Beyond the Music" television special (X-Men Unlimited #32, 2001); alongside Genis-Vell, Silver Surfer, Moondragon & Fantastic Four, vs Abraxas (Fantastic Four #46, 2001); alongside Living Lightning, detected & investigated Triple-Evil, alongside Avengers & Jonathan Tremont, vs Triple-Evil, destroyed Kang’s Damocles base & overthrew Kang’s conquest of Earth (Avengers #47-48, 50 & 52-53, 2001-2002); alongside Avengers & other heroes, opposed The Order (The Order #5, 2002); alongside Avengers, vs league of heroes from divergent cosmos to obtain mystical spear, helped Avengers & league save both their universes from rogue cosmic scholar (Avengers/JLA #2 & 4, 2003); alongside Avengers, opposed insane Scarlet Witch (Avengers #501-503, 2004); attended funeral for Avengers slain by Scarlet Witch (Hercules #1, 2005); helped Fantastic Four retrieve Human Torch from space & defeat Galactus (Fantastic Four #520-523, 2005); detected Maelstrom’s latest attempt to collapse universe (GLA #4, 2005); called in to help transport Trellian princess Amissa back to her homeworld (Marvel Team-Up #13, 2005); agreed to testify on Starfox’s behalf (She-Hulk #7, 2006); rescued & joined forces with Cammi, Drax & Nova while confronting Annihilation Wave crisis, led evacuation of Aakonian colonists from planet Nycos Aristedes, alongside Nova, vs Annihilation Wave forces, apparently slain by Annihilus & absorbed by Annihilus along with quantum bands (Annihilation: Nova #2-4, 2006)

Ralston, "Rebel"

First Appearance: Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1 (1963)
Significant Issues: Formation of First Attack Squad (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #34, 1966); conducted first mission, earned "Howling Commandos" nickname (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #44, 1967); destroyed U-Boat pens in France, destroyed atomic research installation (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #2, 1963) undertook Massacre Mountain mission in Italy (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #3, 1963); sent to abduct Lord Ha-Ha, lost Junior Juniper in combat (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #4, 1963); supported Fury in duel with Baron Strucker (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #5, 1964); recruited George Stonewell, carried out North African mission (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #6, 1964); assisted French Underground (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #7, 1964); recruited Percival Pinkerton, vs Baron Helmut Zemo (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #8, 1964); attempted to abduct Hitler (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #9, 1964); alongside Dracula, opposed Nazis (Marvel Comics Presents #77-79, 1991); participated in First Battle of El Alamein (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #118, 1974); sighted Invaders in Times Square (Invaders #35, 1978); alongside Doctor Strange, encountered Viscount Krowler & Dormammu (Doctor Strange #50-51, 1981-1982); alongside Jean-Luc LeBeau, encountered Baron Strucker & Candra (Gambit #10, 1999); assisted General Patton's forces in Messina (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #88, 1971); rescued Colonel Phil Parker from Okinawa (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #10, 1964); led by Captain Flint (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #11, 1964); destroyed V-1 rocket site in Germany (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #12, 1964); alongside Captain America & Bucky, stopped Germany's Operation: Einfall (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #13/Captain America #383, 1964/1991); clashed with Blitzkrieg Squad (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #14, 1965); aided Agent X in Holland (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #15, 1965); destroyed Nazi V-2 base in North Africa (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #16, 1965); led Africans in rebellion against Nazis (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #17, 1965); destroyed raider Deutschland in Norway (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #18, 1965); tracked down General Von Krummpt (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #19, 1965); defeated Blitzkrieg Squad in Scotland (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #20, 1965); rescued Zenish's daughter from Czechoslovakia (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #21, 1965); undertook Romanian mission with McGiveney's Maulers, vs Blitzkrieg Squad (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #22, 1965); helped Sister Theresa in Burma (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #23, 1965); vs Bundists in Kentucky (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #24, 1965); exposed Red Skull's impersonation of SS (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #25, 1965); worked with Simon Savage to rescue Dugan & others (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #26, 1966); destroyed Doctor August Kraus's weapon, recruited Eric Koenig (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #27, 1966); aided French Underground against Baron Strucker (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #28-29, 1966); aided Major Carlo in retrieving Italian gold (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #30, 1966); rescued Sawyer from S.S. interrogation (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #31, 1966); destroyed deuterium plant in Norway despite Cohen's post-hypnotic instructions (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #32, 1966); with McGiveney's Maulers, escorted Peter Kazantis to Greece (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #33, 1966); avoided execution in Berlin (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #35, 1966); abducted Ludwig von Baum from Switzerland (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #36, 1966); aided Desert Hawk in North Africa (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #37, 1966); rescued Doctor Warren Parker from concentration camp (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #38, 1967); captured Thunderer plane (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #39, 1967); rescued Jacques Dernier from occupied France (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #40, 1967); participated in film production, rescued Winston Churchill from Colonel Klaue & Blitzkrieg Squad (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #41, 1967); worked with Bull McGiveney to obtain German factory target (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #42, 1967); destroyed Rommel's super-tank (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #43, 1967); mission jeopardized by Paul Ryan (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #45, 1967); rescued Koenig & McGiveney's Marauders from France (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #46, 1967); avoided London bombing by Colonel Klaue & Gerta Heinz (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #47, 1967); alongside McGiveney's Marauders & Nisei Squadron, vs Blitzkrieg Squad (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #48, 1967); rescued Rolfe Harrison from Tarawa, sought to rescue Cohen (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #49-50, 1967-1968); encountered Leatherneck Raiders (Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders #1, 1968); provided security at Teheran summit (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #51, 1968); rescued Doctor Karl von Rusteg from Treblinka (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #52, 1968); abducted Otto Froebe (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #53, 1968); received advanced commando training (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #54, 1968); captured by Nazis, freed by French Underground (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #55, 1968); aided Carla Swain against Nazis in Paris (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #56, 1968); rescued Nisei Squadron from Prison Camp 13 in Germany (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #57, 1968); escaped ambush by Agent of 1,000 Faces (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #58, 1968); reunited with Cohen, vs Colonel Klaue (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #59, 1968); exposed Agent of 1,000 Faces (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #60, 1968); again led by Captain Flint (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #61, 1968); recruited Jerry Larkin (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #63, 1969); worked with Leatherneck Raiders to rescue Doctor Terry Reiker (Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders #11/Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #64, 1969); Fury rescued from ambush, Howlers trained new commandos (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #65-67, 1969); vs Colonel Klaue in New York (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #68-69, 1969); worked with Missouri Marauders to destroy French bridge (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #70-71, 1969); listened to Sawyer's account of 1940 Marrakech mission (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #72, 1969); worked with Kyril Kuslov to cut off German supply lines (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #73, 1969); split into solo missions for Operation: Jigsaw (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #74, 1970); recruited Duane Wilson, later attended his court martial (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #75, 1970); recruited Hans Klaus (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #77, 1970); rescued Koenig (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #78, 1970); destroyed Nazi base in Bavarian Alps (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #79, 1970); recruited Fred Jones (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #81, 1970); rescued Dugan & Man-Mountain McCoy from Agent of 1,000 Faces (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #83-84, 1971); joined by Kevin Kenner in mission against Doctor Reuben Jabokwitz (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #86, 1971); retrieved Jones after Nazi abduction 90, (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #90, 1971); destroyed Japanese missile base (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #92, 1971); alongside Captain America & Bucky, prevented Red Skull from obtaining robot (Captain America 65th Anniversary Special, 2006); rescued Pierre LaBrave & D-Day plans (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #1, 1963); aided by Captain America & Bucky in rescue mission (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); participated in Normandy Invasion (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos Annual #2, 1966); vs Baron Strucker's Death's Head Squad in Gruenstadt (Nick Fury: Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #3-5, 1989); parachuted into Switzerland, destroyed Hawk Eyrie (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #119, 1974); alongside Captain America & Bucky, aided Ancient One against Red Skull & Agamotto (Captain America/Nick Fury: The Otherworld War #1, 2001); participated in Battle of the Bulge (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos Annual #4, 1968); alongside Captain America & Bucky, rescued U.S. soldiers during Battle of the Bulge (Captain America #32, 2000); failed to evacuate German town prior to airstrike (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #94, #96-98, 1971-1972); aided Agent Q in Sicily (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #102, 1972); fought alongside Deadly Dozen (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #104, 1972); attempted mass evacuation of Dresden (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #106, #108, 1973); allowed reporter C. Thomas Sites to accompany them into battle (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #110, 1973); rescued Fury from Baron Strucker in Africa (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #112, #114, 1973); rescued Doctor Irving Levine from German prison camp (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #115, 1973); Fury briefly removed from Howlers to train others (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #116, 1973); underwent intensive training (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #117, 1974); escaped from "Compound of Death" (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #120, 1974); captured by Baron Blood, rescued by William Popryzc (Captain America #20-21, 1999); helped form V-Battalion in 1951 (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #1, 2001); participated in Korean War mission (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos Annual #1, 1965); active in V-Battalion missions, elected senator (Citizen V and the V-Battalion #2, 2001); participated in Southeast Asia mission (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos Annual #3, 1967); attended reunion at Dugan's Boston home (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos Annual #4, 1968); foiled assassination attempt (Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos #100, 1972); attended reunion, assisted Captain America & S.H.I.E.L.D. against Hydra (Captain America #273-274, 1982); assassination attempt foiled by Captain America (Captain America Annual #9, 1990); attended Fury's apparent funeral (Incredible Hulk #434, 1995); fell under mental control of Omnibus, met with other high-ranking officials regarding Hulk (Incredible Hulk #436-437, 1995-1996); participated in deliberations regarding Alliance (Incredible Hulk #439-440, 1996)

Red Raven

First Appearance and Origin: Rawhide Kid #38 (1964)
Significant Issues: Defeated by Rawhide Kid (Rawhide Kid #38, 1964); with Iron Mask’s gang, defeated by Iron Man (West Coast Avengers #18, 1987)


First Appearance: Silver Surfer #11 (1988)
Significant Issues: Allied with Contemplator imposter, captured Silver Surfer & Nova, forced to jettison Surfer, devoured imposter (Silver Surfer #11-12, 1988); confronted by Eros & Firelord seeking information on fellow space pirate Nebula, re-directed Firelord’s rage towards Surfer for his role in death of Gabriel Lan (Silver Surfer #19, 1989); looted starship, captured Lady Karlot, made her into buried treasure as a marinade (Silver Surfer Annual #2, 1989); traded crew to Stranger in exchange for freeing S’Byll, became S’Byll’s warlord (Silver Surfer #27, 1989); challenged by & seemingly slew Super-Skrull (Silver Surfer #28, 1989); stabbed from behind by Clumsy Foulup (Silver Surfer #29, 1989); strangled & left for dead in space by Super-Skrull (Fantastic Four Annual #24, 1991); metamorphosized into Reptyl Prime (Silver Surfer #57, 1991); attacked Kree, battled & fled from Silver Surfer (Silver Surfer #63-65, 1992); back in original form, one of extraterrestrials sent to & imprisoned on Earth (Maximum Security #1, 2000); part of pirate alliance including Raptra (Avengers: Celestial Quest #2, 2001); defeated by Avengers, mutated into god-like form by Thanosi (Avengers: Celestial Quest #3, 2002); brought Primo to Thanosi, helped defeat attacking Eternals of Titan (Avengers: Celestial Quest #4, 2002); aided Thanos in capturing Raptra & Quoi (Avengers: Celestial Quest #5-6, 2002); vs Avengers, encountered the Rot (Avengers: Celestial Quest #7, 2002); alongside Avengers, opposed the Rot, threatened Raptra if she pursued relationship with Quoi (Avengers: Celestial Quest #8, 2002)


First Appearance: (As Josten) Thunderbolts #16 (1998); (as Smuggler) Thunderbolts #48 (2001)
Significant Issues: Revealed to have left Madison after Erik's crimes as Power Man (Thunderbolts #16, 1998); learned of Atlas's apparent death (Thunderbolts #47, 2001); underwent Redeemer training at Cliff's Edge (Thunderbolts #48-49, 2001); with Redeemers, invaded C.S.A. office, controlled by Henry Peter Gyrich to oppose Thunderbolts, allied with them to end Gyrich's plot (Thunderbolts #50, 2001); with Redeemers, vs Young Allies of Counter-Earth in Latveria (Thunderbolts #51-52, 2001); with Redeemers, arrived on scene of fight between Charcoal & Imperial Forces (Thunderbolts #53, 2001); with Redeemers, vs Humus Sapien (Thunderbolts #54-55, 2001); with Redeemers, apparently slain by Graviton (Thunderbolts #56, 2001); revealed to have survived in Darkforce Dimension (Thunderbolts #100, 2006); reconciled with Atlas (Thunderbolts #101, 2006); alongside Thunderbolts, vs Quicksand & Beetles (Thunderbolts #103, 2006); arrived at Thunderbolt training site (Thunderbolts #104, 2006)


First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #388 (1991)
Significant Issues: Hired to kill Jefferson Wolfe, vs Hulk (Incredible Hulk #388, 1991); daughter killed, asked Hulk to help him find killer, stopped from murdering killer by Hulk (Incredible Hulk #429-430, 1995); alongside other villains, vs New Warriors in Stamford, seemingly killed in explosion caused by Nitro (Civil War #1, 2006)

Spider-Man (2099 A.D.)

First Appearance and Origin: Spider-Man 2099 #1 (1992)
Significant Issues: Young Miguel O’Hara accepted to Alchemax School (Spider-Man 2099 #10, 1993); escorted to school by Tyler Stone, met Angela Daskalakis, drenched by Kron Stone (Spider-Man 2099 #18, 1994); met Xina Kwan (Spider-Man 2099 #19, 1994); nearly drowned by Kron Stone (Spider-Man 2099 #20, 1994); rescued from drowning by Xina (Spider-Man 2099 #22, 1994); visited by parents at school (Spider-Man 2099 #23, 1994); fought with Kron, O’Hara & Stone families argued, Nancy Stone admitted knowledge of affair to Conchata (Spider-Man 2099 #26, 1994); embarrassed by Kron during soccer game, encouraged by Xina not to be victim (Spider-Man 2099 #27, 1995); defended Xina from knife-wielding Kron (Spider-Man 2099 #28, 1995); vs Kron in shower room, rescued by Angela (Spider-Man 2099 #29, 1995); encouraged by Angela to testify against Kron, fled school (Spider-Man 2099 #30, 1995); convinced by taxi driver Dash to return & testify against Kron (Spider-Man 2099 #32, 1995); testified against Kron (Spider-Man 2099 #33, 1995); Kron expelled (Spider-Man 2099 #34, 1995); talked with Tyler about Kron’s behavior as Kron left school (Spider-Man 2099 #38, 1995); signed agreement for Babylon Towers apartment (Spider-Man 2099 #22, 1994); alongside Gabriel & Dana, went on double-date with Xina, cheated on Xina with Dana (Spider-Man 2099 #37, 1995); with Dana, verbally sparred with George O’Hara (Spider-Man 2099 #10, 1993); alongside Gabriel, at Mexican Day of the Dead festival, purchased costume (2099 Unlimited #9, 1995); genes imprinted with spider DNA, discovered powers, vs Venture (Spider-Man 2099 #1-3, 1992-1993); met Spiderites, vs Thorites (Spider-Man 2099 Annual #1, 1994); vs Specialist & Public Eye, fell into Downtown (Spider-Man 2099 #4-6, 1993); recovered in Downtown, encountered Vulture (Spider-Man 2099 #7, 1993); alongside Throwbacks, vs Vulture & Freakers (Spider-Man 2099 #8, 1993); impersonated Public Eye Flyboy returning home (Spider-Man 2099 #9, 1993); visited mother at Wellvale Home, considered his purpose being in Spider-Man role (Spider-Man 2099 #10, 1993); vs Vulture (Beavis and Butthead #14, 1995), switched places then teamed with Spider-Man/Peter Parker, alongside Spider-Man of 2211, vs Hobgoblin of 2211 (Spider-Man 2099 Meets Spider-Man, 1995); vs Mutagen (2099 Unlimited #1, 1993); mind controlled, vs Doctor Damian Fawcett (2099 Unlimited #2, 1993); vs Chernobyl (Spider-Man 2099 Annual #1, 1994); vs S.I.E.G.E. (Spider-Man 2099 #11, 1993); vs Man-Spider (Antoine Tarantella); unmasking recorded by Cathode Ray, vs Jumpcut (Spider-Man 2099 Special #1, 1993), held captive by Thanatos, retrieved Net Prophet from Virtual Unreality Lab, Lyla suffered system failure, alongside Net Prophet, vs Thanatos (Spider-Man 2099 #12-14, 1993); reality jumped to Earth-9200, alongside Captain Marvel/Genis-Vell & Starfox, vs Maestro & Thanatos (Captain Marvel #27-30, 2002); in Downtown, vs Maryjanes (Spider-Man 2099 #21, 1994); vs Bloodsword & Fenris gang, visited "Valhalla" at Bifrost project, encountered Aesir (Spider-Man 2099 #15, 1994); vs "Thor" & "Heimdall", Lyla malfunctioned, first offered cruller to guests (Spider-Man 2099 #16, 1994); mistakenly vs Dargo (Thor Corps #2-3, 1994); alongside other heroes, vs Aesir (Ravage 2099 #15/X-Men 2099 #5/Doom 2099 #14/Punisher 2099 #13, 1994); returned to Downtown, vs Bloodhammer, rescued Conchata (Spider-Man 2099 #17, 1994); vs own security droids, Lyla scalded Dana, Gabriel became Firelyte again (Spider-Man 2099 #18, 1994); central computer grid crashed, Thorite Kenny - now Spiderite - attempted suicide but rescued by Net Prophet, Miguel saved life of Hikaru-sama, as Cyberspace archetype, vs Discord (Spider-Man 2099 #19/Spider-Man 2099 Annual #1, 1994); vs Discord, Gabriel admitted knowing Miguel's secret identity (Spider-Man 2099 #20, 1994); Kasey Nash taken by S.I.E.G.E. to Hikaru-sama with offer she couldn't refuse, Xina agreed to repair Lyla (Spider-Man 2099 #22, 1994); Kasey transformed into cyborg by Stark-Fujikawa, Risque confronted Venture (Spider-Man 2099 #23, 1994); pursued Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider 2099 #7, 1994); vs Vlad the Impaler (2099 Unlimited #9, 1995); at Woodstock 2099, encountered Chameleon drug, vs Major Jones (2099 Unlimited #10, 1995); vs Risque, Gabriel beaten, Kasey captured by Alchemax (Spider-Man 2099 #24, 1994); vs Venture, discovered Rapture addiction was faked & Tyler Stone was real father (Spider-Man 2099 #25, 1994); Kasey released by Tyler Stone, Estevez transformed into Travesty at Nightshade, Miguel kicked Dana out of apartment, vs Data Pirate, gave Xina gift (Spider-Man 2099 #26/2099 Unlimited #8, 1994/1995); took road trip with Xina to Nightshade, vs Corporate Headhunters & Travesty (Spider-Man 2099 #27-28, 1995); Angela killed, vs Packrat & Foragers, activated Flipside (Spider-Man 2099 #29, 1995); vs Flipside, Packrat, & Foragers (Spider-Man 2099 #30, 1995); sprayed with hallucinogen while attempting to hitchhike home, rescued by Xina (Spider-Man 2099 #31, 1995); on vacation in Mexico City with Xina, Gabriel & Kasey, alongside Strange, vs Morgez & zombies (Spider-Man 2099 #32-33, 1995); Doom president, offered job as Alchemax Vice President of Research & Development & Minister of Supernormal Affairs, Conchata shot Tyler (Spider-Man 2099 #34, 1995); alongside other heroes, defeated Theatre of Pain (2099 A.D. #1, 1995); accepted vice presidency position at Alchemax, vs Venom/Kron Stone, Venom abducted Xina & Dana (Spider-Man 2099 #35, 1995); vs Venom (Spider-Man 2099 #36, 1995); Venom killed Dana (Spider-Man 2099 #37, 1995); defeated Venom (Spider-Man 2099 #38, 1995); vs Kron, discovered Fr. Jennifer was Dana's sister (Spider-Man 2099 #39, 1996); vs Goblin & Downtown mob, escaped mob, Valhalla crashed to ground (Spider-Man 2099 #40/Doom 2099 #33, 1996); saw Punisher die on videotape (2099 A.D.: Apocalypse #1, 1995); web-slinging (2099 A.D.: Genesis #1/Fantastic Four 2099 #2, 1996); vs Vulture, Spiderite Kenny killed, at Dana's funeral, refused to surrender position to Tyler Stone (Spider-Man 2099 #41, 1996); vs Boru, Conchata managed Boru, hired by Miguel (Spider-Man 2099 #42, 1996); helped Fantastic Four run tests on their DNA (Fantastic Four 2099 #4, 1996); vs Roman the Submariner, Downtown flooded (Spider-Man 2099 #43, 1996); vs Roman & Giganto, captured Roman, Tyler revealed he knew Miguel's secret identity all along, Roman escaped with Venom symbiote (Spider-Man 2099 #44, 1996); aided Mr. Fantastic in hacking into Tyler's satellite (Fantastic Four 2099 #6, 1996); rescued Fr. Jennifer, vs Goblin, Goblin supposedly revealed himself to be Gabriel (Spider-Man 2099 #45, 1996); vs Atlanteans & Vulture, General Dagim killed Tyler, Conchata shot, Vulture rigged Alchemaz building to detonate (Spider-Man 2099 #46, 1996); tried to convince Fr. Jennifer not to leave for outer space (Fantastic Four 2099 #8, 1996); in aftermath of global deluge from melted polar ice caps, refused offer of presidency, found Wulf & Uproar, ship shot down (2099: World of Tomorrow #1, 1996); lost Wulf & Uproar, reconnected with Xina & Doom (2099: World of Tomorrow #2, 1996); forced by Doom to join his side vs techno-organic virus, confronted by Magus (2099: World of Tomorrow #3, 1996); alongside Doom & Xina, vs Magus, resisted techno-organic virus (2099: World of Tomorrow #4, 1996); alongside Xina & Doom, vs Phalanx (2099: World of Tomorrow #5-6, 1997); Doom activated trojan virus in Nostromo, Winn betrayed Phalanx, Magus & Doom killed (2099: World of Tomorrow #7, 1997); aftermath of war with Phalanx, quit being Spider-Man (2099: World of Tomorrow #8, 1997); married Xina, reopened Alchemax, obtained Thor's hammer, shepherded next millennium on Earth & beyond, retired in 3099 & handed hammer back to Captain America (2099: Manifest Destiny, 1998)

Steel Wind

First Appearance and Origin: Ghost Rider #75 (1982)
Significant Issues: Took over Quentin Carnival, defeated by Ghost Rider/John Blaze (Ghost Rider #75, 1982); briefly joined Superia’s Femizons (Captain America #390-391, 1991); failed assassination attempt reported by Scourge (Captain America #394, 1991); sought Superia’s bounty against Asp & Black Mamba (Captain America #394-395, 1991); Steel Vengeance defeated by Ghost Rider/Dan Ketch & John Blaze (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #2, 1992); alongside Steel Vengeance, vs Ghost Rider & Blaze, fight interrupted by Mephisto (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #7, 1993); Steel Vengeance slain by Centurious, vs Quentin Carnival, slew Eli McIntyre, dismantled by assaults from Vengeance, Blaze, & Miranda Woods (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #9-10, 1993); observed Centurious’ announcement of plan to gain Medallion of Power (Ghost Rider #41, 1993); briefly allied with Lilin against Carnival (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #14, 1993); found limbless by Blaze, repaired by Quinn McIntyre (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #20-21, 1994); alongside Blaze, defeated Centurious, stopped from killing him by Blaze, departed (Ghost Rider/Blaze: Spirits of Vengeance #23, 1994)


First Appearance: Giant-Size X-Men #1 (1975)
Origin: Uncanny Origins #9 (1997); X-Men #96 & 102 (1975 & 1976); Classic X-Men #10 (1987); X-Men Unlimited #7 (1994); X-Men #113 & 117 (1978 & 1979); New Mutants #34 (1985); Uncanny X-Men #305 (1993); X-Men #60 (1997); Ororo: Before the Storm #1-4 (2005); Uncanny X-Men #226 (1988)
Significant Issues: Birth (Uncanny Origins #9, 1997); parents decided to leave New York to spare Ororo from racism (Storm #1, 2006); with parents, moved to Cairo when she was 1 & lived content life for 5 years (X-Men #102/Uncanny X-Men #265/X-Men #96, 1976/1990/1975); at 6 years old, parents killed after downed plane crashed into home, unknowingly manifested powers to protect herself from explosion, trapped under rubble, developed claustrophobia, freed (X-Men #102/Classic X-Men #10/Uncanny Origins #9/Ororo: Before the Storm #4/X-Men #96/Storm #2 & 5/Black Panther #14/X-Men Unlimited #7, 1976/1987/1997/2005/1975/2006/1994); orphaned in Cairo, met street urchins, taken to Achmed el-Gibar, trained as thief (Uncanny Origins #9/X-Men #102/X-Men Unlimited #7/X-Men #113/X-Men #60, 1997/1976/1994/1978/1997); encountered Xavier in Cairo, stole his wallet, caught by him, freed after he was confronted by Shadow King (X-Men #117/New Mutants #34/Uncanny X-Men #305/Uncanny Origins #9, 1979/1985/1993/1997); stole Candra’s heart ruby (X-Men #60, 1997); alongside fellow thieves Hakiim & Nari, hired to obtain Opal of Ozymandias from ancient temple for archaeologist Barrett, opposed by Ozymandias, saw vision of future self, trapped in collapsed tunnel, suffered claustrophobia, again unknowingly manifested powers to aid in escape with Opal, opposed Barrett’s attempt to awaken Apocalypse (Ororo: Before the Storm #1-4, 2005); continued training under el-Gibar until she became master lockpick (X-Men #113, 1978); at 12 years old, left el-Gibar & Cairo after feeling compulsion to travel south, became aware of powers (X-Men #102/Uncanny Origins #9/Uncanny X-Men #226, 1976/1997/1988); in Sudan, accepted ride from truck driver, forced to kill him after he forced himself upon her (Uncanny X-Men #267, 1990); traveled through Ethiopia, in Kenya, joined another band of young thieves, stole camera from De Ruyter & almost captured after being tripped by rival thief Zenja, used powers to escape, impressed new teacher with lockpicking skill (Marvel Team-Up #100/Uncanny Origins #9/Storm #1, 1980/1997/2006); found by De Ruyter, saved by T’Challa, returned to thieves’ band by him (Storm #2-3/Black Panther #14, 2006); left thieves’ band to travel with T’Challa, discovered mutual attraction with him, thieves’ band attacked by De Ruyter & the Bull in search of Ororo, consummated her relationship with T’Challa (Marvel Team-Up #100/Uncanny Origins #9/Storm #4-5, 1980/1997/2006); captured by De Ruyter, imprisoned in Vibranium casket, suffered claustrophobia (Storm #5, 2006); freed by Zenja, alongside T’Challa, recaptured by the Bull, freed herself & T’Challa, alongside him, vs the Bull & De Ruyter, saved herself & T’Challa from falling with her powers, talked T’Challa out of killing critically-injured Bull, resumed travels with T’Challa (Storm #6/Black Panther #14, 2006); parted ways with T’Challa (Marvel Team-Up #100/Uncanny Origins #9/Black Panther #26/Black Panther #14, 1980/1997/2000/2006); reached Serengeti Plain in Tanzania, encountered Masai tribe, worshipped as goddess, used powers to end drought, taught subtlety with her powers by Ainet (X-Men #102/Uncanny Origins #9/Classic X-Men #10/X-Men #78, 1976/1997/1987/1998); met X-Men, alongside them, vs Deluge (X-Men: The Hidden Years #5-7, 2000); ended another drought with powers, invited by Xavier to join X-Men, accepted, received costume & codename Storm, sent to rescue original team from Krakoa, vs Krakoa, chose to remain with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, sparred with Thunderbird (Giant-Size X-Men #1/Classic X-Men #1/X-Men #102/Uncanny Origins #9/X-Men #94/Classic X-Men #2/Giant-Size X-Men #3-4, 1975/1986/1976/1997/1975/1986/2005); educated in ways of modern society by Jean Grey (Classic X-Men #2, 1986); with X-Men, vs Count Nefaria & Ani-Men, witnessed Thunderbird’s death (X-Men #94-95/Classic X-Men #2-3, 1975/1986); with X-Men, attended Thunderbird’s funeral (Classic X-Men #3, 1986); trained in Danger Room, learned to be more discreet after teammates found her swimming naked, with X-Men, vs Kierrok, destroyed N’Garai cairn (X-Men #96/Uncanny X-Men #143/Classic X-Men #4, 1975/1981/1986); with X-Men, vs phantom images of original X-Men created by evil part of Xavier’s mind (X-Men #106, 1977); with X-Men, vs Eric the Red-controlled Havok & Polaris (X-Men #97, 1976); celebrated first Christmas with X-Men, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, met Santa, memory of fight with Brotherhood wiped by Santa (Marvel Holiday Special #1/X-Men #98, 1991/1976); with X-Men, vs Sentinels (X-Men #98/Classic X-Men #6, 1976/1987); with X-Men, sought to rescue teammates from Sentinels, learned she was able to control solar winds, vs X-Sentinels, returned to Earth onboard damaged shuttle, saved from radiation by "Jean" unaware that it was Phoenix Force impersonating her (X-Men #99-101/Classic X-Men #7-9, 1976/1987); with X-Men, visited Banshee’s ancestral home in Ireland, vs Black Tom & Juggernaut, suffered claustrophobia, overcame it to aid teammates (X-Men #101-103/Classic X-Men #9-11, 1976-1977/1987); saved writer Phil Halloran from committing suicide, captured by serial killer, saved by Phil (Classic X-Men #11, 1987); with X-Men, alongside Spider-Man, vs Lords of Light and Darkness (Marvel Team-Up Annual #1, 1976); with X-Men, alongside Spider-Man, vs Tremens’ Floaters (Marvel Team-Up #53, 1976); with X-Men, vs Sunstroke & Desert Dwellers (Marvel Tales #262, 1992); with X-Men, vs Magneto (X-Men #104/Classic X-Men #12, 1977/1987); with X-Men, vs Eric the Red & Firelord (X-Men #105/Classic X-Men #13, 1977/1987); with X-Men, traveled through stargate to Shi’ar Empire to rescue Lilandra, alongside Starjammers, vs Imperial Guard, sought to prevent D’Ken from using M’Kraan Crystal to destroy universe, vs Jahf & Modt, willingly gave lifeforce to Phoenix to allow her to repair Crystal, returned to Earth (X-Men #107-109/Classic X-Men #14-15, 1977-1978/1987); with X-Men, vs Iron Fist (Iron Fist #15, 1977); with X-Men, vs Weapon Alpha (X-Men #109, 1978); with X-Men, trapped in Danger Room by Warhawk, escaped (X-Men #110, 1978); with X-Men, possessed by Mesmero-controlled Phoenix, vs Wolverine, forced to work in circus, freed from Mesmero’s control by Jean after she was freed by Wolverine (Classic X-Men #17/X-Men #111, 1988/1978); with X-Men, alongside Beast, kidnapped by Magneto & taken to his Antarctic base, vs Magneto, defeated & imprisoned, used lockpicks to escape, freed teammates & ambushed Magneto, escaped after base was flooded with lava, emerged in Savage Land, taken in by Fall People, felt at home there, ambushed by Sauron, alongside Ka-Zar, sought to prevent Garokk from destroying Savage Land, vs dinosaurs, sought to save Garokk after he fell into thermal shaft but failed, vs aquatic dinosaur, saved life of M’rin, entered M’rin’s dimension, aided her in battle against pirates, declined offer to stay, returned to own dimension, left Savage Land with X-Men (X-Men #112-117 & 125/Uncanny X-Men #149/Classic X-Men #18-23, 1978-1979/1981/1988); with X-Men, visited Japan, alongside Sunfire, vs Mandroids, opposed Moses Magnum’s plan to sink Japan (X-Men #118-119/Classic X-Men #25, 1979/1988); with X-Men, in Canada, vs Alpha Flight, quelled rogue blizzard created by Shaman (X-Men #120-121, 1979); with X-Men, alongside Power Man, Iron Fist, & Daughters of the Dragon, vs Living Monolith (Power Man and Iron Fist #57, 1979); visited former home in Harlem, found it being used as a drug den, vs drug users, saved from being stabbed by Power Man (X-Men #122, 1979); with X-Men, captured by Arcade, trapped in his Murderworld, vs brainwashed Colossus, helped him regain his senses, ejected from Murderworld (X-Men #123-124, 1979); flew Colossus home to Russia (Classic X-Men #29, 1989); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, accidentally damaged main computer sending Room out of control until it was shut down by Cyclops, vs Arkon, teleported to Polemachus, saved Arkon’s homeworld by re-energizing energy rings around it, returned home by Arkon (X-Men Annual #3, 1979); with X-Men, investigated reappearance of Vanisher, witnessed Nightcrawler & Vanisher’s disappearance & subsequent reappearance after their extra-dimensional adventure (Bizarre Adventures #27, 1981); alongside Colossus & Wolverine, vs Billy Briggs (Classic X-Men #39, 1989); with X-Men, alongside Banshee & Moira MacTaggert, vs Proteus (X-Men #125-128, 1979); investigated Twelvetrees Chemicals, vs zombies (Classic X-Men #20, 1988); with Colossus & Wolverine, accompanied Xavier to investigate neophyte mutant Kitty Pryde, vs Hellfire Club, captured, resisted White Queen’s mind-probes, rescued by Phoenix (X-Men #129-131, 1980); with X-Men, investigated Hellfire Club, vs Inner Circle, captured, freed by Phoenix, defeated Inner Circle, escaped, witnessed Phoenix’s transformation into Dark Phoenix (X-Men #132-134, 1980); with X-Men, vs Dark Phoenix (X-Men #135/Code of Honor #2/X-Men #136, 1980/1997/1980); with X-Men, teleported onboard Shi’ar spaceship, fought duel against Imperial Guard in Blue Area of the Moon for Phoenix’s life, defeated by Earthquake & Hussar, vs Dark Phoenix again (X-Men #136-137, 1980); with X-Men, informed Jean’s parents of her apparent death (Uncanny X-Men #199, 1985); with X-Men, attended funeral for Jean (X-Men #138, 1980); chosen by Xavier as X-Men’s new team leader after Cyclops left following Jean’s apparent death, with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, chose Sprite as Kitty Pryde’s codename, accompanied Kitty to dance classes with Stevie Hunter (X-Men #139-140, 1990); with X-Men, celebrated Nightcrawler’s birthday, alongside Doctor Strange, kidnapped by Margali Szardos to re-construction of Dante Alighieri’s "Hell" in alternate dimension as act of revenge against Nightcrawler, returned home after Margali reconciled with Nightcrawler (X-Men Annual #4, 1980); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room (Marvel Team-Up #100, 1980); attempted to disperse fog caused by meeting of present & future Vance Astrovik’s (Marvel Two-in-One #69, 1980); targeted by assassin hired by the Bull, alongside Black Panther, sought out the Bull, vs robot controlled by the Bull via psychic link, defeated robot, found the Bull dead from psychic backlash (Marvel Team-Up #100, 1980); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, arranged Kitty Pryde’s first Danger Room test, witnessed Kitty’s possession by future Kitty’s psyche, sought to prevent assassination of Senator Kelly, vs Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (X-Men #141/Uncanny X-Men #142, 1981); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, received phone call from Dazzler (Dazzler #1, 1981); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, alongside other heroes, attended Dazzler concert, witnessed Enchantress’ attack on Dazzler, vs monsters summoned by Enchantress, alongside Human Torch, attacked but defeated by Enchantress, alongside other heroes, witnessed Dazzler’s defeat of Enchantress, attended Dazzler’s meeting with manager Harry Osgood, insisted he let her sing, witnessed her successful audition (Dazzler #2, 1981); spent Christmas Eve with Xavier, Colossus & Nightcrawler, returned to mansion with Kitty’s parents, learned of Kitty’s encounter with N’Garai demon (Uncanny X-Men #143, 1981); with X-Men, began repairing damage to Danger Room caused by Kitty’s clash with N’Garai demon (Uncanny X-Men #144, 1981); with X-Men, investigated mutant Hybrid, vs Rom, fought to control blizzard summoned by Hybrid, witnessed aftermath of battle against Hybrid (Rom #17-18, 1981); finished cleaning attic after its corruption by N’Garai demon destroyed by Kitty (Spider-Woman #37, 1981); alongside Colossus, Angel, & Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, vs Black Tom Cassidy, Juggernaut & Siryn (Spider-Woman #38, 1981); alongside Stevie Hunter, attended ballet, with X-Men, forcibly recruited by Miss Locke to rescue Arcade from Doctor Doom after Locke kidnapped X-Men’s friends & family, confronted Doom as a distraction while rest of X-Men sought to liberate Arcade, dined with Doom and found him fascinating, attacked Doom after Arcade revealed to be guest not prisoner, encased in organic chrome by Doom (Uncanny X-Men #145, 1981); with X-Men, held prisoner by Doom, subconsciously manifested severe storms over vast area as expression of her need for freedom, absorbed power of storms (Uncanny X-Men #146, 1981); freed after Wolverine forced Doom to reverse process that trapped her, evolved by power she created while trapped, became one with planet, sought revenge on Doom, opposed by X-Men, reminded of her true self by Colossus, expended excess power to disperse storms, forced Arcade to apologize to Doom for having insulted him, accepted Doom’s apology for his actions against the X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #147, 1981); trained by Wolverine in use of firearms (Uncanny X-Men #187, 1984); argued with Angel over Wolverine’s place on team, subconsciously manifested anger over argument as thunderclouds, dispersed nascent storm, alongside Spider-Woman/Jessica Drew, Stevie Hunter & Kitty Pryde, attended Dazzler concert , opposed Caliban’s attempt to kidnap Kitty (Uncanny X-Men #148, 1981); with X-Men, sent by Xavier on reconnaissance mission to Magneto’s volcanic base to establish whether Magneto had survived their previous encounter, encountered Garokk, learned he had been rescued by Magneto & tasked with defending Magneto’s base, targeted by Garokk for revenge over previous encounter, rendered unconscious & thrown into pit, rescued by teammates (Uncanny X-Men #149, 1981); with X-Men, en route from Magneto’s base, forced to crash-land near Magneto’s island, mutant powers neutralized, reunited with Cyclops, discovered Magneto asleep, considered cutting is throat but hesitated, thrown out of window by Magneto but survived fall thanks to cape, destroyed Magneto’s computers which also disabled neutralizer, with X-Men, vs Magneto (Uncanny X-Men #150, 1981); with X-Men, continued Danger Room repairs (Avengers Annual #10, 1981); with X-Men, sought to aid Invisible Woman in rescuing rest of Fantastic Four from Badoon, traveled to Polemachus, learned of Badoon invasion, freed trapped Fantastic Four members & Arkon, alongside them, vs Badoon, liberated Polemachus, became enamored with Arkon, realized neither could leave their duties for the other (X-Men Annual #5, 1981); learned Kitty’s parents had withdrawn her from Xavier’s & enrolled her in Emma Frost’s Massachusetts Academy, drove Kitty to Academy, ambushed by Frost, mind switched with Frost’s & imprisoned, escaped, liberated Kitty from Academy, attacked by Frost in her body, injured in car crash, saved by Kitty, convinced Kitty of her true identity, alongside Kitty, freed X-Men from Inner Circle, used Frost’s powers to aid Frost in quelling wild storm she inadvertently summoned with Storm’s powers, reversed mind transfer, sought to Kill Frost, stopped by Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #151-152, 1981); with X-Men, alongside Carol Danvers, listened to Kitty’s fairy tale (Uncanny X-Men #153, 1982); with X-Men, repaired damage to Danger Room after clash with Inner Circle (Micronauts #37, 1982); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, sat bedside vigil over dying Captain Marvel, attended his funeral (Marvel Graphic Novel: The Death Of Captain Marvel, 1982); played handball with Cyclops, alongside Cyclops, rescued Corsair from spaceship crash, alongside Cyclops & Corsair, vs Sidrian Hunters, learned of Lilandra’s kidnapping (Uncanny X-Men #154, 1982); with X-Men, alongside Corsair, teleported onboard Shi’ar spaceship, met Admiral Samédar, tasked with rescuing Lilandra, with X-Men, alongside Corsair & Tigra, vs Deathbird & Brood (Uncanny X-Men #155, 1982); with X-Men, alongside Starjammers, vs Brood, blown into open space, saved by Starjammers (Uncanny X-Men #156, 1982); alongside Nightcrawler, Wolverine & Carol Danvers, entered Pentagon with intent to erase government files on X-Men, vs Rogue (Uncanny X-Men #158, 1982); with X-Men, met Harmony Young, accompanied Kitty to dinner with Kitty’s parents, attacked & bitten by Dracula, became his thrall, freed from his influence by Kitty, confronted Dracula, convinced him to relinquish control over her (Uncanny X-Men #159, 1982); with X-Men, transported to Belasco’s Limbo, confronted Belasco, encountered older self, liberated Illyana Rasputin, returned home (Uncanny X-Men #160, 1982); with X-Men, journeyed to Savage Land, alongside Angel, vs Savage Land Mutates & Sauron, captured, freed by Ka-Zar, confronted Zaladane, freed teammates, vs Savage Land Mutates & Sauron, defeated them (Marvel Fanfare #3-4, 1982); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, abducted as potential players in "contest of champions" between Grandmaster & Death, selected as member of Death’s team, alongside Shamrock & Collective Man, opposed Sasquatch, Captain America & Blitzkrieg for segment of Golden Globe of Life, vs Blitzkrieg, defeated him, prize found by Shamrock, returned home after contest ended (Marvel Super Hero Contest of Champions #1-3, 1982); with X-Men, targeted by Dracula once more, met his thrall Rachel van Helsing, tasked by Dracula with stealing Montesi Formula, opposed by Lilith-possessed Kitty & her thrall Colossus, rescued by teammates, with them, vs Dracula & Rachel until Rachel turned on Dracula & killed him, witnessed Rachel’s death, buried her (X-Men Annual #6, 1982); with X-Men, alongside Carol Danvers & Lilandra, captured by Deathbird & Brood, taken to Broodworld, unknowingly implanted with Brood egg, vs Brood, detected Brood embryo within her, fled in scoutship, began to transform into Brood, opted to commit suicide rather than become Brood, saved by Acanti, physically & psychically bonded with Acanti Prophetsinger, astrally contacted X-Men & Binary/Carol Danvers, told them of Acanti’s history, sought to liberate Acanti from Brood oppression, freed Acanti’s soul which also destroyed Broodworld, restored to own body by Acanti, returned to Earth to prevent Xavier transforming into Brood (Uncanny X-Men #161-166, 1982-1983); with X-Men, alongside Starjammers, en route to Earth, encountered Sidri vessel adrift in space (Excalibur #116, 1998); with X-Men, alongside Binary, vs Brood-transformed Xavier, sought Starjammers’ aid in curing him, met New Mutants (Uncanny X-Men #167, 1983); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, signed petition to convince government to grant Hulk amnesty, alongside Hulk, repelled apparent Krylorian invasion, attended celebration of Hulk’s pardon (Incredible Hulk #277-278, 1982-1983); with X-Men, searched for Colossus after his abduction by the Champion of the Universe, visited Thing in hospital after his fight with Champion, alongside Captain America, prevented Grapplers from attacking Thing, alongside other heroes, prevented villain army from attacking Thing (Marvel Two-in-One Annual #7/Marvel Two-in-One #96, 1982/1983); with X-Men, alongside New Mutants, Stevie Hunter & Starjammers, threw surprise birthday party for Kitty (Special Edition X-Men #1, 1983); alongside Cyclops, escorted Xavier to televised debate with Reverend Stryker, en route back to mansion, attacked & captured by Stryker’s Purifiers, rendered comatose by brainwashed Xavier, liberated by temporary ally Magneto, with X-Men, vs Purifiers, rescued Xavier, confronted Stryker (Marvel Graphic Novel #5, 1982); with X-Men, attacked & captured by Hydra, escaped, alongside Alpha Flight, vs Hydra (X-Men/Alpha Flight #1-2, 1998); with X-Men, sought to rescue Angel from Morlocks, vs Morlocks, captured, challenged Callisto to trial by combat for leadership of Morlocks, defeated Callisto & became Morlocks new leader (Uncanny X-Men #169-171, 1983); attended funeral of Eric Tucker, hesitated in saving Tucker’s former best friend Dylan & former girlfriend Amy from their car falling off a bridge after learning of their treatment of him following his outing as a mutant, confronted by Magneto, opted to save Dylan & Amy, shot by Dylan, lost control of powers, Dylan & Amy rescued by Magneto (X-Men Unlimited #39, 2003); began to question decision to join X-Men, argued against Xavier’s decision to have Rogue join the X-Men as probationary member (Uncanny X-Men #171, 1983); with X-Men, alongside Lilandra & New Mutants, sought whereabouts of Karma (New Mutants #7, 1983); with X-Men, received invitation to Wolverine & Mariko Yashida’s wedding, traveled to Japan to attend, met Yukio, alongside her, vs Viper & Silver Samurai, again lost control of powers, saved by Yukio, vs street thugs, radically changed appearance thanks to Yukio’s influence, met Madelyne Pryor, witnessed Mariko’s cancellation of wedding (Wolverine #4/Uncanny X-Men #172/X-Men Unlimited #39/Uncanny X-Men #173, 1983/2003/1983); with X-Men, rescued Damage Control members trapped in Danger Room (Damage Control #4, 1989); with X-Men, caught in Mastermind’s illusion of Dark Phoenix returning, defeated him, attended wedding of Cyclops & Madelyne (Uncanny X-Men #175, 1983); with X-Men, played baseball, encountered Impossible Man, pursued him as he embarked on scavenger hunt, vs Sebastian Shaw in Hellfire Club, caught Impossible Man in Marvel’s offices, met Marvel staff (Uncanny X-Men Annual #7, 1983); with X-Men, alongside Fantastic Four, recruited by Moon Knight for help in opposing Bora (Moon Knight #35, 1984); with X-Men, alongside Amanda Sefton, vs Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (Uncanny X-Men #178, 1984); with X-Men, sought whereabouts of Kitty, vs Morlocks (Uncanny X-Men #179, 1984); with X-Men, alongside New Mutants, vs Baron Karza, journeyed to Microverse to oppose Entity, vs Entity-controlled Micronauts on Earth, mentally controlled by Entity, alongside Micronauts, sent to attack Karza’s forces in Microverse, released from Entity’s control & imprisoned, escaped, learned Entity had switched minds with Xavier, returned to Earth, vs Entity-controlled New Mutants until Xavier defeated Entity (X-Men and the Micronauts #1-4, 1984); discussed recent changes with Xavier & Kitty, with X-Men, abducted by Beyonder to partake in "secret wars" (Uncanny X-Men #180, 1984); with X-Men, alongside other heroes, forced to battle villains on Battleworld, discussed allying with Magneto, vs Spider-Man, allied with Magneto, vs Wasp, witnessed arrival of Galactus’ ship, aided heroes against villains, argued with Xavier over leadership, vs villains, alongside heroes, opposed Galactus’ efforts to destroy Battleworld, opposed Doom after he absorbed Beyonder’s power, killed by Doom, restored by alien healing devices, opposed Doom, Klaw & Ultron, returned home (Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars #1-12, 1984-1985); with X-Men, arrived in Tokyo, alongside Sunfire, vs giant dragon (Uncanny X-Men #181, 1984); consoled Kitty after her break-up with Colossus (Uncanny X-Men #183, 1984); offered Dazzler sanctuary from anti-mutant sentiments (Marvel Graphic Novel #12, 1984); alongside Colossus, chaperoned New Mutants to dance at Massachusetts Academy (Firestar #2, 1986); arranged for Morlock Healer to cure Mirage’s paralysis (New Mutants #20, 1984); with X-Men, met Rachel Summers (Uncanny X-Men #184, 1984); met with Mystique to discuss Rogue’s whereabouts (Marvel Fanfare #40, 1988); first allowed Rogue to absorb her powers, helped Rogue quell summoned storm, saved Rogue from being shot by Neutralizer wielded by Henry Gyrich by taking the shot herself, lost access to powers, saved by Forge (Uncanny X-Men #185, 1984); tended to by Forge, fell in love with him, learned he created Neutralizer, felt betrayed, left him (Uncanny X-Men #186, 1984); alongside Forge, Nazé, Colossus, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Amanda Sefton & Magik, vs Dire Wraiths (Uncanny X-Men #187-188, 1984); with X-Men, learned Rachel’s history, helped convince Nightcrawler to remain with X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #188, 1984); in New York, alongside Beta Ray Bill, Warriors Three, Avengers, & other heroes, vs Sons of Muspell (Thor #352/New Mutants Special Edition #1, 1985); decided to leave X-Men, alongside them & other heroes, trapped in Kulan Gath’s reality warp, defeated Kulan Gath & Selene thus restoring reality (Uncanny X-Men #189-191, 1985); alongside She-Hulk, Wasp & Tigra, summoned to Venture Ridge, Wyoming by Holly-Ann Ember, alongside townspeople of Venture Ridge, vs Timekeeper & A.I.M. (Marvel Graphic Novel #16, 1985); left X-Men, en route to Africa, saw vision of mother (Uncanny X-Men #193, 1985); in Kenya, vs Fenris, shot by them, recovered, saw visions of friends, saved pregnant woman from bus crash, returned her to her tribe, helped deliver her child, mourned death of tribal leader, buried him, accepted loss of powers (Uncanny X-Men #194 & 196-198, 1985); ancestor Ashake encountered by time-traveling Magik & Mirage (New Mutants #32, 1985); in Cairo, alongside New Mutants, opposed Shadow King-possessed Karma, briefly possessed by her, freed by Magik, defeated Shadow King (New Mutants #32-34, 1985); alongside New Mutants, transported to Asgard by Loki, briefly tempted by him into becoming goddess of thunder, rejected him, alongside X-Men, opposed Hela’s attempt to claim Wolverine, returned home (New Mutants Special Edition #1/X-Men Annual #9/Uncanny X-Men #200, 1985); challenged Cyclops to a Danger Room duel for leadership of X-Men, won thanks to Madelyne Pryor subconsciously using her powers (Uncanny X-Men #201, 1986); with X-Men, alongside Magneto, taunted by Hunger, aided in distributing food & medicine to famine-stricken Africa, vs Hunger-possessed Rogue until Rogue freed by Rachel, continued relief efforts (Heroes For Hope Starring The X-Men #1, 1985); with X-Men, alongside Magneto, opposed Chief Examiner, petrified, restored (Marvel Fanfare #33, 1987); with X-Men, vs Omega Sentinels (Uncanny X-Men #202, 1986); with X-Men, confronted by Beyonder (Uncanny X-Men #203, 1986); vs street thugs, with X-Men, vs Freedom Force (Uncanny X-Men #206, 1986); with X-Men, vs Hellfire Club Inner Circle, alongside them, vs Nimrod (Uncanny X-Men #208-209, 1986); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, met Longshot, de-aged by Mojo, powers restored, brainwashed into opposing New Mutants, broke Mojo’s conditioning, defeated him, forced Spiral to restore herself & teammates (X-Men Annual #10, 1986); with X-Men, aided Morlocks against Marauders, second-guessed her ability to lead team after teammates critically injured, convinced to resume leadership by Callisto (Uncanny X-Men #211/New Mutants #46/Uncanny X-Men #212, 1986); with X-Men, vs Sabretooth, welcomed Psylocke as new X-Men member (Uncanny X-Men #213, 1987); with X-Men, vs Malice, overcame her attempt at possession, invited Dazzler to join X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #214, 1987); with X-Men, opposed Mephisto, soul briefly trapped in Mephisto’s realm (Mephisto vs… #3-4, 1987); alongside Wolverine, investigated ruins of Sara Grey’s home, mistaken for a looter & captured by Crimson Commando, Super Sabre & Stonewall, defeated them, convinced them to turn themselves in (Uncanny X-Men #215-216, 1987); alongside Magneto, formed temporary alliance between X-Men & Hellfire Club, joined Hellfire Club as joint White King (New Mutants #51, 1987); decided to take X-Men underground (Uncanny X-Men #219, 1987); with X-Men, sought Reed Richards’ aid in healing Shadowcat, vs Fantastic Four, burned by Human Torch, accepted Doctor Doom’s offer of help, visited Latveria, healed by Doom, vs Fantastic Four again until fight ended by Franklin Richards, witnessed joint effort by Doom & Richards to heal Shadowcat (Fantastic Four Versus The X-Men #1-4/Fantastic Four #7, 1987/1997); with X-Men, opposed efforts of Avengers & Soviet Super-Soldiers to capture Magneto, witnessed Magneto’s peaceful surrender, attended his trial, witnessed his reprieve (X-Men vs The Avengers #1-4, 1987); with X-Men, alongside Captain Britain & Meggan, vs Horde (Uncanny X-Men Annual #11, 1987); sought means to restore powers, chose Wolverine to lead X-Men in her stead, alongside Adversary-possessed Nazé, sought Forge’s whereabouts, vs Eye Killers, tricked by Adversary into attempting to kill Forge, alongside Forge, transported to alternate Earth by Adversary, spent a year there, access to powers restored, returned to Earth shortly after they left, captured by Adversary, freed by X-Men, with them, allowed Forge to use their souls to imprison Adversary, restored by Roma (Uncanny X-Men #220-224 & 226-227, 1987 & 1988); reassumed leadership of X-Men, with them, vs Reavers, defeated them, adopted Reavers’ base as their own, returned Reavers’ stolen goods to rightful owners on Christmas night (Uncanny X-Men #229-230, 1988); with X-Men, vs Brood, killed Blindside (Uncanny X-Men #232-234, 1988); with X-Men, in Savage Land, alongside M’rin’s forces, vs Terminus, met High Evolutionary, witnessed Savage Land’s restoration (Uncanny X-Men Annual #12, 1988); with X-Men, watched Alpha Flight hearing (Alpha Flight #61, 1988); with X-Men, vs Genoshan Press Gang & Magistrates, sought to rescue captured teammates from Genosha (Uncanny X-Men #235-238, 1988); learned Jean Grey was still alive, confronted Wolverine over his prior knowledge of this (Uncanny X-Men #239, 1988); with X-Men, vs Marauders, caught up in demonic transformation of Manhattan, encountered X-Factor, alongside them, vs N’astirh & Madelyne/Goblyn Queen, witnessed Madelyne’s battle with Jean & Madelyne’s suicide, confronted Mr Sinister (Uncanny X-Men #240-241/X-Factor #37/Uncanny X-Men #242/X-Factor #38/Uncanny X-Men #243/X-Factor #39, 1989); with female teammates, enjoyed night out, vs M Squad (Uncanny X-Men #244/Uncanny X-Men Annual #13, 1989); with X-Men, blackmailed by Mister Jip into opposing Serpent Society, alongside Psylocke, Longshot & Diamondback, sent to Iceland, vs Rattler, Bushmaster, Black Racer & Cottonmouth, confronted Jip (Uncanny X-Men Annual #13, 1989); brainwashed by Ghaur into becoming one of the Brides of Set, with them, opposed Avengers, witnessed Set’s return & subsequent defeat, used in attempt by Ghaur to restore Set, rescued by heroes, destroyed Serpent Crown (Avengers West Coast Annual #4/Thor Annual #14/Fantastic Four Annual #22, 1989); with X-Men, vs Sentinels, used powers to deflect solar radiation from penetrating Earth’s atmosphere (Marvel Super-Heroes #6-8, 1991); alongside Doctor Doom, opposed forest-polluting company in Latveria (Marvel Comics Presents #48, 1990); with X-Men, vs merged Master Mold/Nimrod (Uncanny X-Men #247, 1989); with X-Men, vs Nanny & Orphan-Maker, captured by Nanny, LMD used by Nanny to impersonate her, LMD "killed" in crash thus making X-Men believe she was dead (Uncanny X-Men #248 & 267, 1989); de-aged, escaped from Nanny, targeted by Shadow King (Uncanny X-Men #253, 255 & 257, 1989 & 1990); became thief again, met Gambit, alongside him, vs Shadow King & Hounds, vs Nanny & Orphan-Maker, became Gambit’s thieving partner, vs Nanny & Orphan-Maker again (Uncanny X-Men #265-267/Gambit #2, 1990/1999); alongside Gambit, returned to Xavier’s School, met Cable, rejoined X-Men, with them, alongside New Mutants, X-Factor & Fantastic Four, vs Ahab (Uncanny X-Men Annual #14, 1990); trained with Jean in Danger Room, alongside New Mutants, attacked & captured by Genoshan Magistrates, encountered Cameron Hodge, escaped, sought to kill Genegineer, stopped by Hodge, seemingly transformed into mutate as part of Genegineer’s plan to oppose Hodge, broke mutate conditioning & restored to adulthood, alongside others, vs Hodge, defeated him, attended funeral for Warlock (Uncanny X-Men #270/New Mutants #95/X-Factor #60/Uncanny X-Men #271/X-Factor #61/Uncanny X-Men #272/New Mutants #97/X-Factor #62, 1990-1991); alongside Wolverine, encountered Albert & Elsie-Dee (Wolverine #38-40, 1991); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, confronted Edifice Rex (Damage Control #4, 1991); with X-Men, transported to Shi’ar Empire by Lila Cheney, confronted by Deathbird, allied with her against Warskrulls, reunited with Xavier, returned home by Lila (Uncanny X-Men #273-277, 1991); with X-Men, vs Shadow King-possessed Muir Islanders, defeated by Legion, recovered & liberated teammates & X-Factor, alongside Archangel, Colossus, Cyclops & Jean, entered astral plane to rescue Xavier from Shadow King (Uncanny X-Men #278 & 280, 1991); with Wolverine & Jubilee, alongside Fantastic Four, Misty Knight & Vision, sought to rescue Forge & others from Mechadoom (Deathlok #4-5, 1991); became leader of X-Men’s Gold Team, trained alongside Blue Team (X-Men #1, 1991); with Gold Team, sought to rescue Xavier, Moira & Blue Team from Magneto & Acolytes (X-Men #2-3, 1991); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, clandestinely filmed by Mojo (Marvel Comics Presents #89, 1991); with Gold Team, answered call for help from Emma Frost, vs Trevor Fitzroy, his Sentinels & mercenaries, encountered Bishop (X-Men #5/Uncanny X-Men #281-283, 1992/1991); with X-Men, alongside Sunfire, sought to prevent alternate dimension from destroying Earth, entered dimension, rescued Mikhail Rasputin (Uncanny X-Men #284-286, 1992); alongside X-Men, witnessed Xavier’s testing of Wolverine (Wolverine #51, 1992); with X-Men, vs Bishop, witnessed Xavier’s recruitment of him into X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #287, 1992); despite reservations, welcomed Bishop to X-Men, had him placed under her tutelage (X-Men #8, 1992); learned more of Bishop’s time (Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, 1992); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, vs Death Sponsors (Uncanny X-Men Annual #16, 1992); began helping Bishop acclimatize to past, with X-Men, witnessed Bishop’s battle with Styglut, taught him X-Men’s values (Uncanny X-Men #288, 1992); with X-Men, alongside Earth’s heroes, opposed Magus, vs Infinity Watch, encountered Galactus, vs dopplegangers, briefly captured by Magus until his defeat by Adam Warlock, returned home (Infinity War #1-2/Fantastic Four #367/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #41/New Warriors #27/Infinity War #3/Fantastic Four #368/Wonder Man #13/Quasar #38/Warlock and the Infinity Watch #8/Fantastic Four #369/Wonder Man #14/Infinity War #4/Quasar #39/Infinity War #5/Wonder Man #15/Fantastic Four #370/Infinity War #6, 1992); confronted by Forge over their stalled relationship, proposed to by Forge, decided to accept but Forge left before she could say yes (Uncanny X-Men #289-290, 1992); with X-Men, vs Morlocks, witnessed Mikhail’s usurping of Morlocks’ leadership & their apparent death (Uncanny X-Men #291-293, 1992); with X-Men, witnessed attempted assassination of Xavier by Stryfe disguised as Cable, vs Famine & Death/Caliban, vs Apocalypse, alongside members of X-Factor & X-Force, vs Mutant Liberation Front, reluctantly accepted Apocalypse’s aid in curing Xavier, alongside members of X-Factor, Cable, Cannonball & Apocalypse, vs Dark Riders, witnessed climactic battle between Cable & Stryfe (Uncanny X-Men #294/X-Factor #84/X-Men #14/X-Force #16/Uncanny X-Men #295/X-Factor #85/X-Men #15/X-Force #17/Uncanny X-Men #296/X-Factor #86/X-Men #16/X-Force #18, 1992-1993); sought John Wraith’s aid in helping delusional Wolverine (Wolverine #66, 1993); among many of Earth’s heroes brainwashed into serving Goddess, transported to Paradise Omega, confronted other heroes, Wonder Man & Moon Knight, vs Spider-Woman/Julia Carpenter & Havok, alongside Wonder Man, vs Silver Surfer, alongside USAgent, vs Iceman & Beast, alongside Aurora & Quicksilver, vs Iron Man & Speedball, caught in illusory rapture, freed after Goddess’ defeat, returned home (Infinity Crusade #1/Thor #464/Infinity Crusade #2/Web of Spider-Man #104/Doctor Strange: Sorceror Supreme #55/Infinity Crusade #3-4/Web of Spider-Man #106/Marc Spector: Moon Knight #57/Infinity Crusade #5/Silver Surfer #85/Alpha Flight #127/Infinity Crusade #6, 1993); with X-Men, rescued children from Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #298, 1993); with X-Men, alongside Charlotte Jones, witnessed televised debate between Xavier, Senator Kelly & Graydon Creed (Uncanny X-Men #299, 1993); with X-Men, alongside Nightcrawler & Neophyte, vs Acolytes (Uncanny X-Men #300, 1993); alongside Cyclops & Xavier, visited Savage Land, en route back home, attacked by Siena Blaze, crash-landed in Antarctica, vs Siena Blaze (X-Men Unlimited #1, 1993); with X-Men, visited Mastermind on Muir Island, alongside Archangel & Colossus, vs X-Cutioner (Uncanny X-Men Annual #17, 1993); alongside Bishop, sought to petition Forge’s aid, witnessed Fitzroy’s attack on Forge, saved crowd from falling debris, attacked by mutant haters, saved by policeman (Uncanny X-Men #301-302, 1993); reunited with Kitty, with X-Men, alongside X-Factor, X-Force & others, attended funeral for Illyana, confronted by Magneto & Acolytes, witnessed Colossus’ defection (Uncanny X-Men #304, 1993); accompanied Xavier to meet with Ambassador St. Croix, stole blueprints for experimental exo-skeleton (Uncanny X-Men #305, 1993); went on date with Forge, reconciled with him (Uncanny X-Men #306, 1993); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room, alongside Quicksilver, learned of Genoshan civil war fostered by Fabian Cortez, in Genosha, vs Unforgiven, alongside Avengers, vs Magistrate Elite, liberated concentration camp, vs Exodus, ended civil war (Avengers #368/X-Men #26/Avengers West Coast #101/Uncanny X-Men #307/Avengers #369, 1993); with X-Men, alongside Forge, played football, had Thanksgiving dinner, witnessed Cyclops & Jean announce their intent to marry (Uncanny X-Men #308, 1994); alongside Cyclops, Jean & Beast, discussed Xavier’s decision to treat Sabretooth (X-Men #28, 1994); with X-Men, alongside X-Factor, X-Force & others, attended Cyclops & Jean’s wedding as maid of honor (X-Men #30/X-Men: The Wedding Album/What If..? #60, 1994); with X-Men, alongside X-Factor & others, attended funeral for Jamie Madrox, discussed his passing with Polaris, consoled Forge, rekindled her relationship with him, returned home (X-Factor #101-102, 1994); reunited with Yukio, alongside her & Gambit, vs Phalanx (Uncanny X-Men #311-313, 1994); alongside Xavier, Jubilee & Forge, transported to Shi’ar Empire to witness formal joining of Kree territory to Shi’ar Imperium, alongside Lilandra, met with Kree Resistance, helped oppose plot to destroy stargate (X-Men Unlimited #5, 1994); alongside Archangel, opposed Emma Frost-possessed Iceman (Uncanny X-Men #314, 1994); with X-Men, captured by Phalanx, freed by Wolverine, alongside him & Cable, vs Phalanx, defeated them (Uncanny X-Men #316/Cable #16, 1994); received dinner invitation from Shinobi Shaw, unknowingly drugged with neuron-microtoxins, invited to rejoin Hellfire Club, learned she had been drugged, refused Shaw’s offer, attacked by Benedict Kine, opposed Kine & Shaw (X-Men Annual #3, 1994); alongside Jean & Gambit, visited Cairo to farewell dying Achmed el-Gibar, encountered Karima, confronted by Jamil, sought to save him from Candra, confronted by Candra, challenged her to duel, defeated her, witnessed el-Gibar’s death, trained Karima as his successor (X-Men Unlimited #7, 1994); alongside Bishop, saw "Cats" at theatre, encountered Bantam, attacked & absorbed by Mountjoy, freed by Bishop (Bishop #1, 1994); alongside Cable & Domino, sought whereabouts of Morlocks, saved Caliban from Dark Riders, vs Dark Riders, encountered Genesis (Cable #17-19, 1994-1995); with X-Men, alongside Starjammers, celebrated Christmas (Marvel Holiday Special 1994, 1994); with X-Men, vs Legion, sent into past & rendered amnesiac by Legion, memory restored by Cable, sought to prevent Legion killing past Magneto, witness his inadvertent killing of Xavier instead, caught in reality warp (Uncanny X-Men #320/X-Men #40/Uncanny X-Men #321/X-Men #41, 1995); reality restored, returned to present (X-Men: Omega, 1995); with X-Men, sought to save Dennis Hogan from mutant haters (X-Men: Prime, 1995); with X-Men, alongside Charlotte Jones, vs Sack & Vessel (Uncanny X-Men #323-324, 1995); with X-Men, alongside Generation X, played baseball, alongside Colossus & Callisto, vs Gene Nation, forced to seemingly kill Marrow (Uncanny X-Men #325, 1995); with X-Men, helped train Chris Bradley, learned he had contracted Legacy Virus (X-Men Unlimited #8, 1995); witnessed aftermath of confrontation between Wolverine, Cannonball & Juggernaut (Wolverine #93, 1995); with X-Men, clandestinely watched by Rune (Rune #2/Phoenix Resurrection: Red Shift #0, 1995); with X-Men, sought whereabouts of Juggernaut, transported to Ultraverse by Gateway, encountered Juggernaut with Exiles, vs Exiles, alongside them, vs Fire Walker, returned home by Gateway (All New Exiles Vs. X-Men #0, 1995); with X-Men, alongside Banshee & Jubilee, again transported to Ultraverse by Gateway, witnessed Phoenix Force’s arrival in Ultraverse, encountered Prime, witnessed Phoenix Force’s possession of Prime, encountered Ultraforce, witnessed Phoenix Force’s possession of Amber Hunt, alongside Ultraverse’s heroes, sought to prevent Phoenix Force destroying Ultraverse, returned home by Gateway (Phoenix Resurrection: Genesis #1/Phoenix Resurrection: Revelations #1, 1995); stopped Gambit confronting Sabretooth with his past (Uncanny X-Men #326, 1995); alongside Wolverine, Cannonball & Caliban, went camping (Wolverine #96, 1995); alongside Wolverine, Bishop, Cannonball & Husk, met Guthrie family, opposed Humanity’s Last Stand (Uncanny X-Men ’95, 1995); alongside Bishop & Cable, investigated aftermath of Sabretooth’s escape (X-Force #51, 1996); with teammates, alongside Thing, played poker (X-Men #48, 1996); alongside Cyclops, Jean Grey, Xavier, Moira, Cable & Blaquesmith, met to discuss Nate Grey, memory altered by Blaquesmith to believe meeting concerned Legacy Virus (Cable #29, 1996); alongside Gambit & Wolverine, vs Juggernaut, witnessed him teleported away, later teleported away themselves, arrived on Earth of alternate reality, encountered Amazon princess, forced to partake in battle between her reality’s champions & alternate reality’s champions, vs Amazon princess, defeated her, subsequently merged with her when universes amalgamated, separated by Access, alongside Thor, Silver Surfer, & some alternate Earth heroes, opposed Thanos and apocalyptic lord, returned to own reality (DC Versus Marvel Comics #1/Marvel Comics Versus DC #2-3/DC Versus Marvel Comics #4, 1996); alongside Cyclops, Iceman & Wolverine, vs Post (X-Men #50, 1996); discussed fate of Morlocks with Wolverine, conducted Ceremony of Light, abducted to Hill dimension, opposed Mikhail Rasputin & Gene Nation, returned home, sought to relocate Gene Nationals to Africa (Storm #1-4, 1996); alongside Bishop, Wild Child & Shard, vs Hound (Uncanny X-Men ’96, 1996); with X-Men, witnessed Xavier’s creation of Onslaught, vs Onslaught, allied with Avengers & Nate Grey against Onslaught (Onslaught: X-Men/Uncanny X-Men #335, 1996); alongside Cable, vs Onslaught-controlled Hulk, freed Hulk from Onslaught’s control (Cable #34/Incredible Hulk #444, 1996); alongside Cable, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Hulk, & others, vs Onslaught, witnessed Onslaught’s apparent destruction due to seemed sacrifice of Avengers, Fantastic Four & others (Uncanny X-Men #336/Onslaught: Marvel Universe, 1996); alongside Domino, Caliban, Cannonball, & Franklin Richards, sought to aid Nathaniel Richards in his efforts to save Cable (Cable #36, 1996); with X-Men, witnessed Xavier willingly turning himself over to government custody (X-Men #57, 1996); with X-Men, opposed Brood efforts to kill rogue queen Hannah Connover (X-Men/Brood: Day of Wrath #1-2, 1996); returned to Morlock tunnels on anniversary of massacre, encountered Gambit in Morlock burial chamber (X-Men #58, 1996); with X-Men, alongside Generation X, played baseball, encountered rogue Sentinel (X-Men ’96, 1996); with X-Men, celebrated Christmas (Marvel Holiday Special 1996, 1996); with X-Men, opposed Havok’s Brotherhood (Uncanny X-Men #339, 1996); with X-Men, alongside Jubilee & Doctor Strange, encountered alternate reality caped crusader & his teammates, witnessed return of Doctor StrangeFate, briefly merged again with Amazon princess, separated after StrangeFate defeated (DC/Marvel: All Access #3-4, 1997); encountered Candra & Jamil, rescued Karima, learned Jamil was a creation of Karima’s powers, defeated Candra with aid of Cyclops (X-Men #60-61, 1997); with X-Men, trapped in illusory reality by Gamesmaster until illusion pierced by Joseph (X-Men ’97 Annual, 1997); told Cable about Rachel (Cable #41, 1997); alongside Cable & Thornn, opposed Callisto’s & Marrow’s attack on Lila Cheney concert (Cable #42, 1997); alongside Beast, Gambit, Leech, Artie, & Franklin Richards, visited McCoy family, attacked by mutant haters (X-Men Unlimited #14, 1997); with X-Men, alongside Brotherhood & Gene Nation, vs Humanity’s Last Stand (Uncanny X-Men ’97 Annual, 1997); alongside Jean, witnessed Wolverine’s battle against Ogun-possessed juggler, vs Ogun-possessed survivalist, witnessed Ogun’s possession of Lady Deathstrike (Wolverine #113-114, 1997); with X-Men, opposed Hulk (Incredible Hulk #455, 1997); with X-Men, alongside Shang-Chi, sought to prevent Sebastian Shaw obtaining Elixir Vitae, vs cyber-ninjas, encountered Kingpin (X-Men #62-64, 1997); with X-Men, attacked by Operation: Zero Tolerance & Prime Sentinels, captured, taken to OZT base, imprisoned, escaped with Jubilee’s aid, encountered Mustang, learned truth about Prime Sentinels, vs Prime Sentinels, witnessed OZT’s shutdown by S.H.I.E.L.D., returned home, confronted by Marrow, aided in removal of bomb from Cyclops’ chest, opposed Juggernaut (X-Men #64-66/Wolverine #115-118/Uncanny X-Men #350/X-Men #70, 1997); with X-Men, vs Sauron (Uncanny X-Men #353-354, 1998); with X-Men, vs Alpha Flight (Uncanny X-Men #355/Alpha Flight #9, 1998); with X-Men, made New Year’s resolutions (X-Men #73, 1998); with X-Men, vs Ru’Tai (X-Men #75, 1998); with X-Men, in Africa, opposed Ananasi/Shadow King (X-Men #77-78, 1998); alongside Callisto, sought whereabouts of Marrow, made peace with her (X-Men #79, 1998); with X-Men, reunited with Colossus, Nightcrawler & Shadowcat, vs Cerebro’s faux X-Men (Uncanny X-Men #360/X-Men #80, 1998); with X-Men, opposed Mesmero, briefly trapped by him in medieval illusion, defeated him (X-Men #½, 1998); alongside Shadowcat, vs Cyttorak cult, confronted Black Tom Cassidy & Juggernaut, reunited with Gambit (Uncanny X-Men #361, 1998); with X-Men, trained in Danger Room (X-Men #81, 1998); with X-Men, watched Avengers Day parade on TV (Avengers #10, 1998); with X-Men, aided S.H.I.E.L.D. in capturing Pyro, sought whereabouts of Xavier (Uncanny X-Men #362, 1998); in Tajikinistan, encountered Renee Majcomb & Nina, vs Cerebrite Alpha, captured, freed by Xavier, returned home after Cerebro defeated by Xavier (X-Men #82-84, 1998-1999); with X-Men, vs U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. (X-Men Unlimited #22, 1999); with X-Men, celebrated Christmas (Uncanny X-Men #365, 1999); with X-Men, rescued inhabitants of wrecked hospital, confronted by police (X-Men #85, 1999); accompanied Gambit on trip to Muir Island, dined with Moira, sought to override blocked power conduit & prevent datacore dump (Gambit #2, 1999); with X-Men, vs Acolytes, opposed Magneto, witnessed Joseph’s sacrifice, witnessed Magneto’s appointment as Genoshan ruler (X-Men: The Magneto War #1/Uncanny X–Men #366/X-Men #86/Uncanny X-Men #367/X-Men #87, 1999); with X-Men, attended funeral for Joseph, transported to alternate dimension by Ejulp to oppose Juggernaut, encountered Trion, returned to own dimension, arrived on moon orbiting Skrull homeworld in past, opposed Skrull plot to invade Earth disguised as superhumans, opposed Galactus’ efforts to destroy Skrull homeworld, escaped in Skrull starship, placed in stasis, returned to Earth, awakened from stasis in present time (Uncanny X-Men #368/X-Men #88/Uncanny X-Men #369/X-Men #89/Uncanny X-Men #370/X-Men #90/Wolverine #145/Uncanny X-Men #371, 1999); with X-Men, alongside Nick Fury, Machine Man & Douglock, opposed Red Skull (X-Men ’99 Annual, 1999); learned of Xavier’s intent to flush out Skrull imposter amongst X-Men’s ranks, went along with deception, with X-Men, learned imposter had replaced Wolverine, sought whereabouts of true Wolverine, invaded Skrull’s Earth headquarters, encountered Horseman Death, learned Death was Wolverine (Uncanny X-Men #372/X-Men #92/Uncanny X-Men #375/X-Men #95/X-Men Unlimited #25/Wolverine #145, 1999); with X-Men, learned she was one of the Twelve, vs Death, alongside Magneto & Fiz, vs Skrulls & Living Pharaoh cult, captured by Skrulls, with Twelve, used by Apocalypse in attempt to gain more power, freed after Living Monolith escaped, vs Living Monolith, witnessed Cyclops’ merger with Apocalypse, briefly trapped in illusory timelines by Apocalypse (Uncanny X-Men #376/X-Men #96/Uncanny X-Men #377/Cable #76/X-Men #97/Uncanny X-Men #378/X-Men #98, 2000); with X-Men, played baseball, alongside Earth’s mutants, powers removed by High Evolutionary, with X-Men, opposed Mister Sinister, powers restored by High Evolutionary (Uncanny X-Men #379/X-Men #99/Uncanny X-Men #380, 2000); with X-Men, had souls switched with N’Garai, restored by Magik/Amanda Sefton (X-Men: Black Sun #1-5, 2000-2001); with X-Men, vs Neo Shockwave Riders & Lost Souls, recruited by Colonel Alexei Vazhin to oppose Ransome Sole, vs more Neo, freed Sketch, captured Tullamore Voge (Uncanny X-Men #381-383, 2000); with X-Men, alongside Darkstar, vs Black Death (X-Men Unlimited #28, 2000); with X-Men, vs Neo Crimson Pirates, captured, imprisoned by Neo Goth, escaped, vs Goth & Crimson Pirates (Uncanny X-Men #384/X-Men #104/Uncanny X-Men #385, 2000); with X-Men, sought to rescue Lee Forrester & her crew from hurricane (Uncanny X-Men #386, 2000); summoned to Wakanda, alongside Black Panther, encountered Deviant, mind briefly switched with that of Deviant child, confronted Ghaur, witnessed Ghaur declare war on Wakanda, safeguarded Deviant child, kissed by Black Panther, left Wakanda (Uncanny X-Men #387/Black Panther #25-27, 2000); with X-Men, watched Senator Kelly’s campaign speech on TV, trained in Danger Room (Uncanny X-Men #388, 2000); with X-Men, attended funeral for Moira MacTaggert, sought to prevent Gambit murdering Mystique (Uncanny X-Men #389, 2001); talked about Moira’s death with Cable (Cable #88, 2001); saved Tessa from Elias Bogan (X-Treme X-Men #41, 2004); formed splinter team of X-Men to search for Destiny’s diaries (X-Men #109/X-Treme X-Men #3 & 2, 2001); with X-Treme X-Men, began search in Spain, attacked by Action Force, captured, escaped, found Psylocke dead, sought revenge against Vargas (X-Treme X-Men #1-3, 2001); with X-Treme X-Men, encountered Gateway, saw vision of future (X-Treme X-Men #4, 2001); with X-Treme X-Men, encountered Saurians in Argentina, accompanied them back to Savage Land, captured by Brainchild, brainwashed into serving him, alongside Savage Land Mutates, vs X-Treme X-Men, freed from his control after he was defeated by Sage (X-Treme X-Men: Savage Land #1-4, 2001-2002); with X-Treme X-Men, sought to clear Gambit’s name after he was implicated in murder of Australian crimelord Viceroy, alongside Thunderbird/Neal Sharra, in Surfer’s Paradise, met Viceroy’s son Davis & daughter Heather, attracted to Davis, vs Triad assassins, learned Sebastian Shaw was true culprit (X-Treme X-Men #5-9, 2001-2002); with X-Treme X-Men, vs Reavers, confronted Shadow King (X-Treme X-Men Annual 2001, 2001); with X-Treme X-Men, in Sydney, attacked by Shaitan, in Madripoor, alongside Viper & Red Lotus, opposed Khan’s attempted invasion of Earth, critically injured by Viper, captured & imprisoned by Khan, healed by Khan’s physicians, desired by Khan, attacked & wounded by jealous guards, defeated them, liberated by Sage, vs Khan, rejected him, saved by Lifeguard, repelled invasion force, exacted revenge on Viper, almost died from wounds, saved by medics, confined to wheelchair, alongside X-Men, attended celebratory party (X-Treme X-Men #10-19, 2002); with Wolverine’s aid, began rehabilitation, interviewed by Neal Conan, confronted by Archangel over differing team goals (X-Treme X-Men: Xposé #1-2, 2003); alongside Xavier, Jean Grey, Quicksilver, Sabra & Thunderbird, investigated ruins of Genosha, discovered Unus & Polaris alive (New X-Men #132, 2002); continued rehabilitation with Wolverine (X-Treme X-Men #20, 2003); confronted Emma Frost over Frost’s decision to keep accused murderer Jeffrey Garrett at Institute (X-Treme X-Men #21, 2003); with Bishop & Sage, alongside Emma, opposed Bogan (X-Treme X-Men #22-23, 2003); went to Japan to meet with Wolverine to use healing spas, confronted by Sunfire (X-Men Unlimited #39, 2003); met with Cannonball, invited him to join team (X-Treme X-Men #24, 2003); with X-Treme X-Men, attacked by Stryker’s Purifiers, investigated Mount Haven (X-Treme X-Men #25-30, 2003); alongside Gambit, infiltrated Presidential Ranch to eavesdrop on meeting of world leaders discussing mutant situation, met with Val Cooper, Alexei Vazhin, Alistair Stuart, Maria Pilar-Cortes & Tan Jemin to discuss formation of officially-sanctioned global mutant taskforce, received approval, founded X-Treme Sanctions Executive, received first mission to infiltrate mutant gladiator arenas run by Tullamore Voge (X-Treme X-Men #31-35, 2003-2004); reunited with Yukio, entered Tokyo Arena, defeated Silkworm & Musclehead, learned Strong Guy was fighter in Arena circuit, learned rules from him, joined Arena, proclaimed champion, challenged by Callisto, defeated by her, encountered Masque, vs PosterBoy, Paradise & Purge, forced to fight Yukio, refused to kill her, alongside Callisto, vs Quills, Dervish, Lariat, Lamprey & others in Arenas around the world, rebelled against Masque, defeated Masque & liberated Tokyo Arena fighters (X-Treme X-Men #36-39, 2004); alongside Callisto, Shadowcat & others, saved from Bogan by Rachel Summers (X-Treme X-Men #45, 2004); with XSE, alongside Callisto & others, watched attack on Manhattan by Xorn impersonating Magneto, learned of Jean’s death, aided in recovery efforts, rejoined X-Men (X-Treme X-Men #46, 2004); with X-Men, played baseball, alongside Wolverine & Nightcrawler, trained in Danger Room, with XSE, vs Weaponeers (Uncanny X-Men #444, 2004); alongside Nightcrawler & Wolverine, vs Fury-possessed Sage, enabled her to free herself, with XSE, vs Fury, defeated it (Uncanny X-Men #446-447, 2004); with XSE, opposed Viper (Uncanny X-Men #448-449, 2004); with XSE, investigated murders in Mutant Town, encountered X-23, vs Bacchae, alongside X-23, vs Geech (Uncanny X-Men #450-451, 2004); with XSE, alongside Emma Frost, investigated Hellfire Club, learned Sunspot was new Black King, attacked by Donald Pierce, vs Cleaning Crew (Uncanny X-Men #452-454, 2005); with XSE, alongside X-23, Polaris & Iceman, saved victims of traffic accident, with X-Men, alongside others, celebrated Christmas (X-Men #165, 2005); alongside Wolverine, Nightcrawler & Christine Palmer, stopped runaway train (Nightcrawler #5, 2005); with XSE, trained in Danger Room, summoned to Spain by Action Force, found Psylocke alive (Uncanny X-Men #455, 2005); with XSE, in Canada, alongside X-23, vs Hauk’ka, captured, taken to Savage Land, powers amplified by Hauk’ka with intent to create global hyper-storm to destroy mankind, freed by Rachel (Uncanny X-Men #456-459, 2005); reunited with Colossus (Uncanny X-Men #460, 2005); with X-Men, opposed rogue Wolverine (Wolverine #25, 2005); alongside Nightcrawler, discovered Shi’ar craft monitoring return of Phoenix Force, opposed them, vs Kid Omega, vs Phoenix-possessed Emma, witnessed Phoenix Force’s merging with Jean (X-Men: Phoenix - Endsong #2-5, 2005); with XSE, alongside Nocturne & Juggernaut, vs Mojo & Spiral, de-aged, defeated Spiral & Mojo, restored to adulthood (Uncanny X-Men #461, 2005); alongside Beast, interrogated Vermin after his attack on Nightcrawler (Nightcrawler #8, 2005); with X-Men, alongside Fantastic Four, opposed attempted Brood invasion of Earth (X4 #1-5, 2005); with X-Men, voted on whether to grant Mystique membership (X-Men #174, 2005); with X-Men, investigated animal mutations in Africa, encountered Black Panther, confronted by Doctor Paine, rescued villagers, opposed Red Ghost & Paine, witnessed Paine’s death at hands of Red Ghost, prevented Super-Apes from releasing human-killing virus, left X-Men to remain in Africa, kissed Black Panther before departing (X-Men #175/Black Panther #8/X-Men #176/Black Panther #9, 2005); with XSE, vs Weaponeers, caught in reality warp (Uncanny X-Men #462, 2005); in "House of M" reality, as Queen of Kenya, interviewed on Alison Blaire’s TV talk show, alongside Black Panther, Namor, Sunfire, & Black Bolt, vs Apocalypse & his Horsemen (Black Panther #7, 2005); in "House of M" reality, alongside others, attended royal function at House of Magnus (House of M #6, 2005); after reality restored, chose to remain in Africa (House of M: The Day After, 2006); in Africa, alongside Wolverine, opposed raiders, encountered Black Panther, proposed to by him, alongside him, vs new Arabian Knight, visited Wakanda, met his mother (Uncanny X-Men #470-471/Black Panther #14-15, 2006); discovered Colonel Shetani was employing raiders, sought X-Men’s aid in stopping him, learned Shetani was uncle, met maternal grandmother (Uncanny X-Men #472 & 474/Uncanny X-Men Annual #1, 2006); accepted Black Panther’s marriage proposal (Black Panther #15, 2006); announced wedding plans to Avengers, X-Men & Fantastic Four, met paternal grandparents & nephew (Black Panther #16, 2006); wedding formally announced by Wakandan ambassador, alongside Shadowcat & Invisible Woman, confronted Princess Zanda (Black Panther #17, 2006); married to Black Panther, judged & accepted by Panther God (Black Panther #18, 2006); alongside Black Panther, honeymooned on uncharted island, visited Latveria, met with Doctor Doom, vs Doombots, witnessed Panther’s battle with Doom (Black Panther #19, 2006); alongside Black Panther, visited Attilan, met with Inhuman Royal Family, vs Gorgon & Crystal until fight stopped by Medusa (Black Panther #20, 2006); alongside Black Panther, visited Atlantis, met with Namor, discussed superhuman civil war, learned of Illuminati meetings, decided to join global coalition opposing U.S. superhuman registration act (Black Panther #21, 2006); alongside Black Panther, visited England, met with Captain Britain, unsuccessfully attempted to recruit him into global coalition, visited U.S., sought to meet with President, declined to register with Superhuman Registration Act, vs Sentinels & Iron Man (Black Panther #22, 2006); alongside Black Panther, visited grave site of Goliath/Bill Foster, met with Foster’s family (Black Panther #23, 2007); alongside Black Panther & Captain America’s Secret Avengers, infiltrated Negative Zone Prison 42, confronted by Iron Man, Thunderbolts & others (Civil War #6, 2007)


First Appearance: Punisher: Red X-Mas #1 (2005)

Tiger Shark

First Appearance and Origin: Sub-Mariner #5 (1968)
Significant Issues: Gained super-powers, renounced his humanity & his sister Diane, turned on Dorcas, defeated Namor, abducted Dorma, defeated warlord Seth, seized throne of Atlantis, defeated & imprisoned by Namor, interrogated by Namor (Sub-Mariner #5-7, 1968); escaped captivity while Atlanteans fell under mystical influence of Serpent Crown (Sub-Mariner #9, 1969); left Atlantis & disappeared while Diane tried to force Namor & Atlanteans to bring Todd back to her (Sub-Mariner #15, 1969); snared by seemingly living seaweed in Sargasso Sea, broke free, encountered immortal Peoples of the Mist, overthrew their leader Nekhbet, vs Namor, took scientist Walter Newell & Dorma hostage, led his new army out of their misty realm in hopes of conquering the world, saw his army age into feebleness & death without mists to sustain them, tried to unleash biological weapon that might have destroyed humanity, thwarted by Newell & Namor, escaped, Newell seemingly slain, Namor vowed to destroy Tiger Shark (Sub-Mariner #16, 1969); rescued Dorman & Vashti from Orka's killer whales, agreed to save Atlantis from Krang's forces in exchange for Dorma's promise to marry him, led Atlantean army in battling Krang's forces, vs Krang's minion Orka until their battle opened an earth fissure that swallowed them both before it closed again (Sub-Mariner #24, 1970); employed mysterious strongman Lymondo as his fiercely loyal servant, realized his amphibious powers were waning, formed an anti-Namor alliance with Llyra Morris over the objections of his servant Lymondo in hopes of using Llyra's technology to restore his powers, attempted abduction of Namor thwarted by Human Torch & inability to control Llyra's monstrous pawn Krago, repaired Llyra's damaged Lemurian sub, vs Human Torch & Namor, abducted Namor's father Leonard McKenzie, alongside Llyra & Lymondo, vs Namor, powers rejuvenated by Llyra using Namor, vs Namor & Stingray/Walter Newell, killed Leonard & escaped (Sub-Mariner #43-46, 1971); hid out in Niagara Falls cavern, vs Hulk, defeated (Incredible Hulk #160, 1973); began wearing water-lined costume, allied with Dorcas against Namor, alongside Dorcas & his Men-Fish, opposed Namor & Spider-Man, defeated by Namor & seemingly blown up alongside his allies (Marvel Team-Up #14, 1973); allied with Dorcas & Attuma, alongside them, conquered Hydrobase & captured its residents, vs Namor & Doctor Doom, Namor's wartime love Betty Dean Prentiss slain by Dorcas, Dorcas slain during battle, Attuma & Tiger Shark imprisoned by Hydrobase residents (Super-Villain Team-Up #1-3, 1975); escaped Hydrobase, attacked Wundarr & Annie Christopher while abducting their friend Namorita, defeated Ms. Marvel/Carol Danvers & escaped with Namorita, hid out in a sunken World War II destroyer, vs Namorita & Ms. Marvel, defeated by Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel #15-16, 1978); freed from Atlantean prison by Egghead & recruited into his Masters of Evil, freed Moonstone, Scorpion & Whirlwind from Ryker's Island prison, with Masters, vs Avengers, defeated by She-Hulk (Avengers #222, 1982); rejoined Masters, helped steal radioactive isotopes, squabbled with Shocker, helped abduct Hank Pym from his treason trial & force him into Masters' service, with Masters, vs Avengers, defeated by Pym, arrested (Avengers #228-230, 1983); joined Baron Helmut Zemo's Masters of Evil, with Masters, invaded & occupied Avengers Mansion, vs Hercules before escaping (Avengers #273-274, 1986); plotted with Whirlwind to steal psycho-circuit device in San Francisco, abandoned by Whirlwind & pursued by police, captured by Hellcat & Tigra, gloated about having helped ""destroy"" Hank Pym (West Coast Avengers #16, 1987); imprisoned in Vault, feigned illness, transferred to Hydrobase for treatment, vs Vault Guardsman & Stingray, escaped with Diane as hostage, vs Stingray in undersea cavern lair, insisted Todd Arliss was dead & that as Tiger Shark he had no further connection to humanity, despite these claims seemingly sacrificed his life to help Stingray rescue Diane from cave-in (Marvel Comics Presents #53-56, 1990); hired by Kingpin to kill costumed hero La Bandera as part of ""Acts of Vengeance"" conspiracy, vs La Bandera & Wolverine in Tierra Verde, wounded, attacked by sharks (Wolverine #19-20, 1989-1990); targeted by Doctor Barnabas Lucian Cross for scientific experimentation, captured by Mr. Dice's mercenary team for Cross, freed by Namor, scorned Namor's assistance (Marvel Comics Presents #77, 1990); joined isolated clan of nomadic Atlanteans as Arlys Tigershark, found peace & contentment as husband of clanswoman Mara & father of her unborn child, ignored evidence of nearby devastation while preoccupied with imminent birth of his child, entire clan including pregnant Mara slaughtered by Faceless Ones, mutated into more inhuman spiked form, slaughtered horde of Faceless Ones with aid of alien warrior woman Tamara Rahn, visited Atlantis with Tamara seeking allies, vs Namor, sensed that Namor's resurrected mother ""Fen"" was connected with Faceless Ones, imprisoned by order of ""Fen"", alongside Namor, Seth, Morel & Tamara, vs Nereid & Faceless Ones, captured by Suma-Ket, freed by Neptune, helped Tamara expose ""Fen"" as Artys-Gran, teamed with Namor, Tamara & others to destroy Faceless Ones' masters the Old Ones (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #34-40, 1993); regained semblance of his usual appearance, became Tamara's lover, began using Remora as informant, moved to Sargasso Sea with Tamara and became sworn protector of People of the Mist, teamed with Tamara, Namor, Stingray, Triton, Lyja, Fantastic Four & others to battle Starblasters, failed to prevent extermination of Tamara's remaining fellow Banari by Xlym, tried to comfort Tamara, witnessed & supported Tamara's execution of Xlym (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #46-48/Fantastic Four #385-386, 1994); learned of Llyra's new Namor clone Llyron, alongside Tamara, investigated & beaten by Llyron & Llyra, strung up outside gates of Atlantis, rescued by Namor & taken back to Hydropolis for medical treatment (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #54-56, 1994); helped form informal Deep Six team to aid Namor, with them, vs Avengers, stormed off after Namor restrained him from injuring Thunderstrike (Namor: The Sub-Mariner #58, 1995); mutated into more savage & shark-like form, joined Crimson Cowl's Masters of Evil, with them, vs Black Widow & Thunderbolts, moved into Mount Charteris, tried to coerce Thunderbolts into joining Masters, assisted in Cowl's global weather control blackmail scheme, alongside most other Masters, captured by Thunderbolts (Thunderbolts #3, 33, 18-20 & 23-25, 1997-1999); restored to conventional form, helped Attuma seize control of Atlantis, alongside Attuma's forces, vs Defenders, defeated by Silver Surfer (Defenders #7 & 11, 2001-2002); mutated into shark-like form again, imprisoned in Big House, participated in mass escape led by Mad Thinker, recaptured by She-Hulk (She-Hulk #5-6, 2004); among inmates who reportedly escaped from Raft, profiled by Avengers (New Avengers: Most Wanted Files, 2005); back in conventional form, hid out with Armadillo in Fairbury, Illinois, recaptured by New Warriors (New Warriors #1, 2005)


First Appearance and Origin: Captain Marvel #17 (2001)
Significant Issues: Pursued Thanos to learn where Death was hiding herself so he could destroy her, destroyed by Death (Captain Marvel #17-18, 2001)

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